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Hands-Free Breast Pumping: The Pros & Cons of the Freemie Breast Pump

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If you’re a nursing mama who wants to pump to stock up your freezer, increase your breast milk supply, or bottle-feed your baby you may have already started looking into hands-free breastfeeding solutions.

With so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming to spend your precious and limited time researching which are the best options.

This process often involves a bit of trial and error and what works well for one mama might not necessarily work well for you.

One of the most popular hands-free options on the market is the Freemie Breast Pump Collection.

To save you time and energy, we’ve compiled a convenient list of pros and cons for this brand’s options to make your research a little lighter. (Especially if you’re a first time mom!)

The Product: Freemie Mobile Double Electric Breast Pumps & Collection System

Freemie currently offers two models:

The Liberty Pump

  • Regular retail price: $359.99
  • This model features an LCD screen and sleep timer and automatic shutoff.
  • Hospital-grade suction
  • 100+ settings
  • 3 reprogrammable memory settings
  • Turbo mode capacity
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Belt clip
  • Tote and start guide included

The Independence Pump

  • Regular retail price: $319.99
  • LED indicator lights
  • Hospital-grade suction
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Tote and start guide included

Other products and accessories that allow you to pump hands-free include:

  • Freemie collection cups (cup set includes connection kit, connector, and breast funnels)
  • ‘Perfect flange fit’ Fitmie inserts


  • Made by a working mom – the patented Freemie System was invented by an emergency physician and Standford alumna after the birth of her preemie twins.
  • Safer materials – Freemie designs are BPA, DEHP, and latex-free.
  • Insurance-friendly – Freemie accepts HSA and FSA cards on their website. The Freemie Independence pump is also available through several vendors that commonly accept insurance.
  • Wearable & Wireless – the collection cups fit inside your nursing bra and are portable so you can get some hands-free pumping done (somewhat discreetly) at work, while driving, while cooking, etc.
  • Battery powered (rechargeable USB battery)
  • Larger reusable pumping cups – Freemie cups can hold 8 ounces of milk, which is more storage than other brands like the Elvie that often hold around 5 ounces.
  • Leak-resistant – The ‘next-generation cups’ are more secured than the older models because they’re closed system cups (contains a milk barrier).
  • Compatibility with other pumps – according to the Freemie site their Next Generation Freemie Cups are compatible with the following pumps:
    • Ameda Purely Yours, Ameda Finesse
    • ARDO Calypso
    • BabyBuddha Portable Double Electric
    • BellaBaby Duo Pocket, Bellababy Duo Rechargeable
    • Evenflo Advanced Double Electric
    • Freemie Independence, Freemie Liberty
    • Lucina Melodi Prime
    • Motif Duo, Motif Luna
    • Philips Avent Twin Electric
    • Spectra pumps M1, S1, S2, S1 Plus, S2 Plus, 9 Plus


  • Freemie’s electronic pump motor isn’t as powerful as other brands’ pump motors.
  • The battery life is only about an hour.
  • The first-generation offerings are an open system (no milk barrier) so there may be leakage problems.
  • The next-generation cups aren’t compatible with the Medela Pump In Style, Medela Freestyle, or Sonata.*
  • There’s no trial program or refunds – if you open the package, you can’t return it and get your money back.
  • Because you can’t return it, there’s no way to really tell if it will properly fit your boobs.

* The open system deluxe cups come with a connection kit for Hygeia, Nuk, Lactina, & Symphony.

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