Freemie: Pumping Breast Milk In Style

Whether you pump to stock your freezer, pump to increase your supply, or exclusively pump to feed your baby, I am about to rock your world.

WARNING: You’re about to see some boobies.

Back in December I wrote about this wonderful new product some friends were trying and how that was all I wanted for Christmas. Well my Christmas wish came true, husband gave me a set of Freemie collection cups for pumping breast milk and I’m here to tell you that they have changed my life!

Like many women, I previously had a love/hate relationship with pumping. Before Babe was born I had dreams of a freezer stash worthy of the zombie apocalypse. We even bought a deep freezer specifically to hold all the milk I was planning to pump. But after doing the pump-and-dump for the four days I was in the hospital, it was all I could do to produce enough to feed my baby, let alone build a stockpile. In the beginning I was told to pump to increase my supply (which I now know to be a complete waste of time because babies are far more efficient than pumps). When you have a high needs baby, it can be extremely difficult to pump because the baby wants to be held nearly all the time. So, when Babe was seven weeks old my life looked a little like this:

20140227-182239.jpgDo not let the hint of a smile fool you, this was no fun. Husband was taking this picture, I think, because it gave him an excuse to not have to hold the pump himself for a minute! Seriously, can anyone actually pull this off? I think not. Still, this was the recommendation from the LC at WIC (and the entire interwebs): pump while nursing since I had to hold Babe pretty much whenever she wasn’t nursing.


Now, I didn’t mind having to hold my baby all the time. She’s pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. What I did mind was having the pump in the background in every picture! For the first few months of Babe’s life the pump was always there – on standby, just in case I actually managed to find a way to squeeze some pumping in. (I didn’t.)

At first I attempted to pump after every feed. It was a disaster. I was an exhausted new Mom and I was wasting precious time that I could have been sleeping, eating, or showering. It was taking so much time, not just to get set up, but to pump one side and then the other side because I would need three hands to double-pump these ginormous boobs of mine! I tried a hands-free nursing bra – it was so tight and uncomfortable, I had to tear it off! I tried universal attachment that was supposed to angle the flanges down so I could sit back and relax – a complete joke. So I gave up. I just put the baby on the boob anytime she was awake and that worked better than pumping to increase my supply ever had. I said goodbye to my dreams of having a freezer stash and made my piece with life without a pump.

freemie-2Then something wonderful happened. A friend mentioned that she was using this new pump that was making her life so much easier. She introduced me to the Freemie, concealable collection cups that make pumping an entirely different experience than you’ve ever seen before. It sounded too good to be true. This amazing product she’d found had her walking into stores while she was pumping – what?! I knew right away I wanted to try it and I dropped not-so-subtle hints to husband that I really hoped I would find a set of Freemie collection cups under the tree AND I DID!

20140227-182228.jpgI know I look exhausted here. This was the day we drove home from visiting our in-laws for Christmas. As soon as we arrived I changed into something comfy, tossed Babe at hubby, and got pumping. I had to see if it was as wonderful as I hoped. It really was! Now I am able to easily and comfortably pump anywhere! I can even pump in the car without drawing too much attention! There are far few pieces to worry about cleaning and assembling each time so it’s just generally less work to use.


So how does it work? You just place the collection cups in your bra, slip the tube into each cup, connect the other end of the tube to your pump, and ta-da – you’re FREEmie!!!

I love my Freemie and honestly can’t imagine pumping again without it!

Get your Freemie Cups for Medela pumps here!

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17 comments on “Freemie: Pumping Breast Milk In Style

    • Did you wear a nursing bra with the freemie cups? Could
      You walk around like a smaller breasted woman can? I’m usually
      An H cup after delivery and want to try these but not sure….also, what pump did you use them with? Thanks for any feedback!

      • Hi Amanda! I was a J cup and I could walk around but it was more comfortable to sit with the cups on. I used them with the Freemie pump. I have heard about the Spectra S2 and I would probably give that a try if I needed a pump now.

  1. Have you continued to use them? What is your opinion after several uses? Are you using them with the freemie machine or another?

    • I’m using them with my Ameda Purely Yours. Yes, I’ve continued to use them. I mostly pump in the car because I have a high needs baby and she wants my attention all the time. I actually wrote this article after several uses. I’d had my Freemie collection cups about two months when I wrote this.

  2. I love reading real people’s honest opinions. I feel the same way about pumping- it’s such a hassle and gets in the way of life. This pump would definitely change that!

  3. thank you for our post about this product. I have large breasts as well and wondered what you thought of placing the freemie correctly over the nipple, I have heard the plastic is not clear to see through. I also wondered if you had a problem with the collection cups and the flange allowing milk into the tubing?

  4. I’ve been using the freemie cups along with medela pump in style for close to three weeks now. Sometimes in spite of positioning the nipple & cups properly there would be no milk in the cups even after 15 mins of pumping. I have very good supply (thankfully) and get engorged if I dont pump every three hours. I have had to switch back to medela horns & bottles in order to be able to see the milk flow. The freemie cups make batting sound & dont extract the milk sometimes. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any advice on how to remedy this issue?

    • Yes. I get obnoxious noises if every piece isn’t perfect. I get lots of milk backing up even if I’ve been perfectly still.
      They are still good for hands free and public, pros outweigh cons, but I think they still leave a lot to be desired.

  5. holy cow, pun unintended, this is a god sent!

    girl, i understand 200% about the pumping being so annoying, all i do is pump, wash, sterilize, pump…repeat and repeat, plus i got the wrong size flanges that my nip nips are cut and bleed. this will save my life!

  6. Hello!! i’m starting to use this pump, its my second day.. how do you know when to stop pumping, i wait like 30minutes but im never sure if its empty, i keep hearing like the milk is flowing, but i dont know if its milk or just the air moving the milk on the cups… do you have some advices?

    • In my 19 months of breastfeeding I’ve never felt a let down and rarely felt engorged. Because of this I never knew how long to pump either. I usually pump for about 10 minutes and check the output. If I don’t see as much as I want, I pump for another 5 minutes and see if I produced more. Hope that helps Carol!

  7. Hi kassondra,
    Great to know freemie works for you. I’ve just got a set myself. Used it for the first time. My hopes are higher than what I experienced in reality. It leaked at the bottom. I think my boobs are small that they couldn’t fill the cups properly & my bra isn’t tight enough. I hope I could perfect the art of using freemie soon. I have got a question. How do you keep it sanitized for the next use if you were to use it for subsequent pump sessions in the same day ? The manual says to boil for 10 mins before each use . But i can’t do that if I were to use it the second or 3rd time in the office. Thanks…

    • Hi Eunice!

      I hope you are having more luck now! A good bras definitely helps keep the cups in place if you want to be truly hands-free. I had the opposite problem from you. My breasts are large so I had to practice to learn how to keep my Freemies in place. I definitely took a few moments to adjust myself and make sure I had a secure latch before I got comfy those first few times I was learning to use it. I think in time you’ll figure out how to get the angle right for you to make sure you don’t leak while pumping. I found I was far more likely to leak when taking the pump off then I was when pumping. To take care of that, I always leaned forward and carefully removed one Freemie at a time.

      I only boiled the parts before the first use. After than I used the Medela Quick Clean Wipes while on the go and just soap and water at home.

      I hope this helps! Let me know how it works out for you Eunice.

  8. Did you switch from ameda to Medela? I have an ameda and I plan on using the freemies with it. Not sure though if it’s compatible.

  9. Thank you for this review. I’m currently debating between this and the Spectra S2 (but even with the spectra I think I’d use the freemie collection cups because I’ll need to use these at work).

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