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The 15 Best Baby Name Generators & Their Top Features 

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How Do I Find My Perfect Baby Name?

Looking for the perfect name for your little one? Motherhood Community offers a large selection of baby name inspirations. You can also try a baby name generator and have some fun coming up with different options. 

Below you’ll find 15 of the best name generators, including their top features so you can find your favorite name for your little bundle of joy.


The 15 Top Baby Name Generators

1. Nameberry

What makes this one extra special is that they can offer you a choice between a self-guided name generator or fixed choices for specific baby name categories.

For example, they have separate generators for:


If you’d rather diversify or personalize your baby name ideas, you can input the following using the self-guided name generator:

  • Baby gender (i.e., girl, boy, or neutral)
  • Beginning letter
  • Ending letter
  • Origin
  • Number of syllables
  • Specific meaning (e.g., all names that mean “fire”)
  • Category (i.e., popular, familiar, or unusual names)


Clicking on the search results provides detailed information, including the name meaning, origin, and similar names.


2. The Bump

This random name generator lets you input:

  • Baby gender (i.e., girl, boy, or neutral)
  • Beginning letter
  • Origin
  • Style (i.e., popular, classic, modern, short, uncommon, or all names)
  • Number of syllables


The search results show the name’s gender, origin, and popularity. Clicking on the search results reveals the name meaning, related baby names, and sibling name ideas.

This name generator also indicates the names’ popularity or trending status over the years.



This cool generator provides random names based on different categories not used by the others on our list. 

For example, you can further personalize your baby’s name by inputting:

  • Baby gender (i.e., male or female)
  • Baby’s last name
  • Your name
  • Place the baby was conceived
  • Your close friends or relatives
  • Your favorite celebrities (i.e., favorite athlete, music artist, or film star)
  • Your lifestyle (i.e., car and phone brands)
  • Your parents’ names
  • Type of person you wish your baby to be (i.e., great leader, virtuous, poetic, etc.)
  • Letters you wish to have in their name (i.e., beginning, ending, or random)


You can also fill the form with random ideas to create a surprising new name combination.

The search results also briefly explain why these particular names or combinations were chosen.


4. Baby Names Yay

This random name generator also lets you personalize search results using:

  • Baby gender (i.e., girl, boy, or unisex)
  • Baby’s last name
  • Origin or theme
  • Letters (i.e., beginning, ending, or random)
  • Name length (i.e., short, medium, and long)


Clicking on the search results shows more details about the name, including meaning, popularity or trending rank, origins, and number of total births of this name in the US, based on SSA data (Social Security Administration).



Personalize your baby name (or create a character name) based on your name. Simply input your details on the generator:

  • Gender (i.e., girl, boy, or gender-neutral)
  • Personality (i.e., stylish, friendly, quiet, ambitious, creative, etc.)
  • Real first name
  • Real middle name
  • Last name


Clicking on the first or middle names reveals the name meaning, similar names, and popularity stats.


6. Random Names

This simple name generator only requires you to pick:

  • Gender (i.e., boy or girl)
  • Name length by letter count
  • Beginning letter


Clicking on the search results will show you the name meaning, origin, popularity, nicknames, spelling variations, and similar names.


7. Best Little Baby

You generate a new name by choosing:

  • Origin
  • Baby gender (i.e., girl, boy, or unisex)
  • Category or theme (i.e., random name, the same meaning as parents’ names, or rhymes with parents’ names)
  • Last name


Clicking on a name in the search results shows details such as:

  • Name meaning
  • Popularity
  • Personality
  • Similar names
  • Popular nicknames
  • Rhyming names
  • Suggested middle names
  • Alternate spellings


8. Alex Davey

You only need a few clicks using this cool baby name generator, with funny choices like:

  • “They have a taste and eye for farmer market’s edible flowers” under the choices for “future eating habits”
  • “They fall asleep right after watching Law & Order S.V.U. reruns” under the choice for “future sleeping habits”


Tapping on “Generate” gives you a random name: three names + last name. However, this generator doesn’t offer name meanings or other details.


9. Shutterfly

Another simple name generator, this one only requires:

  • Baby’s last name
  • Style (i.e., popular, celebrity, hipster, vintage, or biblical names)
  • Baby gender (i.e., girl, boy, or neutral)


You’ll immediately see the generated first and middle names with their name meaning and origins (no need to click on the search results).


10. Mixed Name

This unique name generator creates a combination of names from two different languages or origins.

Feel free to create unusual combinations like Arabic first names + Japanese middle names. You can also choose a baby gender (i.e., girl, boy, or any) before you generate the combination.

The search results will show name suggestions for your chosen language and possible similarities.

Clicking on the search results will show celebrity names, origins, and related products for that name.


11. Pampers

The well-known brand that sells baby diapers can also help you find the perfect baby name. They also have a due date calculator and guides by pregnancy week

Their name generator lets you personalize the name by:

  • Type (i.e., all names or favorites only)
  • Baby gender (i.e., girl, boy, or unisex)
  • Themes (e.g., mythology, flowers, royal, nature, unique, etc.)
  • Origin 
  • Name length (i.e., short, medium, and long)
  • Beginning letter


The only catch is that you can’t view the entire search results unless you sign up and create an account on the site.


12. Sleepless Parent

This generator lets you choose the following to personalize your baby name:

  • Baby gender (i.e., girl, boy, or unisex)
  • Popularity (i.e., unique or popular)
  • Name length (i.e., short, long, or all)
  • Category (e.g., biblical, mythology, musical, celestial, nature, movies, etc.)


The search results show the name meaning and origin. But clicking on the search results shows details like popularity, trends in the US and Canada, and other name facts.


13. Prokerala

This baby name generator differs from all the others with its additional option to add your family’s religious preferences.


14. Family Education

This baby name generator picks random names based on the personality traits or values that you think your baby will have.

You pick several virtues from the list, including:


15. Bounty

The simplest random name generator, you simply choose a gender for the site to generate the name (including pronunciation, name meaning, and origin).



How Do I Create My Own Baby Name?

You can choose a name generator as inspiration or mix and match baby names you like.


How Can I Create A Unique Name?

Some ideas:

  • Pick a name with a meaning you like, then find that name’s variant in a different language.
  • Choose a word that you find interesting.
  • Put a unique spin on a popular name by changing some letters or reversing its spelling (e.g., “Heaven” to “Nevaeh”)


What Are The Rarest Baby Names?

Some of the rarest baby girl names:

  • Aella
  • Ceinwen
  • Isabeau
  • Tamsyn


Rare baby boy names can include:

  • Aquila
  • Caspian
  • Eito


Other Methods For Finding The Best Baby Names

By Beginning Letter



Other Resources For Pregnant Moms



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