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530+ Girl Names That Mean Beautiful & Other Charming Choices

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girl names that mean beautiful



Are you looking for girl names that mean beautiful? 

We’re sharing 530+ beautiful names below to help you find the perfect name for your charming little one.

There are also goddess names, exotic girl names from different languages, and other adorable choices from various naming trends.


The Best Girl Names That Mean Beautiful (By Category)

  1. Annabelle (Hebrew and French girl name) – Name that means “graceful” and “beautiful”; also spelled as “Annabell
  2. Aurora (Latin and Roman) – “Dawn” as the Roman goddess and the personification of the dawn; also a Disney princess name who’s known as the titular character in “Sleeping Beauty
  3. Bella (Latin and Italian girl name) – “Beautiful”; together with “Belle,” this name can also be used as a suffix (e.g., “Annabelle,” “Isabella,” and “Clarabelle”) or prefix (e.g., “Bellatrix” and “Bellamy”)
  4. Belle (French name) – “Beautiful”; another Disney name for the princess in “Beauty and the Beast
  5. Bonita (Spanish girl name) – “Pretty”
  6. Isabelle (Hebrew and French) – “God is perfection,” “pledged to God,” or “beautiful promise”


What Are The Prettiest Female Names?

  1. Alana (Hebrew, Gaelic, and Hawaiian girl name) – “Beautiful,” “cheerful,” or “peaceful”; feminine variant of the German boy name “Alan” (“handsome” or “precious”)
  2. Annalise (Latin and German girl name) – “Beauty,” “graced by God,” or “elegance”
  3. Ayla (Turkish) – “Beautiful,” “blessed,” “oak tree,” or “halo” (circle of light around the moon)
  4. Belinda (Spanish or German name) – “Very beautiful,” “pretty one,” or “serpent”
  5. Belisma (Spanish) – Hispanic girl name meaning “beautiful”; also a variant of “Bellissima”
  6. Bellissa (Latin and Italian name) – “Beautiful”
  7. Callista (Greek girl name) – “Most beautiful”
  8. Caoimhe (Scottish and Irish girl name) – “Beautiful”; pronounced as “kee-va” or “kwee-va” and can also be spelled as “Keeva” 
  9. Jacinta (Greek and Spanish) – Hispanic name that means “beautiful,” “precious stone,” or “hyacinth”
  10. Kayla (Yiddish and Hebrew name) – “Slim and fair”
  11. Lyn (Spanish and Portuguese) –  “Beautiful”; “Lyn” or “Lynn” can be used as a suffix or prefix that means “beautiful”
  12. Tuva (Swedish and Norwegian name) – “Beautiful”; variant of “Tove”
  13. Zariyah (Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian girl name) – “Radiance,” “God remembers,” or “blooming flower”
  14. Zaynab (Arabic girl name) – “Beauty” and “grace”; popular Muslim name after the two wives, daughter, and granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammed


Adorable Girl Names Meaning Beautiful

  1. Adin (Hebrew) – “Beautiful” or “slender” 
  2. Alayna (Irish) – “Beautiful” or “dear child”
  3. Alora (Latin) – “Beautiful dream,” “bay tree,” “God is my light,” or “dreamer”
  4. Ami (French) – “Beautiful ”
  5. Ani (Slavic and Hawaiian name) – “Beautiful” or “very beautiful”
  6. Anwen (Welsh) – “Very fair” and “beautiful”
  7. Badoura (Arabic and Muslim name) – “The most beautiful woman seen on Earth”; Muslim goddess of beauty
  8. Belita (Spanish) – “Beautiful” 
  9. Bellerose (French and English) – Name that means “Rose” (beautiful rose)
  10. Bellezza (Italian) – “Beauty” or “beautiful”
  11. Bellini (Italian) – “Little beautiful one”
  12. Belvia (French) – “Beautiful” 
  13. Brightlyn (American) – “Bright and beautiful”; a combination of “Bright” (an adjective) and “Lyn” (beautiful)
  14. Jamilla (Arabic) – “Beautiful” and “graceful”; feminine variant of the Arabic boy nameJamil
  15. Keva (Gaelic and Irish name) – “Beautiful child”; feminine variant of the Irish boy name “Kevin”
  16. Mabel (Latin) – “My beautiful one” 
  17. Michiko (Japanese girl name) – “Beautiful,” “child,” or “wisdom”
  18. Miyo (Japanese name) – “Beautiful child
  19. Omorose (Egyptian) – “The beautiful child
  20. Rei (Japanese gender-neutral name) – “Beautiful” or “lovely child”
  21. Shaina (Yiddish and Hebrew) – “Beautiful”
  22. Shaquille (Arabic) – “Well-developed” or “handsome”; feminine variant of “Shaquille”


Rare & Unique Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

  1. Alika (Hawaiian and SwahiliAfrican girl name) – Black girl name that means “truthful” or “the most beautiful” 
  2. Anusha (Indian) – Girl space name that means “star” or “beautiful morning”
  3. Aoife (Irish and Gaelic) – “Beautiful” and “radiant”
  4. Bayle (American) – “Beautiful”; can be a form of “Beau” 
  5. Beauregard (French) – “Beautiful gaze” 
  6. Calista (Greek name) – “Most beautiful”
  7. Cosima (Italian and Greek) – “Beauty,” “order,” or “universe”; feminine variant of the unisex name “Cosmo”
  8. Cualnēzqui (Aztec name for girls) – “Beautiful”; pronounced as “kwal-nez-kee”
  9. Cualtzin (Aztec) – “Beautiful”; pronounced as “kwahlt-seen”
  10. Evynne (English) – “Beautiful bird” or “God is good”; variant of “Evelyn” or “Evan”
  11. Kevine (Irish) – “Beautiful”; feminine form of “Kevin”
  12. Marabel (Latin) – “Beautiful Mary” or “beautiful star of the sea”
  13. Minako (Japanese) – “Beautiful” 
  14. Miyoko (Japanese)- “Beautiful,” “child,” or “generation”
  15. Nefertari (ancient Egyptian) – “The most beautiful” or “beautiful companion”; after the first and favorite wife of Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II “the Great” (Pharaohs were the ancient Egyptian’s version of a king or great ruler)
  16. Nefertiti (Egyptian) – “The beautiful one”; another ancient Egyptian queen’s name
  17. Raanana (Hebrew) – “Fresh and pleasing”; pronounced as “raa-uh-naa-nuh”
  18. Sigrid (Old Norse and Scandinavian) – “Beautiful woman who leads to victory” 
  19. Yafa (Hebrew) – “Beautiful” and “pretty”
  20. Yamilet (Spanish and Hebrew) – “Beautiful” or “elegant”; a variant of “Jamilah” 
  21. Yoshiko (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “good,” “polite,” or “child”
  22. Zerlin (Arabic) – “Beautiful dawn”
  23. Zi (Chinese girl name) – “Graceful” or “beautiful”; can also be used as a suffix or paired with a middle name and used as an adjective


Beautiful Girl Names With Special Meanings

Which Girl Name Means Beauty?

  1. Belah (Hebrew) – “Beautiful one”
  2. Eider (Basque unisex name) – “Beautiful”
  3. Ellie (English and Greek) – Name that means “light” (shining light) or “the most beautiful woman”
  4. Erina (Gaelic, Celtic, and Arabic) – “Girl from Ireland” or “the beautiful one”
  5. Kevlyn (American) – “Beautiful”; a combination of “Kevin” (handsome) and “Lyn” (beauty)
  6. Mabs (Welsh) – “Beautiful lover” or “intoxicating”
  7. Mineko (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “child,” or “root”
  8. Nomi (Hebrew and Japanese) – “Beautiful and pleasant”
  9. Noya (Hebrew and Native American – Cherokee) – “Beauty” or “sand”
  10. Ratih (Indonesian) – “Most beautiful” or “god-like beauty”
  11. Tove (Scandinavian and Old Norse) – “Gorgeous and beautiful”
  12. Yoshimi (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “fondness,” or “good”


What Girl Name Means Powerful And Beautiful?

  1. Avyanna (American) – “Strong and powerful” or “beautiful woman”
  2. Venus (Latin) – Powerful name after the Roman goddess of beauty and love


What Name Means Perfect Girl?

  1. Aimiah (Hindi girl name) – “Perfect”; pronounced as “ay-mee-yah”


What Name Means Rare Beauty?

  1. Hayami (Japanese) – “Rare beauty”


What Name Means Heavenly & Eternal Beauty?

  1. Astrid (Scandinavian and Old Norse) – “Divinely beautiful”; also a fantasy girl name after the kickass Viking girl in the “How to Train Your Dragon” series
  2. Azeen (Arabic and Muslim) – “Eternal beauty”


Classic & Vintage Girl Names Meaning Beautiful

  1. Aphrodite (Greek) – “Foam”; the Greek goddess of beauty and love was born from foam rising from the sea, according to Greek mythology
  2. Bonnie (Scottish) – “Pretty,” “attractive,” “beautiful,” or “cheerful”
  3. Caily (Greek unisex name) – “Pretty,” “slender,” or “beautiful”
  4. Clarabelle (Latin) – “Bright and beautiful”
  5. Linda (Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian) – “Pretty”
  6. Mirabella (Italian) – “Wonderful beauty”
  7. Miranda (Latin) – “Worthy of admiration”


Old-Fashioned & Whimsical Girl Names That Stand The Test Of Time

  1. Abigail (Hebrew) – “A father’s joy” or “beautiful”
  2. Antiope (Greek) – Musical girl name that means “most beautiful voice”; pronounced as “an-tah-yo-pee”
  3. Bellatrix (Latin) – “Beautiful”; also a witchy name after a powerful character in the “Harry Potter” series
  4. Calixta (Greek) – “Most beautiful” or “loveliest”
  5. Calliope (Greek) – “Beautiful voice”; the goddess and muse of epic poetry in Greek mythology
  6. Lydia (Greek) – “Beautiful one” or “noble”


Spiritual & Biblical Girl Names

  1. Ahlai (Hebrew unisex name; pronounced as “ah-ley”) – “Beautiful ornament” or “adornment”; used in the Bible to describe two people: a woman identified as “Sheshan’s daughter” and a man called “Zabad’s father”
  2. Dorinda (Spanish) – “Beautiful girl” or “gift of God” 
  3. Jemimah (Hebrew) – Nature name meaning “dove”; one of Job’s three daughters and is described in the Bible as “one of the most beautiful women at the time”
  4. Keren ( Hebrew) – “Glorious dignity”; Job’s youngest daughter, also described as beautiful 
  5. Keziah (Hebrew) – “Cassia tree”; Job’s second daughter and also described as beautiful
  6. Naomi (Hebrew) – “Pleasant,” “beautiful,” or “gentle”
  7. Rachel (Hebrew) – “Ewe” (female sheep); identified as Jacob’s beautiful favorite wife in the Bible
  8. Shiphrah (Hebrew) – “Beautiful”; one of the midwives who disobeyed Pharaoh’s command to kill the Israelite baby boys
  9. Zipporah (Hebrew) – “Bird”; Moses’ wife, described in the Bible as “a beautiful woman”


Exotic Girl Names Meaning Beautiful

  1. Aimi (Japanese) – “Beautiful love”
  2. Ajmal (Arabic) – “More beautiful”
  3. Akemi (Japanese) – “Bright” or “beautiful”
  4. Alpana (Indian) – “Beautiful”
  5. Alusia (Polish name) – “Beautiful” or “lovely”
  6. Anahi (Tupi, an indigenous people and language in pre-Columbian Brazil) – “Flower-like beauty,” “one who answers,” “speaker,” “immortal,” or “immaculate”
  7. Arinya (Thai) – “Beautiful and knowledgeable woman” 
  8. Fritha (Old Norse) – “Fair and beautiful”
  9. Kimi (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “joy,” or “delight”
  10. Kimiko (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “beginning,” or “child”
  11. Kimiye (Japanese) – “Joy,” “beautiful,” or “blessed”
  12. Kimiyo (Japanese) – “Beginning,” “beautiful,” or “generation”
  13. Kitoko (African) – “Beautiful”
  14. Kiva (American, Irish, and Gaelic) – “Gentle,” “beautiful,” or “kind”; variant of “Caoimhe” 
  15. Kiyomi (Japanese) – “Clear,” “beautiful,” or “clean”
  16. Lolonyo (African) – “Love is beautiful”
  17. Mayumi (Japanese) – “Truth,” “beautiful,” or “reason”
  18. Mee (Korean girl name) – “Beautiful”
  19. Megumi (Japanese) – “Blessed” or “beautiful” 
  20. Mei (Hawaiian and Chinese name) – “Beautiful”
  21. Meiling (Chinese) – “Beautiful and delicate”
  22. Mio (Japanese and Spanish) – “Beautiful” or “cherry”
  23. Miwa (Japanese) – “Beautiful harmony”
  24. Miya (Japanese) – “Beautiful” or “relax” 
  25. Miyeon (Korean name) – “Beautiful,” “pleasing,” or “kind-hearted”
  26. Miyuki (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “good luck,” “happy,” “beautiful snow,” or “beautiful happiness”
  27. Naava (Hebrew) – “Delightful and beautiful”
  28. Nakshita (Indian) – “Beautiful features”
  29. Nayara (Arabic and Hindi) – “Beautiful eyes,” “bright star,” or “very light”
  30. Susmita (Hindi) – “Beautiful smile” 


Nature Names That Mean Beautiful

  1. Aerilyn (American) – “Beautiful air”
  2. Amidala (Italian) – “Beautiful flower”
  3. Arabela (Spanish) – “Beautiful lion” 
  4. Avalyn (Latin and English) – “Beautiful bird”; a combination of “Ava” (bird) and “Lyn” (beautiful); also spelled as “Aveline”
  5. Ayanna (African)- “Beautiful flower”
  6. Aysun (Turkish) – “Beautiful as the moon”
  7. Bellachay (American) – “Beautiful hawk”
  8. Dilay (Turkish) – Name that means “moon” (beautiful moon)
  9. Iowa (Native American) – “Beautiful land”
  10. Jailene (American) – “Beautiful bird”; also a combination of “Jay” and “Aileen”
  11. Kirana (Indonesian) – “Beautiful sunbeam”
  12. Kuwanlelenta (Native American – Hopi) – “To make beautiful surroundings”
  13. Kuwanyauma (Native American – Hopi) – “Butterfly showing beautiful wings”; pronounced as “ ku-wa-nya-u-ma”
  14. Lilybelle (Latin) – “Beautiful lily”
  15. Lucinda (Latin and Roman) – “Beautiful light”
  16. Lynne (Celtic) – “Beautiful waterfall” 
  17. Meadow (American) – “Beautiful field”
  18. Misaki (Japanese) – “Beautiful bloom” or “beautiful flower”
  19. Miu (Japanese) – “Beautiful feather”
  20. Mizuki (Japanese) – “Beautiful moon”
  21. Nelly (English) – “The shining light” or “most beautiful woman”; variant of “Ellen,” “Eleanor,” or “Helen”
  22. Norabel (English) – “Beautiful light”; a combination of “Nora” (light) and “Belle” (beautiful)
  23. Orabelle (English and Latin) – “Beautiful seacoast,” “prayerful,” or “beautiful gold”
  24. Rosabel (English) – “Beautiful rose”; a combination of “Rosa” (Rose) and “Belle” (beautiful)
  25. Rosaleen (German and Irish) – “Beautiful little rose”
  26. Rosalind (Latin and German) – “Pretty rose” or “gentle horse”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful From A To Z

Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With A

  1. Abha (Sanskrit) – “Lustrous beauty,” “splendor,” or a name that means “light”
  2. Abila (Latin) – “Beautiful”
  3. Acelynn (American) – “Beautiful one”; a combination of “Ace” (number one) and “Lynn” (beautiful)
  4. Adamma (Ibo – African girl name) – “Beautiful girl
  5. Adina (Hebrew) – “Beautiful”
  6. Aglaja (Slavic and Greek girl name) – “Splendor,” “beautiful,” or “wonderful”; pronounced as “ag-lah-yah”
  7. Alanna (Hawaiian and German girl name) – “Cheerful,” “beautiful,” or “peaceful”
  8. Allen (English and Scottish unisex name) – “Handsome,” “beautiful,” or “cheerful”
  9. Annabella (French girl name) – Name that means “graceful” and “beautiful”; a combination of “Anna” (graceful) and “Bella” (beautiful)
  10. Annalyse (German name) – “Beauty,” “graced by God,” or “elegance”
  11. Antoinette (Latin and French name) – “Priceless one”
  12. Aoibhe (Irish girl name) – “Life” or “beauty”; pronounced as “ey-vah”
  13. Aoibhinn (Irish name) – “Beautiful sheen” or “radiant and beautiful”; pronounced as “eev-een”
  14. Arabella (Greek, English, and Spanish girl name) – “Yielding to prayer” or “beautiful lion”; a combination of “Ara” (lion) and “Bella” (beautiful)
  15. Augusta (Latin) – “Magnificent”
  16. Ayami (Japanese girl name) – “Beautiful color”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With B

  1. Beale (English and French) – “Fair” or “handsome”
  2. Beauchamp (French) – “The beautiful field”; pronounced as “bow-sham”
  3. Beaumont (French) – “Beautiful mountain”; pronounced as “bow-mont”
  4. Bellamy (French) – “Beautiful friend”
  5. Belphoebe (French; pronounced as “bell-fee-bee”) – “Beautiful Diana”; invented name in the poem “The Faerie Queene
  6. Belva (Latin) – “Beautiful view”
  7. Belvedere (Italian girl name) – “Beautiful view” 
  8. Beyla (Spanish) – Hispanic girl name meaning “dance” or “beautiful”
  9. Brooklyn (English) – Name that means “water” (beautiful brook) or “broken land”; a place name after a borough in New York City
  10. Buthainah (Arabic girl name) – “Beautiful woman”; pronounced as “boo-thai-nah”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With C

  1. Cadhla (Irish) – “Beautiful”
  2. Calantha (Greek name) – “Beautiful flower”; can also be spelled as “Calanthe”
  3. Calia (Greek and Italian name) – “Good or beautiful person”; also spelled as “Callia”
  4. Calissa (American) – “Most beautiful”; variant of “Calista” or the Latin boy name “Callistus”
  5. Caliste (French) – “Beautiful”; can also be spelled as “Calixte”
  6. Calla (Greek) – “Beautiful”; flower name after a variant of the lily
  7. Callidora (ancient Greek name) – “Gift of beauty”; also a witchy name after the “Harry Potter” character and pure-blooded witch Callidora Black (later Callidora Longbottom)
  8. Callie (Greek) – “Beautiful”
  9. Caralynn (American) – “Dear and beautiful”; a combination of the pet name for girls “Cara” (dear or love) and “Lynn” (beautiful)
  10. Caroline (German, French, and Latin) – “Free and beautiful woman”; a combination of “Carol” (feminine variant of the German boy name “Charles,” meaning “free man”) and “Lynn” (beautiful)
  11. Cayla (Irish) – “Slim and fair”
  12. Ceinwen (Welsh) – “Beautiful,” “blessed,” or “white”; pronounced as “KAYN-wen”
  13. Cemile (Turkish) – “Beautiful”; pronounced as “dzi-me-leh”
  14. Ceridwen (Welsh) – “Beautiful as a poem”; the Celtic goddess of poetry
  15. Charae (American; pronounced as “sha-ray”) – “Beautiful,” “dear,” or “precious”; a variant of the pet name for a loved one “Cherie”
  16. Christabel (Spanish) – Hispanic name meaning “beautiful follower of Christ”
  17. Clarinda (English) – “Clear and beautiful”; a combination of “Clara” (clear) and “Linda” (beautiful)
  18. Cosmo (Greek, Italian, and English unisex name) – “Beauty,” “order,” or “universe”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With D

  1. Damali (Arabic) – “Beautiful vision”
  2. Daylin (American) – “Beautiful day”
  3. Donatella (Italian) – “A beautiful gift”; after fashion designer Donatella Versace


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With E

  1. Eavan (Irish) – “Beautiful sheen” or “beautiful radiance”
  2. Ece (Turkish) – “Queen” or “beautiful woman”
  3. Ederne (Basque) – “Beautiful”
  4. Eileen (Irish) – “Beautiful bird”; also a variant of “Evelyn” or “Eilley”
  5. Elili (Tamil – Indian language) – “Beautiful”
  6. Ella (German and English) – “Beautiful fairy” or “beautiful fairy woman”
  7. Ellaruth (American) – “Beautiful friendship”; a combination of “Ella” and “Ruth”
  8. Ellen (Greek) – “Most beautiful woman”
  9. Elora (Greek) – “Beautiful dream,” “dreamer,” “bay tree,” or a name that means “sun” (sun ray)
  10. Elu (Native American – Zuni) – “Fair” or “beautiful”
  11. Emi (Japanese name) – “Blessed,” “beautiful,” or “favor”
  12. Estrid (Scandinavian) – “Fair” or “beautiful goddess” 
  13. Evelyn (Latin) – “Beautiful bird”; also spelled as “Evalina”
  14. Evlin (Irish) – “Radiant” and “beautiful”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With F

  1. Fairlight (English) – “Beautiful light”
  2. Fantine (French) – “Fantastic one”; character in “Les Misérables
  3. Fayre (Old English) – “Beautiful” or “fair one”
  4. Felicia (Latin) – “Lucky” or “successful” 
  5. Freya (Scandinavian) – “Lady” or “noble person”; Norse goddess of beauty, love, war, and death
  6. Fumiko (Japanese) – “Beautiful” or “child”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With G

  1. Galilahi (Native American – Cherokee) – “Attractive”
  2. Gisbelle (American) – “Beautiful pledge”; a combination of “Giselle” (pledge) and the Disney princess nameBelle” (beautiful)
  3. Githa (Scandinavian and Old English) – “God” or “beautiful” 
  4. Grazina (Lithuanian) – “Beautiful”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With H

  1. Harika (Turkish) – “A miracle” or “beautiful”
  2. Hasana (Arabic) – “Beautiful” or “fair”
  3. Hasina (African) – “Good” or “beautiful”
  4. Haunani (Hawaiian girl name) – “Beautiful snow”
  5. Hazen (Dutch) – “Smooth” or “beautiful” 
  6. Helen (Greek) – “Light” or “torch”; known as the most beautiful woman in Greek mythology (her abduction/elopement was considered the main cause of the phenomenal “Trojan War”)
  7. Hermosa (Spanish) – “Beautiful”; also a place name after a beach town in California
  8. Hiromi (Japanese) – “Abundant,” “beautiful,” “wide,” or “broad”
  9. Hurit (Native American – Algonquin) – “Beautiful”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With I

  1. Ianna (Kiswahili – African) – “Beautiful flower” 
  2. Iaolani (Hawaiian name) – Girl space name meaning “beautiful star”; pronounced as “ee-yah-yo-la-ni”
  3. Ilona (Hungarian) – “Light” or “torch”; variation of “Helen” (the most beautiful woman)
  4. Indah (Indonesian) – “Beautiful one” 
  5. Indira (Sanskrit) – “Beauty”
  6. Ingrid (Norse) – “Loved,” “beautiful,” “fair,” or “Ing is beautiful” (Old Norse and Germanic god of the rain, sunshine, peace, and fertility)
  7. Isa (German, Arabic, and Spanish) – “Beautiful,” “strong-willed,” or “salvation of God
  8. Isabella (Italian) – “Beautiful promise” or “devoted to God


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With J

  1. Jacintha (Greek) – “Beautiful”; also spelled as “Jacinta” and is a variant of “Hyacinth”
  2. Jaeda (Arabic) – “Long-necked beauty”; can also be spelled as “Jada”
  3. Jaffa (Hebrew) – “Beautiful”; also a place name after an ancient port city that’s now a neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel
  4. Jamel (Arabic) – “Beautiful”; variant of the Arabic boy name “Jamal” 
  5. Jamila (Arabic) – “Beautiful and graceful”; feminine variant of “Jamil
  6. Jaunie (Arabic) – “Pretty” or “beautiful”; pronounced as “jao-nee”
  7. Jayleen (American unisex name) – “Beautiful jay bird”; a combination of “Jay” (a bird species) and “Lyn” (beautiful)
  8. Jennifyn (American) – “Beautiful white wave”; a combination of “Jennifer” (fair one or white wave) and “Lyn” (beautiful)
  9. Jia Li (Chinese girl name) – “Good and beautiful” 
  10. Jolie (French) – “Beautiful” or “pretty”; can also be a middle name for your little girl
  11. Jovelyn (American) – “God is gracious” and “beautiful”; a combination of the names “Jovana” (God is gracious) and “Lyn” (beautiful)


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With K

  1. Kahlei (Greek) – “Beautiful” or “lovely”
  2. Kalista (Greek) – “Most beautiful one”; variant of “Calista” 
  3. Kalli (American) – “Beautiful”; variant of “Callie” 
  4. Kalyani (Indian) – “Beautiful”
  5. Kanani (Polynesian) – “The beautiful one” 
  6. Kaponianani (Polynesian) – “Beautiful anointed one”
  7. Karolina (Polish name) – “Womanly” or “beautiful”; a variant of “Caroline” or “Carolyn”
  8. Katsumi (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “patience,” or a name that means “water” (sea)
  9. Kaylee (British and Irish) – “Slim and fair,” “crown,” or “laurel”
  10. Kayo (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “good,” or “generation”
  11. Kaytlyn (English) – “Smart” or “a beautiful young child” 
  12. Kazumi (Japanese) – “Beautiful peace,”  “peace,” “beautiful,” or “harmony”
  13. Keelia (American and Irish) – “Beautiful”; can also be spelled as “Keely” 
  14. Keeva (Irish) – “Beautiful,” “gentle,” or “precious”; also a variant of “Caoimhe”
  15. Kelis (American) – “Beautiful” 
  16. Kenisha (American) – “Beautiful” or “prosperous”
  17. Kenna (American) – “Beautiful”; feminine variant of “Kenneth” (handsome)
  18. Kennice (English) – “Beautiful”; modern variant of “Kenneth”
  19. Kevina (American) – “Handsome” or “beautiful”; feminine variant of “Kevin” (handsome)
  20. Kumi (Japanese) – “Beautiful” or “long period of time”
  21. Kumiko (Japanese) – “Long time” or “beautiful”
  22. Kyomi (Japanese) – “Pure and beautiful”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With L

  1. Labella (Latin) – “Beautiful”
  2. Labonita (Spanish) – “Beautiful one” 
  3. Lakelyn (American) – “Beautiful lake”
  4. Leilah (Arabic) – “Night beauty”
  5. Leinani (Hawaiian) – “Beautiful child” 
  6. Lewa (African) – Black girl name that means “beautiful”; also a place name after a tourist destination in Kenya
  7. Lillie (English) – Girl plant name meaning “lily flower,” “purity,” or “beauty”
  8. Lois (Greek) – “Most beautiful” or “superior”; also a biblical girl name after an early Christian who was the grandmother of Timothy (the first Christian bishop of Ephesus)
  9. Lorelei (German) – “Alluring”
  10. Lulu (Hawaiian and AfricanSwahili and Tanzanian) – “Wonderful one,” “famous warrior,” or “pearl”
  11. Lynika (American) – “Little beautiful one”; a combination of “Lyn” (beautiful) and “Ika” (young or little)
  12. Lynn (Latin and Spanish) – “Pretty one”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With M

  1. Maeve (Irish) – “Intoxicating” or “she who intoxicates”
  2. Maha (Arabic) – “Beautiful”
  3. Maliha (Arabic) – “Beautiful”
  4. Mami (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “real,” “flax,” or “true”
  5. Manami (Japanese) – “Love,” “beautiful,” “affection,” “sea,” or “ocean”
  6. Maribelle (Latin and French) – “Beautiful drop of the sea”; a combination of “Mari” or “Mary” (a drop of the sea) and “Belle” (beautiful)
  7. Masami (Japanese) – “Become beautiful”
  8. Maylin (Chinese name) – “Beautiful jade”; also spelled as “Mei Lin”
  9. Meimao (Japanese) – “ Beautiful” or “true”
  10. Mekanani (Hawaiian) – “Beautiful eyes” 
  11. Melinda (American) – “Black and beautiful”; a combination of “Mel” (black or darkness) and “Linda” (beautiful)
  12. Memphis (Greek and Coptic, an Egyptian language) – “Enduring and beautiful”; place name and a variant of the Egyptian name “Menefer”
  13. Merindah (Australian Aboriginal – Gadigal) – “Beautiful”
  14. Michiyo (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “companion,” ”generation,” and “road”
  15. Mikako (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “scent,” or “child”
  16. Mikayo (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “scent,” or “generation”
  17. Miki (Japanese) – “Beautiful” or “chronicle”
  18. Mikiko (Japanese) – “Beginning,” “beautiful,” or “child”
  19. Mikino (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “beginning,” or “tree trunk” 
  20. Milana (Italian) – “Pleasant” and “gracious”
  21. Mira (Hebrew) – “Wonderful,” “prosperous,” or “peaceful”
  22. Mirabelle (Latin) – “Wonderful” or “wondrous beauty”
  23. Mirinda (Latin) – “Beautiful” and “admirable”
  24. Misa (Japanese) – “Beautiful bloom” or “help”
  25. Misaye (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “help,” or “branch”
  26. Misayo (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “help,” or “generation”
  27. Mi-Suk (Korean girl name) – “Charming” and “beautiful”
  28. Mitsuye (Japanese) – “Shine,” “beautiful,” “harbor,” or “light”
  29. Miyako (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “child,” or “city”
  30. Miyeko (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “child,” or “blessed”
  31. Mohini (Sanskrit) – “Most beautiful”
  32. Myra (Sanskrit) – “Beloved,” “admirable,” or “a sweet-smelling oil”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting with N

  1. Nami (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “wave,” or “red apple”
  2. Namilani (Hawaiian) – “Beautiful heaven”
  3. Natsumi (Japanese) – “Summer” or “beautiful”
  4. Nava (Hebrew) – “Pleasant” or “beautiful”
  5. Nayana (Hindi) – “Beautiful eyes”
  6. Nazli (Arabic, Turkish, and Persian) – “Beautiful” or “delicate”
  7. Nazneen (Persian) – “Exquisitely beautiful” or “charming”
  8. Nefret (Egyptian) – “Beautiful” 
  9. Nizhoni (Native American – Navajo) – “Beautiful”
  10. Noemi (Hebrew and French) – “Beautiful”; variant of the biblical nameNaomi
  11. Nofret (Egyptian) – “Beautiful”; a princess in Egypt


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With O

  1. Oaklynn (American) – “Beautiful oak”; a combination of “Oak” (oak tree) and “Lyn” (beautiful)
  2. Olathe (Native American) – “Lovely” or “beautiful”; pronounced as “ow-lay-thuh”
  3. Ominotago (Native American – Chippewa) – “Beautiful voice
  4. Orabella (Latin and Italian) – “Beautiful altar” or “beautiful gold”; can also be a variant of “Arabella
  5. Oralia (French and Greek) – “The provocatively beautiful”
  6. Orfea (Greek) – “Beautiful voice
  7. Oribel (Latin) – Name that means “sun” (the beautiful rising sun); a combination of “Orient” (the rising sun) and “Bella” or “Belle” (lovely or beautiful)


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With P

  1. Padma (Sanskrit and Hindi) – “Alternate name for Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of beauty and charm”; also a twin name girl in the “Harry Potter” series, used along with “Parvati” 
  2. Puanani (Hawaiian) – “Beautiful flower”; pronounced as “pooh-wa-na-ni”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With Q

  1. Quetzalli (Aztec unisex name) – “Beautiful feather”; pronounced as “kwet-sah-lee”
  2. Quetzaltic (Aztec name) – “Beautiful”; pronounced as “kwet-zahl-tik”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With R

  1. Raana (Hebrew) – “Beautiful”
  2. Ramana (Sanskrit) – “Beautiful”
  3. Reiko (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “wise,” or “child”
  4. Rosabelle (Latin) – “Rose” or “beautiful rose”; a combination of “Rose” (flower) and “Belle” (beautiful)
  5. Rosalie (French) – “Beautiful rose”; a combination of “Rose” (flower) and “Lyn” (beautiful); can also be spelled as “Roselyn”
  6. Rosalinda (Spanish) – “Beautiful rose”; variant of “Rosalie” but uses “Linda” (beautiful)
  7. Rumi (Japanese) – “Beauty,” “lapis lazuli (a blue gemstone),” or “flow”
  8. Rupali (Indian) – “Most beautiful”
  9. Rupinder (Sanskrit) – “Greatest beauty”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With S

  1. Sapphira (English and Hebrew) – “The pretty one”
  2. Sapphire (English) – “Beautiful gem”
  3. Satomi (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “wise,” or “village”
  4. Sena (Hindi, Arabic, and Korean name) – “This world’s beauty or grace,” “to praise,” “bringing heaven to earth,” or “army”
  5. Shakila (Arabic) – “Pretty”; variant of “Shaquille”
  6. Shakina (African) – “Beautiful one” 
  7. Shana (Hebrew) – “Beautiful, “God is gracious,” or “Lily”; also a short girl name after “Shoshana” or “Susanna”
  8. Shaylynn (American) – “Beautiful hawk”
  9. Shayna (American and Yiddish) – “God is gracious” or “beautiful”
  10. Sherlyn (American) – “Beautiful” or “beloved”
  11. Shifra (Hebrew) – “Handsome” or “good”; the midwife who delivered Moses, according to the Bible
  12. Shigemi (Japanese) – “Luxury,” “growth,” or “beautiful”
  13. Shiva (Persian) – “Kind” or “beautiful”; also a Hindu deity
  14. Shreya (Sanskrit) – “Beautiful” or “auspicious” 
  15. Sonali (Sanskrit) – “Beautiful color” or “golden” 
  16. Starlin (American) – “Beautiful star”; a combination of “Star” (heavenly body) and “Lyn” (beautiful)
  17. Suchin (Thai) – “Beautiful thought”
  18. Sugako (Japanese) – “Longevity” or “beautiful”
  19. Sumiye (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “blessed,” “pure,” or “longevity”
  20. Sundari (Indian) – “ Beautiful” 


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With T

  1. Takako (Japanese) – “Dutiful,” “beautiful,” or “precious”
  2. Tamami (Japanese) – “Beautiful gem”
  3. Tamiko (Japanese) – “Beautiful” or “many”
  4. Tasanee (Thai) – “Beautiful view”
  5. Tazanna (Native American) – “Beautiful princess”
  6. Teegan (Gaelic) – “Good looking” or “beautiful” 
  7. Tegan (Welsh and Irish unisex name) – “The loved one,” “beautiful,” or “the favorite one” 
  8.  Ticualtzin (Aztec) – “You are beautiful”; pronounced as “tik-wahlt-seen,” with variants including “Ticualnēzqui” and “Tiquetzaltic” 
  9. Tomomi (Japanese) – “Friend,” “beautiful,” or “wisdom”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With U

  1. Ulanni (Hawaiian) – “Very beautiful” or “heavenly beauty”
  2. Uluwehi (Hawaiian) – “Lush and beautiful verdure (vegetation)” or “place where beautiful plants thrive”
  3. Urara (Japanese) – “Serene” or “beautiful” 


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With V

  1. Vashti (Persian) – “Lovely”; she was the beautiful queen of Persia, according to the Bible
  2. Vella (American) – “Beautiful”; variant of “Bella
  3. Venusa (Latin) – “Goddess of beauty”; variation of “Venus” 


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With W

  1. Wakako (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “harmony,” or “young”
  2. Waseemah (Arabic) – “Beautiful”
  3. Westlyn (American) – “Beautiful west”; a combination of “West” (direction) and “Lyn” (beautiful)
  4. Wyanet (Native American) – “Beautiful”
  5. Wyonet (Native American) – “Beautiful”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With X

  1. Xin Qian (Chinese) – “Happy” or “beautiful”
  2. Xitllali (Aztec) – “Beautiful princess” or “star”; the Aztec goddess of the moon, also spelled as “Xitlali,” and is pronounced as “see-tlah-lee”
  3. Xiu (Chinese) – “Elegant” or “beautiful”
  4. Xochiquetzal (Aztec) – Means “beautiful flower” and is pronounced as “zo-chee-kayt-zul”; the Aztec goddess of love


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With Y

  1. Yaffa (Hebrew and Yiddish) – “Beautiful
  2. Yaffit (Hebrew) – “Beautiful” 
  3. Yamileth (Arabic) – “Beautiful or elegant”
  4. Yedda (English) – “Beautiful voice
  5. Yu Jie (Chinese) – “Pure” or “beautiful jade”
  6. Yue Yan (Chinese) – “Happy” or “beautiful” 
  7. Yukari (Japanese) – “Save,” “beautiful,” “reason,” or “scent‘
  8. Yumi (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “reason,” or “friend”
  9. Yumiko (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “child,” or “bow and arrow”


Girl Names That Mean Beautiful Starting With Z

  1. Zaina (Arabic) – “Beauty” or “grace”
  2. Zalika (Arabic and AfricanSwahili) – “Wondrously beautiful” or “well-born” (noble)
  3. Zariah (Arabic) – “Radiance,” “God remembers,” or “blooming flower”
  4. Zaynah (Arabic) – “Beautiful”
  5. Zeena (African – Moroccan) – “Beautiful”
  6. Zerlinda (Spanish) – “Beautiful dawn”
  7. Zeynep (Turkish) – “Beautiful”
  8. Zinedine (Arabic) – “Beauty of the faith”
  9. Zoyna (Arabic and Urdu) – “Beautiful”
  10. Zuri (African – Kiswahili) – “Good and beautiful” 
  11. Zweena (African – Moroccan) – “Beautiful”; also spelled as “Zeena”


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Names That Mean Beautiful

  1. Cali (American) – “Beautiful” 
  2. Mika (Japanese, Japanese, Hungarian, and Russian name) – “Beautiful fragrance” or “who is like God?” as a variant of the Hebrew angel name “Michael”
  3. Miko (Japanese and Native American – Chickasaw) – “Beautiful child” or “chief”
  4. Miku (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “long time,” or “sky”
  5. Oregon (Native American – Algonquin) – “Beautiful,” which comes from the word “wauregan”; also place name as a US state and is more popularly used as a middle name instead of a first name
  6. Zayn (Arabic) – “Beauty and grace”; also spelled as “Zain”
  7. Zene (African – Nigerian and Hungarian) – “Beautiful” or “music”; also a variation of “Zaynab”


Middle Names To Match First Monikers That Mean Beautiful

  1. Brooke (Old English and German androgynous name) – “Brook,” “stream,” or “small body of flowing water”
  2. Grace (Latin) – “Favor” or “blessing”
  3. Noelle (French) – “The Lord’s birthday” or “Christmas”; a popular name for girls born during the Christmas season
  4. Phoenix (Greek unisex name) – “Dark red”; also a fantasy name for the immortal mythical bird that rises from the ashes each time it dies
  5. Rose (Latin and English) – Flower name that literally means “rose flower”
  6. Sophie (Greek) – “Wisdom”; also a variant of “Sophia” or “Sofia”


Other Beautiful Names With Special Meanings For Girls

Girl Names That Mean Grace

  1. Amara (African – Igbo, Sanskrit, Arabic, Italian, and Mongolian)  – “Grace,” “tribe,” “immortal,” “bitter,” or “peaceful”
  2. Naamah (Hebrew name) – “Pleasant,” “sweetness,” “beauty,” or “grace”; the Ammonite princess and daughter of King Ammon who became Solomon’s first wife and the mother of his heir, “Rehoboam”
  3. Tazara (Arabic) – “Elegance” or “grace”


Girl Names That Mean Noble

  1. Adeline (French) – “Noble”
  2. Alina (Slavic) – “The noble one,” “kind,” “bright,” or “beautiful”
  3. Brianna (Irish) – “High” or “noble”
  4. Edeline (German) – “Noble kind”
  5. Elgielyn (American) – “Noble and beautiful”; a combination of “Elgin” (noble or high-minded) and “Lyn” (beautiful)


Baby Girl Names Meaning Victory & Successful

  1. Fawziya (Arabic and Muslim) – “Victorious” or “successful”
  2. Naila (Arabic) – “Successful” or “attainer”
  3. Siri (Scandinavian and AfricanSwahili) – “Beautiful woman who leads to victory,” “secret,” or “mystery”; can be a short form of “Sigrid” and is popularly linked to Apple’s iOS series’ automated virtual assistant
  4. Victoria (Latin) – “Victory” or “victorious”; the Roman goddess of victory and a popular name among queens and other royalty
  5. Yashashree (Hindi gender-neutral name) – “Glory,” “fame,” or “victory”; the deity of success
  6. Yashita (Hindi) – “Successful”


Baby Girl Names Meaning Love

  1. Ai (Japanese) – “Love” 
  2. Amora (Spanish) – “Love”
  3. Cer (Welsh) – “Love”
  4. Darlene (Old English) – Pet name for girls that means “dear” or “loved one”
  5. Davina (Scottish and Hebrew) – “Beloved”; sometimes considered as a feminine variant of the Biblical boy name “David”
  6. Kalila (Arabic) – “Heap of love”
  7. Kalilah (Arabic) – Pet name for a loved one meaning “beloved”
  8. Scarlett (French) – “Red” or “the color of love and affection”
  9. Shirina (American) – “Love song”
  10. Yaretzi (Aztec) – “You will always be loved”


Baby Girl Names Meaning Moon

  1. Celine (French, Latin, and Roman) – “Moon” or “heavenly”; also considered a variant of “Selene”
  2. Diana (Latin and Roman) – “Divine”; Roman goddess of the moon
  3. Luna (Spanish and Italian) – “Moon”; also a fantasy girl name after Luna Lovegood, a kind witch in the “Harry Potter” series
  4. Rishima (Indian) – “Moon beam”
  5. Selene (Greek) – “The moon”; the Greek goddess and personification of the moon


Baby Girl Names That Mean Sun

  1. Aelia (Latin and Greek) – “Sunshine” or “sunlight”
  2. Arpina (Armenian) – “Rising of the sun”
  3. Éliane (French) – “The sun”
  4. Solana (Spanish) – “Sunshine”


Baby Girl Names Meaning Happiness

  1. Farrah (Arabic and English) – “Happy,” “pleasant,” or “happiness”
  2. Miyuki (Japanese) – “Beautiful,” “fortune,” or “happiness”
  3. Muskaan (Hindi) – “Smile” or “happiness”
  4. Xin (Chinese) – “Joyful,” “happy,” “beautiful,” or “elegant” 


Flower Girl Names

  1. Aboli (Hindu) – Unique name after a flower
  2. Angarika (Hindi) – Girl plant name meaning “a flame-colored flower”
  3. Aster (Greek gender-neutral name) – Flower name that also means “Star”
  4. Daisy (Old English) – “Day’s eye”
  5. Jasmine (Persian and Arabic) – Fragrant flower with white petals; also a Disney princess name after the beautiful Arabian princess in “Aladdin
  6. Kusum (Hindi) – “Flower” or “blossom”; also a name that means “fire”
  7. Marigold (English) – “Mary’s gold” or “golden flower”; these golden flowers were often worn as garlands in the special and religious ceremonies of the Romans and Greeks
  8. Nasrin (Persian) – “Wild rose” or “white narcissus flower”
  9. Violet (Latin) – “Bluish purple flower”; also a color name
  10. Zahra (Arabic) – “Flower”; also spelled as “Zara
  11. Zaria (Arabic) – “Radiance,” “blooming flower,” or “God remembers”


Musical Girl Names

  1. Aarohi (Indian) – “A musical tone”
  2. Alvapriya (Indian) – “Music lover”
  3. Carol (English) – “Joyful song”
  4. Euphony (French, Greek, and Latin) – “Beautiful voice
  5. Gunjan (Hindi) – “Musical sound,” “echo,” “the chirping of birds,” or “buzzing of a bee”
  6. Harmony (Greek and English) – “Being harmonious,” “united,” or “music composed with different individual sounds that blend together to create a unified sound”; variants can include “Harmonia” (the immortal Greek goddess of harmony and concord)
  7. Isaiarasi – Hindi queen of music; pronounced as “i-sah-yah-rah-see”
  8. Prati (Hindi and Italian) – “One who loves and appreciates music” or “meadow”


Legendary & Goddess Girl Names

  1. Althea (Greek) – “Wholesome” or “healer”; after the Greek goddess of healing and compassion
  2. Amalthea (Greek) – “Tender goddess”; Greek nymph who fed and raised the baby Zeus (king of the gods) to keep him away from his dangerous father, Cronus
  3. Anagha (Hindi) – “Sinless” or “faultless”; also another name for the goddess “Lakshmi”
  4. Ariadne (Greek) – “Most holy”; princess of Crete who helped the Greek hero Theseus in escaping from the Minotaur (half-bull and half-man) in her father’s maze
  5. Cassandra (Greek) – “Shining person”; a princess and the daughter of King Priam of Troy who could predict the future
  6. Chandra (Hindi) – “Moon” or “shining”; Hindu goddess of the moon, vegetation, and the night
  7. Penelope (Greek) – “Weaver”; the loyal wife of Trojan War hero Ulysses who pretended to weave daily to turn suitors away while her husband was away for 20 years


Virtue-Inspired Girl Names

  1. Amity (Latin) – “Friendly,” “friendship,” or “harmony”
  2. Bina (Hebrew) – “Knowledge,” “understanding,” or “insight”
  3. Faith (English) – “Trust” or “belief”
  4. Mercy (Latin and English) – “Merciful” or “compassionate”
  5. Namya (Indian) – “Worthy of honor”
  6. Omna (Hindi) – “A virtuous woman”
  7. Peace (American) – “Tranquil”
  8. Priti (Sanskrit) – “Love
  9. Trinity (Latin) – “Holy trinity” or “three in one (father, holy spirit, and son)”


Celebrity-Inspired Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

  1. Paris (Greek unisex name) – Warrior name that means “defender,” “gorgeous,” or “glamorous” after the brave Prince of Troy who died in the Trojan War; after American socialite Paris Hilton
  2. Alanis (Hawaiian and Gaelic)- “Handsome” or “cheerful” as a female variant of “Alan”; after Canadian-American singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette (her dad’s name is Alan)


Names Inspired By Historical Figures 

  1. Anne (French) – “Grace” or “favor”; after the German-born Jewish girl Anne Frank who documented her life under Nazi persecution in a diary that’s now a historic artifact displayed in a museum
  2. Elizabeth (Hebrew) – Biblical girl name that means “God is my oath” or “God’s promise”; also a favorite royal name after Queen Elizabeth


Girl Names From Pop Culture

  1. Arwen (Welsh and Sindarin, an invented elvish language by J.R.R. Tolkien) – “Noble maiden,” “muse,” noblewoman,” “fair,” or “fine”; after the elven princess in Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” series
  2. Betty (Hebrew and English) – “Oath of God” as a variant of “Elizabeth”; after Betty Cooper in the Archie comics
  3. Tiana (Russian girl name) – “Princess”; a Disney princess name after the titular character in “Princess and The Frog
  4. Veronica (Latin) – “True image” or “victory”; also a character in Archie comics


Doll Girl Names

  1. Barbie (Latin) – Popular American girl doll name meaning “foreign woman”
  2. Diva (Latin and Italian) – “Goddess” or “celebrated singer”
  3. Jazzie (Persian) – After the flower name “Jasmine” or “gift from God


Other Exotic Girl Names

Gorgeous Greek Girl Names

  1. Amanda (Greek) – “Lovable” or “worth of love”
  2. Amaryllis (Greek) – “To sparkle” or “shine”
  3. Phoebe (Greek) – “Shining one,” “radiant,” or “bright”


Beautiful Muslim & Arabic Girl Names

  1. Aadila (Muslim) – “Honest and equal” or “just”
  2. Alia (Arabic) – “Exalted,” “lofty,” or “sublime”
  3. Atiya (Muslim) – “Gift” or “present”
  4. Hosneara (Arabic) – “Beauty of the world” or “beautiful as the world” 
  5. Kasra (Middle Persian and Arabic) – “Faithful beauty”
  6. Soha (Arabic) – “Star princess”


Lovely Sanskrit & Hindu Girl Names

  1. Akuti (Hindu) – “Princess”
  2. Adrika (Indian or Hindu) – “Celestial” or “small mountain”
  3. Amira (Hindi, Indian, and Arabic) – “Princess” or “noble girl”; a feminine variant of “Amir” (prince)
  4. Anahita (Persian and Hindu) – “Graceful”; Iranian goddess of wisdom, fertility, and healing 
  5. Hrida (Arabic and Hindi) – “Girl of the heart” or “princess of heart” 
  6. Tamanna (Hindi, Persian, and Arabic) – “Hope” or “wish”


Bonus: Baby Boy Names That Mean Beautiful Or Handsome

  • Aiattaua (Native American – Paiute) – “Beautiful man”; pronounced as “ey-ah-tah”
  • Beau (French boy name) – “Handsome”
  • Calixto (Greek boy name) – “Beautiful”
  • Hassan (Arabic) – “Handsome”
  • Jamal (Arabic) – “Handsome” or “beauty”; also spelled as “Jamil
  • Kenneth (Scottish and Irish boy name) – “Born of fire” or “handsome”
  • Kevin (Irish) – “Handsome”


Names Honoring Family Members

In choosing names for your baby, you can also pick those that honor a family member, such as the baby’s grandparents.

Classic girl names such as “Elizabeth,” “Dorothy,” and “Abigail” are popular choices.



You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.


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