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620+ Girl Cat Names For Your Adorable Fur Baby

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Searching for the best girl cat names for your adorable fur baby? Look no further because we’ve listed 620+ name ideas for you to choose from, including options for exotic names around the world.

Many pet parents choose names that suit the personality or color of their new cats, such as witchy names like “Spirit” for ‘wicked’ cats or “Cuddles” for a sweet cat.

Others pick the best cat favorites, such as “Whiskers” or “Fluffy,” but there’s no stopping you from choosing more human-like names, such as “Adelaide” or “Penelope.” 

After all, many pet lovers consider new kittens their new babies, and people regularly use animal names as pet names (a special name used to show affection) for humans.

Because cats are typically regarded as either regal or playful and mischievous, you’ll also find several royal or personality-inspired names on our list below.


Girl Cat Names & Monikers By Category

Top & Sassy Girl Cat Names

  1. Angel (Greek name) – Angel name meaning “God’s messenger”; perfect for cats with a sweet disposition
  2. Bella (Latin and Italian girl name) – “Beautiful”
  3. Duchess (Latin) – “Royal title” or “leader”; one of the most popular female cat names
  4. Emerald (English) – Nature name for a “green gemstone”; often picked for green-eyed cats
  5. Emmy (Latin) – “Universal”
  6. Kitty (English) – “Cat”; also a short form of the Latin and Greek girl name “Katherine”
  7. Luna (Italian and Spanish girl name) – Name that means “moon”; great for white cats
  8. Queen (English) – “Royal title”
  9. Rebel (English gender-neutral name) – “Defiant” or “rebellious”; ideal for mischievous cats
  10. Shadow (Old English) – “Shade”; often considered a black cat name


Popular & Common Girl Cat Names 

  1. Alexa (Greek) – Warrior name meaning “defender of man”; female form of the Greek boy name “Alexander”
  2. Ariel (Hebrew unisex name) – Biblical name meaning “lion of God”; also a mermaid name after the titular character in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” often picked for reddish cats (after Ariel’s red hair)
  3. Aurora (Latin) – “Dawn”; also the Roman goddess of the dawn and titular character in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”
  4. Crookshanks (Scottish) – “Bow-legged” or “one who lives near the bend”; popular choice after Hermione’s cat in the “Harry Potter” series
  5. Merida (Latin) – “One who has achieved a high honor”; Disney princess name after the main character in “Brave,” often chosen for orange cats
  6. Moana (Polynesian and Hawaiian girl name) – Also a Disney princess name
  7. Pixie (Celtic, Swedish, Cornish, and Irish girl name) – Fantasy name meaning “fairy”
  8. Selene (Greek) – “Moon”; Greek goddess of the moon
  9. Tigress (American) – “Female tiger”
  10. Whiskers (Norman French) – Thick, bristly hair on a cat’s face


Elegant Girl Cat Names

  1. Agatha (ancient Greek name) – “Virtuous” or “honorable”
  2. Alice (English and French girl name) – “Noble” and “exalted”
  3. Barbie (American and Greek) – “Traveler from a foreign land”; popular American girl doll’s name
  4. Baroness (English) – “Baron’s wife” or “female member of the House of Lords”
  5. Beatrice (Italian and French name) – “Blessed”; variant of the Latin name “Beatrix”
  6. Countess (English) – “Noblewoman” or “the Count’s wife”
  7. Eliza (English and Hebrew) – “God is my oath”; shortened form of “Elizabeth”
  8. Godiva (Old English) – “God’s gift”
  9. Gracie (Latin) – Name that means “grace” or “favor from God”
  10. Jasmine (Persian and Arabic girl name) – “Gift from God”; also a plant name
  11. Mona (Arabic and Italian name) – “Aristocratic” or “noble”
  12. Penelope (Greek) – “Weaver”
  13. Prada (Catalan, Galician, and Hindu) – “Meadow” or a name that means “light”; also a luxury brand name
  14. Regina (Latin, Italian, and Romanian) – “Queen”
  15. Sarah (Hebrew) – “Princess”; also a biblical girl name


Classic & Traditional Girl Cat Names

  1. Angie (Italian and English) – “God’s messenger”; short form of “Angel”
  2. Claire (French) – “Bright” and “clear”
  3. Jennie (English) – “Fair one” or “white fairy”; great for white cats
  4. Mully (Gaelic and Irish name) – “Big and soft” or “noble”
  5. Smoky (English) – “Smoke-colored”; great for a gray cat
  6. Sphinx (Greek and Egyptian) – “The strangler”; mythological creature with a human head and lion’s body
  7. Stormy (American) – “Tempest”


Long Names For Girl Cats

  1. Abigail (Hebrew) – “My father’s joy” 
  2. Adelaide (German girl name) – “Noble”
  3. Ambrosia (Greek) – “Immortal”
  4. Anastasia (Greek and Russian girl name) – “Resurrection”
  5. Angelica (Latin, Italian, Russian, and Polish name) – “Angelic” 
  6. Artemis (Greek) – “Butcher” or “twin of Apollo”; goddess of hunting and the moon in Greek mythology
  7. Carolina (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, and Swedish) – “Free woman”; feminine version of the German boy name “Charles”
  8. Dalmatian (Illyrian, an Indo-European language) – Dog name or breed known for black spots on white skin and fur; nice choice for spotted cats
  9. Delilah (Hebrew and Arabic) – “Delicate”
  10. Felicity (Latin) – “Happiness”
  11. Marishka (Hungarian) – “Sea of bitterness”; variant of the Latin name “Maria”
  12. Victoria (Latin) – “Victory”; Roman goddess of victory


Short Names For Girl Cats

  1. Tate (English) – “Cheerful”
  2. Jinx (Latin) – 4 letter girl name meaning “charm” or “spell”
  3. Lei (Chinese name) – “Thunder” or a flower name (flower bud)
  4. Ava (Persian, German, Latin, and Hebrew) – “Lively” or “bird-like”
  5. Aki (Japanese girl name) – “Bright” or “born in autumn”
  6. Zoe (Greek) – “Life”
  7. Anna (Greek and Hebrew) – “Grace”; princess in the Disney movie “Frozen


What Are Some Unique Cat Names For Girls?

  1. Alisa (Hebrew) – “Great happiness” or “joy” 
  2. Mint (Latin and Greek) – “Yielding to prayer” and “defender”; also given to cats with green eyes
  3. Della (English and German name) – “Nobility” 
  4. Danica (Slavic ) – “Morning star” 
  5. Biana (American) – “Fair-skinned” as a variant of “Bianca”; great for white cats
  6. Thema (Egyptian) – “Queen”
  7. Adelina (Italian) – “Nobility”
  8. Zsa Zsa (Hungarian) – “God is my oath”


Strong & Powerful Girl Cat Names

  1. Alexis (Russian name) – Unisex name meaning “defender of the people”
  2. Athena (Greek) – Greek goddess of wisdom
  3. Buffy (English) – “God is my oath”; badass girl name after the titular character of the TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
  4. Cayenne (French) – “Hot spice”; great name for a feisty cat
  5. Conquest (Old French and Middle English) – Word name meaning “conquest” or “to conquer”
  6. Eleven (Old English and German nonbinary name) – “Number 11”; one of the main characters in the Netflix supernatural series “Stranger Things
  7. Eloise (English, French, and German) – “Famous warrior” or “healthy and wide”
  8. Hela (Norse name) – Goddess of the underworld in Norse mythology
  9. Hera (Greek) – Goddess of marriage and queen of the gods in Greek mythology
  10. Hermione (Greek) – “Messenger” and “earthly”
  11. Juno (Latin) – Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth; queen of the gods
  12. Lois (German and Greek) – “Renowned fighter” or “superior”
  13. Lulu (German, Swahili, Tanzanian, and Hawaiian name) – “Famous warrior” as a short form of “Louis”; also means “precious,” “protected,” and “peaceful”
  14. Minerva (Latin) – “Wisdom”
  15. Radigun (Gaelic and Irish) – “Decree”
  16. Ripley (Old English) – “Strip of clearing in the woods”; badass heroine in the “Alien” movie series


What Are The Rarest Girl Cat Names?

  1. Abarne (Basque, a Southwestern European language) – “Branches”
  2. Adalira (Spanish) – “Noble”
  3. Anita (Spanish) – “Graceful” and “merciful”
  4. Birdy (American and German) – “Bringing victory” or “bright and famous”
  5. Cherish (British) – “To treasure” or “beloved”
  6. Destiny (Latin) – Word name meaning “fate”
  7. Dory (French) – “Gift of God”
  8. Mad Hatter – Orange-haired character in the fantasy book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  9. Moose (Native American and English gender-neutral name) – Large animal in the deer family
  10. River (British nonbinary name) – Name that means “water” (flowing body of water)


Musical Girl Cat Names

  1. Aria (Italian, Persian, and Arabic) – “Solo melody,” “air,” or “noble”; also spelled as “Arya”
  2. Cadenza (Italian and Latin) – “Cadence” or “rhythm”
  3. Diva (Italian and Latin) – “Celebrated singer” or “goddess”
  4. Gala (Scandinavian) – “Singer”
  5. Jazzy (English) – Modern form of “jazz,” a music style
  6. Keyboard (English) – Piano-like musical instrument with black and white keys; the perfect name for black and white cats
  7. Mellow (English) – “Calm tempo”
  8. Symphony (Greek and English) – “Musical piece”
  9. Viola (Latin and Italian) – String instrument; also a color name meaning “violet” or “purple”


Girl Cat Names In Movies & Pop Culture

  1. Chip (English) – “Small piece of something”; adorable chipped teacup character in the Disney princess movie “Beauty and the Beast”
  2. Jiji (Korean name) – Anime name for the cat in “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” a story about a young girl training to become a full-fledged witch
  3. Salem (Hebrew and Arabic unisex name) – Male cat in the series, “Sabrina The Teenage Witch,” but also used as a girl name


Adorable Food-Inspired Female Cat Names

  1. Apple
  2. Beans
  3. Biscuit
  4. Blueberry
  5. Brownie
  6. Chocolate
  7. Cocoa
  8. Cream Puff
  9. Gummy Bear
  10. Jelly Bean
  11. Kit Kat
  12. Marshmallow
  13. Matcha
  14. Muffin
  15. Nectar
  16. Nuggets
  17. Peaches
  18. Popcorn
  19. Pumpkin
  20. Skittles
  21. Snickers
  22. Spice
  23. Sprinkles
  24. Sushi
  25. Tuna
  26. Twix


Sweet Nature-Inspired Names For Girl Cats

  1. Aspen (American) – “Shaking tree”
  2. Chickadee (Cherokee Indian and North American) – Black-and-white songbird
  3. Chika (Japanese girl name) – “Flower” or “wisdom”
  4. Daisy (Old English) – “The day’s eye”; white flower that only opens during daytime
  5. Ladybug (English) – Red bug with black dots; perfect name for a reddish cat with black spots
  6. Laurie (Latin and English) – Plant name meaning “laurel” (symbol of victory)
  7. Lilly (English) – Flower name meaning “lily
  8. Panda (Nepali and Indian) – “Bamboo-eater”; large bear-like animal with black and white fur
  9. Penguin (Welsh) – Black-and-white flightless bird
  10. Poppy (Latin and Old English) – “Red flower”
  11. Rose (Latin) – “Flower”; also spelled as “Rosie”
  12. Talia (Hebrew and Aramaic) – “Rain from the heavens” or “dew of God”
  13. Zaria (Slavic and Arabic girl name) – “Blossoming flower”


Fantasy Girl Cat Names

  1. Chloe (Greek girl name) – “Blooming” or “fertility”; another name for Demeter as the goddess of spring
  2. Cinderella (French girl name) – “Little ashes”; also a Disney princess name
  3. Elektra (Greek name) – “Amber” or “bright and shining”; after a highly trained assassin in the Marvel Comics
  4. Flidais (Irish girl name) – Celtic goddess of the hunt
  5. Khaleesi (invented name) – “Queen”; strong character in the HBO series “Game of Thrones
  6. Lagertha (Latin, Slavic, and Old Norse) – “Warrior women” or a name that means “sun” (gift of the sun); shieldmaiden and wife of the Viking leader Ragnar Lodbrok
  7. Matilda (English and German) – “Battle strength”
  8. Mielikki (Finnish) – “Luck” or “mood”; Finnish goddess of the woods
  9. Neith (Egyptian) – “The divine mother”; Egyptian hunter goddess
  10. Neytiri (invented name) – “Nature”; the main character in the sci-fi movie “Avatar


Exotic Girl Cat Names

  1. Amaka (African girl name) – Black girl name meaning “precious”
  2. Ashanti (African) – “Thank you”
  3. Azana (Arabic) – “Call to prayer” or “announcement”
  4. Bindi (Aboriginal – Australian and Indian) – “Butterfly,” “little girl,” or “forehead decoration”
  5. Inari (Indian and Japanese name) – “Loaded with rice” or “successful one”
  6. Kali (Indian) – “Maiden,” “the black one,” or “the divine mother”; perfect name for black cats
  7. Komala (India) – “Tender” or “delicate”


Girl Cat Names From Around The World

Irish Female Cat Names

  1. Darcy (Irish) – “The dark one,” “dark-haired,” or “descendant of the dark”
  2. Quinn (Irish, Gaelic, Celtic, and Latin) – “Wise,” “head,” or “descendant of Conn”


French Female Cat Names

  1. Celine (French and Latin) – “Heavenly”
  2. Chanel (French and Latin) – “Canal” or “water channel”
  3. Odette (French and German) – “Wealth” or “riches”
  4. Sophie (Greek) – Popular girl name meaning “wisdom”


Scandinavian & Norwegian Female Cat Names

  1. Freya (Scandinavian and Old German) – “Lady”; the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility
  2. Helga (Scandinavian and Old Norse) – “Holy”
  3. Isa (Norwegian) – “Ice,” “strong-willed,” or “salvation of God”
  4. Mia (Scandinavian, Italian, and Spanish) – “Sea,” “bitter,” or a pet name for girls meaning “dear” or “darling”


Italian Female Cat Names

  1. Alessa (Italian) – “Defender of the people”; a short form of “Alessandra”
  2. Benita (Italian and Latin) – “Blessed”; feminine form of the Italian boy name “Benito” or “Benedict”
  3. Cara (Italian and Latin) – “Beloved” or “dear one”
  4. Fiorella (Italian) – “Little flower”
  5. Gianna (Italian) – “God is gracious”; feminine variant of the biblical boy name “John”
  6. Isabella (Spanish and Italian) – “God is my oath”
  7. Lucia (Italian) – Name that means “light”
  8. Mirella (Italian) – “Prosperous,” “wonderful,” or “admirable”
  9. Natalia (Italian and Latin) – “Christmas Day”


Spanish Female Cat Names

  1. Alameda (Spanish) – “Poplar tree”
  2. Belinda (Old Spanish) – “Beautiful”
  3. Bonita (Spanish and Portuguese) – “Pretty,” “cute,” or “beautiful”
  4. Costa (Spanish and Italian) – “From the coast” or “constant”
  5. Delores (Spanish) – “Sorrow”; religious name after the “Lady of Sorrows” (one of the Virgin Mary’s names)
  6. Havana (Spanish and Dutch) – “Port,” “heaven,” or a place name “Habana” (capital of Cuba)
  7. Irena (Spanish and Greek) – “Peace” or “harmony”
  8. Lola (Spanish) – “Sorrows”; also means “Lady of Sorrows”


German Female Cat Names

  1. Abelina (German) – “A breath”; feminine form of “Abel”
  2. Frida (German, Old Norse, and Scandinavian) – “Peace”
  3. Fritzi (German) – “Peaceful ruler”


Chinese Female Cat Names

  1. Chan (Chinese) – “Snow”
  2. Chen (Chinese) – “Dawn”
  3. Jiang (Chinese – “River”
  4. Meng (Chinese) – “Energetic” or “savage”; perfect for a naughty kitty


Egyptian Female Cat Names

  1. Bastet (Egyptian) – Goddess of motherhood; depicted with a cat head
  2. Nakia (Egyptian and Arabic unisex name) – “Pure and faithful”
  3. Nefertari (Egyptian) – “Beautiful companion”; name of an Egyptian queen
  4. Nefret (Egyptian) – “Beautiful”
  5. Neith (Egyptian) – “The divine mother”; ancient Egyptian mother goddess


Japanese Female Cat Names

  1. Akiko (Japanese) – “Autumn’s child” or “bright child”
  2. Ayumi (Japanese) – “A sweet fish” or “beautiful”
  3. Emiko (Japanese) – “Smiling child” or “blessed child”
  4. Fumiko (Japanese) – “Little friend” or “child of treasured beauty”
  5. Hoshi (Japanese) – “Star”
  6. Izumi (Japanese) – Name that means “water” (fountain or spring)
  7. Koko (Japanese and Native American) – “Stork” or “night”
  8. Minami (Japanese) – “South”
  9. Suki (Japanese) – “Beloved”
  10. Tao (Japanese) – “Long life,” “peach,” or “way”
  11. Yumiko (Japanese) – “Arrow child”


Creative Names For Female Cats

  1. Gertrude (Dutch, American, and German name) – “Spear of strength”
  2. Leia (Latin, Hebrew, and Hawaiian girl name) – “Lioness,” “relaxed,” or “child of heaven”
  3. Sabrina (Latin and Italian name) – “Legendary princess”
  4. Sofieke (Dutch) – “Wise” or “wisdom; variant of “Sophie”


Human-Inspired Girl Cat Names

Famous & Celebrity-Inspired Girl Cat Names

  1. Adele – English singer-songwriter
  2. Ariana – American singer Ariana Grande
  3. Beyoncé – American singer-songwriter Beyoncé Knowles
  4. Doja – American rapper Doja Cat
  5. Dolly – American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton
  6. Griffin – American comedian Kathy Griffin
  7. Isla – Australian actress Isla Fisher
  8. Jennifer – American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez
  9. Lucille – American actress Lucille Ball
  10. Madonna – American singer-songwriter Madonna
  11. Nelly – Canadian singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado
  12. Reese – American actress Reese Witherspoon
  13. Rihanna – Barbadian singer
  14. Zendaya – American actress


Sporty Girl Cat Names

  1. Atalanta – Fierce huntress in Greek mythology
  2. Michelle – American professional golfer Michelle Wie 
  3. Serena – American tennis player Serena Williams
  4. Simone – American gymnast Simone Biles


Other Human-Inspired Female Cat Names

  1. Aubrey (Norman French and German) – “Ruler of elves”
  2. Bridget (Gaelic and Celtic) – “Exalted one”
  3. Daniela (Hebrew and Spanish) – “God is my judge”; feminine version of “Daniel
  4. Fabiana (Italian) – “Bean grower”; feminine form of the Italian boy name “Fabian”
  5. Jessica (Hebrew) – “God beholds”
  6. Trinity (English and Latin) – Biblical name meaning “one God in three persons”; kickass female character in “The Matrix” sci-fi series
  7. Wednesday (Latin) – “Woden’s day (Germanic form of Odin)”; also a character in the “Addams Family” cartoon series


Personality-Based Girl Cat Names

Witty & Humorous Girl Cat Names

  1. Android
  2. Bubbly
  3. Dorky
  4. Fuzzy
  5. Giggles
  6. Jiggles
  7. Poison Ivy
  8. Scratchy
  9. Teacup
  10. Twinkle


Playful Girl Cat Names

  1. Arisa
  2. Bunny
  3. Confetti
  4. Dash
  5. Fizzy
  6. Gidget
  7. Jammy
  8. Meow
  9. Orbit
  10. Pebbles
  11. Sassy
  12. Scribbles
  13. Spunky


Feisty & Wicked Girl Cat Names

  1. Cruella
  2. Daredevil
  3. Envy
  4. Fang
  5. Hex
  6. Lilith
  7. Mystery
  8. Nemesis
  9. Sasha
  10. Taz


Cool & Sweet Girl Cat Names

  1. Amelia
  2. April
  3. Candy
  4. Cuddles
  5. Dotty
  6. Fiona
  7. Friendly
  8. Lali
  9. Treasure


What Are The Cutest Kitten Names?

  1. Baby
  2. Bea
  3. Bonnie
  4. Buggs
  5. Cassie
  6. Chibi
  7. Izzy
  8. Puffles
  9. Puffy
  10. Rainbow
  11. Taffy


What Are Good Names For A Girl Kitten?

  1. Anya (Sanskrit and Russian girl name) – Name that means “grace” (gracious) or “merciful”
  2. Lucy (Latin and English) – “Light”
  3. Maggie (English and Greek) – “Pearl”
  4. Mimi (Hebrew) – “Wonderful” or “sea of bitterness”


Color-Based Girl Cat Names

Black Girl Names For Cats

  1. Black Panther (African unisex name) – After the superhero Marvel character “Black Panther”
  2. Kiara (Irish name) – “Dark”; variant of “Keara”
  3. Layla (Arabic) – “Night” or “black” 
  4. Nightfall (Old English) – “Dusk” or “darkness”
  5. Noir (French) – “Black”
  6. Nyx (Greek) – “Night”; Greek goddess and personification of the night
  7. Sable (English and Slavic) – “Black”
  8. Shakira (Arabic) – “Grateful”; name of a Colombian-born singer
  9. Spooky (English) – “Scary”; witchy name for your mischievous cat
  10. Tiana (Russian name) – “Princess”; titular character in the Disney princess movie “The Princess and the Frog


White Girl Names For Cats

  1. Bianca (Italian and Spanish) – “White”
  2. Blanca (French name) – “White and pure”
  3. Brisa (Spanish) – “Small wind” or “breeze”
  4. Nell (Latin, Greek, and English) – “Shining light”
  5. Snow White (English) – “White as snow”; fairy tale character and Disney princess name


Black and White Girl Cat Names

  1. Bernadette (German and French) – “Brave as a bear”
  2. Bow Tie (English) – Bow that’s worn like a necktie
  3. Butler (English) – Occupation name for the chief house helper who often wears a black and white suit
  4. Checkers (English) – Board game with black and white squares
  5. Coco (French and American) – “Chocolate bean”
  6. Oreo (French) – “Gold”; black chocolate cookie with white filling


Gray Cat Girl Names

  1. Brio (Italian) – “Zest” or “vivacity”
  2. Carlita (Spanish, Old German, and Latin) – “Free”; feminine form of the Scandinavian and German boy name “Carl”
  3. Rella (Italian and German) – “Flower” or “foreign”
  4. Roxie (Persian) – Cute cat name meaning “dawn”


Tortoiseshell Girl Cat Names

  1. Missy (Greek and American) – “Bee” or “little miss”
  2. Opal (Sanskrit) – “Jewel”


Calico Girl Cat Names

Calico cats have a white coat with mottled black, orange, and brown patches.

  1. Amber
  2. Autumn
  3. Butterscotch
  4. Copper
  5. Mayo
  6. Mosaic
  7. Patches


Tabby & Orange Girl Cat Names

  1. Annie (Hebrew) – “Favor” and “grace”
  2. Clementine (Latin and French) – “Merciful”; also a tangy and sweet citrus fruit
  3. Daphne (Greek) – “Laurel”; nymph in Greek mythology
  4. Goldie (English and Yiddish) – “Made of gold” or “looks like gold”
  5. Maizy (Scottish and Greek) – “Orange and golden colors” or “pearl”


Other Color-Inspired Girl Cat Names

  1. Colorado (Spanish) – “Colored red”
  2. Pinky (English) – “Color pink”
  3. Scarlette (French) – “Red”
  4. Silver (English nonbinary name) – “Metal element”; also a color name


Popular Girl Cat Names By Popular Breeds

Persian Cats

  1. Blossom (American and British) – “Bloom” or “flower-like”
  2. Buttercup (English) – “Yellow wildflower”
  3. Cleo (ancient Greek name) – “To make famous” or “to celebrate”; can also be a short form of the Middle English name “Cleopatra”
  4. Diana (Latin and Greek) – “Pure and divine”
  5. Fluffy (English) – Refers to the fluffy fur of this special breed
  6. Scarlet (English and French) – “Red”; perfect name for a cat with reddish fur
  7. Zifa (Persian or Tatar and Bashkir communities in Russia) – “Beautiful”


Main Coon Cats

  1. Arielle (Hebrew) – “Lion of God”
  2. Dysis (ancient Greek) – “Sunset”
  3. Fortuna (Latin) – “Good fortune” or “good fate”
  4. Jade (British and Spanish) – “Green gemstone”
  5. Zarina (Asian languages Persian, Kazakh, Urdu, and Malay) – “Golden”
  6. Ziska (Teutonic and German) – “Free”; can be a short version of “Franziska”


American Bobtail Cats

  1. Kit Kat (English) – “Kitty cat”; also a popular chocolate wafer confection
  2. Maddy (English) – “Young maiden” or “woman from Magdala (a biblical place name)”
  3. Maya (Indian) – “Illusion” or “dream”
  4. Mimsy (Hebrew) – “One who is above all” or “beautiful”
  5. Smokey (American) – “Smoke-colored”


Abyssinian Cats

  1. Ada (German and Hebrew) – “Nobility” or “adornment”; can also be spelled as “Adah”
  2. Aliza (Hebrew) – “Joyful”
  3. Amanda (Latin) – “Loveable” or “worthy of love”; perfect name for your adorable ball of fur
  4. Samantha (Aramaic) – “God has heard” or “blossom”
  5. Shelly (Hebrew, German, and English) – “Sloped meadow,” “little rock,” or “female sheep”


Bengal Cats

  1. Cookie (English) – “Sweet biscuit”; also a popular pet name that means “one who is cute”
  2. Felice (Latin unisex name) – “Fortunate,” “lucky,” or “happy”
  3. Zelda (German) – “Gray fighting maiden,” “strong woman,” or “dark battle”; can also be a short form of “Griselda”


Scottish Fold Cats

  1. Alisha (American, Sanskrit, and Spanish) – “Of noble kin,” “protected by God,” or “oath of God”
  2. Gwen (Welsh) – “Blessed ring,” “holy,” or “white”
  3. Mittens (English and Old French) – “Piece of clothing worn on the hands”; the name of these baby essentials are popularly used for cats because of the mitten-like pattern on their paws


Burmese Cats

  1. Cho (Burmese, Japanese, and Korean girl name) – “Sweet,” “butterfly,” or “beautiful”
  2. Electra (Greek) – “Incandescent,” “bright,” or “shining”
  3. Robin (German) – “Bright fame” or “famous”
  4. Trixie (Latin) – “Bringer of joy”


Siamese Cats

  1. Esmeralda (Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese) – Hispanic girl name that means “emerald”
  2. Sandi (Greek and English) – “Man’s defender”; short form of “Sandra” and any variant of the Greek boy name “Alexander”
  3. Shan (Gaelic and Chinese name) – “Coral”
  4. Ziya (Arabic and Turkish) – “Light”


Ragamuffin Cat Names

  1. Ashlin (Irish gender neutral-name) – “Dream” or “meadow of ash trees”
  2. Purrfect (invented name) – “Perfect little cat”; a play with “purr” (a low, continuous vibratory sound commonly made by cats) and “perfect”
  3. Smooches (English) – Pet name meaning “kisses”
  4. Summer (Old English) – “Summer season”


Place & Travel-Inspired Names For Cats

  1. Bay (English) – “Sea inlet”
  2. Chicago (Native American – Algonquin) – “Onion” or “striped skunk”
  3. Dakota (Native American – Sioux) – “The allies” or “friends”
  4. Mississippi (Native American – Algonquian) – “Father of all waters,” “gathering-in of all the waters”, or “great river”


Rare & Peculiar Girl Cat Names

You don’t have to follow conventions when naming your fur baby. Here are some uncommon choices:

  1. Boo (French) – Pet name meaning “sweetheart” or “admirer” as a variant of “Beau”; can also mean the word commonly used to surprise or frighten someone, making it perfect for a black cat or one who loves to catch you by surprise
  2. Drucilla (Latin) – “Mighty” or “strong”; feminine form of the Roman surname “Drusus”
  3. Eight Ball (English) – Named after the black-and-white ball (eighth numbered ball) in the game
  4. Petite (English and Old French) – “Small” or “tiny”


Combination Names For Girl Cats

  1. Annabelle (French and Latin) – “Favored grace” or “beautiful”; combination of the names “Anna” or “Anne” and “Belle”
  2. Black Widow (English) – Fantasy girl name after the Marvel superhero character (she’s one of the most talented assassins and spies in the world)
  3. Catty Perry or Katy Perry – after the American singer-songwriter
  4. Hello Kitty – Fictional cartoon character that originated from Japan; also considered an anime name (the franchise released three Hello Kitty anime films)
  5. Ice Princess (English) – Connotes a haughty princess; perfect for a moody cat
  6. Jia Li (Chinese girl name) – “Good and beautiful”
  7. Marilyn (British and American) – “Star of the sea” or “beloved”; combination of “Mary” and “Lynn”
  8. Miss Kitty (invented name)
  9. Mrs. Cat (invented name)
  10. Princess Elsa – Princess (and later queen) with the power to control and create ice and snow in the Disney movie “Frozen”; you can also opt to name your cat “Queen Elsa”


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Cat Names

  1. Amos (Hebrew) – “Carried by God” or “burdened”; biblical boy name for a prophet in the Old Testament, but is now used as a unisex name
  2. Blake (British) – “Shining,” “dark,” or “bright”; surprisingly, the name also means both “white” and “black,” making it great for black-and-white cats
  3. Bodie (German and Scandinavian) – “One who brings news,” “messenger,” or “shelter”
  4. Cash (English and Latin) – “Money” or “hollow”
  5. Charlie (German and Old English) – “Free man”
  6. Romy (Latin and German) – “Dew of the sea” or “one from Rome as a feminine form of “Roman”; it can also be a short form of the plant name “Rosemary”


Girl Cat Names From A To Z

Girl Cat Names Starting With A

  1. Abby (English, American, and Hebrew) – “Joy of the father”
  2. Agnes (French and Greek) – “Pure”
  3. Alda (German) – “Wise” or “old”
  4. Allie (American) – “Noble,” “strong,” and “harmony”
  5. Amaya (Arabic) – “Night rain,” “mother city,” or “the end”
  6. Amelie (Latin and Old German) – “Industrious”
  7. Amina (Arabic) – “Trustworthy,” “honest,” or “faithful”
  8. Arista (Greek) – “The best”; also a mermaid name after one of Ariel’s sisters in the prequel film “The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning
  9. Aya (Arabic and Japanese) – “Miracle,” “amazing,” “colorful,” or “design”
  10. Aziza (Hebrew, Arabic, and Swahili) – “Mighty” or “precious”; also a name that means “love” (beloved)


Girl Cat Names Starting With B

  1. Bambi (Italian) – “Child”; also known as the deer character in Disney’s “Bambi
  2. Bessie (Hebrew) – “God is my oath” or “pledged to God”
  3. Betsy (Hebrew) – “Worshipper of God” or “daughter”
  4. Bliss (English gender-neutral name) – “Perfect joy,” “intense happiness,” or “cheer”
  5. Boomer (American unisex name) – “Notable,” “large,” or “loud”
  6. Boots (English) – Occupational name meaning “maker of boots”; popular as a cat name after the fairy tale “Puss in Boots


Girl Cat Names Starting With C

  1. Callie (Greek) – “Beautiful” or “lovely”; can also be a shortened version of “Calista”
  2. Candice (Latin) – “Pure”; variants can include “Candace”
  3. Carmela (Hebrew and Italian) – “Garden” or “orchard”
  4. Carmen (Hebrew and Latin) – “Poem” or “vineyard”
  5. Casey (Irish and Gaelic) – “Vigilant in war” or “watchful”
  6. Cassia (Greek and Polish name) – “Cinnamon”; also means “pure” as a variant of “Catherine”
  7. China – Country name that’s also a perfect cat name for Asian cats
  8. Cinnamon (American) – Spice name
  9. Claudette (French) – “Enclosure” or “lame”
  10. Crystal (English) – “Precious stone” or “clear”


Girl Cat Names Starting With D

  1. Delia (Greek and German) – “Person from Delos (a Greek island)” or “noble”
  2. Diamond (English) – “Brilliant” or “high value”
  3. Dinah (Hebrew) – “God has judged” or “vindicated”; biblical girl name after Jacob’s only daughter (he has 12 sons)
  4. Dixie (French) – “Tenth,” “from the South,” or “I have spoken”
  5. Dorothy (English and Greek) – “God’s gift”; name of the girl in the fantasy story “The Wizard of Oz
  6. Dully (American) – “Without enthusiasm”; funny cat name for your lazy furball


Girl Cat Names Starting With E

  1. Eden (Hebrew) – “Paradise” or “place of pleasure”
  2. Ella (Spanish, Greek, Norman French, and Hebrew) – “Fairy maiden,” “beautiful,” or “goddess”
  3. Elle (French) – “Female” or “girl”
  4. Ellie (Greek and English) – “Light” or “torch”; can be a short form of any “El-” name, such as “Elizabeth”
  5. Elsa (Scandinavian and Hebrew) – “God is my oath” or “God is perfection”
  6. Emi (English and Japanese name) – “Favor,” “beautiful,” or “blessing”
  7. Emily (English, Latin, and Roman) – “Rival,” “to strive,” or “excel”; also a variant of Latin name “Aemilla”
  8. Emma (Latin and German) – “Universal”
  9. Enid (Welsh and Celtic) – “Purity,” “beautiful soul,” or “life”
  10. Esme (Old French) – “Esteemed” or “loved”
  11. Ethel (Old English) – “Noble”
  12. Eudora (Greek) – “Good gift” or “generous gift”
  13. Eunice (Greek) – “Good victory”


Girl Cat Names Starting With F

  1. Fate (French) – “Destiny”
  2. Fauna (Latin) – “Young deer” or “animals”; Roman goddess of the earth
  3. Feme (Egyptian and Irish) – “A name of love” or “young girl”
  4. Ferrari (Italian) – “Blacksmith” or “iron-worker”; after the famous Italian luxury car brand, and is perfect for fast cats
  5. Finna (Irish) – “Fair” or “wanderer”
  6. Florence (Latin and Roman) – “Prosperous,” “blooming,” or “flowering”
  7. Fuchsia (German and English) – Color and flower name


Girl Cat Names Starting With G

  1. Gabriella (Hebrew) – “God is my strength”; feminine version of the angel name “Gabriel”
  2. Galaxy (Greek) – Futuristic girl name meaning “large system of stars”
  3. Galena (Greek) – “Calm”
  4. Georgie (Greek and French) – “Farmer” or “earthworker”
  5. Gia (Italian) – “God is gracious”; can also be a short form of “Gia-” names such as “Gianna” or “Giavanna” (female form of “Giovanni”)
  6. Gigi (French) – Sweet nickname meaning “farmer”
  7. Ginger (English) – Commonly-used spice or a color name for brownish or reddish yellow
  8. Ginny (English) – “Pure” and “chaste”; short form of “Virginia”
  9. Gizmo (English) – “Small device for a particular task”
  10. Gladys (Welsh and English) – “Princess,” “nation,” or “land”
  11. Gorgeous (English) – Word name meaning “beautiful”
  12. Grace (Latin) – Virtue name meaning “goodness,” “charm,” and “generosity”
  13. Grazia (Latin and Italian) – “Grace,” “blessing,” or “favor”
  14. Grendel (Old English) – “Shadow-walker,” “angry,” or “fierce”
  15. Gretel (German) – “Pearl”; character in the children’s fairy tail “Hansel and Gretel,” but can also be a shortened form of “Margaret”
  16. Gwyneth (Welsh) – “Blessed” or “fortunate ”
  17. Gypsy (Old English) – “Bohemian traveler” or “wanderer”


Girl Cat Names Starting With H

  1. Hachi (Japanese) – “Number eight,” “wise leaf,” or “good fortune”
  2. Hana (Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, and Hawaiian name) – “Flower,” “number one,” “wor or craft,” or “bliss or happiness”
  3. Harper (Old English) – Occupational name meaning “someone who plays the harp”
  4. Heba (Arabic) – “Generous gift”
  5. Holly (English) – Plant with red berries often used as a symbol of Christmas; can also mean “who lives at the sign of the dove”
  6. Hope (Middle English) – Virtue name for “desire of fulfillment” or “faith”


Girl Cat Names Starting With I

  1. Ice (American) – “Frozen water”; also the perfect name for a cool or indifferent cat
  2. Ida (ancient German) – “Industrious” or “hardworking”
  3. Iris (Greek, English, German, and Dutch) – Rainbow baby name that means “rainbow” or “colorful”
  4. Isabel (Spanish) – “God is my oath”


Girl Cat Names Starting With J

  1. Jen (English and Welsh) – “Fair phantom,” “white and smooth,” and “fair one”
  2. Jessenia (Arabic and Spanish) – “Flower”; Hispanic girl name meaning “South American tree”; also spelled as “Yesenia”
  3. Jezebel (Hebrew) – “Pure” and “virginal”
  4. Johanna (Latin, Greek, and Hebrew) – “God is gracious”; a feminine variation of “John”
  5. Jojo (English) – “God raises” as a short form feminine form of “Joseph”
  6. Joy (Latin) – “Happiness”


Girl Cat Names Starting With K

  1. Kana (Hebrew and Japanese gender-neutral name) – “Plant” or “power”
  2. Kara (Italian) – Pet name meaning “dear” or “beloved”; also a variant of “Cara”
  3. Karma (Sanskrit) – “Destiny”
  4. Kata (Greek) – “Worthy” or “pure”
  5. Katniss (Greek) – “Aquatic plant”; the main protagonist in “The Hunger Games” trilogy
  6. Katrina (German, Irish, and Scottish) – “Pure”; variant of “Catherine”
  7. Kiki (Spanish and French) – “Double happiness”; can be a short form of any name that begins with the letter “K”


Girl Cat Names Starting With L

  1. Lana (Slavic and Hawaiian) – “Light,” “blessed,” or “shining”; can also be a short form of “Svetlana”
  2. Lang (German or Hungarian) – “Tall” or “long man”; also a name that means “fire” (flame)
  3. Lapis (Persian) – “Lapis Lazuli gemstone” or “azure blue stone”
  4. Lassie (Scottish) – “Maiden” or “young girl”
  5. Laura (Latin) – “Victory”
  6. Lena (Arabic, Hindi, Hebrew, French, Finnish, and Swedish) – “Shining” or “a woman of Magdala (a biblical place name)”
  7. Lexi (Greek and Latin) – “Man’s defender”; a short, nonbinary form of “Alexander” or “Alexis”
  8. Lilianna (English) – “Pure and innocent flower”; combination of “Lily” and “Anna”
  9. Lilo (Hawaiian) – “Generous one”; main character in the Disney animated film, “Lilo and Stitch
  10. Lily (English) – A white flower that symbolizes “purity and innocence”
  11. Lori (American and French) – “Laurel”
  12. Louise (French and German) – “Renowned warrior”


Girl Cat Names Starting With M

  1. Mabel (English) – “Lovable” or “dear”
  2. Maddie (Hebrew) – “Woman of Magdala (a biblical place name)” or “unmarried woman”; can also be a variant of “Maddy,” “Madison,” or “Madeleine”
  3. Mae (English) – “Spring growth,” “bitter,” or “pearl”
  4. Maida (Armenian) – “Maiden”
  5. Mandisa (Egyptian and African) – “Sweet and palatable”
  6. Maria (Latin) – “Rebellious,” “bitter,” or “sea”
  7. Marin (French and Slavic) – “Of the sea”
  8. Marley (English) – “Boundary field” or “marshy meadow”
  9. Martha (Latin, Aramaic, and ancient Greek) – “The mistress” or “lady of the house”
  10. Melosa (Spanish) – “Honey,” “sweet,” or “bee”
  11. Messina (Italian gender-neutral name) – “A place in Italy”; also a musical name after the ‘70s rock-pop duo “Loggins & Messina”
  12. Mikaela (Hebrew) – “Who is like God?”; feminine form of “Michael”
  13. Millie (Latin and German) – “Strong in work” or “gentle strength”; can also be a short form of longer names like “Mildred” or “Millicent”
  14. Minnie (English) – “Sea or bitter,” “rebellious,” or “mind and intellect”
  15. Misha (Russian and Hebrew) – “Who is like God?”; also a variant of “Michael”
  16. Misty (British and American) – “Haze” or “foggy”
  17. Monifa (Egyptian and Arabic) – “Lucky,” “exalted,” or “eminent”
  18. Moxie (American) – “Full of energy” or “aggressive energy”
  19. Myrtle (Latin) – “Evergreen shrub”


Girl Cat Names Starting with N

  1. Nala (Arabic and African) – “Successful,” “water in the desert,” or “first drink of water”; one of the main characters in the animated movie series “The Lion King
  2. Nami (Japanese) – “Ocean wave”
  3. Nena (English and Spanish) – “Sweet little girl”
  4. Nikita (Greek and Slavic) – “Unconquerable”
  5. Nina (Spanish) – “Little girl”
  6. Nora (English and Latin) – “Honor” or “shining light”
  7. Nova (Latin) – “New”
  8. Nubia (English) – “Golden”


Girl Cat Names Starting With O

  1. Odessa (Greek) – “Long journey,” “one who receives pain,” or “wrathful”
  2. Oki (Japanese) – “Ocean-centered”
  3. Olive (English) – “Olive” or “from the olive tree”; also a symbol of peace, and is perfect for a quiet or well-behaved new kitty
  4. Olympia (Greek) – “From Mount Olympus (the mountain of the gods in Greek mythology)
  5. Oriole (Latin) – “The golden one”; a gold-flecked bird
  6. Ororo (African) – “Beauty”; real name of “X-Men” superhero character “Storm” (she can manipulate the weather)


Girl Cat Names Starting With P

  1. Pandora (Greek) – “All gifts” or “all-gifted”; name of the woman in Greek mythology who was made perfectly by the gods but unknowingly unleashed evil after opening a mysterious box out of curiosity
  2. Pansy (American and French) – “Flowering plant with velvety petals”
  3. Park (English and Korean name) – Place name after a park or “of the forest”; also a nature name meaning “cypress tree”
  4. Patience (English) – Virtue name after “patience” or “endurance”
  5. Pearl (English) – “Precious gemstone”
  6. Penny (English and Greek) – “Weaver”
  7. Pepper (American and German) – “Hot spice”
  8. Precious (American) – “Precious one” or “of great worth”
  9. Princess (English) – “Royal daughter”
  10. Priscilla (Roman and Latin) – “Venerable” or “ancient”


Girl Cat Names Starting With Q

  1. Qi (Mandarin and Chinese) – “Fine jade,” “special,” “outstanding,” or “distinguished”
  2. Queenie (Old English) – “Royal” or “queen”


Girl Cat Names Starting With R

  1. Rachel (Hebrew) – “Ewe (female sheep)” or “one with purity”; biblical name after Jacob’s favorite wife
  2. Rana (Persian, Arabic, Kurdish, and Turkish) – “Graceful,” “mesmerizing,” “eye-catching,” and “glittering”
  3. Rosa (Spanish, Italian, and Latin) – “Rose”
  4. Roxy (Persian and American) – “Dawn”
  5. Ruby (Latin) – “Deep red precious stone”
  6. Ruth (Hebrew) – “Friendship” or “compassionate friend”; perfect name for your feline friend


Girl Cat Names Starting With S

  1. Sacha (Greek and Russian unisex name) – “Protector of mankind”; variant of “Alexander”
  2. Sadie (English and Hebrew) – “Princess”
  3. Saffron (English and Arabic) – “Yellow flower and spice”
  4. Safiya (Arabic) – “Pure” or “purity of soul and spirit”
  5. Salma (Arabic) – “Peace”; famous namesakes include Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek
  6. Sarafina (Hebrew) – “The burning ones”; angels with the highest rank
  7. Selina (Greek) – Name that means “moon”
  8. Sookie (American, Egyptian, and Hebrew) – “Lily” or “rose”; variant of the Hebrew name “Susannah”
  9. Stella (Latin) – “Star”
  10. Sumiko (Japanese) – “Clear,” “child of goodness,” or “beautiful child”


Girl Cat Names Starting With T

  1. Tabitha (Hebrew and Aramaic) – “Gazelle”
  2. Tale (Egyptian and English) – “Green” or “story”
  3. Tania (Russian) – “Fairy queen”; can be a short form of “Tatiana”
  4. Tara (Irish, Sanskrit, and Gaelic) – “Hillside” or “tower”
  5. Tauren (English unisex name) – “Woodland” or “forest”
  6. Tess (English and Greek) – “Harvester” or “to reap”
  7. Thelma (Greek) – “Volition” or “will”
  8. Thisbe (Greek) – “Lover”
  9. Tiffany (English and Greek) – “Appearance of God” or “manifestation of God”


Girl Cat Names Starting With U

  1. Udea (Arabic and African) – “Strong,” “clever,” and “great mankind”; character in the North African fairy tale “Udea and her Seven Brothers
  2. Ulivia (Latin) – “Peace” or “olive”; variant of “Olivia”
  3. Uma (Hindu, Hebrew, and Sanskrit) – “Light,” “nation,” “splendor,” and “fame”
  4. Una (Latin and Irish) – “Number one” or “lamb”
  5. Unity (English) – Virtue name meaning “oneness”
  6. Urwen (Sindarin, a fictional language invented by J.R.R. Tolkien) – “Fire maiden”; one of the characters in Tolkien’s “The Children of Hurin


Girl Cat Names Starting With V

  1. Valentina (Roman and Latin) – “Healthy” and “strong”; feminine form of “Valentine” or “Valentinus”
  2. Venus (Latin) – Roman goddess of love and beauty
  3. Vera (Russian and Slavic) – “Faith”
  4. Vibrant (English) – Word name meaning “full of life”
  5. Virgo (Latin) – “The virgin” or “maiden”
  6. Viv (Latin) – “Lively”
  7. Vonda (Italian) – “Wanderer”; can also be a variant of “Wanda”


Girl Cat Names Starting With W

  1. Wan (Mandarin and Chinese) – “Gentle” or “gracious”
  2. Wen (Chinese gender-neutral name) – “Writing” or “culture”
  3. Wenda (Slavic) – “Tribe of the Vandals (wanderers)”
  4. Wilma (American and German) – “Resolute protector”; can be a short form of “Wilhelmina”
  5. Wing (Chinese) – “Glory”
  6. Winner (Middle English) – “Victor” or “one who earns his keep”
  7. Winnie (English and Welsh unisex name) – “Gentle friend” or “holy peacemaking”; can be a short form of “Winifred” or “Gwendolyn”
  8. Wuzzles (invented name) – Funny cat name meaning “short, rounded animal characters” from the ‘80s animated TV show series “The Wuzzles


Girl Cat Names Starting With X

  1. Xanh (Vietnamese) – “Green” or “blue”; pronounced as “san”
  2. Xena (Greek) – “Hospitable” or “stranger”; main character name of the ‘90s TV show, “Xena, Warrior Princess
  3. Xenopatra (Greek) – “Foreign,” “stranger,” or “fatherland”
  4. Xeraphina (American) – “Angel” or “the burning ones” as a variant of “Seraphim”
  5. Xia (Chinese and Greek unisex name) – “Glow of the sunrise”
  6. Xing (Chinese gender-neutral name) – “Star”
  7. Xion (Hebrew and Japanese) – “Highest point” or “remembrance”


Girl Cat Names Starting With Y

  1. Yan (Chinese) – “Pretty color,” “swallow bird,” or “beautiful”
  2. Yara (Arabic) – “Small butterfly”
  3. Yoko (Japanese) – “Good or positive”
  4. Yoshi (Japanese) – “Respectful” or “the good”
  5. Yoyo (Chinese) – “Friendly”
  6. Yvette (French) – “Yew tree”


Girl Cat Names Starting With Z

  1. Zaida (Arabic) – “Prosperous” or “fortunate”
  2. Zennie (Greek) – “Foreign voice”
  3. Zhen (Chinese) – “Precious” or “virtuous”
  4. Zippy (English) – “Quick”
  5. Zoey (Greek) – “Life”
  6. Zuri (African – Swahili) – “Beautiful” 


Bonus: Popular Boy Cat Names

  • Simba
  • Frodo
  • Gandalf
  • Tom


Factors To Consider When Choosing Girl Cat Names

It’s fun to choose girl cat names because you don’t have to worry about picking names that are considered taboo or embarrassing if used by humans. 

For example, it’s fine to choose names like “Hex,” “Witch,” or “She-Devil,” especially for your naughty feline friends.

There’s also no need to worry about resulting initials or how the name sounds.


Inspirations For Girl Cat Names

  • Traditional cat names like “Mittens,” “Kitty,” and “Puss”
  • Adorable pet names (such as “Sweetheart” or “Darling”)
  • Human names are fine to use for cats. They’re even a popular choice.
  • Favorite movie or cartoon character (it doesn’t have to be a cat)
  • Your cat’s personality (e.g., “Grumpy” and “Sleepy” are also good picks)
  • Your cat’s fur color
  • Your cat’s breed
  • Inspiration from famous figures and celebrities
  • Inspiration from nature


Cat Naming Trends

There are times when trending topics and names stand out so much from the others and can actually be a unique and cute inspiration for cat names. 

For example, some fur parents have picked the following as their pets’ names:

  • Gizmo
  • Bitcoin
  • Drone
  • Corona
  • Vax


Sometimes, the trends see more cats using human names or even sweet food choices and treats.


Other Pet Names To Try


Popular Baby Name Lists



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