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100+ N Names For Boys: The Coolest Ideas For Your Baby

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Names that start with the letter N can be a cool choice for your baby.

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Many world leaders, prominent biblical figures, stars, and celebrities have N names. Who’s your favorite one?

We’ve prepared this list of 110+ N names to help you find the best baby boy names, plus a handful of baby girl names as a bonus.

What Are The Top 25 Most Popular & Common Names Starting With N?

1. Nash

  • Origin: Middle English
  • Meaning: At the ash tree
  • Description: Started as an English last name but is now a common first name

2. Nasir

  • Origin: Arabic boy name
  • Meaning: Helper
  • Description: Among the most popular names in Arab-speaking countries and rising in popularity in the US

3. Nathan

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: He gave

4. Nathaniel

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God has given
  • Description: Popular namesakes include YouTuber Nathaniel Drew and American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne

5. Neal

  • Meaning: “Cloud,” “champion,” or “victory”

6. Nehemiah

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Yahweh (God) comforts
  • Description: Biblical leader who helped rebuild Jerusalem after their Babylonian captivity

7. Neil

  • Meaning: “Hero,” “fury,” and “passion”

8. Nelson

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: “Champion” or “son of Nell”

9. Nemo

  • Meaning: “From the glen or valley” (Greek) or “nobody” (Latin)
  • Description: Name used by the legendary Greek hero Odysseus in successfully tricking a cyclops in “Odyssey

10. Neo

  • Origin: Tswana (South African) and Greek name for boys and girls
  • Meaning: “Gift” (Tswana) or “new” (Greek)
  • Description: Main character in “The Matrix” movie series played by Keanu Reeves

11. Nero

  • Origin: Sabine (Central Italian language) and Roman
  • Meaning: “Vigorous” and “strong”

12. Nestor

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: One who returns from travels

13. Neville

  • Origin: Norman French and English
  • Meaning: New village
  • Description: Cool witch name after Neville Longbottom, a brave character in “Harry Potter”

14. Nicholas

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Victory of the people
  • Description: Among the most popular boy names with different variations for boys and girls, including “Nickolas”

15. Nick

  • Origin: Greek and English
  • Meaning: Victory of the people
  • Description: Standalone first name, but can also be a shorter form or pet name for “Nicholas”

16. Nigel

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Black
  • Description: A variant of “Neil”

17. Nikko

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: People of victory

18. Nile

  • Origin: Celtic
  • Meaning: Champion

19. Nimrod

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: To rebel
  • Description: Biblical name for one of Noah’s great-grandsons

20. Noah

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: “Repose” or “rest”
  • Description: Biblical boy name; he built an ark (ship) to save his family and the animals from the Great Flood

21. Noel

  • Meaning: Christmas

22. Nolan

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: “Loud” or “famous”

23. Norbert

  • Meaning: Bright north

24. Norman

  • Meaning: North man
  • Description: Also refers to Vikings

25. Norris

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: From the north
  • Description: Also a last name

What Are Rare & Unique Names That Start With N?

1. Nabeel

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Noble

2. Nachshon

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Daring

3. Naim

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Comfort and happiness

4. Naiser

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: Founder of clans

5. Nanabozho

  • Origin: Ojibwe (indigenous North American tribe)
  • Meaning: My rabbit
  • Description: Trickster spirit in mythology

6. Navon

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Wise

7. Neferkare

  • Origin: Ancient Egyptian
  • Meaning: The soul of Ra (sun god) is beautiful
  • Description: Name after several powerful Egyptian pharaohs (kings)

8. Neriah

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: The lamp of the Lord

9. Nezer

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: A crown

10. Niven

  • Meaning: new village

11. Noam

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Pleasantness

12. Nogah

  • Origin: Hebrew name
  • Meaning: “Clearness” or “brightness”

13. Novak

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: New

14. Nunzio

  • Meaning: Messenger

Old Man Names Starting With N

Classic and old man names can be a unique choice for your little boy:

1. Narcissus

  • Meaning: “Numbness” or “sleep”
  • Description: Name of the beautiful young man in love with his reflection; also a flower name

2. Nauplius

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Mariner hero
  • Description: An argonaut (in the epic story “Jason and the Argonauts”)

3. Nazzareno

  • Meaning: From Nazareth (the ancient biblical town where Jesus was born)

4. Nectarios

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: “Of nectar” or “sweet man”

5. Nemesio

  • Origin: Spanish and Hispanic boy name
  • Meaning: Justice

6. Neoptolemus

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: New warrior
  • Description: Son of Achilles (hero of the Greek army in the Trojan war)

7. Nicodemus

  • Origin: Greek and Spanish
  • Meaning: Victory of people
  • Description: Also a biblical name for the man who helped entomb Jesus after his crucifixion

What Name Starts With N In The Bible?

1. Nadab

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Generous
  • Description: Two men with this name in the Bible: Aaron’s son and one of Israel’s kings

2. Nahum

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Comforter
  • Description: One of the 12 minor prophets in the Bible’s Old Testament

3. Naphtali

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: My struggle
  • Description: Jacob’s son with Rachel’s servant Bilhah; he’s one of the patriarchs of Israel’s 12 tribes

4. Nathanael

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God has given
  • Description: From the Hebrew name “Netan’el”; a New Testament apostle and Old Testament prophet

5. Nooriel

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: The fire of God

Adorable & Sweet Boy Names Starting With N

1. Naiz

  • Origin: Persian
  • Meaning: Gift

2. Nilan

  • Origin: Tamil (Indian language)

3. Nils

  • Origin: Swedish
  • Meaning: People’s victory

4. Nisan

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Miracle

5. Nye

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Noble

Powerful Hero & God Names Starting With N

Some powerful warrior names and gods from mythology:

1. Nagendra

  • Origin: Sanskrit (a classical Indo-European language)
  • Meaning: Lord of snakes

2. Nakia

  • Origin: Egyptian and Greek
  • Meaning: “Pure and faithful” (Egyptian and Arabic) or “unconquered” (Greek)

3. Nālani

  • Meaning: “The chiefs” or “the heavens”

4. Nando

  • Meaning: Bold voyager
  • Description: Standalone first name or a shorter form of “Fernando”

5. Nanna

  • Origin: Sumerian (earliest known civilization)
  • Meaning: Daring
  • Description: Sumerian god of the moon; can also be a unisex name

6. Napoleon

  • Origin: Italian and Greek
  • Meaning: Lion of the new city
  • Description: Name of historical French military leader Napoléon Bonaparte

7. Nereus

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Water
  • Description: Greek god of the seas; also a biblical name for an early Christian in Rome

8. Nikolai

  • Origin: Slavic
  • Meaning: People’s victor
  • Description: Variant of “Nicholas”

9. Nodens

  • Origin: Celtic
  • Meaning: “Haze” or “mist”
  • Description: Celtic god of hunting, healing, and fishing

10. Nuada

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Cloud maker
  • Description: Legendary first king of the Tuatha Dé Danann (supernatural race)

What Are Unique Boy Names Starting With N?

1. Narayana

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Path of man

2. Neely

  • Origin: Scottish and English
  • Meaning: Son of the poet

3. Noriel

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Light of God

4. Norio

  • Meaning: A man of principles

N Names For Boys From Around The World

Irish Boy Names Starting With N

1. Nevan

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Little saint

2. Niall

  • Origin: Irish and Gaelic
  • Meaning: Cloud

3. Nixon

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Son of Nicolas

Greek N Names For Boys

Some Greek boy names starting with N:

1. Nannos

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: God is gracious

2. Nearchus

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: New leader

3. Neoklis

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: New glory

4. Nephon

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Sober
  • Description: Name of Saint Nephon II

5. Nikita

  • Origin: Greek and Slavic
  • Meaning: “Victor” and “unconquered”
  • Description: Gender-neutral name

Russian Boy Names Starting With N

1. Natan

  • Meaning: Gift from God
  • Description: Variant of “Nathan”

2. Naum

  • Origin: Hebrew and Russian
  • Meaning: Comforter
  • Description: Variant of “Nahum”

3. Nikolaus

  • Origin: Russian and Greek
  • Meaning: Victorious people
  • Description: Variant of “Nicolas”

American N Names For Boys

1. Natal

  • Origin: American
  • Meaning: Born on Christmas

2. Nicky

  • Origin: American
  • Meaning: People of victory
  • Description: Nickname for “Nicholas,” “Nickolaus,” etc.

Hispanic Boy Names Starting With N

1. Naran

  • Origin: Triqui (an indigenous tribe in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  • Meaning: Lunar eclipse

2. Navarro

  • Meaning: Plain among hills

3. Neron

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: “Sea” or “strong”

Persian Boy Names Starting With N

1. Nairyosangha

  • Origin: Persian
  • Meaning: “Male word” or “messenger”

2. Noushzad

  • Origin: Persian
  • Meaning: Happy

Arabic Boy Names Starting With N

1. Nadim

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Friend

2. Naeem

  • Origin: Hebrew and Arabic
  • Meaning: “Benevolent,” “comfort,” or “happiness”

3. Nasiir

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Protector

4. Nuri

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: My light

Japanese Boy Names Starting With N

1. Naoki

  • Meaning: Honest

2. Natsuki

  • Origin: Japanese

3. Nori

  • Origin: Japanese
  • Meaning: Belief

Fun Middle Names Starting With N For Boys

  1. Newland
  2. Nikon
  3. Noble

What Are Other Names That Start With N For A Boy?

  1. Niles
  2. Noland
  3. Norwell

Nicknames & Pet Names Starting With N For Boys

  1. Nacho
  2. Nap
  3. Nate
  4. Nico
  5. Niels
  6. Niki
  7. Niko
  8. Noe

Bonus: Cool & Popular Girl Names Starting With N

  • Nadia
  • Nancy
  • Naomi
  • Natalie
  • Nicole
  • Noelle
  • Nora
  • Nova

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