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120+ F Boy Names & Their Meanings (Plus International Choices)

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F boy names are nice and cool for your baby, whether you’re honoring someone or you simply love the name’s meaning.

We’ve prepared this list of 120+ cool, popular, and cute boy names to help you choose the best for your little one.


  1. Felix (Latin) – “Fortunate,” “lucky,” or “successful”
  2. Floyd (Welsh and English) – “Gray” or “gray-haired”; famous namesakes include American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  3. Francis (Latin) – “Frenchman”; famous namesakes include Pope Francis
  4. Frank (German boy name) – “Free to be,” after the historic German tribe called “the Franks”; also a trending boy name that’s among the most popular baby names of the century in the US (1)
  5. Freddie (German name) – Shorter variant of “Frederick,” “peaceful ruler”; also spelled “Freddy


What Cool Names Start With An F?

  1. Faruq (Arabic boy name) – “Person who can tell right from wrong”; also spelled as “Farouk,” “Faruk,” or “Farooq”
  2. Ferdie (Old German) – “Bold traveler” or “brave and daring journey”; can also be a nickname for “Ferdinand
  3. Fintan (Irish boy name) – “Little fair one,” “white bull,” or a name that means “fire” (white fire)
  4. Franco (Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian boy name) – “Free one”
  5. Fraser (Scottish, Norman, and French boy name) – “Fruitful,” “generous,” “of the forest men,” or a nature name meaning “strawberry flowers”


What Are Badass & Powerful Names For A Boy Starting With F?

  1. Faris (Bosnian and Arabic) – “Knight” or “horseman”; pronounced as “FA-rees
  2. Farrell (Gaelic and Irish name) – “Descendant of Fearghail” or “man of valor”
  3. Fayiz (Arabic) – “Victor”
  4. Federico (Spanish and Italian) – “Peaceful ruler”; variant of “Frederick
  5. Fergal (Old Irish) – “Man of valor”
  6. Firas (Arabic) – “As ferocious as a lion”
  7. Flynn (Irish) – “Blood red”; also a fantasy name for the hero and love interest of Rapunzel in the Disney princess movie “Tangled


Occupational Names Starting With The Letter F

These also make interesting middle names for boys:

  1. Faber (Latin) – “Smith”
  2. Fabius (Latin) – “Bean farmer”; variants include “Fabio
  3. Fabrizio (Italian name) – “Craftsman”; variant of the French nameFabrice” or the Roman name “Fabricius”
  4. Faizel (Arabic and Persian) – “Judge”
  5. Ferris (Irish) – “Ironworker,” “a man of iron,” or “strong man”
  6. Fischer (German) – “Fisher” or “fisherman”; also spelled as “Fisher
  7. Fletcher (Scottish, French, English, and Irish) – “Arrowsmith” or “one who adorns arrows with feathers”
  8. Foster (OId French and Old English boy name) – “One who works in the forest,” “saddle maker,” or “scissor maker”


Short Boy Names Starting With F

  1. Fahd (Arabic) – “Panther” or “leopard”; can also be spelled as “Fahed” or “Fahad”
  2. Fitz (Norman French) – “Son of”; standalone name or a prefix for longer names, such as “Fitzgerald” (son of Gerald)
  3. Flann (Irish) – “Blood red”; can also be a variant of “Flynn
  4. Flint (Old English) – “Born near an outcrop of flint rock”
  5. Fred (Old German and Old French) – “Peaceful ruler,” “elf counsel,” or “peace”; also a nickname for longer names starting with this word (e.g., “Frederick” or “Freddie”)


3-Syllable Boy Names Starting With F

  1. Ferdinand (German) – “Brave and daring “journey” or “bold voyager”
  2. Finnegan (Irish) – “Fair” and “white”
  3. Flanagan (Irish) – “Blood red”
  4. Francisco (Portuguese and Spanish) – “Frenchman”; variant of the Latin name “Francis


Classic & Retro F Boy Names

  1. Fabian (Latin and Ancient Roman) – “Bean”
  2. Fenton (Old English) – “Marsh town”
  3. Figaro (French) – “Barber”
  4. Finneas (Hebrew and Egyptian) – “Oracle” or a black boy name meaning “dark-skinned”; variant of the biblical boy name “Phineas” (priest during the Israelites’ Exodus journey; he’s one of the high priest Eli’s sons)
  5. Flavius (Ancient Roman) – “Yellow-haired”
  6. Franklin – “Freeman”; namesakes include former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt


What Are Unique Boy Names Starting With The Letter F?

  1. Fadel (Arabic) – “Superior,” “generous,” and “honorable”
  2. Farid (Persian, Arabic, and Urdu, an Indo-Aryan language used in Pakistan) – “To be unique”; pronounced as “FA-reed
  3. Faron (Old English) – “Handsome servant”
  4. Faulkner (Old French) – “Falcon trainer”
  5. Filmore (English) – “Very famous”; also spelled as “Fillmore”
  6. Fitzroy (Old French) – “Son of Roy” or “son of the king”
  7. Frazier (Scottish) – “Of the forest men”


Nature-Inspired F Boy Names

  1. Falcon (Latin) – A bird of prey
  2. Faolán (Irish) – “Little wolf”; pronounced as “FE-lawn”
  3. Farley (Old English) – “Fern clearing”
  4. Felton (Old English) – “Settlement on the field” or “from the town by the field”
  5. Fiacre (Celtic, Gaelic, and Irish) – “Eagle” or “hunter king”
  6. Fielder (English) – Southern boy name meaning “one who dwells in open country”
  7. Finch (English) – Bird species
  8. Finnick (Anglo-Saxon) – “Marshland farm”
  9. Fishel (Yiddish) – “Little fish”
  10. Fleetwood (English) – “Woods with the stream”
  11. Florian (Slovak, Roman, Hungarian, Spanish, and German) – Flower name from the Latin name “Florus,” meaning “flower” or “flourishing”
  12. Floro (Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) – “Flower”
  13. Ford (Old English) – “River crossing” or “dweller at the ford (shallow place where water can cross)”
  14. Forrest (English) – “Forest” or “dweller near the woods”
  15. Fox (Middle and Old English) – “Fox (forest animal)”
  16. Fulton (Old English) – “Bird hill” or “fields of the village”


F Names For Boys From Around The Globe

German Boy Names

  1. Franz (German) – “French” or “free man”
  2. Filbert (German) – “Very bright”
  3. Fitzhugh (German) – “Son of Hugh” or “son of intelligence”
  4. Frederick (German) – “Peaceful ruler”; also spelled as “Friedrich”


Old Norse, Scandinavian, & Norwegian Names

  1. Faste (Norwegian) – “Firm” or “one who’s firm and resolute”
  2. Fjord (Norwegian) – Name that means “water” (a lake-like body of water)
  3. Folke (Swedish and Old Norse) – “Chief”
  4. Forseti (Old Norse, Icelandic, and Faroese, language in the Faroe Islands) – “The presiding one” or “president”; Scandinavian and Norse god of justice and reconciliation


Scottish & Irish Boy Names

  1. Feidlimid (Irish) – “Enduring,” “constant,” or “ever good”; pronounced as “FAY-lehm”
  2. Fergus (Old Irish and Scottish) – “Strength” or “force” 
  3. Finbar (Old Irish) – “White head”; also spelled as “Finnbar” or “Fionnbharr”
  4. Finley (Scottish) – “White warrior”; variant of “Fionnlagh,” “Findlay,” “Finlea,” or “Finlay
  5. Finnian (Irish) – “Little fair one”
  6. Fionn (Scottish, Gaelic, and Irish) – “White” and “fair”


French Boy Names

  1. Foy (Old French) – “One of faith”
  2. Francois (French) – “Frenchman”
  3. Fulbert (French and ancient German) – “Bright” and “people”


Spanish & Portuguese Boy Names

Favorites for Hispanic boys:

  1. Facundo (Spanish) – “Eloquent”
  2. Felipe (Spanish and Portuguese) – “Friend of horses”; variant of the Greek boy name “Philip”
  3. Fermin (Spanish) – “Strong”
  4. Fernando (Portuguese and Spanish) – “Daring and brave journey”; variant of the German nameFerdinand
  5. Filemón (Spanish; pronounced “fee-leh-MOHN”) – Name that means “love” (loving, affectionate, or kiss); variant of the Greek name “Philemon”


Italian Boy Names

  1. Fiore (Italian) – “Flower”
  2. Fiorenzo (Italian and Latin) – “Flourishing” or “to bloom”
  3. Flavio (Italian) – “Blond” or “yellow hair”; variant of the Latine name “Flavian”
  4. Fulvio (Italian) – “Fair-haired” or “reddish haired”


Arabic Boy Names

  1. Fadi (Arabic) – “Savior” 
  2. Faheem (Arabic) – “Intelligent” or “perceptive” 
  3. Faizan (Arabic) – “Generosity,” “successful,” or “benefit”; variants include “Faydhan,” “Faidhan,” “Faizon,” “Fayzan,” and “Faizaan”
  4. Faraz (Arabic and Persian) – “Elevation” or “high place”
  5. Fareed (Arabic and Persian) – “Unique”
  6. Farhan (Arabic) – “Happy,” “blessed,” “ joyful,” or “inclined to hopefulness”
  7. Fawzi (Arabic) – “Triumph” 
  8. Fikri (Arabic and Turkish) – “To think and reflect” or “intellectual”
  9. Fuad (Arabic) – “Heart”


Latin Boy Names

  1. Faustino (Latin) – “Enjoying good luck” or “fortunate”
  2. Festus (Latin and ancient Roman) – “Festival” or “holiday”
  3. Fidel (Latin) – “Faithful”


More International Boy Names

  1. Faas (Dutch and Scandinavian) – “Firm counsel,” “good fate,” or “saved and redeemed”
  2. Fernão (Portuguese; pronounced as “FER-nyow”) – “Daring and brave journey”
  3. Florek (Polish name) – “Dweller by the woods where flowers grow” or “flowering”; variant of the Roman and German name “Florian
  4. Fumihito (Japanese boy name) – “Compassionate” and “writing” 
  5. Fyodor (Russian boy name) – “Gift of God”; variant of the ancient Greek name “Theodore” and also spelled as “Fedor”


Fantasy & Legendary Boy Names Starting With F

  1. Fachtna (Irish; pronounced as “FAKHT-na”) – “Angry”; legendary high king of Ireland in Irish mythology
  2. Faeranduil (unknown origin) – “Elf friend
  3. Faunus (Old Latin) – Roman god of forests and nature
  4. Fiachra (Irish; pronounced as “FEE-akh-ra”) – “Battle,” “raven,” or “king”; name used in many Irish legends
  5. Finlo (Irish) – “Fair Lugh (the Irish pagan sun god)”
  6. Finn (Old Irish) – “White” or “fair”; variation of “Fionn,” the hero who supposedly created the Giant’s Causeway (unique rock formation in Northern Ireland) according to Irish mythology
  7. Freyr (Old Norse) – “Lord” as the Norse god of sunshine, rain, and fertility or the god of weather; also spelled as “Frey


  1. Fingal (Old Irish) – “Fair stranger”; character in an 18th-century poem by Scottish author James Macpherson
  2. Frodo (Old English and Old Norse) – “Wise by experience”; one of the main characters in the “Lord of the Rings” series


Other F Boy Names With Beautiful Meanings

  1. Fadil (Arabic) – “Virtuous” and “generous”
  2. Fausto (Latin and Spanish) – “Lucky” or “fortunate”
  3. Fortunato (Italian and Spanish) – “Fortunate,” “happy,” or “blessed”


Gender-Neutral Names That Start With F

You can also use these as baby girl names:

  1. Farah (Arabic) – “Joy” and “happiness”
  2. Fenix (Greek) – “Dark red”; variant of the fantasy name “Phoenix” after the mythical bird that’s immortal and rises from the ashes after death
  3. Fife (Scottish) – “Place name”
  4. Flick (Latin) – “Happiness” and “good luck”
  5. Florence – “Prosperous” or “flourishing”; variant of the Latin name “Florentius” 
  6. Fortune (English) – “Luck” or “good fate”
  7. Frankie (Latin) – “Truthful” or “free”


Bonus: Twin Boy Names Starting With F

  • Fabian and Florian
  • Felipe and Felix
  • Fernando and Federico


Factors To Consider When Choosing F Boy Names

It’s fun to choose F boy names, but it’s good to check how the name sounds or spells to avoid confusion or potential embarrassment as your baby grows older.

For example, try to avoid names that spell or sound like the “F word” or other words, such as “fat.”

In Arabic, for example, “Fatey” has a powerful meaning that translates to “conqueror.” However, this warrior name can invite teasing and might lead to bullying in the US or other English-speaking countries because it’s too close to “fatty.”

Check how your baby’s name looks with the initials. Some examples of acronyms you might want to avoid:

  • “FAT” 
  • “FOMO” (fear of missing out)
  • “FBI” (a federal agency)


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