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160+ Popular Names That Mean Light & Bright

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Baby names that mean light can be a bright choice for your little one because they inspire a sunny, fun disposition.

Some names directly translate to “light” or “bright,” while others relate to the light from the sun, moon, lighting, fire, and other sources.

If you’re looking for a trendy or classic name that means light for your baby, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 160+ light names for you to consider.

Light Names Starting With A

  1. Aileen (Irish girl name) – Bright, shining light
  2. Aine (Celtic and Irish name for girls) – Brightness and splendor
  3. Albert (German boy name) – Noble and bright
  4. Alberta (English and Spanish girl name) – Feminine variation of “Albert”
  5. Albus (Latin boy name) – White and bright; also a witch name for the wizard, Professor Albus Dumbledore in “Harry Potter
  6. Alina (Slavic, Celtic, and German girl name) – Bright and beautiful
  7. Alyona (Russian girl name) – Bright and shining light
  8. Anwar (Arabic boy name) – “Brighter and clearer” or “shafts of light”
  9. Aonani (Hawaiian girl name) – Beautiful light
  10. Argider (Basque boy name) – Beautiful light
  11. Aurora (Latin girl name) – Roman goddess of the dawn; also a Disney princess name for “Sleeping Beauty”

Light Names Starting With B

  1. Beacon (English boy name) – Signal light
  2. Bertha (German name for girls) – Bright and glorious
  3. Bertille (French girl name) – Heroine or bright maiden

Light Names Starting With C

  1. Callahan (Irish boy name) – Bright-headed
  2. Cassandra (Ancient Greek name) – Shining or excelling person
  3. Chand (Hindi boy name) – Shining moon or light
  4. Chiara (Italian girl name) – Light and clear
  5. Clarabelle (Latin girl name) – Bright and beautiful; also spelled as “Claribel”
  6. Clarice (Medieval English and French girl name) – Bright and clear
  7. Claire (French name for girls) – Bright and clear; also spelled as “Clara” (Latin)
  8. Clarinda (Latin girl name) – Bright and clear

Bright Names Starting With D

  1. Dag (Scandinavian boy name) – Daylight
  2. Dagobert (German boy name) – Bright day
  3. Dawn (Old English girl name) – First appearance of light
  4. Deepak (Sanskrit) – Lamp or light
  5. Delbert (Old English boy name) – Day-bright
  6. Deva (Hindi girl name) – Divine, shining one; Hindu moon goddess name

Light Names Starting With E

  1. Elaine (French and Scottish girl name) – Bright, shining light; variant of Elena
  2. Electra (Greek girl name) – Shining bright
  3. Eleonara (German, Dutch, Italian, and Polish girl name) – Bright, shining one
  4. Elettra (Italian name) – Shining brightly; variant of “Electra”
  5. Ellen (English girl name) – Torch or shining light
  6. Elon (Greek boy name) – Shining light
  7. Elouan (Breton and French boy name) – Light
  8. Engelbert (German boy name) – Bright angel

Light Names Starting With F

  1. Fairlight (English girl name) – Beautiful light
  2. Fulbright (German boy name) – Bright people
  3. Fynn (Gaelic boy name) – Bright and fair

Light Names Starting With G

  1. Gerel (Mongolian girl name) – Light

Light Names Starting With H

  1. Harbin (German boy name) – Little bright warrior
  2. Helen (Greek girl name) – Torch or shining light
  3. Helena – Latinate form of “Helen”
  4. Herbert (German boy name) – Bright army
  5. Hideki (Japanese boy name) – Bright tree
  6. Hobbes (English baby boy name) – Bright fame
  7. Huali (Hawaiian girl name) – Bright, polished, or gleaming
  8. Hubert (German boy name) – Bright, shining intellect

Bright Names Starting With I

  1. Illene (Scottish girl name) – Bright, shining light
  2. Iliana (Spanish girl name) – Ray of light
  3. Inara – Arabic name meaning “shining light”
  4. Isambard (English boy name) – Bright iron

Bright Names Starting With J

  1. Javiera (Spanish and Mexican girl name) – Bright or new house
  2. Jomei (Japanese name) – To spread light

Light Names Starting With K

  1. Kenn (Welsh boy name) – Bright water
  2. Kiara (Italian girl name) – Bright
  3. Kiran (Indian and Sanskrit boy name) – Ray of light or beam of light

Light Names Starting With L

  1. Leocadia (Spanish girl name) – Splendid brightness
  2. Leora (Hebrew and Greek girl name) – Light
  3. Lucasta (English and Latin girl name) – Pure light
  4. Luciana – Female version of “Lucian”; also spelled as Lucienne (French)
  5. Lumen (Latin boy name) – Light

Light Names Starting With M

  1. Mashal (Arabic girl name) – Torch
  2. Merrill (English girl name) – Sea-bright
  3. Muriel (Irish girl name) – Of the bright sea

Light Names Starting With N

  1. Neri (Hebrew and Greek girl name) – Burning light
  2. Ner (Hebrew nonbinary name) – Candle or light; variants include Nera (girl name)
  3. Neriah (Hebrew boy name) – Light of God
  4. Noga (Hebrew girl name) – Brightness
  5. Norabel (English girl name) – Beautiful light

Light Names Starting With O

  1. Oran (Hebrew, Irish, and Scottish boy name) – Light and song
  2. Ori (Hebrew name) – My light

Light Names Starting With P

  1. Phaedra (Greek girl name) – Bright
  2. Phoebe (Greek girl name) Radiant, shining one; by-name of moon goddess Artemis in Greek mythology

Light Names Starting With Q

  1. Quang (Vietnamese unisex name) – Light or clear

Light Names Starting With R

  1. Reyansh (Hindi boy name) – Ray of light
  2. Robert (English boy name) – Bright fame; variants include “Rupert” (German), “Robin” (unisex name), and “Roberta” (female variant)
  3. Roshan (Persian boy name) – Light and bright

Bright Names Starting With S

  1. Shaviv (Hebrew boy name) – Spark or ray of light
  2. Sheridan (Gaelic girl name) – Bright light
  3. Sorcha (Irish girl name) – Bright and shining

Light Names Starting With T

  1. Tohar (Hebrew girl name) – Pure and bright
  2. Toula (Greek girl name) – Light

Light Names Starting With U

  1. Uri (Hebrew boy name) – My flame, my light

Light Names Starting With V

  1. Valo (Finnish boy name) – Light

Light Names Starting With W

  1. Wachira (Thai name) – Lightning bolt or diamond

Light Names Starting With X

  1. Xhaiden (American name) – Beam of cleansing light

Light Names Starting With Y

  1. Yelena (Russian girl name) – Variation of Helen
  2. Yetta (Yiddish girl name) – Light
  3. Yu – (Chinese girl name) – Shining brightly

Bright Names Starting With Z

  1. Zariza (Hebrew girl name) – Gold and brilliantly bright
  2. Ziva (Hebrew girl name) – Brilliance or brightness
  3. Zohar (Hebrew unisex name) – Light or brilliance; variant includes girl name “Zohara”

Baby Names (By Category & Meaning)

Other Light Names For Girls

What Female Names Mean Light?

  1. Azenor (Celtic and Breton)
  2. Ciana (Italian)
  3. Eleanor (Gaelic, Scottish, and Scotch-Irish)
  4. Ilona (Hungarian)
  5. Laoise (Irish)
  6. Lucia (Italian) – Variants include Lucy (English), Lux (Latin), and Luz (Spanish)
  7. Nahara (Aramaic)
  8. Noor (Arabic) – Variants include “Nura” (Aramaic), “Nora” (Irish), and “Nur” (unisex version)
  9. Zia (Latin, Arabic, and Italian)

What Name Means Goddess Or Child Of Light?

  1. Latona – Roman goddess of light
  2. Leto – Greek goddess of light
  3. Margot (Greek and Persian girl name) – Child of light
  4. Thea – English variant of Theia, the Greek goddess of light

Female Names Meaning Bright

  1. Akiko (Japanese girl name)
  2. Avira (Tamil or Indian)
  3. Eileen (Gaelic, Scottish, and Scotch-Irish)
  4. Ellie (English) – Can be a pet name for El- names like “Ellen,” “Elizabeth,” and “Eleanor”

Other Light Names For Boys

Which Boy Names Mean Light?

  1. Arell (Hebrew origins)
  2. Ivar (Hebrew)
  3. Lito (Latin)
  4. Lucero (Spanish)
  5. Lucian (Latin) – Variants include “Luciano” (Italian), “Lucius” (Roman), and “Lucien” (French)
  6. Maor (Hebrew)

Is There A Greek God Of Light?

  1. Apollo – The Greek god of light and the sun

Male Names Meaning Bright

  1. Arjun (Hindi)
  2. Clarence (Latin)
  3. Heller (German)
  4. Ilka (Hungarian)
  5. Nahir (Hebrew)
  6. Nell (English)
  7. Niamh (Irish Gaelic)
  8. Robert (English)
  9. Xavier (Arabic and Basque)

Baby Names For Boys & Girls

Nonbinary Or Unisex Names That Mean Light

  1. Hikaru (Japanese)
  2. Nuri (Arabic and Hebrew)
  3. Orli (Hebrew)

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Bright

  1. Ming (Chinese unisex name) – Shining bright

What Names Mean Glow?

  1. Cand – Latin unisex name meaning “glowing light”
  2. Konane (Polynesian unisex name) – Glow like the moonlight

What Names Mean Bringer Of Light?

  1. Bhaskar (Indian and Sanskrit boy name) – Provider of light.
  2. Epifanio (Spanish boy name) – Bringing light
  3. Heylel (Hebrew boys’ name) – Light-bringer
  4. Lucas (Latin boy name) – Bringer of light
  5. Meir (German and Hebrew boy name) – Bringer of light; also spelled as “Meyer.”
  6. Meira – Feminine version of “Meir.”

Trending & Celebrity Baby Names

  1. Gwenno (Welsh boy name for “little bright one”) – for Welsh musician Gwenno Mererid Saunders.
  2. Lucille (French girl name meaning “light”)- for American actress Lucille Ball.

Some examples of fire names or those that mean moon, starlight, sunlight, or other light-related names:

  1. Abner (Hebrew boy name) – Father of light.
  2. Aelia (Roman girl name) – Sun
  3. Ailana (Kazakh girl name) – Moonlight
  4. Alora (Hebrew girl name) – The Lord is my light.
  5. Aster (Greek unisex name) – Star
  6. Asterope (Greek girl name) – Lightning
  7. Astra (girl name of Latin origin) – Of the stars
  8. Auretta (Italian girl name) – Light wind
  9. Ayla (Hebrew and Turkish girl name) – Halo or moonlight; also a nature name meaning “oak tree.”
  10. Barack (black boy name of Swahili, Arabic, and Hebrew origin) – “Thunderbolt” or “lightning”; also means “blessing.”
  11. Cassander (Greek boy name) – Light of man.
  12. Dagur (Scandinavian boy name) – The god and personification of the day in Norse mythology.
  13. Eliora (Hebrew girl name) – The Lord is my light.
  14. Esther (Persian and Hebrew biblical girl name) – Star
  15. Gilbert (German boy name) – Shining pledge
  16. Hestia – Greek goddess of the hearth (fire name).
  17. Hulbert (German boy name) – Bright grace
  18. Kamaria (Swahili name) – Moonlight
  19. Mahina (Hawaiian girl name) – Moonlight
  20. Nuru (Swahili boy name) – Born in daylight
  21. Raiden – Japanese god of thunder
  22. Roxana (Persian girl name) Dawn or little star
  23. Sunny (English name) – Brilliant sun
  24. Uriah (Hebrew boy name) – God is my light; variants include “Uriel” (boy) and “Uriela” (girl).
  25. Zain (Hindi boy name) – Godly light
  26. Ziv (Hebrew name) – Radiance or light of God.

Other Baby Names

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