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330 Names Meaning Water & Fun Aquatic Choices In Different Languages

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Water is essential for life, and it’s no surprise that baby names meaning water are popular for boys and girls.

Some water-inspired names are related to bodies of water, while others are god or goddess names from myths and legends relating to water features.

You’ll find more fun aquatic names below for your little one, including rare and exotic choices from around the world.


Classic Names Meaning Water

What Names Mean Water Or Ocean?

  1. Adrian (Latin boy name) – “Sea” or “water”
  2. Aegir (Old Norse boy name) – “Sea” or “ocean”
  3. Alma (Arabic girl name) – “On the water”
  4. Arnav (Indian boy name) – “Ocean”
  5. Avisa (Sanskrit, ancient and classical language in India) – Boy name meaning “ocean”; also a Latin nature name meaning “bird”
  6. Bay (English nonbinary name) – “A small sea inlet”
  7. Caspian (English boy name) – “The Caspian Sea”
  8. Cordelia (Welsh girl name) – “Daughter of the sea
  9. Cove (English nonbinary name) – “The beauty of the ocean”
  10. Darya (Iranian girl name) – “Sea”
  11. Dax (English boy name) – “Water”
  12. Deniz (Turkish boy name) – “Flowing sea”
  13. Dover (Celtic boy name) – “The waters”
  14. Dylan (Welsh boy name) – “Son of the sea
  15. Firth (Scottish boy name) – “Arm of the sea”
  16. Hurley (Irish boy name) – “Tide of the sea”
  17. Kai (Polynesian and Hawaiian name for boys and girls) – “Sea”
  18. Llyr (Welsh boy name) – “Sea”
  19. Marella (Latin girl name) – “Shining sea”
  20. Marina (Latin girl name) – “From the sea”; also a mermaid name
  21. Marius (Latin boy name) – “Sea”
  22. Mira (Latin girl name) – 4 letter girl name meaning “ocean”
  23. Moana (Hawaiian girl name) – “Ocean” or “sea”; also a Disney princess name
  24. Muriel (Irish girl name) – “Sea bright”
  25. Sagara (Indian boy name) – “The sea”


River-Inspired Names

  1. Aaberg (Scandinavian boy name) – “River”
  2. Aberforth (Welsh boy name) – “From the river”
  3. Adair (Scottish girl name) – “A river near oaks”
  4. Aeron (Welsh boy name) – A small river in Wales
  5. Afon (Welsh boy name) – “River”
  6. Alun (Welsh boy name) – A Welsh river
  7. Arnon (Arabic boy name) – “River”
  8. Asita (Sanskrit girl name) – “River Yamuna”
  9. Avonlea (English girl name) – “Field near the river”
  10. Beckett (English boy name) – “Little brook”
  11. Blackwell (English boy name) – “Black well” or “black stream”
  12. Bradman (English boy name) – “At the wide river”
  13. Brosnan (Irish name for boys) – “Lives by Brosna River”
  14. Cary (Latin boy name) – “Pleasant stream”
  15. Cherith (Hebrew girl name) – “Winter stream”
  16. Clyde (Scottish boy name) – “The river Clyde”
  17. Coburn (Welsh boy name) – “Stony river”
  18. Conway (Irish boy name) – “Sacred river”
  19. Devereaux (French boy name) – “From the Eure River”
  20. Evros (ancient Greek name for boys) – “The Evros River”
  21. Hudson (English boy name) – “The Hudson River”
  22. Innes (Scottish boy name) – “From the river island”
  23. Isla (Spanish girl name) – “Island”; also a Scottish river
  24. Jabal (Arabic boy name) – “Stream” or “water”
  25. Kelvin (Scottish and Gaelic boy name) – “Narrow river”
  26. Loire (French girl name) – “A river in France
  27. Lupeta (Spanish girl name) – “Wolf river”
  28. Lyre (English girl name) – “Fork in the river”
  29. Nile (Greek boy name) – “River valley”
  30. Orwell (English boy name) – “The river branch”
  31. Rialta (Italian girl name) – “Deep brook”
  32. Rio (Spanish gender-neutral name) – “River”
  33. Romney (English boy name) – “Winding river”
  34. Ryver (English boy name) – “River”
  35. Sabrina (Celtic girl name) – “From the river Severn”; also a cool witchy name
  36. Severin (English boy name) – “River in England
  37. Shannon (Irish girl name) – “Old river”
  38. Thames (Indian boy name) – “Dark river”


Lake-Inspired Names

  1. Carlow (Irish boy name) – “Four-part lake”
  2. Lachlan (Scottish boy name) – “The one from the land of lakes”
  3. Laguna (Italian name for girls) – “Pond or lake”
  4. Laiken (English boy name) – “From the lake”
  5. Lake (English nonbinary name) – “Body of water
  6. Loch (Scottish boy name) – “Lake” or “sea inlet”
  7. Locklyn (Scottish girl name) – “Lake land”
  8. Lucerne (Swiss girl name) – “Lake”
  9. Marlow (English boy name) – “Lake remains”
  10. Marsh (English boy name) – “A place by the lake”
  11. Meara (Irish girl name) – “Pool” and “lake”
  12. Merton (English boy name) – “Town by the lake”


Water-Related Names In Mythology

  1. Amphitrite – Greek goddess of the sea
  2. Anahita – Indian goddess of the waters
  3. Andreus (Greek boy name) – “Son of river god Peneus”
  4. Aphrodite – Goddess of love born from seafoam, according to Greek mythology
  5. Coventina – Celtic water goddess
  6. Danu – Celtic water goddess
  7. Indra – Indian god of the sky and rain; also a warrior name
  8. Kano – Japanese water god
  9. Lir – Irish god of the sea
  10. Neptune – Roman god of the sea
  11. Nereus – Greek god of the sea and father of the water nymphs (nereids and nerites)
  12. Nimue – Lady of the lake, according to Arthurian legend
  13. Poseidon – Greek god of the sea
  14. Samudra – Hindu god of the ocean
  15. Sedna – Native American goddess of the sea
  16. Triton – Greek messenger of the sea
  17. Undine (Latin girl name) – Mermaid name that means “wave” or “water nymph”


What Name Means Water Nymph?

In myths and legends, nymphs are often linked to mermaids, even if most of them have a human form. 

  1. Argyra – A Greek sea nymph
  2. Larunda – Name used for talkative water nymphs in Roman mythology
  3. Naida (Latin name) – “Water nymph
  4. Nerida (Greek girl name) – “Sea nymph
  5. Nixie (German girl name) – “Water sprite or nymph”
  6. Sereia (Portuguese girl name) – “Mermaid”


Girl Names Meaning Water

  1. Adriana (Latin) – “Sea”
  2. Amaya (Basque and Japanese girl name) – “Night rain
  3. Brenna (Irish) – “Moisture” or “drop”
  4. Brooke (Irish) – “Small stream
  5. Chantara (Thai) – Name that means “moon” (moon water)
  6. Coral (Latin) – “Underwater semi-precious sea growth”
  7. Dayla (Hebrew) – “To draw water”
  8. Delta (Greek name) – “Triangle-shaped land formed by water”
  9. Guinevere (Welsh) – “White wave
  10. Jennifer (English name) – “White wave
  11. Kendra (Anglo-Saxon) – “Clear water
  12. Lynn (Welsh) – “Pool or stream”
  13. Maris (Latin) – “Of the sea”
  14. Maya (Hebrew) – “Water”
  15. Morwenna (Welsh) – “Waves of the sea”
  16. Moselle (Hebrew) – “Drawn from the water”
  17. Nirvelli (Native American) – “Water child”
  18. Ondine (French name) – “Wave of water”
  19. Rainey (English) – “Rain”
  20. Talise (Native American) – “Lovely water”
  21. Tallulah (Native American) – “Leaping water”


What Girl Name Means Aqua?

Any girl name that means “water” also means “aqua” because they have the same meaning.

  1. Aqua (Latin girl name) – “One from water”; also a color name for the blue-green-turquoise water shade


Baby Boy Names Meaning Water

  1. Arno (Italian boy name) – “Flowing water”; also a powerful name meaning “eagle” (German)
  2. Arroyo (Spanish) – “Water channel”
  3. Atwater (English) – “At the water”
  4. Brishon (Gypsy) – “Born in the rain”
  5. Brodny (Slavic) – “Dwelling near a stream”
  6. Calder (Scottish) – “From the wild water”
  7. Callan (Scandinavian) – “Flowing water”
  8. Clifford (Anglo-Saxon and Old English boy name) – “Near the ford by the cliff”
  9. Dalas (Scottish) – “Valley of water”
  10. Douglas (Scottish) – “Black water”
  11. Fisk (Old Norse) – “Fisherman”
  12. Irving (English) – “Green river” or “sea friend”
  13. Kelby (English) – “Dweller at the farm by the stream”
  14. Kenn (Welsh) – “Bright water”
  15. Marin (Latin) – “Of the sea”
  16. Maxwell (Scottish) – “Great stream
  17. Murphy (Irish boy name) – “Sea warrior”
  18. Murray (Irish) – “Lord of the sea”
  19. Rafferty (Irish) – “Floodtide” or “abundance”
  20. Seaton (English) – “Town by the sea”


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Names Meaning Water

  1. Ama (Native American and African) – “Water”
  2. Brennan (Irish name) – “Drop of moisture”
  3. Brooks (English and German name) – “Water” or “small stream”; also a country boy name
  4. Cascade (English) – “Waterfall”
  5. Dwyn (Welsh) – “Wave”
  6. Morgan (Welsh) – “White sea”
  7. Ripley (American) – “Meadow near the river”


Rare & Exotic Names Meaning Water From Around The World

  1. Aalto (Finnish boy name) – “Wave”
  2. Ahumai (Hebrew boy name) – “A meadow of waters”
  3. Alon (Filipino, a language from the Philippines) – “Waves”
  4. Antaeus (Greek boy name) – “Son of the earth and the sea”; pronounced as “an-tee-uhs”
  5. Ara (Arabic girl name) – “Brings rain”
  6. Baia (Portuguese girl name) – “Bay”; pronounced as “ba-yah”
  7. Bardo (Aboriginal, Tibetan, and German boy name) – “Water”
  8. Bered (Hebrew boy name) – “Hail” (frozen rain)
  9. Bo (Chinese boy name) – “Wave”
  10. Chamiree (French girl name) – “Crooked stream”
  11. Chandania (Indian girl name) – “River”
  12. Como (Italian girl name) – “Lake”
  13. Derya (Turkish) – Exotic girl name meaning “sea”
  14. Euri (Basque girl name) – “Rain”
  15. Gafar (Arabic boy name) – “Stream”
  16. Gal (Israeli girl name) – “Wave”
  17. Hiawatha (Native American boy name) – “He makes rivers”
  18. Itsaso (Basque boy name) – “Sea”
  19. Jora (Hebrew girl name) – “Autumn rain”
  20. Kaimana (Hawaiian girl name) – “Power of the ocean”
  21. Kairi (Japanese name for boys and girls) – “Sea”
  22. Kaveri (Indian boy name) – “River”
  23. Kawai (Hawaiian name for boys) – “Comes from water”
  24. Kenga (Indian girl name) – “River” 
  25. Kishi (Japanese girl name) – “Beach” or “seashore”
  26. Kiyo (Japanese boy name) – “Water”
  27. Maayan (Hebrew girl name) – “Spring of water”
  28. Malik (Arabic boy name) – “Wave of the ocean”
  29. Manami (Japanese girl name) – “Sea” or “ocean”
  30. Mar (Spanish and Portuguese unisex name) – “Sea”
  31. Michal (Hebrew girl name) – “Brook”; also a biblical girl name for one of King David’s wives
  32. Nahla (Arabic girl name) – “First drink of water in the desert”
  33. Nalin (Indian boy name) – “Water”; also a plant name meaning “lotus”
  34. Namra (Indian girl name) – “Delicious water”
  35. Nen (Egyptian boy name) – “Ancient waters”
  36. Ninad (Indian boy name) – “Gentle sound of water”
  37. Noelani (Hawaiian girl name) – “Mist of heaven”
  38. Paroo (Hindu) – “Flow of water”
  39. Pavati (Native American boy name) – “Clear water
  40. Pulin (Indian boy name) – “Sandy riverbank”
  41. Reva (Hindi girl name) – “Rain”
  42. Rivo (Latin boy name) – “Steam”
  43. Salil (Arabic boy name) – “Water”
  44. Sarita (Indian girl name) – “River”
  45. Shui (Chinese name for boys and girls) – “Water”
  46. Strom (German boy name) – “Stream”
  47. Struan (Scottish boy name) – “Stream”
  48. Tal (Hebrew boy name) – “Rain” or “dew”
  49. Tarni (Australian girl name) – “Salty water”
  50. Tubig (Filipino gender-neutral name) – “Water”


What Greek Name Means Water?

  1. Aenon (Greek boy name) – “Fountain”
  2. Nerio (Greek boy name) – “Sea traveler” or “water”
  3. Oceane (Greek name for boys and girls) – “Sea”
  4. Rhea (Greek girl name) – “Flowing”
  5. Thalassa (Greek girl name) – “Sea”


Middle Names Meaning Water

  1. Banks (English nonbinary name) – “Lives near the riverside or hillside”
  2. Beckham (English boy name) – “Homestead by the stream”
  3. Bourne (English boy name) – “Lives near a stream”
  4. Bradford (English boy name) – “Broad ford” or “wide river crossing
  5. Kendall (English girl name) – “Valley of the River Kent
  6. Monroe (Scottish boy name) – “Mouth of the Roe River” or “dweller at the red marsh”
  7. Morrissey (Irish boy name) – “The choice of the sea”
  8. Narelle (Scandinavian girl name) – “A river in New South Wales” or “from the North”
  9. Reef (German boy name) – “Bar of sand or rocks under the water”


Short Names Meaning Water

  1. Fen (English nonbinary name) – “Low land covered by water”
  2. Ford (English) – Short boy name meaning “shallow water that can be crossed”
  3. Kent (English boy name) – “Water”
  4. Kye (American boy name) – “Ocean”


Names Meaning Water From A to Z

Water Names Starting With A

  1. Abital (Hebrew gender-neutral name) – “My father is the night dew”
  2. Adria (Latin girl name) – “Sea” or “water”
  3. Adva (Hebrew girl name) – “Little wave” or “ripple”
  4. Aedre (Anglo-Saxon boy name) – “Stream”
  5. Aerwyna (English girl name) – “Friend of the sea”
  6. Alda (Old Norse girl name) – “Heavy, swelling wave”
  7. Alton (English boy name) – “Town at the source of the river”
  8. Aquarius (Latin boy name) – “Water bearer”
  9. Arledge (English boy name) – “Dweller at the rabbit lake”
  10. Arna (Indian gender-neutral name) – “Wave” or “stream”


Water Names Starting With B

  1. Bach (German boy name) – “Dweller near the brook”
  2. Bali (Sanskrit boy name) – “Strength”
  3. Bayou (Native American gender-neutral name) – “Small, slow stream”
  4. Beck (English boy name) – “Living beside a small stream
  5. Beverly (English girl name) – “Dweller of the beaver stream”
  6. Bimasha (Scandinavian girl name) – “A mighty woman of the sea”
  7. Birney (Scottish girl name) – “Misty
  8. Bolivar (Spanish and Basque boy name) – “Mill at the riverside”
  9. Breena (Irish girl name) – “Little drop of water”
  10. Burbank (English boy name) – “Riverbank where burrs grow”


Water Names Starting With C

  1. Cain (English boy name) – “Clear water
  2. Chilton (English boy name) – “A town by the river”
  3. Clodagh (Irish girl name) – “An Irish river”
  4. Creswell (English boy name) – “Spring” or “stream”


Water Names Starting With D

  1. Dallan (Scottish boy name) – “Valley of water”
  2. Dathan (American boy name) – “Spring” or “fountain”
  3. Destan (French boy name) – “By the still waters”
  4. Doria (Persian girl name) – “Sea”
  5. Doris (Greek girl name) – “Gift of the ocean”
  6. Dougy (Scottish boy name) – “Dark water”


Water Names Starting With E

  1. Eaton (English boy name) – “River enclosure” or “riverside”
  2. Emlyn (Welsh boy name) – “From the waterfall”
  3. Evian (French name for girls) – “Spa town in France
  4. Eyre (Latin girl name) – “Friend of the sea”


Water Names Starting With F

  1. Fenton (English boy name) – “Marsh town”
  2. Firth (Scottish girl name) – “Arm of the sea”
  3. Fisher (English boy name) – “Fisherman”
  4. Fjord (Norwegian boy name) – “Lake-like body of water
  5. Fleetwood (English boy name) – Nature name meaning “woods with a stream”


Water Names Starting With G

  1. Gale (English nonbinary name) – “Sea storm”
  2. Gali (Hebrew girl name) – “Wave”
  3. Ginevra (Italian name for girls) – “White wave
  4. Guadalupe (Spanish girl name) – “River of the wolf”
  5. Gully (English nonbinary name) – “Channel made by running water”


Water Names Starting With H

  1. Hali (Greek girl name) – “Sea”
  2. Harbor (English gender-neutral name) – “Coastal place where ships/boats take shelter”
  3. Holmes (English boy name) – “Island in the river”


Water Names Starting With I

  1. India (Sanskrit girl name) – “Great river”; also a country name
  2. Irvin (Scottish boy name) – “Fresh water”
  3. Isa (German girl name) – “Ice”
  4. Itzel (Native American – Mayan) – “Dew,” “fluid,” or “nectar”; also a rainbow name


Water Names Starting With J

  1. Jafar (Arabic boy name) – “Stream” or “creek”
  2. Jenna (Welsh girl name) – “White wave
  3. Jorah (Hebrew boy name) – “First rain”
  4. Jordan (Hebrew boy name) – “The Jordan River”
  5. Jubal (Hebrew boy name) – “Stream”


Water Names Starting With K

  1. Kallan (Scandinavian boy name) – “Flowing water”
  2. Kallol (Indian boy name) – “Large waves”
  3. Kyle (Scottish boy name) – “Straight of water”


Water Names Starting With L

  1. Laech (Old Irish boy name) – “Lives by the ocean”; pronounced as “lah-ix”
  2. Lana (Hawaiian girl name) – “Calm as still waters”
  3. Leith (Scottish boy name) – “Flowing water”
  4. Lincoln (English boy name) – “Settlement by water”


Water Names Starting With M

  1. Maren (Latin girl name) – “Sea”
  2. Marilla (Irish girl name) – “Shining sea”
  3. Mayim (Hebrew girl name) – “Water”
  4. Meredith (Welsh girl name) – “Protector of the ocean”
  5. Misty (American girl name) – “Covered in mist”
  6. Misu (Native American boy name) – “Rippling brook”
  7. Mortimer (Latin boy name) – “Dwells by the still water”
  8. Moses (Hebrew boy name) – “Saved from the water”; also a biblical boy name


Water Names Starting With N

  1. Naid (Latin girl name) – “Water nymph
  2. Nebraska (Native American boy name) – “Flat water”
  3. Nebula (Latin name for girls) – “Misty
  4. Nerina (Greek girl name) – “Sea nymph
  5. Nori (Japanese name for boys and girls) – “Seaweed”


Water Names Starting With O

  1. Oceana (Greek girl name) – “Ocean”
  2. Odine (Latin girl name) – “Little wave
  3. Ohio (Native American boy name) – “Great water”


Water Names Starting With P

  1. Pacific (Latin and English unisex name) – “The Pacific ocean” or “tranquil”
  2. Pelagius (ancient Greek name for boys) – “The sea”


Water Names Starting With Q

  1. Quay (French boy name) – “Wharf” or “harbor”
  2. Quell (German name for boys) – “Living near a spring”


Water Names Starting With R

  1. Rain (English nonbinary name) – “Rain”
  2. Rayan (Arabic boy name) – “Land rich in water”
  3. Redford (English boy name) – “From the red ford
  4. Rheanna (Welsh girl name) – “Stream”
  5. Ria (Danish girl name) – “Flowing”
  6. Rilian (German boy name) – “Small stream
  7. Rosemary (Latin girl name) – “Dew of the sea”; also a girl plant name


Water Names Starting With S

  1. Sachiel (Hebrew boy name) – “Angel of water
  2. Salila (Indian girl name) – “Water”
  3. Saylor (German boy name) – “Boat man” or “sailor”
  4. Shandy (English girl name) – “Wise river”
  5. Shore (Greek nonbinary name) – “Calm seas”


Water Names Starting With T

  1. Tahoe (Native American gender-neutral name) – “Edge of the lake”
  2. Talia (Hebrew girl name) – “Dew of heaven” or “gentle rain”
  3. Trent (English boy name) – “The flooder”


Water Names Starting With U

  1. Ula (Irish girl name) – “Sea jewel”


Water Names Starting With V

  1. Vanora (Scottish and Old Welsh girl name) – “White wave
  2. Varsha (Hindi girl name) – “Rain”


Water Names Starting With W

  1. Wade (English boy name) – “At the river crossing
  2. Waverly (English girl name) – “Meadow of quivering aspen”
  3. Westbrook (Old English boy name) – “From the west brook”
  4. Wharton (English boy name) – “Farm near the river”
  5. Whitney (English girl name) – “From clear water
  6. Wilton (English boy name) – “Place by the stream”
  7. Winslet (English girl name) – “Wynn’s stream”
  8. Wyre (Celtic boy name) – “Winding river”


Water Names Starting With X

  1. Xuân (Vietnamese gender-neutral name) – “Spring”
  2. Xun (Chinese boy name) – “Snow”


Water Names Starting With Y

  1. Yağmur (Turkish girl name) – “Rain”
  2. Yareli (Native American girl) – “Water lady”; also a flower name meaning “water lily”


Water Names Starting With Z

  1. Zale (Greek boy name) – “Sea legs” or “sea strength”
  2. Zambezi (African girl name) – “Great river”
  3. Zarna (Indian girl name) – “Spring,” “stream,” or “multiple springs of water”
  4. Zarya (Slavic girl name) – “Water priestess


Factors To Consider When Choosing Water-Inspired Baby Names

Meaning & Style

Sometimes, it’s not enough to simply choose beautiful names but to also check their meanings. This can help you find the most suitable baby name for your little one.

You can also opt for a popular name but in a variation or in a different language.


Rarity & Identity

Rare baby names can be fun, but be prepared for a lifetime of explaining what it means to curious people.


Check Initials

In choosing baby names, it’s good to check the initials to avoid possibly embarrassing results.



What Are Sparkling & Beautiful Baby Names Inspired By Nature?

  • Anahi (Spanish girl name) – “Flower-like beauty” or “immortal”
  • Orianna (Latin and Italian girl name) – “Sunrise” or “dawn”
  • Zaria (Slavic girl name) – “Blooming flower,” “radiance,” “princess,” or a spiritual name that means “God remembers”
  • Zorina (Slavic girl name) – “Golden dawn”


Are There Baby Names Relating To Gemstones & Precious Metals?

  • Amethyst (Greek girl name) – “Violet stone”
  • Emerald (English girl name) – “Green gemstone”
  • Jade (English girl name) – “Green gemstone”; also a popular middle name for girls


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