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90+ Boy Names That Start With W & Their Meanings

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Boy names that start with W can be regal options, especially because several royalty names start with this letter. This includes “William,” the name of the Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne.

William is also among the most popular baby boy names in the US, ranking sixth in 2021, according to the SSA (Social Security Agency). (1)

Looking for W boy names?

We’ve prepared this list of 90+ classic and unique boy names beginning with the letter W for you.


Boy Names That Start With W

  1. Wade (Old English boy name) – “Ford”
  2. Walter (German boy name) – “Army leader”; nicknames can include “Wat” and “Walt”
  3. Warner (Old German) – Warrior name meaning “army guard”
  4. Wesley (Old English) – “Western field” or “west meadow”
  5. Wilfred (Old English) – “Aspiring to peace” or “desiring peace”
  6. William (Old German name) – “Strong helmet”; nicknames include “Willie,” “Will,” or even “Bill”
  7. Wilson (Old English) – “Son of William
  8. Winston (Old English) – “Joyful stone”
  9. Woody (American) – Country boy name meaning “row of houses by a wood”; can also be a nickname for longer names like “Woodrow
  10. Wyatt (Old English) – Powerful name meaning “brave” and “battle” 


What Are Good Names That Start With W?

  1. Walker (Old English) – Occupational name referring to walkers who tread on unprocessed wool to thicken it
  2. Warren (Old English and Norman French) – “Watchman”; also means “animal enclosure” from the Norman French word “warrene
  3. Webster (English) – “Weaver”
  4. Wesson (English) – “From the western town”
  5. Weston (English) – “Western enclosure”
  6. Wheeler (English) – “Wheel maker” 
  7. Wilbur (Old German) – “Resolute”; also a Middle English nature name meaning “wild boar”
  8. Wiley (English) – Place name for the River Wylye or towns like Willey 
  9. Willis (German) – “Resolute protection”; can be a nickname for “William
  10. Wilton (Old English) – “Settlement by the well”
  11. Windsor (Old English) – “Loading point on a river”
  12. Wobbe (Frisian and German) – “Rule”; variants include the one-syllable boy name “Wob”
  13. Wyre (Welsh) – “Winding river”


What Are The Coolest Names For A Boy Starting With W?

Some of these first or middle names for boys began as last names:

  1. Waya (Native American – Cherokee) – “Wolf”
  2. Waylon (German) – “Artful” and “skilled”; variants include “Wayland”
  3. Wendel (Old German) – “One of the Wend people” or “wanderer
  4. Wilder (Old English) – “Untamed,” “uncontrolled,” or “wild”
  5. Wilkie (English) – “Resolute protection”; can also be a nickname for “William
  6. Willard (Old English) – “Resolutely brave” or “strong desire”
  7. Winslow (Old English) – “Hill belonging to Wine” or “friend’s hill”
  8. Winter (Modern British) – “Winter season”
  9. Wolfgang (German) – “Traveling wolf”
  10. Wolfram (German) – “Wolf raven”
  11. Wystan (Old English) – “Battle stone”


What Are Unique Names For Boys That Start With W?

  1. Wadall (Old English) – “To wade
  2. Waldobert (Ancient German) – “Bright ruler”
  3. Walton (Anglo-Saxon) – “Fortified town”
  4. Waman (Quechua, the language of the Inca Empire) – “Eagle” or “falcon”
  5. Warne (Old English) – “Cold marsh”
  6. Warwick (Old English) – “Buildings near the weir (low dam built across a river)”
  7. Widukind (German) – “Wood child”
  8. Wilbert (Old English) – “High-born”
  9. Wilmer (German) – “Determined fame”
  10. Winthrop (Old English) – “Friend’s village”


What Are Rare W Boy Names?

  1. Wainwright (Old English) – “Maker of wheels for carts”
  2. Walden (English) – “Valley of the Welsh
  3. Waldo (Anglo-Scandinavian and Old German) – “King”
  4. Washington (Old English) – “Hunting town”; the capital city of the US
  5. Watson (English and Scottish) – “Son of Wat
  6. Waverley (Old English) – “Meadow of trees”; boy version of the mermaid name “Waverly”
  7. Wayne (Old English) – “Wagon builder” or “wagon driver”
  8. Wentworth (Old English) – “Paleman’s settlement”
  9. Whitman (Old English) – “White man”
  10. Willibald (German) – “Will or desire to protect”
  11. Willoughby (Old English) – “Willow farm” or “willow town”
  12. Woodrow (Old English) – “Dwellings by the wood”
  13. Wycombe (Old English) – “White valley”
  14. Wyndham (Old English) – “Hamlet by the winding way”; variants include “Windham”


Powerful & Warrior Boy Names Starting With W

  1. Wally (Welsh) – “Ruler of the army”; can also mean “Welshman
  2. Wangchuk (Tibetan) – “Mighty”
  3. Warin (Ancient German) – “Guard” or “protect”
  4. Warrick (English) – “Strong leader who defends”
  5. Werner (German) – “Army”
  6. Werther (German) – “Worthy army”
  7. Wessel (Dutch and Frisian) – “Guard” or “army”
  8. Wigbrand (Ancient German) – “War” or “sword”
  9. Wilmot (Old German) – “Resolute protector”
  10. Wira (Indonesian and Malay) – “Hero” 
  11. Wolfe (Old English) – “Wolf”
  12. Woodward (Old English) – “Guardian” and “protector”
  13. Wulfric (Anglo-Saxon) – “Wolf power”
  14. Wyman (Anglo-Saxon) – “Man of war”


Cute & Adorable Boy Names That Start With W

  1. Walken (Australian Aboriginal) – “Rainbow
  2. Wapasha (Native American – Dakota) – “Red leaf”
  3. Wassily (Russian boy name) – “King”; can convert to names that start with V, such as “Vasiliy” or “Vasilly”
  4. Whistler (English) – “One who whistles”
  5. Whittaker (Old English) – “White acre”
  6. Wilde (English) – “Wild”
  7. Willett (English) – “Little Will”
  8. Winton (Old English) – “Friend’s settlement”
  9. Wisdom (English gender-neutral name) – “Knowledge”
  10. Wizard (Middle English) – “Wise”; also a witch name (male witch)
  11. Wren (English) – “Small bird”
  12. Wylie (English) – “Well-watered meadow”
  13. Wynnstan (Old English) – “Joy stone” 


One-Syllable W Names For Boys

  1. Wale (Middle English) – “Good” or “noble”
  2. Walt (German name) – “Army commander”
  3. Wei (Chinese boy name) – “Power”
  4. Wynn (Welsh) – “White”


W Boy Names From Around The World

  1. Waldemar (Old German) – “Famous ruler”
  2. Wallace (Scottish) – “A Welshman
  3. Wamu (Japanese name) – “Calm dream”
  4. Waqar (Arabic boy name) – “Dignity”
  5. Woo-Jin (Korean name) – “Protect” or “bless”


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