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225 Of The Most Popular Boy Names That Start With R

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Plenty of boy names that start with R have a royal meaning, such as cute names “Roy” and “Rex,” meaning “king,” or “Regan,” meaning “the descendant of a king.”

Lots of strong and powerful boy names like “Rock,” “Reinhard,” and “Ryujin” also start with R.

Looking to pick an R name for your baby? We’ve prepared this list of 225 baby names, including the most popular, trending, unique, and rare picks.

  1. Ra – One-syllable name for the Egyptian sun god
  2. Rad – Old English boy name meaning “counselor”
  3. Radcliff – Old English name that means “red cliff”
  4. Rafael – Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian variant of the Hebrew name “Raphael,” meaning “God has healed”
  5. Ragnar – Scandinavian name that means “a wise warrior
  6. Rahman – Arabic boy name for “merciful”
  7. Raiden – Japanese name referring to the mythical god of lightning and thunder; also spelled as “Rayden”
  8. Rainer – German boy name meaning “wise warrior”
  9. Raleigh – Old English name that means “the meadow of the Roe deer”
  10. Ram – Hindu name referring to Lord Rama (Hindu deity)
  11. Ramon – Portuguese and Spanish boy name meaning “a wise or mighty protector”; also a variant of “Raymond”
  12. Ramses – Ancient Egyptian name meaning “begotten by Ra, the sun god”; many pharaohs (kings) of Egypt had this name
  13. Ramsey – British gender-neutral name that means “low-lying land”
  14. Randall – Old English name meaning “a wolf-like shield”
  15. Randolph – Old English and German name meaning “wolf-like shield,” coming from the Old Norse surname “Rannúlfr”
  16. Randy – Old English name meaning “house wolf” or “protector”; can also be a pet name or moniker for “Randolph” or “Randall”
  17. Ranger – Badass French name for “forest guardian” or “spirit of the wilderness”
  18. Raphael – Biblical name of Hebrew origin meaning “God has healed”; it’s also an angel name
  19. Rashid – Arabic name meaning “’the high one,” “rightly guided,” and “having the true faith”
  20. Raul – Spanish and Portuguese boy name meaning “a wolf” and “wise counsel”
  21. Raven – Old English nonbinary name after a black bird; can also mean “wise” and “dark-haired”
  22. Ray – Old French unisex name meaning “a king” or “a stream”
  23. Raymond – French and English variant of the Germanic name “Raimund,” which means “wise protector”
  24. Reagan – English form of the Irish name “Ó Riagáin,” meaning “wise” or “little king”
  25. Rebel – English form of Latin and German origin, meaning “the rebellious one”
  26. Redford – Old English country boy name “of the red ford (river crossing)”
  27. Reece – English version of the Welsh name “Rhys,” meaning “enthusiasm”; also spelled as “Reese”
  28. Reed – Gender-neutral British name that means “red” or a nature namemeaning “woody plant with long, slender leaves”
  29. Reeve – Old English meaning “steward”
  30. Regan – Irish Gaelic name meaning “the descendant of a king”
  31. Reginald – Old English name meaning “advisor to the king”
  32. Reid – Scottish name meaning “red” or “red-haired”
  33. Reign – American boy meaning “sovereign” or “rule”
  34. Remington – Old English name that means “from the raven’s home”
  35. Remus – Latin name meaning “oar”
  36. Remy – French baby boy name meaning “oarsman”; can also be spelled as “Remi”
  37. Rene – French boy name that means “rebirth”
  38. Rex – Latin word for “king”
  39. Rey – Spanish boy name meaning “king”
  40. Rhett – Dutch and Latin name which means “advice” or “to speak”
  41. Rhodes – Greek name that means “the place of roses”
  42. Rhys – Welsh classic name that means “enthusiasm” or “passion”
  43. Rian – Irish Gaelic name meaning “a little king”
  44. Richard – English name that means “rich” or German name meaning “powerful and hardy”
  45. Rick – English name meaning “powerful and strong ruler”
  46. Ridge – Old English and British nature name meaning “continuous elevated mountain crest”
  47. Riggs – Old English country name that means “someone who lived on a ridge”
  48. Ringo – Old English name for “a bell-ringer”
  49. Ripley – Old English country name meaning “from the shouter’s meadow”
  50. Ritchie – Teutonic (Germanic Indo-European language) name meaning “brave and strong”
  51. Ritter – Teutonic name for “a knight”
  52. River – English nonbinary nature name meaning “flowing body of water”
  53. Roald – Old Norse name that means a “famous ruler”; also a Norwegian form of “Ronald”
  54. Roarke – Irish Gaelic name that means “a famed ruler”
  55. Robert – Old German boy name meaning “bright glory” or “bright fame”
  56. Robin – English name that can mean “bright fame” and “bright glory”; also a nature name for a species of bird
  57. Rocco – Italian name meaning “restful”
  58. Rockwell – Old English name meaning “from the rocky well or spring”
  59. Rocky – Old German name that means “rest”; also associated with power and determination due to Sylvester Stallone’s popular “Rocky” films
  60. Rod – Teutonic one-syllable name or nickname for “a renowned ruler”
  61. Roderick – Teutonic or Germanic name that means “a renowned ruler,” coming from the Germanic elements “hrōþiz” (fame and glory) with “ríks” (king or ruler)
  62. Rodman – Teutonic name that means “a famous hero”
  63. Rodney – Old English and German name that means “island near the clearing”
  64. Rodolf – Dutch and German form of “Rudolph,” meaning “a famous wolf”
  65. Rodrigo – Latin and Old German name which means “great renown”
  66. Roger – Old French and ancient Germanic name that means “ famous spear”
  67. Rohan – Sanskrit and Irish boy name meaning “ascending” and “red-haired”; name of the great kingdom with brave riders in “The Lord of the Rings
  68. Roland – Old German name meaning “famed land” or “renowned throughout the land”
  69. Roman – Hebrew name meaning “strong”
  70. Rome – Biblical place name meaning “strength and power”
  71. Romeo – Italian boy name meaning “Pilgrim to Rome”; best known as the titular half of the Shakespearean classic “Romeo and Juliet
  72. Ronald – Old Scandinavian name that means “advice”
  73. Ronan – Irish name for “oath” or “little seal”
  74. Ronin – Irish name variation for “Ronan” meaning “little seal” or a Japanese boy name that means “a samurai without a master”
  75. Roosevelt – Dutch name for “a field of roses”
  76. Rory – Celtic name meaning “red king,” coming from the Gaelic name “Ruaridh” or “Ruairidh”
  77. Roscoe – Old Norse name that means “from the deer forest”
  78. Ross – Scottish Gaelic boy name meaning “woody meadow”
  79. Rourke – Irish Gaelic name that means “a famed ruler”
  80. Rowan -Means “red-haired” in Irish and English
  81. Rowell – Means “from the deer spring” in Old English
  82. Roxbury – Old English name meaning “from the rock fortress”
  83. Roy – English form of Gaelic and Old French origin, meaning “red-haired” or “king”
  84. Royal – Gender-neutral name that means “of the king”
  85. Royce – Unisex German and Old English name meaning “rose”
  86. Ruben – Hebrew and Spanish name meaning “behold, a son”
  87. Rudd – Old English name that means “of a ruddy complexion”
  88. Rudolph – Powerful Teutonic name for “a famous wolf”
  89. Rudy – American version of the Old Germanic name “Rudolf,” meaning “famed wolf”
  90. Ruel – Hebrew name that means “friend of God”
  91. Rufus – Latin name for “red-haired”
  92. Rune – Old Norse witchy name that means “secret lore”
  93. Rupert – Teutonic name meaning “famous, bright fame”
  94. Russell – French, English, and Norse name that means “little red” or “red-haired”
  95. Rusty – English name for “red head”; can also be a pet name for “Russell”
  96. Ry – Gaelic one-syllable name meaning “little king”; can also be the short form of “Rylan” and other baby names starting with “Ry”
  97. Ryan – Classic Gaelic name that means meaning “little king”
  98. Ryder – Old English name meaning “horseman”
  99. Ryker – Scandinavian and Old German name that means “brave power” or “rich”
  100. Rylan – Old English name meaning “from the rye land” or “island meadow”

Which Are The Best R Names For Boys?

  1. Rabbie – Scottish name meaning “famous” and “bright fame”
  2. Raijin – Japanese name for the god of thunder and lightning; can also mean “benevolence” and spelled as “Raiden”
  3. Ralph – Modern version of “Raphael,” meaning “wolf counsel”
  4. Rashne – Persian name for “judge”
  5. Rashon – Latin and English name meaning “God is gracious,” “newly created,” and “shining light”
  6. Rayburn – Old English name meaning “from the deer brook”
  7. Redman – Old English name that means “a protector” and “an adviser”
  8. Regis – French name meaning “ruler” or “king”
  9. Ren – Japanese name that means “lotus,” “a pure heart,” “clever,” “mercy,” or “dream”
  10. Renzo – Italian name for the “city of laurels”
  11. Reuben – Hebrew name that means “behold, a son”; biblical boy name for the eldest of Jacob’s 12 sons
  12. Reuel – Hebrew name meaning “friend of God”
  13. Rhodri – Welsh name that means “the ruler of the wheel”
  14. Rongo – Maori and Polynesian name for the God of rain and fertility
  15. Ronson – Old English name that means “the son of Ronald” or “a wise and powerful ruler”
  16. Roshan – Persian name meaning “splendid”; can also be used as a baby girl name
  17. Rowen – Irish name meaning “red-haired”

What Are Rare & Unique Names Starting With R For Boys?

  1. Radek – Czech name meaning “glad”
  2. Radford – Old English name meaning “from the red ford”
  3. Radley – Old English name that means “from the red meadow”
  4. Radomor – Hungarian name meaning “happy” and “peace”
  5. Raeburn – Teutonic name for “dweller by the stream”
  6. Raibeart – Scottish Gaelic form of “Robert,” meaning “famous” and “bright fame”
  7. Raimee – Unisex Native American name meaning “celebration”
  8. Ralston – Old English name for “a dweller on Ralph’s farm or estate”
  9. Ramesh – Sanskrit name meaning “ruler of Rama”
  10. Ramiro – Spanish name that means “a great judge or adviser”
  11. Rasmus – Ancient Greek name that means “worthy of love”
  12. Rastus – Greek boy name meaning “the loving one”
  13. Rearden – Irish Gaelic name for “a royal poet”
  14. Redmond – Irish name meaning “a wise and mighty protector”
  15. Regilio – Spanish variant of the Latin name “Rogelius,” meaning “well-known spearman” or “request”
  16. Rehan – Arabic name that can mean “regal” or “king” as a variant of “Regan”; can also mean “sweet basil” in Armenian
  17. Rhun – Welsh name for “grand”
  18. Riku – Japanese name meaning “gallant,” “land,” “sky,” “deep red,” “crystal,” and “beautiful black stone”
  19. Rinzen – Tibetan and Sherpa name meaning “the holder of intellect”
  20. Rishab – Hindu and musical name for the note “Re”
  21. Roden – Old English unisex name meaning “from the valley of the reeds”
  22. Rolf – Teutonic name that means “the famous wolf”; can also be a variant of “Rudolph” and “Ralph”
  23. Roswald – Teutonic name meaning “a mighty horse”
  24. Rudyard – Old English name that means “from the red enclosure”
  25. Rufford – Old English name meaning “from the rough ford”
  26. Russ – Short name for “Russell,” meaning “red head”

Badass Boy Names Beginning With R

  1. Ragin – German name meaning “advice or counsel” and musical Hindu name meaning “song tune”
  2. Rahul – Powerful Hindu name meaning “conqueror of all miseries”
  3. Raidon – Japanese name for the thunder god
  4. Rajendra – Sanskrit name meaning “a mighty king”
  5. Rakesh – Hindu name meaning “ruler of the full moon”
  6. Rambert – Teutonic name for “mighty and brilliant”
  7. Rankin – Means “a little shield” in Old English
  8. Ransford – Old English name meaning “from the ford of the raven”
  9. Ransom – Means “a warrior’s son” in Old English
  10. Rata – Aboriginal and Polynesian name of a great chief
  11. Ratri – Hindu for “night”
  12. Ravi – Sanskrit name meaning “of the sun”
  13. Ravid – Hebrew name for “the wanderer”
  14. Rawlins – Old English name meaning “son of a little wise wolf”
  15. Rawson – Means “the son of the little wolf” in Old English
  16. Raynard – Teutonic for “brave” or “fox”
  17. Rayner – German name meaning “a wise warrior”
  18. Regin – Old Norse for “figure from mythology”
  19. Reinhard – German name meaning “brave”
  20. Renaud – French name meaning “fox” or “brave”
  21. Rendor – Hungarian for “policeman”
  22. Rhisiart – Welsh name meaning “brave and strong”
  23. Ric – Old Norse for “honorable ruler”
  24. Ricker – Old English for “powerful army”
  25. Rico – Spanish for “noble ruler”
  26. Rider – Old English name meaning “knight”
  27. Rivers – Latin and French origin meaning “stream of water”
  28. Rock – Old English name meaning “from the rock”
  29. Rodion – Greek and Russian name for “song of the hero”
  30. Roldan – English for “powerful” and “mighty”
  31. Roronoa – Japanese anime name meaning “pirate hunter”
  32. Ruslan – Russian name for “lion”
  33. Ryoichi – Japanese name meaning “good”
  34. Ryūjin – Japanese name for “the god of the sea”
  35. Ryurik – German, Nordic, Gaelic, and Russian name meaning “famous ruler”
  36. Ryuu – Japanese anime boy name meaning “dragon”

What Are Fancy R Names For A Boy?

  1. Radman
  2. Radnor
  3. Ramsay
  4. Ramsden
  5. Ranjit
  6. Ranulf
  7. Raoul
  8. Rawiri
  9. Rawley
  10. Reynold
  11. Renfred
  12. Renfrew
  13. Rhydwyn
  14. Rigby
  15. Riley
  16. Riordan
  17. Robertson
  18. Rowland
  19. Rurik
  20. Ryland

What Are New Names For Boys Starting With R?

  1. Ranald
  2. Ro
  3. Rogan
  4. Rooney
  5. Rugby
  6. Runako

What Are Beautiful Names Starting With R For Boys?

  1. Radborne
  2. Raffiel
  3. Rafi
  4. Rafiq
  5. Rafu
  6. Raghnall
  7. Razi
  8. Reilly
  9. Ridgeway
  10. Ridgley
  11. Robi
  12. Rodwell

3-Syllable Boy Names That Start With R

  1. Raffaele
  2. Rafferty
  3. Ricardo
  4. Roberto
  5. Robinson
  6. Rochester
  7. Rodolfo
  8. Rosencrantz

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