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260+ Prince Names With Royal & Powerful Meanings For Your Little One

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Prince names are fun, royalty-inspired options for your little one that might help them feel more confident.

We’ve prepared this list of 260+ cool, classic, and trending royalty names so you can choose the perfect name for your baby.


The Best Prince Names By Category

What Are Classic Royal Names?

  1. Albert (German boy name) – “Bright,” “noble,” and “famous”; after Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the husband of Britain’s Queen Victoria
  2. Augustus (Latin) – “Exalted”
  3. Edgar (Old English boy name) – “Wealthy spear”
  4. Edward (Old English) – Powerful name meaning “wealthy guardian”; at least eight royals have this name in history
  5. Hilarion (ancient Greek name) – “Happy”; the Prince of Isle in the fantasy novel “Knot Gneiss
  6. James (Hebrew) – Biblical boy name meaning “supplanter”; after King James VI and I, originally the king of Scotland who later became the first King of England and Ireland
  7. Louis (French boy name) – “Famous warrior”
  8. Philip (Greek name) – “Lover of horses ”
  9. Richard (Old German name) – “Brave ruler”
  10. Rupert (German) – “Bright fame”
  11. Thierry (French name) – “People’s ruler”


The Most Common & Favorite Prince Names

  1. Andrew (Greek) – “Manly” and “strong”
  2. Carl (German and English) – “Freeman
  3. Christopher (Greek boy name) – “Bearing Christ” or “Christian”; after at least three kings of Denmark
  4. David (Hebrew) – “Beloved”; biblical name after one of ancient Israel’s most famous kings
  5. George (Greek) – “Farmer” or “earthworker”; after Prince George of Cambridge, the second in line to the British throne as the eldest child of Prince William (the crown prince) and Kate Middleton
  6. Harry (German) – “Home ruler”; after Prince Harry, Prince William’s younger brother
  7. Henry (German) – “Estate ruler”; popular royal name
  8. Michael (Hebrew) – Angel name meaning “who is like God?”
  9. Nicholas (Greek) – “People of victory”; classic name after Nike (the Greek goddess of victory)
  10. Stephen (Greek) – “Crown” or “wreath”


  1. Alexander (Greek) – “Warrior” or “defender of man”; after Alexander the Great, the king of ancient Macedonia who conquered many places in Asia
  2. Aragorn (English) – Invented name meaning “kingly, “revered king,” or “noble valor”; after the ranger and king in “The Lord of the Rings
  3. Aslan (Turkish) – Nature name meaning “lion”; after the lion and one true king of the world in “The Chronicles of Narnia
  4. Charles (Old German name) – “Freeman”; Britain’s King Charles is famously known as the longest-serving heir and crown prince in British history (formerly known as Prince Charles of Wales, he’s now the king of England after his mother’s death) 
  5. Edmund (British) – “Wealthy protector”
  6. John (Latin, Greek, and Hebrew) – “Yahweh (God) is gracious”
  7. Rafael (Hebrew, Spanish, and Portuguese) – Hispanic boy name and a variant of “Raphael”
  8. William (Anglo-Norman and German) – “Strong-willed warrior”; popular name after several kings of England and Prince William, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II who’s now the heir to England’s throne


Nice Royal Monikers

  1. Alfred (English) – Elf boy name meaning “elf counsel”
  2. Antony (Latin) – “Priceless one”
  3. Felix (Latin and English) – “Fortunate,” “lucky,” and “happy”
  4. Frederik (Danish) – Royal name meaningpeaceful ruler
  5. Griffith (Welsh) – “Lord” 
  6. Oscar (Norse and Irish boy name) – “Champion warrior,” “God spear,” or “deer-lover”
  7. Rollo (Old Norse and Latin) – “Famed wolf”
  8. Romeo (Italian baby boy name) – “Citizen of Rome”
  9. Theo (Greek) – “God’s gift”


What Are Good Names For Princes?

  1. Adar (Hebrew) – “Noble prince”
  2. Ademola (Yoruba – African) – “Crown,” “wealth,” and “royalty”
  3. Alberich (Old Norse and German) – “Magical being” or “elf”
  4. Duncan (English, Scottish, and Irish name) – “Chief”; the fictional king in Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth” 
  5. Ericson (Norse) – “Son of the eternal ruler” or “prince”
  6. Fjord (Scandinavian, Norse, and Norwegian name) – “Passage by the sea”; pronounced as “fyord” or “fee-yord”
  7. Frederick (German) – “Peaceful ruler”; after Frederick the Great, the King of Prussia
  8. Othello (Hebrew) – “Sound of God”
  9. Suleiman (Arabic boy name) – “Man of peace”


Royal Baby Names From Fiction & Pop Culture

  1.  Anatole (Greek) – Name that means “sun” (sunrise); a handsome prince in “War and Peace” book by Leo Tolstoy
  2. Aragon (Spanish) – Hispanic name meaning “high valley”
  3. Caspian (English) – “Of the sea”; the king of Narnia in one of the books in “The Chronicles of Narnia
  4. Cheri (French name) – Pet name for a loved one meaning “dear”; after Prince Cheri in the fairy tale “Princess Belle-Etoile
  5. Eadric (English) – “Wealthy”; prince mentioned in “The Frog and Princess” by E.D. Becker
  6. Florian (Roman) – “Powerful”; prince name in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” 
  7. Maxon (American) – “Son of Max (the greatest)”; prince and heir to the throne in “The Selection” novel and TV series
  8. Prigio (Italian name) – “Worth”; after the main character in the comic fairy tale “Prince Prigio
  9. Prince Charming (English) – “Handsome and charming prince” after the prince in “Cinderella”; might be better suited as a nickname than a first name
  10. T’Challa (Wakandan – African-based fictional language) – “He who put the knife where it belonged”; after the king of Wakanda in the Marvel universe
  11. Tommen (Aramaic-based fictional name) – Twin boy name that also means “innocence”


Legendary Prince Names From Mythology

  1. Aeneas (Greek and Latin) – “To praise”; a Trojan hero identified as the son of Prince Anchises and Venus (goddess of love and beauty) in Greco-Roman mythology
  2. Ruslan (Turkish) – “Lion”; a knight in the fairy tale “Ruslan and Ludmila” by Alexander Pushkin
  3. Triton (Greek) – “God of the sea”; also a Disney name after the father of the main character Ariel in “The Little Mermaid


  1. Brice (Scottish and Celtic) – “Speckled” or “freckled”; last name of Scottish King Robert
  2. Claudius (Latin) – “Cripple”; after the Roman Empire’s first ruler 
  3. Cyrus (Persian) – “Sun”; ruler of Persia (ancient Asian kingdom)
  4. Darius (Persian) – “Kingly”; another Persian king
  5. Ferdinand (German) – “Bold voyager”
  6. Gervase (German) – “With honor”; after Saint Gervase, an early martyr
  7. Kublai Khan (Mongolian) – “Strong”; the first king of China’s Yuan Empire 
  8. Mithridates (Persian) – “Many ingredients”; after Mithridates VI, a king in Anatolia (Asia Minor)
  9. Mubarak (Arabic) – “Auspicious (favorable)” or “blessed”
  10. Peter (Greek) – “Rock”; after the founder of the Russian Empire
  11. Timur (Mongolian) – “Iron,” “iron warrior,” or “the east”


Regal Names For Your Little Prince

  1. Adrian
  2. Cuthbert 
  3. Eric
  4. Everard
  5. Flynn
  6. Kenelm
  7. Stannis


Modern & Recent Prince Names

  1. Addo
  2. Archie
  3. Cosmio
  4. Emmanuel
  5. Guillaume
  6. Prince
  7. Rainier
  8. Sébastien


Royal Boy Names From Around The World

Spanish Royal Titles & Prince Names

  1. Carlos (Spanish) – “Valiant man” or “freeman”; variant of “Charles
  2. Enrique (Spanish) – “Home-ruler”; variant of “Henry”
  3. Esteban (Spanish) – “Crown,” “garland,” or “victorious”; variant of “Steve”
  4. Felipe (Spanish) – “Lover of horses”; variant of “Philip
  5. Sebastian (Spanish) – “Revered” or “venerable”


British Royal Titles & Prince Names

  1. Earl (British) – “Prince,” “nobleman,” or “warrior”
  2. Humphrey (Old German and British) – “Peaceful warrior”


European Prince Names & Royal Titles

  1. Ian (Scottish) – “God is gracious” as a variant of “John”
  2. Lir (Irish) – Irish god of sea


Egyptian Royal Titles & Prince Names

  1. Huni (Egyptian) – “Honey”; an Ancient Egyptian ruler
  2. Inaros (Egyptian) – “Prince”
  3. Ramesses (Egyptian) – “Great in victory”; popular name for Ancient Egyptian rulers (name of eleven pharaohs), and is also spelled as “Ramses”
  4. Tivali (Ancient Egypt) – “Gift of God”


Other Exotic Prince Names

  1. Adiputera (Malay and Sanskrit) – “First prince” or “first son of the king”
  2. Ahmed (Arabic boy name) – “Most praised”
  3. Armel (Welsh) – “Bear prince”
  4. Ashoka (Indian) – “No sorrow”; after the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, the first emperor of Ancient India’s Mauryan Empire
  5. Chandragupta Maurya (Indian) – “Protected by the moon”; founder of Ancient India’s powerful Mauryan Empire
  6. Egon (Polish name) – “Sword edge” or “blade”; after socialite Prince Egon Von Furstenburg
  7. Elmurza (Turkish, Persian, and Iranian) – “Prince” or “descendant of Amir (prince)”
  8. Humayun (Persian) – “Blessed”; after the son of the Emperor of the Mughal Empire, an early-modern empire in South Asia
  9. Indulf (English and medieval) – Unknown meaning; after Indulf mac Causantin, king of the Scots
  10. Kgosi (Setswana – African) – “King” or “chief”; pronounced as “go-zee”
  11. Malcolm (Scottish) – “Devotee of Saint Columba”; a prince in Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth
  12. Muhammad (Arabic) – “Praised” or “commendable”; after the Prophet Muhammad, founder of the Islamic religion (also the name of several Ottoman Empire sultans and African kings)
  13. Oba (Yoruban – African) – “King”
  14. Próspero (Italian, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish boy name) – Hispanic boy name that means “fortunate” or “prosperous”


More Prince Names With Different Meanings

Royal Boy Names That Mean Prince

  1. Amir (Hebrew) – “Prince”
  2. Ashfaq (Arabic) – “Kind prince”
  3. Brioc (Welsh) – “Mighty prince”
  4. Cynfael (Welsh) – “Chief prince”; pronounced as “Kihn-Fih-L”
  5. Garibaldo (German boy name) – “Bold prince”
  6. Kumar (Indian) – “Prince” 


Royal Boy Names That Mean King

  1. Ara (Armenian) – “King”
  2. Arthur (Celtic) – Powerful name meaning “bear” or “strong man”; after the legendary King Arthur 
  3. Eze (Igbo – African) – “King”
  4. Fitzgerald (Old French and Old German name) – “Son of the spear ruler”
  5. Kral (Czech) – “King”
  6. Leroi (French boy name) – “The king”
  7. Rana (Sanskrit) – “King”
  8. Reagan (Irish boy name) – “Little king
  9. Rex (Latin) – “King”
  10. Rey (Spanish) – Hispanic boy name meaning “king”
  11. Rian (Gaelic) – “King”
  12. Tor (Nigerian – African) – “King” 


What Boy Names Mean Royalty Or Royal?

  1. Basil (Arabic) – “Royal”
  2. Edla (Nordic) – “Royal child” 
  3. Gustaf (Scandinavian) – “Royal” or “divine staff”
  4. Negasi (Ethiopia) – “Royalty”


Can I Name My Baby Boy Royalty?

Royalty is an English gender-neutral name that means “noble king,” but it might be strange to use this as a first or middle name.


Royal Names That Mean Great

  1. Akbar (Arabic) – “Great”; after Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar of the Mughal Empire
  2. Magnus (Latin) – “Greatest; after Carolus Magnus (Charles the Great)


Prince Names From A To Z

Prince Names Starting With A

  1. Abbas (Arabic) – “Sober”
  2. Adam (Hebrew) – “Earth”; the prince in the book “Masters of the Universe
  3. Adebowale (Yoruba – African) – “Return of the crown”
  4. Adelio (German and Spanish) – Hispanic name meaning “the father of the noble prince” 
  5. Alaric (German) – “Noble ruler”
  6. Alfonso (Spanish) – “Brave” or “noble”
  7. Anwealda (Anglo-Saxon) – “Ruler”; pronounced as “an-we-yal-da”
  8. Arkin (Norwegian name) – “Eternal king’s son”
  9. Arne (Dutch and Scandinavian) – “Ruler” or “strong as an eagle”
  10. Arsalan (Arabic) – “Lion”


Prince Names Starting With B

  1. Baldur (Norse) – “Prince”; one of the sons of Odin, the Norse god of gods
  2. Balthazar (Arabic) – “Protecting the king”; one of the Magi (kings or wise men) who visited the baby Jesus 
  3. Bardick (Old English boy name) – “Ruler with an ax”
  4. Barin (Saxon and Greek boy name) – “Noble fighter”
  5. Baron (Hebrew) – “Son of Aaron”
  6. Basil (Greek name) – “Like a king”
  7. Baudouin (French name) – “Bold”; Belgian king beginning in the 1950s
  8. Bayard (French) – “Auburn-haired”; after Chevalier de Bayard, a sixteenth-century knight 
  9. Brion (Irish name) – “Brave person having high virtues” 


Prince Names Starting With C

  1. Canute (Scandinavian) – “Knot”; after Cnut the Great
  2. Chao (Portuguese and Galician) – Nature name meaning “plateau” or “plain”
  3. Christian (Latin) – “Followers of Christ”
  4. Corin (Latin) – “Spear”
  5. Cyril (Greek) – “Master” or “lord” 


Prince Names Starting With D

  1. Damba (Angolan) – “King of the world”
  2. Dawid (Old Hebrew) – “Beloved”; variant of the royal name “David” 
  3. Delray (French) – “Of the king”; also spelled as “Delroy”
  4. Derek (Old German) – “The people’s ruler”
  5. Deuard (Old English) – “Wealthy guard”; pronounced as “dward”
  6. Dolph (German) – “Noble” or “majestic wolf”
  7. Donald (Celtic) – “World ruler”
  8. Donovan (Gaelic) – “Brown-haired chieftain”
  9. Duke (Latin) – “Leader”


Prince Names Starting With E

  1. Egbert (German) – “Bright edge”; after the first Anglo-Saxon monarch
  2. Erin (Irish) – “Ireland”
  3. Ernest (Old English) – Classic boy name meaning “vigor”
  4. Eshkhan (Armenian) – “Prince”


Prince Names Starting With F

  1. Friedrich (English and German) – “Peaceful ruler


Prince Names Starting With G

  1. Galien (Anglo-Norman English) – Unknown meaning; a short form of “Gallienus,” a Roman Emperor in the third century
  2. Gerald (German) – “Spear ruler”
  3. Gustav (Swedish) – “Staff of the gods”; after Gustav II Adolf, ruler of Sweden 


Prince Names Starting With H

  1. Hadrian (Roman) – “Dark-haired”; a Roman emperor 
  2. Hamdan (Arabic) – “Praiseworthy”
  3. Hamlet (English) – “Little home”
  4. Hans (Scandinavian) – “God is gracious”; variant of “John”
  5. Hansraj (Sanskrit) – “King of the swans”
  6. Hector (Greek) – “Steadfast”; also spelled as “Hektor”
  7. Heinrich (Old German) – “Home ruler
  8. Herald (English) – “One who proclaims”
  9. Herod (ancient Greek name) – “Hero”


Prince Names Starting With I

  1. Idris (Arabic) – “Prophet” or “fiery leader” 
  2. Intef (Egyptian) – “His father brought him”
  3. Ishkhan (Iranian and medieval Armenian) – “Prince” or “king”
  4. Ivan (Russian boy name) – “God is gracious” as a variant of “John”


Prince Names Starting With J

  1. Jareth (English) – “Bled of jar”
  2. Jerrick (Greek, English, Hebrew, and German) – “Gifted ruler”
  3. Juan Carlos (Spanish) – “God is gracious”; a king of Spain 


Prince Names Starting With K

  1. Kaiser (High German) – “Emperor”
  2. Khari (African) – “Kingly”
  3. Khelder (Dutch) – “Cellar”
  4. Khun (Thai and Korean boy name) – “Golden shower tree” 
  5. Kingsley (British) – “King’s meadow”
  6. Kunwar (Indian) – “Young prince”


Prince Names Starting With L

  1. Ladomir (East Slavic) – “Famous ruler”
  2. Legolas (Sindarin, language invented by J. R. R. Tolkien) – “Green leaves”; elf boy name after one of the protagonists of “The Lord of the Rings
  3. Leonidas (German) – “Lion strength”
  4. Leopold (German) – “Brave people”
  5. Leroy (French) – “The king”
  6. Lucas (Greek) – Name that means light (bringer of light)
  7. Lune (Latin) – Name that means moon


Prince Names Starting With M

  1. Maceo (Spanish) – “Gift of God”; variant of “Matthew”
  2. Mandlenkosi (Zulu – African) – “King” and “strength”
  3. Mavendra (Indian) – “King among men”
  4. Meiji (Japanese name) – “Enlightened”
  5. Minos (Cretan – Greek) – “King”


Prince Names Starting with N

  1. Namlot (Egyptian) – “Ruler”
  2. Nikolai (Greek and Russian name) – “People of victory”
  3. Noble (Latin) – Middle name for boys meaning “aristocratic”


Prince Names Starting With O

  1. Oberon (German) – “Elf king”
  2. Octavius (Latin) – “Eighth”; after Prince Octavius, King George III’s eighth son
  3. Olivier (Latin) – “Olive tree”
  4. Otto (German) – “Wealth and prosperity”


Prince Names Starting With P

  1. Paladin (French) – “Warrior”
  2. Patrick (Latin) – “Nobleman”
  3. Paul (Roman and Latin) – “Small”
  4. Percival (French and Welsh) – “Pierce the vale”
  5. Peregrine (Latin) – “Wanderer” or “traveler”


Prince Names Starting With Q

  1. Quincy (Latin) – “Fifth”
  2. Quyền (Vietnamese name) – “Power”


Prince Names Starting With R

  1. Raj (Sanskrit) – “King”
  2. Ramiro (Spanish) – “Renowned counselor”
  3. Raphael (Spanish and Portuguese) – “God has healed”
  4. Ricardo (Spanish) – “Brave ruler”
  5. Ruaidhri (Old Irish) – “Red king”
  6. Ryan (Irish) – “Little king


Prince Names Starting With S

  1. Sancho (Latin) – “Holy saint” 
  2. Saphir (Hebrew) – “Sapphire”
  3. Sargon (Assyrian) – “The faithful king”
  4. Shahzad (Persian) – “Son of a king” 
  5. Siddharth (Sanskrit and Hindi) – “One who has accomplished a goal”
  6. Simba (Swahili – African) – “Lion”; lion prince and, later, the king in “The Lion King
  7. Sire (English) – “Regal”
  8. Sorab (English) – “Illustrious”; a Persian prince
  9. Steven (English) – “Crown” or “wreath”


Prince Names Starting With T

  1. Tao (Egyptian) – “Brave”
  2. Terry (British) – “People’s ruler” or “power of the tribe”
  3. Teti (Egyptian) – “Pharaoh” 
  4. Theodred (Anglo-Saxon) “God’s gift”
  5. Thomas (Hebrew) – “Twin”

Prince Names Starting With U

  1. Umberto (Italian boy name) – “Bright warrior”
  2. Unis (Norse) – “Flourishing one”


Prince Names Starting With V

  1. Valor (Latin) – “Bravery” or “courage”
  2. Victor (Latin) – “Conqueror”


Prince Names Starting With W

  1. Willem (German) – “Will helmet” or “protection”
  2. Windsor (Old English) “Riverbank with a winch (wire cable)”


Prince Names Starting With X

  1. Xanth (Greek) – “Golden”
  2. Xerxes (Greek and Persian) – “Ruler over heroes”


Prince Names Starting With Y

  1. Yaphet (Hebrew) – “Comely”
  2. Yisreal (Hebrew) – “God’s prince”
  3. Yuvraj (Sanskrit) – “Young king


Prince Names Starting With Z

  1. Zachariah (Hebrew) – “The Lord recalled” 
  2. Zeid (Arabic) – “Increase”; also spelled as “Zayd”
  3. Zilya (Russian) – “Kingly”


Bonus: Disney Princess Names & Other Royalty Titles For Girls

  • Alice
  • Anastasia
  • Aurora
  • Anne
  • Beatrice
  • Belle
  • Catherine
  • Diana
  • Elizabeth
  • Merida
  • Stephanie
  • Tiana
  • Victoria


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