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Baby Names

William Name Meaning & Popular Variations (Plus Cool Nicknames)

  Overview William ranks sixth in the top 10 baby boy names of 2021 in the US, according to the…

4 minute read
Baby Names

450+ Exotic Girl Names From Around The World

  What Are Exotic Names & Top Reasons To Choose Them? There are different interpretations of exotic names. However, they’re…

10 minute read
Baby Names

585 Arabic Girl Names (Includes Traditional & Trendy Choices)

  Overview Arabic girl names can be beautiful and exotic choices for your little one. They aren’t just for Muslim…

20 minute read
Baby Names

110+ G Names For Girls & Their Beautiful Meanings

  Overview Searching for G names for girls? Many baby names starting with this letter relate to famous people, such…

6 minute read
Baby Names

601 Southern Boy Names For Your Charming Little Gentleman

  Overview Southern boy names have a rugged, masculine appeal that can also be perfect for your little gentleman.  They’re…

16 minute read

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Baby Names

600+ Norwegian Names (With Vikings, Warriors, & Mythical Figures)

  Overview Choices for Norwegian names include lots of: Vikings Warriors Mythical figures such as gods and goddesses Other fantasy…

24 minute read
Baby Names

301 Polish Names & Interesting Versions From Around The World

  Overview Are you looking for Polish names for your baby? These can be cool and unique names for your…

18 minute read
Baby Names

290+ Fantasy Girl Names With Fascinating Meanings & Some Cool Stories

  Overview Fantasy girl names never run out of style. You’ll find endless options for mermaid names, elf names, goddess…

13 minute read
Baby Names

270+ Arabic Boy Names (Plus Versions From Different Languages)

  Overview Arabic boy names can be a unique choice for your little one. Many of these baby names are…

12 minute read
Baby Names

330 Names Meaning Water & Fun Aquatic Choices In Different Languages

  Overview Water is essential for life, and it’s no surprise that a baby name meaning water can be a…

11 minute read

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