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140+ Catchy & Unique Elf Boy Names

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Searching for the best elf boy names for your baby or maybe some cool monikers from video game and fantasy book characters? We got you. 

Elf names like “Legolas,” “Mithrandir,” and “Haldir” are favorites from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” series. Aside from these name ideas, you can also get lots of cool and fun choices from Tolkien’s other works or from popular movies, video games, and books.

We’ve prepared this list of catchy boy elf names or nicknames to help you choose the perfect name for your little one. 

You’ll also find elf on the shelf names plus some girl elf names as a bonus below.


Male Elf Names & Meanings (By Category)

  1. Aelfraed (Old English boy name) – “Elf counselor”; variant of “Alfred”
  2. Alberad (German boy name) – “Elf counsel
  3. Alwyne (Old English) – “Elf”
  4. Bailey (Middle English) – “A judge”
  5. Luell (Old English) – “Famous elf”


Elvish Great Names From The Lord of the Rings

Tolkien didn’t just write “The Lord of the Rings” series, he also created a long list of literary works. Impressively, he even created fictional languages such as Sindarin and Quenya.

He also made so many unique fictional characters that some fans joke he used a name generator to create these cool baby names. Of course, that technology wasn’t available in his time.

Here’s a name list of some of Tolkien’s fictional characters and elvish names:

  1. Aegnor (Sindarin) – “Fell fire”; a name that means fire
  2. Aerin (Sindarin) – “Ocean”
  3. Aina (Quenya) – “Holy one” 
  4. Aldon (Quenya) – “Tree”; a nature name
  5. Aragorn (Sindarin) – “Respected king” or “noble valor”
  6. Arod (Sindarin) – “Swift”
  7. Beleg (Sindarin) – “Mighty”
  8. Callon (Sindarin) – “Hero”
  9. Celeborn (Sindarin) – “Silver tree”; Galadriel’s husband and the Lord of Lothlórien
  10. Earendil (Quenya) – “Devoted to the sea”
  11. Eldarion (Quenya) – “Son of elves”
  12. Elladan (Sindarin) – “Elf-man”
  13. Elrond (Sindarin) – “Star dome”; the elven ruler of Rivendell
  14. Eryn (Sindarin) – “Forest” or “wood” 
  15. Estel (Sindarin) – “Trust” or “hope”; moniker of Aragorn as a child living with the elves
  16. Ethuil (Sindarin) – “Spring”
  17. Gandalf (Old Norse) – “Elf wand”; a powerful wizard and one of the main protagonists in Tolkien’s series
  18. Glorfindel (Sindarin) – “Golden-haired”; one of the High Elves
  19. Haldir (Sindarin) – “Hidden hero”; a woodland elf of Lothlórien who died at the Battle of Helm’s Deep (only in the movie version)
  20. Idril (Sindarin) – “Sparkling brilliance”
  21. Ithil (Sindarin) – Name that means “moon”
  22. Legolas (Sindarin) – “Green leaves
  23. Mithrandir (Sindarin) – “Gray wanderer”; elvish name of the wizard (powerful male witch), Gandalf
  24. Nienna (Quenya) – “Tear”
  25. Tara (Quenya) – “Wise one”
  26. Thranduil (Sindarin) – “Vigorous spring”; the king of the woodland elves and Legolas’ father


Famous Elf Names From Other Movies & Literature

  1. Barley (English occupational name) – “Barley grower or seller”; elf and the deuteragonist (second protagonist) in the Disney/Pixar animated movie, “Onward
  2. Bernard (Germanic name) – “Brave bear”; grumpy-looking but kind head elf at Santa’s workshop in “The Santa Clause
  3. Claude (French boy name) – “Lame”; faerie prince in the Sookie Stackhouse fantasy novels
  4. Cutter (English occupational name) – “Barber” or “tailor”; character in the graphic novel series “Elfquest
  5. Ernest (English) – “Serious”; the head elf of the Keebler Company’s fictional Hollow Tree Factory


Male Elven Warrior Names 

Some strong and fearless warrior names you can pick for your little elf:

  1. Ailwi (Old English) – “Elf battle”
  2. Alary (German) – “Elf ruler”
  3. Algar (Old English) “Elf-spear” 
  4. Álváró (Hungarian) – “Elf warrior” 
  5. Aubree (German and French name) – “Elf ruler” 
  6. Eldacar (Quenya) – “Elf helm”
  7. Elrohir (Sindarin) – “Elf knight”
  8. Gildor (Sindarin) – “Star lord”
  9. Gunnalf (Swedish) – “Battle elf”
  10. Poldo (Quenya) – “Big and strong”
  11. Thalias (Sindarin) – “Bravery”
  12. Thalin (Sindarin) – “Dauntless”


Hip, Sporty, & Cool Elf Boy Names

  1. Albrun (German) – “Elf magic”
  2. Alfsol (Icelandic) – “Elf of the sun”
  3. Alvin (Old English) – “Elf friend” 
  4. Nickel (German) – Goblin; can also be a variant of “Nicholas,” a classic boy name meaning “victory of the people”


Christmas Elf Names

Elf On The Shelf ideas:

  1. Dash
  2. Elfie
  3. Frost
  4. Jingle
  5. Kringle
  6. Max
  7. Mittens
  8. Peppermint
  9. Ralphie
  10. Snowflake
  11. Tinsel
  12. Truffles


Musical Elf Names

  1. Lindir (Sindarin) – “Fair singer”


Fantasy & Magical Elf Boy Names

  1. Alf (Norse mythology) – “Elf”
  2. Bucca (Old Cornish) – “Nature spirit”
  3. Earl (Old English) – “Noble one”


Funny Elf Names

  1. Buddy (English name) – “Friend”; human child who thinks he’s an elf because he was raised by Santa’s elves in the Christmas comedy movie, “Elf
  2. Chippy (unknown origin) – “Love”
  3. Emeril (French name) – “A powerful house”
  4. Pippin (German name) – “Awe-inspiring”


Male Elf Names For DND (Dungeons & Dragons)

Here are some cool ideas if you want to change your DND elf name:

  1. Albwin (Ancient Germanic name) – “Elf friend”
  2. Arden (English) – “Valley of the eagle”
  3. Ash (Hebrew) – “Ash tree” or a name relating to fire; also an anime boy name
  4. Emyr (Welsh) – “Lord” or “king”
  5. Valen (Old English) – “Strong”


Male Elf Names From A To Z

Elf Boy Names Starting With A

  1. Alfie (German) – “Elf”
  2. Ave (West Frisian, a West Germanic language) – “Elf” 
  3. Aveley (Old English) – “Elf gift”
  4. Álfur (Icelandic) – “Elf”
  5. Amdirthor (Sindarin) – “Overwhelming forest of hope” 


Elf Boy Names Starting With B

  1. Bari (Ancient Scandinavian name) – “Magical being”
  2. Baron (Sindarin) – “Home” or “house”
  3. Batī (Punjabi, an Indo-Aryan language in Pakistan and India) – “Elf” 


Elf Boy Names Starting With C

  1. Calen (Sindarin) – “Green one” 
  2. Círdan (Sindarin) – “Ship-maker”
  3. Clurichaun (Irish name) – “Mischievous fairy”


Elf Boy Names Starting With D

  1. Darfin (invented elvish name with unknown meaning)
  2. Duwende (Cebuano, a Filipino language) – “Elf”; lives under the earth and can either be good or bad, according to Philippine folklore


Elf Boy Names Starting With E

  1. Elegast (German) – “Elf spirit”
  2. Elfas (Lithuanian) – “Elf” 
  3. Ēlifi (Amharic, a Semitic language in Ethiopia) – “Elf”; can also be a black boy name
  4. Elrand (Quenya) – “Star-dome”
  5. Elva (Quenya) – “Friend”
  6. Elwyn (Old English boy name) – “Friend of the elves”


Elf Boy Names Starting With F

  1. Faeranduil (unknown origin) – “Elf friend”
  2. Fflar (invented elvish name with unknown meaning)


Elf Boy Names Starting With G

  1. Garrett (Sindarin) – “Support”
  2. Glóredhel (Sindarin) – “Elf of the golden light”


Elf Boy Names Starting With H

  1. Hagi (Old Norse) – “Enclosure”
  2. Haleth (Sindarin) – “Exalted one”


Elf Boy Names Starting With I

  1. Ingálvur (Faroese, a North Germanic language) – “Elf ancestor”
  2. Iorhael (Sindarin) – “Old and wise”; the Elvish name of Frodo Baggins (the legendary hobbit who carried the so-called “one ring” in “The Lord of the Rings”)
  3. Iston (Quenya) – “Wise one”


Elf Boy Names Starting With J

  1. Jack (English) – Name that means “grace” or “God is gracious”; a moniker of John or a short form of “Cornish Jack,” an elf who supposedly lives in mines
  2. Joralf (Norwegian) – “Chief elf”


Elf Boy Names Starting With K

  1. Keijo (Finnish) – “Elf”
  2. Kimo (Hawaiian name) – “Gentle”; a version of the name “James” and a kind, gentle elf featured on the US’ longest-running independent graphic novel series, “Elfquest
  3. Kukudh (Albanian) – “Elf”


Elf Boy Names Starting With L

  1. Lia (Quenya) – “Thread”
  2. Logon (Sindarin) – “Warm at heart”


Elf Boy Names Starting With M

  1. Melian (Sindarin) – “Precious gift”
  2. Myrddin (Welsh) – “From the sea fortress” or a nature name meaning “hawk”


Elf Boy Names Starting With N

Some of the coolest N names for boys:

  1. Nessa (Quenya) – “Youthful one”
  2. Noralf (Norwegian) – “Elf of the north”


Elf Boy Names Starting With O

  1. Oillill (Irish) – “Elf”
  2. Onvyr (unknown origin and meaning)


Elf Boy Names Starting With P

  1. Parī (Bangla, a Bengali language.) – “Elf”
  2. Peregrin (English name) – “Traveler”; an elvish name that you can also spell as “Peregrine


Elf Boy Names Starting With Q

  1. Quant (Middle High German name) – “Prankster” or “imp”
  2. Quynn (Gaelic and Irish boy name) – “Wise” and “chief”


Elf Boy Names Starting With R

  1. Rohan (Sindarin) – “Horse kingdom”
  2. Ronda (Quenya) – “Firm” or “solid” 


Elf Boy Names Starting With S

  1. Seiveril (unknown meaning and origin)
  2. Sennin (Japanese boy name) – “Immortal mountain fairy”


Elf Boy Names Starting With T

  1. Theoden (Rohirric, another Tolkien-invented language) – Powerful boy name meaning “ruler” or “king”
  2. Tommy (English) – Short for twin boy name “Thomas” and “Tommyknockers,” elvish spirits living in the mines
  3. Tuilë (Quenya) – “Spring”


Elf Boy Names Starting With U

  1. Ualair (unknown origin and name meaning) – Video game character in “Forgotten Realms”
  2. Ulbrea (Old High German and Frisian, a West Germanic language) – “Shiny” and “possession”


Elf Boy Names Starting With V

  1. Vesperr (Latin) – “Evening star”
  2. Voronwë (Quenya) – “Constant” or “steadfast” 


Elf Boy Names Starting With W

  1. Wesley (Anglo-Norman) – “Western meadow”
  2. Wyrran (unknown origin and name meaning


Elf Boy Names Starting With X

  1. Xhalth (unknown origin and name meaning) – Video game character in “Forgotten Realms”
  2. Xelf̒ (Thai) – “Elf”


Elf Boy Names Starting With Y

  1. Yavanna (Quenya) – “Giver of fruits”
  2. Yōsei (Japanese name) – “Elf”


Elf Boy Names Starting With Z

  1. Zelphar (Hebrew) – “Dignity”
  2. Zephyr (Greek boy name) – “Strong wind”


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Elf Names

  1. Aeverie (Old English) – “Elf counsel
  2. Alvgjerd (Norwegian) – “Elf garden”
  3. Alwine (German name) – “Elf friend” 
  4. Robin (English) – Name that means “bright”; an alternative name for the house spirit in English folklore called “Puck,” a good house fairy and spirit



How Can I Create An Elven Name For Boys?

You can mix and match Norse, Old English, Welsh, and German words to create a unique elven boy name

Another option is to add “Alf” as a prefix or suffix. It means “elf” in Norse mythology.


Where Do I Find Elvish Names?

Tolkien’s works are rich with elvish name ideas.


How Do I Pronounce Elvish Names?

The actual pronunciation can vary, of course, but some ways to say these names out loud include:

  • The consonants are softer but pronounced with a slight roll
  • The accented vowels (á, é, í, ó, ú) are pronounced longer than their regular counterparts


  • Aafje
  • Alfiva
  • Alma
  • Aredhel
  • Arwen
  • Aubriana
  • Elbereth
  • Morwen
  • Pixie
  • Siofra
  • Tauriel


What Girl Name Means “Elf Princess”?

  • Aranel (Quenya)
  • Brethil (Sindarin)


Elven Last Names

  • Balin (English) – A knight at the round table
  • Elving (Swedish) – “Elf river”


Other Fantasy & Mythological Names



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