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350 Fearless & Strong Warrior Names For Boys & Girls (With Origins & Meanings)

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Warrior names are synonymous with courage, bravery, strength, and determination. So, they can be a great baby name choice for your little one.

We’ve prepared this name list of 350 fearless and strong choices, including popular names that mean warrior, protector, and guard.

Warrior Names For Boys & Girls

What Are Strong Warrior Names For A Boy?

Some powerful names to pick for your little boy:

  1. Abhivira – Hindi name meaning “surrounded by heroes” or “commander”
  2. Achilles – A Trojan War hero in Greek mythology
  3. Agnar – Norwegian name meaning “warrior”
  4. Agro – Italian boy name for “tough individual” or “hero”
  5. Ajamu – Black boy name of Nigerian and Yoruban origin, means “he fights for his desires”
  6. Alexander – Greek god name for “protector of mankind”; famous namesakes include Alexander the Great, an ancient Macedonian king
  7. Alfonso – Spanish and Italian name meaning “battle ready” or “noble”
  8. Alger – English name meaning “clever warrior”
  9. Alvar – German baby name meaning “elf warrior”
  10. Andreas – Greek baby name meaning “solid and masculine”
  11. Armand – German and Italian name for “man of the army” or “warrior”
  12. Armin – Ancient Persian and Old German name meaning “soldier” or “hope”
  13. Arrio – Spanish boy name meaning “warlike”
  14. Aryan – Sanskrit (classical Indo-European language) name meaning “honorable warrior”
  15. Berenger – German boy name meaning “warrior fighting with a spear”
  16. Bertrand – German name for “bright shield”
  17. Blair – Scottish Gaelic name derived from “blár,” meaning “battlefield”
  18. Boris – Russian name meaning “fight,” coming from the Old Slavic name “Boroslav” (conflict and glory)
  19. Chad – Old English name that means “warlike”
  20. Chadwick – English name meaning “from the warrior’s town”
  21. Chanda – Indian and Sanskrit name meaning “fierce”
  22. Chevalier – French boy name meaning “horseman” or “knight”
  23. Connery – Irish name meaning “warrior-lord”
  24. Cyrus – Persian name meaning “sun”; famous namesakes include Persian king Cyrus the Great, founder of the first Persian Empire
  25. Donahue – Irish boy name meaning “dark fighter”
  26. Donnacha – Irish name meaning “brown-haired warrior”
  27. Dorian – Greek boy name coming from the legendary ancient Greek hero, Dorus (founder of the Dorian race)
  28. Duncan – Scottish and Old English name meaning “dark warrior,” from the Gaelic words “donn” (brown) and “cath” (battle)
  29. Durand – Latin name for “strong and enduring”
  30. Edmund – Old English boy’s name meaning “rich protection”
  31. Finley – Celtic and Irish name meaning “fair-haired warrior”
  32. Gautier – German and French name for “commander of the army” or “strong ruler”
  33. Gerald – French name meaning “spear warrior”
  34. Gideon – Biblical name of Hebrew origin, means “mighty warrior”
  35. Gunnar – Old Norse name meaning “war warrior”
  36. Gunther – Old Norse name for “war”
  37. Harold – Old German name meaning “commander”
  38. Harvard – English name meaning “army guard”
  39. Harvey – English form of the French and Breton name “Haerviu,” meaning “battle-worthy”
  40. Hedwig – German name meaning “war”
  41. Herbert – German name for “bright army”
  42. Ho-jin – Korean name meaning “fierce advance”
  43. Humbert – German name meaning “renowned warrior”
  44. Humphrey – English name meaning “peaceful warrior
  45. Igor – Russian boy name meaning “ancestral warrior”
  46. Jabbar – Arabic boy name for “powerful” or “mighty”
  47. Jarek – Slavic name meaning “fierce” and “strong”
  48. Judah – Biblical boy name for one of Jacob’s 12 sons and the patriarch of the tribe of kings, including King David, King Solomon, and Jesus
  49. Julius – Latin name meaning “youthful”; relates to the ancient Roman general, Julius Caesar
  50. Kaiden – American name for “fighter”
  51. Karamveer – Sikh (Indian religion) name for “enthusiastic hero”
  52. Liam – Irish name meaning “unwavering protector”
  53. Lorcán – Irish name for “fierce little one”
  54. Ludwig – German name meaning “famous battle”
  55. Luis – French and German name meaning “renowned warrior”
  56. Luther – German name for “warrior”
  57. Marcello – Italian and Spanish name meaning “young warrior”
  58. Marco – Italian and Spanish name that means “warlike”
  59. Marcus – Latin name meaning “defender”
  60. Martin – Latin name that means “warring”
  61. Murdock – English form of the Gaelic name “Murchadh,” meaning “sea warrior”
  62. Nakoa – Hawaiian name for “brave one”
  63. Nolan – Irish name meaning “renowned” and Scottish name for “champion”
  64. Quirino – Latin name for “warrior” and “spearman”
  65. Rainer – Ancient Germanic name meaning “deciding warrior” or “army advisor”
  66. Ritter – German name meaning “mounted warrior” or “knight”
  67. Ryder – Old English name for “horseman”
  68. Saxon – English name for “swordsman”
  69. Shad – English name for “battle warrior”
  70. Thor – Old Norse name for “thunder”; relates to the god of thunder in Norse mythology
  71. Umberto – Italian name that means “bright warrior”
  72. Viggo – Scandinavian name meaning “exuberant” and Norse name meaning “battle”
  73. Villard – French and German name meaning “battle fortress”
  74. Walter – German name meaning “army ruler”
  75. Warin – Ancient Germanic name that means “guard” or “protect”

What Are Strong & Powerful Warrior Names For Girls?

The following can be mighty and powerful names for your little girl:

  1. Abhishree – Sanskrit name for “fearless beauty”
  2. Aella – Greek girl name meaning “whirlwind”; famous namesakes include Aella, an Amazon warrior
  3. Agrona – Celtic name meaning “battle”
  4. Aife – Irish girl name meaning “radiant”
  5. Alala – Ancient Greek name that means “battle cry” or “war cry”; she’s the Greek goddess and the personification of the battle cry in Greek mythology
  6. Aldara – Galacian name that means “caution in battle”
  7. Alessia – Italian girl name meaning “defending warrior”
  8. Alexandra – Greek baby girl name version of “Alexander”
  9. Aloisa – German girl name meaning “renowned warrior”
  10. Alvara – German name that means “elf warrior”
  11. Andra – Feminine form of “Andrew,” meaning “strong and brave”
  12. Andromache – Greek name for “battle of man”
  13. Armantine – French girl name meaning “army man” (soldier)
  14. Armina – Italian and German name meaning “warrior maiden”
  15. Athena – Greek goddess of battle
  16. Audhild – Norse name meaning “battle for fortune”
  17. Basilah – Arabic name meaning “fearless” and “brave”
  18. Bathilda – Germanic name that means “battle”
  19. Beadu – Old English name meaning “warrior maid”
  20. Bellatrix – Latin name meaning “female warrior”
  21. Bellona – Roman name that means “to fight”
  22. Borna – Croatian name meaning “fight” or “battle”
  23. Boyana – Bulgarian name meaning “battle”
  24. Brianna – Irish name that means “strong”
  25. Brunhilda – German name meaning “battle woman”
  26. Cahira – Irish name for “warrior”
  27. Cathal – Gender-neutral name of Irish origin, means “battle rule”
  28. Ceallach – Irish name meaning “warrior maid”
  29. Clothilde – French and German name meaning “famous in battle”
  30. Ditti – Hungarian name meaning “fortune” or “war”
  31. Earline – Old English name that means “warrior” or “noblewoman”
  32. Edwige – French and German name meaning “war”
  33. Elda – Italian name that means “battle”
  34. Enyo – Ancient Greek goddess of war
  35. Fianna – Scottish and Irish name meaning “band of warriors”
  36. Forta – Albanian name that means “strong” or “tough”
  37. Gerta – Old German name meaning “strong spear”
  38. Griselda – Spanish girl name meaning “grey battle”
  39. Gudrun – Scandinavian name meaning “god’s rune” or “secret battle”
  40. Gunilla – Swedish name meaning “battle maiden”
  41. Hariasa – War goddess or army goddess in Germanic mythology
  42. Hildegard – Germanic name meaning “battlefield”
  43. Imelda – Italian, Spanish, and German name meaning “warrior woman”
  44. Isolde – German name meaning “ice battle”
  45. Louise – French name that means “famous battle”
  46. Lulu – Swahili, Arabic, Hawaiian, and Tanzanian name meaning “protected” or“pearl”
  47. Lutine – French name meaning “tormentress who fights”
  48. Maia – Maori baby name meaning “brave warrior”
  49. Malin – English and Sanskrit name meaning “strong little warrior”
  50. Marcella – Latin name meaning “warlike”
  51. Marcheline – French girl name for “warrior”
  52. Marcia – Latin feminine variant of “Marcius,” meaning “warlike”
  53. Martina – Latin name meaning “warlike” or “dedicated to Mars (Roman god of war)”
  54. Matilda – English name meaning “strength in battle”
  55. Maude – French, Old German, and Hebrew name meaning “battle-mighty”
  56. Minerva – Roman goddess of war
  57. Myla – British and French name meaning “soldier” or “merciful”
  58. Myrina – Queen of the Amazons in Greek mythology
  59. Odile – French name meaning “prospers in battle”
  60. Olivia – Germanic name meaning “elf army”
  61. Ottaline – French name that means “prospers in the warfield”
  62. Raksha – Indian name meaning “protector”
  63. Ritta – Finnish name meaning “fight” or “force”
  64. Rosamund – German name that means “protector of horses”
  65. Sasha – Russian girl name meaning “defending warrior”
  66. Sena – Hindi, Arabic, African, and Korean girl name meaning “army,” “this world’s beauty or grace” or “bringing heaven to earth”
  67. Shamara – Arabic name meaning “ready for battle”
  68. Shamira – Hebrew name meaning “guardian” or “protector”
  69. Tilly – Pet name for “Matilda,” meaning “battle-mighty”
  70. Valda – German name meaning “battle heroine”
  71. Veli – Turkish name meaning “guardian”
  72. Veerle – Dutch girl name that means “battle”
  73. Vigga – Scandinavian name for “war” or “battle”
  74. Vigita – Lithuanian name meaning “war” or “battle”
  75. Zelda – German and Yiddish name meaning “gray, fighting maid”

12 Nonbinary & Gender-Neutral Warrior Names

  1. Alvey – Old English name meaning “elf battle”
  2. Casey – Irish name for “vigilant”
  3. Chevy – French nickname for “Chevalier,” meaning “horseman” or “knight”
  4. Drew – Nonbinary name meaning “strong and brave”
  5. Gorgo – Ancient Greek name that means “grim” or “fierce”
  6. Harlow – English name meaning “army hill”
  7. Koa – Hawaiian name that means “bold and fearless warrior”
  8. Lou – French and German name meaning “renowned warrior”; diminutive of “Louis” or “Lewis”
  9. Madison – English name meaning “son of Maud” and “mighty in battle”
  10. Monet – Unisex French name meaning “fortunate protector”
  11. Reima – Finnish name that means “wise protector”
  12. Shiwen – Chinese name meaning “warrior of culture”

Cool & Modern Names With Warrior Meanings (For Boys & Girls)

Unique Names That Mean “Strong, Powerful, Or Brave Warrior”

  1. Adir – Hebrew boy name that means “powerful” or “mighty”
  2. Bahaadur – Hindi boy name for “brave warrior”
  3. Batair – Gaelic boy name for “strong warrior”
  4. Bhaltair – Scottish boy name for “strong fighter”
  5. Conrad – German boy name meaning “a fearless, strong ruler or guide”
  6. Everett – German boy name that means “strong as a boar”
  7. Freya – Old Norse girl name for the powerful warrior goddess of protection
  8. Garrick – Teutonic boy name meaning “mighty warrior”
  9. Gunner – Scandinavian name meaning “bold warrior”
  10. Günter – German name that means “battle warrior”
  11. Kemp – Middle English boy name meaning “brave warrior”
  12. Mete – Turkish boy name that means “brave hero”
  13. Raynor – Norse boy name meaning “mighty army”
  14. Rinc – Anglo-Saxon name meaning “strong fighter or protector”
  15. Swithin – Old English name meaning “strong warrior”; can be a unisex name
  16. Tillie – Modern German girl name meaning “mighty in war”
  17. Vivalda – Latin girl name meaning “brave in battle”
  18. Walt – German boy name for “powerful warrior”
  19. Warrick – German boy name for “protecting ruler” and English boy name for “strong leader”

What Names Mean “Fearless Soldier” Or “Famous Warrior”?

  1. Aloysius – Old German boy name for “famous warrior”
  2. Clothilda – German girl name meaning “renowned in battle”
  3. Clotille – French girl name meaning “famous in battle”
  4. Clovis – Old German and French boy name for “renowned fighter” or “glorious in battle”
  5. Dustin – German boy name for “valiant fighter”
  6. Eberado – German boy name that means “daring”
  7. Einar – Scandinavian boy name for “battle leader” or “one warrior”
  8. Eloy – Spanish boy name for “renowned warrior”
  9. Lewis – English boy name meaning “renowned warrior”
  10. Lothar – German boy name that means “famous army”
  11. Louisa – Latinate feminine version of “Louis,”means “renowned warrior”
  12. Luane – Hawaiian girl name that combines “famous warrior” with “grace”
  13. Malou – Danish girl name that means “famous battle” and “rebellious”
  14. Ouisa – Teutonic girl name meaning “renowned warrior”
  15. Xosha – Black girl name of African origin, means “fierce” or “angry”

What Names Mean “God’s Warrior” For Boys?

  1. Ezekiel – Biblical boy name of Hebrew origin, means “God will fortify”
  2. Gabriel – Hebrew angel name meaning “God is my strong man”
  3. Hercules – Greek and Latin name meaning “warrior of God” or “glory of Hera”
  4. Jimmu – Japanese name for “divine warrior”
  5. Oscar – English, Irish, and Old Norse name meaning “divine spear”

What’s The Greek Name For “Warrior”?

  1. Alcinder – Boy name of Greek origin for “warrior” or “man’s defender”
  2. Ares – Greek god of war
  3. Ptolemy – Greek name meaning “aggressive” or “warlike”

Other Names That Mean “Warrior” Or “Protector” For Boys & Girls

  1. Armando – Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian form of the German boy name “Herman,” meaning “soldier”
  2. Asim – Arabic boy name that means “protector”
  3. Cadman – Anglo-Saxon boy name meaning “warrior”
  4. Claremonde – French girl name that means “bright protector”
  5. Danuwoa – Cherokee boy name meaning “the warrior”
  6. Earl – English boy name meaning “nobleman” or “warrior”
  7. Evander – English boy name coming from the Old Norse name “Ívarr,” which means “bow warrior”
  8. Helmer – German and Swedish boy name meaning “helmeted warrior”
  9. Herman – German boy name for “warrior” or “soldier”
  10. Íomhair – Irish boy name that means “warrior with a bow”
  11. Ivar – Icelandic boy name meaning “leader of the army” or “warrior”
  12. Junaid – Arabic boy name meaning “warrior”
  13. Kamau – Kikuyu (African native language) boy name meaning “quiet warrior”
  14. Kijani – African boy name for “warrior”
  15. Manpal – Indian boy name meaning “protector of the spirit”
  16. Mao – European name meaning “protector” and Japanese boy name meaning “true center”
  17. Minka – Teutonic girl name that means “strong-willed warrior”
  18. Mordecai – Hebrew boy name for “warrior”
  19. Munda – Old Norse girl name meaning “protector”
  20. Murphy – Irish boy name for “sea warrior”
  21. Ned – Old English boy name meaning “guardian of prosperity”
  22. Olesia – Polish girl name meaning “protector of humanity”
  23. Oman – Hindi boy name that means “protector”
  24. Owen – Irish boy name for “young warrior” or “born to nobility”
  25. Owena – Welsh girl name meaning “young warrior”
  26. Pan – Greek mythology boy name for the half-goat god of the wild
  27. Ptolema – Greek girl name meaning “war-like”
  28. Ragnar – Norse boy name for “judgment” or “warrior”
  29. Ramon – Catalan boy name meaning “protector” or “advisor”
  30. Ramona – Hungarian girl name that means “wise protector”
  31. Raymond – English boy name meaning “protector”
  32. Safdar – Persian name that means “warrior”
  33. Sloan – Gaelic boy name for “warrior”
  34. Tanguy – French boy name meaning “warrior”
  35. Telema – Spanish boy name meaning “distant fighter” and “will”
  36. Titus – Hebrew biblical boy name that means “fighter” or “protector of justice”
  37. Truda – German girl name meaning “warrior woman”
  38. Vermundo – Visigothic (Early Germanic) boy name meaning “true protector”
  39. Vidar – Scandinavian boy name meaning “warrior of the woods”
  40. Warner – German boy name for “defending army”
  41. Werther – German boy name meaning “worthy warrior”

Names That Mean “Victory” Or “Victorious”

  1. Jaivira – Hindi boy name for “victorious warrior”
  2. Nike – Greek goddess of victory
  3. Nikostratos – Greek boy name meaning “army of victory”
  4. Ranjit – Indian boy name for “victorious in battle”
  5. Sibbi – Danish boy name for “victorious hero”
  6. Sigmund – German boy name that means “victorious protector”
  7. Sigrid – Old Norse girl name meaning “beautiful victory”

What Are Rare, Unique, & Unusual Warrior Names For Boys & Girls?

  1. Alojzia – Slovakian girl name meaning “famous battle”
  2. Armista – Modern English girl’s name meaning “an end to battle”
  3. Bodil – Old Norse girl name meaning “improve through battle”
  4. Borghildr – Old Norse girl name that means “protection in battle”
  5. Boriša – Vlach (Macedo-Romanian) girl name meaning “fighter”
  6. Cadell – Welsh boy name meaning “battle”
  7. Cadogan – Welsh boy name that means “honor in battle”
  8. Cathán – Irish boy name meaning “battle” or “little battler”
  9. Daljit – Indian boy name for “the conqueror of forces”
  10. Ditiyahihi – Cherokee boy name meaning “quarreler” or “wrangler”
  11. Editha – Old French girl name that means “protector” or “older sister”
  12. Elbrus – Iranian and Persian boy name meaning “high guard”
  13. Gunhilda – Norse girl name meaning “battle maid”
  14. Hereswith – Old English girl name meaning “strength of the army”
  15. Horatius – Latin boy name meaning “timekeeper” or “a hero who saved Rome”
  16. Ingvild – Norwegian girl name that means “battle”
  17. Ivor – English boy name derived from the Welsh name “Ifor,” meaning “archer”
  18. Kimball – Old English boy name for “leader” or “chief”
  19. Levent – Turkish boy name meaning “naval soldier”
  20. Ludovic – English and Scottish boy name meaning “famous warrior”
  21. Marcellina – Latin girl name meaning “warlike”
  22. Marcellus – Latin girl name meaning “young warrior”
  23. Marciana – Latin girl name meaning “warlike” or “dedicated to Mars”
  24. Marisa – Western European girl name meaning “famous for war” or “rebel”
  25. Montford – Old English boy name that means “the protector’s ford”
  26. Ouida – French girl name meaning “famous battle”
  27. Ruihi – Maori girl name that means “famous battle”; Maori form of “Lucy”
  28. Saladin – Arabic name meaning “peace through faith”; namesakes include Saladin, the renowned warrior who captured Jerusalem and took control of Palestine in the 1100s
  29. Samaria – Greek girl name that means “to keep guard from the mountain”
  30. Satella – English and Latin girl name meaning “guardian” or “attendant”
  31. Satriya – Indonesian girl name that means “knight”
  32. Seward – Old English boy name meaning “victorious guardian”
  33. Sivert – Swedish boy name meaning “guardian of victory”
  34. Thurber – Norse boy name that means “Thor the warrior”
  35. Thyra – Scandinavian and Norse girl name that relates to Týr, the Norse God of war
  36. Valve – Estonian girl name that means “to watch over” and “to guard”
  37. Villads – Danish girl name meaning “desiring battle”
  38. Vilvi – Estonian girl name that means “watch over” and “to guard”
  39. Wymond – Old English boy name that means “protect through battle”

Cute & Adorable Warrior Names For Boys & Girls

  1. Alexis – English and Greek nonbinary name meaning“defending warrior”
  2. Aloise – French girl name meaning “famous warrior”
  3. Alphonse – French and German boy name meaning “noble” and “ready for battle”
  4. Alvaro – Spanish boy name that means “elf warrior”
  5. Armani – Italian, German, and Persian boy name meaning “soldier”
  6. Bade – Welsh and German boy name meaning “battle”
  7. Barrett – Hebrew boy name meaning “fighter” and “bear-like strength”
  8. Berk – Turkish boy name meaning “firm and strong”
  9. Bernard – English and German boy name meaning “brave as a bear”
  10. Cadel – Welsh boy name that means “battle”
  11. Cadoc – Welsh boy name meaning “battle glory”
  12. Cahir – Irish boy name that means “battle man”
  13. Callan – Scottish and Gaelic boy name for “battle” or “descendent of Cathalan”
  14. Clancy – Irish boy name meaning “offspring of a red-headed soldier”
  15. Denzel – Welsh boy name for “high stronghold”
  16. Faris – Arabic boy name that means “knight”
  17. Griffith – Welsh boy name for “fierce chief”
  18. Harbin – German boy name for “little bright warrior”
  19. Hartwig – German boy name meaning “courageous in battle”
  20. Harv – French boy name meaning “battle worthy”; diminutive of “Harvey”
  21. Hedy – English variant or nickname of the Germanic boy name “Hedwig,” meaning “battle”
  22. Hervé – Unisex French name meaning “battle worthy”
  23. Hilda – German girl name meaning “battle woman”
  24. Howard – Ancient Scandinavian boy name which means “high guardian”
  25. Jamari – Arabic girl name meaning “beautiful” and “warrior”
  26. Jerry – English and French boy name for “spear warrior”
  27. Kane – Hebrew boy name for “spear” and Scottish name for “warlike”
  28. Kavan – Breton boy name meaning “battle”
  29. Kelly – Unisex Irish name that means “war”
  30. Kelsey – Old English girl name that means “fierce island”
  31. Kyda – Arabic girl name meaning “strong”
  32. Louis – French boy name that means “famous battle”
  33. Luigi – Italian form of “Louis,” meaning “renowned warrior”
  34. Marceau – French boy name meaning “little warrior”
  35. Marcel – Latin boy name for “little warrior” and “warlike”
  36. Mark – Latin boy name meaning “warlike”; also a biblical boy name as the author of the Gospel of Mark
  37. Marsha – American girl name and diminutive of “Marcella,” meaning “warlike”
  38. Maud – French girl name that means “strength in battle”
  39. Miles – Unisex English name meaning “merciful” or “soldier”
  40. Millicent – Old French and German girl name meaning “brave strength”
  41. Milo – Latin boy name for “soldier”
  42. Ojore – Strong African boy name meaning “warrior”
  43. Oliver – Ancient German boy name coming from “Alfher,” meaning “elf warrior”
  44. Ottolie – French girl name meaning “prospers in battle”
  45. Qadira – Arabic girl name that means “powerful”
  46. Roger – German boy name for “famous spearman”
  47. Rollo – German boy name for “wolf counsel”
  48. Rǫskva – Icelandic girl name for “brave” and “vigorous”
  49. Sacha – Russian boy name meaning “defender of mankind”
  50. Seron – Hungarian girl name for “fierce brightness”
  51. Swain – English boy name meaning “knight’s attendant”
  52. Sweeney – Gaelic name that means “little hero”
  53. Tew – Celtic boy name meaning “warrior god”
  54. Tore – Scandinavian boy name that means “Thor’s warrior”
  55. Troy – English variant of the Gaelic boy name “O Troighthigh,” meaning “foot soldier”
  56. Tyra – Scandinavian girl name with links to Thor, the Norse god of thunder
  57. Ward – Old English boy name that means “guard”
  58. Wyatt – Old English boy name meaning “little warrior”
  59. Xander – Greek baby boy name that means “defender of man”

Tips For Picking Warrior Names For Your Baby

How do you pick a warrior name for your little one? Here are some things to consider:

Popular Choices

Popular names might seem like the safest choice for your little one, but your baby can end up having the same name as some of their friends.

But choosing a unique name doesn’t guarantee that it’s one of a kind because name popularity constantly changes.

Unique & Rare

You might consider picking a different spelling variation from a different language.

For example, “Catherine” can be “Katherine” in Greek or “Caterina” in Italian, but it’s spelled as “Yekaterina” in Russian.

“Alexander” can be “Alessandro” in Italian, “Alejandro” in Spanish, and “Alekanekeio” in Hawaiian.

Name Meanings

It’s good to check name meanings to be sure that they don’t have a potentially embarrassing or bad definition.

Names From History, Literature, & Pop Culture Or Honoring Someone

Some parents consider using the names of famous people or loved ones as inspiration.

Check The Compatibility Of First & Middle Names

Read the names out loud to check if they sound alright.

Check The Initials

Once you’ve picked your baby’s first and middle names, check their initials.

For example, biblical boy names “Andrew” and “Solomon” can look innocent and great, but you might want to avoid the combination (in this order) if your surname starts with an “S.”

You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators or from the list of baby names 2023.

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