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585+ Arabic Girl Names (Includes Traditional & Trendy Choices)

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An Arabic name can be a beautiful and exotic option for your little girl. They aren’t just for Muslim baby girls. 

Similar to Arabic boy names, many of these baby names have links to religion, particularly Allah (the Islamic God), Prophet Mohammad, and the Quran (the Muslims’ Bible).

Also, many vowels or consonants (such as “q” and “k” or “e” and “i”) are used interchangeably, creating different variants of the same name. Some letters might also be repeated or added to the name (e.g., “y” and “h”) without changing the name meaning.

For example, “Aaliyah” (spiritual name) can also be spelled as “Aliyah,” “Alia,” or “Aliyya” – and they can have the same meaning: “exalted,” “sublime,” or “high.”

Sometimes, adding an “a” at the end of a boy’s name converts it into a girl’s name. For example, “Rashid” becomes a girl name “Rashida.”

However, this rule isn’t absolute because many Arabic baby boy names also end with “a.”

Interested in choosing an Arabic name for your baby girl? Here are 585+ choices for you to consider, including traditional, trending, and unique names.


Arabic Baby Girl Names By Category

  1. Aaliyah (Arabic, American, Hebrew, and African) – Popular black girl name meaning “exalted,” “high,” or “sublime”; also spelled as “Alia,” “Aliyah,” or “Aliyya” 
  2. Fatima (Arabic) – “To abstain”; Islamic name from the Quran (one of the Prophet Muhammad’s daughters)
  3. Hannah (Hebrew and Arabic) – Name that means “grace” or “favor”
  4. Mariam (Aramaic, Hebrew, and Arabic girl name) – Name that means “love” or “beloved”; also a variant of “Maryam” (a girl plant name after the tuberose flower) or “Mary”
  5. Nadia (Arabic, Slavic, and Russian girl name) – “Tender” or “delicate”; variants include “Nadiyya” and “Nadya”
  6. Nora (Arabic and Latin) – Name that means “light” (shining light); can be spelled as “Noora,” “Nura,” or “Norah,” and is a feminine form of the boy nameNur


What Are The Best Arabic Names For Girls?

  1. Ahlam (Arabic) – “Dreams”
  2. Amara (Arabic, African, and Spanish girl name) – “Kindness,” “grace,” and “mercy”
  3. Aminah (Arabic) – “Honest and faithful,” “trustworthy,” or “to feel safe and secure”; can be a feminine form of the boy name “Amin” and spelled as “Amina” or “Aamina” 
  4. Anisa (Arabic) – “Friendly,” “friend,” and “pleasant companion”; feminine form of “Anis”
  5. Bahira (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Dazzling” and “brilliant”
  6. Jawahir (Arabic) – “Jewels”; also spelled as “Gawahir”
  7. Najiba (Arabic) – “Wellborn”
  8. Niesha (Arabic and Indian) – “Full of life”
  9. Nima (Hebrew, Arabic, and Tibetan girl name) – 4 letter girl name meaning “blessing” and a name meaning “sun”; it can be spelled as “Nimat” or “Nyima”
  10. Soheila (Arabic and Persian) – “Star”
  11. Zaahira (Arabic) – Name that means “bright” (to shine) or “radiant”; also spelled as “Zahira”
  12. Zuelia (Arabic and Persian) – “Peace,” “bright,” and “pretty”


Strong & Powerful Arabic Names For Girls

  1. Asma (Arabic) – “Supreme,” “noble,” “high,” “sky,” and “exalted”
  2. Aza (Arabic gender-neutral name) – “Powerful”
  3. Faizah (Arabic) – “Winner,” “victorious,” and “successful”
  4. Fathiyya (Arabic) – Warrior name meaning “conqueror” or “triumph”
  5. Issa (Arabic and German name for boys and girls) – “Strong-willed”; also spelled as “Isa”
  6. Jala (Arabic) – “Great,” “illustrious,” or “special one”
  7. Jalila (Arabic) – “Important” or “exalted”; also spelled as “Galila”
  8. Khalida (Arabic) – “Eternal,” “immortal,” or “everlasting”; feminine form of “Khalid”
  9. Kubra (Arabic and Turkish) – “Greatest”; feminine form of “Akbar” (powerful boy name after the 16th-century conqueror who expanded his empire into most of India)
  10. MalikaArabic word for “queen”; feminine form of “Malik”
  11. Nihad (Arabic nonbinary name) – “Ruler,” “strong and mighty,” or “authoritative”
  12. Nyla (Arabic) – “Winner,” “achiever,” or “one who succeeds”
  13. Oma (Arabic unisex name) – “Commanding” or “giver of life”
  14. Rayyan (Arabic, Persian, Indian, and Irish name) – “Door to paradise”
  15. Sahara (Arabic) – “Desert”; also a real place name after the Sahara Desert
  16. Shaheen (Arabic and Persian) – Nature name meaning “royal white falcon”; a symbol of strength and royalty in the Arab culture
  17. Shamara (Arabic) – “Ready for battle”
  18. Taima (Arabic and Native American) – “Thunder” or “oasis”


Traditional Arabic Girl Names

  1. Amani (Arabic, Indian, and African) – Muslim name meaning “wishes” or African girl name meaning “peace”
  2. Basira (Arabic) – “Wise”; feminine form of “Basir” (one of Allah’s 99 names)
  3. Basma (Arabic) – “Smile”
  4. Dana (Arabic and Persian) – “Wise”; also a feminine form of the biblical boy nameDaniel
  5. Farah (Arabic) – “Joy” or “happiness”
  6. Fatma (Arabic) – Islamic girl name from the Quran meaning “to abstain”
  7. Halimah (Arabic) – “Gentle and patient”
  8. Naima (Arabic) – “Tranquil” and “pleasant”
  9. Samara (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Evening conversation,” “one who converses under the moonlight,” or “protected by God”
  10. Siddiqah (Arabic) – “Person who keeps her word or promise” or “truthful”


  1. Celina (ancient Arabic girl name) – “Heaven”; also a variant of “Selene,” a Greek and Latin name meaning “moon”
  2. Kamilah (Arabic and Egyptian) – “Perfect”; spelling variant of the Italian girl name “Camilla” (noble)
  3. Meriem (Arabic and Turkish) – “Beloved” or “drop of the sea”; variant of biblical girl name “Miriam”
  4. Yamama (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Wild dove”; variant of “Jemima”
  5. Zakia (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Pure”; can be a variant of “Katherine”


Feminine Form Of Arabic Boy Names

  1. Aziza (Arabic) – “Respected,” “powerful,” and “beloved”; variant of “Aziz” (one of Allah’s names)
  2. Cyra (Arabic, English, Persian, and Greek girl name) – “Sun,” “throne,” or “Lord”; variant of the Persian and Greek boy name “Cyrus”
  3. Eliya (Arabic and Hebrew) – “My god is Yahweh”; variant of the biblical name “Elijah”
  4. Emira (Arabic) – “Commander” or “prince”; variant of “Amir”
  5. Imani (Arabic and Swahili, an African language) – “Faith”; variant of “Iman”
  6. Jamila (Arabic) – “Elegance,” “grace,” and “beauty”; variant of “Jamil”
  7. Karima (Arabic) – “Generosity” or “nobleness”; variant of “Karam”
  8. Khalilah (Arabic) – “Darling”; variant of “Khalil”
  9. Osmara (Arabic) – “One who shines like the glory of God”; female form of “Osmaro” or “Osman”
  10. Rahima (Arabic) – “Merciful”; variant of “Rahim”
  11. Rashida (Arabic) – “Rightly guided”; variant of “Rashid”
  12. Sultana (Arabic) – Variant of “Sultan” (king or ruler in the Arab world)
  13. Taliba (Arabic) – “Student” or “seeker of knowledge”; variant of “Talib” (Prophet Muhammad’s uncle)


Fantasy Arabic Girl Names In Myths, Legends, & Movies

  1. Alia (Arabic) – “Exalted” or “supreme”; a character in the sci-fi movie “Dune,” also known as “St. Alia of the Knife”
  2. Bellatrix (Arabic and Latin girl name) – Badass girl name that means “female warrior”; also a witchy name for one of the “Death Eaters” (antagonists) in the “Harry Potter” series
  3. Dara (Persian and Arabic unisex name) – “Wealthy” or “pearl of wisdom”
  4. Dia (Arabic, African, Spanish, and Greek name) – “Day”; Roman goddess of daylight
  5. Ishtar (Arabic, Babylonian, and Assyrian) – Goddess of love, war, and fertility
  6. Juhainah (Arabic) – “Darkness at the end of the night”
  7. Malaika (Arabic, Swahili, and African) – “Angel” or “small child”; variants include “Malayeka”
  8. Pariza – “Fairy,” “light,” or “flower”; also spelled as “Pareeza”
  9. Shamairah (Arabic) – Muslim name meaning “throne of the Lord” or “beautiful goddess”
  10. Sheherazade (Arabic and Persian) – “Noble lineage”; narrator and major character in “One Thousand and One Nights” (collection of Middle Eastern tales)


What Are The Prettiest Arabic Names?

  1. Alzira (Arabic) – “Ornament”
  2. Basima (Arabic) – “Always smiling”; also spelled as “Basimah”
  3. Hind (Arabic) – “Brunette” or “group of camels”; one of Prophet Mohammad’s wives
  4. Leila (Arabic and Hebrew) – Beautiful name meaning “night”; also spelled as “Layla,” “Lila,” or “Lilah”
  5. Mona (Arabic and Italian name) – Rainbow name meaning “wished for”; also means “noble” or “aristocratic,” and spelled as “Muna” or “Mouna”
  6. Nadira (Arabic) – “Rare” or “precious”
  7. Shakila (Arabic) – “Pretty” or “beautiful”


What Are The Cutest Arabic Names?

  1. Dani (Arabic) – “Merciful” or “kind”; variant of the Hebrew name “Danielle”
  2. Fikriyya (Arabic unisex name) – “To think,” “reflect,” or “intellectual”
  3. Hayat – Arabic word for “life” or “to live” 
  4. Janan (Arabic gender-neutral name) – “Heart”
  5. Marya (Arabic and Latin) – “Bright whiteness” or “purity”
  6. Naziha (Arabic) – “Honest” or “virtuous”
  7. Sherine (Arabic and Persian) – “Sweet”
  8. Yasmin (Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian) – Flower name for “Jasmine,” a fragrant flower that’s also a Disney princess name
  9. Ziya (Arabic and Turkish unisex name) – Name that means “light” or “splendor”


What Arabic Girl Name Means “Beautiful” Or “Beauty”?

  1. Alizha (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Beautiful” or “joy”
  2. Ammura (Arabic) – “Radiant and beautiful”; also spelled as “Ammuri”
  3. Ansa (Arabic and Finnish) – “Queen of beauty”
  4. Ayna (Arabic and Persian) – “One with beautiful eyes” or “mirror”
  5. Azeena (Arabic) – “Beautiful,” “obedient,” or “righteous”
  6. Bahiyya (Arabic) – “Beautiful person”
  7. Elizha (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Beautiful” or “God is my salvation” (as a variant of “Elisha”)
  8. Fasha (Arabic) – “Beauty”
  9. Fenal (Arabic) – “Beautiful” or “angel of beauty”
  10. Gamila (Arabic) – “Beautiful”
  11. Ghadah (Arabic) – “Beautiful”
  12. Hasna(Arabic) – “Beauty”
  13. Hisana (Arabic) – “Beautiful” and “good”
  14. Hosneara (Arabic) – “Beautiful as the world” or “beauty of the world”
  15. Husna (Arabic) – “More beautiful”
  16. Husniya (Arabic) – “Beauty,” “goodness,” or “excellence”; feminine variant of “Husni”
  17. Hyra (Arabic) – “Beauty of perfection” or “perfect beauty”
  18. Jafna (Arabic and Iraqi) – “Beautiful”
  19. Jathibiyya (Arabic) – “Attractiveness” or “charm”; also spelled as “Gazbiyya” and “Gathbiyya”
  20. Kasra (Arabic and Middle Persian) – “Faithful beauty”
  21. Laia (Arabic, Spanish, and Greek girl name) – “Dark beauty”
  22. Lana (Arabic, Slavic, and Hawaiian girl name) – “Attractive”
  23. Lela (Arabic and Swahili) – Black girl name meaning “black beauty”
  24. Lija (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Beautiful” or “sweet”
  25. Mahasin (Arabic) – “Beauty,” “virtuousness,” and “radiant”
  26. Maysoon (Arabic) – “Beautiful” or “of beautiful face and body”
  27. Mazna (Arabic) – “Beautiful”
  28. Mia (Arabic, Italian, and Spanish girl name) – “Beauty”; also a pet name meaning “darling” or “dear”
  29. Misam (Arabic unisex name) – “Beautiful” or “smiling”
  30. Mishfah (Arabic) – “Beautiful”
  31. Neha (Arabic and Sanskrit) – “Beautiful eyes” or “affection”
  32. Nisa (Arabic) – “Beauty of the night” or “dream”
  33. Noya (Arabic or Sanskrit) – “Beautiful” or “new”
  34. Rana (Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Kurdish) – “Attractive,” “eye-catching,” or “beautiful”
  35. Risha (Arabic and English) – “Beautiful” or “noble”
  36. Ruhena (Arabic) – “Beautiful fragrance”
  37. Ruwa (Arabic) – “Beauty”
  38. Sazwa (Arabic) – “Beautiful”
  39. Urfi (Arabic unisex name) – “Beauty” or “famous”
  40. Zaina (Arabic and Greek name) – “Attractive,” “beautiful,” or “beauty”; also spelled as “Zeenah,” “Zeina,” or “Zayn”
  41. Zuleica (Arabic) – “Lovely and brilliant beauty”
  42. Zumena (Arabic) – “Beautiful”


Trendy & Modern Arabic Girl Names

  1. Aida (Arabic, Latin, Swahili, Persian, Turkish, Armenian, and Irish name) – “Happy,” “returning visitor,” or “gift”
  2. Aisha (Arabic) – “Alive”; also spelled as “A’isha”
  3. Najila (Arabic) – “Bright eyes”
  4. Sameria (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Companion in evening conversation”
  5. Suraya (Arabic and Persian) – “Princess”; also spelled as “Soraya”
  6. Zaida (Arabic) – “Fortunate” or “prosperous”
  7. Zalika (Arabic and Swahili) – “Wellborn”
  8. Zamzam (Arabic) – Trendy place name after the Well of Zamzam (among the holiest places in Mecca, the heart of Islam)
  9. Zerline (Arabic and French girl name) – “Beautiful dawn”; also spelled as “Zerlina” or “Zerlin”


Musical Arabic Girl Names

  1. Rani (Arabic and Sanskrit) – “Joyous song,” “princess,” or “queen”
  2. Rania (Arabic and Sanskrit) – “Delightful” or “she is singing”
  3. Rubab (Arabic) – “Stringed musical instrument” or “blessings”
  4. Shadiya (Arabic) – “Singer”
  5. Taghrid (Arabic) – “Birdsong”


Celebrity Arabic Girl Names

  1. Amal (Arabic and Hebrew unisex name) – “Hope” and “aspiration”; after British-Lebanese human rights lawyer Amal Clooney (George Clooney’s wife)
  2. Dua (Albanian and Arabic) – “Prayer” or “love”; after British-Albanian singer-songwriter Dua Lipa
  3. Rihanna (Arabic) – “Queen” or “basil”; after Barbadian singer Rihanna
  4. Salma (Arabic) – “Peace,” “ambitious,” or “integrity”; after Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek Pinault
  5. Shakira (Arabic) – “Woman of grace” or “thankful”; after Colombian singer Shakira


Famous & Historical Arabic Names For Girls

  1. Khadija (Arabic) – “Premature child”; historical name after the Prophet Muhammad’s first wife and the first person to convert to Islam
  2. Khawla (Arabic) – “Gazelle” or “female deer”; skilled warrior and Prophet Mohammad’s companion
  3. Mumtaz (Arabic) – “Distinguished”; famous name after the favorite wife of Emperor Shah Jahan (he built the Taj Mahal as her special tomb)
  4. Naila (Arabic) – “Achiever” or “attainer”; brave wife of Uthman, the third caliph (Islamic leader after Prophet Mohammad’s death)
  5. Nusayba (Arabic) – “Noble” or “proper”; brave warrior and companion of Prophet Mohammad
  6. Qasoomah (Arabic) – “Delights of the eyes”; an Urdu poet (Indo-Aryan language)
  7. Ruqayyah (Arabic) – “Rise,” “ascent,” “charm,” or “incantation”; one of Prophet Muhamma’s daughters
  8. Tarbula (Arabic) – “Square” or “block”; early Persian saint and martyr wrongfully accused of being a witch


Unique & Rare Arabic Names For Girls

  1. Arij (Arabic) – “Fragrance”; also spelled as “Areej”
  2. Daniyah (Arabic) – “Close” or “near”
  3. Djamila (Arabic) – “Beautiful and radiant”; pronounced with a silent “d”
  4. Hajar (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Flight” or “forsaken”; variant of the biblical girl name “Hagar”
  5. Hanifa (Arabic) – “True,” “upright,” or “true believer”
  6. Hikmat (Arabic) – “Wisdom”
  7. Humayra (Arabic) – “Red” 
  8. Iesha (Arabic) – “One who is alive” or “prosperous”
  9. Inayat (Arabic) – “Concern” or “kindness”
  10. Ismat (Arabic) – “Honor” or “purity”; also spelled as “Ismet” or “Esmat”
  11. Rawiya (Arabic) – “Storyteller”
  12. Shokoufeh (Arabic and Persian) – “Blossom”


Nature-Inspired Arabic Names For Girls

  1. Afnan (Arabic unisex name) – “Tree branch or twig”; symbol of growth
  2. Amapola (Arabic) – Flower name meaning “poppy”
  3. Arwa (Arabic) – “Mountain goats” or “nice-looking”
  4. Azza (Arabic) – “Young female gazelle”
  5. Dalia (Arabic, Hebrew, and Lithuanian) – “Grapevine,” “tip of a branch,” or “fate”; also an ancient Lithuanian goddess of destiny
  6. Fairouz (Arabic, Old Persian, and English) – “Precious stones” or “white rose
  7. Fidda (Arabic) – “Silver”
  8. Gulnar (Arabic) – “Pomegranate flower”
  9. Jumana (Arabic) – “Silver pearl”
  10. Lara (Arabic, Latin, Greek, and Russian name) – “Mare,” “cheerful,” or “protection”
  11. Leena (Arabic and Greek) – “Young palm tree,” “sunlight,” or “tender”; also spelled as “Lina
  12. Lubna (Arabic) – “Storax tree” (used in making fragrances or flavors)
  13. Lujayn (Arabic) – “Silver”
  14. Lulu (Arabic, Romanian, Swedish, and German girl name) – “Pearl”
  15. Mahra (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Horse,” “bitter,” or “beauty”
  16. Marwa (Arabic) – Spice name meaning “marjoram”
  17. Nawra (Arabic) – “Flower” or “blossom”
  18. Nesrine (Arabic and Persian) – “Wild rose”
  19. Ramla (Arabic and Swahili) – “Sand” or “prophet”; also spelled as “Ramlah”
  20. Randa (Arabic and English) – “Scented tree” or “delicate desert tree”
  21. Rasha (Arabic) – “Young gazelle”
  22. Rawda (Arabic) – “Meadow” or “garden”
  23. Rayannah (Arabic) – “Basil” or “brilliant”
  24. Rima (Arabic) – “White antelope”; also spelled as “Rima”
  25. Ruba (Arabic) – “Green hills”
  26. Sadaf (Arabic) – “Seashell” or “pearl”
  27. Saffron (Arabic, Persian, and English) – “Spice” or “gold leaves”
  28. Sawda (Arabic) – “Palm tree garden”
  29. Sawsan (Arabic) – “Lily of the valley”
  30. Shaden (Arabic) – “Young gazelle”
  31. Shahd (Arabic) – “Pure honey”
  32. Tamara (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Palm tree”; variant of “Tamar”
  33. Tamarind (Arabic) – “Tamarind tree and spice”
  34. Warda (Arabic, Iranian, and German name) – “Rose” or “protector and guardian”
  35. Wurood (Arabic and Quranic name) – “Roses” or “flowers”
  36. Zahara (Arabic) – “Zinnia” (flower)
  37. Zara (Arabic) – “Blooming flower” or “radiance”
  38. Zaria (Arabic and Slavic) – “Rose” or “dawn”
  39. Zariyah (Arabic) – “Scattering wind,” “light,” or “beauty”


Arabic Girl Names That Mean “Happiness”

  1. Afra (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Happiness,” “praise,” or “color of dust”; also spelled as “Afrah”
  2. Bahija (Arabic) – “Happy” or “joyful”
  3. Fariha (Arabic and Urdu, an Indo-Aryan language) – “Happy”; also spelled as “Fareeha”
  4. Hana (Arabic, Slavic, Hawaiian, and Korean girl name) – “Bliss,” “happiness,” “work,” or “number one”
  5. Ibtihaj (Arabic) – “Joy” or “delight”
  6. Ida (Arabic and German girl name) – “Happy and prosperous”
  7. Na’ima (Arabic) – “Happy,” “tranquil,” or “at ease”
  8. Nihal (Arabic) – “Joyous” or “successful”
  9. Rafa (Arabic) – “Happiness” or “prosperity”
  10. Sa’adah (Arabic) – “Happiness” or “luck”
  11. Suad (Arabic and Islamic name) – “Happiness” or “good luck”; pronounced as “soo-ad”


Arabic Girl Names Meaning “Grace” Or “Graceful”

  1. Aalin (Arabic) – “Graceful,” “calm,” “serene,” or “beautiful”
  2. Arwa (Arabic) – “Grace and beauty”
  3. Ghada (Arabic) – “Graceful young girl”
  4. Ghazala (Arabic) – “Graceful as a gazelle”
  5. Lisna (Arabic) – “The grace of a woman”
  6. Lutfiya (Arabic) – “Full of grace,” delicate,” or “kind”
  7. Menna (Arabic) – “Grace” or “favor”
  8. Mennatullah (Arabic) – “Grace of Allah
  9. Myza (Arabic and Greek) – “Graceful,” “to walk with pride,” or “myza” (a bird species)
  10. Rahma (Arabic and Quranic name) – “Graceful and kind”
  11. Sena (Arabic, African, Hindi, and Korean name) – “This world’s grace and beauty,” “bringing heaven to earth,” or “to praise”
  12. Tehzib (Arabic) – “Grace” and “elegance”
  13. Zaynabu (Arabic and Swahili) – “Beauty and grace”


Arabic Girl Names Meaning “Fire”

  1. Adara (Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek) – “Beauty of fire,” “noble,” or “exalted”
  2. Emberleigh (English and Arabic) – “Embers” or “free spirit”
  3. Mashal (Arabic) – “Torch”
  4. Mishal (Arabic unisex name) – “Torchbearer”
  5. Nuri (Arabic and Hebrew) – “My fire” or “light” 
  6. Shula (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Flame”


Arabic Girl Names Meaning “Moon”

  1. Ainaz (Arabic, Turkish, and Persian) – “Beautiful as the moon”
  2. Aliyna (Arabic and Slavic) – “Beautiful as the moon” or “bright and beautiful”
  3. Badr (Arabic unisex name) – “Full moon”
  4. Hala (Arabic and Muslim name) – “Halo around the moon”
  5. Kamaria (Arabic and Swahili) – “Moon” or “moonlight”
  6. Qamar (Arabic unisex name) – “Moon”


Arabic Girl Names That Mean “Light” Or “Bright”

  1. Ashraqat (Arabic) – “Brightness”
  2. Lamah (Arabic) – “Brilliance”
  3. Meissa (Arabic) – “The shining one”
  4. Nibras (Arabic) – “Light” or “lamp”
  5. Noor (Arabic) – “Light”
  6. Nurul – Arabic word meaning “light of”; can also mean “light of everything”
  7. Suhaila (Arabic) – Variant of “Canopus” (one of the brightest stars in the sky)
  8. Zahra (Arabic) – “Brilliant” or “bright”


Arabic Girl Names Meaning “Water”

  1. Alma (Arabic) – “On the water”
  2. Ara (Arabic) – “Brings rain”
  3. Asbah (Arabic unisex name) – “As pure as water” and “radiant and beautiful”
  4. Dariya (Arabic and Persian) – “River”
  5. Dima (Arabic) – “Drizzling rain”
  6. Ghadir (Arabic) – “Stream”
  7. Nahla (Arabic) – “First drink of water in the desert”


Arabic Girl Names Meaning “Hope”

  1. Amel (Arabic unisex name) – “Hope” and “aspiration”
  2. Arzu (Arabic) – “Hope” or “wish”
  3. Dusya (Arabic and Russian name) – “Hope” and “delicate”
  4. Heela (Arabic and Pashto, an Iranian language) – “To hope”
  5. Muna (Arabic) – “Hope” or “wishes”
  6. Raja (Arabic and Sanskrit unisex name) – “Hope” or “king”
  7. Rajiya (Arabic) – “Hopeful” 
  8. Shiqa (Arabic) – “Hopeful”
  9. Tamanna (Arabic, Hindi, and Persian) – “Hope” or “wish”
  10. Yanisha (Arabic and Indian) – “High hopes”


Sweet Arabic Girl Names Meaning “Love”

  1. Amala (Arabic) – “Beloved” or “bird”
  2. Amar (Arabic, Brazilian, and Portuguese unisex name) – “Love”; also a powerful name that means “the immortal one”
  3. Atifa (Arabic) – “Affection” or “kindness”
  4. Azah (Arabic) – “Beloved” or “loved one”
  5. Aziza (Arabic, Hebrew, and Swahili) – “Powerful and beloved” or “mighty”
  6. Cala (Arabic and Greek) – “Lovely” or “castle”
  7. Habiba (Arabic) – “Sweetheart” or “beloved” 
  8. Habibti (Arabic) – “My love”; also a pet name 
  9. Hanaan (Arabic) – “Love,” “kindness,” and “compassion” 
  10. Ishq (Arabic) – “Love”
  11. Iyka (Arabic) – “Love” and “beautiful”
  12. Kalila (Arabic) – “Dearly loved” or “beloved”
  13. Lira (Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian girl name) – “Love”
  14. Mina (Arabic and German) – “Love” or “gift”
  15. Ria (Arabic and Spanish) – “Love” or “small river”
  16. Rufi (Arabic unisex name) – “Love” or “lover”


Faith-Based Arabic Girl Names Meaning “Gift” Or “God’s Gift”

  1. Aifa (Arabic) – “Gift from God,” “smart,” or “talented”
  2. Ata (Arabic and Turkish) – “Gift from God”
  3. Atiya (Arabic) – “Gift”
  4. Eira (Arabic, Welsh, Scandinavian, and Norwegian name) – “Gift of Allah” or “snow”
  5. Hadiyya (Arabic) – “Gift”
  6. Heba (Arabic) – “Gift”
  7. Hiba (Arabic) – “Gift from God” or “blessing”
  8. Ihab (Arabic) – “Gift” 
  9. Jana (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Gift from God” or “God is gracious”
  10. Naisha (Arabic and Sanskrit) – “Gift of God” or “special”
  11. Nawal (Arabic) – “Gift” or “unmerited favor from God”
  12. Ruba (Arabic) – “Gift from God” or “hill”
  13. Syha (Arabic) – “Gift from God”


Royal Arabic Girl Names Meaning “Princess”

  1. Amira (Arabic, Hindi, and Indian) – “Princess” or “noble girl”; feminine form of “Amir” (prince)
  2. Ayma (Arabic) – “Princess”
  3. Azina (Arabic) – “Warrior princess”
  4. Daneen (Arabic) – “Princess”; also a form of “Daniel” or “Dennis”
  5. Fana (Arabic and African) – “Wealthy princess” or “light”
  6. Hrida (Arabic and Hindi) – “Princess of heart” or “girl of the heart”
  7. Kyra (Arabic and Greek) – “Princess of the sun”
  8. Nagia (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Princess” or “successful”
  9. Pari (Arabic, Persian, and Iranian) – “Charitable princess” or fantasy name meaning “fairy”
  10. Refa (Arabic) – “Great princess”
  11. Sara (Arabic and Hebrew) – Biblical name meaning “princess” or “lady”
  12. Soha (Arabic) – “Star-princess”
  13. Tia (Arabic, Greek, Portuguese, and Spanish) – “Princess crown,” “goddess,” or “aunt”


Cool Arabic Girl Names Meaning “Lucky”

  1. Afja (Arabic) – “Lucky”
  2. Bahati (Arabic and Swahili) – “Lucky” or “fortunate”
  3. Bikhtir (Arabic and Persian unisex name) – “Fortunate,” “lucky,” or “one who has a graceful gait”
  4. Eshma (Arabic and Hindi) – “Lucky”
  5. Hiza (Arabic) – “Lucky and fortunate”
  6. Lazina (Arabic) – “Lucky” and “faithful” 
  7. Sada (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Bringing good luck” or “chaste”
  8. Sadiya (Arabic) – “Lucky and fortunate”
  9. Suda (Arabic and Japanese name) – “Lucky” or “essential”
  10. Yazrin (Arabic) – “Lucky”
  11. Zada (Arabic) – “Lucky,” “prosperous,” and “fortunate”
  12. Zubina (Arabic) – “Lucky angel


Long Arabic Names For Girls

  1. Aabidah (Arabic and Quranic name) – “Worshipper of God”
  2. Aanisah (Arabic) – “Good-natured”; also spelled as “Anisah”
  3. Aatifa (Arabic) – “Affection” or “sympathy”
  4. Adalet (Arabic and Turkish) – “Justice”
  5. Dalila (Arabic) – “Model” or “fragile”
  6. Fadila (Arabic) – “Generous” or “virtuous”
  7. Ferozah (Arabic) – Color name meaning “turquoise”
  8. Izdihar (Arabic) – “Blossoming” or “flourishing”
  9. Neziha (Arabic) – “Honesty”
  10. Radeyah (Arabic) – “Contented” or “satisfied”
  11. Sabriyya (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Patient” or “thorny cactus”
  12. Safiyah (Arabic) – “Pure”
  13. Sajida (Arabic) – “In worship” or “devout worshiper of Allah
  14. Salama (African and Swahili) – “Peace” and “safety”
  15. Sayyida (Arabic) – “Lady” in Arabic
  16. Shafaqat (Arabic) – “Compassion”
  17. Sumayya (Arabic) – “Sacrifice”
  18. Yaritza (Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese) – “Butterfly”
  19. Zakiyah (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Intelligent”
  20. Zelmira (Arabic, Latin, and Italian name) – “Brilliant one”
  21. Zuleika (Arabic) – “Bright and fair”


Short Arabic Names For Girls

  1. Afaf (Arabic) – “Chaste” or “pure”
  2. Baha (Arabic) – “Brilliance,” “to value,” or “magnificent”
  3. Fiza (Arabic and Urdu) – “Beauty of nature”
  4. Maha (Arabic) – “Oryx (species of wild deer)” or “beautiful eyes”
  5. Naja (Arabic, Greenlandic, and Navajo) – “Success,” “boy’s younger sister,” or “silver hands”
  6. Rooh (Arabic and Muslim name) – “Spirit” or “soul”
  7. Ruya (Arabic) – “Vision” or “sight”
  8. Safa (Arabic) – “Serenity,” “clarity,” or “pure”
  9. Sana (Arabic and Hindi) – “Brilliance,” “splendor,” or “mountaintop”
  10. Sofi (Arabic and Greek) – “Wisdom”; variant of the popular girl name “Sofia” 
  11. Taj (Persian, Sanskrit, and Arabic) – One-syllable name meaning “crown”


Gender-Neutral Arabic Names

  1. Abrar (Arabic) – “Virtuous” or “pious and righteous in Allah’s eyes”
  2. Ezra (Arabic) – “Pious,” “maiden,” “young unmarried lady”; also a biblical boy name meaning “helper”
  3. Ikram (Arabic) – “Honor” or “to be generous”; also spelled as “Ikraam” 
  4. Iman (Arabic and Persian) – “Faith”
  5. Jinan (Arabic and Chinese name) – “Garden” or “paradise”; also a place name for a Chinese city
  6. Malak (Arabic) – “Angel”
  7. Nakia (Arabic, Egyptian, and African) – “Pure and faithful” or “unconquered”
  8. Rabia (Arabic) – “Spring”


Arabic Girl Names From A To Z

Arabic Girl Names Starting With A

  1. Aasma (Arabic) – “Sky” or “excellent”
  2. Abla (Arabic and African) – “Full-figured”
  3. Adila (Arabic) – “Honest,” “fair,” and “just”
  4. Adine (Arabic) – “Noble”; variants include “Aideen” and “Adina”
  5. Aleema (Arabic) – “Learned,” “wise,” or “intellectual”
  6. Aliya (Hebrew and Arabic) – “Rising” or “exalted”
  7. Alula (Arabic) – “First leap”; also a twin girl name
  8. Amayah (Arabic) – “Close to God,” “daughter of the sun,” “night rain,” “peace be with you” (greeting), or “mother city”
  9. Anissa (Arabic, Hebrew, and ancient Greek name) – “Friendly” or “loyal friend”
  10. Aqila (Arabic) – “Intelligent,” “wise,” or “gifted with reason”
  11. Asiya (Arabic and Islamic name) – “Nurse” or “hopeful”
  12. Asra (Arabic) – “Natural” or “nocturnal”
  13. Aya (Arabic) – “Sign,” “evidence,” or “miracle”; also spelled as “Ayah”
  14. Azra (Arabic and Turkish gender-neutral name) – “Pure”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With B

  1. Badia (Arabic) – “Unique”
  2. Barakah (Arabic) – “Blessing” or “blessed”
  3. Bariah (Arabic) – “Does well”
  4. Bayan (Arabic) – “Well-spoken,” “rich,” or “morning”
  5. Benazir (Arabic) – “Incomparable” or “matchless”
  6. Bilquis (Arabic) – “The queen of Sheba” (she visited King Solomon after hearing about his incredible wisdom)
  7. Budur (Arabic) – “Full moon”
  8. Burhan (Arabic) – “Evidence” or “proof”
  9. Bushra (Arabic) – “Good news” or “perfect”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With C

  1. Cala (Arabic) – “Castle” or “fortress”
  2. Cantara (Arabic) – “Little bridge” 
  3. Capella (Latin and Arabic) – “Little she-goat”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With D

  1. Dalal (Arabic) – “Touched with love,” “passion,” or “kindness”
  2. Dania (Arabic and Quranic name) – “Near,” “close,” or “the shade or fruits of the trees”
  3. Darakhshan (Arabic and Persian) – “Luminescent” and “shining”
  4. Dareen (Arabic) – “Wisdom”
  5. Dina (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Day” or “religion”
  6. Duaa (Arabic) – “Prayer to God”
  7. Duha (Arabic gender-neutral name) – “Morning”
  8. Dunya (Arabic) – “World” or “to bring near”; also spelled as “Dunia”
  9. Durriya (Arabic) – “Shimmering” or “sparkling”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With E

  1. Ehsan (Arabic) – “Perfect” or “excellence”
  2. Elham (Arabic) – “Inspiration”
  3. Elif (Arabic and Turkish) – Variant of “Alif (the first letter of the Arabic alphabet)
  4. Eliza (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Unique” or “pledged to God”
  5. Elmira (Arabic) – “Commander of the nation” or “noblewoman”
  6. Eman (Arabic unisex name) – “Faith,” “belief,” or “God-fearing”
  7. Erum (Arabic and Persian) – “Heaven”; also spelled as “Errum,” “Eyrom,” or “Irum”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With F

  1. Fadia (Arabic) – “Savior”
  2. Fadila (Arabic) – “Virtuous,” “generous,” or “outstanding”
  3. Fahima (Arabic) – “Intelligent,” “scholar,” or “quick-witted”
  4. Faiza (Arabic) – “Victorious”
  5. Fajr (Arabic) – “Dawn” or “beginning”; pronounced as “fair”
  6. Falak (Arabic and German name) – “Beautifully lit sky,” “star,” or “falcon”
  7. Farasha (Arabic) – “Butterfly”
  8. Farhana (Arabic) – “Happy,” “cheerful,” or “joyful”
  9. Farida (Arabic) – “Unique” or “precious”
  10. Farrah (Arabic) – “Happiness”
  11. Fayruz (Arabic and Persian) – “Turquoise gemstone”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With G

  1. Galiba (Arabic and Bosnian) – “Winner”
  2. Gamila (Egyptian and Arabic) – “Beautiful”
  3. Ghaliya (Arabic) – “Precious,” “valuable,” or “sweet-smelling”
  4. Ghufran (Arabic) – “Forgiveness”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With H

  1. Haadiyah (Arabic) – “Leader” or “guide”
  2. Hadil (Arabic) – “Cooing of a pigeon or dove”; also spelled as “Hadeel”
  3. Hafsa (Arabic) – “Good judgment,” “moon,” or “young lioness”
  4. Haifa (Arabic) – “Delicate”
  5. Halima (Arabic) – “Patient,” “mild,” or “tolerant”; Prophet Muhammad’s foster mom
  6. Hamida (Arabic) – “Praiseworthy”
  7. Hanan (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Mercy” or “compassion”
  8. Hanija (Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu) – “Pleasant”; also spelled as “Haniyya”
  9. Haqikah (Arabic) – “Truthful”
  10. Hawa (Arabic) – “To breathe,” “life,” or “desire”
  11. Haya (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Alive” or “life”
  12. Hekmat (Arabic and Persian) – “Wisdom”; also spelled as “Hikmat”
  13. Hiba (Arabic) – “Blessing” or “gift”
  14. Hija (ancient Arabic and Spanish) – “Daughter” 
  15. Houda (Arabic) – “The right guidance”; also spelled as “Huda”
  16. Hyat (Arabic and Anglo-Saxon) – “To be alive” or “from the high gate”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With I

  1. Iara (Arabic) – “Watchful” or “vigilant”
  2. Ibtisam (Arabic) – “Smile”; also spelled as “Ibtissam”
  3. Ihsan (Arabic unisex name) – “Charity” or “perfection”
  4. Ilham (Arabic and Persian) – “Inspiration”
  5. In’am (Arabic) – “Gift”
  6. Inas (Arabic) – “Friendliness” or “sociability”
  7. Inaya (Arabic) – “Gift from God,” “care,” or “concern”
  8. Iqra (Arabic) – “Gather” or “read” 
  9. Isra (Arabic) – “To travel at night” or “nocturnal journey”
  10. I’tidal (Arabic) – “Moderation” or “temperance”
  11. I’timad (Arabic) – “Reliance” 


Arabic Girl Names Starting With J

  1. Jaeda (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Long-necked beauty” or “wise”
  2. Jalilah (Arabic) – “Illustrious”
  3. Jamille (Arabic) – “Lovely” or “beauty”
  4. Jannat (Arabic) – “Paradise,” “heaven,” or “garden”
  5. Jawdat (Arabic) – “Goodness” or “excellence”
  6. Jawhara (Arabic and Quranic name) – “Gem” or “essence”
  7. Jiya (Arabic) – “Sweetheart”
  8. Joud (Arabic) – “Kindness to others” or “generosity”
  9. Jude (Arabic, Latin, and Greek unisex name) – “Praise”
  10. Jumanah (Arabic) – “Silver pearl”
  11. Juri (Arabic, Greek, and Japanese name) – “The rose of Damascus in Syria,” “farmer,” or “timber trees”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With K

  1. Karyme (Arabic) – “Generous friend” 
  2. Kausar (Arabic) – “River or lake in paradise” or “abundance”
  3. Khayrat (Arabic) – “Good deeds” or “honored actions”
  4. Khayriyya (Arabic and Urdu) – “Charitable”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With L

  1. Laila (Arabic and Hebrew) – “Night” or “dark”; also spelled as “Leyla” or “Leila
  2. Lamia (Arabic and Greek) – “Shining” or “radiant”
  3. Lamis (Arabic) – “Soft”
  4. Lamya (Arabic, Bosnian, and Libyan-Greek) – “Shining,” “radiant,” or “having beautiful, dark lips”
  5. Latifa (Arabic) – “Gentle” or “kind”; also spelled as “Latifah”
  6. Lawahiz (Arabic) – “Glances” or “gaze”
  7. Leen (Arabic) – “Delicate” or “tender”
  8. Loulia (Arabic) – “Pearl” or “beautiful eyes”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With M

  1. Madina (Arabic and Quranic name) – “The city,” “woman from Magdala,” or “city of the prophet”
  2. Mahek (Arabic) – “Fragrance” or “sweet smell”
  3. Mai (Arabic and Japanese unisex name) – “Elegance”
  4. Maja (Arabic, Slovene, Scandinavian, and German) – “Splendid”
  5. Maram (Arabic gender-neutral name) – “Wish” or “desire”
  6. Masuma (Arabic) – “Innocent”
  7. Maya (Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Sanskrit, and Greek) – Name that means “water” or “gracious”
  8. Meher (Arabic and Hindi) – “Benevolence”; also spelled as “Mehr”
  9. Midha (Arabic) – “Praise” or “compliment”
  10. Mubina (Arabic) – “Clear,” “distinct,” or “evident”
  11. Muhsina (Arabic) – “Charitable” and “kind”
  12. Mumina (Arabic) – “Believer”
  13. Munira (Arabic) – “Bright” and “shining”
  14. Munya (Arabic) – “Wish” or “desire”
  15. Murjan (Arabic) – “Corals” or “small pearls”
  16. Nafisa (Arabic) – “Precious” and “valuable” 


Arabic Girl Names Starting with N

  1. Naaz (Arabic) – “Pride” or “glory”
  2. Nabila (Arabic and Urdu) – “Noble” and “excellent”
  3. Nada (Arabic and Russian girl name) – “Generosity” or “dew”
  4. Nadida (Arabic) – “Equal” or “a peer”
  5. Nadine (Arabic, Russian, and French girl name) – “Bringer of blessings” or “hope”
  6. Nadiyyah (Arabic and Muslim name) – “Tender,” “delicate,” or “announcement”
  7. Nadra (Arabic) – “Radiance” or “rare”
  8. Najat (Arabic) – “Savior”
  9. Najla (Arabic) – “Wide-eyed”
  10. Najma (Arabic) – “Star”
  11. Najwa (Arabic) – “Secret,” “whisper,” or “confidential talk”
  12. Nashira (Arabic) – “The bearer of good news” or “guide”
  13. Nashwa (Arabic) – “Elation,” “euphoria,” or “happiness”
  14. Nasima (Arabic) – “Gentle breeze” or “fresh air”
  15. Nasira (Arabic) – “Victorious” or “helper” 
  16. Nazira (Arabic) – “Equal”
  17. Nermin (Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Bosnian unisex name) – “Soft” and “gentle”
  18. Nida (Arabic and Native American gender-neutral name) – “To call,” “proclaim,” or “giant”
  19. Nuha (Arabic) – “Mind,” “wisdom,” or “intellect”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With O

  1. Omaira (Arabic) – “Long life,” “red,” or “star”
  2. Omana (Arabic and Hindi) – “Help and kindness” and “woman”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With P

  1. Pakiza (Arabic and Persian) – “Virtuous” or “pure”
  2. Parvin (Arabic and Muslim name) – “Cluster of stars”; also spelled as “Parwin” or “Parveen”
  3. Pola (Arabic) – Plant name meaning “poppy”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With Q

  1. Qadira (Arabic) – “Capable”
  2. Qailah (Arabic) – “One who speaks”
  3. Qiana (Arabic, Latin, and American) – “Gracious” or “silky”
  4. Qistina (Arabic and Urdu) – “Justice”
  5. Qiturah (Arabic) – “Incense” or “scent”; variant of the Hebrew name “Keturah” (Abraham’s second wife)


Arabic Girl Names Starting With R

  1. Radwah (Arabic) – “Contentment”
  2. Rafiqa (Arabic) – “Friend,” “gentle,” or “good-mannered”
  3. Rahat (Arabic unisex name) – “Rest” or “comfort”
  4. Rahma (Arabic) – “Grace,” “mercy,” or “compassion” 
  5. Raisa (Arabic, Yiddish, and Russian) – “Leader” and “chief”
  6. Rasima (Arabic) – “Planner” or “architect”
  7. Ridwana (Arabic) – “Satisfaction” or “contentment”
  8. Romina (Arabic and Latin) – “Little Roman” or “from the land of the Christians”
  9. Ruhi (ancient Arabic and Sanskrit) – “Soul,” “to rise or prosper,” or “spiritual”
  10. Rukhsar (Arabic) – “Complexion” or “cheek”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With S

  1. Sabah (Arabic and Greek) – “Morning” or “promise”; also spelled as “Sabaah”
  2. Sahar (Arabic) – “Dawn”
  3. Saida (Arabic) – “Huntress,” “fortune,” or “happy”
  4. Sakina (Arabic) – “Peace,” “tranquility,” or “serenity”
  5. Salwah (Arabic) – “Comfort”
  6. Sama (Arabic) – “Sky”
  7. Samira (Arabic) – “Companion in evening talk”
  8. Samiya (Arabic) – “Divine,” “supreme,” or “elevated”
  9. Sari (Arabic) – “Noble” or “princess”
  10. Shafiqa (Arabic) – “Compassionate” or “kind”
  11. Shahira (Arabic) – “Renowned”
  12. Shahnaz (Arabic) – “Pride or delight of the king”
  13. Shahrazad (Arabic and Persian) – “City dweller” or “free city”
  14. Shaima (Arabic) – “Beauty marks”
  15. Shams (Arabic) – “The sun”
  16. Sharifa (Arabic) – “Virtuous”
  17. Shazi (Arabic) – “Fragrant”
  18. Shirin (Arabic and Persian) – “Pleasant” or “sweet”
  19. Shurooq (Arabic) – “Sunrise” or “dawn”
  20. Suhana (Arabic) – “Charming,” “pure,” or “pleasant”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With T

  1. Tabassum (Arabic gender-neutral name) – “Smiling” or “happiness”
  2. Tahira (Arabic) – “Victorious” or “pure”
  3. Taja (Arabic and Sanskrit) – “To mention,” “to name,” or “crown”
  4. Takisha (Arabic) – “Healthy and alive”
  5. Tala (Arabic) – “Heavenly palm tree” or “bright star”
  6. Talitha (Arabic and Aramaic) – “Little girl”; also a biblical name for the young girl that Jesus resurrected
  7. Tanaz (Arabic and unisex Muslim name) – “Worthy of praise” or “delicate body”
  8. Tara (Arabic and Sanskrit) – “Star” or “hill”
  9. Tasnim (Arabic) – “Fountain” or “spring in paradise”
  10. Thamina (Arabic) – “Precious,” “valuable,” or “priceless”
  11. Thana (Arabic) – “Praise” or “thanksgiving”; some consider this as a name that means “death” if associated with the Greek god “Thanatos”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With U

  1. Ulima (Arabic) – “Wise” or “astute”
  2. Umaiza (Arabic) – “Beautiful,” “kind-hearted,” or “virtuous”
  3. Uzma (Arabic) – “Supreme” or “greatest”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With V

  1. Varisha (Arabic) – “Lightning” 
  2. Vega (Arabic) – “Swooping eagle”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With W

  1. Wafaa (Arabic) – “Loyalty” or “faithfulness”
  2. Wafiya (Arabic) – “Reliable,” “trustworthy,” “perfect,” or “loyal”
  3. Wahida (Arabic) – “Unique” or “absolute one”
  4. Widad (Arabic) – “Love” or “friendship”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With X

  1. Xaria (Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian) – “Blooming flower,” “gift of love,” or “dawn”
  2. Xarika (Arabic) – “Princess”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With Y

  1. Yadira (Arabic) – “Friend,” “beloved,” or “worthy”
  2. Yamileth (Arabic and Spanish) – “Beautiful”
  3. Yamina (Arabic) – “Suitable,” “right,” or “proper”
  4. Yaqoot (Arabic) – “Precious stones (e.g., garnet or ruby)”
  5. Yara (Arabic and Persian) – “Small butterfly,” “friend,” or “helper”
  6. Yumna (Arabic and Swahili) – “Success”
  7. Yusra (Arabic) – “Wealth”


Arabic Girl Names Starting With Z

  1. Zafira (Arabic) – “Successful”
  2. Zahrah (Arabic) – “Blooming flower”
  3. Zaniah (Arabic) – “Corner” or “beautiful”
  4. Zariah (Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian) – “Blossom,” “flower,” “dawn,” “radiance,” or “God has helped”
  5. Zayna (Arabic) – “Beauty” or “grace”
  6. Zaynab (Arabic) – “Fragrant flower
  7. Zerlin (Arabic) – “Beautiful dawn” 
  8. Zora (Arabic, African, Slavic, and Serbo-Croatian) – “Dawn” 
  9. Zoraida (Arabic) – “Captivating woman” or “well-spoken”
  10. Zubaida (Arabic) – “Elite,” “flower,” or “essence”
  11. Zulaykha (Arabic and Persian) – “Brilliant beauty”; also spelled as “Zuleika”
  12. Zulma (Arabic) – “Peace”
  13. Zuma (Arabic) – “Peaceful”



What Arabic Girl Names Mean “Compassion,” “Care,” Or “Kindness?

  • Amara
  • Atifa
  • Dalal
  • Dani
  • Hanaan
  • Inayat
  • Joud
  • Kareema
  • Latifa
  • Omana
  • Rhama
  • Shafaqat
  • Shafiqa


What Are Historical Or Cultural Arabic Girl Names?

  • Fatima – One of the Prophet Muhammad’s daughters
  • Khadija – Prophet Muhammad’s first wife and known as the first person to convert to Islam
  • Khawla – A skilled warrior and one of Prophet Muhammad’s companions
  • Ruqayyah – One of Prophet Muhamma’s daughters
  • Tarbula – Early Persian saint and martyr who was wrongfully accused of being a witch


Are There ‘Ugly’ Arabic Girl Names To Avoid?

  • Iblis (Arabic unisex name) – “Grief”
  • Thana (Arabic girl name) – Name that means “death”’
  • Zuma (Arabic and Aztec name for girls and boys) – Although it means “peace,” this name is associated with a computer game


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