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These Are The 8 Most Popular Breast Milk Storage Bags On The Market

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Whether you’re a first-time mama or a seasoned veteran, one thing most women can agree on is this – breastfeeding isn’t always easy!

There’s often a steep learning curve associated with nursing and it can get overwhelming.

There are many different options and accessories to choose from, so how do you know where to start?

If you’re planning on pumping, storing, and freezing your milk (aka liquid gold), you may find breast milk storage bags useful.

But how do you know which brands are the safest and best to use for your baby?

To save you time, we’ve compiled the eight most popular brands on the market and have highlighted their best features below for you.

Benefits Of Using Breast Milk Bags

Do breast milk storage bags matter?


If you’re a mama who’s planning on going back to work or storing your precious breast milk for emergencies or daddy’s bottle feeding time then you’ll likely want to use these bags as storage solutions.

The best bags on the market have three key features:

  • They’re BPA-free. BPA (Bisphenol A) is a toxic chemical found in many common plastic products. Research shows that even low-dose exposure to this chemical can pose serious health risks to your baby and your family. (1)
  • They’re pre-sterilized or hygienically pre-sealed (to keep your baby safe and infection-free.)
  • They’re double-sealed and reinforced to prevent leakage.

The 8 Best & Top-Rated Options


With a whopping 39,000+ ratings on Amazon, Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags are one of the most popular and affordable options on the market.

They’re designed for direct use with Lansinoh pumps but may also fit other breast pump models with an adaptor.

They’re also made from sterilized, BPS, and BPA-free plastic that features a double zipper seal and a reinforced seam for no-leak protection.

Since these bags are pre-sterilized they aren’t reusable.


These bags are hygienically pre-sealed and made from food-grade and BPA-free material.

They also feature a built-in double zipper, self-standing and lay-flat profiles for easy storage, and ample space for labeling.

Since the bags are hygienically pre-sealed, reusing them isn’t recommended.


The Ameda Store ‘N Pour storage bags are designed to help you easily collect and pour breast milk.

It features a pour spout that helps prevent spillage when you transfer milk.

You can also pump directly into the storage bags thanks to its unique flange adapter.

Each bag is sterilized and BPA-free.

Since the bags are sterilized, it isn’t recommended to reuse them.

Philips Avent

These bags are pre-sterilized and even feature a tamper-evident seal for added protection.

They’re also BPA-free and leak-proof thanks to a secure double zipper.

They’re affordable (hello full-time pumping mamas!), self-standing, and wide-opening for easy use.


Kiinde’s Twist Pouches are touted as multi-use because you can directly pump, freeze, heat, and feed with the same bag.

Bags are pre-sterilized, BPA-free, and feature the measurements directly on the pouch. They come in 6 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.

They’re also PVC and phthalate-free.


Their ‘no-break, no-leak’ storage bags have reinforced sides and a double-zipper enclosure system.

Like most high-quality bags these are also BPA-free, made from food-grade plastic, and pre-sterilized.

Because breast milk storage guidelines are featured on the front of every bag, Milkies are a good option for first-time mamas.

Dr. Brown’s

Dr. Brown’s breast milk storage bags are BPA-free, pre-sterilized, and doubled-zipped to help keep your precious milk fresh and intact.

The bags can stand upright once filled and feature ample room for writing important details like the date the milk was expressed or your child’s name if you have multiple kids in the household or send them to daycare.

They also feature extra cushioning that makes them more durable, especially if dropped.


This brand markets their bags as ‘100% leak-proof guaranteed.’

Like most bags, they feature a double-zipper seal and are self-standing.

You can easily transfer from bag to bottle thanks to the gravity-fed pour spout.

Also like most options, each bag is BPA-free and pre-sterilized.




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