Similac Recall 2022 & Infant Formula Safety Alerts: What You Need To Know

Updated on 13 May 2022 • 15 minute read


Abbott Nutrition To Reopen Sturgis Plant Involved In Recall

Update: May 13, 2022 

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) announced on May 12, 2022, that it had closed the Abbott Nutrition investigation that linked the formula manufacturer to deadly Cronobacter infections. There weren’t any new cases identified as part of the investigation. (1)

The FDA clarifies that the recall is still in effect even though the investigation is closed.

They established an IMG (Incident Management Group) to continue working on these supply chain and food safety issues as the out-of-stock rates soared to 43%. (1)(2)

After getting involved in the massive Similac recall in February 2022, Abbott Nutrition recently announced that it plans to reopen the Sturgis, Michigan plant in about two weeks. This is subject to the FDA’s approval. (3)

According to Abbott Nutrition, they’ll prioritize producing Alimentum, EleCare, and metabolic formulas. Similac and other formulas will be next in line once production starts. (3)

Although it’s still unclear what impact this reopening might have on the baby formula shortage, Abbott Nutrition hopes that it can help improve the market supply.

However, even with the plant’s reopening, Abbott Nutrition estimates that the new products will only reach the store shelves in around six to eight weeks.

Abbott Nutrition acknowledges their role in the infant formula shortage. The company assures consumers that they have improved their protocols and systems at the facility. 

Some of these facility improvements include the following: (3)

  • Updating the protocols for cleaning, water, and maintenance procedures
  • Upgrading the facility with the installation of sanitary floors that are easily cleanable and nonporous
  • Reviewing and updating their training system, education, and all safety procedures applicable for employees and visitors


White House Announces Measures For Formula Shortage

US President Joe Biden met with infant formula manufacturers and retailers, including Reckitt, Gerber, Walmart, and Target, to discuss strategies to get more formula quickly yet safely onto store shelves to solve the ongoing shortage. (4)

The White House released the additional measures they will follow to increase the formula products available without compromising babies’ safety: (4)


Increasing Supply Through More Imports

The US typically produces nearly all (around 98%) of the infant formulas it needs. However, the baby formula shortage from supply chain issues and the Similac recalls reduced the available products. (4)

As the out-of-stock rates soared to 43%, the White House plans to increase formula importation from key sources, including Chile, Ireland, Mexico, and the Netherlands, to help meet the higher demands and lower supplies. (2)(4)


Cutting The Red Tape 

The White House explains that manufacturers typically produce the same formula type in various package sizes to meet the demand. Around 50% of the market demand comes from the WIC program (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children). (4)

For faster production, the Biden administration asked manufacturers to simplify product offerings. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) is also coordinating with various states to let WIC recipients purchase whatever products are in stock instead of being limited to WIC-approved options. (4)


Cracking Down On Price Gouging & Unfair Market Practices

According to the White House fact sheet, some unscrupulous retailers or individuals used the formula shortage to hoard products from legitimate suppliers. Then, they’re marking these up for online retail at exorbitant prices. (4)

As the formula shortage drove desperate parents to find online options, there were reports of products being offered on eBay for as high as $800, despite normally costing $43 to $47. (5)

Retailers like Target, CVS, and Walmart have since put a cap on the number of formula packs that consumers can buy online and from their stores. However, they’re still running out of formulas. (5)

President Biden asked the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to investigate and monitor the perpetrators of this illegal and predatory conduct. (4)


The Similac Recall & The Formula Shortage

Update: May 11, 2022

With the ongoing infant milk formula shortage in the US, worried parents are having difficulty finding supplies for their babies. Retail companies like Walmart have already put a cap on how many you can buy per transaction. (6)

What caused this shortage?

Although the February 2022 Similac recall due to bacterial infections (discussed in detail below) is among the main causes of the formula shortage, authorities explained that supply chain issues and higher demands were already causing a shortage even in 2021. (6)

That’s why there’s also a shortage in the store brands like Walmart’s Parent’s Choice formulas produced by Perrigo. 

There isn’t any recent Parent’s Choice formula recall (only a Walmart pull-out of Parent’s Choice wipes). Still, parents are also having trouble finding these products for their babies.

As of May 8, 2022, market research company Datasembly estimates that 43% of the top-selling formula brands are out of stock. (2)

Some options for you to try (US brands), with your pediatrician’s approval:

  • Serenity Kids A2 Toddler Formula 
  • Bobbie Organic Infant Formula
  • ByHeart Baby Formula


Many parents also consider the following European formulas as the best organic options for their babies:


Please consult your healthcare provider before switching to these formulas. Many European formulas aren’t approved by the FDA, although many parents still prefer them over US brands.


Abbott Nutrition Announces Release Of Some Products Amid Shortage

Update: May 4, 2022

Abbott Nutrition recently announced that they’re releasing some metabolic nutrition and specialty formulas amid the infant formula shortage. They’re doing it to fulfill the FDA’s request. (7)

However, the released products don’t include the recently recalled Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare powder formulas. (7)

Although one lot of Similac PM 60/40 was recalled, the rest weren’t included. So, Abbott includes this specialty product in the items being released along with these metabolic products: (7)

  • Calcilo XD
  • Cyclinex-1 and 2
  • Glutarex-1 and 2
  • Hominex-1 and 2
  • I-Valex-1 and 2
  • Ketonex-1 and 2
  • Phenex-1 and 2
  • Pro-Phree
  • Propimex-1 and 2
  • ProViMin
  • Tyrex-1 and 2


Abbott assures consumers that these products have been tested, weren’t included in the recall, and comply with all the product release requirements before distribution. (7)

The company clarified that these products are only available in limited quantities because production hasn’t resumed at the Sturgis facility. Instead, these products were those put on hold amid the recall.

They’re currently working with the FDA to implement corrective actions at the plant before they can resume production. But even if production starts again, Abbott explained that it could take at least 6-8 weeks before the products will be available for distribution. (7)

Abbott explains that the nutrition formulas will be released free of charge to patients but on a case-by-case basis and in coordination with healthcare professionals. (7)


Whistleblower Reportedly Notified The FDA About Security Lapses Months Before Recall

Update: April 29, 2022

House Appropriations Committee Chair Rep. Rosa DeLauro announced that her office received alarming documents from a whistleblower who used to work at the Abbott facility that produced the recalled Similac formulas in February. (8)

According to DeLauro, the whistleblower (name withheld for security reasons) wrote a 34-page report with a long list of allegations about security lapses and unsafe practices at the plant. 

The whistleblower alleged that Abbott Nutrition: (8)

  • Hid information during a 2019 audit by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
  • Falsified records about several safety and quality concerns, including signing verifications without adequate knowledge, testing of seals, shipping products with fill weights lower than what’s on the label, failure to maintain accurate maintenance records, etc.
  • Released untested infant formula
  • Lack of traceability of their products
  • Lax practices in terms of clean in place procedures
  • Failed to take corrective measures after knowing their testing procedures were deficient
  • Had an atmosphere of retaliation against employees who raised concerns about their company practices


The whistleblower claims that this report was submitted to the FDA in October 2021, several months before the deaths of the babies and the February 2022 recall. (8)

DeLauro expressed alarm that the FDA didn’t act quickly enough to check on the whistleblower’s report, considering that it involves the possible unsafe production of infant formula. (9)

I am deeply concerned about the practices at this Abbott facility and their apparent failure to implement and enforce internal controls at this facility.

I am equally concerned that the FDA reacted far too slowly to this report.

“Why did the FDA not spring into action? Why did it take four months to pull this formula off store shelves? How many infants were fed contaminated formula during this time?

In a statement, Abbott Nutrition wrote that they: (10)

  • Take employee concerns very seriously
  • Foster a culture of compliance to ensure they produce the highest quality baby formulas
  • Empower workers to identify and report issues that could compromise their products’ safety and quality


Abbott claimed that they dismissed this former employee (the whistleblower) due to serious violations of the company’s food safety policies. After dismissal, the employee reportedly made the false allegations and submitted the false report to multiple authorities. (10)

The company insists that despite their products being the center of the issue, their investigations showed these aren’t the source of the infections. (10)

The Cronobacter sakazakii that was found in environmental testing during the investigation was in non-product contact areas of our Sturgis facility and has not been linked to the two available patient samples or any other known infant illness.

A thorough review of all available data indicates that the infant formula produced at our Sturgis facility is not likely the source of infection in the reported cases and that there was not an outbreak caused by products from the facility.


FDA Details Safety Issues At Abbott Plant Linked To Formula Recalls

Update: March 22, 2022

Findings released by federal safety inspectors on March 22, 2022, show that Abbott’s Sturgis, Michigan manufacturing plant involved in the recent Similac recall had several safety issues. (11)(12)

The FDA’s preliminary findings show the following: (11)(12)

  • Failure to maintain the sanitary conditions of surfaces used to prepare and handle formula
  • History of eight instances of Cronobacter bacteria contamination between fall 2019 and February 2022
  • Failure to establish a system of process controls that covers all stages of processing to ensure that baby formula doesn’t become contaminated due to the presence of microorganisms (e.g., Cronobacter bacteria) in the formula or in its processing environment (1)


The Senate health committee asked Abbott to detail the amount of time it took them to start the recall from the first reported case. (11)(12)

In response, Abbott reportedly told the committee that the first report came in September from Minnesota health officials. The other reports were made from Ohio and Texas in the following months. 

The FDA had actually conducted plant inspections in September. Federal inspectors found several safety violations: (1)(11)(12)

  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Absence of temperature controls
  • Some employees failed to sanitize their hands


Surprisingly, however, the FDA didn’t issue a safety notice nor did they stop Abbott from producing formulas until the issues have been resolved. It’s unclear why that happened, but the FDA hasn’t issued a statement regarding this possible judgment lapse.

Food safety advocates are furious over how the FDA and Abbott handled these safety issues, especially because their lapses may have caused the death of at least two babies. 

Experts point out that baby formula isn’t subjected to the same high temperatures that other foods undergo to kill potentially deadly bacteria and other germs. But something must be done to correct this serious safety concern.

They’re also asking for answers to get to the bottom of the problem and to ensure that infant formula contaminations wouldn’t happen again. 

Abbott assured the public that they are “taking this very seriously and working closely with the FDA to implement corrective actions.” (11)(12)

They haven’t confirmed how many formula units have been recalled. But these include Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare during the first recall, then Similac PM 60/40 in the second recall.

The massive recalls worsened the formula shortage in the US that first started with supply chain issues.

You can read more about these formula recalls below.



Many formulas from name brands like Similac are designed to closely resemble breastmilk.

But with so many options available, even from the same brand, finding the right formula for your baby can be a huge challenge for many parents. 

Aside from checking the nutritional values and ingredients, it’s also a good idea to monitor for infant formula product recalls.

Moms may have different reasons for choosing a particular formula for their babies. Some might feel more secure choosing a well-known brand name.

Similac is among the most popular formula brands, but is it a healthy option for your baby? Have there been any formula recalls? If yes, what happened, and which products were included? Find the answers below.


Is There A Recall On Similac Formula?

Many parents are closely monitoring infant formula and baby food recalls because of recent Congressional Reports showing that many popular manufacturers are selling products tainted with high levels of toxic heavy metals.

The following are some of the Similac formulas that have been recalled:


Similac Recall (2022)

March 1, 2022 update: After the first recall on February 17, 2022, Abbott added another Similac product to the recall list. You can find more information about this recall below. (13)(14)


Similac Recall February 2022 (First Recall)

Similac recalls several powdered formulas for possible contamination that can cause Cronobacter sakazakii and Salmonella Newport infection. The recall was issued following consumer reports of four babies hospitalized, and one possible death due to Cronobacter. (13)(14)

  • Date Recalled: February 17, 2022
  • Company Name: Abbott Nutrition
  • Reasons For Recall: Possible contamination with Cronobacter sakazakii and Salmonella bacteria (13)
  • Affected Products: Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare powdered infant formulas
  • Return or Refund Processing: 1-800-986-8540


Parents are advised to check the packaging of their Similac powdered formulas. The following are affected by this recall: (13)

  • Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare powdered infant formulas
  • The code at the bottom of the package or container contains K8, SH, or Z2
  • The first two digits of the code are numbers from 22 to 37
  • The expiration date code is 4-1-2022 (APR 2022) or later


The FDA issued the recall advisory after four infants from three different states (MN, OH, and TX) fell ill after reportedly consuming Similac powdered infant formula produced in Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis, Michigan facility.

All four cases were hospitalized.

Authorities are now investigating after Cronobacter was found to have possibly contributed to the death of one of the babies. (13)

The FDA recall advisory announced:

Findings to date include several positive Cronobacter sakazakii results from environmental samples taken by the FDA and adverse inspectional observations by the FDA investigators. 

A review of the firm’s internal records also indicate environmental contamination with Cronobacter sakazakii and the firm’s destruction of product due to the presence of Cronobacter.” (13)

Cronobacter can cause severe, life-threatening infections such as sepsis or meningitis (inflammation of the membranes protecting the brain and spine), according to the CDC (Centers For Disease Control And Prevention). (13)(15)

It may also cause bowel damage and can spread through the blood to other parts of the body.

Cronobacter infection can be deadly, especially to newborns. (15)

Symptoms of sepsis and meningitis can include: (13)

  • Poor feeding or no appetite
  • Irritability
  • Low energy
  • Temperature changes
  • Grunting breaths
  • Unusual movements
  • Jaundice (yellow skin and whites of the eyes)


According to the recall advisory, products from Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis, Michigan facility have been distributed across the US and likely to have been exported to other countries.

If your product is affected by this recall, don’t use it even if it looks alright.

Call Similac for refund processing or product replacement.

Here’s the statement from Abbott regarding this recall:

Abbott is voluntarily recalling these products after four consumer complaints related to Cronobacter sakazakii or Salmonella Newport in infants who had consumed powder infant formula manufactured in this facility.

Additionally, as part of Abbott’s quality processes, we conduct routine testing for Cronobacter sakazakii and other pathogens in our manufacturing facilities. During testing in our Sturgis, Mich., facility, we found evidence of Cronobacter sakazakii in the plant in non-product contact areas. We found no evidence of Salmonella Newport. This investigation is ongoing. 

Importantly, no distributed product has tested positive for the presence of either of these bacteria, and we continue to test. Abbott conducts extensive quality checks on each completed batch of infant formula, including microbiological analysis prior to release. 

All finished products are tested for Cronobacter sakazakii, Salmonella Newport and other pathogens and they must test negative before any product is released. 

Additionally, retained samples related to the three complaints for Cronobacter sakazakii tested negative for Cronobacter sakazakii. And the retained sample related to the complaint for Salmonella Newport tested negative for Salmonella Newport.” (14)

This recall doesn’t include any metabolic deficiency nutrition formulas, Abbott liquid formulas, or other nutrition products.

Abbott also reminds parents and caregivers that Cronobacter sakazakii can be commonly found in the environment and a variety of areas around the home. (14)

So, it’s important to follow the instructions found on the packaging for proper preparation, handling, and storage of all powder formulas to avoid contamination.


Similac Recall February 2022 (Second Recall)

  • Date Recalled: February 28, 2022
  • Company Name: Abbott Nutrition
  • Reasons For Recall: Possible contamination with Cronobacter sakazakii bacteria (14)
  • Affected Products: Similac PM 60/40
  • Return or Refund Processing: 1-800-986-8540


Abbott voluntarily recalled one lot of Similac PM 60/40 with lot # 27032K80 (can) or lot # 27032K800 (case) also manufactured in the company’s facility in Sturgis, Michigan

This recall was done after the death of another infant who tested positive for Cronobacter sakazakii. The baby had consumed Similac PM 60/40 from this lot.

The case remains under investigation, with authorities still trying to determine the cause of the infant’s Cronobacter sakazakii infection

Abbott clarifies that no distributed product (Similac PM 60/40 or the previously recalled Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare powdered infant formulas) tested positive for the presence of Cronobacter sakazakii. (14)

Tests of retained product samples from the recalled Similac PM 60/40 lot were negative for Cronobacter.


Similac Formula Recall 2019

Similac TummiCare One Infant Formula Recall (Philippines)

  • Date Recalled: August 14, 2019
  • Company Name: Abbott Laboratories
  • Reasons For Recall: Abbott recalled these products for differences in the preparation scoop size and the label instructions. (16)
  • The formula is safe to consume, but incorrect preparation using the provided scoop might not provide enough nutrients for your baby’s normal growth. (16)
  • Affected Products: Batch no. 03518QU (manufacturing date March 2019; expiration date March 2022)
  • This voluntary recall only affected products sold in the Philippines. 
  • Return or Refund Processing: Contact 1800-10-995-1555 (Province), (02) 995-1555 (Manila), or familyties.ph@abbott.com


Similac Baby Formula Recalls 2010

Similac Powdered Infant Formula Recall 

  • Date Recalled: September 23, 2010
  • Company Name: Abbott Laboratories Inc.
  • Reasons For Recall: Several powdered baby formula products were recalled due to the remote possibility of contamination with larvae, full-grown adults, or insect parts of the small common beetle. (17)
  • It affected products made at a plant in Sturgis, Michigan. (17)
  • The recall was based on an internal quality review. (17)
  • Return or Refund Processing: Call 800-986-8850 or visit similac.com/recall (the company’s website for recalls)


This infant formula recall included these Similac products: (18)(19)

  • Similac Advance Powder DHA/AHA
  • Similac Advance Sensitive Powder DHA/AHA
  • Similac Advance LCP with Iron Powder 
  • Similac Go & Grow Milk Powder 
  • Similac Isomil Advance Soy Powder 
  • Similac Go & Grow Soy Milk Powder 
  • Similac Advance Early Shield Powder 
  • Similac Organic Powder DHA/AHA 
  • Similac Sensitive with Iron Powder
  • Similac Sensitive R.S. Powder 
  • Similac Sensitive Early Shield Powder
  • Similac Isomil Advance Soy/Iron Powder 
  • Similac Go & Grow Milk Early Shield Powder 


According to the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) recall notice, ingestion of the larvae or beetle could cause intestinal discomfort, and the child might refuse to eat. But it poses no immediate health risk of food poisoning. (18)

This voluntary recall included up to 5 million Similac powder infant formula units in plastic containers and 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce, or 12.9-ounce cans sold in the US, Guam, Puerto Rico, and some Caribbean countries. (18)(19)

No liquid formula products were included in this recall. (19)

Abbott Laboratories Inc. assured affected customers that their tests showed only 0.16% of the recalled Similac products were contaminated. (20)

When we identified this, we did extensive testing of every product on the (factory) line, and more than 99.8 percent of the product was negative for beetle contamination,” said Abbott spokeswoman Melissa Brotz. (17)

The Similac recall involved dozens of different lots and products. Affected customers were advised to search for the lot number of their item at similac.com/recall. They can also find it from the list that the company later released. (21)


Similac Recalls 2007

  • Date Recalled: May 2007
  • Company Name: Abbott Laboratories Inc.
  • Reasons For Recall: The formula has a much lower iron content than the concentration indicated on the label. (22)
  • Affected Products: Similac Special Care Ready-to-Feed Premature Infant Formula Powder with Iron (2-ounce bottles)
  • Return or Refund Processing: Call 800-624-3412 


According to the FDA, premature babies fed with this formula for over a month may have a higher risk of developing iron-deficiency anemia because of insufficient iron intake. But there were no serious medical complaints reported concerning this Similac recall. (22)


Similac Formula Recalls 2006

Is There A Recall On Similac Alimentum? (Liquid Ready-To-Drink Formula)

  • Date Recalled: September 18, 2006
  • Company Name: Abbott Nutrition
  • Reasons For Recall: The bottles had a missing special layer that keeps air out. This manufacturing defect may cause a decrease in the formula’s vitamin C content over time. (23)
  • Infants who don’t receive enough of this vitamin might experience vitamin C deficiency. Symptoms may include irritability with generalized tenderness. (23)
  • Affected Products: Lot 401895V, with a “use by” date of May 1, 2007
  • Return or Refund Processing: Call 800-624-3412


Similac Advance With Iron (Liquid Ready-To-Drink Formula)

  • Date Recalled: September 18, 2006
  • Company Name: Abbott Laboratories
  • Reasons For Recall: The formula bottles lack a special layer that keeps air out, leading to a possible chemical reaction between air and the formula that may decrease its vitamin C content. (23)
  • Affected Products: Lot codes 40177RH and 40172RH, with a “use by” date of Nov. 1, 2007
  • Return or Refund Processing: Call 800-624-3412


Similac Advance Hospital Discharge Kits

  • Date Recalled: September 18, 2006
  • Company Name: Abbott Laboratories
  • Reasons For Recall: The bottles lack a special layer that keeps air out. It may cause a decrease in vitamin C levels over time. (23)
  • Affected Products: Lot code 41699D5
  • Return or Refund Processing: Call 800-624-3412


Similac Formula Recalls 2005

  • Date Recalled: February 2005
  • Company Name: Abbott Laboratories
  • Reasons For Recall: Possible contamination with black polyvinyl chloride plastic particles (22)
  • Affected Products: Similac Advance with Iron Formula Powder (12.9-ounce cans)
  • Return or Refund Processing: Call 800-624-3412 


The contamination was attributed to a manufacturing problem, but no serious health problems were reported concerning this recall. (22)


Is There A Recall On Baby Formula 2021?

The following are some of the baby formulas recalled in 2021:

Able Groupe Baby Formula Recall

  • Date Recalled: August 08, 2021
  • Company Name: Able Groupe
  • Reasons For Recall: The recalled products didn’t meet FDA requirements because the company didn’t submit pre-market notifications. (24)
  • Also, some of the formulas have low iron levels that didn’t meet the minimum of 1 mg iron per 100 calories. The FDA requires formula manufacturers to meet this requirement to help prevent iron deficiency anemia, a condition that can lead to irreversible functional development outcomes. (24)
  • Formulas that don’t meet this requirement need a label indicating that additional iron might be necessary, but the company failed to comply. (24)
  • Return or Refund Processing: Contact recallquestions@ablegroupe.com


All lot codes of: (24)

  • HiPP
  • Holle
  • Lebenswert
  • Kendamil


These are imported products from Europe distributed by the online retail store LittleBundle website starting May 20, 2021. (24)


Designed by Nature Recall

  • Date Recalled: June 14, 2021
  • Company Name: Designed by Nature
  • Reasons For Recall: Possible health risks due to incorrect labels (the product is not intended for use as infant formula) (25)
  • The company doesn’t test for Cronobacter, a deadly bacteria. (25)
  • Return or Refund Processing: Contact 562-354-0884 or recall@designedbynature.net 


These products are affected by the recall: (25)

  • Goat’s Milk Powder
  • Cow’s Milk Powder
  • Base Milk Powder


What To Do With Recalled Milk Formula

  • Double-check the full product name, lot code, batch number, and the expiration or “use by” date.
  • If the product is part of the recall, immediately stop giving it to your child, especially recalled products with Salmonella and other pathogens. Contact the store or manufacturer for the refund or replacement process.
  • Call your pediatrician or doctor if your child shows signs of medical issues (such as stomach upset) from drinking the recalled product.


Formulas That Haven’t Been Recalled

The following formulas haven’t been recalled:

  • Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula with Iron
  • Earth’s Best Non-GMO Soy-Based Infant Powder Formula
  • Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula Powder
  • Else Plant-Based Complete Nutrition for Toddlers
  • Happy Baby Organics Infant Formula
  • Enfamil Neuropro
  • Enfamil A2 with Prebiotics
  • Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula with Iron
  • Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk


Always make sure to check with your baby’s pediatrician before starting or switching formulas. 



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