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Charles Name Meaning + Popularity, & Similar Royal Names

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Charlie or Charles is a popular baby boy name loved for its simplicity and also classic style. There have been many people named Charles from all walks of life, from royalties, athletes, celebrities, and regular folks. This shows how Charles can be a versatile baby boy name choice.

Information About Charles 

Meaning Of The Name Charles & Origin

What’s The Origin Of Charles?


What’s Charles’s Name Meaning?

“Strong” or “free man


What Is The Biblical Meaning Of Charles?

There’s no Charles mentioned in the Bible. 


Does The Name Charles Mean To “Be Strong” Or “A Warrior?”

Yes, the name Charles has Germanic origins from the name “Karl,” which means “freeman” or someone who is brave enough or resists being enslaved.


What Is The Spanish Name For Charles And Its Meaning?

The Spanish name of Charles is Carlos, which also shares the same meaning as “free man” or “valiant warrior.”


What Is The Female Version Of Charles?

The French name Charlotte is the female version of Charles. It’s also a popular baby girl name ranking in the top 3 in the US Top 10 Most Popular Baby Names of 2022. (1)


What Is Charles In Latin?

Charles in Latin is the name, Carolus. 


Charles Name History: How Long Has Charles Been Around?

The name Charles has been around quite a long time. The first notable person whose name is closest to Charles is Charlemagne or Charles the Great, the King of Franks, who reigned between 768 to 815 CE. Since then, several more famous and influential people have been named Charles throughout history. (2)





Origins Of Charles As A Last Name

Last names like Carlo, Charles, and Carl emerged around the 5th Century in Germany. 


What’s The Gender Of Charles?

It’s traditionally a masculine name.


Charles Popularity Trend Over The Years

Charles is indeed a popular baby boy name in the US. It has consistently been part of the Top 100, according to SSA (Social Security Administration). (1)

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Charles Rank In The US Top 1000

  • #50 for male names in 2022


FAQs About Charles Name Meaning

Does Charles Have A Positive Meaning & Connotation?

Yes! No wonder Charles is among the favorite baby name choices. It’s a versatile name that can both be casual and simple but also regal and formal.


What Might Be The Personality Of The Name Charles?

  • Confident
  • Independent
  • Strong-willed


Is Charles A Royal Name?

Absolutely! There has been King Charles throughout history and all over the world. Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, the first Roman Emperor who ruled between 768 to 815 CE, was among the earliest and most popular Charles in history. Now, we have King Charles III, the current king of the United Kingdom, who succeeded Queen Elizabeth. There are also several more Charles royalties in Spain, such as Carlos I in Spanish, who was the king of Spain from 1516 to 1556. (2) 


More Fun Facts About Kings Named Charles

  • Charles XII of Sweden (1697 – 1718) – also known as Carolus Rex, became a king at the age of 15 and was considered the youngest Swedish king. (3)
  • Charles the Great (768- 814 CE) – responsible for uniting Western Europe under one Holy Roman Empire. Because of this, he is regarded as one of the greatest rulers in Europe. (2)
  • Charles I of Hungary (1916 to 1918) – only reigned for two years and was the last ruler of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, which ended in 1918. (4)
  • Carlos I of Portugal, also known as Charles I (1889- 1908) – was considered “The Martyr” after he was assassinated in 1908. (5)


What Are Some Facts About The Name Charles?

The Old English word “Ceorl” refers to the people who were not of noble birth but also not enslaved people. That’s why they are called “freemen.”


What Numerology Is Associated With The Name Charles?

The name Charles is a 3 in numerology and tends to be outgoing, a strong communicator, and often has a positive outlook on life. (6)


What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Name Charles?

The name Charles has no specific biblical or spiritual reference. However, since it has been used by royals throughout history, the name has been associated with leadership, wisdom, and regal energy.


Why Do Parents Choose Charles As A Baby Boy Name?

The name Charles has a classic and vintage vibe that’s easy to remember by almost everyone. It’s a fairly common name but continues to be a timeless favorite.


Charles Name Variations & Different Spellings

Charles Boy Name Variations

  • Carl
  • Carlo
  • Chase
  • Chuck
  • Karl


Girl Name Variations

  • Carla (Spanish name)
  • Carol
  • Charla
  • Charlene
  • Charlize
  • Charlotte


Charles Unisex Options 

  • Charli       
  • Charlie (English name)
  • Charley
  • Chas
  • Karel


What Are Nicknames & Diminutives For Charles?

  • Charlie
  • Chase
  • Chaz
  • Chuck
  • Chuckie


Names You Can Pair With Charles

Middle Names For Boys 


Middle Names For Girls Names Charlotte Or Carla

  • Amelia
  • Ava
  • Charles Lily
  • Elizabeth
  • Emily
  • Grace
  • Harper
  • Isabella
  • Olivia
  • Sophia


Suggested Twin Or Sibling Names

Charles Brother’s Names

  • Edward
  • Frederick
  • Henry
  • Archie
  • Oliver
  • Harry
  • George


Charles Sister’s Names


Rhyming Or Similar Names 

  • Giles
  • Miles
  • Myles
  • Niles
  • Wales
  • Wells


Names That Start With The Letter “CH”

  • Chand
  • Chandler
  • Charan
  • Charm
  • Chirag
  • Chris


  • Charlotte 
  • Edward
  • Margaret
  • Arthur
  • Philipp
  • Andrew
  • Elizabeth
  • Catherine
  • Diana (a popular cute girl name)


  • Ethan
  • Adira
  • Andre (strong warrior)
  • Gertrude
  • Ezekiel (strength of God)


Famous Charles Celebrities & Figures

Boy Charles

  • Charles Aznavour – French singer 
  • Charles Barkley – Former professional basketball player 
  • Charles BronsonAmerican actor 
  • Charles Curtis – the only US vice president known to have Native American heritage
  • Charlie Chaplin – Comedian 
  • Charlie Puth – American singer
  • Charles Darwin – Naturalist and author of the theory of evolution
  • Charles de Gaulle – former President of France
  • Charles DickensEnglish author 
  • Charles Lindbergh – American aviator
  • Charlie Sheen – American actor 
  • Charles Schultz – American cartoonist and animator of the comic strip “Peanuts” 
  • Charles Bukowski – American poet
  • Chuck Berry – American singer


Girl Charles Variations

  • Charlotte Brontë – English novelist 
  • Charlotte Rampling – English actress
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg – French-British actress 
  • Charlene – Princess of Monaco


Fictional Characters Named Charles In Pop Culture & Fiction (Or Variations) 

  • Charles Bingley – Character in the novel “Pride and Prejudice”
  • Charles Foster Kane – Character in the movie “Citizen Kane”
  • Charles Ryder – Character in the novel “Brideshead Revisited”
  • Charles Wallace Murry – Character in the movie “A Wrinkle in Time” 
  • Charles Xavier (Professor X) – Character in “X-Men”
  • Charlie Brown – Character in the popular comic strip “Peanuts”
  • Charlie Bucket – Character in the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
  • Charlotte York – Character on the series “Sex and the City”


 Celebrities Who Chose Charles (Or Variations) For Their Babies

  • William and Kate – Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Charlotte)
  • Lauren Conrad
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Evan Bass
  • Tiger Woods
  • Mimi Rogers
  • Soledad O’Brien 
  • Sarah Chalke


Charles In Songs


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