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Comparison Review: Hygeia Enjoye vs. Spectra S2, Which Breast Pump is for You?

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Are you a pregnant mom planning on breastfeeding? Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a work-from-home mom, or a busy mom who works away from home, a breast pump could come in handy.

The Hygeia Enjoye and the Spectra S2 are two breast pumps that use special technology to mimic a baby’s unique sucking patterns and promote let-down to help you express more milk. But which breast pump is better?

Let’s compare their pros and cons so that you can choose which breast pump suits your needs and budget by the time you reach the end of this article.

Main Differences

The Hygeia Enjoye vs. Spectra S2 are powerful (hospital-grade), double electric breast pumps designed for personal use.

What Does A Closed System Breast Pump Mean?

These breast pumps use a hygienic closed system that prevents milk from entering the tubings and pump motor using physical barriers called backflow protectors.

The following are these breast pumps’ main differences:

  • The Hygeia Enjoye costs $267.56, has flexible tubing, and batteries with long life (four hours). It uses knobs to adjust suction levels. It’s also a noisy pump.
  • The Spectra S2 costs $159, has an LCD display with night light, and offers lots of customization options for modes, vacuum levels, and cycle speed. But it’s a plug-in breast pump and doesn’t have options for batteries.

Key Features


  • The Hygeia Enjoye costs $267.56 but comes with roughly the same accessories.
  • The Spectra S2 costs $159.

Can You Pump Both Breasts With Spectra S2?

  • Both the Hygeia Enjoye and the Spectra S2 can be used as a single or double electric pump.


  • The Hygeia Enjoye weighs 2.8 lbs.
  • The Spectra S2 weighs 2.0 lbs.


  • The Hygeia Enjoye is a portable breast pump, but the rechargeable battery pack for eight AA batteries is sold separately ($26.95). You can use these optional reusable lithium-ion batteries for four hours of pumping.
  • The Spectra S2 only works when it’s plugged into a power outlet.

Note: The Spectra S2’s ‘twin’ breast pump, the Spectra S1, has all its features plus a battery pack for portability.

Type of System: Closed or Open

  • Both the Hygeia Enjoye and the Spectra S2 are hygienic breast pumps that use the closed system to prevent your breast milk from touching the tubings.

Is Hygeia A Hospital Grade Pump?

  • The Hygeia Enjoye and the Spectra S2 are hospital-grade breast pumps but for personal use only, not for multiple users.


  • The Hygeia Enjoye keeps it simple by using knobs for the settings. You can only change two settings: speed and vacuum strength.
  • The Spectra S2 allows more customizations. You can change three settings: cycle speed, vacuum levels, and modes (massage or expression mode).


  • The Hygeia Enjoye doesn’t have a display. You can see the settings on the knobs.
  • The Spectra S2 has a digital display that comes with a nightlight and timer.

Pump Strength

  • The Hygeia Enjoye has a weaker pump strength (up to 250 mmHg).
  • The Spectra S2 has a more powerful pump (up to 270 mmHg).


  • The Hygeia Enjoye can be converted into a portable pump with a rechargeable battery.
  • The Spectra S2 can’t be used as a portable pump but has handles to help you move it from one place to another.

Noise Level

  • The Hygeia Enjoye has a loud motor that makes discreet pumping sessions a challenge in public places.
  • The Spectra S2 is among the quietest pumps in the market.


  • The Hygeia Enjoye only comes with a 1-year warranty on the pump motor.
  • The Spectra S2 comes with a 2-year warranty on the motor, plus 90 days on the pump parts.

Breast Shield Diameter

  • The Hygeia Enjoye comes with three different breast shield sizes: 25mm, 28.5mm, and 30.5mm.
  • The Spectra S2 breast pump comes with two breast flange sizes: 24mm and 28mm.

Bottles and Accessories Included

Hygeia Enjoye comes with the following in the box:

  • Two large (30.5mm) flanges
  • Two medium (28.5mm) flanges
  • Two duckbill valves
  • Two offset valves
  • Two milk bottles (with storage container lids, covers, and rings)
  • Two narrow mouth bottle adapters
  • One power cord

Spectra S2 comes with the following in the box:

  • Two backflow protectors
  • Two 24mm breast flanges
  • Two 28mm breast flanges
  • Two tubing
  • Two duckbill valves
  • Two wide neck storage bottles (with nipples, caps, discs, and lids)
  • One 12-Volt AC power adapter

Bag and Cooler Options

  • The Hygeia Enjoye comes with a tote and a cooler.
  • The Spectra S2 can be purchased as a Premier Bundle ($195) with a tote, cooler, and two extra bottles. You can also buy the tote ($39.99) and cooler with an ice pack ($29.99) separately.


  • The Hygeia Enjoye is a convenient pump if you need portability.
  • The Spectra S2 also offers convenience with its digital display that remembers your favorite settings.

Ease of Use

  • Both the Hygeia Enjoye and the Spectra S2 are easy to use. They might have different settings and controls, but both come with instruction manuals you can study if it’s your first time to use a breast pump.

Hands-Free Option

  • If used with batteries, the Hygeia Enjoye allows a hands-free pump option. But you have to get a nursing bra ($20), a hands-free pumping bra ($20 to $30), or a pair of Freemie cups ($87.60).
  • You can still use the Spectra S2 with these hands-free options. But it’s difficult to lug it around because it’s a plug-in-only electric pump.

Other Special Features

  • The Hygeia Enjoye has flexible tubing. It’s also a pioneer in the pump recycling program.
  • The Spectra S2 comes with a timer and nightlight.

Availability Through Insurance

  • The Hygeia Enjoye may be available under insurance via companies like Byram Healthcare, Lucina Care, and other medical suppliers.
  • The Spectra S2 is among the most popular choices at Edgepark, Aeroflow, Lucina Care, Byram HealthCare, and other medical suppliers.

Safety Concerns

Both the Hygeia Enjoye and the Spectra S2 have bottles and silicone accessories that are free from BPA and DEHP (bisphenol-A and diethylhexyl phthalate). These are toxic chemicals used in manufacturing plastics.

But Walmart warns that the Hygeia Enjoye breast pump might contain chemicals known to California to cause cancer, congenital disabilities, or other reproductive harm. (1)

Pros & Cons

Hygeia Enjoye

  • Pros: Can be used with batteries for up to four hours. It also has a disposal program.
  • Cons: It’s more expensive ($267.56), only uses knobs for the settings, and has fewer customization options.

Spectra S2

  • Pros: It’s cheaper ($159), has a digital display, and has more customization options.
  • Cons: It’s not portable.

What Customers Say: Hygeia Enjoye Pump Reviews

Positive Reviews

This product was a lot less expensive than the Medelahospital grade” pumps I would have needed insurance to cover but worked just as well as the one I used in the hospital. I gave it to my cousin when I was done with it because, like the hospital-grade pumps, the milk does not come into contact with the motor. It fits Medela accessories (valves, cones, bottles), which was convenient because I could get those from Target.” – Reviewer on Amazon

Hygeia is the best! Works great at pumping my milk without hurting me. I breastfed for 20 months with my first child with the help of my Hygeia pump. I would not get a different pump with my second child. It has adjustable speed and strength settings. This model has a record function to record your baby’s noises. I love that it’s a closed system so no milk can get in the pump.” – Reviewer on Lucina Care

So easy to pump while feeding or to just pump and get a good supply built up!! My baby was a preemie, so I needed to pump a lot, and this helped me so much!!” – Reviewer on Amazon

Negative Reviews

I hate the fact that milk and moisture build up every single time I pump. According to instruction, turn the speed up, and then when let down starts, decrease speed and increase strength slowly. With this method, it took me a little more than 5 minutes to get let down. Therefore I found what worked for me (speed-midway and strength mid-way, once let down began, decrease speed), and according to the customer service help, a forceful let down backs up milk and causes it to leak into the tubing. Also, women with oversupply or forceful let downs might experience milk in the tubing. Be prepared to buy a 6 pack of filters, because 5 months into pumping, I am on the 5th filter right now.” – Reviewer on Amazon

The worst pump ever, don’t buy. I got mine through insurance. It’s garbage. It’s loud and doesn’t empty my breast at all.” – Reviewer on Amazon

I received the Hygeia pump through insurance but am not really impressed by it. It is a dual pump, but the suction is awful, so I only pump one at a time. Lately, it seems that it isn’t emptying me out, and I spend 45 minutes to an hour pumping, which seems excessive. I’m going back to work soon and really need a more efficient pump.” – Reviewer on BabyCenter Community

What Customers Say: Spectra S2 Pump Reviews

Positive Reviews

The night light is helpful – it’s a great perk for pumping in the car. There are a lot of different speeds and strengths, so you do have to play around with it a bit to see what works the best for you. I’m really happy that I took the chance to try it out.” – Reviewer on Spectra Baby USA

Love the suction how it suckles, and it doesn’t hurt. Amazing.” – Reviewer on Target

BUY THIS. I’m 8 weeks pp. I ended up getting a cheap little “EvenFlobreast pump, thinking, “Why spend all the money when all breast pumps essentially do the same thing ?” WRONG. They do NOT all do the same thing. THIS breast pump mimics the natural suckling from a baby, which will stimulate your let down response SO much more than a regular pump that only has a regular “one suck” motion. BELIEVE ME – when I say your milk supply will MOST DEFINITELY be affected by the quality of your breast pump. I’ve struggled for weeks with my supply, and I’m FINALLY getting it back thanks to this pump. It is WORTH the money! And your baby will thank you!” – Reviewer on Walmart

Negative Reviews

Great pump, but didn’t know it wasn’t portable. If you’re looking for an all-in-one pump, this isn’t it. Needs to be plugged in full time.” – Reviewer on Target

My Medela pump broke, so I bought a Spectra to try. I definitely should have bought another Medela. The Spectra S2 feels like it’s ripping out my nipples (on every cycle) and not worth the $159. It takes forever to empty all my milk out of my breasts. I wish I would’ve just bought another Medela. I dread every time I have to pump with the Spectra. On the plus side, I do like the light it comes with. Very handy at night time when trying to pump.” – Reviewer on Target

Let me start by saying I hate pumping. So I’m already at a deficit for being satisfied with my pump. But I swear if the rubber duckbill gasket thing falls off one more time while I’m pumping, I’m going to throw this thing across the room. But I guess it gets the job done. I’d probably spend a few more bucks for something fancier if I had to do it again. UPDATE: I was pumping as I wrote this review, and the rubber duckbill gasket fell off. Again. I don’t think I’m actually going to throw it.” – Reviewer on Amazon

Why Do You Need a Breast Pump?

Working moms, moms who work from home, and even moms who stay at home can benefit from a breast pump:

  • It helps increase your milk supply.
  • It helps with engorgement when your baby isn’t feeding yet.
  • It helps resolve mastitis (clogged milk ducts).
  • It lets you build a freezer stash for emergencies.
  • It allows your partner to feed your baby with breast milk.
  • It lets moms collect milk for babies in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) who can’t be breastfed.

Common Problems with Breast Pumps

Are you a new mom who’ll be using a breast pump for the first time? These are some of the common problems that you might encounter with breast pumps:

  • Loud pump motors that can wake your baby up.
  • Open-system pumps that are difficult to clean and sanitize.
  • Strong suction doesn’t always mean more milk flow.
  • No let-down mode.
  • Poor suction strength that’s not enough to induce lactation.
  • Harsh suction that can hurt your nipples.
  • Cheap motors that end up dying in three to six months of daily use.
  • Breast shields/flanges that don’t fit you well.

Also, manual pumps are cheap and seem like a good idea to buy until you find yourself with tired hands after pumping too long but only getting a half bottle of milk.

Breast Pumps Through Insurance

Why go through the hardships of manual pumping when you can get a free breast pump through your insurance company?

If you’re a mom in the US, your electric breast pump may be covered by insurance. You even have a wide range of options from different pump brands.

Examples of electric breast pumps you can get for free or with cashout, depending on your insurance coverage:

  • Ameda Finesse
  • Ameda Mya Portable
  • Ameda Purely Yours
  • Ardo Calypso Essentials Breast Pump
  • Evenflo Deluxe Advanced
  • Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump
  • Hygeia Enjoye
  • Lansinoh Smart Pump
  • Medela Freestyle
  • Medela PISA (Medela Pump in Style Advanced)
  • Motif Duo
  • Motif Luna
  • Philips Avent Comfort
  • Spectra S1 Plus
  • Spectra S2 Plus
  • Willow Hands-Free Pump Generation 3

Not all insurance companies provide coverage for a new pump or an electric breast pump. Some only cover manual pumps, rental pumps, or even second-hand breast pumps. Check your coverage with your insurance company.

These multi-user breast pumps are cleared for use as rental pumps:

  • Ameda Elite
  • Ameda Platinum
  • Hygeia EnDeare
  • Medela Symphony Breast Pump
  • Spectra S3 Pro (only sold to lactation centers, medical facilities, and select vendors)

Safety Considerations with Second-Hand Breast Pumps

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US classifies breast pumps as single-user medical devices, except for registered multiple user pumps.

It’s illegal to sell and buy second-hand breast pumps because there’s no way to guarantee that the pump can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. As a result, a pump could carry infectious particles that could make your baby sick.

That rule still applies, even for a closed system single-user pump. The FDA only allows multiple user pumps (closed or open systems) to be used by more than one person.

If you’re not comfortable with a rental pump, call your insurance company to check if you qualify for a new pump.

How Long Do Breast Pumps Last

How often will you pump? Lifespans of breast pumps vary by model, manufacturer, intended use, and actual usage.

If you are exclusively pumping, it might be better to get a new pump with a hospital-grade motor.

How Do You Dispose Of Hygeia Breast Pump?

Hygeia has a “No Pumps in Dumps” policy to keep their pumps out of landfills. So if you’re no longer using your old breast pumps, you can send them back to Hygeia for proper disposal.

Spectra doesn’t have a similar program but encourages moms to bring their old Spectra pumps to an appliance recycling center.

Are Hygeia and Medela Interchangeable?

Hygeia and Medela are interchangeable. You can use the Medela connectors with the rest of the setup using Hygeia tubing.

Summary & Recommendation

Is Hygeia a good breast pump? Or is the Spectra S2 better?

  • Choose the Hygeia Enjoye if you want a portable pump with long-lasting batteries (four hours). But note that it has a safety warning from Walmart.
  • Choose the Spectra S2 for a cheaper, quieter pump with lots of customization options. It’s a plug-in breast pump, but it’s a safe pump with no recall or cancer warnings.

In choosing the best breast pump, pick one that’s safe for you and your baby.

So, we recommend the Spectra S2. It’s also quieter, cheaper, more powerful, and offers more customizations. Between the two breast pumps, we believe it’s the better choice.



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