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630+ Magical Names & Their Spell-Binding Meanings

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Magic has long been a fascinating topic, with countless movies and stories made with this theme. 

Several baby names have been associated with magic and mystical themes, thanks to legends and myths about them. 

Examples include Merlin (the magician in the legendary King Arthur’s court), the gods and goddesses in Roman and Greek mythology, and mermaids.

More recent magical names include those created by J.R.R. Tolkien (in books like “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy) or popularized by J.K. Rowling in “Harry Potter.” Many Disney names also have links with magic.

We’ve listed 630+ of these names and their spell-binding meanings below. 


The Best Magical Names For Your Little One

What Are The Most Magical Names?

  • Alice (German girl name) – “Of the nobility”; main character in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland



  • Aslan (Turkish and Iranian boy name) – Badass boy name meaning “lion”; the most powerful being in C.S. Lewis’s “The Chronicles of Narnia


  • Aurora (Latin girl name) – “The dawn”; Roman goddess of the dawn and a Disney princess (“Sleeping Beauty”)


  • Blaine (Irish boy name) – “Slender”; after American magician David Blaine



  • Gandalf (Old Norse boy name) – “Wand elf”; one of the powerful wizards in Tolkien lore (“The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings”)


  • Harry (Old English boy name) – “Estate ruler”; main character in the “Harry Potter” series



  • Jadis (Hindi girl name) – “Magic”; witchy name after a character in the “The Chronicles of Narnia



  • Magic (English nonbinary name) – “Full of wonder” or “power from supernatural sources”


  • Matilda (German girl name) – Warrior name that means “mighty in battle”; magical girl in the movie and book “Matilda


  • Merlin (Welsh boy name) – Cool boy name meaning “sea fortress”; wizard in “King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table


  • Olympia (Greek girl name) – “From Mount Olympus”; after Mount Olympus, home of the Olympian Greek gods and goddesses




  • Sabrina (Arabic girl name) – “Patience”; after the main characters in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch


  • Stephen (Greek name) – Classic boy name meaning “fame” and “wreath”; after the Sorcerer Supreme or Doctor Strange in the Marvel Universe


Unique Magical Names

Rare & Unique Magical Girl Names

  • Briony (British) – “Wild hedgerow”


  • Cosima (Greek) – “Order”


  • Elowen (British and Cornish) – Nature name meaning “elm tree”



  • Melusine (French) – Black girl name that means “dark-skinned” or “strong in work”


  • Rhiannon (Welsh) – “Queen” or “goddess”


  • Sansa (Sanskrit) – “Charm” or “praise”; also a fantasy girl name after a character in the “Game of Thrones” series


  • Talia (Hebrew) – “By the water” or “dew from heaven”


Rare Boy Magical Names



  • Arod (Hebrew) – “Swift”


  • Beorc (Norse) – “Rune for the letter B”; a rune is an ancient Germanic alphabet letter or a mysterious magical object


  • Killian (Gaelic) – “Little church”


  • Prospero (Italian) – “Fortunate”


What Are Magical Fairy Names?

  • Fairy (English girl name) – “Fairy” or “tiny magical creature”


  • Fawn (English gender-neutral name) – “Baby deer”; animal fairy in Disney Fairies’ “Tinkerbell” series


  • Fay (Old English girl name) – “Fairy”; also spelled as “Faye


  • Gary (German boy name) – “Spearman”; after Fairy Gary, a dust-keeper fairy in the “Tinkerbell” series


  • Iridessa (Latin girl name) – “Like a rainbow”; a light fairy in the “Tinkerbell” series


  • Pari (Iranian and Persian girl name) – “Fairy”


  • Periwinkle (English girl name) – Purple name that means “blue/purple color” or a girl plant name; frost fairy in the “Tinkerbell” series and a twin girl name as Tinkerbell’s fraternal twin


  • Pixie (English girl name) – “Fairy”



  • Seraphina (Hebrew girl name) – “Ardent” or “fairy”


  • Silvermist (invented name) – Water fairy in the “Tinkerbell” series


  • Terence (Irish boy name) – “Smooth”; dust-keeper fairy in the “Tinkerbell” series


  • Tiana (Latin and Russian girl name) – “Daylight” or “fairy queen”; also a Disney princess (“The Princess and the Frog”)


  • Tinkerbell (English girl name) – “Speaks like a tinkle of a bell”; star of her own series under the Disney Fairies but also a secondary character as the pixie in the “Peter Pan” series


  • Vidia (Hindi girl name) – “Knowledge and understanding”; fast-flying fairy in the “Tinkerbell” series


  • Zarina (Persian girl name) – “Golden”; powerful dust-keeper fairy in the “Tinkerbell” series who uses alchemy to create new kinds of fairy dust


What Are Immortal Names?

  • Ambrose (Latin baby boy name) – “Immortal one”


  • Angus (Celtic boy name) – God of youth and love


  • Athos (Greek boy name) – Tough boy name meaning “immortal”; also a character in the “Fire Emblemvideo game 


  • Eric (Scandinavian boy name) – “Eternal ruler”



  • Sylvie (Latin baby girl name) – “Spirit of the wood”


  • Tansy (Greek girl name) – “Immortality”


Names For Boys & Girls That Mean Magic

  • Büyü (Turkish; unisex) – “Magic”; pronounced as “boo-yoh”


  • Divyae (Sanskrit and Hindi; girl) – “Magic”; pronounced as “div-yuh”


  • Galdur (Icelandic and Norse; boy) – “Magic”


  • Jālavidya (Indian and Hindi; boy) – “Magic”


  • Kendra (English; girl) – “Magical”


  • Kesem (Hebrew; boy) – “Magic” or “sorcery”



  • Kimaya (Indian and Hindi; boy) – “Magic” or “sleight of hand”


  • Mahika (Filipino; unisex) – “Magic”


  • Makutu (Maori; boy) – “Magic”



  • Sahar (Arabic; boy) – “Magic”



  • Taika (Finnish; unisex) – “Magic”


  • Zinta (Latvian; girl) – “Magic” or “charm”


What’s The Greek Name For Magic?

  • Circe – Greek goddess and personification of magic; also means “bird” and pronounced as “sur-see”


  • Mageia – “Magic”; pronounced as “mag-geh-yah”


Charming Water Nymph & Mermaid Baby Names


  • Coraline (Dutch, Latin, and French name) – “Pearl”


  • Cordelia (Welsh; girl) – “Jewel of the sea” or “heart”


  • Cyrene (ancient Greek and Persian; girl) – “Mermaid,” “enchanting,” or a name that means “sun”; after the water nymph who bravely fought a lion trying to harm Apollo (Greek god of the sun)


  • Doris (Greek; girl) – “Gift of the ocean”; one of the 3,000 Oceanids (water nymph children of Oceanus) and the mother of the Nereids (sea nymphs)


  • Gil (Hebrew; boy) – One-syllable boy name meaning “happiness”; energetic merman the “Bubble Guppies” series 


  • Lorelei (German; girl) – “Alluring”



  • Marina (Latin; girl) – “Of the sea”; variants include “Marisa”


  • Melusine (French; girl) – “Strong in work”; mermaid-like creature living in freshwaters


  • Meri (Finnish; girl) – “The sea”


  • Muirgen (Irish girl name; pronounced as “moo-ree-gan”) – “Born of the sea”; human transformed into a mermaid in Irish folklore


  • Naida (Greek; girl) – “Water nymph”


  • Nerina (Greek; girl) – “Sea nymph”; variants include “Nerissa”


  • Nixie (German; girl) – “Water nymph”


  • Ondine (German; girl) – “Little wave”


  • Sereia (Portuguese; girl) – “Mermaid”; pronounced as “seh-reh-yah”


Magical Names With Beautiful Meanings


  • Alana (German and Irish Gaelic; girl) – “Precious,” “beauty,” “serenity,” or “child”


  • Alma (Latin; girl) – “Nourishing the soul”


  • Anabelle (Hebrew; girl) – “Beauty” or “favored grace”



  • Astrid (Scandinavian; girl) – “Divinely beautiful”


  • Calista (Greek; girl) – “Most beautiful”


  • Carys (Welsh; girl) – “To love”


  • Dara (Irish; girl) – “Wisdom”



  • Esme (Persian and French; girl) – “Esteemed,” “emerald,” or “beloved”


  • Faith (English; girl) – “Belief”


  • Guinevere (Welsh and French; girl) – “Blessed magical being” or “white phantom”


  • Rosalie (Latin and French; girl) – “Flower of life”


  • Rupert (German; boy) – “Renowned for brightness”


Music-Themed Magical Baby Names

  • Aria (Italian and Greek; girl) – “Song” or “lioness”


  • Arion (Hebrew; boy) – “Melodious”



  • Lyra (Greek; girl) – “Lyre”; also a girl space name after a constellation


  • Melody (Greek; girl) – “Music”


Spiritual & Biblical Baby Names



  • Daniel (Hebrew; boy) – “God is my judge”


  • Elora (Hebrew and Greek name) – “My God is my light”


  • Elspeth (Scottish; girl) – Rare girl name meaning “chosen by God”


  • Elysia (Latin; girl) – “From heaven” or “from Elysium” 


  • Enid (Welsh; girl) – “Spirit” or “life”


  • Gabriel (Hebrew; boy) – Angel name meaning “God is my strength”


  • Gadreel (Hebrew; boy) – “Wall of God”


  • Isobel (Hebrew; girl) – “God’s promise”; variant of “Isabella


  • Malachi (Hebrew; boy) – “My messenger”



  • Odella (Hebrew and Latin; girl) – “I will praise the Lord”


  • Rachel (Hebrew; girl) – “Ewe (female sheep)”; Jacob’s favorite wife in the Bible



Magical Elf Names




  • Albrun (German; boy) – “Shining magic” or “magical elf”


  • Alfreda (German; girl) – “Elf power”




  • Alvyna (English; girl) – “Elf-friend”; also spelled as “Alvina”


  • Alwyn (English; boy) – “Elf” or “magical being



  • Avery (French and English; unisex) – “Ruler of elves”


  • Elvyna (Old English; girl) – “Elf-friend”; also spelled as “Elvina”


  • Luella (English, Hebrew, and German; girl) – “Famous elf”; “God is my oath,” or “famous warrior”


  • Maurelle (French; girl) – “Elfin”


  • Nissa (Arabic, Hebrew, and Scandinavian; girl) – “Friendly elf”


  • Oberon (English; boy) – “Elf ruler”; king of the fairies in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream


  • Radella (English; girl) – “Elfin advisor”



Mythical Names From Legends & Mythology

Magical Names From Greek Mythology

  • Aether – Primordial Greek god of the upper sky


  • Althea – Greek goddess with healing power


  • Apollo – Greek god of the sun, truth, healing, and music


  • Athena – Greek goddess of war and wisdom


  • Atlas – Greek Titan god who held up the world


  • Boreas – Greek god and personification of the north wind and winter


  • Caerus – Greek god of luck and opportunity


  • Calypso – Greek sea nymph


  • Clio – Greek muse of history


  • Cybele – Greek mother of the gods and the goddess of wild nature


  • Daphne – Greek nymph turned into a laurel or bay tree


  • Gaia – Greek goddess of the Earth and the mother of all beings


  • Hecate – Greek goddess of magic


  • Hera – Greek queen of the Olympian gods and the goddess of women’s life


  • Hermes – Greek messenger god


  • Hestia – Greek goddess of the hearth or fireside


  • Persephone – Greek goddess of the underworld, fertility, and life


  • Phoebe – Greek Titan goddess of the moon


  • Pontus – Greek god of the sea


  • Selene – Greek Olympian goddess of the moon


  • Triton – Greek god of the sea and the son Poseidon; also a Disney baby name (Ariel’s father in “The Little Mermaid”)


  • Zephyr – Greek god of the west wind


  • Zeus – Greek Olympian king of the gods and the god of the sky


Roman Mythology Names

  • Ceres – Roman goddess of the harvest


  • Epona – Roman goddess of horses


  • Flora – Roman goddess of flowers


  • Juno – Roman queen of the gods


  • Maia – Roman goddess of fertility and growth


  • Minerva – Roman goddess of wisdom, work, war, and art


  • Vesta – Roman goddess of the hearth


Celtic Mythology Names

  • Aeron – Welsh goddess of war


  • Aine – Celtic and Irish queen of the fairies


  • Brigid – Celtic goddess of spring and fertility


  • Dagda – Irish god and “all-father” to the other Celtic gods


  • Damara – Celtic goddess of children and fertility


  • Danu – Celtic goddess of wisdom, fertility, and the wind


  • Gwydion – Celtic Welsh god of enchantment


  • Lugh – Irish Celtic trickster god


  • Taranis – Celtic god of thunder


Norse Mythology Names

  • Eira – Norse goddess of healing and medicine


  • Freya – Norse goddess of battle, love, and fertility


  • OdinNorse god of wisdom and healing


  • Regin – Old Norse mythical blacksmith


  • Thor – Norse god of thunder


  • Vanir – Norse and German god of rain


Other Mythological Names From Around The World

  • Angitia – Italian goddess of magic and medicine


  • Asherah – Ancient Semitic goddess of fertility and motherhood


  • Anulap – Micronesian god of magic


  • Diwata – Filipino goddess of the mountains


  • Enki – Sumerian god of magic


  • Heka – Egyptian god of magic


  • Sen – Japanese spirit of the forest


Magical Names From Pop Culture & Literature

  • Alyce (German; girl) – “Of the nobility”; character in the “Sweep” series



  • Anya (Hungarian, Kurdish, and Igbo – African; girl) – “Mother,” “power,” or “eye”; character in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer


  • Caspian (Iranian; boy) – “White” or “from the city of Qazvin (Iran)”; prince name and a character in “The Chronicles of Narnia” series


  • Castiel (Latin; boy) – “Angel of Saturday”; character in “Supernatural


  • Crispin (Latin; boy) – “Curly-headed”; character in “King’s Quest


  • Cullen (Irish boy name) – “Handsome”; last name of a vampire family in the “Twilight” series


  • Drusilla (Greek; girl) – “Dewy-eyed” or “fruitful”; character in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series


  • Edward (Norse; boy) – “Rich guard”; character in the “Twilight” series.


  • Eragon (English; boy) – Badass boy name meaning “dragon rider”; main character in the “Eragon” series


  • Hansel (Scandinavian and English; boy) – “God is gracious”; character nearly eaten by a witch in “Hansel and Gretel


  • Leia (Hebrew, Latin, and Hawaiian girl name) – “Weary,” “relaxed,” “lioness,” or “child of heaven”; a princess in the “Star Wars” series



  • Mildred (English; girl) – “Gentle strength”; main character in the “Worst Witch” series


  • Oz (Norse and Irish; boy) – “Friend of deer” or “God’s spear”; a character in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series or in “Oz The Great and Powerful


Magical Names From Tolkien Lore

J. R. R. Tolkien invented many names for the characters in his books, including the most popular ones: “The Hobbit,” “The Lord of the Rings,” and “The Silmarillion.” 

Some of these names are:

  • Alatar – “After-comer”


  • Aragorn – “Noble valor”


  • Arwen – “Fair” or “good”


  • Balin – “Soldier”


  • Bilbo – “Bold”


  • Boromir – “Faithful jewel” or “war and peace”


  • Denethor – “Lithe and lank”


  • Elendil – “Elf-friend


  • Elessar – “Elf-stone”


  • Elrond – “Star dome”


  • Eomer – “Horse-famous”


  • Éowyn – “Horse lover”


  • Faramir – “Sufficient jewel”


  • Fëanor – “Hair one”


  • Finwë – “Soul fire”


  • Frodo – “Wise” and “experienced”


  • Galadriel – “Maiden crowned with a garland”



  • Hasufel – “Grey coat”



  • Isildur – “Devoted to the moon”


  • Legolas – “Green leaves”


  • Maedhros – “Pale glitter”


  • Peregrin – “Traveler”


  • Radagast – “Tender of beasts”


  • Samwise – “Half-wise” or “simple”


  • Théoden – “King”


  • Thorin – “Thunder”


  • Túrin – “Victorious mood”


Magical Names From The “Harry Potter” Series

Some of the names used by J.K. Rowling in “Harry Potter” series and the spin-off books under the “Fantastic Beasts” series:

  • Albus (Latin and German; boy) – “White”


  • Andromeda (Greek; girl) – “Leader of men”; also a girl space name after a constellation


  • Arabella (Latin; girl) – “Yielding to prayer”


  • Bellatrix (Latin; girl) – “Female warrior”


  • Cassandra (Greek; girl) – “Prophetess


  • Cedric (Celtic; boy) – “Bounty”


  • Draco (Greek; boy) – “Dragon”



  • Gellert (Hungarian; boy) – “Spear strength” or “ruler with the spear”



  • Hannah (Hebrew; girl) – “Favor” and “grace”


  • Hermione (Greek; girl) – “Messenger”


  • James (Hebrew; boy) – “Supplanter”


  • Lucius (Latin; boy) – “Light”



  • Miranda (Latin; girl) – “Marvelous”


  • Molly (Hebrew and Irish name) – “Rebellious” or “star of the sea”


  • Neville (Irish and English; boy) – “New town”


  • Newt (English; boy) – “Small lizard”



  • Oliver (Norse, Latin, and French boy name) – “Ancestor’s descendants” or “olive tree”


  • Remus (German; boy) – “Advice”


  • Ronald (Norse; boy) – “Ruler” or “advice”



  • Seamus (Irish; boy) – “Supplanter”; variant of “James”


  • Severus (Latin; boy) – “Stern”


  • Sirius (Greek; boy) – “Glowing”


  • Tom (Hebrew; boy) – “The end” or “innocence” 


Nature-Inspired Magical Names


  • Aquamarine (Latin; girl) – “White and turquoise crystal”


  • Aster (Greek; boy) – “Star”


  • Autumn (Latin and English; nonbinary) – “Fall”


  • Beryl (Greek; girl) – “Light green semi-precious stone”


  • Calhoun (Irish; boy) – “Narrow woods”


  • Carnelian (English; boy) – “Orange gemstone”


  • Citrine (French; girl) – “Healed by the sun”; pale orange crystal gemstone


  • Colm (Irish; boy) – “Dove”


  • Dariyah (Persian and Arabic; girl) – “Sea,” “scattering wind,” or “knowledgeable”


  • Dawn (English; girl) – “Rising sun”


  • Deema (Arabic; girl) – “Rain”


  • Delphine (French; girl) – “Dolphin”


  • Dylan (Welsh; boy) – “Son of the sea”




  • Garnet (English; girl) – “Red semi-precious gemstone”


  • Greta (Greek; girl) – “Pearl”


  • Iris (Greek; girl) – “Like a rainbow” or “flower”


  • Isla (Spanish; girl) – “Island”


  • Jade (English; girl) – “Green precious gemstone”


  • Lark (English; unisex) – “Songbird”


  • Meadow (English; unisex) – “Clearing”


  • Oona (Gaelic; girl) – “Lamb”


  • Pearl (English; girl) – “Pearl” or “gem from an oyster”


  • Rain (English; unisex) – “Rain”


  • Robin (English; unisex) – “Bright fame”


  • Tabitha (Aramaic; girl) – “Gazelle”


  • Winter (English; unisex) – “Winter” or “coldest season”


  • Wren (English; boy) – “Small bird”


Magical Flower Names

  • Daisy (English; girl) – “Day’s eye” or “white flower”


  • Hyacinth (Greek; girl) – “Blue larkspur flower” or “purple color”


  • Iolande (Greek; girl) – “Violet flower”


  • Lavender (English; girl) – “Light purple flower”


  • Lilac (Latin; girl) – “Blue-purple flower”


  • Lily (English; girl) – “White flower”


  • Poppy (English; girl) – “Red flower”


  • Posy (English; girl) – “Small flower” or “bunch of flowers”


  • Primrose (English; girl) – “Colorful flowers”


  • Rose (English; girl) – “Flower”


  • Violet (Latin; girl) – “Purple flower”


  • Wisteria (English; girl) – “Blue-purple flower”


  • Zinnia (Latin; girl) – “Flower”


Magical Plant Names



  • Cassia (Latin; girl) – “Cinnamon”


  • Cedar (English; boy) – “Cedar tree”


  • Clover (German; girl) – “Clings”


  • Fern (English; girl) – “Forest plant”


  • Ivy (English; girl) – “Vine”


  • Juniper (Latin; boy) – “Youthful”


  • Linden (English; boy) – “Of the linden tree”


  • Linnea (Scandinavian; boy) – “Linden tree”


  • Olive (Latin; girl) – “Olive tree”


  • Rowan (English; unisex) – “Rowan tree”


  • Sage (English and French; girl) – “Wise”


  • Willow (English; girl) – “Willow tree”


Magical Names With Exotic Origins

  • Anwansi (Igbo – African; girl) – “Magic”


  • Asa (Hebrew; unisex) – “Magic healer”


  • Atreyu (Greek; boy) – “Fearless” or “son of all”


  • Bari (Scandinavian and Irish; unisex) – “Magical being,” “to select,” or “fair-haired”


  • Bodhi (Sanskrit; boy) – “Enlightenment” or “awakening”


  • Cyfrin (Welsh; boy) – “Mystic” or “sorcerer”


  • Draíocht (Irish; girl) – “Magic”; pronounced as “dree-oct”



  • Esmerelda (Spanish; girl) – “Emerald”


  • Estella (Latin; girl) – “Star”


  • Guiden (Danish; boy) – “Wizard”


  • Kaia (Greek, Scandinavian, and Hawaiian girl name) – “Pure,” “life,” or “the sea”


  • Kessem (Hebrew; boy) – “Magic”


  • Kerensa (Cornish; girl) – “Love”


  • Keziah (Hebrew; girl) – “Cassia tree”



  • Kouzlo (Czech; boy) – “Magic”


  • Litha (Celtic and Anglo-Saxon; girl) – “Pagan festival in June” or “midsummer”




  • Maraja (Esperanto; girl) – “Made of the sea”



  • Osha (Indian and Sanskrit; girl) – “Shining”


  • Ostara (Celtic; girl) – “Pagan festival in March for the goddess Eostre”


  • Rishi (Sanskrit; boy) – “Sage”


  • Saksan (Thai; girl) – “Peaceful magic”


  • Sehrli (Azerbaijani – Turkish; boy) – “Magic”


  • Siddarth (Sanskrit; boy) – “One who has achieved a goal”


  • Taikuri (Finnish; boy) – “Magician”


  • Taliesin (Welsh; unisex) – “Shining brow”


  • Tenho (Finnish; boy) – “Enchantment”


Space-Themed Magical Names

  • Cassiopeia (Greek; girl) – “Constellation”


  • Cecily (Latin; girl) – “Heaven”


  • Celeste (Latin; girl) – “Heavenly”


  • Kylo (American; boy) – “Sky”


  • Moon (English; unisex) – “Moon”


  • Nova (Latin; girl) – “New”; after the supernova (powerful star explosion)


  • Orion (Greek; boy) – “Rising star”


  • Skye (Norse; unisex) – “Sky,” “heaven,” or “cloud”



  • Solstice (English; unisex) – “Positions of the sun”


  • Star (English; unisex) – “Star”


  • Stella (Latin and Italian; girl) – “Star”



Wizard & Witchy Names

  • Alcina (Greek; girl) – “Witch in Greek mythology


  • Bruxo (Portuguese; boy) – “Witch”


  • Burvis (Latvian; boy) – “Wizard”


  • Coven (English; boy) – “Gathering of witches”


  • Dewin (Welsh; boy) – “Sorcerer”


  • Glinda (Welsh; girl) – “Fair”; good witch in the “Wizard of Oz


  • Lilith (Hebrew; girl) – “Ghost” or “monster”


  • Mage (English; boy) – “Wizard”


  • Magus (Latin; boy) – “Sorcerer”


  • Maldue (English; boy) – “Wizard”


  • Mary (Hebrew; girl) – “Beloved” or “rebellious”; witch in “Hocus Pocus


  • Morrigan (Irish; girl) – “Phantom queen”


  • Raven (English; unisex) – “Black bird”



  • Sorgin (Basque; boy) – “Sorcerer”


  • Tovenaar (Dutch; boy) – “Sorcerer”


  • Ursula (Latin; girl) – “Bear”; witch in “The Little Mermaid


  • Winifred (Welsh; girl) – “Holy” or “blessed”; witch in “Hocus Pocus


Powerful & Badass Magical Names

  • Alaric (German; boy) – “All-powerful ruler”


  • Amory (English; boy) – “Strength of the home”


  • Arad (Persian; boy) – “Dragon”


  • Araminta (English; girl) – “Defender”


  • Arthur (Celtic; boy) – “Bear”


  • Beorn (Norse; boy) – “Bear”; also spelled as “Bjørn” or “Björn”


  • Blade (English; boy) – “Wealthy glory” or “sword”; vampire hunter in “Blade


  • Brandon (English; boy) – “From the broom hill”; character in “Game of Thrones



  • Buffy (Hebrew; girl) – “Promise of God”; main character in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series


  • Crowley (Gaelic; boy) – “Tough hero”


  • Daenerys (Hebrew and Greek; girl) – “Lady of hope” or “lady of light”


  • Geralt (Polish name) – “Spear rule”; variant of “Gerald”


  • Iorek (Norse; boy) – “Battle mighty”


  • Isolde (German; girl) – “She who is gazed upon” or “ice battle” 


  • Isadora (Greek; girl) – “Gift of the goddess Isis”


  • Marceline (French; girl) – “Defender of the sea”


  • Max (Latin; unisex) – “The greatest”


  • Merida (Scottish Gaelic; girl) – “She with a high place of honor” or “pearl” 


  • Nicholas (Greek; boy) – “People of victory”


  • Oscar (Irish and Norse; boy) – “God’s spear” or “friend of deer”


  • Rickard (German; boy) – “Powerful leader”


  • Saskia (German and Dutch; girl) – “Protector of mankind” or “valley of the light”


  • Spike (American; unisex) – “Sharp point”


  • Tilda (English; girl) – “Strong in battle”


  • Titania (Greek; girl) – “Great one” or “giant”


  • Viren (Sanskrit; boy) – “Leader of heroes” or “lord of warriors”


  • William (English; boy) – “Strong-willed warrior” or “resolute protector”


  • Wyman (English; boy) – “War” or “protection”


  • Zelda (German; girl) – “Gray fighting maid”


Place-Inspired Magical Names

  • Arcadia (Greek; girl) – “Place of peace and contentment”


  • Asia (Greek; girl) – “Sunrise”


  • Aspen (English; unisex) – “Aspen tree”


  • Avalon (Welsh and Latin; unisex) – “Island of apple trees”; the mythical island in Arthurian legends


  • Easton (Old English; boy) – “Magical power” or “island of stones”


  • Thackery (English; boy) – “Place with a thatched roof”


Color-Inspired Magical Names

  • Aurelia (Latin; girl) – “The golden one”


  • Bayard (French; boy) – “Auburn-haired”


  • Cressida (Greek; girl) – “Gold”


  • Fenella (Celtic; girl) – “White-shouldered one”


  • Fianna (Scottish; girl) – “Fair”


  • Finn (Irish; boy) – “White” or “fair”


  • Flynn (Irish; boy) – “Son of the red-haired one”


  • Ganon (Irish; boy) – “Fair-haired”


  • Goldie (English; girl) – “Gold”


  • Indigo (Greek; unisex) – “Purple dye”


  • Scarlett (English; girl) – “Bright red”


Gender-Based Magical & Enchanting Names

Magical Boy Names

  • Aladdin (Arabic) – “Height of religion”


  • Alfred (German and English) – “Elf counsel”


  • Drake (English) – “Dragon” or “snake”


  • Ethan (Hebrew) – “Enduring” or “strong” 


  • Jason (Greek) – “To heal”


  • Justin (Latin) – “Righteous”


  • Kyle (Scottish and Irish) – “Narrow”


  • Raymond (Norman and Anglo-Saxon) – “Protection” and “advice” 


Magical Girl Names

  • Adriana (Latin) – “Dark one”


  • Aura (Latin) – “Soft breeze” or “glowing light” 


  • Blythe (Old English) – “Gentle” or “cheerful” 


  • Cynthia (Greek) – “Woman from Cynthus (a Greek mountain)” or “moon goddess”


  • Evangeline (Greek) – “Bearer of good news”



  • Genevieve (German and Celtic) – “Woman of the race”


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Magical Names

  • Angel (English) – “Angel” or “messenger of God”


  • Cleon (Greek) – “Glorious”


Magical Names From A To Z

Magical Names Starting With A

  • Adeline (French; girl) – “Noble”


  • Adria (Latin; girl) – “Dark one”


  • Aerwyna (English; girl) – “Friend of the sea”; pronounced as “erh-win-nah”


  • Alwin (Celtic; boy) – “Elf”


  • Amalia (German; girl) – “Work”


  • Anders (Scandinavian; boy) – “Manly” or “brave”


  • Ansuz (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter A”


  • Ash (Hebrew; boy) – “Happy”


  • Audra (British; girl) – “Strength” or “nobility”


  • Azrael (Hebrew; boy) – “Help of God”


Magical Names Starting With B

  • Balthazar (Greek; boy) – “Baal protects the king”


  • Bard (Gaelic; boy) – “Poet”


  • Barnabus (Aramaic; boy) – “Son of consolation”


  • Bastian (Greek; boy) – “Revered”


  • Beltane (Celtic; boy) – “Pagan festival in May”


  • Benjen (invented name by George R. R. Martin for “Game of Thrones”; boy) – “Son of the right hand”


  • Blaise (Latin and French; boy) – “Lisp”


  • Borak (Arabic; boy) – “Lightning”


  • Bormey (Khmer; boy) – “Magical power


Magical Names Starting With C

  • Cato (Latin; boy) – “All-knowing”


  • Cerwyn (Welsh; boy) – “Fair love”


  • Ciaran (Scottish Gaelic; boy) – “Dark-haired one” or “little dark one” 


  • Coriakin (English; boy) – “Star wizard”


  • Corvus (Latin; boy) – “Raven”


  • Cosmo (Greek; boy) – “Order”


  • Creslin (English; unisex) – “Sweetness”


Magical Names Starting With D

  • Dagaz (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter D”


  • Dagmer (Scandinavian; girl) – “Day maiden”


  • Dante (Italian and Latin; boy) – “Enduring”



  • Dean (English and Hebrew; boy) – “Valley” or “justice”


  • Diarmuid (Irish; boy) – “Without enemy”; pronounced as “deer-mid”


  • Dinah (Hebrew; girl) – “God will judge” or “justified”


  • Dorian (Greek; boy) – “From Doris (district in ancient Greece)”


Magical Names Starting With E

  • Ehwaz (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter E”


  • Elia (Hebrew; gender-neutral) – “Winged” or “God has answered”


  • Emil (Latin; boy) – “Rival”


  • Endora (Greek and Hebrew; girl) – “Light” or “spring”


  • Ēoh (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter Y”


  • Ēolh (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter Z”


  • Eudora (Greek; girl) – “Good gift”


  • Eulalie (Greek and French; girl) – “Sweetly speaking”


  • Evadne (Greek; girl) – “Pleasing one”


Magical Names Starting With F

  • Fable (English; unisex) – “Story”


  • Feoh (Norse; unisex) – “Rune for the letter F”


  • Feya (Bulgarian; girl) – “Fairy”


  • Futhark (Norse and German; boy) – “Runic writing”


Magical Names Starting With G

  • Galatea (Greek; girl) – “She who is milk-white”


  • Garth (English; girl) – “Garden” or “yard” 


  • Gifu (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter G”


  • Gilbert (German; boy) – “Bright promise”


  • Giles (Latin; boy) – “Young goat”


  • Giselle (French; girl) – “Pledge”


  • Gondul (Scandinavian; boy) – “Magic”


  • Gordon (Welsh and Scottish; boy) – “Great hill” or “spacious fort” 


  • Gwendolyn (Welsh; girl) – “White ring”


Magical Names Starting With H

  • Hagall (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter H”


  • Han (Scandinavian; boy) – “God is gracious”


  • Harvey (French; boy) – “Battle worthy”


  • Hedwig (German; girl) – “Battle”


  • Heiki (German; girl) – “Ruler of the home”


  • Hero (Greek; unisex) – “Heroic,” “brave one,” or “demi-god”; heroine in Shakespeare’s play “Much Ado About Nothing


  • Hilda (Norse; girl) – “Battle”


  • Hildirun (German; girl) – “Magic” or “battle”



  • Hunter (English; boy) – “One who hunts”


Magical Names Starting With I

  • Iara (Arabic; girl) – “Lady of the water” or “small butterfly” 


  • Imbolc (Celtic; boy) – “Pagan festival in February”


  • Imogen (Gaelic; girl) – “Innocent” or “maiden” 


  • Ing (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the sound ‘ng’”


  • Ingrid (Norse; girl) – “Beautiful” or “fair” 


  • Iona (Greek; girl) – “Blessed”


  • Isa (Norse; unisex) – “Rune for the letter I”


Magical Names Starting With J

  • Jadu (Persian; unisex) – “One who is magical”


  • Jaime (Spanish and Portuguese; unisex) – “Supplanter”


  • Jareth (English; boy) – “Bled of jar”


  • Jasper (Persian; boy) – “Treasurer”


  • Jera (Norse; girl) – “Rune for the letter J”


  • Jiniri (Arabic; girl) – “Female genie”


  • Jinn (Arabic; boy) – “Genie”


  • Jojen (American; boy) – “Wise dreamer”


  • Jon (Hebrew; boy) – “God is gracious”


Magical Names Starting With K

  • Kanaloa (Hawaiian; boy) – “Teacher of magic”


  • Keijo (Finnish; boy) – “Fairy” or “elf” 


  • Kemala (Indonesian; girl) – “Magic stone of wisdom”


  • Kennaz (Hebrew and Norse; boy) – “Bright” or “rune for the letters C and K”


  • Khomsan (Thai; boy) – “Enchanting”


  • Kiano (Kenyan – African; boy) – “Tools of the wizard”


  • Kyra (Greek; girl) – “Lord”


Magical Names Starting With L

  • Laguz (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter L”


  • Larissa (Greek; boy) – “Citadel”


  • Lavinia (Latin; girl) – “Woman of Rome”


  • Leda (Greek; girl) – “Happy”


  • Lucinda (Latin; girl) – “Light”


  • Lughnasadh (Celtic; boy) – “Pagan festival in August”; pronounced as “loo-nah-sah”


  • Lumen (English and Latin; girl) – “Measurement of light”


Magical Names Starting With M

  • Mabh (Irish; girl) – “She who brings joy”


  • Mabon (Celtic; boy) – “Pagan harvest festival in September”


  • Mae (English; girl) – “Rebellious” or “pearl” 


  • Mannaz (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter M”


  • Melia (Greek; girl) – “Work”


  • Melinda (Greek; girl) – “Honeybee” or “dark” 


  • Melisande (German; boy) – “Strong in work”


  • Millicent (German and French; girl) – “Hard worker” or “strong” 


  • Moira (Scottish, English, and Irish; girl) – “Fate” or “destiny” 


  • Morpeth (English; girl) – “Moor path”


Magical Names Starting with N

  • Navi (Hebrew and Indian – Hindi; boy) – “To name”


  • Ned (English; boy) – “Guardian of riches”


  • Nelwyn (English and Welsh; girl) – “Daughter of the winner” or “joy”


  • Nessa (Greek; girl) – “Butterfly” or “pure” 


  • Niamh (Irish Gaelic; girl) – “Bright”


  • Nied (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter N”


  • Nimue (Greek; girl) – “Remembrance”


  • Nix (Greek; girl) – “Night,” “crimson,” or “off”


Magical Names Starting With O

  • Oceana (Greek; girl) – “Ocean”


  • Ophelia (Greece; girl) – “Help”


  • Orla (Celtic; girl) – “Golden princess”



  • Othel (Norse and Old English; boy) – “Rune for the letter O”


Magical Names Starting With P

  • Pandora (Greek; girl) – “All-giving” or “all-gifted” 


  • Parisa (Persian; girl) – “Like a fairy”


  • Patrick (Latin; boy) – “Noble”


  • Penn (English and German; boy) – “Sheep pen” or “tree stump”


  • Peorth (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter P”


  • Phillip (Greek; boy) – “Lover of horses”


Magical Names Starting With Q

  • Qadir (Arabic; boy) – “Powerful,” “mighty,” or “capable”


  • Qahira (Arabic; girl) – “One who wins”



  • Qiang (Chinese boy name) – “Powerful,” “strong,” or “energetic”; pronounced as “kyang”


  • Qinglong (Chinese; boy) – “Blue dragon”


  • Quirrell (Roman and Latin; boy) – “Dispute”


Magical Names Starting With R

  • Raidho (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter R”


  • Raistlin – Invented name for the “Dragonlance” series


  • Ramil (Azerbaijani – Turkish; boy) – “Magical”


  • Randall (English; boy) – “Shield wolf”


  • Reign (English; unisex) – “Rule over”


  • Reina (Spanish; girl) – “Queen”


  • Reverie (French; unisex) – “Daydream”


  • Rey (French and Spanish; boy) – “Royalty”


  • Rhaegar (English; boy) – “Gift of God”


  • Riley (Irish and English; unisex) – “Valiant” or “wood clearing”


  • Robb (German; boy) – “Bright fame”


  • Rowena (German; girl) – “Happiness” or “fame” 


  • Rune (German and Swedish) – “Secret”


Magical Names Starting With S

  • Sabine (French, Latin, and German; girl) – “Ancient Italian tribe”


  • Saga (Swedish; unisex) – “Story” or “journey”


  • Samhain (Celtic; boy) – “Pagan Halloween festival in October”; pronounced as “sow-en”


  • Samwell (Hebrew; boy) – “God has heard”


  • Saoirse (Irish; girl) – “Freedom”; pronounced as “sur-shuh”


  • Sarah (Hebrew; girl) – “Princess”


  • Shannara (Latin; girl) – “Mystical” or “magical”


  • Sigel (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter S”


  • Stannis (American; boy) – “Stone and ice”


  • Summer (English; unisex) – “Summer season”


  • Sybill (Greek; girl) – “Prophetess


Magical Names Starting With T

  • Tara (Irish; girl) – “Rocky hill”


  • Teller (French and Yiddish; unisex) – “Weaver” or “plate”


  • Thea (Greek; girl) – “Gift of God”


  • Thelxion (Greek; boy) – “To enchant”


  • Thurisaz (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the sound ‘th’”


  • Titan (Greek; boy) – “Defender”


  • Tuatha (Irish; girl) – “Supernatural being” or “nation” 


  • Twila (American and Hebrew; girl) – “Woven with double thread” and “light in dark places”


  • Týr (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter T”


  • Tyrion (Latin; boy) – “Rock”


Magical Names Starting With U

  • Uchawi (Swahili – African; boy) – “Magic”


  • Ūruz (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter U”


Magical Names Starting With V

  • Varázslat (Hungarian; boy) – “Magic”


  • Veda (Sanskrit; girl) – “Knowledge”


  • Velho (Finnish; boy) – “Wizard”


Magical Names Starting With W

  • Willa (German; girl) – “Will” or “protection”


  • Wynn (Norse; boy) – “Rune for the letter W”


Magical Names Starting With X

  • Xander (Greek; boy) – “Defender”


  • Xanthe (Greek; girl) – “Blonde-haired”


Magical Names Starting With Y

  • Yādu (Bangla – Bengali; boy) – “Magic”


  • Yemi (Nigerian and Yoruba – African; girl) – “To befit me”



  • Yule (Celtic; boy) – “Pagan festival in December similar to Christmas”



Magical Names Starting With Z

  • Zana (Romanian; girl) – “Fairy”


  • Zara (Arabic; girl) – “Radiance”


  • Zarina (Slavic; girl) – “Czar”


  • Zen (Japanese; unisex) – “Meditation”


  • Zenobia (Greek; girl) – “Force of Zeus


Bonus: Magical Pet Names

  • Binx
  • Bruja
  • Cadmus
  • Cain
  • Jiminy
  • Jinx
  • Kamek
  • Griffin
  • Mojo
  • Pagan
  • Salem



What Are Factors To Consider When Choosing Magical Names?

  • Always check for the meaning
  • Consider spelling variations
  • Check for words that sound the same that might lead to teasing
  • Check the resulting initials to avoid creating rude or embarrassing words


Can Magical Names Affect My Child’s Personality Or Life?

Names might influence your child’s life and personality because it relates to their self-concept in relation to others, explains Professor David Zhu, a researcher on the psychology of names. (1)

However, their personality can also depend on genes, family dynamics, experiences, and other factors. (1)


Should I Consider Religious & Culture Significance When Choosing Baby Names?

Yes. Certain names hold so much significance in religion or culture that they might be considered taboo when used as baby names

For example, “Jesus” is a boy name that means “the Lord is salvation” but is usually not used as a name for “ordinary people.”



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