We’re a team of parents that’s committed to offering our readers thoughtful, well-researched, and evidence-based pieces of content on topics ranging from pregnancy, postpartum recovery, family health, baby nutrition, baby essentials, parenting, and more.

This site was born after a long and bumpy road to motherhood with the intention to inform, educate, and inspire parents on topics that matter –  wherever you are on your parenting journey.

About Our Founder & EIC:

Osmara Aryal created Motherhood Community as the result of compiling thousands of hours of research unifying effective lifestyle tools and principles to help women enhance fertility, heal from miscarriage, sustain a healthy pregnancy, and achieve full postpartum recovery. 

She’s an MBA, a functional nutrition practitioner, and a certified yoga and meditation teacher.

Her work has been featured on CŃN, the Miami Herald, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, The Mighty, Positively Positive, and Finer Minds.

She was born and raised in Miami and now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, daughter, and two dogs Molly & Yodha.

We Got You, Mama.

Self-Care Rituals & Self-Love Practices To Support You & Your Family.

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