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160+ Goddess Names For Girls & Some Legendary Stories

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Choosing A Goddess Name For Your Little Girl

It’s cool to choose a goddess name for your little girl because these have strong, powerful meanings.

Most are considered vintage or classic, yet these baby girl names sometimes appear in trending topics on social media (especially when they’re used in movies).

For example, “Te Fiti” is an invented Hawaiian girl name for the goddess who has the power to create life, featured in the popular Disney princess movie, “Moana.” It isn’t actually a real goddess name in Polynesian mythology, though there’s a goddess of volcanoes, fire, wind, and lightning called “Pele.”

Back in the 90s, the Greek goddess name “Hera” became popular as she was depicted as the main hero’s mother in the animated movie, “Hercules.

That’s inaccurate because according to Greek mythology, Hercules was actually the son of Zeus with a mortal woman. Still, the child-friendly version of the story appealed to the audience, making the names of the movie characters a popular choice at the time.

Do you know other stories about goddesses in different legends and mythologies around the world? You can find more from our list below of goddess names for girls.

Who Are The Strongest & Most Powerful Female Goddesses?

1. Ambrosia

  • Meaning: “Immortality,” “something extremely pleasing to smell or tasted,” and “food of the gods”
  • Description: Greek goddess of immortality

2. Artemis

  • Meaning: “Butcher” or “twin of Apollo”
  • Description: Greek goddess of the wilderness, wild animals, the hunt, and chastity; she’s also of the Greek goddesses of the moon, the goddess of childbirth, protector of young girls, and the equivalent of the Roman goddess, Diana

3. Astrapa

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Lightning
  • Description: Greek goddess and personification of the lightning; although a minor goddess, she’s powerful because of being the lightning itself

4. Atalanta

  • Meaning: Equal in weight
  • Description: Greek goddess of running

According to Greek mythology, Atalanta learned from an oracle that marriage will bring her downfall. To avoid marriage, she told King Schoeneus (her father) that she will only marry the guy who can beat her in a race on foot. All the losing suitors will die.

No man could beat the swift-footed Atalanta except Hippomenes. He cheated by asking for help from the goddess Aphrodite who gave him three irresistible golden apples.

Atalanta gets distracted and diverted off the path during the race each time Hippomenes tosses a golden apple. She catches up with him twice, but the young man wins the race after throwing the third apple. The two got married as she promised.

5. Athena

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: “Goddess of wisdom” and “from Athens”
  • Description: Greek goddess of war, wisdom, crafts, and skilled peacetime pursuits

According to legend, Athena was technically born without a mother because she emerged from Zeus’ forehead.

However, other legends also claim that Zeus had swallowed the pregnant goddess of counsel, Metis. The goddess continued to provide Zeus with counsel from within his body. She also created war clothes for her unborn daughter. So, Athena emerged fully clothed and ready for war.

6. Brigid

  • Meaning: “The exalted one” or “strength”
  • Description: Celtic goddess of fire; the name has several variations, including the English name “Bridget,” the Gaelic name “Brighid,” and the French name “Brigitte”

7. Calypso

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: “To hide” or “to conceal”
  • Description: Greek sea nymph

According to legend, she’s the daughter of Atlas (the strongest Titan who carried the Earth on his back). She’s a sea nymph on the island of Ogygia, where she detained the hero Odysseus from returning home after the Trojan War.

8. Hera

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Protectress
  • Description: Greek goddess of marriage, family, women, and childbirth

A princess in her own right, she’s the daughter of the Titan leaders Cronus and Rhea.

She becomes the chief goddess and queen, making her one of the most powerful Olympians (gods of Mount Olympus). She ruled along with her brother-husband Zeus.

9. Juno

  • Origin: Latin and Roman
  • Meaning: Youth
  • Description: Roman goddess of love, childbirth, and marriage

She’s the Roman counterpart of the Greek queen of the gods, Hera.

Just like Hera, she’s also hailed as a protectress whose role was to protect the women of Rome.

10. Lissa

  • Meaning: “God is my oath,” “heart’s desire,” or a nature name meaning “honey bee”
  • Description: African supreme mother goddess

According to African mythology, she’s the queen of the gods. She’s also the symbol of rebirth in Arabic mythology.

11. Minerva

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: The mind
  • Description: Roman goddess of wisdom, crafts, and medicine; she’s worshiped alongside the chief god Jupiter and chief goddess Juno (they’re known as the “Capitoline triad” in Roman religion)

It’s also a witch name after Professor Minerva McGonagall, Hogwarts’ Transfiguration teacher and the head of the Gryffindor house in the “Harry Potter” series.

12. Nike

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Victory
  • Description: Greek goddess and personification of victory

The winged goddess of victory, she’s honored both in wartime and in peaceful competitions. She’s the counterpart of the Roman goddess Victoria.

13. Nyx

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Night
  • Description: Greek goddess and the personification of the night

The daughter of Chaos (the primeval god and personification of the gaping emptiness before the universe formed), she’s a powerful goddess and the only one Zeus ever feared.

According to Greek mythology, Zeus (chief Greek god known for his romance with other goddesses) was so scared of her that he never dared to enter any of her caves.

14. Selene

  • Origin: Greek
  • Description: Greek goddess and personification of the moon

She’s the sister of Helios (the Greek sun god) and Eos (the Greek goddess of the dawn); she’s often depicted as a beautiful lady driving her moon chariot across the sky.

What Are The Prettiest Goddess Names?

1. Aine

  • Origin: Irish and Celtic
  • Meaning: “Radiance” or “brightness and splendor”
  • Description: Celtic goddess of summer, wealth, prosperity, and sovereignty represented by a red mare; also the queen of the Munster fairies

2. Amalthea

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Tender goddess
  • Description: Greek nymph who fed the baby Zeus (who grew up to become the chief of the gods) and became his foster mother

Zeus’ mother, Rhea, had to hide him from his dad Cronus because the latter swallowed his children after hearing the prophecy by Gaea and Uranus that his son will overthrow him from the throne.

Rhea wrapped a stone in swaddling clothes, pretending that it was the baby for Cronus to swallow.

Amalthea took care of the baby Zeus. Later, the prophecy was fulfilled.

3. Angelia

  • Origin: Greek
  • Description: Greek goddess of proclamations, messages, and tidings

She’s the daughter of Hermes, the messenger of the gods.

4. Antheia

  • Origin: Ancient Greek
  • Description: Greek goddess of flowers and floral wreaths

5. Aphrodite

  • Origin: Ancient Greek
  • Meaning: Risen from the sea
  • Description: Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty who owns a magical belt that can cause anyone to fall in love with the wearer

Like Athena, she also has an incredible birth story.

According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite was born from the white foam created by Uranus’ severed genitals when the god and personification of heaven was overthrown by his son Cronus.

6. Ariadne

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Most holy
  • Description: Cretan goddess of fertility

According to legend, she’s the princess of Crete who helped the hero Theseus escape the Labyrinth created by her father, King Minos.

Although Theseus promised to bring her along, he actually left her behind because of the dream projected by the god Dionysus who’s in love with Ariadne (who later became his wife).

7. Arianrhod

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Silver wheel
  • Description: Welsh goddess of the moon

8. Asteria

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Star
  • Description: Greek goddess of innocence and justice

9. Astraea

  • Origin: Ancient Greek
  • Meaning: “Starry night” or “star-maiden”
  • Description: Virgin goddess of innocence, purity, justice, and precision

10. Aurora

  • Origin: Latin and Roman
  • Meaning: Dawn
  • Description: Roman goddess and personification of the dawn

She’s the counterpart of the Greek goddess Eos who travels from east to west to renew herself each day.

Aurora is also a Disney princess name for “Sleeping Beauty.”

11. Ayesha

  • Meaning: “Prosperous,” “victorious,” and “womanity” (Arabic); “life” (Swahili)
  • Description: Arabic goddess of the moon

12. Badoura

  • Origin: Arabic and Muslim name
  • Meaning: The most beautiful woman ever seen on Earth
  • Description: Muslim goddess of beauty

13. Chandra

  • Origin: Hindi
  • Meaning: “Moon” or “shining”
  • Description: Hindi goddess of the moon, night, and vegetation

14. Cynthia

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: “Woman from Kynthos (a mountain in Greece)” or “moon goddess”
  • Description: Epithet (another name or label) of the Greek goddess Artemis or the Roman goddess Diana

15. Flora

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Flowers
  • Description: Roman goddess of flowers and spring

16. Iris

  • Origin: Greek
  • Description: Greek goddess and personification of the rainbow; also the female Greek messenger to the gods (counterpart of Hermes)

17. Sabrina

  • Origin: Latin and Celtic
  • Meaning: Legendary princess
  • Description: Welsh goddess of the river Severn; her Welsh name is “Hafren”

It’s a popular name in pop culture, thanks to the TV series “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.”

Celebrities With Mythological Names

1. Selena

  • Meaning: Moon
  • Description: Greek goddess of the moon

Celebrities with this name include American singers Selena Gomez and Selena Quintanilla.

2. Uma

  • Origin: Sanskrit and Hebrew
  • Meaning: “Peace,” “light,” and “nation”
  • Description: Hindi goddess of the mountain

According to the Hindu legend, she’s the reincarnation of Sati, the supreme being Shiva’s first wife.

The name is linked to the celebrity Uma Thurman, an American actress and model.

3. Venus

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Love
  • Description: Roman goddess of love and beauty

She’s the counterpart of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Unique & Rare Goddess Names

1. Anaisa

  • Origin: Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Haitian
  • Meaning: Pledge
  • Description: Goddess of fertility, love, happiness, and money

2. Anjea

  • Origin: Australian aboriginal
  • Description: Goddess of fertility and spirit

3. Arubani

  • Origin: Urartian (ancient civilization in the Middle East)
  • Description: Urartian goddess of fertility and art

4. Astarte

  • Origin: Phonecian
  • Meaning: Mother goddess
  • Description: Phonecian goddess of sexuality, erotic love, fertility, and war; she’s considered a version of the Roman goddess Venus

5. Damia

  • Origin: Greek
  • Description: Greek goddess of the forces of nature

6. Danu

  • Origin: Celtic
  • Description: Celtic goddess of fruitfulness

7. Eudora

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Generous gift
  • Description: Greek nereid (sea nymph) of sailing and a good fish-catch.

What Are Names Of Female Goddesses From Around The World?

Greek Goddess Names

  1. Aglaea – Greek goddess of glory, splendor, magnificence, and beauty
  2. Alala – Greek goddess and the personification of the war cry; comes from the onomatopoeic Greek word “alale” as the war cry of Ares, the Greek god of war
  3. Alectrona – Greek goddess of the sun; the name means “iridescent, shining, and amber”
  4. Alethea – Ancient Greek goddess of truth
  5. Aura – Latin name that means “wind” or “breath”; the name of the Titan goddess of cool air and early morning breeze
  6. Bia – Greek goddess of raw energy and force
  7. Polyhymnia – Greek muse of sacred poetry, dance, hymn, and eloquence
  8. Tyche – Greek goddess of good fortune and prosperity; she’s the daughter of Aphrodite and Zeus or Hermes

Check out these other Greek mythological name lists:

Roman Goddess Names

  1. Bellona – Roman goddess of war
  2. Clementia – Ancient Roman goddess of mercy and forgiveness
  3. Diana – Roman goddess of the wild animals and the hunt; she’s the counterpart of the Greek goddess Artemis

Norse Goddess Names

  1. Idony – Nordic goddess of eternal youth and spring
  2. Sif – Giantess and the goddess of grain and fertility; she’s Thor’s second wife and is one of the Asynjur (principal gods in Norse mythology)

Hindu Goddess Names

  1. Aarya – Another name for the Hindu goddess Parvathi, also known as Goddess Durga; the name means “wise,” “faithful,” “honored,” and “benevolent”
  2. Aditi – Sanskrit and Hindu goddess of the sky, unconsciousness, and Earth; the name means “innocent” and “boundless ”

Celtic Goddess Names

  1. Andarta – Celtic war goddess of victory; she’s also the Dominican and Puerto Rican goddess of love
  2. Coventina – Celtic goddess of sacred waters
  3. Enid – Welsh and Celtic goddess meaning “life” or “spirit”

Hawaiian Goddess Names

  1. Lilinoe – Hawaiian goddess of haze
  2. Pele – Hawaiian goddess of fire

Egyptian Goddess Names

  1. Isis – Egyptian goddess of magic and life
  2. Neith – Egyptian goddess of home and femininity; she’s also known as the “divine mother”
  3. Selket – Egyptian goddess of magic and scorpions; it can also be spelled as “Serket,” “Serqet,” and “Selqet”

Despite having a morbid symbol (scorpions), the goddess Selket is actually a benevolent goddess associated with childbirth. She protects souls on their journey toward the afterlife.

Native American Goddess Names

  1. Iriria – Bribri goddess of the Earth
  2. Onatah – Iroquois goddess of the corn

Arabian Goddess Names

  1. Alilat – Arabian goddess of war, peace, and prosperity; the name is also spelled as “Al-Lat”
  2. Al-Uzza – Arabian goddess of protection, might, love, and the planet Venus
  3. Manat – Arabian goddess of destiny, fate, and death

Persian Goddess Names

  1. Allatum – Persian goddess of the underworld and immortal spirits
  2. Anahita – Persian goddess of wisdom, water, and fertility; the name means “river and water”; associated with “Venue”

Unisex Names For Gods & Goddesses

  1. Aeron – Welsh and Celtic goddess of war; it’s also considered a boy name due to its similarity with the biblical boy name “Aaron”
  2. Ceres – Roman mythology name for the goddess of the harvest and the counterpart of the Greek goddess Demeter; the name means “nourishment”
  3. Clio – Greek muse of history; also used as a boy name
  4. Dôn – Welsh mother goddess; can also be a baby boy name

What Are Mythical Girl Names?

  1. Belinda – Babylonian goddess of heaven and Earth; also a Spanish and German girl name meaning “pretty one” or “serpent”
  2. Deva – Hindu goddess of the moon; the name means “the divine, shining one”
  3. Sadbh – Irish sovereignty and ancestral deity of the province of Munster who was the lover of Irish hero Finn McCool and mother of Oisin; the name means “sweet” and “goodly”
  4. Thora – Norse name meaning “thunder goddess”; the name relates to Thor, the ancient Norse god of thunder

Goddess Names From A To Z

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With A

  1. Acionna – Gaulish (Gallo-Roman) goddess of the river Essonne
  2. Agrona – Welsh goddess of war and slaughter
  3. Allat – Arabian goddess of power, wealth, trade, agriculture, vegetation, and fertile soil; she’s associated with the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena
  4. Anona – Roman goddess of harvest and grain
  5. Aphea – Greek goddess of truth
  6. Ashtaroth – Plural form of “Astarte,” the goddess of the Sidonians that King Solomon worshiped (an influence by one of his foreign wives)
  7. Ataegina – Spanish girl name for the Ataecina, the goddess of the underworld who the ancient Iberians, Celtiberians, and Lusitanians of the Iberian Peninsula worshiped

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With B

  1. Bakairi – Brazilian goddess of day and night, and the keeper of dreams and the sun; her alternative name is “Evaki”
  2. Bricta – Gaulish (Gallo-Roman) goddess of the Luxeuil mineral springs; the name is also spelled as “Brixta”

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With C

  1. Calliope – Greek muse of epic poetry
  2. Circe – Greek enchantress and goddess known for her extensive knowledge and use of potions and herbs
  3. Cybele – Greek goddess of nature, wild animals, mountains, and caverns; also called “the mother of all gods,” she’s also considered the Greek goddess of fertility and health
  4. Concordia – Roman goddess of peace and harmony; she’s the counterpart of the Greek goddess Harmonia
  5. Cora – Greek epithet (another name or label) of Persephone, the goddess of fertility and the underworld; also spelled as “Kore,” the name is used for Persephone’s form as the goddess of fertility and spring (to contrast with her primary role as the queen of the Underworld)
  6. Ceridwen – Welsh goddess of inspiration
  7. Coventina – Brittonic goddess of springs and wells
  8. Chloe – Greek epithet (alternative name) for Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and fertility, referring to her role during the spring months and relates with new growth and sprouts; this is also a biblical girl name after a Christian woman from Greece

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With D

  1. Dalia – Lithuanian goddess of fate
  2. Daphne – Female nymph and the daughter of the river God, Peneus, in Greek mythology; she’s associated with wells, springs, fountains, streams, brooks, and other freshwater bodies
  3. Demeter – Greek goddess of the harvest, agriculture, and fertility
  4. Demetria – Greek goddess of the Earth; it’s also considered an alternate form of “Demeter”
  5. Devi – Sanskrit and Hindu name meaning “goddess”
  6. Divona – Gallic goddess of the sacred springs and rivers

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With E

  1. Eileithya – Greek goddess of labor pains and childbirth; she’s the daughter of Zeus and Hera
  2. Electra – One of the seven Greek Pleiades (nymph sisters)
  3. Eos – Titaness and the goddess of the dawn; it’s also a Welsh nature name that means “nightingale”
  4. Epona – Gallo-Roman goddess of fertility and the protector of horses
  5. Erato – Greek muse of poetry; the name means “lovely”
  6. Eris – Greek goddess of strife, chaos, and discord; she’s also a daughter of Zeus and Hera
  7. Euterpe – Musical name after the Greek muse of lyric poetry and music

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With F

  1. Fauna – Roman goddess of the Earth; she’s also one of the good fairies who protected the Disney princess Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty”
  2. Freya – Nordic goddess of love, fertility, beauty, wealth, divination, magic, and war; it can also be used as a twin name for girls to match with the twin name for boys, “Freyr” (her brother in Norse mythology)

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With G

  1. Gaia – Greek goddess and personification of the Earth and prophecy; she’s also a primordial goddess (she came into being out of nothing)
  2. Guanyin (Chinese girl name) – Goddess of mercy in Chinese mythology

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With H

  1. Harmonia – Greek goddess of harmony; she’s the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite
  2. Hebe – Greek goddess of youth; she’s the daughter of Zeus and Hera
  3. Hemera – Greek goddess of the daylight and daytime
  4. Hestia – Greek goddess of the hearth and the home
  5. Holle – German winter goddess of the weather and the sky; also spelled as “Holda”

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With I

  1. Inanna – Sumerian goddess of war, love, and fertility
  2. Irene – Greek goddess of peace
  3. Ishtar – Assyrian and Babylonian mother goddess of love, war, and fertility

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With J

  1. Jaya – Buddhist goddess of victory

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With K

  1. Kali – Hindu and Sanksrit goddess of death and rebirth; she’s also known as the fierce side of the goddess Devi and called the “black one”
  2. Kallisto – Greek nymph loved by the chief god Zeus; she became the Great Bear constellation
  3. Kianda – Angolan mermaid goddess of the sea and fishermen

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With L

  1. Lakshmi – Hindu goddess of beauty, abundance, and prosperity; it’s a Sanskrit name meaning “graceful” and “lucky omen”
  2. Leto – Greek Titaness of motherhood; she’s a consort of Zeus and the mother of the twin Olympian goddess Artemis and god Apollo
  3. Levana – Roman goddess of the moon and childbirth; the name means “to lift”
  4. Litavis – Gallic goddess of the Earth
  5. Luna – Roman goddess of the moon and the divine partner of Sol, the Roman god of the sun; the name means “moon”

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With M

  1. Macha – Irish goddess of war and the province of Ulster in ancient Ireland
  2. Maeve – Irish goddess of intoxication, fertile plains, and rushing waters; powerful figures with this name include the Queen of Connacht and the queen of the fairies
  3. Maia – Greek goddess of the fields, the daughter of the strongest Titan Atlas, and the mother of Zeus’ favorite son, Hermes; she’s also known as the goddess of spring and the Earth mother
  4. Marina – Slavic goddess of the moon
  5. Melete – Greek muse of meditation
  6. Metis – Titan goddess of wisdom, an Oceanid (freshwater goddess-nymphs), a spouse of Zeus, and the mother of the war goddess Athena

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With N

  1. Nehalennia – Germanic or Celtic goddess of the sea
  2. Nephele – Ancient Greek goddess of the clouds (created by Zeus from a cloud) and the mother of the centaurs
  3. Nixie – Roman tribe of childbirth goddesses or German water nymphs

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With O

  1. Ostara – German goddess of the Spring

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With P

  1. Padma – Sanskrit and Hindi alternate name for Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty and charm; it’s a twin name girl used with “Parvati” in the “Harry Potter” series
  2. Parvati – Hindu and Sanskrit goddess of love and devotion; the name means “the daughter of the mountain”
  3. Persephone – Greek goddess and the queen of the underworld who’s the daughter of Zeus and Demeter; she got kidnapped by Hades, the god of the underworld (to become his wife), but is allowed to spend six months away from there to let crops grow (she’s also known as the goddess of spring growth)
  4. Phoebe – Epithet (another name) of Artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunting; its masculine form is “Phoebus” (another name for Apollo)
  5. Pomona – Roman goddess of the gardens and fruiting trees

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With Q

  1. Quilla – Formally “Mama Quilla,” she’s the Incan goddess of the moon

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With R

  1. Rhea – Greek goddess and the Titaness of the Earth, fertility of the soil, and women; she’s also known as the queen of the Titans, ruling along with her brother-husband Cronus
  2. Rhiannon – Celtic goddess of fertility, the moon, night, and death; she’s also the Welsh goddess of horses
  3. Ritona – Gallic goddess of the Treveri (a Celtic tribe)
  4. Roma – Epithet (another name) for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi; the name means “one with shiny hair” and is an Italian name (place name for Rome)

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With S

  1. Sanvika – Another form of “Lakshmi,” the Sanskrit and Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and beauty
  2. Saranya – Hindu goddess of the dawn and the clouds
  3. Seren – Welsh and Turkish goddess of the hot springs; also the goddess of the elves and divine aspect of light energy in the OSRS online game
  4. Sirona – Gallic goddess of healing
  5. Skye – Goddess of the sky or the Irish Isle of Skye
  6. Stella – Latin and Italian girl name meaning “of the stars”; goddess of the stars and astrology in the online game, “World Anvil”

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With T

  1. Tamesis – Brittonic goddess of the River Thames
  2. Terpsichore – Muse of dance and drama
  3. Terra – Roman goddess of the Earth; also known as “Terra Mater” or “mother Earth”
  4. Thalia – Greek goddess and muse of pastoral poetry and comedy
  5. Thea (Greek girl name) – 4-letter girl name meaning “goddess”
  6. Theia – Greek goddess of sight
  7. Themis – Greek Titan of justice and order, depicted like “Lady Justice” as a blindfolded woman holding the scales of justice; she’s the mother of the Fates (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos)

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With U

  1. Urania – Greek muse of astronomy and astrology
  2. Umay – Turkish goddess of the Earth and fertility

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With V

  1. Vega – Greek goddess of the sky and the brightest star in Lyra, a northern constellation
  2. Vesta – Roman goddess and guardian of the sacred flame

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With Y

  1. Yara – Brazilian goddess and water nymph often depicted with green skin; it also means “friend” or “helper” as an Arabic girl name

Goddess Names For Girls Starting With Z

  1. Zaria – Slavic goddess of battle
  2. Ziva – Slavic goddess of fertility, life, and the spring season; it can also pair with “Vita” and “Viva” as twin or triplet girl names

Other Strong Names For Girls

What Are Powerful Names For A Girl?

  • Devika – Unique name of Hindi origin, meaning “little goddess”; it’s also considered a form of Devi, the chief goddess of Hindu mythology
  • Britt – Swedish name meaning “high goddess”; it’s also considered a shorter form of “Brigit” or the Celtic and Irish girl name “Brigid”

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What Are Rare Girl Names?

  • Beline – French girl name meaning “goddess”; can match with “Celine” for twin girl names
  • Aella – Ancient Greek name meaning “whirlwind”

We’ve also made a list of 175+ rare baby names for girls you can consider for your little one.

Bonus: God Names For Boys

  • Apollo – Greek god of the sun and music
  • Ares – Greek god of war
  • Hermes – Greek messenger god
  • Nereus – Greek father of the sea nymphs
  • Triton – Greek demigod of the sea; depicted as the father of Disney Princess Ariel in “The Little Mermaid


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