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270+ Arabic Boy Names (Plus Versions From Different Languages)

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What’s The Most Common Symbol Or Theme Used In Arabic Boy Names

Many Arabic boy names are often rooted in religion and Allah (God), but these baby names are great for Muslims and non-Muslim boys alike.

You might notice that “q” and “k” are used interchangeably in Arabic names. So, names like “Malik” and “Kasim” have the same meaning as “Maliq” and “Qasim,” respectively.

Unlike their usage in English names, “e” and “i” are also used interchangeably so that “Nassir” and “Nasser” are simply variations of the same name. Sometimes, “ee” is used for the variation (for example: “Amir” and “Ameer”).

The same rule goes for “e” and “a.” For example, “Ahmed” can also be spelled as “Ahmad.” Some parents might even consider using them as twin boy names because they have different spellings but the same meaning.

The rule can also apply to “i” and “u.” For example, “Yusif” and “Yusuf” can mean the same.

We’ve prepared this list of 270+ unique and popular Arabic names to help you find the perfect name for your little prince. You can find trending and popular celebrity names below.

Some of these boy names are also Arabic versions from different languages.


Arabic Baby Boy Names By Category

What Are The Top 10 Arabic Names?

  1. Ahmed (Arabic) – “Praiseworthy,” “greatly praised,” or “one who thanks God”; variants include “Ahmad
  2. Ali (Arabic gender-neutral name) – “High” or “exalted”; one of Allah’s attributes
  3. Amir (Arabic) – “Prince” or “ruler”; also spelled as “Ameer”
  4. Hassan (Arabic, Scottish, Jewish, and Irish name) – “Handsome” or “descendant of Osain” (as an Irish surname); variants include “Hasan
  5. Malik (Arabic and Greenlandic) – “King” or “wave”; variants include “Malek” and “Maliq”
  6. Muhammad (Arabic) – Name of Islam’s founder (Prophet Muhammad), meaning “to praise” or “to thank”; variations include “Mohamed,” “Mohammad,” and “Muhammed”
  7. Nasir (Arabic) – “Supporter,” “helper,” or “the winner”; variants include “Nasser”
  8. Nur (Arabic nonbinary name) – Name that means “light” (“divine light” or simply “light”); variants include “Nor,” “Noor,” and “Nour”
  9. Omar (Arabic, Hebrew, and German boy name) – “Prosperous” or “to flourish”
  10. Zain (Arabic) – Name that means “grace” or “beauty”; the birth name of One Direction star Zain Malik (stage name “Zayn”)


  1. Abdul (Arabic) – “Servant of God
  2. Akbar (Arabic and Indian) – “Praised”
  3. Akeem (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Knowledgeable” or “wise”
  4. Bashir (Arabic) – “One who brings good news”
  5. Hakeem (Arabic) – “Judicious”; one of Allah’s 99 attributes
  6. Jamal (Arabic) – “Handsome”; variants include “Jamil” and “Hamal”
  7. Khalil (Arabic and African) – Black boy name meaning “friend”
  8. Musharraf (Arabic and Muslim boy name) – “To be honored”
  9. Mustafa (Arabic and Turkish) – “Chosen one”; variants include “Moustafa,” “Mostafa,” and “Moustapha”
  10. Rashid (Arabic) – “Righteous”
  11. Sayid (Arabic and Persian) – “Happy” or “lucky”; variants include “Sa’id” and “Said”
  12. Sharif (Arabic) – “Honest,” “truthful,” or “the honorable one”
  13. Yasir (Arabic) – “Wealthy” and “prosperous”


Some of these Muslim names are used in the Quran (Koran), the central religious text or Bible of Islam, while others are variants from different languages:

  1. Aabinus (Arabic and Urdu, an Indo-Aryan language used in Pakistan) – “Dark colored”; variant of “Ebony”
  2. Aadam (Arabic, Hebrew, and Malay) – “Man of the earth”; version of the biblical boy name “Adam”
  3. Amael (Arabic, Breton, Hebrew, and French boy name) – “Chieftain”; variant of “Mael”
  4. Daniyal (Arabic and Persian) – “Intellectual”; variant of the Hebrew name “Daniel
  5. Dawud (Arabic and African) – Name that means “love” (beloved) and a variation of “David”; can also be spelled as “Dawoud,” “Daud,” and “Daoud”
  6. Habil (Arabic) – “Breath”; variant of the Hebrew biblical name “Abel”
  7. Haroun (Arabic) – “Exalted” or “high”; variation of “Aaron”
  8. Ḥizkil (Arabic) – “God is strong” or “God strengthens”; variant of the Hebrew name “Ezekiel”
  9. Ibrahim (Arabic) – “Father of many” or “father of nations”; variation of “Abraham”
  10. Ilyas (Arabic) – “Yahweh is God”; variation of the biblical name “Elijah” and can also be spelled as “Elyas”
  11. Ishaq (Arabic and Egyptian) – “One who laughs”; version of “Isaac” and can also be spelled as “Ishak”
  12. Isiah (Arabic) – “God is salvation”; variation of the Hebrew name “Isaiah”
  13. Ismail (Arabic) – “God will hear”; variation of the Hebrew biblical name “Ishmael”
  14. Jibril (Arabic) – “Strong man of God”; variant of the angel name “Gabriel”
  15. Mikail (Arabic) – “Who is like God?”; version of the Hebrew angel name “Michael”
  16. Musa (Arabic, Turkish, and Persian) – “Drawn out of the water”; version of “Moses”
  17. Sulaiman (Arabic) – “Peaceful”; variation of the Hebrew biblical name “Solomon” and can also be spelled as “Suleiman”
  18. Yahya (Arabic) – “God is gracious”; Islamic name version of “John”
  19. Yakub (Arabic) – “Supplanter”; variation of the Hebrew names “Jacob” and “James
  20. Yunus (Arabic) – Nature name meaning “dove”
  21. Yushua (Arabic) – “God is salvation”; version of the Hebrew name “Joshua” and can also be spelled as “Yusha”
  22. Yusuf (Arabic) – “God shall add” or “Jehovah increases”; Muslim name variant of the biblical name “Joseph” and also spelled as “Yusif”
  23. Zakariyya (Arabic) – “God remembers”; version of the Hebrew name “Zechariah” 


Famous Arabic Boy Names

  1. Aladdin (Arabic) – “Peak of faith,” “height of religion,” or “nobility of faith”; famous as the titular character of the animated movie “Aladdin” (with Disney princess Jasmine)
  2. Barack (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Blessing” or “lightning”; famous as the name of former US President Barack Obama of Kenyan descent
  3. Idris (Arabic and Welsh) – “Interpreter” or “lord”; famous for British actor Idris Elba
  4. Kareem (Arabic) – “Noble person” or “generous”; famous for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a former professional basketball player
  5. Khalid (Arabic) – “Lives forever,” “immortal,” or “everlasting”; famous for American singer Khalid
  6. Khalifa (Arabic) – “Successor” or “caliphate” (a Muslim political-religious state); famous for American rapper and actor Wiz Khalifa (real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz)
  7. Shaquille (Arabic) – “Handsome” and “well-developed”; famous for basketball player Shaquille O’Neal


What Are The Most Attractive Arabic Boy Names?

Some beautiful names for your baby:

  1. Aman (Arabic) – “God with us”
  2. Anwar (Arabic) – “Brighter” or “collection of lights”
  3. Ara (Arabic, Hebrew, and Armenian) – Short boy name meaning “king” or “brings rain”
  4. Hosni (Arabic) – “Good-looking”
  5. Hussein (Arabic) – “Beautiful” or “handsome”
  6. Rafiq (Arabic) – “Kind and compassionate friend” 
  7. Xhemal (Arabic) – “Beauty”


Modern & Hip Arabic Boy Names

  1. Amiri (Hebrew, Maori, and Arabic unisex name) – “Treetop,” “princely,” or “east wind”
  2. Arif (Arabic) – “Expert”; variants include “Areef” and “Aref”
  3. Arshad (Arabic) – “The right path” or “rightly guided” 
  4. Aziz (Arabic and Hebrew) – Warrior name meaning “strong and powerful”
  5. Eyad (Arabic) – “Support” or “reinforcement”; variants include “Iyad” and “Ayad”
  6. Halil (Arabic and Turkish) – “Intimate friend”
  7. Jamir (Arabic and African-American) – “Handsome prince”; modern invented name that combines traditional Arabic names “Jamal” (handsome) and “Amir” (prince)
  8. Rayan (Arabic, Persian, and Iranian) – “Lush land that’s rich in water”
  9. Sahir (Arabic) – “Friend,” “magician,” or “enchanting”; also a witchy name meaning “warlock”
  10. Zero (Arabic, Italian, Sanskrit, and Greek name) – “Void”; more popularly used as a stage name or anime name


What Are Unique Arabic Names For Boys?

  1. Bahjat (Arabic) – “Happiness”
  2. Jubair (Arabic) – “Mender”; also spelled as “Jubayr”
  3. Mansour (Arabic, Bengali, Turkish, and Indonesian) – “Has divine help or “he who is victorious”
  4. Rohaan (Arabic)- “Compassionate” and “spiritual” 
  5. Sabik (Arabic) – “One who comes in first”; also a binary star system in the constellation Ophiuchus
  6. Salām (Arabic) – Unique middle name meaning “peace”
  7. Salman (Arabic, Persian, and Indian) – “Safe”


What Are Rare Arabic Names For A Boy?

  1. Adeem (Arabic) – “Rare” or “precious person”
  2. Afif (Arabic and Muslim boy name) – “Modest,” “chaste,” and “virtuous”
  3. Fazli (Arabic) – “Kind” or “grace”
  4. Ghufran (African) – “Forgiveness” or “mercy”
  5. Hafeez (Arabic) – “Protector” or “to guard”
  6. Ridwan (Arabic) – “Grace,” “devoted to God,” or “contentment”; also an angel name for the angel in charge of the gates of Paradise


Nature-Inspired Arabic Boy Names

Some nature names for your baby:

  1. Alioth (Arabic) – “Fat tail of the sheep”; also the brightest star in Ursa Major (constellation in the northern sky)
  2. Altair (Arabic gender-neutral name) – “Flying falcon”
  3. Babur (Arabic and Persian) – “Tiger”; variants include “Babr,” “Baber,” “Babar,” and “Babur”
  4. Badr (Arabic) – Name that means “moon” (full moon); also spelled as “Badar” and pronounced as “Bah-dar”
  5. Fahad (Arabic) – “Panther” or “leopard”; also spelled as “Fahd”
  6. Ghayth (Arabic) – “Rain”
  7. Iyad (Arabic) – “Pigeon”; also means “support” or “reinforcement”
  8. Jafar (Arabic) – “Small stream”
  9. Numair (Arabic) – “Panther”
  10. Riaz (Arabic) – Earthy name meaning “meadows” or “garden”
  11. Samir (Arabic) – “Mountain” or “hill”; also means “a friend you can talk with in the evening” and spelled as “Sameer”
  12. Zabar (Arabic) – “Pomegranate,” “cactus,” or “strong”
  13. Zaire (Arabic and African) – “Great river” or “the river that swallows all rivers”


Powerful Arabic Boy Names With Strong Meanings

Some strong and powerful names for your little one:

  1. Abbas (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Stern” or “the lion”
  2. Ammiras (Arabic) – “Commander”
  3. Arsalan (Arabic, Persian, and Urdu) – “Fearless”
  4. Asad (Arabic) – “Lion”
  5. Ashraf (Arabic) – “Noble” or “most honorable one”
  6. Asif (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Strong,” stormy,” and “fierce”
  7. Askari (Arabic and Persian) – “Soldier”
  8. Aza (Arabic gender-neutral name) – “Powerful”
  9. Azzam (Arabic and Egyptian) – “Resolute” and “determined” 
  10. Emir (Arabic) – “Chief,” “prince,” or “commander”
  11. Faisal (Arabic) – “Judge” or “resolute”; variants include “Faizal” and “Faysal”
  12. Fayez (Arabic) – “Victorious”
  13. Hamza (Arabic) – “Strong,” “steadfast,” or “lion”; famous namesakes include Prophet Muhammad’s uncle, the hero of “The Hamzanama”
  14. Harun (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Warrior lion”
  15. Haydar (Arabic) – “Lion”; also spelled as “Heydar,” “Hajdar,” and “Heidar”
  16. Haytham (Arabic) – “Young eagle”
  17. Jabbar (Arabic) – “Powerful”
  18. Jalil (Arabic) – “Superior,” “great,” and “exalted” 
  19. Junaid (Arabic) – “Soldier,” “fighter,” and “warrior”
  20. Kabir (Arabic) – “Powerful,” great,” or “leader”
  21. Kader (Arabic) – “Power”
  22. Kamal (Arabic, Hindi, and Turkish) – “Perfection”; also a flower name meaning “lotus”
  23. Leith (Arabic, Scottish Gaelic, and Irish boy name) – “Lion”
  24. Louay (Arabic) – “Protector” or “shield”; also spelled as “Luayy” and pronounced as “Lu-ayy”
  25. Mamadou (Arabic and African) – “Powerful” or “a man worthy of praise”
  26. Marwan (Arabic) – “Leader” or “strong lion”
  27. Murtaza (Arabic) – “Chosen”; variants include “Mortaza,” “Murtadha,” “Mortada,” or “Murtada”
  28. Osman (Arabic) – “Son of the snake” and the name of the Ottoman Empire’s founder, Prince Osman the First; also a Scandinavian name meaning “God‘s protection”
  29. Qadir (Arabic) – “Full of power”
  30. Raed (Arabic) – “Pioneer” or “leader”
  31. Rahim (Arabic) – “Merciful” or “to be kind” 
  32. Saif (Arabic) – “Sword”
  33. Shahbaz (Arabic and Persian) – “Royal falcon,” “king of falcons,” or “white falcon”
  34. Shakur (Arabic) – “Thankful”
  35. Sultan (Arabic) – “Ruler” or “king”
  36. Tamir (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Rich man” or “tall”
  37. Zubayr (Arabic) – “Brave” or “strong” 


Arabic Boy Names That Mean “Victory” Or “Winner”

  1. Almonzo (Arabic) – “The victorious”
  2. Bilal (Arabic) – Name that means “water”; also means “full moon,” “victorious,” or “winner”
  3. Cairo (Arabic and Egyptian) – “One who is victorious”
  4. Zafar (Arabic and Persian) – “Victory”


Arabic Boy Names That Mean “Guardian” Or “Protector”

  1. Asim (Arabic and Egyptian) – “Protector,” “guardian,” “defender,” or “rescuer” 
  2. Hafiz (Arabic) – “Guardian,” “custodian,” or “keeper”
  3. Haris (Arabic and ancient Greek name) – “Cultivator,” “grace,” or “guardian angel”


Arabic Boy Names That Mean “Healer” Or “Treatment”

  1. Darman (Arabic boy name) – “Treatment” or “cure”
  2. Haakim (Arabic boy name) – “Healer,” “physician,” “sovereign,” or “ruler”
  3. Helem (Arabic boy name) – “Healing” or “dreaming”
  4. Shafi (Arabic boy name) – “Curer,” “healer,” or “mediator”


Arabic Boy Names That Mean “Gift” Or “God’s Gift”

  1. Aayan (Arabic) – “God’s gift”; a version of “Ian”
  2. Ahed (Arabic) – “Best gift”


Adorable Arabic Boy Names

  1. Aaftab (Arabic and Persian) – Name that means “light” (sunlight) or “sun”
  2. Ahsan (Arabic) – “The most beautiful one,” “perfection,” “the best of all,” or “excellence” 
  3. Ajmal (Arabic) – “Very handsome”
  4. Arham (Arabic) – “Generous,” “merciful,” or “kind”
  5. Farhan (Arabic and Persian) – “Cheerful” or “happy”
  6. Habib (Arabic) – Name that means “love” (beloved), “darling,” or “loved one” 
  7. Nadir (Arabic) – “Beloved” or “precious”; also spelled as “Nadeer”
  8. Odai (Arabic) – “Sunrise”
  9. Siraj (Arabic) – “Light” or “lamp”


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Arabic Names

  1. Amal (Arabic) – “Hope”
  2. Azmi (Arabic) – “The one who fulfills their promise”
  3. Farah (Arabic) – “Joy” or “gladness”
  4. Hedi (Arabic, Hebrew, and German name) – “Leader,” “guide,” or “warrior in war”
  5. Nakia (Arabic, Egyptian, and Greek name) – “Pure and faithful” or “unconquered”
  6. Nasim (Arabic) – “Fresh air” or “breeze”
  7. Noor (Arabic) – “Light”
  8. Sana (Arabic) “Radiance,” “brilliance,” “praise to Allah,” or “praiseworthy” 


Arabic Boy Names From A To Z

Arabic Boy Names Starting With A

  1. Aabdar (Arabic) – “Moonlight,” “quick,” and “early”
  2. Abdullah (Arabic) – Popular Muslim name meaning “servant of Allah” or “servant of God”; the name of Prophet Muhammad’s father and also spelled as “Abdallah”
  3. Abid (Hebrew and Arabic) – “God knows” or “God’s worshipper”
  4. Adil (Arabic) – “Wise” “insightful,” “fairness,” or “justice”; variants include “Aadeel”
  5. Adnan (Arabic, Persian, Bosnian, and Turkish) – “Settler” or “person living in two paradises”
  6. Amin (Arabic) – “Trustworthy,” “faithful,” “straightforward,” “honest,” and “devoted”
  7. Ashar (Arabic and Indian) – “The one with wisdom,” “brave,” or “strong”
  8. Atif (Arabic) – “Kind,” “compassionate,” or “affectionate”
  9. Ayman (Arabic and Latin) – “Blessed,” “lucky,” “the righteous one,” and “right-handed”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With B

  1. Bashar (Arabic) – “Bringing good news”
  2. Bassam (Arabic and Urdu) – “Smiling”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With C

  1. Chirag (Arabic and Hindi) – “Lamp”
  2. Cid (Arabic and Spanish) – “Lord” or “from a large island”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With D

  1. Dalil (Arabic) – “Guide,” “mentor,” or “conductor”
  2. Dayim (Arabic) – “Everlasting,” “perpetual,” or “mesmerizing being”
  3. Deen (Arabic and Old English boy name) – “Religion” or “church official”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With E

  1. Edhem (Arabic and Bosnian) – “Dark-skinned” or “black”
  2. Ehsan (Arabic) – “Excellence,” “perfection,” or “charitable”
  3. Elamin (Arabic) – “One who is very trustworthy” 


Arabic Boy Names Starting With F

  1. Fahim (Arabic) – “Intelligent,” “scholar,” or “learned man”
  2. Farouk (Arabic) – “Seer of truth” or “able to distinguish between right and wrong”; also spelled as “Farouq”
  3. Fazil (Arabic) – “Superior” or “virtuous”
  4. Fikri (Arabic) – “Intelligent” or “thoughtful”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With G

  1. Galib (Arabic) – “To defeat” or “to overcome” 
  2. Gamal (Arabic) – “God is my reward” or “beauty”
  3. Ghazzan (Arabic) – “One who comes from Gaza City”; also a warrior name meaning “Holy War fighter”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With H

  1. Hadid (Arabic) – “Iron
  2. Hakim (Arabic) – “Intelligent” or “wise”
  3. Hamid (Arabic and Turkish) – “Praiser of Allah” or “to praise”
  4. Hanif (Arabic) – “True believer” or “righteous person”
  5. Haseeb (Arabic, Turkish, and Persian) – “Noble” or “respected” 


Arabic Boy Names Starting With I

  1. Ikram (Arabic) – “Honor,” “generosity,” or “hospitality”
  2. Iman (Arabic) – “Believer” or “faith” 
  3. Imran (Arabic and Urdu) – “Great pleasure,” “prosperity,” or “long-lived”
  4. Iqbal (Arabic, Urdu, and Punjabi, an Indo-Aryan language used in Pakistan and India) – “Good fortune,” “fortunate,” “prosperity,” and “success”
  5. Irfan (Arabic and Persian) – “Awareness or “knowledge”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With J

  1. Jabari (Arabic and Swahili, an African language) – “Brave” and “courageous”
  2. Jabir (Arabic) – “One who comforts”
  3. Jahid (Arabic) – “Hard worker,” “strive,” and “effort”
  4. Javed (Arabic, Urdu, and Persian) – “Immortal,” “everlasting,” and “eternal”
  5. Jawad (Arabic, Albanian, and Turkish) – “Generous” or “liberal”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With K

  1. Kadeem (Arabic) – “Servant”; also spelled as “Qadim”
  2. Kadin (Arabic and Celtic) – “Friend,” “companion,” or “son of Cadán” as a Celtic name
  3. Kadir (Arabic) – “Capable,” “mighty,” or “powerful”
  4. Kahlil (Arabic) – “Close friend”
  5. Kamil (Arabic, Urdu, and Persian) – “Perfect”; one of Allah’s attributes
  6. Kamran (Arabic, Persian, and Turkish) – “Successful,” “blessed,” or “fortunate”
  7. Kanan (Arabic) – “Merchant” 
  8. Karim (Arabic) – “Noble person” or “generous”; also spelled as “Kareem
  9. Kashif (Arabic) – “Revealer” or “discoverer” 
  10. Khai (Arabic and Hawaiian boy name) – “Royalty” and “crowned”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With L

  1. Lahab (Arabic) – Name that means “fire” (flame) or “profit” 
  2. Lahan (Arabic) – “Little bright-headed one”
  3. Latif (Arabic) – “Gentleness” or “kindness”
  4. Luay (Arabic – Warrior name that means “loot bringer,” “famous warrior,” or “renowned warrior”; a variation of “Louis”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With M

  1. Mahdi (Arabic) – “Guided well”
  2. Mahmud (Arabic) – “Praise”
  3. Majid (Arabic) – “Illustrious,” “magnificent,” “noble,” and “glorious”
  4. Mansur (Arabic, Indonesian, and Turkish) – “Divine aid” or “he who is victorious”; also spelled as “Mansyur” or “Mansoor”
  5. Maruf (Arabic) – “Kindness” or “favor”
  6. Masood (Arabic and Persian) – “Good luck” or “happy”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With N

  1. Nabil (Arabic) – “Highborn” or “noble”
  2. Nadim (Arabic) – “Friend” or “companion”
  3. Naeem (Arabic) – “Blessing,” “comfort,” “benevolent,” or “happiness”; pronounced as “nah-iy-me”
  4. Naji (Arabic and Egyptian) – “Safe” or “to survive”
  5. Najib (Arabic) – “Wellborn,” “noble,” or “distinguished”
  6. Nuri (Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Korean name) – “Light,” “my fire,” or “world” as a Korean name


Arabic Boy Names Starting With O

  1. Oma (Arabic and American) – “One who always stretches their helping hand to others” or “commanding”
  2. Omran (Arabic) – “Rock-solid building,” “firm construction,” or “solid structure”
  3. Owais (Arabic) – Powerful name that means “fearless,” “little wolf,” “experienced,” or “the companion of the prophet”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With P

  1. Parshan (Arabic) – “Quick-minded,” “versatile,” and “combatant”
  2. Pazir (Arabic) – “One who is good in everyone’s eyes”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With Q

  1. Qadar (Arabic) – “Destination” or “decree”
  2. Qamar (Arabic) – Name that means “moon”
  3. Qasim (Arabic) – “Charitable,” “generous,” or “one who distributes”; the name of Prophet Muhammad’s son and also spelled as “Kasim,” “Qasem,” and “Qazeem”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With R

  1. Rabi (Arabic) – “Gentle wind” or “springtime”
  2. Rafi (Arabic and Spanish) – “Grand” or “exalted”; also a Hispanic boy name and short form of “Rafael”
  3. Rami (Arabic) – “One who throws an arrow” or “good marksman”
  4. Rashad (Arabic) – “Good judgment” or “good sense”
  5. Rayyan (Arabic) – “Luxuriant” or “door of heaven”
  6. Riyad (Arabic) – “Gardens”
  7. Rizwan (Arabic) – “Satisfaction,” “devoted to God,” and “pleased”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With S

  1. Sabir (Arabic) – “Patient”
  2. Sadiq (Arabic) – “Honest,” “loyal,” or “true”
  3. Saladin (Arabic) – “Peace through faith” or “religious righteousness”
  4. Salah (Arabic) – “Righteousness,” “peace,” or “goodness”
  5. Salem (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Safe” or “protected”; also a witchy name and can be spelled as “Salim” or “Saleem”
  6. Samar (Arabic) – “Evening conversation,” “reward,” or “battlefield commander”
  7. Sami (Arabic) – “Exalted” or “one who hears”; also a short boy name and diminutive of “Samuel”
  8. Shafiq (Arabic) – “Kind,” “merciful,” or “compassionate”
  9. Shahid (Arabic) – “Witness”; can also be spelled as “Shaheed”
  10. Shahzad (Arabic and Persian) – “Son of the king” or “prince”; variants include “Shehzad”
  11. Shakir (Arabic) – “Thankful” and “grateful”; also spelled as “Shaqir”
  12. Shayan (Arabic and Iranian-Persian) – “Clever,” “beautiful,” “well-behaved,” “intelligent,” and “suitable”; also a Native American unisex name meaning “foreign speech” or “people of a different language”
  13. Shukri (Arabic and Turkish) – “Thanking”
  14. Sohail (Arabic) – “Star,” “sun,” or “one who shines brightly”
  15. Sufian (Arabic and Persian) – “Thunderstorm,” “fast-moving,” “light,” “nimble,” and “fast-walker”; also spelled as “Sufyan”
  16. Suheil (Arabic) – “Even” or “level”
  17. Suhul (Arabic) – Place name for a city in Yemen


Arabic Boy Names Starting With T

  1. Tabari (Arabic) – “He remembers”
  2. Tahir (Arabic, French, Urdu, and Russian boy name) – “Pure” or “virtuous”; variants include “Taher”
  3. Taj (Arabic, Persian, Hindi, and Sanskrit) – “Crown”
  4. Talib (Arabic and African) – “Seeker of knowledge” or “one who seeks”
  5. Tariq (Arabic) – “One who knocks on the door at night” or “morning star”
  6. Tawfiq (Arabic) – “Successful” or “fortunate”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With U

  1. Umar (Arabic and German boy name) – “Thriving” or “flourishing”
  2. Usama (Arabic) – “Lion” or “king of the jungle”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With V

  1. Vahid (Arabic and Persian) – “One” and “unique”
  2. Vedad (Arabic and Bosnian) – “Affection,” “love,” or “friendship”
  3. Vega (Arabic and Spanish) – “Swooping eagle,” “one who lives on the plain,” “dweller in the meadow”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With W

  1. Waheed (Arabic) – “The one,” “unique,” “absolute one,” or “unequaled”; also spelled as “Wahid”
  2. Waleed (Arabic) – “Newborn baby”
  3. Waqas (Arabic) – “Soldier” or “brave warrior”
  4. Wasim (Arabic) – Name that means “graceful,” “handsome,” or “good-looking”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With X

  1. Xavier (Arabic and Spanish) – “New house”; variations include “Zavier”
  2. Xobeen (Arabic) – “Spear” 


Arabic Boy Names Starting With Y

  1. Yahir (Arabic and Hebrew) – “He will enlighten” 
  2. Yasin (Arabic) – “Rich,” “famous,” wealthy,” or “chief”; also spelled as “Yaseen”


Arabic Boy Names Starting With Z

  1. Zahir (Arabic) – “Supporter” or “helper”; one of Allah’s 99 attributes
  2. Zahrun (Arabic) – “Flower” or “blossom”
  3. Zaki (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Pure,” “without sin,” or “virtuous”
  4. Zameer (Arabic) – “Beautiful voice” or “conscience”
  5. Zayd (Arabic) – “Growth,” “increase,” or “abundance”
  6. Zayn (Arabic) – “Grace” or “beauty”
  7. Zinedine (Arabic) – “Beauty of the faith”


Factors To Consider When Choosing Arabic Boy Names

  • Meaning
  • Spelling
  • Variations
  • Pronunciation
  • Any negative connotations (e.g., “Osama” is often associated with “Osama bin Laden,” the founder of the terrorist organization al Qaeda)



Several Muslim and Arabic names have become popular in the US. Themes for these trends are often religious and royal.

For example, according to the SSA, “Muhammad” (meaning “praiseworthy”) currently ranks as #297 (based on 2022 data), becoming slightly more popular than its standing at #307 in 2021. (1)

Several alternative spellings are also in the top 1000 popular boy names: (1)

  • Mohammad” ranks #555
  • “Mohamed” ranks #564
  • “Mohammed” ranks #714


Another Arabic boy name, “Malik” (meaning “king”), ranks #395. (1)

Amir (meaning “gift of God”) ranks at #113, while alternative spellings are also in the top 1000: (1)

  • “Amiri” ranks #521
  • “Ahmir” ranks #870
  • “Ameer” ranks #902


  • Islamic traditions (e.g., names of religious figures like Muhammad and related spellings remain popular)
  • Modernization (e.g., versions of names from other languages)
  • Celebrity names (e.g., American actor Rami Said Malek of Egyptian descent)
  • Popular names in movies and pop culture (e.g., Barakah in the Arabian drama-comedy film “Barakah Meets Barakah,” an entry at the 89th Academy Awards under the “Best Foreign Language Film” category)


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