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210+ Nonbinary Names & The Top Reasons To Pick Gender-Free Options

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Enby (Nonbinary) Names & The Top Reasons To Pick Them

Nonbinary names, sometimes referred to as NB or enby, aren’t just limited to one specific gender. They’re used by nonbinary people who don’t identify themselves with either gender category.

Enby names can be similar or different from unisex or gender-neutral names, depending on the person’s gender identity. Some NB people might even consider combining aspects of male and female. Others might resonate with a girl name if they identify more with that gender.

Some nonbinary people might also pick totally gender-free names, such as objects or things in nature.

As a parent, you might think about picking gender-free, enby names.

Many people, including celebrities, have changed their names to reflect their gender identity. That’s why some parents believe it might be better to choose nonbinary names, so their kids don’t need to change them when they get older.

Another reason to pick enby names is that lots of these non-gendered options sound cool and unique. While popular baby names like Charlotte and Sophia remain the top choices, your child might be Emma #4 or Mark #6 in their class.

Some nonbinary names might not follow any specific format, so you get more options to choose from instead of limiting your choices to your baby’s gender.

Tips For Finding The Best Nonbinary Names

Worried that people might mistake your child’s gender? You can always choose an enby name as their first name, then a distinguishable, gender-relevant middle name for boys or girls.

Some parents who aren’t sure if they’re ready to commit to nonbinary names might consider picking one in their baby’s gender, then simply give them an enby moniker or pet name.

For example, a sweet name like “Franciene” might have “Frankie” as the nonbinary nickname or “Charlotte” can be “Charlie”, while the baby boy name “Alexander” can easily turn into the gender-neutral “Alex.”

You can also opt for altered spellings of traditional baby names. For example, the Spanish girl name “Antonia” becomes a boy name when spelled as “Antonio” but can be nonbinary as “Antonie.”

Many place or nature namescan also be cool nonbinary choices.

We’re sharing these 210+ nonbinary baby name ideas to help you find the best for your little one.

The Best Nonbinary & Gender-Free Baby Names

  1. Ace – This is an English baby name that means “excellent,” “unity,” or “noble.”
  2. Aiden – It’s one of the favorite baby names that mean fire. This Celtic, Gaelic, and Irish name also means “fiery one.”
  3. Alex – It’s a popular unisex name that means “defending men,” and a diminutive of names like “Alexandra,” “Alexander,” “Alexis,” etc.
  4. Aster – This is a Greek name meaning “star.”
  5. Auden – This Old English name means “old friend.”
  6. Ellis – This English middle name or surname has Welsh and Greek origins. It was derived from “Elijah” or “Elias,” and means “benevolent.”
  7. Honor – This is an English name meaning the virtue “honor.”
  8. Jody – This English name has Hebrew origins and means “Jehovah (God) increases” or “praised.”
  9. Justice – This English name has Latin and Roman origins. It means the virtue of “justice.”
  10. Onyx – This English gem name has Greek origins. Nick Cannon used it for his daughter Onyx Ice.
  11. Phoenix – This English place name has Greek origins, meaning “dark red.” The name is also associated with the mystical bird, the phoenix, which supposedly becomes reborn from its ashes. It’s used as a symbol of immortality and can be a badass name for your baby.
  12. Reese – A gender-neutral name with Welsh origins, it means “ardor,” “enthusiasm,” or “fire.”
  13. Scout – This English name means “sent to discover” or “to listen.” The name was picked for skater Tai Babilonia’s son and volleyball player Kerri Walsh’s daughter.
  14. Shiloh – A Hebrew name meaning “tranquil,” it was chosen by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for their daughter’s name.
  15. Sunny – This favorite pet name means “sunny and cheerful.” It can also be used both as a first and middle name.
  16. Teagan – This Welsh and Irish name means “attractive” and “worldly.” It comes from the Gaelic expression “Taghg” which means “wise poet.”
  17. Yoshi – This Hebrew name means “God shall add.”

Common Agender & Nonbinary Names

  1. Andy – This cool enby name means “strong,” and is of French and Greek origins. Popular variations include “Andie” and “Andreas.”
  2. Ariel – This is a Hebrew biblical name that means “lion of God.”
  3. Brook – This English nature name means “small stream.” It can also be styled as “Brooke.”
  4. Cameron – This Scottish name means “crooked nose.” Although the name’s meaning doesn’t sound too good, many parents still choose it for its namesakes. For example, this is the name of American actress Cameron Diaz, and her fans might pick the name after hers.
  5. Charlie – A name of German origin, this means “free man.” It comes from the Germanic word “karal” (free man) or “kerle” (warrior). It’s also a diminutive of “Charles” or “Charlotte.”
  6. Demi – This French and Greek name meaning “half” is a diminutive of “Demetria” or the Greek god Demetrius.
  7. Devin – It’s a French, Gaelic, and Irish name that means “poet” or “divine.”
  8. Drew – This is a Welsh name meaning “wise” or “strong and manly.” It’s a diminutive of “Andrew” but also picked for females (e.g., actress Drew Barrymore) as a standalone or middle name.
  9. Jackie – This English and Scottish unisex name meaning “God is gracious” is also a popular pick for girls and boys alike.
  10. Jamie – This is an English variation and diminutive of “James,” meaning “supplanter” or “someone who takes another’s place.”
  11. Jazz – This is a musical baby name that describes a lively kind of music. It can also be a moniker for “Jasper” or “Jasmine.”
  12. Jett – This British name meaning “black stone” or “free” can be a cool name for your baby.
  13. Jordan – It’s a Hebrew name meaning “descend” or “to flow down.” It’s a biblical name for the river considered by religious people as holy because it was where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ.
  14. Rowan – This Scottish and Irish name meaning “rowan tree” or “little redhead” can also be spelled as “Roan” and “Rowen.”

What Are Some Rare & Unique Nonbinary Names?

  1. Azariah – It’s a Hebrew name meaning “helped by God.”
  2. Azriel – This is a Hebrew name that means “God is my help.” This badass angel name relates to the Jewish and Muslim traditions’ Angel of Death. While that might sound foreboding for some, others choose this name because of its nice meaning.
  3. Darian – This English name means “upholder of the good.”
  4. Hao – It’s a Vietnamese name that means “good” or “perfect.” It’s pronounced as the English word “how.”
  5. Marlowe – This English name is a variation of “Marlow,” an English name that means“driftwood.”
  6. Poe – This Norse and English name meaning “peacock” can be a cool name for babies.
  7. Shalom – This Hebrew name means “peace.”
  8. Troian – It’s a Slavic name that means “trinity” or “father of triplet sons.” It might also be related to “Troy.” Real people with this name includes actress Troian Bellisario.
  9. Urith – This Hebrew name meaning “brightness” is a rare but sweet name for your little one.
  10. Xen – This name has Greek origin and means “foreigner” or “guest.” It sounds the same as “Zen” (a Japanese name) but has a different meaning.
  11. Yael – A Hebrew name meaning “to ascend,” it’s more properly spelled as “Ya’el.”
  1. Arrow – This English word name is ideal for any gender and relates to the pointed projectile fired from a bow.
  2. Avery – This badass English name meaning “ruler of the elves” is related to the Ancient Germanic name “Alberich” or the Anglo-Saxon name “Alfred.”
  3. Blue – This English color name works both as first and middle names. Its variations include “Blu” and “Bleu.”
  4. Casey – It’s an American, Irish, and Gaelic name that means “alert” or “vigilant.” You can also convert it into a baby name that starts with K, as in Kasey.
  5. Delaney – This Irish name meaning “dark challenger” can be a badass name for boys and girls.
  6. Finley – It’s an Irish and Scottish name meaning “fair-haired hero.”
  7. Hunter – This is an English occupational name that means “huntsman.”
  8. Logan – This is an Irish name that means “hollow.” It’s a badass name relating to the “Wolverine” in the “X-Men” series. It’s used for both boys and girls, and can also be a cool enby name.
  9. Max – This is a Latin name and term that means “greatest.” It’s trending as an enby name with its appearance in “Stranger Things” as one of the Netflix show’s main characters.
  10. Quest – It’s a Latin name meaning “seek” or “mission.”
  11. Robin – This English bird name can also mean “bright fame.” It’s used as a boy name (e.g., Robin Williams) or a trending girl name (Robin from “Stranger Things”).
  12. Rogue – This badass word name means “unpredictable.” Some people think it might have a negative connotation, but other parents think it’s a cool name.
  13. Rory – This is an Irish name that means “red king.”
  14. Storm – This English word name meaning “tempest” or “storm” also relates to the superhero Storm of the “X-Men.”

Hot & Powerful Nonbinary & Unisex Names

  1. Arien – This nonbinary name of Greek and Hebrew origin means “most pure” or “enchanted.”
  2. Aries – It’s a Latin baby name meaning “a ram.”
  3. August – This Latin baby name means “exalted” and can also mean “great” or “to increase.”
  4. Ira – This Hebrew name, which means “watchful one,” figured in the Bible. Ira was one of King David’s 30 “mighty warriors.”
  5. Jove – This is another name for Jupiter, the king of the Roman gods, yet it can also serve as a baby girl name. It’s also a diminutive for “Jovita” or similar names.
  6. Jude – This English name, with Greek and Hebrew origins, means “praised.” It can also be a short form or moniker for “Judith” and “Judah.”
  7. Sasha – This is a Russian short form of “Alexander” or “Alex” meaning “defending men.”
  8. Zephyr – This Greek name for “west wind” refers to “Zephyrus,” the Greek god of the west wind.

Nature-Inspired Enby Names

  1. Ashley – This Old English name means “meadow where ash trees are found.” It comes from the Old English words “æsc” (ash) and “lēah” (forest glade).
  2. Aspen – This Old English name, meaning “shaking tree,” can also be a cool choice for your baby.
  3. Basil – This Greek name, which means “regal,” relates to a Christian bishop who established the Greek Orthodox Church’s principles.
  4. Briar – This American nature name, which means “a thorny patch,” can be used for boys and girls.
  5. Cedar – It’s an English, French, and Latin name meaning “cedar tree.”
  6. Elm – This is an English tree name.
  7. Finch – This is an English nature name for a bird species.
  8. Juniper – This English tree name is of Latin origin, meaning “young” or “evergreen.”
  9. Kai – This is a Hawaiian name that means “sea.”
  10. Lark – This is an English bird name.
  11. Lynx – This English animal name is of Greek origin. It means “brightness.”
  12. Oakley – This English name meaning “oak wood” or “clearing” is often used as a middle name.
  13. Ocean – This nature name comes from the Ancient Greek name “Oceanus,” meaning “the great sea that surrounds the Earth.” It also relates to Okeanos, the primordial Titan god of the great River Okeanos that encircles the Earth in Greek mythology.
  14. River – This nature name means “flowing body of water.”
  15. Sage – This is an herb name from the Latin word that means “wise.”
  16. Wren – This is an English name meaning “small bird.”

Helpful Tip: Double-check the meaning in choosing enby names from nature if you’re aiming for a gender-free name. For example, “Stallion” sounds cool and badass, but it also means “a male horse.”

Nonbinary names can lean toward male or female, depending on a person’s gender identity. So, the tip above only applies if you want to find a genderless baby name.

Geography-Inspired Nonbinary Names

  1. Arden – This is an English name meaning “valley of the eagle” and “high.”
  2. Ashton – It’s an English name that means “ash tree town.”
  3. Cove – This English name means “small bay.”
  4. Dakota – This place name is of Sioux origin. It means “friendly one.”
  5. Dallas – This is a place name of Irish origin, meaning “skilled.”
  6. Denver – This English or French place name means “green valley” or “from Anvers.”
  7. Everest – This British name means “dweller on the Eure river.” It can refer to the people living near the river or relates to the name of the world’s tallest mountain.
  8. Milan – This Italian place name is of Slavic origin. It comes from the Slavonic element “mil,” which means “gracious” or “dear.”
  9. Remington – This is an English name meaning “a settlement by the stream” or “a place on a riverbank.”
  10. Sydney – It’s an Old English name meaning “wide meadow.”
  11. Urban – This is a place name of Latin origin, meaning “of the city.”
  12. Zaire – This African place name means “the river that swallows all rivers.”

Science-Inspired Nonbinary Names

  1. Aqua – This enby name is of Latin origin meaning “water” or “sea blue.”
  2. Axis – This is a gender-free name meaning “axle” or “pivot.” It is of Latin origin.
  3. Azure – This is a blue-toned English color name.
  4. Echo – This Latin and Greek word name, meaning “echo” or “reverberating sound,” makes a cool name for babies.
  5. Eclipse – It’s a scientific term for a celestial body obscuring the light to or from another celestial body. It might be a good pick for a baby born on an eclipse, but you can still choose this even if your baby wasn’t born during the phenomenon.
  6. Ember – This English name means “‘spark” or “low burning.”
  7. Mercury – This is a Latin and Roman baby name meaning “messenger of the gods.” Like other planets, Mercury was named after a Roman god.
  8. Rain – This unisex nature name means “rain” or “abundance from above.”
  9. Spark – This English name, meaning “glowing particle,” is popular as a moniker or first name.
  10. Vesper – This Latin name means “evening star.”
  11. Winter – This English word name relates to the winter season and can be picked for a baby born within this period.

Sci-Fi & Futuristic Gender-Neutral Baby Names

  1. Ender – This Turkish name, meaning “very rare,” relates to the sci-fi novel “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card, which was turned into a movie.
  2. Nova – This Latin name means “new.” It’s a root word for “supernova,” a badass scientific term that means “powerful and luminous star explosion.”

What Are Cute & Cool Unisex Names?

  1. Ari – A Hebrew name meaning “lion of God,” it’s also a diminutive of “Ariel.”
  2. Arin – This enby name was derived from the Hebrew biblical name “Aaron,” meaning “enlightened.”
  3. Ash – An English nature name meaning “ash tree,” it can also be a diminutive of the Hebrew name “Aser” or the English place name “Ashton.” It’s also an anime name, referring to the main character Ash Ketchum from the “Pokemon” series.
  4. Blair – This is a Scottish name meaning “dweller on the plain.”
  5. Clarke – This baby name of Latin origin means “clerk” or “cleric.”
  6. Darcy – This vintage enby name is of Irish origin, meaning “from the fortress” or “dark one.”
  7. Evan – This English and Welsh name meaning “God is gracious” is also considered a Hebrew form of “John.”
  8. Fable – This English word name with Latin origins means “an enchanted tale with a moral lesson.” It comes from the Latin word “fabula,” which means “to talk” or “tale and legend.”
  9. Garnet – It’s a Middle English and French jewel name meaning “pomegranate,” the same name as the fruit that shares its deep red color.
  10. Lennox – This is a Scottish name meaning “elm grove.”
  11. Tarian – This Welsh baby name means “shield.”
  12. True – This English virtue name means “real” or “genuine.”
  13. Wynn – This is a Welsh name meaning “fair” or “blessed.”
  14. Zuri – It’s a Kiswahili (African) name meaning “good” and “beautiful.”
  1. Blake – This is a British and Old English name meaning “fair-haired and dark.” Several celebrities are named Blake or chose this name for their kids, including Blake Shelton, Blake Lively, and Rosie O’Donnell’s son.
  2. Elliot – It’s a Hebrew name that means “The Lord is my God.” Canadian actor and producer Elliot Page started his career as a woman (his gender at birth, with his former name Ellen Page) but came out in 2020 as a trans man.
  3. Jagger – This English nonbinary name, meaning “one who cuts” or “carter,” also relates to rock and roll star Mick Jagger.
  4. Kim – This is an Anglo-Saxon baby name meaning “noble” or “brave” or a Korean baby name meaning “metal, such as iron or gold.” Celebrity names include American media personality Kim Kardashian and South Korean singer and songwriter Kim Tae-hyung.
  5. Parker – This is an English occupational name that means “park keeper.” Celebrity names include American singer-songwriter Parker McCollum, film director Parker Finn, and actress Parker Posey.
  6. Peyton – This is an English baby name meaning “a fighting man’s estate.” Celebrity names include football star Peyton Manning, actresses Peyton List and Peyton Elizabeth Lee, and actors Peyton Clark and Peyton Meyer.
  7. Taylor – It’s an English occupational name meaning “a tailor.” Celebrity names include singer-songwriters Taylor Swift and Taylor Momsen.
  8. Terry – This English, German, and French baby name meaning “powerful” or “ruler of the people,” can be used as a moniker for “Terrence” or “Terrell.” Celebrity names include American actor Terry Crews, guitarist Terry Kath, and football player Terry Bradshaw.

Nonbinary Middle Names

  1. Amory – It’s a German enby name that means “brave” and “powerful.”
  2. Anchor – This is an English word name for “anchor,” the metal device used to secure boats and ships. The name also means “strength” and “stability.”
  3. Billie – This Old German name means “protector.” Although it began as a boy name, it’s now considered a gender-fluid name.
  4. Chandler – This is an English and French occupational name meaning “candle maker.”
  5. Delta – This Greek and English word meaning “the river mouth” also means “the fourth Greek letter.”
  6. Frankie – It’s a French and Latin name meaning “from France” or “free man.” It’s also commonly used as a pet name or moniker for “Frank,” “Francis,” “Frances,” “Francisco,” and “Francesca.”
  7. Harper – This is an English occupational name meaning “someone who plays the harp.”
  8. Lucky – This American word name meaning “fortunate” is also popular as a pet name.
  9. Lux – It’s a gender-free Latin name meaning “light” used for the heroine Lux, the Lady of Luminosity, in the game “League of Legends.
  10. Lyric – This musical name of Greek and French origin means “song from the lyre.”
  11. Morgan – It’s an Old Welsh name meaning “sea born,” “born at sea,” or “sea song.”
  12. Tatum – This Old English name means “Tate’s homestead,” “cheerful,” or “full of spirit.”
  13. Zuma – This Arabic and Aztec name means “peace.”

Last Names You Can Use As Nonbinary Names

  1. Harlow – This is an English surname that means “rock hill” or “army hill.”
  2. Hollis – This English surname means “dweller at the holly trees.”
  3. Lennon – This Irish surname meaning “lover” is also picked as a first or middle name.
  4. Murphy – This is an Irish and Celtic surname meaning “sea warrior.”
  5. Sawyer – This English surname means “woodcutter.”
  6. Sutton – It’s an English surname meaning “from the southern homestead.”

Quirky Names For Nonbinary People

  1. Bellamy – It’s an English, Irish, and French baby name meaning “fine friend.”
  2. Ellery – This English name means “descendant of Hilary.”
  3. Ever – This is an English word name meaning “always” or a Scandinavian baby name meaning “wild as a boar.” It’s also a variation of the Hebrew name “Eber,” which means “beyond.”
  4. Evren – This Turkish baby name meaning “universe,” is also a Turkish place name and the mythical dragon name in Turkish mythology.
  5. Hart – It’s an English baby name meaning “stag.”
  6. Vix – This Latin and German word name meaning “victory” can also mean “fix.”

Awesome & Mystical Agender Names

  1. Angel – This mystical English name of Greek and Latin origin comes from the Greek name “Angelos” and the Latin name “Angelus,” which mean “messenger of God.”
  2. Artemis – This male-sounding Greek mythology name is used for the Greek goddess of the hunt, wild animals, domestic animals, and childbirth.
  3. Mars – This is the badass name of the Roman mythology god of war, the namesake of the planet Mars.
  4. Nox – This gender-neutral name of Latin origin means “night.”
  5. Pax – This is a Latin name meaning “peace.” It relates to Pax, the Roman goddess of peace and offering.
  6. Salem – This is an Arabic biblical place name that means “safe.”

More Nonbinary Names (By Syllable Count)

When choosing your baby’s name, you might also consider the syllable count.

Many one-syllable names are diminutive of longer names or are simply used as nicknames. Yet short names have also become trendy in recent years.

Some parents also pick short names because they’re easier for their kids to write when they finally go to school.

A lot of longer names, such as those with three or four syllables, sound formal, but many are also classic favorites.

One-Syllable Nonbinary Names

  1. Bo – This is a Norse nickname that means “to live” or a Mandarin Chinese baby name meaning “wave.”
  2. Brett – This is a British surname also used as a first name. It means “of Briton.”
  3. Bryn – This is a Welsh name meaning “hill.”
  4. Cal – This name is a diminutive of the Hebrew name “Caleb,” meaning “faithful,” “whole-hearted,” “devotion,” and “brave.” It can also be short for the Latin name “Calvin,” meaning “little bald one.”
  5. Cy – This Greek and Persian name meaning “sun” can also be a diminutive of the Old Persian name “Cyrus,” meaning “throne,” Greek name “Cyril,” meaning “lord” and “master,” or the Roman goddess name Cybele, the great mother of the gods.
  6. Fen – This is an English, Dutch, and Frisian (West Germanic) name meaning “marshland” or “peace.”
  7. Jade – This is an English and Spanish name that means “a green gemstone” or “green ornament.” Variations include “Jada” and “Jayden.”
  8. Jules – This Latin, Greek, and French name means “youthful,” “downy,” and “soft.” It can also be a diminutive or pet name for Spanish baby boy name “Julio,” French girl name “Juliet,” or other similar names.
  9. Kit – This is an English first name or nickname meaning “pure.” It can also be a diminutive of “Christopher” or “Christian.”
  10. Lou – This French and German name meaning “renowned warrior” is also regarded as a diminutive of “Louis” or “Lewis.”
  11. Moss – This is an English word name for “moss,” a dense mat of plants in damp and shaded locations. It can also be a diminutive or moniker of the biblical Hebrew boy name “Moses,” which means “savior.”
  12. Ray – This is an Old German name meaning “wise protector” or an English word name meaning “ray” (as in “a ray of sunlight”). It’s also a popular moniker for names like “Raymond” or “Rachel.”

Two-Syllable Nonbinary Names

  1. Corey – It’s an English and German name that means “God’s peace.” You can also opt to spell it as “Cory” or “Korey.”
  2. Dylan – This is a Welsh name that means “born from the sea,” coming from the Welsh words “dy” (great) and “llanw” (flow).
  3. Elliott – This nonbinary name of Hebrew origin means “the Lord is my God.”
  4. Hayden – This is an English baby name meaning “heather-grown hill.”
  5. Lowen – This Cornish baby name means “joy.”
  6. Remy – This is a French and Latin name meaning “oarsman.” You can also choose to spell this name as “Remi.”
  7. Rumi – This Japanese name meaning “beauty,” “lapis lazuli” (celestial deep blue stone), or “flow” can also make an interesting combination as names for twins with “Remi.”
  8. Skyler – It’s an English and Dutch baby name meaning “scholar.” It can also be spelled as “Skylar.”
  9. Spencer – This is an English baby name meaning “dispenser of provisions” or “house steward.”
  10. Zohar – It’s a Hebrew baby name that means “light” or “brilliance.”

Three-Syllable Nonbinary Names

Some three-syllable names to consider:

  1. Adrian – This is a Greek and Latin name that means “from Hadria” or “the dark one.” Variants can include “Hadrian,” “Adrien,” and “Andrean.”
  2. Amari – This is a Hebrew baby name meaning “eternal.”
  3. Emerson – This English baby name means “son of Emery.” Even with its primarily male meaning, the name is also chosen by some parents as a baby girl name (an example is “Desperate Housewives” actress Teri Hatcher’s daughter).
  4. Emery – This British baby name means “power” or “industrious.”
  5. Indigo – This is a Greek baby name that means “Indian dye.” This is also a deeper shade of blue and is one of the colors of the rainbow.
  6. Legacy – This American name means “inheritance.”
  7. Seneca – It’s a Latin and Native American surname meaning “people of the standing rock.”

Four-Syllable Nonbinary Names

  1. Barcelona – This Spanish place name means “ray,” which comes from the Carthaginian surname “Barca” (ray).
  2. Barthelemy – It’s an English country baby name that means “son of a farmer.” It’s also related to the Hebrew name “Bartholomew,” one of Jesus’ 12 disciples.
  3. Jedidiah – This is a Hebrew boy’s name meaning “beloved of the Lord.” According to biblical accounts, God sent a message to King David through the prophet Nathan to name his second son with Bathsheba as Jedidiah.
  4. Serenity – This English virtue name of French and Latin origins means “calm” and “peaceful.”

More Nonbinary Names By Origins

Nonbinary French Names

  1. Noel – This is a French and British name meaning “Christmas.”
  2. Remi – This is a French variation of Remy, meaning “oarsman.”

Agender Japanese Names

  1. Akira – It’s a Japanese name meaning “bright” or “clear.”
  2. Koda – This is a Japanese and Lakota Sioux name meaning “friend” or “ally.”
  3. Koi – This Japanese nature name, meaning “carp,” can be a lucky name for your baby. The Koi fish symbolizes good fortune in Japan and courage in Buddhist culture.
  4. Zen – This is a Japanese baby name meaning “meditation.”

Nonbinary Spanish Names

  1. Rio – This is a Spanish baby name that means “river.”
  2. Sol – It’s a Spanish, Portuguese, and Norse name meaning “sun.”

Nonbinary Italian Names

  1. Adri – This Italian and European name means “stone” or “mountain.”
  2. Andrea – It’s an Italian and Greek name meaning “manly” but is still popularly used as a baby girl name.
  3. Gianni – This Italian baby name means “God is gracious.”

Nonbinary Irish Names

  1. Adair – This is an Irish and Scottish baby name meaning “oak tree ford.” It’s also considered a Scottish surname that came from the Anglo-Saxon name “Eadgar” or “Edgar,” meaning “rich and prosperous.”
  2. Brecken – This Irish name meaning “freckled” or “speckled” is also an alternate spelling of “Breccan.”
  3. Carlin – This is an Irish name meaning “little champion.”
  4. Fallon – This Irish surname means “leader.”
  5. Kelly – This Irish and English name meaning “war” comes from the Gaelic surname “Ó Ceallaigh,” which means “descendant of Ceallach.” Celebrity names include American singers Kelly Clarkson and Kelly Rowland, and actor Kelly Slater.
  6. Quill – This Irish and English baby name meaning “plume” or “feather” is also a diminutive of the Irish names “Quiller” and “Quillan.”
  7. Quinn – This is an Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic name meaning “descendant of Conn,” “intelligence,” or “chief leader.” It’s a common Irish surname.
  8. Riley – This Irish baby name means “courageous.” It can also be spelled as “Riely” or “Rylee.”
  9. Ryan – This badass Irish baby name means “king” or “ruler,” but is surprisingly used for girls despite the manly name meaning. It can also be spelled as “Rian,” “Ryann,” and “Rayan.”

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