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390+ Boy Disney Names: The Ultimate List Of Princes, Heroes, Sidekicks, & Magical Characters

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Interested in a Disney-inspired name for your little prince? Look no further. Here’s the ultimate list of princes, heroes, sidekicks, and magical names.

Disney is synonymous with magic and fun. Many popular movies and TV series characters are also favorite Disney boy names.

Sometimes, badass boy names (for villains) might just be cool monikers for your little one. Or you can opt for mystical names from made-up fantasy characters.

Flynn” and “Kristoff” are among the best boy names from recent films. But you can never go wrong with classic boy names like “John,” “Eric,” “Jack,” and “Phillip.”

Some boy names are also used multiple times across the Disney empire.

For example, “John” appears in several movies and TV series, such as in the following:

  • John Smith, an explorer and the main character’s love interest in “Pocahontas” (Disney princess movie)
  • John Darling, one of Wendy’s brothers in “Peter Pan
  • Prince John, a prince name after the villain in “Robin Hood
  • Little John, a bear and the main character’s best friend and sidekick in “Robin Hood
  • John D. Rockerduck, one of Scrooge McDuck’s main rivals in the “Duck” universe
  • John Silver, a cybernetic pirate captain and the main antagonist in “Treasure Planet
  • John Manly, a character in “Black Beauty” (a 2020 Disney+ original film)


Some Disney names such as “Prince Charming” and “Beast” are timeless, recognizable characters. However, they’re best left for cartoon characters and aren’t ideal for your baby boy.

We’ve listed 390+ boy Disney characters below to help you find inspiration in choosing the perfect name for your little prince.


Timeless & Memorable Disney Boy Names

  1. Beast (English boy name) – “Animal”; prince turned into a beast (with his servants also magically turned into talking and movie furniture pieces) in “Beauty and the Beast”; also called Prince Adam as an official Disney prince (1)
  2. Donald (Gaelic, Scottish, and Celtic boy name) – Powerful boy name that means “great chief” or “ruler of the world”; after Donald Duck, the main character in “DuckTales
  3. Eric (Old Norse and Scandinavian boy name) – Tough boy name that means “forever ruler” or “always ruler”; human prince and Ariel’s interest in “The Little Mermaid
  4. Merlin (Welsh boy name) – “Sea fortress”; magical name after the powerful wizard and the most famous magician in Disney lore as he appears in “The Sword in the Stone
  5. Mickey (Hebrew and English boy name) – Spiritual name that means “Who is like God?” (also a variant of the biblical boy nameMichael”); after Mickey Mouse, the iconic Disney character (Walt Disney calls his entire Disney empire the “House of Mouse” after the character released in May 1928) (2)
  6. Nemo (Greek boy name) – “Nobody”; cute boy name after the clownfish and the main character in “Finding Nemo
  7. Percival (Celtic and Old English boy name) – “Pierce the vale”; character in “The Rescuers Down Under
  8. Prince Charming (English boy name) – Word name after the prince in “Cinderella” and most fairytales; also called Prince Henry as a Disney prince (1)




  • Origin/Gender: Old English boy name
  • Name Meaning: “Bright and famous” or “bright fame”
  • Pronunciation Guide: “bob
  • Popularity/ Rank: 1,000+
  • Famous Namesakes: Mr. Incredible and the dad in a family of secret superheroes in “The Incredibles
  • Variations & Monikers: Bobb and Bobo; also a nickname for German boy name “Robert”




  • Origin/Gender: Latin and Roman boy name
  • Name Meaning: “Hera’s glory”
  • Pronunciation Guide: “hr-kyoo-leez”
  • Popularity/ Rank: 1,000+
  • Famous Namesakes: Mythical name after the demigod son of the chief god Zeus and the mortal Alcmene (or Alcmena); he’s known for his superior god-like strength in the movie “Hercules
  • Variations & Monikers: Herakles (Greek god version)




  • Name Meaning: “Broad,” “sacred name,” or “abundant”
  • Pronunciation Guide: “hee-roo”
  • Popularity/ Rank: 1,000+
  • Famous Namesakes: After Hiro Hamada, one of the main characters in “Big Hero 6
  • Variations & Monikers: Hirro and Hiroh




  • Pronunciation Guide: “lee”
  • Popularity/ Rank: 1,000+
  • Famous Namesakes: After Li Shang, Mulan’s love interest and an army general in “Mulan
  • Variations & Monikers: Lih and Lee (same pronunciation but different meaning)




  • Origin/Gender: Old English boy name
  • Name Meaning: “Wise counsel,” “wolf counsel,” or a nature name that means “wolf”
  • Pronunciation Guide: “rahlf”
  • Popularity/ Rank: 1,000+
  • Famous Namesakes: Main character in “Wreck-it-Ralph




  • Name Meaning: “Lion” or a name that means “strength” 
  • Pronunciation Guide: “sim-bah”
  • Popularity/ Rank: 1,000+
  • Famous Namesakes:  After Simba, the main character in “The Lion King
  • Variations & Monikers: None




  • Origin/Gender: Mangani (invented language) boy name
  • Name Meaning: “White skin”
  • Pronunciation Guide: “tar-zahn”
  • Popularity/ Rank: 1,000+
  • Famous Namesakes: Boy adopted by gorillas in “Tarzan
  • Variations & Monikers: Tarrzan


Classic Disney Boy Names

  1. Andy (English and Greek name for boys) – Human boy in “Toy Story
  2. Arthur (Celtic and Scottish boy name) – “Strong as a bear”; character in “The Sword in the Stone
  3. Goofy (English nonbinary name) – “Funny” or “ridiculous”; one of Mickey Mouse’s best friends
  4. Dewey (Welsh boy name) – “Prized” or “beloved”; after Dewey Duck, one of Donald Duck’s mischievous nephews in “DuckTales”
  5. Huey (German name for boys) – “Intellect,” “soul,” or “mind”; after Huey Duck, another one of Donald’s nephews in “DuckTales
  6. Hugo (German boy name) – “Bright in mind and spirit”; the author of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  7. Louie (German boy name) – “Famous warrior”; after Louie Duck in “DuckTales” and another Louie character in “The Jungle Book
  8. Peter (Latin and Greek boy name) – “Rock” or “stone”; a magical name after Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up and lives in Neverland in “Peter Pan
  9. Pluto (Latin and Greek boy name) – “Wealth-giver”; Mickey Mouse’s pet dog named after the Roman god of the underworld
  10. Winnie (English gender-neutral name) – “Fair and pure,” “gentle friend,” or “holy peacemaking”; after Winnie the Pooh, the adorable bear main character in “Winnie the Pooh
  11. Winston (Old English boy name) – “Joyful stone”; butler in “Oliver & Company
  12. Woody (English and American boy name) –  “From the lane in the woods;” country boy name after the cowboy in “Toy Story


Disney Boy Names From Pixar Movies

*Pixar is Disney’s subsidiary company and has a separate studio from the main Disney Animation Studios


  1. Arlo – The Apatosaurus (dinosaur species) and main character in “The Good Dinosaur” 
  2. Buzz – After Buzz Lightyear, the astronaut toy in“Toy Story
  3. Dash – The superfast kid in “The Incredibles” and a character in the sequel “The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
  4. Hamm – Piggy bank in “Toy Story” 
  5. Hudson – Retired race car in “Cars” and a character in “Gargoyles” (a Disney Channel series)
  6. Lightning – After Lightning McQueen, a race car and the main character in “Cars
  7. Remy – The chef rat in “Ratatouille” 
  8. Slink – A slink toy in “Toy Story
  9. WALL-E – A clean-up robot in post-apocalyptic Earth in the sci-fi movie “WALL-E


Disney Channel Characters

  1. Baileywick – A castle steward in “Sofia the First
  2. Benny – The only toddler in a group of friends in “Big City Greens
  3. Vladimir – Grizzly bear in “Darkwing Duck


Favorite Disney Prince Names

  1. AladdinLove interest of Princess Jasmine in “Aladdin
  2. Eugene – Flynn Rider’s real name in “Tangled”; he’s Rapunzel’s love interest
  3. Florian – The prince in “Snow White
  4. Naveen – Happy-go-lucky prince and Tiana’s love interest in “The Princess and the Frog”; he was scammed and turned into a frog by an evil shaman
  5. Phillip – The prince and Aurora’s love interest in “Sleeping Beauty”; sometimes spelled as “Philip” 


Disney Characters From The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  1. Count Mickula
  2. Goofles
  3. Humphrey the Bear
  4. Sheamus
  5. Sparky
  6. Spike
  7. Toodles
  8. Woodles


Is “Disney” A Name For Boys?

  1. Disney (French name) – Androgynous name that can be used for any gender; it comes from “D’Isigny,” which means “from Isigny, France” (town in Normandy)


Who’s The First Disney Character?

  1. Oswald (English boy name) – ‘Old man’ name that means “God’s power” or “divine power”; after Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the original and first-ever Disney character created by Walt Disney in 1927 (Mickey Mouse was released in 1928) (2)


Disney Boy Names From “Monsters Inc.” & “Monsters University

  1. Mike Wazowski – One-eyed monster in “Monsters Inc.
  2. Randall – Salamander and chameleon-like monster in “Monsters, Inc.
  3. Sullivan – Fluffy blue and purple monster in “Monsters Inc.”; also called “Sully”


Disney Boy Names With Beautiful Meanings

What Are Meaningful Disney Names For Boys?

  1. Agustín (Spanish and Hispanic boy name) – “Magnificent”;  Mirabel’s dad in “Encanto
  2. Alberto (Italian boy name) – “Famous,” “bright,” or “noble”; the main character’s best friend in “Luca
  3. Camilo (Spanish and Hispanic name for boys) – “helper to the priest”; shape-shifting character in “Encanto
  4. Joshua (Hebrew boy name) – “God is salvation”; after Dr. Joshua Sweet in “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” and a gothic name after the goth kid in “American Dragon: Jake Long
  5. Kion (Swahili – African boy name) – “Leader”; prince name after the son of Simba and Nala in “The Lion Guard
  6. Miguel (Spanish and Portuguese boy name) – “Who is like God?”; a boy who loves music in “Coco” (even if it’s forbidden in their family) 
  7. Stefan (German boy name) – “Crown” or “garland”; the king and dad in “Sleeping Beauty


Spiritual Disney Boy Names

  1. Amos – “The Fox and the Hound
  2. Christopher – After Christopher Robin in “Winnie the Pooh
  3. David – After David Kawena in “Lilo & Stitch
  4. Eli -”Big Daddy” LaBouff in “The Princess and the Frog
  5. James – “Monsters Inc.


Fun Categories For Boy Disney Names

New Disney Boy Characters

  1. Alonso – Prince in the Disney series “Elena of Avalor
  2. Benja – The Heart Tribe chief and Raya’s dad in “Raya and the Last Dragon
  3. Devon – “Turning Red
  4. Ethan Clade – “Strange World
  5. Jaeger Clade – Lead character Searcher’s dad in “Strange World
  6. Legend – “Strange World
  7. Luca (Italian boy name) – “Bringer of light” (a name that means “light”); a sea creature who turns into a human boy on dry land in “Luca
  8. Meilin Lee – “Turning Red
  9. Meridian Clade – “Strange World
  10. Searcher – After Searcher Clade, the main character in “Strange World
  11. Tadashi – After Tadashi Hamada in “Big Hero 6
  12. Terence – Tinker Bell’s male best friend (who actually has a secret crush on her) in the Disney Fairies franchise


Edgy Disney Names For Boys

  1. Archimedes – Owl in “The Sword in the Stone
  2. Kocoum – Warrior in “Pocahontas
  3. Lawrence – “The Princess and the Frog
  4. Maximus – Smart and majestic royal horse in “Tangled
  5. Sarge – “101 Dalmatians
  6. Tamatoa – “Moana
  7. Terk – “Tarzan” 
  8. Tod – “The Fox and the Hound
  9. Tuck – “Robin Hood


What Are Cool Disney Names For A Boy?

  1. Flynn Rider – Thief who became Rapunzel’s love interest in “Tangled
  2. KristoffAnna’s love interest in “Frozen”; he’s not an actual prince
  3. Robin – The main character in “Robin Hood
  4. Rourke (Irish boy name) – Name that means “red”; commander in “Atlantis: The Lost Empire


What Are Rare & Unique Disney Names For A Boy?

  1. Balthasar – “The Aristocats
  2. Demetrius – “Follower of Demeter”; a pottery salesman in “Hercules
  3. Octavius – “Cinderella
  4. Robaire Mei’s crush in the coming-of-age movie “Turning Red
  5. Rufio – “Hook
  6. Sinclair – “Dinosaurs


Adorable & Cute Disney Boy Names

  1. Frank – Tractor leader in “Cars” and a lizard in “The Rescuers Down Under
  2. Jaques – “Finding Nemo
  3. PascalRapunzel’s pet chameleon and best friend in “Tangled
  4. Pua – “Moana
  5. Rex – The T-rex in “Toy Story
  6. Roscoe – “Oliver & Company
  7. Stitch – Adorable blue alien in “Lilo & Stitch


The Kindest Disney Boy Characters

  1. Baloo – “Jungle Book”
  2. Bernard – “The Rescuers
  3. Kala – “Tarzan
  4. Russell – The persistent but adorable boy in “Up


Modern & Creative Disney Boy Names

  1. Axe – “Beauty and the Beast (sequel): The Enchanted Christmas
  2. Finn (Celtic boy name) – After Finn McMissile, a British master spy in “Cars 2
  3. Flik – Inventor ant in “A Bug’s Life
  4. Frozone – Superhero with ice powers and is Mr. Incredible’s best friend in “The Incredibles
  5. Nick – After Nick Wilde, a kind-hearted fox con artist in “Zootopia” who later becomes a hero
  6. Stromboli – “Pinocchio”
  7. Syndrome – Antagonist in “The Incredibles”; he’s also known as “Buddy”
  8. Underminer – “Incredibles 2
  9. Yax – “Zootopia


Magical Disney Boy Names

  1. Maui – After the demigod and trickster in Polynesian and Native Hawaiian mythology in “Moana
  2. Triton – Ariel’s dad in “The Little Mermaid”; after the Greek god of the sea


Mythical Disney Boy Names

  1. Apollo – “Hercules”; after the Roman and also the Greek god of the sun, archery, music, and dance
  2. Clio – “Hercules”; unisex name
  3. Hermes – Another god character in “Hercules” based on the Greek messenger god
  4. Pegasus – “Hercules”; after the winged white horse and horse-god son of Poseidon in Greek mythology
  5. Phoebus – Captain in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”; one of Apollo’s names as the god of light
  6. Zeus – The father of Hercules and the ruler of the Mount Olympus in “Hercules


Live-Action Disney Boy Characters

  1. Buddha – “Air Buddies” 
  2. Chance – “Homeward Bound
  3. Edward – Prince name in “Enchanted” (live-action Disney film) and Wendy’s husband in the “Peter Pan” sequel
  4. Shasta – “Snow Buddies
  5. White Fang – Wolf hybrid in “White Fang


Male Characters From Disney Original TV Series Or Movies

  1. Aladar – “Dinosaur
  2. Alfonso – “Star vs. The Forces of Evil”; also spelled “Alfonzo” and “Alphonso”
  3. Amity – “The Owl House
  4. Barley – Elf boy name after Barley Lightfoot in the Disney/Pixar film “Onward”
  5. Beaver – “Lady and the Tramp
  6. Bert – “Mary Poppins” and “Cinderella
  7. Boone – “Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
  8. Bruce – Friendly vegetarian shark in “Finding Nemo
  9. Joe – Band teacher and protagonist in “Soul


Disney Boy Characters From The “Descendants

  1. Ben – “Descendants”; also a character in “Treasure Planet
  2. Chad – “Descendants
  3. Derek – “Descendants
  4. Gil – “Descendants
  5. Mal – “Descendants


Favorite Disney Supporting Characters & Sidekicks

  1. Abu – Cute monkey and Aladdin’s best friend in “Aladdin
  2. Bagheera – “The Jungle Book” 
  3. Chip – “Beauty and the Beast
  4. Cogsworth – “Beauty and the Beast
  5. Flounder – “The Little Mermaid
  6. Genie – Mystical name after the powerful being trapped in a lamp and grants three wishes in “Aladdin
  7. Lumiere – “Beauty and the Beast
  8. Maurice – “Beauty and the Beast
  9. Mr. Big – “Zootopia
  10. Mushu – “Mulan
  11. Olaf (Norse and Scandinavian boy name) – “Ancestor’s relic”; adorable snowman in “Frozen
  12. Rafiki – “The Lion King


Black Boy Names From Disney Movies

  1. Antonio – “Encanto
  2. Bartholomew – “The Great Mouse Detective”
  3. Cookie – “Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  4. Lance Sterling – “Spies in Disguise


Tough Disney Boy Names

  1. Al (the Alligator) – “Lady and the Tramp
  2. Angus – Horse in “Brave” and character in “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad” 
  3. Beary Barrington – Bear cub in “The Country Bears


Exotic Disney Boy Names

  1. Atka (Greek and Polish name) – “Kind“ or “good”; the villain in Brother Bear 2
  2. Cruz (Spanish boy name) – Spiritual name that means “cross”; race car in “Cars 3
  3. Kenai (Native American boy name) – “Black bear”; a hero in “Brother Bear
  4. Mowgli (English boy name) – “The Jungle Book
  5. Mufasa (African boy name) – “The Lion King


Pet-Friendly Disney Boy Names

Disney Boy Villain Names (They Make Cool Pet Names)

  1. Ajax – Gorilla in “Donald Duck and the Gorilla
  2. Alameda – “Home on the Range”
  3. Captain Hook – “Peter Pan
  4. Charles – “Up”
  5. Chernabog – “Fantasia”
  6. Demon – “Snow Dogs
  7. Frollo – “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”; also “Claude Frollo” or “Count Frollo”
  8. Gaston – Narcissistic man who wants to marry Belle (“Beauty”) in “Beauty and the Beast
  9. Hans – Power-hungry prince who pretended to fall in love with Anna to steal their kingdom in “Frozen
  10. Jafar (Arabic boy name) – “Stream” (a name that means “water”); wicked Sultan’s adviser who wanted to marry Princess Jasmine in “Aladdin” 
  11. Kaa – “The Jungle Book
  12. Radcliffe – “Pocahontas
  13. Ratigan – “The Great Mouse Detective”
  14. Scar – “The Lion King
  15. Shere – After Shere Khan in “The Jungle Book
  16. Slade – The hunter in “The Fox and the Hound
  17. Woozle – “Winnie the Pooh” 
  18. Wynchel – “Wreck-It Ralph


What Are Disney Boy Dog Names?

  1. Bolt – Canine action star in “Bolt” 
  2. Bruno – Dog in “Cinderella” and the mysterious missing uncle in “Encanto” (hint: the subject of the hit song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from the movie)
  3. Buster – “Lady and the Tramp”
  4. Chief – “The Fox and the Hound” 
  5. Copper – Dog in “The Fox and the Hound
  6. Dodger – “Oliver & Company
  7. Francis – Bulldog in “Oliver and Company
  8. Jock – “Lady and the Tramp”
  9. Lucky – “101 Dalmatians
  10. Percy – The spoiled pug of the villain General Ratcliffe in “Pocahontas
  11. Tito – “Oliver and Company
  12. Tramp – “Lady and the Tramp
  13. Trusty – “Lady and the Tramp


Favorite Disney Boy Cat Names

  1. Berlioz – Gray-furred kitten in “The Aristocats
  2. Pete – “Mickey Mouse”; Mickey’s arch nemesis
  3. Thomas – After Thomas O’Malley, a street cat who becomes the little kittens’ adoptive dad in “The Aristocats”; also a character in “Pocahontas


Favorite Disney Words You Can Use As Pet Names (Or Nicknames)

  1. Abracadabra – used for spells
  2. Dinglehopper – hairbrush misnamed as a fork in “The Little Mermaid
  3. Snarfblat – smoking pipe
  4. Twitterpated – passionate feeling of love


Playful & Happy Boy Dog Names

  1. Cliff – Troll in “Frozen
  2. Dug – “Up
  3. Max – Prince Eric‘s Old English sheepdog in “The Little Mermaid”; also after Goofy’s son (full name: Max Goof) 


Boy Names For Small & Tiny Dogs

  1. Dylan – One of the puppies in “101 Dalmatians
  2. Patch – “101 Dalmatians
  3. Pongo – “101 Dalmatians
  4. Rolly – “101 Dalmatians


Disney Boy Names With Funny Meanings Or Movie Scenes

Boy Character Who Farted In A Disney Movie

  1. Pumbaa – “The Lion King


Cheeky & Hilarious Disney Boy Names

  1. Dopey – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  2. Grumpy – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”
  3. Hei Hei – “Moana” 
  4. Sleepy – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  5. Sneezy – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


More Disney Boy Names From A To Z

Boy Disney Names Starting With A

  1. Achilles – The horse of Phoebus in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”; also a Greek mythology name after one of the Trojan War heroes
  2. Akela – Wold pack leader in “The Jungle Book
  3. Albus – “Amphibia
  4. Alcmene – “Hercules
  5. Alfredo – “Ratatouille
  6. Anton – Strict food critic known as “Ego” in “Ratatouille
  7. Augustus – “The Owl House


Boy Disney Names Starting With B

  1. Bailey – “Finding Nemo
  2. Baker – “Beauty and the Beast
  3. Banzai – “The Lion King
  4. Barbossa – Pirate leader and antagonist in “The Pirates of the Caribbean
  5. Bashful – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  6. Baymax – “Big Hero 6
  7. Beaker – “Muppet Babies
  8. Bing Bong – “Inside Out
  9. Bogo – After Chief Bogo in “Zootoopia
  10. Braddock – “Amphibia
  11. Bradley – “A Very Goofy Movie
  12. Bruni – “Frozen II
  13. Buck – “Home on the Range”
  14. Buddy – Also known as “Syndrome,” an antagonist in “The Incredibles
  15. Bullseye – “Toy Story 2


Boy Disney Names Starting With C

  1. Candlewick – “Pinocchio
  2. Chien-Po – “Mulan
  3. Chuck – “Amphibia
  4. Clayton – Chivalrous gentleman who turns out to be a villain in “Tarzan
  5. Cleo – “Pinocchio
  6. Claude – After Judge Claude Frollo in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  7. Cody – “The Rescuers Down Under
  8. Cyril – Horse in “The Wind in the Willows


Boy Disney Names Starting With D

  1. Dale – “Chip & Dale”
  2. Danny – Great Dane (dog breed) in “101 Dalmatians
  3. Dante – “Coco
  4. Deacon – “The Rescuers
  5. Dennis – “House of Mouse” show
  6. Dimitri – “Meet the Robinsons
  7. Doc – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  8. Duey – “DuckTales
  9. Duke – “Zootopia” plus as a term for royalty in movies like the Duke of Weselton in “Frozen” and the Grand Duke in “Cinderella
  10. Duncan – Minor character in “Wreck-It Ralph


Boy Disney Names Starting With E

  1. Earl – Noble title used in several Disney movies; also after Earl Sneed Sinclair, the main character in the 1991-1994 series “Dinosaurs”
  2. Ed – “The Lion King
  3. Edgar – After Edgar Balthazar, the antagonistic butler in “The Aristocats
  4. Elliott – Dragon in “Pete’s Dragon”; also spelled as “Elliot
  5. Ernesto – After Ernesto de la Cruz in “Coco


Boy Disney Names Starting With F

  1. Fagin – “Oliver & Company
  2. Felix – “Wreck-It Ralph” and an alien also called “Experiment 010” in “Lilo and Stitch
  3. Fenton – Another duck character in “DuckTales
  4. Ferdinand – Bull main character in the Disney animated shorts “Ferdinand
  5. Figaro – “Pinocchio
  6. Finnick – Short-tempered fox in “Zootopia
  7. Flint – Space pirate Captain Flint in “Treasure Planet” and buff celebrity Flint Steel in “The Quack Pack” on Disney Channel
  8. Flit – “Pocahontas
  9. Fred – “Big Hero 6” and “Cars


Boy Disney Names Starting With G

  1. George – After George Banks in “Mary Poppins,” another George character in “Peter Pan,” and the main character in “George of the Jungle
  2. Geppetto – “Pinocchio
  3. Gideon – “Pinocchio” and “Zootopia
  4. Gill – “Finding Nemo
  5. Guido – Adorable Italian forklift in“Cars
  6. Gus – Cute boy name after a helpful little mouse in “Cinderella”; it can be a twin boy name with the the mouse, Jaq


Boy Disney Names Starting With H

  1. Hamish – “Alice in Wonderland” and “Brave
  2. Happy – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  3. Harris – “Brave
  4. Hector – After Héctor Rivera, a former musician who helped Miguel in “Coco”; he turned out to be the person behind the ripped photo that Miguel’s grandma Coco kept (he’s grandma Coco’s dad)
  5. Hewey – “DuckTales
  6. Hopper – Antagonistic grasshopper leader in “A Bug’s Life
  7. Horace – “101 Dalmatians
  8. Hua Zhao – “Mulan
  9. Hubert – “Brave
  10. Hugh – “Cinderella


Boy Disney Names Starting With I

  1. Iago – Jafar’s parrot in “Aladdin
  2. Ian Lightfoot – “Onward


Boy Disney Names Starting With J

  1. Jack – “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and after Jack Sparrow, one of the main characters in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise
  2. Jake – Adorable pirate in Disney JR’s “Jake and the Never Land Pirates
  3. Jaq – “Cinderella
  4. Jasper – “101 Dalmatians
  5. Jeb – Goat in “Home on the Range
  6. Jeremy – “Chip and Dale
  7. Jim Hawkins – “Treasure Planet” 
  8. Jimmy – “Pinocchio
  9. John – After John Smith “Pocahontas,” another John character in “Peter Pan,” and even the villain Prince John in “Robin Hood
  10. Jiminy – After Jiminy Cricket who becomes the puppet Pinocchio’s ‘conscience’ in “Pinocchio
  11. Julio – Skeleton shoemaker in “Coco” and a supporting character in “Elena of Avalor


Boy Disney Names Starting With K

  1. Kirby – “Chicken Little
  2. Koda (Native American and Japanese boy name) – Little bear in “Brother Bear
  3. Kovu – “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride
  4. Kronk – “The Emperor’s New Groove
  5. Kuzco – “The Emperor’s New Groove


Boy Disney Names Starting With L

  1. Lafayette – “The Aristocats
  2. LeFou – “Beauty and the Beast
  3. Ling – “Mulan
  4. Linguini – “Ratatouille
  5. Louis – “The Princess and the Frog
  6. Lucius – After Lucius Best, the real name of the superhero Frozone in “The Incredibles
  7. Luigi – A Fiat in Cars


Boy Disney Names Starting With M

  1. Mack – A semi-hauler in “Cars”; he transports Lightning McQueen to faraway destinations
  2. Mad Hatter – “Alice in Wonderland
  3. March Hare – “Alice in Wonderland” 
  4. Marlin – The clown fish dad in “Finding Nemo
  5. Michael – After Michael Banks in “Mary Poppins” and another Michael character (the youngest of the Darling children) in “Peter Pan
  6. Milo – After Milo Thatch, a mapmaking explorer in “Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  7. Mr. Potato Head – “Toy Story


Boy Disney Names Starting with N

  1. Napoleon – “The Aristocats
  2. Nash – T-Rex in “The Good Dinosaur”; can be a twin boy name with Ramsey, the character’s twin in the movie
  3. Nathaniel – “Enchanted


Boy Disney Names Starting With O

  1. Oaken – Character in “Frozen
  2. Oliver – Orphan kitten in “Oliver & Company” (Disney adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic “Oliver Twist”)
  3. Otto – “Robin Hood


Boy Disney Names Starting With P

  1. Pabbie – “Frozen
  2. Pacha – “The Emperor’s New Groove
  3. Piglet – “Winnie the Pooh
  4. Pinocchio – Wooden puppet with a nose that grows every time he lies in “Pinocchio
  5. Prudence – “Cinderella


Boy Disney Name Starting With Q

  1. Quasimodo – “The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Boy Disney Names Starting With R

  1. Rajah – “Aladdin
  2. Ramone – 1959 Chevy Impala in “Cars
  3. Razoul – “Aladdin
  4. Richard – “Robin Hood
  5. Roger – “101 Dalmatians
  6. Robert – Real name of Mr. Incredible in “The Incredibles
  7. Roo – “Winnie the Pooh
  8. Rufus – “The Rescuers


Boy Disney Names Starting With S

  1. Sebastian – “The Little Mermaid
  2. Shan Yu – “Mulan
  3. Smee – “Peter Pan
  4. Shenzi – “The Lion King
  5. Sid – “Toy Story
  6. Sven – Reindeer and Kristoff’s best friend in “Frozen


Boy Disney Names Starting With T

  1. Tantor – “Tarzan
  2. Taran – “The Black Cauldron
  3. Tibbs – After Sgt. Tibbs in “101 Dalmatians
  4. Tigger – “Winnie the Pooh
  5. Timon – “The Lion King
  6. Timothy Q. Mouse – “Dumbo
  7. Toby – “The Great Mouse Detective
  8. Todd – Fox in “The Fox and the Hound
  9. Tui – “Moana
  10. Tweedledum – “Alice in Wonderland


Boy Disney Names Starting With U

  1. Umpire – “Chicken Little
  2. Undertow – “The Little Mermaid II (sequel): Return to the Sea” 


Boy Disney Names Starting With V

  1. Verne – “Treasure Planet
  2. Victor – “The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  3. Voyd – “Incredibles 2” 


Boy Disney Names Starting With W

  1. Wally – “101 Dalmatians
  2. Walter – “Beauty and the Beast
  3. Wander – “Wander Over Yonder
  4. Watson – “The Great Mouse Detective
  5. Wesley – “Home On The Range
  6. White Rabbit – “Alice in Wonderland
  7. Wiggins – “Pocahontas
  8. Wilbur – Albatross in “The Rescuers Down Under
  9. Wilden – After Wilden Lightfoot in “Onward
  10. Willie – After Steamboat Willie, the boat that Mickey Mouse rode in the first-ever animation with sound (3)


Boy Disney Names Starting With X

  1. Xavier – “Tangled: The Series
  2. Xerxes – “Aladdin” (TV series)


Boy Disney Names Starting With Y

  1. Yama – “Big Hero 6” 
  2. Yang – “The Pirate Fairy
  3. Yao – “Mulan


Boy Disney Names Starting With Z

  1. Zazu – “The Lion King
  2. Zelda – “The Fox and the Hound 2” 
  3. Zephyr (Greek mythology name) – “West wind”; Quasimodo and Madellaine’s son in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2
  4. Zhou – “Mulan
  5. Ziggy – “The Jungle Book
  6. Zini – “Dinosaur
  7. Zugor – “Tarzan 2: The Legend Begins


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Disney Names 

  1. Bambi – Prince name after the young deer and the Prince of the Forest in “Bambi
  2. Calhoun (Irish name) – Nature name that means “from the narrow forest”; female character in “Wreck-It Ralph” but the name is gender-neutral
  3. Coco – The great-grandmother in “Coco
  4. Eeyore – “Winnie the Pooh
  5. Jessie – “Toy Story 2
  6. Meeko – Pet raccoon in “Pocahontas
  7. Scuttle – “The Little Mermaid” 
  8. Thumper – “Bambi


Bonus: Other Favorite Disney Names

Beautiful Disney Princess & Mermaid Names

  • Ariel – Mermaid name and the main character of “The Little Mermaid
  • Aurora – “Sleeping Beauty
  • Belle – “Beauty and the Beast
  • Cinderella – She lost a glass slipper at the ball
  • Jasmine – Princess in “Aladdin
  • Merida – “Brave”; Pixar’s* only official princess
  • Moana – Headstrong princess inspired by Polynesian mythology 
  • Mulan – She disguised as a man to join the army to keep her old dad from joining the war 
  • Tiana – “The Princess and the Frog”; she isn’t an actual princess but a waitress who later becomes one after marrying the prince
  • Pocahontas – Princess of the Powhatan people
  • Rapunzel – “Tangled
  • Raya – Protagonist in “Raya and the Last Dragon”; she was declared an official Disney princess during World Princess Week in 2022 (4)
  • Snow White – Disney’s first princess


Other Favorite Disney Girl Names

  • Abigail – “The Aristocats
  • Babette – “Beauty and the Beast” 
  • Destiny – “Finding Nemo” 
  • Dinah – “Alice in Wonderland” 
  • Fauna – “Sleeping Beauty
  • Flora – “Sleeping Beauty
  • Iridessa – “Tinkerbell
  • Merryweather – “Sleeping Beauty
  • Rosetta – “Tinkerbell
  • Silvermist – “Tinkerbell
  • Tiger Lily – “Peter Pan
  • Vidia – “Tinker Bell”
  • Vixey – “The Fox and the Hound
  • Xyla – “Doc McStuffins
  • Zarina – “The Pirate Fairy
  • Zira – “The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride


Pretty Disney Girl Dog Names

  • Colette – “Lady and the Tramp II
  • Georgette – “Oliver and Company
  • Lady – “Lady and the Tramp
  • Nana – “Peter Pan
  • Perdita – “101 Dalmatians


Disney Best Friends & Couples

  • Andy and Woody – best friends
  • Donald Duck and Daisy Duck – couple
  • Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse – couple
  • Mike and Sully – best friends
  • Mowgli and Baloo – best friends
  • Winnie the Pooh & Christopher Robin – best friends
  • Timon and Pumbaa – best friends


Favorite Quotes From Disney Boy Characters

Today is a good day to try.” – Quasimodo in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame

“For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” – Zeus in “Hercules”

“Sometimes you gotta get through your fear to get to the beauty on the other side.” – Poppa in “The Good Dinosaur

Success doesn’t come for free. You have to do whatever it takes to seize your moment.” – Ernesto De La Cruz in “Coco



What Are Fun Nursery Themes Inspired By Disney Boy Names?

  • Forest theme for the Lost Boys in “Peter Pan
  • Pirate theme for the “Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Race track or garage theme for “Cars
  • Castle theme for fairytale movies like “Sleeping Beauty” or “Beauty and the Beast


If There Are Disney Princesses, Are There Also Official Disney Princes?

Yes. All the Disney princesses, except Merida (“Brave”) have love interests that are also considered official Disney princes.

Although originally known simply as “the prince” in the fairytales, Disney created names for these princes to match their princesses: 

  • Prince Eric for Ariel in “The Little Mermaid
  • The Prince (also called Prince Florian or Prince Ferdinand) for Snow White
  • Prince Phillip (also called Prince Charming) for Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty
  • Prince Charming (also called Prince Henry) for Cinderella
  • Prince Naveen for Tiana in “The Princess and the Frog; he’s a prince, but Tiana isn’t (she became a princess after marrying him)
  • The Beast (also called Prince Adam) for Belle in “Beauty and the Beast
  • Aladdin for Princess Jasmine in “Aladdin”; he wasn’t born a prince but considered a Disney prince because of his princess love interest
  • Flynn Rider for Rapunzel in “Tangled”; also not a prince
  • John Smith for Pocahontas; also not a prince
  • Captain Li Shang for Mulan; also not a prince


Are There ‘Ugly’ Disney Boy Names I Should Avoid?

Some names might be considered unpopular as boy names but may be favorite or recognizable Disney characters. Aside from the villains listed above (but they make adorable cat or dog names), here are other names you might consider avoiding for your baby:

  • Dumbo – Flying elephant in “Dumbo,” but the name can subject your child to bullying because of its close spelling with “dumb”
  • Hades – Badass boy name after a character in “Hercules” but is also the Greek god of the underworld and death


Tips For Choosing Disney Boy Names

  • Consider the name meaning, spelling, and pronunciation,
  • Consider using spelling or language variations for a unique boy name (such as the Spanish boy name “Juan” for “John” or the Hispanic boy name “Santiago” for “James”).
  • Consider the characters they’re strongly associated with (for example, “John” is still considered a “good” name and associated with heroes like Captain John Smith in “Pocahontas” even if it was also used for lesser-known villains such as Prince John in “Robin Hood”).
  • Check for resulting initials with your baby’s first, middle, and last name to avoid funny or embarrassing results like “FAT,” ‘LIE,” or possible rude words.



You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.


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