Yoto Mini Recall (2024) Over Fire & Burn Risks

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Why Are Yoto Mini Speakers Being Recalled?

On April 11, 2024, Yoto Inc., of New York, in cooperation with the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission), issued a voluntary recall of around 251,165 units of Yoto Mini speakers due to burn and fire risks with the lithium-ion batteries. They can overheat when they reach a certain battery charge state, posing a fire hazard. (1)(2)

According to the recall advisory, Yoto received seven reports of overheating incidents relating to the Yoto mini speakers globally: six reports in the US and one in the UK. These resulted in the melting or overheating of the speakers. (1)(2)

Thankfully, none of these incidents led to injuries or serious situations. (1)(2)

The recall also includes about 18,932 sold in Canada. (1)(2)

Yoto announced that they’re now working with a team of independent product safety and battery experts to investigate the matter and find a solution. (1)(2)

The brand also assured buyers that they consider customer safety to be their number one priority and have taken the situation “extremely seriously.” (1)(2)


Which Yoto Speakers Are Being Recalled?

This recall only affects the Yoto Mini Speakers. None of Yoto’s other speaker products are included in this recall. (1)(2)



The Yoto Mini is a portable, connected, and screen-free speaker designed for children 3-12 years old. (1)(2)


Kids use Yoto cards to play music, podcasts, radio, and audiobooks with the Yoto Mini. (1)(2). 


These mini speakers were manufactured between 2021 and 2023. (1)(2)


How Do I Know If My Yoto Mini Speakers Are Included In The Recall?

The recalled Yoto mini speakers have a pale gray body with a pixel display and orange tactile controls. (1)(2)

You can find the following information on the base of the recalled mini speaker: (1)(2)

  • Model name: Yoto Mini
  • SKU (stock keeping unit): SKU PRPLXX00860
  • Product serial number


These mini speakers came with a charging cable but without a charger or adaptor. (1)(2)


Where Were These Yoto Mini Speakers Sold?

These products were sold from November 2021 through April 2024 at the following outlets and retailers: (1)(2)

  • Yoto website (
  • Toy and gift shops nationwide


What To Do With My Recalled Yoto Mini Speakers?

Immediately stop using these recalled speakers and remove them from your children. Contact Yoto for a free replacement smart charging cable. (1)(2)

Yoto instructs affected consumers to cut the old charging cable through the middle and send a photo to process the replacement. Discard the cut cables properly. (1)(2)


Are These Recalled Yoto Mini Speakers Still Safe To Use?

No. Although there were only seven reports of the speaker overheating, this can be a serious burn and fire risk. (1)(2)

Based on Yoto’s internal investigation, the speaker’s lithium-ion battery is still safe to use as long as you use the replacement Yoto mini smart cable. (1)(2)

Don’t attempt to continue using the old cable even if you haven’t experienced any problem with them. The new replacement cords are designed to charge the mini speakers up to the safe levels. (1)(2)

To improve battery management, Yoto has also implemented an automatic software update on the recalled mini speaker products. (1)(2)


How To Process My Yoto Mini Speakers Refund?

You can reach Yoto Ltd. through the following channels: (1)(2)

  • Phone number: 844-370-0426 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Recall website:
  • Main website: (click on “RECALL INFORMATION” located at the top of the page)


Where Were These Yoto Mini Speakers Manufactured?

  • China (1)(2)


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