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201 Girl Plant Names & Cute Earthy Options

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Aside from looking beautiful, lots of girl plant names also have beautiful meanings. For example, flower names like orchids and jasmine are believed to be a gift from the gods.

For example, flower names like orchids and jasmine are believed to be a gift from the gods.

In choosing plant-inspired baby girl names, however, take note of their meanings, connotations, or common usage. 

“Pepper” and “Buttercup” are cute nature names, but they are often used more as pet names rather than first or middle names.

Here’s a list of 201 girl plant names and cute earthy options you can choose for your little princess (plus some nature-themed boy names as a bonus).


Girl Plant Names By Category

  1. Azalea (Greek girl name) – Spring flower native that blooms for several weeks
  2. Ashley (Old English and Anglo-Saxon) – Means “from the ash tree
  3. Blossom (English) – Means “blooming flower”
  4. Briar (English name) – Thorny or prickly plant, including blackberries or roses; Disney princess name (Briar Rose) for Sleeping Beauty
  5. Camellia (English) – Flowering shrub; variants include “Camilla” and “Camille”
  6. Clover (Old English) – Wildflower often associated with good luck
  7. Daisy (Old English) – Means “day’s eye” or “eye of the day” 
  8. Fleur (French girl name) – Also a witch name in the “Harry Potter” series
  9. Ginger (English) – Spice name that can also be a nickname for “Virginia”
  10. Hazel (Old English) – The hazelnut tree
  11. Holly (Old English) – The holly tree; its leaves are commonly used as Christmas decorations
  12. Ivy (Old English) – Climbing plant with small yellow flowers
  13. Jasmine (Persian) – Climbing plant with fragrant white flowers; also a Disney princess name for the Arabian princess in the animated movie, “Aladdin
  14. Lavender (English) – Aromatic flowering plant with pale purple petals
  15. Lily (English) – Snowy white flower used as a symbol of purity
  16. Magnolia (Latin) – Means “a flower”; also refers to the sweet-smelling flowering tree with white, pink, purple, and yellow petals
  17. Olive (Latin) – A fruit-bearing tree that also symbolizes victory or peace (i.e., an olive branch); also a biblical girl name (olive trees are among the first plants named in the Bible)
  18. Pepper (German and Middle-English) – Popular spice; commonly used as a nickname or pet name
  19. Rose (Latin, Norman, English, and Germanic girl name) – Classic flower name that symbolizes love; white, yellow, pink, or red flower
  20. Rosemary (Latin) – Herb that means “dew of the sea”; combination of “Rose” and “Mary”
  21. Sylvia (Latin) – Means “wood” or “forest”
  22. Violet (Latin) – Purple flower that symbolizes fertility and love


What Are Cute & Unique Flower Names?

  1. Aster (Greek name) – Means “star”; daisy-like flower common in Asia and Europe 
  2. Buttercup (English) – Bright yellow wildflower; often considered a pet name for girls
  3. Carni (American name) – Short version of “Carnation”
  4. Coleus (Ancient Greek name) – Flowering plant with leaves in a kaleidoscope of colors
  5. Marganita (Hebrew) – Flowering plant common in Israel; also known as scarlet pimpernel in English
  6. Moss (English gender-neutral name) – Small, dense green plants in shady or damp places; also a biblical boy name (another form of “Moses”)
  7. Petal (Greek) – Means “leaf”; part of a blooming flower
  8. Rue (Greek) – Medicinal herb and ornamental plant; also a biblical girl name (Lithuanian form of “Ruth”)


Powerful & Badass Girl Plant Names

  1. Angelica (Greek) – Medicinal plant used as a natural remedy for a runny nose, colds, sleeplessness, etc.; also an angel name meaning “messenger of God”
  2. Birch (Old English) – Tree with different colors (white, black, silver, yellow, or gray); can ward off evil and boost courage, according to Celtic mythology
  3. Bramble (Old English nonbinary name) – Thorny shrub
  4. Edelweiss (German) – Medicinal plant with small, white flowers
  5. Gentian (Albanian name) – Medicinal plant named after King Gentius, who allegedly discovered its medicinal properties
  6. Poppy (Old English) – Plant with brightly colored flowers; also the optimistic and badass princess in the animated movie “Trolls
  7. Rowan (Irish name) – Means “red”; refers to the rowan tree, which is believed to protect against enchantment or witchcraft
  8. Sequoia (Latin) – Giant redwood tree


What Are Good & Interesting Girl Plant Names?

  1. Bentley (Old English gender-neutral name) – Means “bent grass” or “woodland”
  2. Jessamine (French name) – Variant of “Jasmine,” a flowering plant
  3. Myrtle (Greek) – Evergreen shrub with star-like white flowers.
  4. Primrose (Latin) – Means “first rose” because it’s among the first spring flowers to bloom
  5. Sorrel (Old French and German name) – Spinach-like plant; also means “reddish-brown hair”


What Are Some Cute Earthy Monikers?

  1. Ambrette (French) – Musky aromatic plant with yellow flowers
  2. Cedar (Greek) – Strong coniferous tree in the Mediterranean and Himalayan regions; also a biblical name (mentioned in the Bible as “the cedars of Lebanon”)
  3. Dara (Gaelic) – Oak tree
  4. Forrest (English nonbinary name) – Forest
  5. Maple (Old English) – Maple tree
  6. Sunny (English) – Short form or nickname for “Sunflower”; also a name that means light or sunshine


Girl Plant Names In Mythology

  1. Artemisia (Greek and Spanish girl name) – Plant genus dedicated to the Greek goddess of the wilderness, Artemis
  2. Chloe (Greek) – Means “green shoot”; linked to Demeter, the goddess of agriculture in Greek mythology
  3. Daphne (Greek) – Means “laurel”; nymph turned into a laurel tree to escape the Greek god, Apollo
  4. Flora (Latin) – Means “flower”; Roman goddess of flowers and springtime
  5. Iris (Greek) – Beautiful flower; goddess of the rainbow and messenger to the gods
  6. Narcissa (Greek) – Daffodil plant; also links to Narcissus, a figure in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own reflection and later turned into a flower


Plant-Inspired Black Girl Names

  1. Alani (Hawaiian girl name) – Citrus tree
  2. Ayana (Swahili, an African language) – Means “beautiful flower
  3. Canna (Latin) – A reed; also a short form of “Cannalily”
  4. Cassia (Greek) – Cinnamon tree
  5. Diantha (Greek) – Means “divine flower”
  6. Varda (Hebrew) – Means “rose” or “pink”


Cool & Exotic Girl Plant Names From Around The World

  1. Amaranth (Greek) – Means “unfading”; grain-producing plant with purple, gold, green, or red flowers
  2. Ameretat (Avestan, an Indo-Iranian language) – Zoroastrian goddess of plants and long life
  3. Cerise (French) – Variant of “Cherry”
  4. Crisanta (Spanish) – Means “a golden flower
  5. Elowen (Cornish name) – Elm tree
  6. Idra (Hebrew) – Fig tree
  7. Ilana (Hebrew) – Means “tree”
  8. Jacinda (Spanish) – Variant of “Hyacinth
  9. Koru (Maori, an indigenous Polynesian language) – Means “loop”; refers to the silver fern frond shape when it unfolds
  10. Lata (Sanskrit, an Indo-European language) – Means “creeping plant” or “vine” 
  11. Leilani (Hawaiian name) – Means “heavenly flowers”
  12. Lotus (Greek) – White flower that symbolizes grace, purity, and spirituality
  13. Madara (Latvian name) – Flowering plant with yellow blooms
  14. Margarita (Spanish) – Variant of “Marigold
  15. Marwa (Arabic girl name) – Variant of the spice name “Marjoram”
  16. Ponga (Maori) – Tree fern in New Zealand
  17. Ruzha (Bulgarian and Macedonian) – Means “hollyhock,” a flowering plant
  18. Sakura (Japanese name) – Means “cherry blossom”
  19. Zenobia (Greek) – Bell-shaped white flowers in North America; also means “life of Zeus”


Nerdy Girl Plant Names

  1. Bellerose (French) – Means “lovely rose”; combination of Disney princess name “Belle” and “Rose
  2. Evanthe (Greek) – Means “fair flower”
  3. Fioralba (Italian girl name) – Means “flower of the dawn”
  4. Forsythia (Scottish) – Shrub with bright yellow flowers that bloom in spring; means “man of peace”
  5. Sage (English nonbinary name) – Evergreen herb; also means “a wise person”


Spice & Herb Girl Plant Names

  1. Anise (British) – Spice with a licorice taste
  2. Balsam (Latin and Hebrew) – Tree used as a spice or perfume
  3. Basil (Greek) – Common kitchen herb; means “king”
  4. Bay (English, Latin, and French) – Different types of trees or plants with leaves used as a spice
  5. Clove (English, Old French, and Latin) – Buds of an evergreen tree with crimson or red flowers used as a spice; also means “nail”
  6. Coriander (English, Latin, and Greek) – Flowering plant used as a spice; also called Cilantro
  7. Laurel (English) – Laurel tree or sweet bay
  8. Parsley (Old French and Old English) – Leafy green herb; also means “to cross the water”
  9. Saffron (English, Arabic, and Persian) – Yellow-orange crocus flower and spice; means “gold leaves”


Celebrity Girl Plant Names

  1. Alyssa (Irish girl name) – From the flowering plant, alyssum; name of American actress Alyssa Milano
  2. Apple (English) – Fruit tree; name of American actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter
  3. Bjork (Swedish name) – Means “birch”; name of Icelandic singer-songwriter and actress Björk Guðmundsdóttir (simply known as Björk)
  4. Meadow (Old English) – Grass-covered land; names of Meadow Walker (daughter of actor Paul Walker) and Meadow Williams (American actress and producer)
  5. Willow (Old English) – Tree that grows by the water; name of American singer and actress Willow Smith 


Classic & Old-Fashioned Girl Plant Names

  1. Alyssum (Greek) – Plant with purple, white, pink, or yellow flowers
  2. Belinda (Old German) – Means “bright linden tree”
  3. Begonia (French) – Plant with brightly-hued pink flowers
  4. Chrysanta (Greek) – Shortened form of Chrysanthemum; means “golden flower
  5. Cicely (Roman) – Herb with white flowers and fern-like leaves 
  6. Hawthorne (English and Scottish) – A bush or hedge
  7. Marigold (English) – Spicy-smelling plant with bright flowers; combination of “Mary” and “gold”
  8. Yarrow (Welsh and Old English) – Medicinal herb with white or pink flowers
  9. Petunia (French) – Flowers with white or pink blooms
  10. Rosa (Italian name) – Variation of “Rose


Girl Plant Names From A to Z

Girl Plant Names Starting With A

  1. Acacia (Greek name) – Means “thorny tree”
  2. Ainsley (English and Scottish) – Plant with cherry red flowers
  3. Alder (English) – Tree of the birch family
  4. Alona (Hebrew) – Means “oak tree”
  5. Ambretta (French girl name) – Dessert pear
  6. Aralia (Latin) – Means “blooming flower” or “golden flower


Girl Plant Names Starting With B

  1. Belle (French) – Short form of “Bluebell”; also a Disney princess name that means “beautiful”
  2. Bramwell (Old English nonbinary name) – Relates to “bramble” or “broom” plants
  3. Bryn (Welsh) – A type of dahlia flower
  4. Bryony (Greek) – Vine with greenish-white flowers


Girl Plant Names Starting With C

  1. Calendula (Latin) – Another form of “Marigold,” a flowering plant and medicinal herb; used in nipple creams
  2. Calla (Greek) – Lily native to South Africa; means “beauty”
  3. Cara (Irish, English, German, and Italian girl name) – From the caraway plant; also a pet name for girls meaning “loved one” or “darling”
  4. Clementine (Latin) – Citrus tree; means “merciful” and “gentle”
  5. Coco (French, Greek, and American) – Coconut tree


Girl Plant Names Starting With D

  1. Daffodil (English and Dutch) – Plant with yellow flowers
  2. Dahlia (Scandinavian and Latin) – Valley flower; means “Dahl’s flower,” after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl
  3. Delphine (French girl name) – Genus of flowering plants


Girl Plant Names Starting With E

  1. Ellery (British gender-neutral name) – Baby name meaning “lives by the alder tree”
  2. Elm (English) – Elm tree
  3. Erica (Old Norse and Scandinavian) – Flower type that includes heather; also a warrior name meaning “ever powerful” or “eternal ruler”


Girl Plant Names Starting With F

  1. Fern (Old English and Anglo-Saxon) – One of the oldest plant species; known for its foliage
  2. Florian (Latin and Roman unisex name) – Means “flower”


Girl Plant Names Starting With G

  1. Geneva (German name) – Variant of “Juniper,” a tree name
  2. Genista (Latin) – Broom plant native to moorlands and pastures in western Asia and Europe
  3. Giacinta (Italian name) – Variant of “Hyacinth,” a flower


Girl Plant Names Starting With H

  1. Haruki (Japanese girl name) – Means “a springtime tree”
  2. Heather (Middle English) – Small shrubs with pink or white flowers
  3. Hibiscus (Greek nature name) – Means “a beautiful red flower
  4. Hyacinth (English and Greek girl name) – Spring-blooming flower


Girl Plant Names Starting With I

  1. Indigo (English) – Tropical plant used to make purple-blue dye
  2. Iolanthe (Greek) – Variant of “Violet,” a plant and color
  3. Ixora (Portuguese) – Tropical flowering plant


Girl Plant Names Starting With J

  1. Jacki (English) – Short form of the jackfruit tree
  2. Juniper (Latin and English) – A type of tree


Girl Plant Names Starting With K

Some girl names that start with K:

  1. Kale (English) – Leafy green vegetable
  2. Kalina (Polish) – Means “flower”
  3. Kassiani (Greek) – Variant of “Cinnamon”
  4. Koa (Hawaiian name) – Acacia koa flowering tree endemic to the Hawaiian Islands; also a unisex name meaning “warrior” or “valiant one”


Girl Plant Names Starting With L

  1. Laura (Latin) – Bay laurel
  2. Leena (Arabic) – Means “a palm tree”
  3. Lilac (Latin) – Purple flower with a sweet scent
  4. Lillian (Latin) – Variant of “Lily
  5. Linnaea (Scandinavian) – Honeysuckle plant or linden tree


Girl Plant Names Starting With M

  1. Makala (Hawaiian girl name) – Variant of “Myrtle,” a tree
  2. Marguerite (French name) – Means “Daisy
  3. Mawar (Indonesian) – Variant of “Rose


Girl Plant Names Starting With N

  1. Nanala (Hawaiian) – Means “sunflower”
  2. Neerja (Hindi) – Means “Lily
  3. Nikki (Japanese name) – Means “two trees”


Girl Plant Names Starting With O

  1. Olivia (Latin and English) – Popular name for girls; comes from the olive tree
  2. Orchid (Ancient Greek name) – Plant with colorful and fragrant flowers
  3. Ornella (Italian) – Means “flowering ash tree
  4. Orrin (English and Irish name) – Plant with small, yellow flowers; means “little pale green one”


Girl Plant Names Starting With P

  1. Patchouli (English) – Fragrant plant commonly found in Southeast Asia
  2. Prunella (Latin) – Means “small plum”


Girl Plant Names Starting With Q

  1. Quillaja (Chilean) – Flowering plant in Chile
  2. Quince (Latin unisex name) – Apple-like, pear-shaped fruit native to western Asia
  3. Quỳnh (Vietnamese name) – Flowering plant; pronounced “kwin” and means “deep red”


Girl Plant Names Starting With R

  1. Rada (Yiddish) – Means “rose” or “happy”
  2. Rayen (Chilean) – Means “flower”
  3. Ren (Japanese) – Means “water lily”; also an anime name
  4. Roselle (Latin) – Means “Rose”; hibiscus plant in Asia
  5. Rush (Old English) – Grass-like plant in marshlands


Girl Plant Names Starting With S

  1. Shoshana (Hebrew) – Means “Lily
  2. Star (English) – From the star magnolia tree
  3. Susan (Persian and English) – From the black-eyed Susan plant


Girl Plant Names Starting With T

  1. Tansy (Greek) – Perennial flowering plant in the aster family; means “immortality”
  2. Tulip (Turkish) – Means “turban” (refers to the flower’s distinctive shape)


Girl Plant Names Starting With U

  1. Ulex (New Latin) – Evergreen shrub with small, golden flowers
  2. Ursinia (African) – Daisy-like flower with golden petals native to South African


Girl Plant Names Starting With V

  1. Valerian (Latin unisex name) – Flowering plant native to Asia and Europe 
  2. Valli (Hindu) – Means “winding plant” or “creeping plant”; also a Hindu goddess name
  3. Verbena (Latin and Spanish) – Means “sacred foliage”
  4. Viola (Latin) – Means “Violet,” a plant and color name
  5. Virginia (Latin) – A climbing vine


Girl Plant Names Starting With W

  1. Winika (Maori) – Christmas orchid
  2. Wisteria (German girl name) – Flowering vine with fragrant pink, violet, purple, or white flowers 


Girl Plant Names Starting With X

  1. Xanthisma (Greek) – Daisy-like flower and member of the Aster family with bright yellow flowers; also called “sleepy daisy” because its petals close up at night
  2. Xyris (Latin) – Grass-like foliage with small, yellow flowers


Girl Plant Names Starting With Y

  1. Yasmin (Persian girl name) – Variant of “Jasmine,” a fragrant flower
  2. Yvette (German) – Comes from “yew,” a coniferous tree


Girl Plant Names Starting With Z

  1. Zahara (Arabic) – A type of zinnia (flowering plant)
  2. Zaria (Arabic) – Means “Rose
  3. Zetta (Hebrew) – Symbolizes an olive tree
  4. Zinnia (English and German) – Flowering plant with a variety of brightly colored blooms similar to sunflowers and daisies; means “Zinn’s flower,” after German botanist Johann Zinn


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Plant Names

  1. Ash (Old English name) – From the ash tree; also an anime boy name
  2. Aspen (Old English) – Deciduous tree native to colder regions
  3. Hollis (Old English) – Means “the holly tree” or “someone who lives near holly trees
  4. Kaede (Japanese) – Means “maple leaf”
  5. Layton (Old English) – Means “leek garden” or “settlement with a leek garden”
  6. Linden (Old High German) – Means “linden tree”


Bonus: Adorable Plant Names For Boys

  • Branch – Part of a tree
  • Cedar – A tree
  • Cypress – A tree
  • Jarred – “Rose” in Hebrew
  • William – From the Sweet William plant with white, purple, pink, and red flowers


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