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Baby Names

Here’s 100 Interesting Male Greek God Names for Babies

Overview For centuries, Greek god names remain a popular choice for parents to pick as names for their babies. Many...

Baby Names

Meanings & Origins: The Top 100 Black Girl Names

Overview Are you searching for black baby girl names? Many parents want to name their baby girls after black women...

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Baby Names

The Top 100 Greek Gods and Goddesses: Names & Powers

Overview Are you familiar with some stories of Greek gods and goddesses? Many of us know about Zeus, Hercules, Aphrodite,...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Best Black Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

Overview African-American heritage is rich and colorful. It’s a blend of West/Central African and European cultures. So, if you’re looking...

Baby Names

710+ Rare Baby Names For Girls With Stylish Spellings & Cool Meanings

  Overview Rare baby names for girls can be unique and fun for your little one. It’s less likely for...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Most Beautiful Chinese Baby Girl Names (And What They Mean)

Overview Chinese culture has spread globally for many centuries. Many countries in the world have their own “Chinatown” or a...

Baby Names

Meanings & Origins: The Top 100 Cool & Cute Anime Girl Names

Overview Did you know that the global anime market is estimated to be worth $23.50 billion in 2020? (1) In...

mexican boy names
Baby Names

130+ Popular Hispanic & Mexican Boy Names & Their Meanings

  What Are Some Good Boy Mexican Names? In the US, it’s common to find Mexican and Spanish baby names...

Baby Names

100+ Traditional & Unique Hispanic & Mexican Girl Names For Your Baby

  Overview Mexican girl names have become popular even in non-Hispanic places, thanks to world-famous Mexican telenovelas (TV soap operas). ...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Greek Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

  Overview Hey, mama! Finding a unique name for your little one can be a challenging but exciting task. If...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Greek Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings

Overview Are you looking for a beautiful name for your baby girl? Greek girl names can be a good choice...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Korean Baby Names & Their Meanings

Overview Most Korean baby names are unisex but can be modified with different characters or words to make them masculine...

Baby Names

200+ Country & Rustic Boy Names With Meanings

  Overview Are you looking for rustic and country baby boy names for your little one?  You’ve come to the...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Strong & Beautiful German Baby Girl Names (With Meanings)

Overview Are you looking for popular baby names with German variations for your baby girl? You can find plenty of...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Strong & Beautiful Russian Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

Overview Did you know that many popular Russian names might look exotic and are spelled differently, but they actually have...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Fierce & Totally Badass Baby Girl Names (And What They Mean)

Overview While many parents stick with classic names for their babies, plenty pick a cool name with a kickass meaning...

Baby Names

380+ Pretty & Popular Middle Names For Girls

  Overview Are you looking for a second or middle name for your baby girl? We created this list of...

biblical girl names
Baby Names

200+ Biblical Girl Names With Profound Meanings For Your Heavenly Princess

  Why Are Biblical Girl Names Great Choices For Your Baby? Biblical girl names are a powerful, inspiring choice for...

Baby Names

120+ Cute, Unique, & Popular Girl Names Starting With K

  Choosing Girl Names Starting With K There are plenty of baby girl names to consider, and finding the right...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Japanese Baby Girl Names: Origins & Meanings

Overview Did you know that most Japanese names have ties to nature? Many names also carry messages connected with family...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Interesting & Popular Chinese Boy Names & Meanings

Overview Did you know that many Chinese people also have English names? They get to pick the name they like...

goddess names for girls
Baby Names

170+ Goddess Names For Girls & Some Legendary Stories

  Choosing A Goddess Name For Your Little Girl What Makes Goddess Names Ideal? It’s cool to choose a goddess...

old english names for men
Baby Names

350+ Old English Names For Boys: Retro & Traditional Options

  Top Benefits Of Choosing Old English Names For Your Little One Many Old English names for men and young...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Popular Russian Baby Boy Names & Meanings

Overview If you’re looking for a unique name to give your baby boy, you can pick popular Russian names that...

Baby Names

380+ Fearless & Strong Warrior Names For Boys & Girls (With Origins & Meanings)

  Overview Warrior names are synonymous with courage, bravery, strength, and determination. So, they can be a great baby name...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Unique & Beautiful Italian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Overview Do you want to honor your Italian heritage or simply want to choose a unique name for your baby...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Cool & Popular Anime Baby Boy Names: Their Meanings & Origins

Overview Are you fascinated by anime and Japanese culture? Many parents who are anime fans enjoy naming their babies after...

Names That Mean Death
Baby Names

110+ Uniquely Dark & Peculiar Names That Mean Death

  What Are The Most Common Reasons Why People Choose Names Associated With Death? Names that mean death can be...

Baby Names

275+ Hot Names That Mean Fire & Fiery Things

  Why Choose A Fire Name For Your Baby? Fire is powerful. It also symbolizes passion, energy, and warmth. So,...

Baby Names

Top Baby Girl Names: 160 Unique, Pretty, Badass, Edgy, & Trending Names For Your Daughter

What should I name my daughter? Ah, the age-old question for new parents. Some parents may already have the perfect...

Baby Names

250+ Trendy & Uncommonly Cool Middle Names For Boys

Overview Searching for the perfect middle name for your new baby boy? We prepared this name list to help you...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Greek Baby Names & Their Meanings

Overview Are you looking for Greek names for your little one? Greek mythology and ancient Greek history continue to inspire...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Popular Korean Baby Boy Names & Their Meanings

Overview South Korean names have become popular even in foreign countries due to the rise of K-pop stars and TV...

Baby Names

200+ Classic & Strong Biblical Boy Names & Bible Stories

Overview There are nearly 3,000 Bible names, and most of these are for boys. With as many as 31% (2.4...

Baby Names

A Comprehensive List Of 300+ Wickedly Cool Witchy Names For Babies (And Cats!)

Overview Witchy names can be a cool choice for your baby’s name. They’re great for babies born close to Halloween...

Baby Names

330+ Strong & Powerful Boy Names For Your Little Superhero 

  Overview Strong and powerful boy names remain popular with many parents.  Other parents might choose nonbinary names with badass...

Baby Names

200 Badass, Cool, & Charming One-Syllable Girl Names

Overview Looking for cool and charming one-syllable names for your little girl? We’ve prepared this list of one-syllable names, including...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Beautiful Korean Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

Overview In Korean culture, babies get two names (or one name with two syllables) at birth. The first one is...

Baby Names

100+ Angel Names: Beautiful Angelic Names With Spiritual & Heavenly Meanings

Overview Angels are extremely powerful supernatural beings that are said to be God’s messengers and the agents of fate. They’re...

Baby Names

180+ Hawaiian Girl Names With Nature Meaning & Other Beautiful Themes

  The Process Of Choosing Hawaiian Names Hawaiian girl names can be an exotic and unique choice for your little...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Ancient Greek Names, Meanings & More

Overview Many ancient Greek names remain a popular choice in modern times, despite some being old-fashioned. What Are Some Common...

fantasy girl names
Baby Names

290+ Fantasy Girl Names With Fascinating Meanings & Some Cool Stories

Overview Fantasy girl names never run out of style. You’ll find endless options for mermaid names, elf names, goddess names,...

Baby Names

200+ Popular & Traditional Hawaiian Baby Names With Their Meanings

Origins Of Traditional Hawaiian Names (Naming Traditions) In Hawaiian culture, there’s a high value placed on one’s ancestry. So, it...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Japanese Boy Names To Choose For Your Baby

Overview Japanese boy names like Hiro and Tadashi have become popular outside of Japan, thanks to movies or anime shows...

Baby Names

375+ Nature Names With Cool Meanings (Plus Unique Choices From Different Languages)

  Overview Nature-inspired baby names can be an interesting choice for your little one. You might even be surprised that...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Trendy & Popular Irish Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

Overview Are you looking for Irish names for your baby? Many Irish baby boy names like Brendan, Liam, and Ronan...

Baby Names

40 Musical Baby Names For Girls: Melodious, Lyrical, & Soulful

Musical baby names are timeless. They’re meaningful, and some even indicate good virtues like being lively and energetic. Musical names...

Baby Names

90 Unique & Beautiful Flower Names For Girls

The Most Popular & Beautiful Flower-inspired Baby Girl Names Alyssa Origin: Greek Meaning: Rational Description: From the sweet alyssum flower,...

Baby Names

225+ Classic Boy Names & Vintage Options For Your Noble Little Prince

  Choosing Classic Baby Boy Names For Your Little One Classic boy names offer a retro, old-fashioned style that appeals...

twin girl names
Baby Names

100+ Matching, Rhyming, or Unique Names For Twin Girls

Tips & Factors To Consider When Naming Your Twin Girls Names are essential in establishing one’s identity, but that can...

Baby Names

350+ Biblical Names With Beautiful Meanings & Inspiring Stories

Why Choose Biblical Names For Your Baby? Biblical names have always been popular because of their familiarity. Christianity is the...

Baby Names

190+ Old Man Names For Your Little Gentleman

  Overview Classic boy names are timeless. They’re elegant and pose their own sense of grandeur. Modern names are cool...

Baby Names

225 Of The Most Popular Boy Names That Start With R

Overview Plenty of boy names that start with R have a royal meaning, such as cute names “Roy” and “Rex,”...

Baby Names

210+ Nonbinary Names & The Top Reasons To Pick Gender-Free Options

Enby (Nonbinary) Names & The Top Reasons To Pick Them Nonbinary names, sometimes referred to as NB or enby, aren’t...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Modern & Popular Irish Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

Overview Did you know that many English names actually have Gaelic and Irish origins? Some of these names even started...

Baby Names

150+ Beautiful Names That Mean Graceful & Elegant

Choosing Names That Mean Graceful Names that mean graceful can be a sweet choice for your baby girl. After all,...

names that mean moon
Baby Names

210+ Beautiful Names That Mean Moon & Other Celestial-Inspired Ideas

Overview Why are some names that mean moon popular? As the Earth’s only natural, permanent satellite, the moon has always...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Popular German Baby Boy Names: Their Meanings & Origins

Overview Are you searching for popular German names for your baby boy? You’ve come to the right place, mama. We...

rainbow baby names
Baby Names

250+ Rainbow Baby Names & Their Beautiful Meanings

  Overview Rainbow baby names are a fitting choice for your new baby, especially one born after a pregnancy loss,...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Popular Greek Mythology Names For Boys & Girls

Overview The gods and goddesses of Greek mythology have long fascinated many people, with many parents using them as an...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Anime Baby Names For Boys & Girls

Overview Did you know that Japanese anime is so popular that at least 60 anime production companies provide products in...

Baby Names

140 Gender-Neutral Baby Names: Origin, Meaning, & Variations

Overview Unisex names are getting increasingly popular as more and more new parents gear towards breaking down gender stereotypes. New...

Baby Names

50 Popular Spanish Names For Girls In Spain & The US

Trending Spanish Baby Girl Names In The US Here are the most popular names of Spanish origin in the United...

Baby Names

The Top 100 French Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

Overview Many parents choose French baby names because they love France and its beautiful culture. In the US, the French...

exotic girl names
Baby Names

450+ Exotic Girl Names From Around The World

  What Are Exotic Names & Top Reasons To Choose Them? There are different interpretations of exotic names. However, they’re...

Baby Names

The Top 100 French Baby Names & Meanings For Boys And Girls

Overview Thanks to the many prominent French figures in science, arts, and even politics, French names have long been part...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Japanese Baby Names & Their Meanings

Overview Are you choosing Japanese baby names to honor your heritage, or do you want to pick one because you’re...

boy names with meaning
Baby Names

Boy Names With Meaning: Modern & Vintage Choices

Why Are Baby Name Meanings Important? Finding boy names with meanings can help you choose the one that can be...

Baby Names

210+ Beautiful Names For Girls With Meaning (Plus Rare & Unique Choices)

  Overview Are you searching for beautiful names for girls with meanings? You’ve come to the right place, mama.  We’ve...

Baby Names

The Ultimate List Of Disney Princess Names & Fun Facts

  How Many Disney Princesses Are There? There are 12 fictional characters considered official Disney princesses. They’re the main characters...

Baby Names

The Ultimate List Of 3-Syllable Boy Names: Popular, Unique, Cool, Cute, & Meaningful

What Is A Triple Syllable Name? As the words imply, a triple-syllable name is a name with three syllables. According...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Attractive & Popular Italian Baby Names & Their Meanings

Overview Italian names are filled with traditions and are often related to Christianity. Many Italian families choose to name their...

Baby Names

Top Baby Names For Girls & Boys: Rare, Beautiful, & Creative Names For Your Baby

What is the perfect name for my baby? That is the million-dollar question for all new parents. Because admit it,...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Modern & Traditional Irish Baby Names

Overview Did you know that some of the most popular English names actually originated from Irish baby names or Irish...

arabic boy names
Baby Names

270+ Arabic Boy Names (Plus Versions From Different Languages)

  What’s The Most Common Symbol Or Theme Used In Arabic Boy Names Many Arabic boy names are often rooted...

arabic girl names
Baby Names

585+ Arabic Girl Names (Includes Traditional & Trendy Choices)

  Overview An Arabic name can be a beautiful and exotic option for your little girl. They aren’t just for...

Baby Names

Origins & Meanings: The Top 100 Popular German Baby Names

Overview Did you know that German citizens can’t just name their babies anything they like? In Germany, they have to...

Baby Names

100 Fun & Popular Hispanic & Mexican Baby Names

Overview Are you looking for fun and popular Mexican baby names? We prepared this listicle to help you pick the...

names that mean light
Baby Names

160+ Popular Names That Mean Light & Bright

Overview Baby names that mean light can be a bright choice for your little one because they inspire a sunny,...

Baby Names

100 Boy Names That Start With J You’ll Love For Your Baby

Overview Baby names that start with J are popular in the US and many parts of the world. Lots of...

one-syllable boy names
Baby Names

225+ One-Syllable Boy Names: Keeping It Short Yet Meaningful

Overview One-syllable boy namescan be the perfect choice for your baby, especially if you want simple, short names that are...

pet names for girls
Baby Names

375 Lovey-Dovey & Cute Pet Names For Girls

Overview Nicknames or pet names for girls can be a fun complement to the perfect name you’ve chosen for your...

mermaid names
Baby Names

240+ Mermaid Names & Other Ocean-Inspired Choices

  Overview Many mermaid names are unique names coming from myths and legends worldwide, while others are popular names from...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Popular French Baby Boy Names 

Overview Are you looking for a unique name for your baby boy? You can find many French baby boy names...

Baby Names

1,001 Beautiful & Popular Girl Names With Different Origins & Themes

  The Most Popular & Top Names For Girls Name trends and themes change each year or season, but many...

Baby Names

Meanings & Origins: The Top 100 Popular Italian Baby Boy Names

Overview Are you searching for baby boy names, mama? You’ll find our top 100 popular Italian names for little boys...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Popular Girl Names That Start With J & Their Meanings

Overview Choosing baby names is an exciting challenge for parents, but it’s also a difficult task. One way to get...

twin boy names
Baby Names

Popular & Unique Twin Boy Names With Meanings & Perfect Pairings

Overview Are you looking for twin boy names and their meanings? Finding the perfect name pairings can be challenging. We’re...

Baby Names

120+ Cute Boy Names: Trending, Unique, & Meaningful Baby Boy Names

Top 10 Trending Boy Names Here are the popular baby boy names that topped the rankings in 2020, according to...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Cool & Cute Russian Baby Names & Their Meanings

Overview Different countries and cultures have different ways of choosing a name for their babies. In Russia, traditional names consist...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Cool & Epic Greek Dog Names From Gods & Goddesses

Overview Are you searching for the perfect name for a new dog in the family? You might want to pick...

name meaning water
Baby Names

330+ Names Meaning Water & Fun Aquatic Choices In Different Languages

  Overview Water is essential for life, and it’s no surprise that baby names meaning water are popular for boys...

names that mean love
Baby Names

320 Names That Mean Love (Plus Rare & Exotic Choices Around The World)

  Overview Love is a strong, deep feeling of affection towards another person. So, it isn’t surprising that some parents...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Popular & Beautiful Chinese Names For Your Little One

Overview Jackie Chan and Jet Li are just two of the most famous Asian stars in Hollywood, but did you...

girl dog names
Baby Names

1150+ Girl Dog Names With Cool & Beautiful Meanings

  Overview Are you a pet parent looking for a girl dog name for your new family member? We’ve prepared...

Baby Names

100+ N Names For Boys: The Coolest Ideas For Your Baby

Overview Names that start with the letter N can be a cool choice for your baby. Many world leaders, prominent...

Baby Names

The Top 100 Girl Names That Start With A & Their Meanings

Overview What are the unique and trending girl names that start with the letter A? There are thousands of baby...

g names for girls
Baby Names

110+ G Names For Girls & Their Beautiful Meanings

  Overview Searching for G names for girls? Many baby names starting with this letter relate to famous people, such...

girl cat names
Baby Names

620+ Girl Cat Names For Your Adorable Fur Baby

Overview Searching for the best girl cat names for your adorable fur baby? Look no further because we’ve listed 620+...

girl plant names
Baby Names

201 Girl Plant Names & Cute Earthy Options

  Overview Aside from looking beautiful, lots of girl plant names also have beautiful meanings. For example, flower names like...

norwegian names
Baby Names

600+ Norwegian Names (With Vikings, Warriors, & Mythical Figures)

  Overview Choices for Norwegian names include lots of: Vikings Warriors Mythical figures such as gods and goddesses Other fantasy...

Baby Names

140+ Catchy & Unique Elf Boy Names

  Overview Searching for the best elf boy names for your baby or maybe some cool monikers from video game...

southern boy names
Baby Names

601 Southern Boy Names For Your Charming Little Gentleman

  Overview Southern boy names have a rugged, masculine appeal that can also be perfect for your little gentleman.  They’re...

girl space names
Baby Names

630+ Girl Space Names & Their Cool Meanings

  Overview Girl space names are cool, especially because the heavens have always fascinated humans. Unsurprisingly, there are hundreds of...

Baby Names

Daniel’s Name Meaning & Interesting Facts

Daniel’s Name Meaning, History, & Pronunciation Daniel Personal Name What’s Daniel’s name meaning? This baby boy name has a profound...

african girl names
Baby Names

650+ African Girl Names With Exotic Spellings & Wonderful Meanings

  Overview African girl names can be interesting and exotic monikers for your little girl. Your baby doesn’t necessarily have...

f boy names
Baby Names

120+ F Boy Names & Their Meanings (Plus International Choices)

  Overview F boy names are nice and cool for your baby, whether you’re honoring someone or you simply love...

polish names
Baby Names

301 Polish Names & Interesting Versions From Around The World

  Overview Are you looking for Polish names for your baby? These can be cool and unique names for your...

Baby Names

James’ Name Meaning & Variations (Plus Matching Options For Siblings)

Overview James ranks #5 in the top 10 baby boy names in the US, according to the SSA (Social Security...

short boys names
Baby Names

250+ Short Boy Names With Cool & Beautiful Meanings

  Overview Short boy names aren’t just used as nicknames or pet names but can also be cool, strong, and...

names that mean sun
Baby Names

Names That Mean Sun: 230+ Brilliant Choices For Your Ray Of Sunshine

  Overview The skies have fascinated humans for thousands of years, especially the largest object visible to the naked eye...

boy cat names
Baby Names

800+ Boy Cat Names (Top Picks & Favorites From A To Z)

  Overview Trying to find boy cat names for your new feline baby? Cute cat names like “Fluffy” and “Cuddles”...

hippie names for boys
Baby Names

550 Hippie Names For Boys (With Beautiful Meanings)

  Overview Hippie names for boys are associated with a free spirit and a non-conformist attitude. They’re great for fair-minded...

boy names that start with w
Baby Names

90+ Boy Names That Start With W & Their Meanings

  Overview Boy names that start with W can be regal options, especially because several royalty names start with this...

rose name meaning
Baby Names

Rose Name Meaning, Popularity, Variations, & Related Monikers

  Information About Rose Rose Name Meaning Rose is a flower nature name.   Origin & History Rose comes from...

william name meaning
Baby Names

William Name Meaning & Popular Variations (Plus Cool Nicknames)

  Overview William ranks sixth in the top 10 baby boy names of 2021 in the US, according to the...

androgynous names
Baby Names

480+ Androgynous Names With Cool Meanings & Spellings

  Why Choose Androgynous, Gender-Neutral, Or Non-Gendered Names? According to a study by the Williams Institute at UCLA (University of...

baby names 2023
Baby Names

760+ Baby Names For 2023: Trendy & Classic Choices For Your Little One

  Overview The most popular baby names for 2023 come from a wide range of themes, including exotic options from...

pet names for
Baby Names

360+ Pet Names For Your Special Someone (With Witty & Funny Choices)

  Why Pick A Pet Name For Your Loved One? Couples have different reasons for picking an endearment or pet...

best baby name generators
Baby Names

The 15 Best Baby Name Generators & Their Top Features 

  How Do I Find My Perfect Baby Name? Looking for the perfect name for your little one? Motherhood Community...

bunny names girl
Baby Names

499 Bunny Names For Girls (With Adorable & Witty Choices)

  Overview Are you looking for the best name for your pet bunny?  Many names for bunnies and rabbits are...

andrew name meaning
Baby Names

Andrew Name Meaning & Other Things To Know

  Information About Andrew Andrew Name Meaning “Andrew” is a boy name meaning “strong and manly.”   Origin: Is Andrew...

elegant girl names
Baby Names

350+ Elegant Girl Names For Your Enchanting Little Princess

  What Makes A Girl Name Elegant? We all have our own definitions of beauty and elegance. Generally accepted elegant...

boy dog names
Baby Names

1,280+ Boy Dog Names For Your Fur Baby

  Overview Lots of popular boy dog names relate to loyalty and friendship, such as “Buddy.”  Many dog owners also...

dog names
Baby Names

1,100+ Dog Names (Arranged By Category)

  Overview In need of a dog name for your new pup?  Some tips to consider in choosing your fur...

boy names that start with v
Baby Names

320+ Boy Names That Start With V (Popular & Exotic Choices)

  Overview Boy names that start with V are strong and powerful monikers to consider. For example, many V boy...

short girl names
Baby Names

340+ Short Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

  Overview Whether as cute nicknames, or standalone first or middle names, many short girl names are catchy, punchy, and...

twin names for boy and girl
Baby Names

520+ Twin Names For Boy And Girl Babies

  Overview Searching for the perfect pair of twin names for a boy and girl? Below are 520+ name ideas...

prince names
Baby Names

260+ Prince Names With Royal & Powerful Meanings For Your Little One

Overview Prince names are fun, royalty-inspired options for your little one that might help them feel more confident. We’ve prepared...

aztec names
Baby Names

200+ Aztec Names With Beautiful Meanings For Boys & Girls

  Who Were The Aztec People & Why Choose Their Names? Aztec names can be exotic and cool, especially because...

rare boy names
Baby Names

540+ Rare Boy Names & Unique Monikers (Classic To Modern)

  Overview Lots of rare boy names are standalone monikers that have their own meanings, yet others are variants of...

girl names that mean beautiful
Baby Names

530+ Girl Names That Mean Beautiful & Other Charming Choices

  Overview Are you looking for girl names that mean beautiful?  We’re sharing 530+ beautiful names below to help you...

names that start with j 
Baby Names

390+ Names That Start With J For Boys & Girls

  Overview There are lots of cool, famous, and powerful baby names that start with J.  For example, “Jordin” became...

hippie girl names
Baby Names

310+ Hippie Girl Names For Your Adorable Bohemian Baby

  What Are Hippie Girl Names & How Are They Different From Other Names? Often, hippie baby names relate to...

mystical names
Baby Names

710+ Mystical Names For Your Enchanting Little One

  Choosing Mystical Names For Your Charming Baby Magical and mystical names can be enchanting, and they create an air...

tough boy names
Baby Names

360+ Tough Boy Names For Your Brave Young Warrior

  Top Reasons To Choose Tough Baby Boy Names It’s cool to pick tough boy names for your little one...

disney names
Baby Names

390+ Disney Names (From Princesses & Adorable Characters To Badass Villains & Sidekicks)

  Overview Hundreds of Disney names are famous across the globe, thanks to the many popular movies and TV shows...

what does the name emma mean
Baby Names

What Does The Name Emma Mean? (Plus Variations, Trends, & Famous People)

  Overview  You might be wondering, “What does the name Emma mean?” We have answers to your Emma questions below,...

jack name meaning
Baby Names

Jack Name Meaning + Origins, Variations, & Reasons Why It’s Popular

  Overview  Curious about Jack name meaning and its origins?  This baby boy name primarily means “God is gracious,” which...

boy names that start with l 
Baby Names

450+ Boy Names That Start With L (Classic & Modern Ideas)

  Overview There are many different trends and themes for L boy names, such as powerful names like “Louis” (a favorite...

isabella name meaning
Baby Names

Isabella Name Meaning (Variations, Origins, & Cool Monikers)

  Overview  Isabella is a Spanish, Latin, and Italian girl name that ranks #7 in the most popular names for...

boy names g
Baby Names

230+ Boy Names Starting With G (Retro & Modern Choices)

  Overview Several boy names starting with G have wonderful meanings (e.g., “Godfrey” means “peace of God”). Others have links...

native american girl names
Baby Names

280+ Native American Girl Names & Their Beautiful Meanings

  Overview Many Native American girl names have beautiful meanings relating to nature. For example, “Kimimila” is a nature name...

vietnamese names
Baby Names

160+ Vietnamese Names Plus Their Meanings & Pronunciations

  Overview According to data from the Migration Policy Institute, around 2.3 million US residents are of Vietnamese descent, including...

hannah name meaning
Baby Names

Hannah Name Meaning: An Elegant Choice For Your Graceful Little Princess

  Overview  What’s the meaning of the name Hannah? This beautiful name has several meanings, including “graceful one,” “favor,” “grace,”...

gothic names
Baby Names

280+ Gothic Names With Spooky & Surprisingly Cool Meanings

  What Are Gothic Names For A Baby? Gothic names are linked to mystery, horror, and gloom. Many Goths prefer...

english boy names
Baby Names

370+ English Boy Names With Meanings (Plus Some Exotic Origins)

  Overview Modern English is a dynamic language with influences from other languages. So, it isn’t surprising that many English...

mythical names
Baby Names

520+ Mythical Names Of Gods, Goddesses, & Legendary Figures From Around The World

  Overview Legends and myths play an important part in cultures around the world. They provide some form of “explanation”...

hawaiian boy names
Baby Names

300+ Hawaiian Boy Names & Their Cool Meanings

  Overview Hawaii is a US state, but you’ll notice that many Hawaiian boy names look and sound exotic. That’s...

cute names for girls
Baby Names

420+ Cute Names For Girls & Adorable Nicknames

  Overview Cute names for girls include the prettiest and most popular names for your sweet little baby. Some of...

badass boy names
Baby Names

410+ Badass Boy Names With Hardy & Tough Meanings

  Why Give A Badass Boy Name To Your Baby? Badass boy names create a tough guy image. It can...

Baby Names

820+ Cool Boy Names For Your Little Man

  Overview In search of your little one’s perfect name?  Here’s our list of 820+ cool baby boy names, with...

r girl names
Baby Names

415+ R Girl Names & Their Charming Meanings

  Overview Are you fascinated by names that start with R?  Many of these baby names have strong and powerful...

sarah name meaning
Baby Names

Sarah Name Meaning, Origin, & Popular Variations 

  Overview  Sarah is a common, feminine, and timelessly classic girl name.  In the Bible, Sarah is known as Abraham’s...

magical names
Baby Names

630+ Magical Names & Their Spell-Binding Meanings

  Overview Magic has long been a fascinating topic, with countless movies and stories made with this theme.  Several baby...

spiritual names
Baby Names

360+ Spiritual Names With Ethereal & Religious Meanings

  What Are Spiritual Names & Why Choose One For Your Baby? Spiritual names have links to the supreme beings...

nicole name meaning
Baby Names

Nicole Name Meaning For Your Little Champion (Plus Some Variations & Famous Namesakes)

  Overview  Many parents who wish their children to be victorious in life choose Nicole, a name meaning “victory of...

baby name meanings
Baby Names

810+ Baby Names (Plus Meanings, Ideas, & Lots Of Themes To Consider)

  Overview Searching for the perfect baby name is often a big challenge, with thousands of different ideas to consider. ...

boys names that start with c
Baby Names

490+ Boys’ Names That Start With C (With Meanings & Famous Namesakes)

  What Are Boys’ Names Beginning With C? History & Some Famous People Many boys’ names that start with C...

Baby Names

Brielle Name Meaning + Similar Names With Beautiful Origins

Overview Many parents often choose the baby name Brielle because they think it sounds contemporary and chic. But beyond its...

emo names
Baby Names

230+ Emo Names With Cool Spellings, Surprising Meanings, & More

  What’s The Meaning Of Emo Names? “Emo” is the short form of “emotional hardcore,” but it primarily refers to...

ugly names
Baby Names

270+ Unpopular Or ‘Ugly’ Names With Negative Meanings & Connotations

  Overview Many parents want to choose rare boy names or unique girl names to help their kids stand out...

spanish names for boys
Baby Names

520+ Spanish Names For Boys & Their Grand Meanings

  Overview Spanish is the second most spoken language in the US, used by at least 38.3 million people. So,...

4 letter girl names
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250+ 4 Letter Girl Names With Adorable Meanings & Exotic Choices

  Overview Are you searching for sweet and cute 4 letter girl names for your little one? While they might...

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360+ Masculine Names For Brave & Gallant Boys

  Top Reasons For Choosing Masculine Names Some parents think that masculine names can be a perfect name for a...

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Adeline Name Meaning, Popularity & Similar Names

Information About Adeline Meaning Of The Name Adeline & Origin What’s The Origin Of Adeline? German origin  French origin  ...

earthy names
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685+ Earthy Names For Boys & Girls With Cool Meanings & Origins

  Overview There are many inspiring things in nature that humans have long used as baby names. Some of these...

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Aiden Meaning Of Name, Origin, Popularity, & Other Fiery Variations

  Information About Aiden & What Makes It Special? What’s The Meaning Of The Name Aiden? “Little fire” (name that...

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430+ Vintage Girl Names (Retro Favorites & Lovely Meanings)

  The Beauty Of Choosing Vintage Baby Girl Names Many vintage and classic names have a long-lasting charm that can...

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540+ Nature Names For Girls With Elegant Meanings + Some Untamed & Powerful Choices

  Overview If you’re a fan of nature, all things organic, and the natural world, then you might consider choosing...

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230+ Unique Middle Names With Origins & Beautiful Meanings

  Overview Unique middle names are fun, exotic, and exciting - and they can make your little one stand out...

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What Does The Name Olivia Mean? Origins & Fun Facts Included

  Overview If you’re wondering what the #1 most popular US baby girl name is, you found it! Olivia is...

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470+ Native American Boy Names (Cool Meanings + Pronunciation Guides)

  Overview Have you noticed that many of Native American baby names have links to nature? While they’re in languages...

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Jordan Name Meaning + Origin, Popularity, & Famous Namesakes

  Overview  Jordan is a versatile gender-neutral name that’s quite popular, thanks to several celebrities and famous namesakes. It’s famous...

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Chloe Name Meaning + History & Similar Greek Names Related To Nature

Overview Chloe seems like a popular modern American name, but not many people know that it’s origins can be traced...

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180+ Names That Mean Red & Exotic Options From Around The World

  What’s The Meaning Of “Red” In Baby Names? Red is a beautiful color with strong meanings linked to courage,...

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Names That Start With L For Girls: 110+ Fun, Popular, Or Unique Choices

  Overview Cool and famous baby names that start with L for girls include “Lupita” after Academy Award winner Lupita...

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Alex Name Meaning + History & Other Popular Unisex Names

Overview If you’re looking for versatility, the name Alex might be a good choice. It’s among the most popular unisex...

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410+ Long Names For Girls With Elegant & Dynamic Meanings

  Overview What makes a name long? Different people can have varied definitions of “long names,” but many consider those...

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320+ Celtic Boys Names With Whimsical Meanings & Unique Spellings

  Celtic Boy Names History Celtic boy names come from rich and diverse cultures that make them precious and unique....

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Roman Name Meaning + Origins & Similar Ancient-Inspired Names

Information About Roman Meaning Of The Name Roman & Origin Origin Latin   Meaning “Strong and powerful.” “Romanus,” meaning people...

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390+ Goth Girl Names With Haunting (Or Surprisingly Adorable) Meanings

  What Are Goth Girl Names & Why Choose Them For Your Little One? Today, gothic baby names relate to...

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190+ Black Baby Names With Meaningful Definitions For Your Little One

  Overview Searching for cute or epic black baby names for your little bundle?  We’ve got you covered with several...

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Charles Name Meaning + Popularity, & Similar Royal Names

Overview  Charlie or Charles is a popular baby boy name loved for its simplicity and also classic style. There have...

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270+ Polish Girl Names (Charming Meanings + Uncommon Spellings)

  Overview If you’re interested in choosing a Polish girl name for your little one, then you’ve come to the...

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210+ Ghost Names & Their Spooky (Or Cool) Stories

  Overview Are you trying to find a ghost name for Halloween, a cool name for a ghost character, or...

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250+ Western Boy Names With Cute Meanings For Your Little Buckaroo

  Why Choose A Western Boy Name For Your Baby? Western boy names represent a period associated with bravery, loyalty,...

hippie names
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480+ Hippie Names For Freethinkers & Fabulous Babies

  What Did The Hippies Name Their Children? Hippie names are linked to love, peace, and all things beautiful in...

aella name meaning
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Aella Name Meaning (Origin, Popularity, & Variations)

  Information About Aella & What Makes It Special? What Is The Meaning Of Aella? Mythical name that means “tempest”...

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190+ Purple Names With Nature Themes, Royal Association, & Elegant Meanings

  What Does The Color Purple Symbolize? Violet or purple are often considered royal and regal colors.  Many ancient kings...

alastor name meaning
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Alastor Name Meaning, Origin, & Other Badass Monikers

  Information About Alastor & What Makes It Special? What’s The Meaning Of Alastor? “Avenger” “Avenger of evil deeds” “Defender...

thai names
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500+ Thai Names With Meanings & Handy Pronunciation Guides

  Overview Thai baby names are fascinating because they’re based on the Thai language, which is very different from the...

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Victoria Name Meaning + Famous Namesakes & Similar Latin-Inspired Baby Names

Overview Victoria is a classic and timeless baby name often associated with queens and royalty. It’s also associated with the...

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Robert Name Meaning + Popularity & Similar German Boy Names 

  Overview The name Robert is among the classic boy names that tend to command a certain level of formality,...

aesthetic names for girls
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260+ Aesthetic Names For Girls With Pretty Meanings & Spellings

  What Are Aesthetic Names & Are There Benefits In Choosing Them? “Aesthetic” means “anything that relates to beauty or...

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The 880+ Best Boy Names & Their Popularity Ranks

  What Should I Name My New Son? Finding the perfect name can both be a challenge and an exciting...

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35 K Names For Boys: Kool & Kingly Names For Your Little Man

  What Are The Most Popular K Names For Boys? Here are the most popular baby boy names that start...

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230+ Unique Unisex Names: Vintage & Modern Choices To Consider

  Overview Unique unisex names such as Marion, Azariah, and Taylen stand out in a world filled with John, James,...

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145+ Scandinavian Boy Names: From Ancient Viking To Cool Modern Choices

  Overview Scandinavian lore is synonymous with Norse mythology. It isn’t surprising that Scandinavian boy names also have links with...

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390+ Boy Disney Names: The Ultimate List Of Princes, Heroes, Sidekicks, & Magical Characters

  Overview Interested in a Disney-inspired name for your little prince? Look no further. Here's the ultimate list of princes,...

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685+ Boy Names With Strong Meanings: Powerful, Cool, Unique, Or Popular Choices

  Overview Many baby boy names like “Alexander,” “Daniel,” and “Louis” are associated with power - and they also have...

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275+ Girl Names Meaning Strong: Powerful & Beautiful Choices For Your Warrior Princess

  Overview Several girl names that mean “strong” rank high among the popular names in the US. Examples are: (1)...

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270+ Aesthetic Boy Names With Cool & Beautiful Meanings

  What Makes Aesthetic Names Different Than Traditional Boy Names? “Aesthetic” means “beautiful” or “something that has to do with...