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100+ Matching, Rhyming, or Unique Names For Twin Girls

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Tips & Factors To Consider When Naming Your Twin Girls

Names are essential in establishing one’s identity, but that can be challenging for twins. They share many things, even right from the start. So, should twins also have similar or unique names with totally different meanings?

Some things to consider when choosing your twin girls’ names:

  • Many one-syllable baby girl names can be used as standalone names. They can also be good as nicknames to help tell your twins apart.
  • Try not to choose names that sound the same, even if they have different spellings. Just imagine how people will know how to call the twins out loud if they have the same-sounding names.
  • Some parents don’t choose similar names but pick the same beginning letter/s so their twins can have the same initials. Yet other parents advise against that so the twins can have different initials.

Do Twin Girl Names Need To Match?

No. Many parents choose matching names for their twins for many reasons, such as emphasizing their similarities because they shared the same womb.

It’s also okay to choose unique, individual names because even if your twins have many similarities, they’ll likely want to also have separate identities.

Do whatever works and most importantly feels right for you and your family. 

Themes & Ways To Coordinate Twin Baby Girl Names

If you wish to coordinate your twins’ names, here are some combinations to consider:

  • Matching names (based on meanings or spellings)
  • Rhyming names
  • Popular twin name combinations (celebrity or famous twin names)
  • Twin names for girls that start with the same letter
  • Royal and goddess names
  • Nature-inspired names
  • Girl names with different spellings but similar meanings

We understand that it’s tough to decide whether your little girls should also share similar and rhyming names.

We prepared this list of 100+ names for twin girls with different themes to give you some ideas.

What Are Matching Twin Baby Names For Girls?

Many parents pick matching baby names for their twins. Sometimes they use words with similar meanings, sounds, beginning letters, or other matching combinations, but they don’t always have to rhyme.

Some of our top choices:

  • Catrina & Adriana
  • Delilah & Thalia
  • Donatella & Daniella
  • Gretchen & Genevieve
  • Hope & Faith
  • Karina & Kareemah
  • Mia & Maya
  • Montana & Georgia
  • Naomi & Ruth
  • Scarlett & Sienna

Catrina & Adriana

Catrina is a form of “Katherina,” a Germanic name that means “pure.” You can also choose to spell this as “Katrina.”

Adrianna is a Latin name meaning “dark” or “of the Adriatic.” It can also be spelled as “Adriana.”

Delilah & Thalia

Delilah is an ancient name with Hebrew and Arabic origins, while Thalia has Greek roots.

Delilah means “delicate.” It’s one of the easily recognizable biblical names for girls because Delilah was the love interest of Samson, a man famous for his great strength.

Thalia isn’t a biblical name, but it’s the name of one of the nine Muses or ancient Greek goddesses of music, dance, and song.

Donatella & Daniella

Donatella is an Italian girl name that means “gift of God.”

Daniella is the feminine version of “Daniel,” a biblical boy nameof Hebrew origin. The name means “God is my judge.” Daniel was known as the brave man who was thrown into the lions’ den because he won’t stop praying to God instead of the king. In the Bible story, the king (who’s actually his friend) was amazed and praised God when Daniel survived the entire night, unharmed in the hungry lions’ den.

Gretchen & Genevieve

Gretchen is a charming girl name of German origin. It means “pearl” and is a variant of “Margaret.”

Genevieve is a French girl name that means “of the race of women.” It also has a Germanic origin and is believed to come from “Genovefa” or “Kenowefa.”

Hope & Faith

Hope is a name that comes from the Old English word “hopian,” which means “positive expectations.”

Faith is a name that comes from the Latin word “fides,” which means “trust.”

Both one-syllable girl names are popular as standalone names or as names for twin girls.

Karina & Kareemah

Karina is a Scandinavian name meaning “love.”

Kareemah is an Arabic name that means “generous.”

Mia & Maya

Mia has multi-cultural origins. It is believed to come from the ancient Egyptian word “Mr” meaning “beloved,” or the Italian word “mia,” meaning “mine.” It is also related to the Slavic name “Mila,” meaning “darling,” or the Hebrew name “Miryam,” meaning “lady of the sea.”

Maya is a variation of the Greek goddess name “Maia,” a consort of Zeus who became the mother of the Greek god Hermes.

Montana & Georgia

Montana and Georgia are beautiful country names for your baby girl. They can also be used as middle names.

Montana means “mountain,” and Georgia means “farmer.”

Naomi & Ruth

Naomi and Ruth are well-known biblical names whose story symbolizes love and loyalty.

According to the Bible, Naomi was an Israelite. Her sons took Moabites as wives when they moved out of Bethlehem during a famine. Ruth is one of Naomi’s Moabite daughters-in-law.

Naomi decided to return to Israel, her home, when her husband and two sons died. She let her sons’ wives go back to their homes so they could find new husbands, a custom of the time. But Ruth refused to leave her side, telling her that they’re family now. She said that Naomi’s people would be her people, and wherever her mother-in-law went, she would follow.

Naomi means “pleasantness,” and Ruth means “compassionate friend.” Both names have Hebrew origins.

Scarlett & Sienna

Matching color names, Scarlett is a French name that means “red,” while Sienna is a Latin girl name that relates to the city of Sienna, known for its iron-rich clay color. The color sienna was named after this city.

Rhyming Names For Twins

Rhyming names are a popular choice for naming twin boysand girls alike. Here are some of the most popular namesthat rhyme for girl twins:

  • Anabelle & Mirabelle
  • Bailey & Hailey
  • Bea & Lea
  • Belinda & Melinda
  • Brianna & Arianna
  • Cara & Sara
  • Elvira & Alvara
  • Isabella & Gabriella
  • Jillian & Lillian
  • Justine & Christine
  • Kaylee & Haylee
  • Macy & Lucy
  • Marissa & Clarissa
  • Miranda & Amanda
  • Nicolette & Juliette
  • Noelle & Joelle
  • Polly & Molly
  • Vanessa & Theresa
  • Zoe & Chloe

Anabelle & Mirabelle

Anabelle is a French girl name that means “favored beauty.” It can also be spelled as “Annabelle” and comes from the combination of “Ana” or “Anna” (grace or favor) and “Belle” (beautiful lady).

Mirabelle is of Latin origin and means “wondrous beauty.”

Bailey & Hailey

Bailey is a gender-neutral name that can have different meanings. In Middle English and Old French, it’s considered an occupational name used for officials and stewards. In British English, it means “city fortification,” “bailiff,” or “berry clearing.”

Hailey is also a unisex name with different meanings. In British and Old English, the name means “hay’s meadow,” which was derived from the words “heg” (hay) and “leah” (“meadow” or “clearing”). It means “hero” in Norse and “wise one” as an Irish name.

Bea & Lea

Bea is an American name that means “blessed” or “bringer of happiness.”

Lea is a Hebrew name that means “delicate” and can also be spelled as “Leah.” It also means “weary,” an allusion to the biblical Leah, the wife of the patriarch Jacob. He didn’t love her because he preferred her sister, Rachel.

Belinda & Melinda

Belinda is an Old Spanish name that means “beautiful.”

Melinda has Latin roots and means “sweet.”

Brianna & Arianna

Brianna is an Irish girl name that means “noble,” “high,” or “exalted.” It can also mean “strong.” You can try other spellings for this name, including “Breeana,” “Briannah,” “Briana,” and “Breeanna.”

Arianna has old Greek and Italian roots. The name means “most holy” and can be spelled as “Ariana,” “Aryana,” or “Aryonna.” It’s also considered another form of “Ariadne.”

Cara & Sara

Cara is a charming name with Irish, Latin, and Italian roots. It means “friend,” “loved one,” “darling,” or “beloved.” This can also be a pet name for girls or an endearment term.

Sara is a Hebrew name that means “princess.” This name can also be spelled as “Sarah.”

Elvira & Alvara

Elvira is an Italian name meaning “elf warrior.” It can also mean “the one who speaks the truth” in Spanish.

Alvara also has Italian and Spanish roots. The name also means “elf warrior” or “army of elves.”

Isabella & Gabriella

Isabella is the Spanish and Italian variant of the Hebrew name “Elisheba,” which means “God is my oath.” Its root word is “Isa,” which can also be used as a baby boy name; it means “salvation of God.”

Gabriella is the Italian form of “heroine of God” and the female version of “Gabriel.” This popular angel name can also be spelled as “Gabriela” (Spanish form) or Gabrielle (French form).

If you choose the other forms of “Gabriella,” you can also pick the matching form for “Isabella”:

  • Gabrielle – Isabelle
  • Gabriela – Isabela

Jillian & Lillian

Jillian is a name with Latin origins and means “youthful.” It can also be spelled as “Gillian.”

Lillian also has Latin roots and means “purity” or “lily” (the flower).

Justine & Christine

Justine is a female baby name with French and Latin origins. It means “fair,” “just,” and “right.” It’s usually considered a female-only name, with “Justin” as its male form.

Christine is an English name that means “follower of Christ.” It also has French, German, Scandinavian, Irish, and Dutch variations.

Kaylee & Haylee

Kaylee is a British name that means “crown” or “laurel.” It also has Arabic and Irish roots.

Haylee is also a British name. It means “hay meadow” and can be spelled as “Hailey,” “Halle,” “Hailee,” or other variations you want.

Macy & Lucy

Macy and Lucy are popular baby names that can be used both as nicknames and first names.

Macy is a gender-neutral name with French roots that mean “hill” or “weapon,” while Lucy has Latin origins and means “light.”

Marissa & Clarissa

Marissa is an old-fashioned girl name that means “of the sea.”

Clarissa comes from the Latin name “Clara” and means “bright” or “famous.”

Miranda & Amanda

Miranda is a Latin name that means “to be admired” or “to be wondered at.”

Amanda is also a Latin name. It means “worthy of love” or “loveable.”

Nicolette & Juliette

Nicolette is a French girl name that means “victory of the people.” It also has roots in the badass girl name “Nike,” the winged goddess of victory in Greek mythology.

Juliette has Latin origin and means “youthful” or “Jove’s child.” This name is also considered one of the female name variants of Julius, son of the Roman god Jove.

Noelle & Joelle

Noelle is the female form of “Noel.” Both names have German, French, and English roots. They come from the French word “noël,” which means “Christmas” or “the Lord’s birthday.”

Joelle is a French girl name that means “God will be willing” or “Jehovah is God.”

Polly & Molly

Polly is a Latin name that means “star of the sea.”

Molly is considered to be another form of “Mary” and can also mean “star of the sea” or “bitter.”

Vanessa & Theresa

Vanessa is a British girl name that means “butterfly.” Its Latin form can also be linked to Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

Theresa has Greek roots and means “late summer.” It also holds the meaning of “to harvest” in Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Zoe & Chloe

Zoe means life. The Greek name comes from the translation of “Eve.”

Chloe is also a Greek girl name. It means “fertility” or “blooming.”

Cool Names For Twin Girls

  • Bryne & Bryce
  • Elsa & Anna
  • Melody & Harmony
  • Paige & Sage
  • Sofia & Stella
  • Symphony & Rhapsody

Bryne & Bryce

Bryne is a Norwegian name that means “meadow.”

Bryce is a Gaelic name meaning “quick” or “speedy.”

Elsa & Anna

These Disney princess names have recently increased in popularity due to the animated film “Frozen.” Still, these names also have great meanings.

Elsa is an English name that means “My God is bountiful” or “God of plenty.”

Anna has Roman and Hebrew origins. It means “grace” or “favor.”

Melody & Harmony

Melody has Greek origins and means “song” or “music.”

Harmony is also a musical name for girls. It means “unity” or “concord.” The name is also related to the Greek goddess Harmonia or the Roman goddess Concordia.

Paige & Sage

Paige is a gender-neutral French name that means “young servant.” It’s an old-fashioned name that dates back to Medieval times.

Sage is a one-syllable name with English and Latin roots. It means “sage” (aromatic spice) in English or “wise” and “healthy” in Latin.

Sofia & Stella

Sofia is a classic Greek name that means “wisdom.” It can also be spelled as “Sophia.”

Stella is a Latin and Italian name that means “celestial star.”

Symphony & Rhapsody

Symphony is a musical name that comes from the Greek word meaning “musical piece.” The name can also symbolize cohesiveness and harmony.

Rhapsody is an ecstatic expression of enthusiasm or feeling. It also has Greek origins, meaning “an epic poem” or “a portion of an epic poem that was adapted for recitation.”

What Are Unique Names For Twins?

  • Giselle & Gwenaëlle
  • Okoye & Otrera
  • Rebel & Rogue
  • Savannah & Sahara
  • Shuri & Sierra

Giselle & Gwenaëlle

Giselle is a French and German name that means “bright pledge” or “beautiful, just like the stars.” It can also be spelled as “Gisel,” “Gisele,” “Gisselle,” or “Gisela.”

Gwenaëlle is a French name that means “blessed and generous.” You can also spell it as “Gwennelle,” “Gwenelle,” “Gwenele,” “Gwennele,” “Gwennale,” or “Gwennelle,” or “Gwennele.”

Okoye & Otrera

Okoye is a Nigerian name that means “protector.” In popular culture, Okoye is the badass leader of the female-only elite forces of Wakanda (a fictional African nation in Marvel’s “Avengers” series).

Otrera is a Greek name that means “mother of the Amazons.” According to Greek mythology, she’s a demigoddess and the first queen of the Amazons, known as a tribe of fierce female warriors.

Rebel & Rogue

Rebel is an English and Latin name that means “a defiant person.” It comes from “bellum,” the Latin word for “war.”

Rogue is an English name that means “unpredictable.”

While both names sound like they’re for troublemakers, some parents think these are strong, badass names for their baby girls.

Savannah & Sahara

Shuri is a name with Japanese and African origins. It means “village.” The name has become popular in recent years because Shuri is a genius inventor and the princess of Wakanda in the “Avengers” series.

Sierra is a Spanish girl name that means “mountain range.” It comes from “serra,” the Latin word for “jagged.”

  • Amelie & Aimee
  • Ashlyn & Brooklyn
  • Honor & Liberty
  • Jezebel & Abigail
  • Olivia & Amelia

Amelie & Aimee

Amelie is a French and German name meaning “industrious.” Other variants include “Amelia,” “Emelie,” Amelly,” and “Emily.”

Aimee is a French and Latin name that means “the beloved one.” It can also be spelled as “Aimia,” “Amy,” “Aimie,” and “Amie.”

Ashlyn & Brooklyn

Ashlyn is an Irish name that means “dream.” It’s a variation of the name “Aisling.”

Brooklyn is an English name meaning “one who lives near a brook.” It’s also used as a first name to honor Brooklyn, a borough in New York City.

Honor & Liberty

Honor is an Old English name that means “dignity.”

Liberty comes from an Old English or Old French word “liberté” that means “freedom.”

Jezebel & Abigail

Jezebel is a Hebrew name meaning “pure” or “virginal.” It’s also believed to be a variation of “Isabella.”

Abigail is also a Hebrew name. It means “a father’s joy.”

Olivia & Amelia

Olivia has Latin origins and means “from the olive tree.”

Amelia is also a name of Latin origin. It means “industriousness.”

Nature-Inspired Girl Names For Twins

Nature-inspired baby names are also a popular choice for twins. Many parents pick flower names for girls, but other plant or animal names can also be nice.

Some examples of common nature names for twins:

  • Aspen & Ashley
  • Autumn & Summer
  • Beck & Brynn
  • Dahlia & Daffodil
  • Fern & Fawn
  • Forsythia & Freesia
  • Jade & Ruby
  • Kalina & Kamala
  • Lavender & Lilac
  • Magnolia & Zinnia
  • Storm & Sky
  • Wren & Dove

Aspen & Ashley

These gender-neutral names have strong connotations because they’re related to trees.

Aspen is an English name that means “Aspen tree.”

Ashley is an Old English name that can mean different things, including “Ash tree” and “happy.”

Autumn & Summer

These season names can be used as first or middle names for twins. They’re also considered unisex names.

Summer is a gender-neutral name that comes from the English word for the warmest season of the year.

Autumn has Latin origins but is also accepted as an English term for the “fall” season.

Beck & Brynn

Beck is a Germanic, Old Norse, and Hebrew name that means “brook” or “a small stream.”

Brynn is a gender-neutral Welsh name meaning “hill.”

Dahlia & Daffodil

These matching flower names can be a nice pick for your twin girls.

Dahlia is a Swedish and Scandinavian name that means “Dahl’s flower.” It has multi-layered flower petals and is available in variants of different colors.

Daffodil is a Dutch and Greek name that means “yellow flower.” This spring flower is known for its bright, yellow blossoms.

Fern & Fawn

Fawn is an English name that means “young deer.”

Fern is an Anglo-Saxon and Old English name that refers to a green plant that loves the shade.

Forsythia & Freesia

Forsythia is a Scottish name that means “Forsyth’s flower.” This bright yellow flower was named after Scottish botanist William Forsyth.

Freesia is a German and English name meaning “Freese’s flower.” It’s a perennial flowering plant named after German botanist and physician Friedrich Freese.

Jade & Ruby

Jade is a green gem or precious stone. The name has British origins.

Ruby is the name of a red gemstone. The name has Latin and French origins.

You can mix and match these names with other gemstones, including “Pearl,” “Amber,” “Sapphire,” and “Emerald.”

Kalina & Kamala

Kalina is a flower name with Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Polish origins. It’s another name for the flowers of the viburnum evergreen tree that come in white, cream, or pale pink.

Kamala is a Hindu and Indian flower name meaning “lotus flower.” It’s also another name for Lakshmi, a Hindu goddess.

Lavender & Lilac

Lavender is an English name for a purple or violet flower. This flowering plant species has silvery-green foliage and upright flower spikes.

Lilac is a Persian flower name meaning “bluish or lilac color.” This plant blooms in early spring and has purple or white flowers.

Magnolia & Zinnia

Magnolia is a flower whose name has Latin and English origins. The flower has white, pink, or purple petals. It was named after French botanist Pierre Magnol.

Zinnia is a flower with German, Latin, and English name origins. The long-stemmed flowers have red, pink, orange, or yellow petals. It was named after German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn.

Storm & Sky

Storm is a gender-neutral name of British origin. It means “storm” or “tempest.”

Sky is also a gender-neutral name of Scandinavian and Old Norse origins. It means “sky” or “heavens.”

Some parents pick these names as pet names for their twins instead of using them as first names. Still, these also make nice middle names.

Wren & Dove

Wren is a British name that means a small, brown songbird. Although it’s a small bird, it’s used in Celtic folklore in association with writers, musicians, poets, and songwriters because of their lilting, pleasant songs.

Dove is an American name associated with the bird used to symbolize love and peace.

Royal & Goddess Names For Your Twins

According to Greek mythology, twelve gods and goddesses are known to have ruled Mount Olympus. However, there are actually thousands of minor gods and goddesses that supposedly defined the lives of the people.

Most of these Greek goddesses also have counterparts with Roman goddesses who have similar powers, stories, or relationships.

Some suggestions for using these goddess names for your twin girls:

  • Pair the most powerful and best-known goddesses with each other
  • Opt for the lesser-known goddesses with interesting names and realms
  • Pick the Greek-and-Roman counterparts

Aside from the goddess names, we also added some royal choices to this list:

  • Althea & Athena
  • Ananke & Necessitas
  • Artemis & Diana
  • Aurora & Asteria
  • Calliope & Calypso
  • Clotho & Nona
  • Demeter & Ceres
  • Elizabeth & Victoria
  • Flora & Maia
  • Gaia & Terra
  • Harmonia & Concordia
  • Iris & Aura
  • Juno & Hera
  • Nyx & Nike
  • Phoebe & Penelope
  • Shachi & Lakshmi
  • Selene & Luna
  • Venus & Aphrodite

Althea & Athena

Althea is the Greek goddess of healing and compassion. She’s known as a friend of the silver dragons.

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, skilled peacetime pursuits, and crafts. She’s an Olympian god (one of the twelve gods of Mount Olympus) and among the most powerful goddesses. She’s also the patroness of weaving and spinning.

Minerva is Athena’s counterpart in Roman mythology. She’s the goddess of the arts, handicrafts, professions, and war.

So, you can also try the combination of Athena and Minerva for your twin girls instead of Althea and Athena.

Ananke & Necessitas

Ananke is a primordial Greek goddess who was among the first-generation, self-created gods and goddesses that represented fundamental forces. These primordial goddesses appeared before the Titans (giant gods) or the Olympian gods existed.

Ananke is known as the first to have power over fate because she’s the goddess of necessity, inevitability, and compulsion.

Necessitas is Ananke’s counterpart in Roman mythology. She has the same powers as Ananke.

Artemis & Diana

Artemis is the Greek goddess of domestic and wild animals, and the hunt. She’s a powerful goddess who can turn into an animal, control nature, and even temporarily transform people into animals.

Diana is Artemis’ Roman counterpart. Like Artemis, she’s also the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, and domestic animals. She’s also considered a virgin goddess but is the protector of childbirth.

Aurora & Asteria

Aurora is a Latin name meaning “dawn.” She’s the Roman goddess of the dawn.

Asteria is the Titan goddess of falling stars and nocturnal oracles.

Aurora’s Greek counterpart is Eos. So, Aurora and Eos can also be an option for your twin girls, aside from Aurora and Asteria.

Calliope & Calypso

Calliope is the Greek goddess of eloquence and the muse of epic poetry. She has a lyre (a musical instrument) as a symbol.

Calypso is a powerful Greek goddess who ruled the seas. This badass goddess holds so much power that she can read minds, cause sudden forgetfulness in humans, and alter the age of mortals and gods just by touching their cheeks.

Clotho & Nona

Clotho is one of the Greek Moirai (Three Fates). Her power is to spin the thread of human life, so her name also means “the spinner of fate.”

Nona is Clotho’s Roman counterpart and is known as one of the personifications of destiny. She’s also the Roman goddess of pregnancy.

Demeter & Ceres

Demeter is the Greek goddess of plants, fertility, agriculture, and the growth of food plants. She also has power over the cycle of life and death. She presides over the sacred law.

Ceres is Demeter’s Roman counterpart. She’s the goddess of agriculture, grains, cultivated crops, the harvest, fertility, motherhood, and the Earth.

Elizabeth & Victoria

These are regal names for some of the most famous queens of the United Kingdom. Their names also have beautiful meanings.

Elizabeth has Hebrew origins and means “God is my oath.”

Victoria has Latin and Roman origins. The name means “victory.” In Roman mythology, Victoria is the goddess of victory.

Flora & Maia

Flora is the Roman goddess of springtime and flowers. Her name has Latin origins and means “flower.”

Maia is the Greek goddess of springtime. Her name has Greek origins and means “mother” or “great.”

Gaia & Terra

Gaia is a primordial Greek goddess and also the personification of the Earth. Her name also means “Mother Earth,” and she’s known as the great mother of all creation.

Terra is Gaia’s Roman counterpart. Her name also means “Mother Earth.” She’s responsible for earthquakes, agriculture, fertility, and marriage.

Harmonia & Concordia

Harmonia is the Greek goddess of both harmony and concord. She has powers to preside over marital harmony and to solve strife or discord.

Concordia is Harmonia’s Roman counterpart. She also embodies agreement, not just in marriage but also in society.

Iris & Aura

Iris is the goddess and the personification of the rainbow. She’s also the goddess of the sea and sky, as well as the messenger of the gods.

Aura is the Titan god of the breeze and morning air. She’s known as a follower and companion of Artemis (goddess of hunting).

Arcus is Iris’ Roman counterpart. You can opt to pair Iris with Arcus or pick Aura.

Juno & Hera

Juno is the Roman queen goddess, protector of the Roman people, and the special counselor of the state. She’s married to Jupiter, the king of the Roman gods.

Hera is Juno’s Greek counterpart. She’s the chief goddess as well as the goddess of women, family, marriage, and childbirth. She’s one of the most powerful Olympians, ruling from Mount Olympus with her brother-husband, Zeus (chief Greek god).

Nyx & Nike

Nyx is the Greek goddess and the personification of the night. She’s known to be among the most powerful among the gods and goddesses. Even Zeus feared her. Despite being the king of the Olympian gods as well as the god of thunder and sky, Zeus was believed to be too scared to enter Nyx’s caves.

Nike is the Greek goddess of victory. She’s honored both in war and in friendly, peaceful competition.

Nike’s Roman counterpart is Victoria, so you can also opt to pair them instead.

Phoebe & Penelope

Phoebe has the gift of prophecy and is the Titan goddess of the moon. Her name has Greek origins and means “radiant” or “bright.”

Penelope isn’t a goddess but is celebrated for her faithfulness, feminine virtue, and patience. She’s the wife of the Greek hero Odysseus and the Queen of Ithaca. Despite the hero’s 20-year absence and having numerous suitors, she remained faithful to her husband.

Shachi & Lakshmi

Shachi is the queen of the devas in Hinduism. She’s the ruler of the planet Venus and the consort of the King of the Gods, Indra. She’s described as proud, beautiful, and kind.

Lakshmi is a goddess in Hinduism for good fortune and wealth. She’s known as the wife of Vishnu, the god of Preservation. She also has the divine power to transform dreams into reality.

Selene & Luna

Selene is the goddess of the moon, often depicted as a beautiful woman driving her moon chariot across the sky.

Luna is Selene’s Roman counterpart. She’s also the goddess of the full moon and in heaven.

Venus & Aphrodite

Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and sex. She has more powers than her Greek goddess counterpart, Aphrodite, because she is also considered a goddess of victory and even prostitution.

Aphrodite is the sultry Greek goddess of beauty and sexual love. She was also considered the goddess of eternal youth.

Twin Girl Names With Different Spellings But Similar Meanings

Many baby names can have different spellings in different languages, but their meanings remain the same or similar. Some examples are:

  • Aaliyah & Brigitte
  • Alana & Aoife
  • Alexandra & Sasha
  • Angelica & Seraphina
  • Anna & Annika
  • Blossom & Fleur
  • Bonaventure & Felicita
  • Elena & Eleonora
  • Elisheba & Amarisa
  • Heaven & Nevaeh
  • Jane & Shane
  • Katherine & Catriona
  • Lanthe & Violet
  • Sonia & Zosia

Aaliyah & Brigitte

Aaliyah has Arabic origins and means “highborn,” “exalted,” and “sublime.”

Brigitte has French and Celtic origins. The name also means “the holy or exalted one” and comes from the word “briganti,” a Celtic word that means “mighty” or “exalted.”

Alana & Aoife

Alana has Gaelic origins and means “beauty.”

Aoife has Irish, Gaelic, and Scottish roots. The name means “beautiful” or “radiant.”

Alexandra & Sasha

Both names have Greek origins and mean “defender of humankind.” They’re also feminine variants of the male warrior name “Alexander.”

Angelica & Seraphina

Angelica and Seraphina are names related to angels. Angelica is derived from the Latin word “angelicus” (angelic) or the Greek word “ángelos” (messenger of God), while Seraphina means “burning ones” after the fiery seraphim (red-winged) angels.

Anna & Annika

These names mean “graceful” or “God has favored me.”

Blossom & Fleur

Both names mean “flower,” but Blossom has British origins while Fleur comes from Old French.

Bonaventura & Felicita

These names mean “good fortune,” but Bonaventura has Italian origins while Felicita comes from Latin and Roman.

Elena & Eleonora

These names mean “shining light.”

Elena has Italian, Spanish, and Greek roots, while Eleonora has Italian and Greek origins.

Elisheba & Amarisa

These names have Hebrew origins and mean “promised by God” and “God is abundance.”

Heaven & Nevaeh

Heaven is an Old English name that means “home of the gods,” while Nevaeh is an invented modern name that spells “heaven” backward.

Jane & Shane

These names mean “God is gracious.” However, Jane has English origins, while Shane has Irish roots.

Katherine & Catriona

Both these names mean “pure.” They’re variants of the ancient Greek name “Aikaterine.”

Lanthe & Violet

Lanthe is a Greek name that means “violet flower.” It’s a variant of the name “Iolanthe.”

Violet comes from the Latin term “viola,” which means “violet (color)” or “purple.”

Sonia & Zosia

Sonia is the Russian variant of the Greek name “Sophia” or “Sofia,” meaning “wisdom.” It can be spelled as “Sonya” or “Sonja.”

Zosia is the Polish version of the “Sophia.”

Gender-Neutral Names For Twin Girls

You can also mix and match gender-neutral names for your twin girls. Some examples include:

  • Arya & Aiden
  • Dakota & Finley
  • Dylan & Finn

Arya & Aiden

Arya is a gender-neutral name of Sanskrit origin. It means “noble” and hails from Sanskrit-speaking places like Indonesia, Iran, and India. It can also mean “song” or “melody.”

Aiden is a gender-neutral name with Irish and Gaelic roots. It means “little fire” and hails from the name “Aodh,” the Celtic god of the sun and fire.

Dakota & Finley

Dakota is a country name with Native American Sioux tribe origins. It means “friend” or “ally” and is also used to honor the city of Dakota, Minnesota.

Finley has Irish origins and means “fair-haired courageous one” or “blond warrior.”

Dylan & Finn

Dylan is a Welsh name that means “son of the sea” or “born from the ocean.” It began as a boy name but later became a gender-neutral name.

Finn is an Irish name that means “fair” or “white.” It originated from “Fionn.” According to the Irish legend, mythological hero Fionn Mac Cumhaill (also known as Finn McCool) acquired immeasurable wisdom when he tasted the Salmon of Knowledge.

Short Names With One Or Two Syllables For Twin Girls

  • Ali & Aya
  • Aria & Cora
  • Ava & Ari
  • Blaire & Leigh
  • Emma & Ella
  • Isla & Lela
  • Lex & Lu
  • Lily & Ivy
  • Mila & Mariel

Ali & Ari

Ali is a gender-neutral Arabic name that means “exalted” or “high.” It can also be spelled as “Ally,” “Aly,” or “Allie.”

Aya has Arabic and Hebrew roots. It means “bird” or “to fly swiftly” in Hebrew and “amazing,” “wonderful,” “verse,” or “miracle” in Arabic.

Aria & Cora

Aria is an Italian name that means “song” or “melody.” This musical name also has other meanings in different languages. It means “noble” in Persian and “lioness” in Greek.

Cora is a girl name with Greek and Latin origins. It comes from the name “Kore,” which means “daughter” or “maiden.”

Ava & Ari

Ava has German, Persian, Latin, and Hebrew roots. It means “lively” or “like a bird.”

Ari is a Hebrew name that means “lion of gold.” It’s a gender-neutral name that can also be spelled as “Arie.” It’s also the base for girl names like “Ariel” and “Ariella.”

Blaire & Leigh

Blaire is a gender-neutral name with Gaelic and Scottish origins. It means “field.”

Leigh is also a gender-neutral English name meaning “meadow” or “pasture.”

Emma & Ella

Emma has English and German roots. The name means “universal” or “whole.”

Ella has English, German, and Spanish roots. It means “girl” or “feminine.”

Isla & Lela

Isla is a Scottish and Spanish girl name that means “island.”

Lela has Spanish, French, and Swahili origins. It can mean “lofty” in Spanish, “loyal” or “faithful” in French, and “black beauty” in Swahili.

Lex & Lu

Lex is a short form of “Alexandra,” a Greek name that means “defender.”

Lu is an English name and short form of “Louis,” which means “renowned warrior.”

Lily & Ivy

Lily is an English name that symbolizes purity and innocence. It’s named after the white lily flower.

Ivy is an English and Latin name that symbolizes eternity and fidelity. It comes from the Old English word “ïfig,” which means “vine.”

Mila & Mariel

Mila is a girl name that has Spanish, Italian, and Russian roots. It means “miracles” in Italian and Spanish (as a short form for “Milagros”) or “dear one” and “gracious” in Russian.

Mariel is French, Dutch, Latin, and Spanish girl name meaning “star of the sea.”

Twin Names For Girls That Begin With The Same Letter

Many parents opt to name their twins with different names that start with the same letters. Some examples include the following:

  • Annika & Annalise
  • Caroline & Charlotte
  • Hazel & Harper
  • Meredith & Melissa
  • Nichola & Natasha
  • Rheanna & Rebecca
  • Veda & Vega
  • Veronica & Valentina

Annika & Annalise

Annika is a form of “Anne” and can have different meanings or spelling variations in different languages. The name can mean “graceful and merciful” in its Germanic origin. It can also mean “unique,” “gracious,” and “sweet-faced” in its English form.

Annalise is a girl name with Latin and German origins. It can mean “oath of God” in German or “graced with God’s bounty” in Latin.

Caroline & Charlotte

These timeless names originated from ancient times but continue to be popular for parents even in modern times.

Caroline is an old-fashioned name of English, German, and French origins. It’s one of the female versions of “Charles” and means “a free man or woman.” The name can also mean “strong” or “a song of happiness.”

Charlotte is another variation of “Caroline” or a female version of “Charles.” Like “Caroline” and similar variants, it comes from the Germanic name “Karl.”

Hazel & Harper

Hazel is an English name that means “from the hazel tree.” It’s also a symbol of authority and protection.

Harper is an occupational name from medieval Europe that means “someone who plays the harp (a musical instrument).”

Meredith & Melissa

Meredith started as a gender-neutral name of Welsh origins. It means “great ruler.” Today, the name is more often used for girls rather than as a boy name.

Melissa comes from the Greek word “mélissa,” which means “bee.” The name can also mean “sweet as honey.”

Nichola & Natasha

Nichola is a strong girl name with Greek origins. It means “victory of the people” and is one of the modern forms of “Nike,” the Greek goddess of victory.

Natasha is a girl name with Russian, Latin, Slavic, and Greek origins. The name means “birthday of the Lord.” It’s a popular name chosen by fans of Natasha Romanoff, the fictional S.H.I.E.L.D. special agent and one of the “Avengers.”

Rheanna & Rebecca

Rheanna is a Welsh name that means “great queen” or “great goddess.”

Rebecca is a biblical girl name with Hebrew origins. It comes from the Hebrew name “Rivkah,” which originated from the word “ribqah” (to tie or bind).

Veda & Vega

Veda is a name that originated from Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language). It means “knowledge” or “wisdom” and was derived from the Sanskrit word “véda,” which comes from “vid” (to know).

Vega is a name with Arabic, Scandinavian, and Spanish origins. This badass name means “falling vulture” or “swooping eagle” in Arabic and Scandinavian. It can also mean “one who lives in the meadow” in Spanish.

Veronica & Valentina

Veronica is a girl name with Latin and Italian origins. It means “truth.” The name is popular among devout Catholics because of St. Veronica. Roman Catholics believe that St. Veronica used her veil to wipe Jesus’ face on his way to the crucifixion site, Golgotha. Jesus’ image supposedly transferred to the veil. So, in many medieval artworks, St. Veronica is depicted as a woman carrying a veil with Jesus’ image.

Valentina comes from Latin, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Roman origins. The name means “she who brings victory” or “true image.” It’s also the Italian female form of “Valentinus,” a Latin male name.

Aside from the names above, you can also find inspiration from our other lists of baby names that start with letters you might consider for your little one:

You can also find ideas from our list of gender-neutral and boy names starting with J.

What Are Some Famous Twin Names?

  • Conjoined twins Abigail Loraine and Brittany Lee Hensel
  • English fashion designer Charlotte and DJ, singer, and songwriter Samantha Ronson
  • Swedish models and social media personalities Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta
  • Brazilian fashion supermodel Gisele and her manager Patricia Bündchen
  • Hallie Parker and Annie James (fictional characters both played by Lindsay Lohan in the 1998 movie “The Parent Trap”)
  • Models Kelsey and Baylee Soles
  • American actresses Linda and Leslie Hamilton
  • Child stars and entrepreneurs Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
  • British fashion models May and Ruth Bell

Celebrity Twin Names For Girls

Here are some of the baby names that celebrities picked for their twins:

  • Aquinnah & Schuyler – daughters of actor Michael J. Fox
  • Ava & Stella – daughters of actress Peri Gilpin
  • Banks and Blaise – daughters of Willow Palin (Sarah Palin’s daughter)
  • Barbara & Jenna – daughters of former US president George W. Bush
  • Chandler and Sawyer – daughters of NFL star Matthew Stafford
  • D’Lila & Jessie – daughters of rapper P Diddy
  • Emory & Betsy – daughters of singer-songwriter Hillary Scott 
  • Estere and Stella – daughters of singer-songwriter Madonna 
  • Eva & Kathleen – daughters of musician Martie Maguire (Dixie Chicks)
  • Grace & Ava – daughters of soccer player Mia Hamm
  • Grace & Isabella – daughters of Filipino-American actor Lou Diamond Phillips
  • Grace & Stella – daughters of singer-songwriter Dave Matthews
  • Harper & Finley – daughters of singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley
  • Jocelyn & Paige – daughters of film director Ron Howard
  • Peggy & Patsy – daughters of singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn
  • Savannah & Eden – daughters of actress Marcia Cross
  • Shiloh & Luna – daughters of actress Kristen Wiig

Twin Names For Boy & Girl Babies

  • Addison & Eriksen (unisex and boy name)
  • Nielsen & Madison (boy and unisex name)
  • Theodore & Tabitha (classic boy and girl names)

Some Twin Boy Names

Here are some name suggestions to choose for your twin boys:

  • Caleb & Moses
  • Elijah & Noah
  • Oliver & George
  • Mason & Kason

You can also mix and match other baby boy names from these lists we made:

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