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Babyganics Recall 2022: Bacteria Risk & Other Things You Need To Know

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On April 19, 2022, Babyganics announced the recall of select lots of bubble bath products (chamomile verbena) for the possible presence of bacteria. (1)(2)

Which products are affected, and why is it important to stop using these recalled items? Find more about this 2022 product recall below.

Babyganics Recall 2022

Two lots of Babyganics Chamomile Verbena Bubble Bath Bottles (20oz) were recalled on April 19, 2022, due to the possible presence of the bacterium Pluralibacter gergoviae: (1)(2)

  • UPC 8 13277 01375 4
  • Lot codes Y314 and Y315 (check the bottom of the packaging)
  • White plastic bottles with green plastic lids

Babyganics discovered the possible contamination after conducting internal testing for shelf life across their bubble bath line. (1)

They confirmed that only two lots of the bubble bath bottles (chamomile verbena) were affected. No other Babyganic products were included in this recall. (1)

These items have been distributed to select retailers in the U.S. within the past two months. (1)

Although the recall advisory didn’t indicate the names of these retailers, some reports named Target and Walmart. These items were reportedly sold in these retailers, but the product pages have already been removed. (3)

The company invites affected consumers to visit to check their product’s status. (2)

What Can Happen If Your Baby Is Exposed To This Recalled Product?

According to Babyganics and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) safety recall advisory, Pluralibacter gergoviae doesn’t usually cause healthy individuals to become sick. (1)

This opportunistic pathogen naturally occurs in the environment and can be found in plants, soil, or even in coffee beans. (4)

However, babies with irritated or broken skin (such as those with diaper rash) and immunocompromised individuals can be more susceptible than healthy adults. (1)

Babyganics’s Statement

According to Babyganics, they haven’t received any report of anyone falling ill after using the recalled products. (4)

However, they take pride in their commitment to meeting vigorous consumer safety standards and assuring peace of mind for parents. It’s why they decided to voluntarily recover these bottles from retailers and reach out to consumers with the recall advisory. (2)(4)

Babyganics explained: (2)

We take any risk very seriously, so we are voluntarily recalling these bottles from retailers and asking consumers to determine whether they have the affected babyganics® 20oz chamomile verbena bubble bath product in their home by using this site. If you have the affected product, we will provide you a refund and ask that you dispose of any remaining product immediately.

Your family’s health and safety, and your peace of mind, are our top priorities. We know we’ve let you down. We’re taking all necessary steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

What To Do If You Bought The Recalled Babyganics Product?

Babyganics assures consumers that they’ll be fully refunded for the recalled products. (4)

Submit your product and contact information at their recall site:

You can also use the site to check whether your product is included in the recall. Use the “Check my product” button to enter the UPC and batch code.

If your baby bath product is part of the recall, you’ll receive further instructions on how to dispose of the possibly contaminated product and process for a full refund.

For further questions, you can also reach them via:

  • Contact form:
  • Phone: 1-800-378-7803

Common symptoms of an infection can include: (5)

Call your health provider immediately if you or anyone in your family feels unwell or experiences any adverse effects after using the affected products.

You can also contact:

  • 833-359-6304 (Babyganics health and safety team, available 24/7)
  • 888-463-6332 (FDA’s MedWatch Program)

Monitoring Baby Product Safety Recalls

Babies have less developed immune systems than adults, so they’re more likely to catch an illness. Also, babies can’t explain how they feel, making it difficult to identify a medical problem and treat it quickly.

So, it’s important for us to regularly monitor for any infant formula or baby food recall to reduce their safety risks.

It’s also important to check for safety risks with non-food items such as diapers, infant loungers, and even bath and skincare products.

It might surprise you to learn that these products can also harm your baby.

Although the products you buy might look fine, never use recalled items, especially anything that involves invisible safety risks like bacteria and other pathogens. These germs can make your baby seriously ill.

For example, Abbott Nutrition issued a massive recall of Similac infant formula, Alimentum, Elecare, and Similac PM 60/40 in February 2022 after two babies reportedly died after using these baby formulas.

Although the recalled Babyganics products are non-food items, the safety risk involves bacteria. Immediately stop using these products and follow the procedure above to process your refund.

Babyganics recommends a quick cleaning if you used the bubble bath soap for your baby’s toys. (4)







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