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240+ Mermaid Names & Other Ocean-Inspired Choices

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Many mermaid names are unique names coming from myths and legends worldwide, while others are popular names from movies, such as the Disney animated film, “The Little Mermaid.”

In Greek mythology, there are 50 nereids (sea nymphs) who are daughters of the sea god Nereus and Doris (daughter of Oceanus, the Titan god of the river). 

Amazingly, there are over 3,000 oceanids (nymphs). They’re daughters of Titans Oceanus (or Okeanos) and Tethys.

You might have also heard of the “Norfolk mermaids.” These mermaid installations, particularly sculptures, are located in different places in Norfolk, Virginia.

Most of the 240+ mermaid names and other ocean-inspired choices below are for baby girls, but some are also gender-neutral or merman names for little boys.


Mermaid Names By Category

  1. Ariel (Hebrew) – Disney princess name for “The Little Mermaid,” the daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena; also a biblical girl name that means “lion of God
  2. Athena (Greek girl name) – Queen Athena, Ariel’s mother in “The Little Mermaid”; also the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare
  3. Coral (Latin) – Nature name for the stony underwater structures often found in reefs where mermaids supposedly love to swim around
  4. Dione (Greek name) – Nereid known as “the divine”
  5. Doris (Greek) – In Greek Mythology, oceanid of the sea’s bounty whose name means “gift of the ocean”; mermaid from the “Princess Salon” collection (a game app)
  6. Lorelei (German girl name) – “Alluring” or “temptress”; legendary siren often depicted with a mermaid tail
  7. Marielle (Latin, Dutch, and French girl name) – “Drop of the sea” or “beloved”
  8. Melody (Greek) – “Song”; Ariel’s daughter and the protagonist of the sequel, “The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
  9. Pearl (Latin) – Underwater gem name; mermaid in the series “Mermaid Tales” and “The Little Mermaid” TV show


The Little Mermaid

  1. Aquanta (Latin and Greek) – Ariel’s sister in “The Little Mermaid
  2. Arista (Greek) – Also Ariel’s sister in “The Little Mermaid
  3. Attina (Greek) – “Wise”; another one of Ariel’s sisters in “The Little Mermaid


Mako Mermaids

  1. Amaris (Hebrew) – Mermaid from “Mako: Island of Secrets”; also a biblical name meaning “promised by God
  2. Lyla (Hebrew) – “Dark” or “night”; a mermaid in the TV series, “Mako Mermaids
  3. Maya (Greek, Latin, Spanish, and Hebrew) – “Water”; a mermaid in “Mako: Island of Secrets
  4. Sirena (Greek and Spanish girl name) – “Mermaid” or “entangler”; mermaid from the show “Mako: Island of Secrets



  1. Madison (German and English unisex name) – “Child of Matthew”; mermaid in the movie, “Splash


Other Pop Culture Mermaids

  1. Amelia (Hebrew) – “Work”; mermaid from “Waverly and the Magic Seashellstoy series 
  2. Astrid (Scandinavian and Old Norse) – “Divinely beautiful”; one of the mermaids in “The Waterfire Saga” book series
  3. Atlanna (Greek) – Fictional mermaid queen and mother to Aquaman (an American superhero)
  4. Ava (Romansh, a Gallo-Romance language in Switzerland) – “Water”; one of the mermaids in “The Waterfire Saga
  5. Bella (Latin and Italian girl name) – “Beautiful”; a mermaid in the Australian show, “H2O: Just Add Water
  6. Cleo (ancient Greek name) – “Glory” or “pride”; another mermaid in “H2O: Just Add Water
  7. Coralie (Latin and French name) – “Coral”; Queen Coralie, the mermaid queen in “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” 
  8. Dominique (French) – “Of God”; a Norfolk mermaid and also a mermaid from the show “Lost Girl
  9. Emma (German name) – “Universal” or “whole”; another mermaid in “H2O: Just Add Water
  10. Lola (Spanish) – “Lady of sorrows”; a Norfolk mermaid
  11. Lucia (Latin, Spanish, and Italian girl name) – Name that means “light”; a princess and the first mermaid in the anime series “Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
  12. Mirabella (Italian name) – “Wonderful”; mermaid in “Barbie is a Mermaid Tale 2
  13. Miranda (Latin) – “Marvelous”; mermaid in the British comedy film, “Miranda”
  14. Neela (Sanskrit and African) – Black girl name meaning “sapphire blue” or “horn”; a mermaid in “The Waterfire Saga
  15. Nerissa (Greek) – “From the sea”; the little mermaid in the game series “The Wolf Among Us” 
  16. Serafina (Latin and Hebrew) – Mermaid in “The Waterfire Saga” with name meaning “fiery”; also an angel name


Mermaid Names Inspired By The Ocean, Water, & The Beach

What Are Some Girl Ocean Names?

  1. Aqua (Latin) – “Water” 
  2. Cordelia (Latin and Celtic) – “Daughter of the sea”
  3. Kehlani (Polynesian and Hawaiian girl name) – “Sea and sky”
  4. Maj (Nordic one-syllable girl name) – “One from the sea”
  5. Maraja (Esperanto, a constructed international auxiliary language) – “Made of the sea”
  6. Maren (Latin) – “Star of the sea
  7. Mariana (Portuguese) – “Drop of the sea” or “beloved”
  8. Marilyn (British) – Combination of Mary (“drop of the sea” or “beloved”) and Lynn (“lake”)
  9. Meri (Finnish and Maori, an Eastern Polynesian language) – “The sea”
  10. Muriel (Irish) – “Bright sea
  11. Naia (Basque, a European language) – “Sea foam
  12. Ocean (English) – Large body of salty water
  13. Undine (Latin) – “Little wave”; mythological water spirits


What Name Means Ocean Girl?

  1. Daryah (Persian and Russian girl name) – “Sea”
  2. Moana (Maori) – “Ocean” or “wide expanse of water, deep sea”; a Disney princess name


Beach & Island-Inspired Mermaid Names

  1. Avalon (Celtic) – “Island of apples”; the island home of the water spirit, Melusine
  2. Capri (Italian) – “Italian island”
  3. Cove (English nonbinary name) – “Coastal inlet”
  4. Havilah (Hebrew) – “Stretch of sand”


Other Water-Inspired Mermaid Names

  1. Araxie (Armenian) – “From the River Arax” 
  2. Bayou (Native American – Choctaw) – “Small, slow stream”
  3. Beck (German, Hebrew, and Old Norse) – “Small stream”
  4. Cari (Turkish) – “Flows like water”
  5. Cascade (French) – “Waterfall”
  6. Layke (English) – “Lake” or “body of water”
  7. Mara (Hebrew) – “Bitter”; a mermaid in the “Disney Fairies” franchise
  8. River (British gender-neutral name) – “Stream of water”


Mermaid Names Inspired By Ocean Colors & Marine Objects

  1. Aurelia (Latin) – “Golden one”; also a type of jellyfish
  2. Coralia (Greek) – “Coral” or “maiden”
  3. Coraline (American) – “Coral” or “heart”
  4. Greta (German) – “Pearl”
  5. Indigo (English and Greek) – “Deep blue, Indian dye”
  6. Jennifer (English) – “White wave”
  7. Maisie (Scottish) – “Pearl, the jewel of the sea”
  8. Nila (Indian) – “Dark blue”
  9. Nori (Hebrew and Japanese name) – “Seaweed”; food rich in iodine
  10. Sapphire (Hebrew) – “Blue gemstone”; the color of the deep ocean


Unique & Rare Mermaid Names

  1. Aerwyna (Old English) – “Friend of the sea”
  2. Asia (Greek) – A nereid or sea nymph
  3. Delja (Polish, Portuguese, and ancient Greek name) – “Daughter of the sea”
  4. Maira (Greek) – Another nereid; variant of “Maera”
  5. Marietta (Greek) – “Drop of the sea” or “beloved”
  6. Marin (French, Slavic, and Irish name) – “Of the sea” or “star of the sea
  7. Marylee (English) – “Drop of the sea” or “meadow”
  8. Morvoren (Cornish) – “Mermaid”
  9. Nereida (Greek) – “Sea nymphs
  10. Rusalka (Slavic) – Ariel’s Slavic counterpart


Mermaid Names From Other Mythological Stories

Some goddess names relating to the sea or mermaids:

  1. Anahita (Old Persian and Iranian) – Goddess of the water
  2. Asherah (Semitic, a brand of Afroasiatic language family) – “She who walks in the sea”
  3. Brizo (ancient Greek name) – Greek goddess of sailors
  4. Mazu (Chinese girl name) – Goddess of the sea, protector of seafarers
  5. Sedna (Native American – Inuit) – Goddess of the sea and marine creatures
  6. Sequana (Celtic) – “Mermaid”; goddess of the River Seine


Favorite Mermaid Boy Names (Merman)

  1. Aquarius (Latin) – “Water carrier”
  2. Caspian (English and Iranian) – Place name (Caspian Sea)
  3. Dylan (Welsh) – “Child of the sea”
  4. Hurley (Irish boy name) – “Sea tide”
  5. Irving (Scottish) – “Sea friend” or “green river”
  6. Kai (Hawaiian name) – “Sea”
  7. Kaito (Japanese boy name) – “Flying over the sea”
  8. Marion (French boy name) – “Drop of the sea” or “beloved”
  9. Merlin (Welsh) – “Sea fortress”; also a male witch or wizard name
  10. Mervin (Welsh) – “Sea hill”
  11. Murphy (Irish) – “Sea warrior”; also a powerful name
  12. Murray (Scottish) – “Settlement by the sea”
  13. Nalu (Hawaiian) – “Wave”
  14. Neptune (Latin) – Roman god of the sea
  15. Triton (Greek god name) – “God of the sea”; Ariel’s father in “The Little Mermaid


Mermaid Names From Around The World

Greek Mermaid Names

  1. Amatheia (Greek) – “Nurses of fish”
  2. Anaitis (Greek, Old Persian, and Iranian) – “Goddess of the water”
  3. Aurai (Greek) – “Nymphs”
  4. Delia (Greek) – “Born on the island of Delos”
  5. Galene (Greek) – Nereid of the calm seas
  6. Iaira (Greek) – Another nereid
  7. Lara (Latin, Greek, and Russian) – Mythological Amazonian mermaid who was also called the “Lady of the Lake”
  8. Naida (Greek) – “Water nymph
  9. Nerida (Greek and Spanish girl name) – “Mermaid” or “sea nymph


French Mermaid Names

  1. Delphine (French girl name) – “Dolphin”
  2. Myrla (French girl name) – “Shining sea” or “blackbird”


Latin Mermaid Names

  1. Beatrice (Latin) – “She who brings happiness” or “blessed”; a Norfolk mermaid and also a mermaid on the show “To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts
  2. Calissa (Latin and Greek) – “Most beautiful”; mermaid in “Barbie in a Mermaid Tale
  3. Celia (Latin) – “Heavenly”; mermaid in the series “The Mermaid Tales
  4. Diana (Latin) – “Divine”; mermaid in the movie “Mermaids
  5. Marina (Latin) – “Of the sea”; Poseidon’s daughter and a mermaid in “Zig & Sharko
  6. Meribella (Latin) – “Star of the sea
  7. Nara (Latin) – “Mermaid”


Hawaiian Mermaid Names

Some Hawaiian names for your little mermaid:

  1. Halia (Hawaiian and Greek) – Nereid of the brine (salty water)
  2. Kaia (Hawaiian) – “Sea”; also means “pure” in Greek
  3. Kailani (Hawaiian) – “Sea and sky”


Irish & Welsh Mermaid Names

Some Welsh and Irish names for your ocean-loving girl:

  1. Breena (Welsh) – “Hill”; a mermaid from “Waverly and the Magic Seashells” toy series
  2. Colleen (Irish) – “Girl”
  3. Merrow (Hiberno-English or Irish English) – “Mermaid”; according to legend, they wear magical caps to travel between dry land and deep water
  4. Muireann (Irish girl name) – “Sea white” or “sea fair”; mermaid transformed into human
  5. Muirgen (Irish) – “Born of the sea”; human transformed into a mermaid, but brought back to land and transformed back into a woman after 300 years


Mermaid Names From A To Z

Mermaid Names Starting With A

  1. Adella
  2. Alana
  3. Amora
  4. Andrina
  5. Annamarie
  6. Annette
  7. Aquata
  8. Avery


Mermaid Names Starting With B

  1. Belle
  2. Brooke


Mermaid Names Starting With C

  1. Cala
  2. Calypso
  3. Cleodora
  4. Cora
  5. Coralina


Mermaid Names Starting With D

  1. Daisy
  2. Dana
  3. Deandra
  4. Deema
  5. Delphina


Mermaid Names Starting With E

  1. Echo
  2. Electra
  3. Emerald
  4. Esther
  5. Eudora


Mermaid Names Starting With F

  1. Felicity
  2. Freya
  3. Freyja


Mermaid Names Starting With G

  1. Gabriella
  2. Galatea
  3. Galia
  4. Gretchen
  5. Guinevere


Mermaid Names Starting With H

  1. Halsey
  2. Hartlyn


Mermaid Names Starting With I

  1. Ianthe
  2. Ione
  3. Isla


Mermaid Names Starting With J

  1. Jenna
  2. Jewel
  3. June


Mermaid Names Starting With K

  1. Kallianassa
  2. Kayla
  3. Kaylani
  4. Kiki
  5. Klymene


Mermaid Names Starting With L

  1. Lakelyn
  2. Lana
  3. Lily
  4. Lorelai
  5. Lulu


Mermaid Names Starting With M

  1. Maribelle
  2. Maris
  3. Meena
  4. Megan
  5. Meryl 
  6. Molly


Mermaid Names Starting With N

  1. Namiko
  2. Nixie
  3. Nyrobi


Mermaid Names Starting With O

  1. Oaklynn
  2. Oceane
  3. Ondine
  4. Oona


Mermaid Names Starting With P

  1. Pacifica
  2. Pasha
  3. Perla
  4. Polly 


Mermaid Names Starting With Q

  1. Quiana
  2. Quinevere


Mermaid Names Starting With R

  1. Raine
  2. Rhea
  3. Ria
  4. Rochelle 
  5. Romy
  6. Rylan
  7. Ryn


Mermaid Names Starting With S

  1. Sabrina
  2. Salacia
  3. Sandy
  4. Sereia
  5. Star
  6. Stellamaria


Mermaid Names Starting With T

  1. Tallulah
  2. Thalassa
  3. Thaleia
  4. Triana
  5. Tyndall


Mermaid Names Starting With U

  1. Ula
  2. Urmi


Mermaid Names Starting With V

  1. Vaiana
  2. Vandene
  3. Vela 
  4. Venus
  5. Viviane


Mermaid Names Starting With W

  1. Waverly
  2. Whitney


Mermaid Names Starting With X

  1. Xylie


Mermaid Names Starting With Y

  1. Yahara
  2. Yareli


Mermaid Names Starting With Z

  1. Zale
  2. Zenevieva


Gender-Neutral Mermaid Names

  1. Morgan
  2. Ren


  1. Asrai – Aquatic fairies
  2. Aubrey – Magical being
  3. Chelsea – Sounds like “SHELL SEA”
  4. Fay – Fairy
  5. Lamina – Mermaid-like water nymph
  6. Luna – Name that means “moon”
  7. Marcelline – Defender of the sea
  8. Marni – Girl from the sea
  9. Melusine – Mermaid-like, female freshwater spirit 
  10. Nix – Water spirits that appear in human form


Bonus: Antagonist & Villainous Mermaid Names

  1. Ceto (Greek) – Sea goddess whose name means “sea monster”
  2. Lillith (Babylonian) – “Lady of the night” 
  3. Odessa (Greek) – “Wrathful”



What’s The Greek Name For Mermaids?

They’re called sirens in Greek mythology.


What’s A Female Mermaid Called?

Female mermaids are simply called “mermaids,” while the males are called “mermen.”


Where Can You Find Mermaids?

They’re believed to live in the deepest parts of the seas but sometimes visit uninhabited islands.


Can You Make Your Own Mermaid Name?

Yes. You can also pick any name to create your mermaid character. 

Another good trick is to add “Del Mar” (Spanish for “from the sea”) to create an exotic, mermaid-sounding name.




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