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630+ Girl Space Names & Their Cool Meanings

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Girl space names are cool, especially because the heavens have always fascinated humans.

Unsurprisingly, there are hundreds of names that mean sun, considering that it’s the largest object in the sky. 

There are also several names that mean moon or stars. We also have hundreds of god and goddess names relating to space objects.

In this article, we share 630 space-inspired girl names, including names for planets, stars, and other astronomical objects. Included, are also different terms used for these celestial objects in various languages


Cool Reasons To Pick Space-Inspired Baby Names

Some fun facts about space that make celestial-themed baby names an awesome choice: (1)(2)(3)

  • There are around 200-400 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy (so you also have billions of choices for baby names if we get to name them all)
  • There are billions of other galaxies in space, making the total number of stars virtually impossible to count
  • Scientists estimate that there are more stars in the universe than the grains of sand on Earth
  • The sun is a medium-sized star
  • Although it looks small from Earth, the sun can fit around 1.3 million squashed Earths inside it or about 960,000 if the planet retains its spherical shape
  • Because of their close distance to the sun, Mercury and Venus don’t have moons – the sun’s gravity is too strong and will pull any natural satellite from these planets; this can be one of the best reasons why “Sun” or related choices can also be a powerful name for your baby


Girl Space Names By Category

  1. Aurora (Latin) – “The dawn” or “the atmospheric phenomenon on the Earth’s poles that are affected by solar winds”; also the Roman goddess of dawn and a Disney princess name for “Sleeping Beauty”
  2. Diana (Latin) – “Divine”; Roman goddess of the moon
  3. Dione (Greek girl name) – “Divine queen”; Aphrodite’s mother in Greek mythology and a moon of Saturn
  4. Elena (Greek name) – Name that means light (shining light) or “sun ray”
  5. Esther (Persian) – “Star”
  6. Heaven (English) – Biblical name meaning “sky” or “paradise”; more likely used as a middle name for girls instead of a first name
  7. Helen (Greek) – “Sun ray”
  8. Luna (Latin) – 4 letter girl name that means “moon”; another Roman goddess of the moon or a cute witchy name after Luna Lovegood from the “Harry Potter” series
  9. Vanessa (Latin) – “Of Venus” or a nature name meaning “butterfly”
  10. Venus (Latin) – “Love”; planet named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty


Gorgeous & Beautiful Space Names For Girls

  1. Anahita (Persian and Indian girl name) – “River and water” or “immaculate”; also after the asteroid 270 Anahita
  2. Dawn (Old English) – “Daybreak” or “the first appearance of light”; also a space probe owned by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) 
  3. Elianna (Greek) – “Daughter of the sun”
  4. Lux (Latin) – “Light”
  5. Sky (Scandinavian and Old Norse gender-neutral name) – “Region of a bluish atmosphere above the Earth”
  6. Star (English androgynous name) – “Hot ball of gas in space” or a “natural luminous object in the sky”
  7. Tiana (Arabic girl name) – “Star of family” or “princess”; also a Disney name after the main character in “The Princess and the Frog


Cool Space Names For Girls

  1. Aysel (Turkish) – “Moon flood”
  2. Aysu (Turkish) – “Clear as the moon and water”
  3. Comet (Greek) – “Head with long hair”; describes an astronomical object that moves across the sky with a “tail”
  4. Eclipse (English unisex name) – “Astronomical event when one celestial body partially or totally obscures another)”
  5. Light (English) – “Electromagnetic radiation visible to the eye”
  6. Nova (Latin) – “New” or “exploding star”
  7. Solstice (English) – “The day when the sun either travels the shortest or the longest path across the sky”; this astronomical event happens twice a year (one shortest day and one longest day)
  8. Spectra (English) – “Light emissions” such as those given off by an asteroid or comet


Strong & Powerful Space Names For Girls

  1. Alpha (Greek) – “First letter of the Greek alphabet”; used in astronomy for every constellation’s brightest star
  2. Arianrhod (Welsh girl name) – “Silver wheel” or “huge or round wheel”; after the Welsh goddess of the moon
  3. Astrid (Scandinavian, Old Norse, and Norwegian name) – “Divinely beautiful”; the Swedish Space Corporation’s first microsatellite
  4. Cybele (Greek) – “Greek mother of the gods” and “the goddess of nature, health, and fertility”; the largest asteroid in the Solar System
  5. Hilda (German girl name) – “Battle woman”; an asteroid group collectively known as “The Hildas”
  6. Meteor (English) – “Small metallic or rocky object in outer space
  7. Nebula (Latin) – “Mist” or “hazy cloud around the stars”; fantasy girl name for the alien villain who later became an anti-heroine (protagonist with villain characteristics) in the Marvel “Avengers” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” series
  8. Starfire (English) – Superheroine in DC Comics
  9. Sunfire (English gender-neutral name) – Mutant superhero that belongs to the “X-Men” in the comic book series (not in the films)
  10. Sunhilda (Teutonic) – “Sun battle maiden”


Unique Space Names For Girls

  1. Ayten (Persian) – “Moon body”
  2. Kyri (Persian) – “Sun”; female form of “Cyrus”
  3. Leana (Greek) – “Sun rays”
  4. Leyann (Chinese girl name) – “Sun”
  5. Masha (Persian) – “Like the moon”
  6. Nightsky (English) – “Dark sky at night”
  7. Shine (American unisex name) – “Reflecting light”
  8. Starlight (American unisex name) – “Light from stars”
  9. Sunniva (Norwegian) – “Sun gift”


Rare Space Names For Girls

  1. Arrakis (Arabic) – “The dancer”; a character from the sci-fi movie “Dune
  2. Crescent (French name for girls and boys) – “Growing” or “increasing”; also refers to the shape of the moon
  3. Elektra (Greek) – “Shining” or “bright”
  4. Helia (Greek) – “Sun”
  5. Mayar (Turkish) – “Moon glow”
  6. Mayra (Hindi) – “Moon”
  7. Suraya (Arabic) – “Star constellation”


Adorable Space Names For Girls

  1. Astra (Latin and Greek) – “Star” or “of the stars”
  2. Elaine (Greek) – “Shining light” or “sun ray”
  3. Eloise (Greek) – “Sun”
  4. Miah (Aboriginal) – “Moon”
  5. Mika (Japanese girl name) – “New moon”
  6. Niva (Hebrew) – “Sun”
  7. Sunshine (English) – “Light from the sun”


Modern & Contemporary Space Names For Girls

  1. Essie (Latin) – “Star”
  2. Galaxy (Greek) – “Large system of stars”
  3. Hetty (Persian) – “Star”
  4. Luneth (Latin) – “Moon”
  5. Nevaeh (American moniker) – Invented name; “Heaven” spelled backward
  6. Spirit (English unisex name) – “Soul” or “a person’s non-physical entity”
  7. Starla (British and American) – “Star”
  8. Starlette (invented name) – “Small star”
  9. Starr (English) – Variant of “Star” (an astronomical object)
  10. Suesei (Japanese name) – Japanese variant of “Mercury”; also a space probe
  11. Sunn (Saxon) – “Gift of the sun”
  12. Twyla (Cajun and French girl name) – “Star” or “twilight” (the sun sets below the horizon)


Old-Fashioned & Classic Space Names For Girls

  1. Apollonia (Greek) – “Belonging to Apollo
  2. Astraia (Greek) – “Star”
  3. Bellatrix (Latin) – “Female warrior”; a star in the Orion Constellation
  4. Celia (Latin) – “Of the heavens”
  5. Galexia (Latin) – “Child from the stars”
  6. Helena (Greek) – “Sun ray”
  7. Nelly (Old English) – “Ray of sunshine”
  8. Suvana (Sanskrit) – “The sun” or “fire”


Space-Themed Unconventional But Beautiful Names For Girls

  1. Aquila (Latin) – “Eagle”; a constellation
  2. Astrella (Greek) – “Star”
  3. Blaze (Latin gender-neutral name) – “Heat from the sun”
  4. Solar (Latin) – “Of the sun”
  5. Starlis (invented name) – “Star”
  6. Synne (Saxon) – “Gift of the sun”


What Are Space Goddess Names?

  1. Aine (Irish girl name) – “Sun goddess”
  2. Artemis – “Greek goddess of the moon, wilderness, and the hunt”; one of NASA’s space missions that aim to bring astronauts to the moon, including the first person of color and the first woman on the moon
  3. Belinda (German and Spanish girl name) – “Pretty one” or “serpent”; goddess of heaven and Earth in Babylonian mythology or a moon of Uranus
  4. Bendis – “Romanian goddess of the moon
  5. Calypso (Greek) – “She who hides,” after the island nymph who imprisoned Odysseus (hero of Homer’s epic poem, “Odyssey”) for seven years in Greek mythology; one of Saturn’s moons
  6. Chandra (Hindu) – “Moon goddess”
  7. Cynthia (Greek) – “Moon goddess”
  8. Deva (Hindu) – “Moon goddess”
  9. Eos (Greek) – “Goddess and personification of the dawn,” and the equivalent of the Roman goddess Aurora; also a group of asteroids
  10. Etain (Celtic) – “Sun goddess”
  11. Flora (Latin and Scottish) – “Flower”; “Roman goddess of spring and flowers,” and also the name of an asteroid
  12. Hina (Hawaiian girl name) – “Goddess of the moon
  13. Juno (Latin) – “Roman queen of the gods” and “goddess of marriage and childbirth” equivalent to the Greek goddess Hera; NASA space probe orbiting Jupiter (the god Jupiter is Juno’s husband in Roman mythology) or an asteroid in the Virgo Constellation
  14. Malina (Inuit) – “Sun goddess”
  15. Rhea (Greek) – “Flowing” or “a flowing stream”; Greek goddess of the gods, and also the second-largest moon of Saturn
  16. Sedna – “Inuit goddess of the sea”; also a dwarf planet in the outer parts of the Solar System
  17. Selene (ancient Greek name) – “Goddess of the moon
  18. Sidra (Latin and Arabic girl name) – “Goddess of the stars” or “like a star”
  19. Terra – “Roman goddess of the Earth” or the personification of “Mother Earth
  20. Thea – “Greek goddess of light” and “mother of the moon, sun, and dawn”
  21. Themis – “Greek goddess of law” and an asteroid name
  22. Vesta – “Roman goddess of the home” and the brightest asteroid visible from Earth


Feminine Planet Names

  1. Ceres – “Roman goddess of corn and harvest”; a dwarf planet and the largest object in the Asteroid Belt (located between Mars and Jupiter)
  2. Dulcinea (Latin) – “Sweet”; exoplanet (a planet outside the Solar System) orbiting a star named Mu Arae in the Ara Constellation
  3. Eburonia – “Exoplanet orbiting a star name Nervia”
  4. Hämarik (Estonian; pronounced as “ha-me-reek”) – “Twilight”; an exoplanet in the Lynx Constellation
  5. Sylvia (Latin) – “Forest” or “woods”; one of the largest asteroids (already considered a minor or dwarf planet), and is unique for having more than one moon) in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter


Fantasy Space Names For Girls

  1. Aldea – Planet name in the “Star Trek” series
  2. Alderaan – Planet name in the “Star Wars” series; home planet of the main character Princess Leia Organa
  3. Gamora – Green-skinned alien superheroine in the Marvel Universe series
  4. Leia (Hebrew and Hawaiian name) – “Relaxed,” “tired,” “child of heaven,” or “heavenly flowers”; princess in the “Star Wars” series


Exotic Space-Themed Names For Girls

  1. Akiko (Japanese name) – “Sunlight”
  2. Ammara (Arabic girl name) – “Shining star”
  3. Anka (Hebrew) – “Night star”
  4. Aruna (Japanese girl name) – “Moon love”
  5. Aydan (Turkish) – “From the moon”
  6. Aygul (Turkish) – Name that means “Rose” (moon rose)
  7. Ayperi (Persian) – “Moon fairy”
  8. Csilla (Hungarian) – “Star”
  9. Danika (Russian girl name) – “Star of the day”
  10. Hoku (Hawaiian nonbinary name) – “Star”
  11. Irisa (Russian name) – “Rainbow
  12. Jannat (Persian) – “Heaven” or “paradise”
  13. Kealani (Hawaiian) – “White heaven” or “clear heaven”
  14. Kei (Japanese) – “Joyous,” “blessed,” or “respect”; a planet in the “Star Trek” series
  15. Lana (Hebrew) – “Sunshine”
  16. Leilani (Hawaiian) – “Heavenly flower”
  17. Lintang (Indonesian) – “Star”
  18. Mahina (Hawaiian) – “Moon” or “moonlight”
  19. Mahrukh (Arabic and Muslim name) – “Face like a moon”
  20. Mahsa (Persian) – “Like the moon”
  21. Massiel (Hebrew) – “She who comes down from the star”
  22. Seira (Arabic and Japanese girl name) – “Pure,” “holy,” “blue,” or “new star”
  23. Sitara (Indian and Sanskrit) – “Morning star” or “starlight”
  24. Suisei (Japanese) – “Suisei uncrewed space probe” developed by JAXA (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  25. Suha (Arabic) – “Little star” or “little planet”
  26. Tahiti (Hawaiian) – “Rising sun”
  27. Talayeh (Persian) – “Golden ray of the sun”
  28. Talia (Hebrew) – “Dew of heaven”
  29. Thina (Greek girl name) – “The sun” or “a Christian (follower of Christ)”
  30. Zohreh (Persian) – “The planet Venus


What Are Some Cool Galaxy Names For A Girl?

  1. Andromeda (ancient Greek) – “Advising like a man”; she’s the daughter of Cassiopeia, turned by the goddess Athena into a constellation, according to Greek mythology (Andromeda is both a constellation and a galaxy name, with the Andromeda galaxy being one of the many galaxies in the constellation)
  2. Lindsay (British) – “Island of the linden trees” or “Lincoln’s marsh”; after the Lindsay-Shapley Ring galaxy


Constellation Names For Girls

  1. Carina (Italian girl name) – Pet name for girls meaning “dear”; constellation that has the night sky’s second brightest star (Canopus)
  2. Cassiopeia (Greek name) – “She who chooses to excel”; the mother of Andromeda transformed by Zeus into a constellation (after Athena put her daughter up in the sky)
  3. Columba (Latin) – “Noah’s dove” or simply “dove”; constellation in the southern sky also called the Dove Constellation
  4. Norma (Latin) – “Norse woman,” “the standard,” or “norm”; constellation in the southern sky also known as the “Carpenter’s Square”


Girl Names That Mean Galaxy Or Space

  1. Almajara (Arabic) – “Galaxy”
  2. Eunha (Korean girl name) – “Galaxy”
  3. Gaia (Greek) – “The Earth”; spacecraft that maps astronomical objects throughout the Milky Way, and named after the Greek goddess of the Earth
  4. Galaeth (Welsh) – “Galaxy”
  5. Galassia (Italian name) – “Galaxy” 
  6. Gökada (Turkish) – “Galaxy”
  7. Halaktyka (Ukrainian) – “Galaxy”


What Girl Names Mean Universe?

  1. Agbaye (Yoruba – African girl name) – “Universe”
  2. Cruinne (Irish name) – “Universe” 
  3. Linivè (Haitian Creole, a French-based Caribbean language) – “Universe”
  4. Semesta (Indonesian) – “Universe” 
  5. Vesmír (Czech) – “Universe”
  6. Visata (Lithuanian) – “Universe” 


Girl Names That Mean “Cosmos

  1. Alheimur (Icelandic) – “Cosmos” 
  2. Alkawn (Arabic) – “Cosmos” 
  3. Cosmic (Greek and English) – “Relates to the cosmos or the universe”
  4. Cosmo (Greek unisex name) – “Order and beauty”
  5. Evren (Turkish) – “Cosmos” 


Girl Names That Mean Sun

  1. Arpi (Armenian) – “Sun”
  2. Cyra (Persian) – “Sun”
  3. Kalinda (Hindi) – “Sun”
  4. Kiri (Cambodian, Japanese, Hindi, and Maori) – “Sun,” “ray of light,” or “skin of a fruit or tree”
  5. Sol (Spanish unisex name) – Hispanic name meaning “sun”
  6. Solaris (Latin) – “Of the sun”
  7. Solen (French name) – “The sun”
  8. Solina (Spanish girl name) – “Sunlight”
  9. Tkalis (Native American) – “Sun”


Girl Names That Mean Star

  1. Akhtar (Persian) – “Star”
  2. Anang (Native American) – “Star”
  3. Aster (Greek) – “Star”; also a flower name
  4. Astria (Latin) – “Star”
  5. Elanor (Elvish, Hebrew, and Greek) – “Star,” “sun ray,” “God is my light,” or “God is my candle”
  6. Estelle (French) – “Star”
  7. Hoshi (Japanese) – “Star”
  8. Nana (Polynesian) – “Star”
  9. Nhucha (Aboriginal) – “Star”
  10. Stella (Latin) – “Star”
  11. Xitlali (Native American) – “Star”


What Are Star Names For A Girl?

Some names of real stars in space:

  1. Adhara (Arabic) – “Virgins”; the second brightest star in the Canis Major Constellation
  2. Alasia (English) – “Special” or “pretty”; star in the Serpens Constellation
  3. Alcyone (Greek) – Nature name meaning “kingfisher”; the brightest star in the Pleiades Constellation
  4. Alhena (Arabic) – “A ring”; a star in the Gemini Constellation 
  5. Alioth (Arabic) – “Fat tail of the sheep”; the Great Bear Constellation’s brightest star
  6. Alzubra (Arabic) – “Star in the Leo Constellation”
  7. Capella (Latin) – “Little she-goat,” mentioned in Roman, Persian, and Aboriginal mythologies as the goat nymph who nurse the baby Jupiter; it’s the night sky’s 11th brightest star
  8. Chara (ancient Greek name) – “Joy”; star in the Canes Venatici Constellation (represents hunting dogs)
  9. Irena (Greek) – “Peace”; star in the Hercules Constellation
  10. Lyra (Greek) – Musical girl name meaninglyre”; small constellation representing the lyre, first recorded by the ancient Greek astronomer Ptolemy
  11. Maia (Greek) – “Great mother”; Roman goddess of spring and a blue star in the Taurus Constellation 
  12. Mira (Latin, Spanish, Sanskrit, Eastern European, and Arabic) – Name that means “water” (ocean), “peace,” or “admirable”; red giant star in the Cetus Constellation
  13. Phoenix (Greek nonbinary name) – “Crimson” or “dark red”; constellation in the southern sky that was named after the immortal mythical bird


Girl Names That Mean Moon

  1. Aisha (Arabic) – “Moon” or “moon goddess”
  2. Bulan (Indonesian) – “Moon”
  3. Celemine (Latin and Greek) – “Moon”
  4. Chantrea (Cambodian) – “Moon”
  5. Indu (Hindi, Indian, and Sanskrit) – “Moon”
  6. Jaci (Native American) – “Moon”
  7. Kamra (Arabic) – “Moon”
  8. Levana (Hebrew) – “Moon” or “white”
  9. Lunetta (Italian girl name) – “Moon”
  10. Lutana (Australian Aboriginal – Paredarerme) – “Moon”
  11. Marama (Australian and Maori) – “Moon”
  12. Menodore (Greek) – “Moon”
  13. Meztli (Nahuatl – Aztec name) – “Moon”
  14. Ming Yue (Chinese name) – “Bright moon”
  15. Mitena (Native American) – “Born under the new moon” or “the coming moon”
  16. Mizuki (Japanese) – “Beautiful moon”
  17. Mona (English) – “Moon”
  18. Ojai (Native American) – “Moon”
  19. Sanda (Romanian) – “Moon”
  20. Sashi (Indian and Sanskrit) – “Moon”
  21. Sasi (Indian) – “Moon”
  22. Tsukiko (Japanese) – “Moon”
  23. Tyipa (Aboriginal) – “Moon”


Names For Girls Inspired By Real Moons

  1. Aitne (Greek) – “I burn”; a moon of Jupiter
  2. Amalthea (Greek) – “Tender goddess”; a moon of Jupiter named after the goat or goat-keeping nymph (the equivalent of the Roman nymph Capella) who nursed Zeus as an infant and saved him from his dangerous father, Cronus
  3. Ariel (Hebrew unisex name) – Biblical name meaning “lion of God” and a mermaid name after the Disney princess and titular character of “The Little Mermaid”; a moon of Uranus believed to have the most recent geologic activity, and also the name of a space telescope (ARIEL, meaning Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey)
  4. Hydra (Greek) – “Water serpent”; a moon of Pluto
  5. Juliet (English and French) – “Youthful”; a moon of Uranus
  6. Miranda (Latin) – “To be wondered at”; a moon of Uranus
  7. Nix (Greek) – “Night”; variation of “Nyx” (Greek goddess of chaos and the personification of night), and a moon of Pluto
  8. Pandora (Greek) – “All gifts”; a potato-shaped moon of Saturn named after the curious mythical figure known for opening the infamous box filled with unspecified evils
  9. Perdita (Latin) – “Lost”; a moon of Uranus
  10. Phoebe (Greek) – “Shining”; a moon of Saturn named after the Titan goddess of bright intellect and prophecy in Greek mythology
  11. Rosalind (German name) – Name that means “Rose” (lovely rose); a moon of Uranus
  12. Styx (Greek) – “Shuddering”; a moon of Pluto named after one of the rivers in the underworld, according to Greek mythology
  13. Thebe (Greek and African girl name) – “Someone who gives protection” or “shield”; a moon of Jupiter


Comet Names For Girls

  1. Coggia – Comet; known as the “Great Comet of 1874”
  2. Halley (British) – “Hay meadow” or “hay clearing”; special comet that passes by the Earth every 76 years and has been observed by astronomers for the past 2,000+ years
  3. Hartley – Peanut-shaped comet
  4. Lovejoy – After Comet Lovejoy, known for releasing alcohol and sugar into space
  5. Tempel – Jupiter-family comet (located between Mars and Jupiter)
  6. West – After Comet West, also called the “Great Comet” that passed by the earth in 1976


Short Space Names For Girls

  1. Aan (Hindi) – “First ray of the sun”
  2. Ara (Greek) – “Bring the rain” or “altar”; a constellation in the southern sky
  3. Asta (Greek) – “Star-like”
  4. Astara (Greek) – “Star”
  5. Cyne (French) – “Moon”
  6. Dara (Sanskrit and Khmer) – “Star”
  7. Elen (Welsh) – “Sun ray”; also spelled as “Elin”
  8. Elna (Greek) – “Sun ray”
  9. Eris (Greek) – “Strife”; a dwarf planet in the Solar System named after the Greek goddess of discord and strife
  10. Esta (Hebrew) – “Star”
  11. Io (Greek) – Flower name meaning “violet”; a moon of Jupiter named after a princess in Greek mythology
  12. Lani (Hawaiian girl name) – “Sky” or “heaven”
  13. Leva (Hebrew) – “Moon” or “white”
  14. Lois (Greek) – Girl name that means “beautiful” (the most beautiful) or “superior”; a moon of Jupiter
  15. Lona (Hawaiian name) – “Moon goddess”
  16. Lua (Portuguese and Latin) – “Moon”
  17. Luan (Gaelic) – “Moon”
  18. Luz (Armenian) – “Moon”
  19. Lynx (Greek and English) – Cat name after a wild cat with tufted, pointed ears and a short tail; a constellation
  20. Nima (Tibetan) – “Sun”
  21. Rana (Arabic) – “Nobility,” “beautiful,” or “eye-catching”; a star also known as Delta Eridani
  22. Tal (Hebrew) – “Dew of heaven”
  23. Tara (Persian) – “A star”


Long Space Names For Girls

  1. Abellona (Greek) – “Sun”
  2. Arundhati (Indian and Sanskrit) – “The morning star”; Hindu goddess of the sky, stars, and nighttime
  3. Ascella (Greek) – “Armpit”; a star system in the Sagittarius Constellation (also known as “the archer”)
  4. Asterina (Latin) – “Star”
  5. Auristela (Latin) – “Golden star”
  6. Caelestra (Latin) – “Of the heavens”
  7. Chantara (Thai) – “Moon water”
  8. Citlalic (Aztec – Nahuatl) – “Rising star”; the first female Aztec warrior
  9. Citlalmina (Aztec) – “Shooting star”
  10. Cordelia (Welsh, Latin, and Celtic) – “Jewel of the sea,” “heart of the sea,” or “daughter of the sea”; the innermost moon of Uranus
  11. Cressida (Greek) – “Gold”; one of the smaller moons of Uranus
  12. Eleadora (Greek) – “Gift of the sun”
  13. Eleonora (Greek) – “Sun ray”
  14. Eustella (Greek) – “Fair star”
  15. Gwendolyn (Welsh) – “White moon” or “goddess of the moon
  16. Hadassah (Persian) – “Star”
  17. Kehlani (Hawaiian) – “Sea and sky”; also spelled as “Kaylani” or “Kailani”
  18. Maretta (Latin) – “Star of the sea”
  19. Menodora (Greek) – “Gift of the moon”
  20. Sohalia (Indian and Sanskrit) – “Moon glow”
  21. Starquasia (American) – “Star”
  22. Thalassa (Greek) – “The sea”; Greek goddess and the personification of the ocean, and a moon of Neptune
  23. Verperina (Latin) – “Evening star”


Names That Mean “Light” Or “Bright”

  1. Asia (Semitic, a group of African-Asian languages) – “Light” or “rising”; also refers to the sun rising in the east
  2. Avila (French) – “Golden ray of sunlight” or “silver for the moonlight”
  3. Ciana (Italian name) – “Light”
  4. Haru (Japanese) – “Light” or “sun”
  5. Helina (Russian girl name) – “Light from the sun”
  6. Kamaria (African – Swahili) – “Moonlight”
  7. Kirana (Indonesian) – “Light of the sun” or “beautiful ray of light”
  8. Lainey (French) – “Sunbeam” or “ray of light”
  9. Lena (Greek) – “Light,” “tempress,” or “alluring”
  10. Leora (Hebrew) – “Light”
  11. Lucasta (Latin) – “Pure light”
  12. Luciana (Armenian) – “Light of the moon”
  13. Malti (Sanskrit) – “Moonlight”
  14. Nur (Arabic) – “Light”
  15. Rayleigh (English) – “From the deer meadow”; atmospheric phenomenon due to the sunlight in the Earth’s atmosphere (responsible for the blue daytime and twilight sky)
  16. Roshan (Persian) – “Bright light”
  17. Soline (Spanish) – “Sunlight” or “eastern wind”
  18. Svetlana (Serbian) – “Light” and “shining”


Girl Names That Mean “Halo”

  1. Ajla (Slavic) – “Halo,” “moonlight,” or “circle of light”
  2. Ayla (Turkish) – “Halo around the moon”
  3. Aylin (Turkish) – “Moon halo”
  4. Hala (Arabic) – “Halo around the moon”
  5. Halo (Greek and English) – “Circle of light around the moon or sun” or “divine”; this phenomenon is due to light refracting through ice or water crystals in the atmosphere)


Other Feminine Names That Have Celestial & Outer Space Meanings

  1. Adita (Sanskrit) – “Sun”
  2. Arpina (Armenian) – “The rising of the sun”
  3. Asterope (Greek) – “Lightning” or “starry-faced”; an asteroid
  4. Esmeray (Turkish) – “Dark moon”
  5. Feray (Turkish) – “Radiance of the moon”
  6. Hang (Vietnamese name) – “Angel in the full moon”
  7. Hoshiko (Japanese) – “Star child”
  8. Hoshiyo (Japanese) – “Star world”
  9. Liviana (Hebrew) – “White moon”
  10. Maribelle (Latin) – “Star of the sea”
  11. Marietta (French) – “Star of the sea”
  12. Nuray (Turkish) – “Bright moon,” “light of the moon,” or “light moon”
  13. Oriane (Latin) – “Sunrise”
  14. Parvani (Hindi) – “Full moon”
  15. Purnama (Indonesian) – “Full moon”
  16. Purnima (Hindi) – “Day or night of the full moon”
  17. Solange (Latin) – “Angel of the sun”
  18. Tulay (Turkish) – “Bright like the moon”


Space-Inspired Celebrity Girl Names

  1. Mariah (Latin) – “Star of the sea”; after American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey
  2. Selena (Latin) – “Moon” or “moon goddess”; after American singer Selena Gomez
  3. Soleil (French girl name) – “Sun”; after American actress Soleil Moon Frye 


Gender-Neutral & Androgynous Space Names

  1. Altair (Greek and Arabic) – “Soar,” “bird,” or “the flying one”; the 11th brightest star in the galaxy, located in the Aquila Constellation
  2. Aquarius (Latin) – “Water bearer”; an equatorial constellation
  3. Cielo (Italian) – “Sky”
  4. Kem (English) – “Sun”
  5. Kennedy (Irish name) – “Armored”; name of a space center
  6. Kiran (Indian) – “Sun ray”
  7. Polaris (Latin and English) – “Pole star”; a bright star above the North Pole, also known as the “North Star”
  8. Puck (Old English) – “Sprite,” “goblin,” or a “shapeshifting creature”; a moon of Uranus
  9. Zion (Hebrew) – “Sunny place”


Fictional Space Names From Movies & Literature


  1. Asgard (Old Norse) – “Home of the gods”; located in a different realm in space in the Marvel series
  2. Maveth (Hebrew) – Name that means death; a planet in the Marvel series
  3. Sakaar (Indian) – “Manifestation of God” as a variant of “Sakar”; a planet in the Marvel series
  4. Vormir (invented name) – Planet in the Marvel series


Star Trek

  1. Alastria – Planet name in the “Star Trek” series
  2. Arella – Galaxy-class starship in the “Star Trek” series
  3. Deneva – Planet in the “Star Trek” series
  4. Eresa – Planet in the “Star Trek” series
  5. Ilidaria – Planet in the “Star Trek” series
  6. Kavaria – Planet in the “Star Trek” series
  7. Lissepia – Planet in the “Star Trek” series
  8. Napinne – Planet in the “Star Trek” series
  9. Risa (Spanish) – “Laugh”; a planet in the “Star Trek” series
  10. Tiburon (Spanish) – Planet in the “Star Trek” series


Star Wars

  1. Aaleen (Persian) – “Rosy”; after Aleen, a planet in the “Star Wars” series
  2. Akiva (Hebrew) – “Shelter” or “protect”; a planet in the “Star Wars” series
  3. Anaxes – Planet in the “Star Wars” series
  4. Corellia (Greek) – “Maiden” as a variant of “Corella”; a planet in the “Star Wars” series
  5. Endor (Hebrew) – “Spring” or “generation”; forested moon in the “Star Wars” series
  6. Ferrix – Planet in the “Star Wars” series
  7. Mandalore (invented name) – Planet in the “Star Wars” series
  8. Rishi (Indian) – “Ray of light” or “sage”; a planet in the “Star Wars” series
  9. Umbara (Latin and English) – “Shadow world” or “lack of sunlight”; a dark planet in the “Star Wars” series


Girl Space-Themed Names From A To Z

Girl Space Names Starting With A

  1. Abafar – Planet in the “Star Wars” series
  2. Aiday (Kazakh) – “Moon child”
  3. Aiman (Arabic and Kazakh) – “Beauty of the moon”
  4. Alcmene (Greek) – “Strength of the moon”
  5. Alina (Greek) – “Sun ray”
  6. Alkina (Aboriginal) – “Moon”
  7. Altalune (Latin) – “Over the moon”
  8. Alula (Celtic and Arabic) – “Embodied with celestial wisdom” or “the first leap”; rare binary star system (due to their proximity, two stars appear as one)
  9. Alya (Arabic and Russian name) – “Fat tail of a sheep,” “heavens,” “highborn,” or “exalted”; another name for the star system, Theta Serpentis
  10. Amar (Greek) – “Moon”
  11. Amaris (English) – “Child of the moon”
  12. Anura (Indian) – “Knowledge”; goddess of the Silurians in the “Doctor Who” series
  13. Apolline (Greek) – “Belonging to Apollo (Greek god of the sun)”
  14. Arana (Aboriginal) – “Moon”
  15. Archer (Latin and English) – “Bowman”; another name for the Sagittarius Constellation
  16. Arda (Turkish unisex name) – “Scepter” or “monarch”; a fantasy planet created by J. R. R. Tolkien (the author of “The Lord of the Rings”)
  17. Ariane (Greek) – “The most holy”; a rocket mission
  18. Ascelin (Gothic name) – “Of the moon”
  19. Astera (Scandinavian) – “Star-like” or “love”
  20. Asteroid (Greek) – “Star-like”; ideal for use as a middle name
  21. Avari (American) – “Of the heavens” or “from the sky”
  22. Ayelet (Hebrew) – “Gazelle”; part of the Hebrew phrase “ayelet hashachar” (gazelle at dawn), referring to the morning star


Girl Space Names Starting With B

  1. Badri (Persian) – “Fullness of the moon”
  2. Badriya (Arabic) – “Like the full moon”
  3. Bailey (Middle English) – “Bailiff (occupational name),” “berry clearing,” or “city fortification”; spelling variant for “Baily’s Beads” (bright sunlight spots at the edge of the moon’s silhouette seen during a solar eclipse)
  4. Belka (Czech, Slovak, and Polish name) – A Russian space dog
  5. Bianca (Italian) – “Moon” or “white”; a moon of Uranus
  6. Bluestar (English) – Blue stars are known as BSG (blue supergiant); they have at least three times the mass of the sun but can go up to as high as 150x solar masses)
  7. Boranis – Planet in the “Star Trek” series


Girl Space Names Starting With C

  1. Caleen (Greek) – “The moon”; also spelled as “Caleena”
  2. Callisto (Greek) – “Most beautiful”’; a moon of Jupiter
  3. Calva (Latin) – Variant of “Venus
  4. Caprica (Italian) – “She who is from Capri (a place in Italy)”; a planet in the “Battlestar Galactica” series
  5. Catalina (Spanish) – “Planet”; a comet in the Oort Cloud, a collection of icy astronomical objects
  6. Catena (Italian) – “Chain”; a crater in Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons
  7. Ceilia (Latin) – “Moon”
  8. Celena (Greek) – “The moon”; also spelled as “Celina”
  9. Celesse (French) – “Heavenly”
  10. Celeste (Latin) – “Celestial” or “of the heavens”
  11. Celinde (Latin) – “Heaven” or “the moon”
  12. Ceyone (Indian) – “Rising sun”
  13. Channary (Cambodian) – “Full moon”
  14. Chaska (Native American) – “Star”
  15. Chasma (English) – “Deep canyon in a planet”
  16. Chipara (Native American) – “Rainbow
  17. Cira (Italian) – “Sun”
  18. Cirrus (Latin) – “Lock of hair”; a hair-like cloud formation
  19. Citlali (Native American) – “Star”
  20. Cochava (Hebrew) – “Star”
  21. Cosima (Greek) – “Decency” or “order”; minor planet orbiting the sun
  22. Cumulus (Latin) – “Pile” or “heap”; cauliflower-shaped cloud formation


Girl Space Names Starting With D

  1. Daiyu (Chinese girl name) – “Black jade”; a planet in the “Star Wars” series
  2. Danica (Hebrew and Slavic) – “Morning star
  3. Delta (Greek) – “Fourth letter of the Greek alphabet” or “river mouth”; Delta Cephei is a star system
  4. Despina (Greek) – “Lady”; a moon of Neptune
  5. Donatella (Italian) – “Beautiful star”
  6. Donoma (Native American) – “Sight of the sun”
  7. Dozaria – Planet in the “Star Trek” series
  8. Drisa (Sanskrit) – “Daughter of the sun”


Girl Space Names Starting With E

  1. Eartha (Old English girl name) – “Planet Earth
  2. Eileen (Greek and Gaelic) – “The brightly shining one”
  3. Eilidh (Scottish) – “Sun” or “radiant one”
  4. Elara (Italian) – “A cheerful and happy individual”; a moon of Jupiter
  5. Electra (Greek) – “Bright” or “shining”; a European Space Agency satellite or a giant star in the Taurus Constellation
  6. Elianne (Latin) – “Daughter of the sun”
  7. Equinox (Latin) – “Day when the daytime and nighttime are at about the same length”; this happens twice a year
  8. Estelita (Spanish) – “Star”
  9. Estella (Latin) – “Star”
  10. Etoile (Scandinavian) – “Star-like” or “love”
  11. Europa (Phoenician) – “Where the sun sank”; a moon of Jupiter


Girl Space Names Starting With F

  1. Falak (Arabic) – “Star”
  2. Faye (English) – Fantasy girl name meaning “fairy”; a crater on the moon
  3. Felucia (Latin) – “Lucky” or “fortunate” as a variant of “Felicia”; a planet in the “Star Wars” series
  4. Finley (Scottish) – “Sunbeam”
  5. Florana (Latin) – “Blossoming” or “flourishing”; a planet in the animated sci-fi video game series “Ratchet & Clank


Girl Space Names Starting With G

  1. Galatea (Greek) – “She who is milky white”; a moon of Neptune named after a woman’s sculpture that the goddess Aphrodite brought to life
  2. Galilea (Hebrew) – “From Galilee (a biblical place name)” or “district of nations”; the collective name of Jupiter’s four largest moons 
  3. Gamma (Greek) – “Third letter of the Greek alphabet”; after gamma rays, the shortest wavelength of electromagnetic waves, often produced by the most energetic and hottest objects in the universe (e.g., supernova explosions, pulsars, neutron stars, etc.)
  4. Gemini (Latin) – “Twins”; a constellation in the northern hemisphere
  5. Gemma (Latin) – “Gem” or “jewel”; the brightest star in the Alphecca Constellation 
  6. Golana (Hebrew) – “Refuge”; a planet in the “Star Trek” series


Girl Space Names Starting With H

  1. Halcyon (Greek) – “Calm”; starcruiser in the “Star Wars” series
  2. Haumea (Hawaiian) – “Red ruler”; football-shaped dwarf planet named after the Hawaiian goddess of childbirth
  3. Helene (French) – “Bright” or “shining one”; a moon of Saturn
  4. Hesper (Greek) – “Evening star”
  5. Hunter (British unisex name) – “One who hunts” or “pursuer”; another name for the Orion Constellation
  6. Hypatia (Greek) – “Highest”; exoplanet orbiting a giant star
  7. Hysperia (Greek) – “Evening star”; a planet in “Memory Alpha


Girl Space Names Starting With I

  1. Iamar (Arabic) – “Moon”
  2. Ida (German) – “Industrious one”; a large asteroid in the Kronis Asteroid Family
  3. Ilargi (Basque) – “Moon” or “moonlight”
  4. Ilkay (Turkish) – “First moon”
  5. Ilona (Hungarian) – “Sun ray”; also spelled as “Ilana”
  6. Indumathi (Indian) – “Full moon”
  7. Infinity (American gender-neutral name) – “Endless” or “infinite in space and/or time”
  8. Iris (Greek) – “Rainbow”
  9. Itzel (Spanish and Native American – Maya) – “Rainbow”; Mayan moon goddess
  10. Iyla (Sanskrit) – “Moonlight”
  11. Izar (Basque, language in Basque Country located between Spain and France) – “Star”; binary star in the Boötes Constellation; you can also spell it as “Izarra” to make it more feminine


Girl Space Names Starting With J

  1. Jacira (Brazilian – Tupi) – “Moon” or “honey” 
  2. Jata (African) – “Celestial star”
  3. Juhraya – Planet in the “Star Trek” series


Girl Space Names Starting With K

  1. Kala (Indian) – “Art”; character in the “Doctor Who” series
  2. Karin (Swedish and Greek) – “Pure”; minor planet orbiting the sun
  3. Karris (English) – “Filled with grace and kindness” or “very dear”; a planet in “Doctor Who
  4. Kawkab (Arabic) – “Star”
  5. Kentanna – Planet in the “Star Trek” series
  6. Khalama (Tibetan) – “Sky path”
  7. Kira (Persian) – “Sun”
  8. Konane (Polynesian) – “Glow like moonlight”
  9. Kuiper (Dutch) – “Cooper”; a doughnut-shaped ring of icy or rocky objects around the sun, and the official location of the dwarf planet Pluto


Girl Space Names Starting With L

  1. Lakertya – Planet in the “Doctor Who” series
  2. Larissa (Greek and Russian) – “Citadel”; a small moon of Neptune‘s faint ring system named after a nymph in Greek mythology
  3. Leda (Greek) – “Happy woman”; an irregularly shaped moon of Jupiter
  4. Lenora (Greek) – “Sun ray”
  5. Lewana (Hebrew) – “Shining white one” or “the moon”
  6. Leyanne (Greek) – “Sun”
  7. Libra (Latin) – “Equality” or “the scales”; a constellation
  8. Livana (Hebrew) – “The moon”
  9. Losna (Etruscan) – “Goddess of the moon
  10. Lucine (American and Armenian) – “Moon”
  11. Lumina (Slavic) – “Sunshine”
  12. Lunette (Welsh) – “Moon, “image,” “shape,” or “idol”
  13. Lyana (Greek) – “Sun”
  14. Lysia – Planet in the “Star Trek” series


Girl Space Names Starting With M

  1. Magena (Native American) – “Moon”
  2. Maha (Persian) – “Moon-like”
  3. Mahasti (Persian) – “Moon lady”
  4. Mahdis (Persian) – “Moon-like”
  5. Mahru (Persian) – “Having a face like a moon”
  6. Mahta (Persian) – “Like the moon”
  7. Mairin (Gaelic) – “Star of the sea”
  8. Makemake (Rapa Nui – Polynesian) – “Rapa Nui god of fertility”; a dwarf planet in the Solar System
  9. Marinda (Latin) – “Evening star”
  10. Marise (Greek) – “Beloved sun”
  11. Marisol (Spanish) – Hispanic girl name meaning “sea and sun”
  12. Martina (Scandinavian) – “Dedicated to Mars (Roman god of war and the fourth planet from the sun)”
  13. Mayall (English and Welsh) – “Who is like the Lord?” as a variant of the angel name “Michael”; after “Mayall’s Object,” a peculiar ring galaxy created after two galaxies collided
  14. Meher (Persian) – “Sun,” “kindness,” “friendship,” or “love”
  15. Meridian (American) – “Star,” “midday,” or “apex”
  16. Mina (German and Hindu) – Pet name for a special someone that means “love”; variant of “Pisces” (a constellation)
  17. Misae (Native American) – “White-hot sun”
  18. Monday (English) – “Moon’s day”
  19. Moon (English) – “The Earth’s natural satellite”; the fifth largest moon in the Solar System
  20. Moonlight (English) – “Light of the moon”
  21. Morning (English) – “Time between sunrise to noon”; after Venus (the “morning star”)


Girl Space Names Starting with N

  1. Najma (Arabic) – “Star”
  2. Naledi (African) – “Star”
  3. Namid (Native American) – “Star dancer”
  4. Nasa – Unique name after the US space program (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
  5. Nashira (Arabic) – “The bearer of good news”; giant star in the Capricorn Constellation
  6. Nelle (Old English) – “Ray of sunshine”
  7. Neoma (Greek) – “New moon”; also spelled as “Nioma”
  8. Niji (Japanese) – “Rainbow”
  9. Nikini (Sri Lankan) – “Full moon in August”
  10. Nila (Tamil, an Indian or South Asian language) – “Moon”
  11. Nilani (Tamil) – “Enchanting moon”
  12. Nimbus (Latin) – “Dark cloud formation” or “rain clouds”
  13. Niranjana (Sanskrit) – “The night of the full moon”
  14. Nokomis (Native American) – “Daughter of the moon” or “grandmother”
  15. Nysa (Greek) – “Ambition” or “goal”; a large and bright asteroid found in the Asteroid Belt (located between Mars and Jupiter)


Girl Space Names Starting With O

  1. Olena (Ukrainian) – “Sun ray”
  2. Onderon (invented name) – Planet in the “Star Wars” series
  3. Oota (Native American) – “Day star”
  4. Ophelia (Greek) – “Aid” or “benefit”; a moon of Uranus
  5. Oriana (Latin) – “Sunrise”
  6. Orieta (French) – “Sunrise”
  7. Orus (Greek) – “First to be born”; an asteroid that shares the same orbit as Jupiter


Girl Space Names Starting With P

  1. Pamuy (Hopi – Native American) – “Water moon”
  2. Parveen (Persian) – “Pleiades” (star cluster known as “The Seven Sisters”)
  3. Pisces (Latin) – “Fish”; a constellation symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions
  4. Polani (Hawaiian) – “Heavenly light”
  5. Portia (Latin) – “Pig,” “hog,” or “doorway”; a moon of Uranus


Girl Space Names Starting With Q

  1. Qamar (Arabic) – “Moon”
  2. Qamra (Greek and Arabic) – “Moon” 
  3. Quantum (Latin) – “Quantity of energy”
  4. Quarra (invented name) – Planet in the “Star Trek” series
  5. Quasar (English) – “Extremely luminous and active galactic nucleus” or “supermassive black hole”
  6. Quena (American) – “Bright star
  7. Quilla (Spanish) – “Goddess of the moon
  8. Quinnis – Planet in the “Doctor Who” series


Girl Space Names Starting With R

  1. Raiya (Russian) – “Heaven”
  2. Raka (Sanskrit) – “Full moon”
  3. Ravina (Sanskrit) – “Sunny” or “beauty of the sun”
  4. Réaltra (Irish girl name) – “Galaxy” 
  5. Red (English unisex name) – “Refers to Mars (the red planet)”
  6. Reeva (Hindi) – “Star”
  7. Rocket (English nonbinary name) – “Jet-propelled tube or vehicle”; also an alien raccoon character in the Marvel series
  8. Rohini (Hindi) – “Star”
  9. Rosetta (Italian) – “Small rose”; a space probe by the European Space Agency created to rendezvous with and fly alongside a comet (67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko Comet) as it orbits around the sun
  10. Roxana (Persian) – “Little star”
  11. Roxanne (Persian) – “Dawn”
  12. Rugosa (Latin) – “Wrinkled” or “rugged”; neutral moon in the “Star Wars” series


Girl Space Names Starting With S

  1. Sabik (Arabic) – “One who comes first” or “firstborn”; a star in the Ophiuchus Constellation 
  2. Salinda (Latin) – “Heaven” or “the moon”
  3. Sally (Hebrew and English) – “Princess” as a variant of “Sarah”; also after Sally Ride, the first woman in space
  4. Saturnina (Spanish) – “Gift of Saturn”
  5. Saura (Sanskrit) – “Sun”
  6. Savita (Indian) – “Sun”
  7. Seiki (Japanese) – “Star” and “beginning”
  8. Seren (Welsh) – “Star”
  9. Setara (Afghan) – “Star”
  10. Setareh (Persian) – “Star”
  11. Shadow (English) – “Dark shape formed by a body or something blocking light from the sun”
  12. Shashi (Indian and Sanskrit) – “Moonlight”
  13. Shyra (Aramaic) – “Brightness”
  14. Sola (Latin) – “Sun”
  15. Solana (Spanish) – “Sunshine”
  16. Solaria (Latin) – “Of the sun”
  17. Solveig (Scandinavian) – “Daughter of the sun” or “the strong house”
  18. Somatra (Indian and Sanskrit) – “Greater than the moon”
  19. Sonste (Russian) – “Sun”
  20. Suhaila (Arabic) – “Star”
  21. Suncey (Serbian) – “Sun”
  22. Sunny (English) – “Sunshine” or “bright and happy”


Girl Space Names Starting With T

  1. Taini (Native American) – “Returning moon”
  2. Takara (Japanese) – “Treasure” or “precious object”; a planet in “Memory Alpha
  3. Talitha (Aramaic) – “Little girl”; a blue subgiant star
  4. Tania (Russian) – “Fairy queen”; after Tania Australis, a main star of the Ursa Major Constellation
  5. Taresia – Planet in the “Star Trek” series
  6. Tarika (Hindi) – “Star”
  7. Tefia (Latin) – “Earth
  8. Teralyn (Latin) – “The planet Earth
  9. Thuraya (Arabic) – “Star”; also spelled as “Thuraia”
  10. Tierra (Spanish) – “Earth
  11. Titania (Greek) – “Giant or great one” as the baby girl variant of the Greek boy nameTitan”; the largest moon of Uranus
  12. Trella (Spanish) – “Child of stars”
  13. Twila (English) – “Star”


Girl Space Names Starting With U

  1. Uchū (Japanese) – “Cosmos” 
  2. Udaya (Sanskrit) – “Rising of the sun and moon”
  3. Umbra (Latin) – “Shadow” or “shade”; the fully shaded region of an opaque object’s shadow, such as the area on the moon or Earth experiencing a total eclipse
  4. Urania (Greek) – “Heavenly”
  5. Ursa (Greek and Latin) – “Little she-bear”; there are two constellations named after a bear: Ursa Minor (little bear) and Ursa Major (greater bear)


Girl Space Names Starting With V

  1. Varala (Indian and Sanskrit) – Planet in the “Star Trek” and “Memory Alpha” series
  2. Varali (Indian and Sanskrit) – “Moon”
  3. Vega (Arabic and Spanish) – “Falling,” “landing,” or “dweller in the meadow”; the fifth brightest star in the night sky and the brightest star in the Lyra Constellation
  4. Vela (Spanish) – “Vigilant” or “watchful”; a constellation named after the sail of the Argonauts’ ship, from the Greek legend, “Jason and the Argonauts
  5. Vesper (Latin) – “Evening star”
  6. Violet (Latin and English) – “Purple color”; after the ultraviolet light, a form of electromagnetic radiation associated with the sun
  7. Virgo (Latin) – “Maiden”; a constellation in the northern hemisphere


Girl Space Names Starting With W

  1. Wenopa (Native American) – “Two moons”
  2. Woksapiwi (Native American) – “Harvest moon” 
  3. Wozhupiwi (Native American) – “Spring moon”
  4. Wrea – Planet in the “Star Wars” series
  5. Wysanti – Planet in the “Star Trek” series


Girl Space Names Starting With X

  1. Xandar (Greek) – “Defender of humankind” as a variant of the Greek name “Xander” or “Alexander”; a planet in the Marvel series
  2. Xing (Chinese name) – “Star”
  3. Xīngxì (Chinese) – “Galaxy”


Girl Space Names Starting With Y

  1. Yalena (Greek) – “Sun ray”
  2. Yami (Hindu) – “Twinkling star”
  3. Yang (Chinese) – “Sun” or “light”
  4. Yaxeka (Native American) – “New star”
  5. Youko (Japanese) – “Sunshine” or “light”
  6. Yue (Chinese) – “Moon”
  7. Yǔzhòu (Chinese) – “Cosmos” 


Girl Space Names Starting With Z

  1. Zaniah (Arabic) – “Corner”; a triple star system in the Virgo Constellation 
  2. Zelene (English) – “Sunshine”
  3. Zenith (English, Latin, and Arabic gender-neutral name) – “The highest point”
  4. Zeta (Hebrew and Greek) – “Olive” or the “sixth letter of the Greek alphabet”; after Zeta Arietis, a star in the Aries Constellation 
  5. Zia (Arabic) – “Light”
  6. Zodiac (Latin and Greek) – “Circle of animal” or “belt-shaped region of the sky”
  7. Zola (Latin) – “Earth” or “a ball of Earth
  8. Zonje (Dutch) – “Little sun”
  9. Zonne (Dutch) – “Sunlike”
  10. Zosma (Greek) – “Girdle”; white subgiant star in the Leo Constellation 


Space-Inspired Name Combinations For Girls

  1. Astrid Kari
  2. Aurora Sky
  3. Celestine Xia
  4. Halley Sol
  5. Teralyn Eloise
  6. Thebe Lunette


Bonus: Space Names For Baby Boys

  • Ægir (Old Norse) – Extrasolar planet named after the Norse god of the sea; pronounced as “ah-gear”
  • Apollo – Greek god of the sun
  • Aries (Latin) – “The ram”; a constellation
  • Arion (Greek boy name) – “Moon creature on high”; a planet named after an ancient Greek poet
  • Arkas (Greek) – “Someone from the province of Arcadia”; a planet named after Zeus and Callisto’s son
  • Atlas (Greek) – “To carry”; a moon of Saturn named after the Titan who carried the world on his shoulders in Greek mythology
  • Dayton (Old English boy name) – “Bright and sunny town”
  • Jericho (Hebrew) – “Moon”; biblical boy name after an ancient city in Palestine
  • Jupiter (Latin) – “The supreme god”; the biggest planet in the Solar System
  • Leo (Latin) – “Lion”; a constellation
  • Mars (Latin) – Planet named after the Roman god of war
  • Mercury (Latin) – Planet named after the Roman messenger of the gods
  • Neo (Greek) – “New”; also an abbreviation that stands for “near-Earth object”
  • Neptune (Latin) – Planet named after the Roman god of the sea
  • Oberon (German boy name) – “Noble and bear-like”; a moon of Uranus
  • Orcus (Latin) – Dwarf planet named after a Roman god of the underworld
  • Orellius (Latin) – “The golden one” as a variant of “Aurelius”; a planet in the “Star Trek” series
  • Orion (Greek) – “Great hunter,” “rising in the sky,” or “dawning”; a constellation known as “The Hunter”
  • Perseus (Greek) – “Destroyer”; a constellation also known as “The Hero”
  • Phylos (Greek) – “Friend”; a planet in the “Star Trek” series
  • Pluto (Greek) – “Rich”; dwarf planet named after another Roman god of the underworld
  • Pollux (Greek) – “Crown” and a twin boy name (alongside Castor) in Greek and Roman mythologies; the brightest star in the Gemini Constellation 
  • Rigel (Arabic) -“Foot”; blue supergiant star in the Orion Constellation 
  • Romulus (Latin) – “Citizen of Rome”; a planet in the “Star Trek” series
  • Sirius (Greek) – “Burning” or “glowing”; the brightest star in the night sky, also known as the “Dog Star”
  • Titan (Greek) – “Defender”; the largest moon of Saturn
  • Vulcan (Italian and Latin) – Greek god of volcanoes or Roman god of fire; proposed planet located between the sun and Mercury


Tips To Help You Choose Girl Space Names

  • Choose a theme (for example, do you want a star or planet name?).
  • Research names with their origins and meanings.
  • Make a list of your favorite choices.
  • Rank the names.
  • Ask your partner or close friends for suggestions or their thoughts about the names you’re considering.
  • You can choose a middle name if you can’t settle for just one name.
  • Consider unique vs. popular girl names (e.g., do you prefer a common or rare name?).
  • Consider trendy vs. classic names (e.g., remember that trends can easily change).
  • Check how the names (first + middle + last) sound together; say them out loud.
  • Check the resulting acronym of their initials.
  • Think about the name’s meaning or impact on your child (e.g., “Corona” is a Spanish name meaning “crown” and the powerful plasma that floats around the sun; however, it’s also associated with the COVID pandemic, so it’s certainly a name to avoid for now).



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