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Names That Mean Sun: 230+ Brilliant Choices For Your Ray Of Sunshine

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The skies have fascinated humans for thousands of years, especially the largest object visible to the naked eye – the sun. It’s considered bright and powerful, making baby names that mean sun a strong option for your little one.

We’ve prepared this list of 230+ brilliant sun names with meanings, including choices for trending sun-related color names, gods and goddesses of the sun, and sun words from around the world.


What Names Represent The Sun?

What Are The Four Names For The Sun?

There are various names for the sun. Here are the top four choices: 

  1. Aelius (Roman and Greek boy name) – “Sun”
  2. Savita (Hindi girl name) – “Sun”
  3. Sol (Spanish and Hebrew gender-neutral name) – Popular name that means “the sun
  4. Sun (English and Irish name) – Word name for “the sun, a celestial object”; can also mean “obedient” or “from the town by the river Boyn”


What Are Girl Names That Mean Sun?

  1. Aelian (Greek and Latin name for girls) – “Sun”; derived from Helios, the Greek god of the sun
  2. Arthit (Indian and Thai name for girls) – “The sun”; variation of “Aditya
  3. Cyra (Persian girl name) – “The sun”; can also mean “the Lord” or “throne”
  4. Éliane (French name for girls) – “The sun
  5. Kalindi (Sanskrit girl name) – “The sun
  6. Saulė (Lithuanian girl name) – Sun goddess in Lithuanian mythology
  7. Solana (Spanish girl name) – “Sunshine”
  8. Soleil (French girl name) – “Sun”
  9. Sunna (German girl name) – “Sun”
  10. Suree (Thai girl name) – “The sun


Baby Boy Names Meaning Sun

  1. Aftab (African boy name) – “The sun
  2. Antú (Spanish boy name) – “The sun” or “a day”
  3. Arki (Indian boy name) – “Sun” or “radiant”
  4. Ataru (Japanese boy name) – “Sun”
  5. Haru (Japanese name for boys) – “Sun,” “sunlight,” “sunny,” or “springtime”
  6. Haul (Welsh boy name) – “Sun”
  7. Helio (Spanish boy name) – Hispanic boy name meaning “the sun
  8. Samson (Hebrew boy name) – “Sun”; also a biblical boy name


Names That Mean Sun From Around The World

  1. Akino (Japanese girl name) – “Rising sun
  2. Areg (Armenian boy name) – Unique name meaning “sun”
  3. Asahi (Japanese unisex name) – “Morning sun” or “new day”
  4. Baskara (Sanskrit and Indonesian girl name) – “The sun
  5. Dashinima (Buryat, a Mongolian language) – Girl name meaning “sun” and “good fortune”
  6. Diell (Albanian boy name) – “The sun
  7. Misae (Native American – Osage) – Unisex name meaning “white and hot sun”
  8. Sole (Italian name) – Girl name that means “sun”
  9. Sóley (Icelandic girl name) – “Sun” or “buttercup flower”; variant of “Sólja”


What Names Mean Sunlight?

  1. Aelia (Latin and Greek girl name) – “Sunshine” or “sunlight”
  2. Alba (Latin, Spanish, and Italian girl name) – “Sunrise,” “dawn,” “sunlight,” and “white”
  3. Anshul (Hindi boy name) – “Sunbeam
  4. Ellen (Greek name for girls) – “Sunrays” or “shining light”
  5. Heulwen (Welsh girl name) – “Sunshine”
  6. Keren (Hebrew girl name) – “Ray of light”
  7. Kiran (Hindu boy name) – “Beam of sunlight” or “the ray of the sun


Names That Mean Star

  1. Aster (Greek gender-neutral name) – “Star”; also a flower name
  2. Astra (Greek, Latin, and Norse girl name) – “Star,” “divine strength,” and “of the stars”
  3. Csilla (Hungarian girl name) – “Star”
  4. Estelle (French and Latin girl name) – “Star” or “little star”
  5. Esther (Persian girl name) – “Star”; also a biblical girl name after the young Israelite who became the queen of Persia and saved her people from getting killed by the Persian king’s evil court official
  6. Estrella (Spanish girl name) – Hispanic girl name meaning “star” or “divine strength”
  7. Nova (Latin unisex name) – “New”; also relates to the “supernova” (powerful star explosion)
  8. Star (English girl name) – “Luminous object in the night sky”
  9. Stella (Latin and Italian girl name) – “Celestial star”


Names That Mean Hot

  1. Chanda (Hindi and Sanskrit girl name) – “Hot”; can also mean “moonlight” or “fierce and passionate”
  2. Chuma (Aramaic girl name) – “Heat” or “warmth”


Names That Mean Light & Bright

  1. Albert (German boy name) – “Bright like the sun” or “noble”
  2. Alina (Greek and German girl name) – “Light,” “truth,” “bright,” “beautiful,” and “noble”
  3. Anwar (Arabic boy name) – “Bright” or “luminous”
  4. Bobby (German unisex name) – “Shining” or “bright”
  5. Elora (Greek girl name) – Spiritual name that means “my God is my light” or “sun”
  6. Helaine (Old English name for girls) – “Light”
  7. Helen (Greek girl name) – “Sunray” or “shining light”
  8. Leana (Irish girl name) – “Light”; also a name that means “beautiful” (beautiful woman)
  9. Lucian (French boy name) – “Light”
  10. Lucy (Italian girl name) – “Light”
  11. Robin (English androgynous name) – “Bright,” “shining,” or “famed”; also a nature name after a small, red bird
  12. Siria (Spanish and Persian girl name) – “Sun bright” or “glowing”


Names That Mean Fire Or Fiery

  1. Aidan (Celtic and Irish boy name) – “Fire”; alternative spellings include “Aiden” or “Ayden”
  2. Beltane (Celtic girl name) – “Bright fire”
  3. Blaze (Latin and English gender-neutral name) – “Fire” or “flame”
  4. Edana (Gaelic girl name) – “Fire”
  5. Suvan (Sanskrit boy name) – “Fire” or “the sun


Names Meaning Dawn Or Sunrise

  1. Agim (Albanian boy name) – “Dawn” or “early in the morning, the time when the sun comes up”
  2. Anatole (Greek name for boys) – “Rising sun
  3. Anatoly (Greek and Russian boy name) – “Sunrise”
  4. Arpina (Armenian girl name) – “Rising of the sun
  5. Aruna (Indian girl name) – “Rising sun
  6. Arunika (Sanskrit girl name) – “Early morning sunlight” 
  7. Aurora (Latin girl name) – “Dawn”; Roman goddess of sunrise, a term used for the Northern Lights, or a Disney princess name for the main character in “Sleeping Beauty
  8. Auster (Latin boy name) – “Towards the dawn
  9. Dawn (English girl name) – “Sunrise” or “time between darkness and sunrise”
  10. Taner (Turkish name for boys) – “Child born at dawn


Names Meaning Sunset

  1. Dismas (Greek boy name) – “Sunset”; also spelled as “Dimas”
  2. Sandhya (Hindu and Sanskrit girl name) – “Dusk”; also an Indian goddess name


Names Meaning Child Of The Sun

  1. Eliana (Hebrew, Latin, and Greek girl name) – “Light,” “sunshine light,” or “daughter of the sun
  2. Liane (English name for girls) – “Daughter of the sun
  3. Solveig (Scandinavian and Norwegian name for girls) – “Daughter of the sun


Names Meaning Sunday

  1. Akosua (African) – Unique girl name meaning “born on a Sunday”
  2. Domingo (Spanish boy name) – “Born on a Sunday”
  3. Dominic (Roman boy name) – “Belonging to God” or “born on a Sunday”
  4. Sunday (English unisex name) – Word name for the day of the week


Other Sun-Related Meanings

  1. Aarush (Sanskrit boy name) – “The first ray of the sun
  2. Alfrothul (Old Norse boy name) – “Belonging to the sun
  3. Alfsol (Icelandic and Swedish boy name) – “Elven sun” or “elf sun”
  4. Antiman (Mapuche, an Indian tribe and language in South America) – Boy name meaning “purity of the sun
  5. Apricity (Latin and English girl name) – “Warmth of the winter sun”
  6. Eleodoro (Spanish boy name) – “Gift from the sun
  7. Hinata (Japanese unisex name) – “Sunny place”
  8. Solstice (English unisex name) – “The sun doesn’t move” or “day the sun travels the shortest across the sky”
  9. Solvita (Latvian girl name) – “Sun that gives life”


Other Space-Related Baby Names

  1. Celeste (Latin girl name) – “Heavenly”
  2. Galaxy (Greek unisex name) – “Large system of stars”
  3. Luna (Latin and Italian girl name) – Name that means “moon”
  4. Orion (Greek boy name) – “Dawning,” “rising in the sky,” or “hunter”; also a constellation (star group that forms an image) or a boy cat name after a fictional character in the alien sci-fi movie “Men in Black
  5. Sirius (Greek boy name) – “The brightest star in the night sky” or “dog star”; also a boy dog name


Gods & Goddesses Of The Sun

  1. Aine – Irish goddess of the sun or the queen of the Munster fairies in Irish mythology
  2. Amun – Egyptian god fused with the sun god Ra and worshiped together as Amun-Ra
  3. ApolloRoman and Greek god of the sun, light, music, and poetry
  4. Austra – Latvian goddess of dawn
  5. Éadaoin – Irish goddess of the sun; pronounced as “aid-deen”
  6. Freyr – God of sunlight, peace, and fertility in Norse mythology; pronounced as “freer” or “frey”
  7. HeliosGod of the sun in Greek mythology
  8. Hemera – Goddess of the day (when the sun is in the sky)
  9. HorusEgyptian God who created the sky; his right eye represents the sun, and the left eye represents the moon
  10. Inti – Incan sun god
  11. Lugh – Manx Gaelic god of the sun
  12. Malina – Goddess of the sun in Inuit mythology
  13. Naolin – Aztec god of the sun
  14. Ra – Egyptian god of the sun
  15. RaviHindu god of the sun
  16. Ravindra – Hindi lord of the sun
  17. Shemesh – Semitic sun goddess 
  18. SuryaHindu god of the sun
  19. Thea – Greek goddess of the sun, the moon, and dawn; she’s the mother of the sun god Helios
  20. Zeus – Greek god of the sky who can control the weather, according to Greek mythology; he’s the king of the gods


Sun-Related Names That Mean Orange

  1. Amber (Dutch girl name) – “Orange-yellow color”
  2. Cam (Vietnamese and Gaelic unisex name) – “Orange”; short name that can be a moniker for longer names such as “Cameron”
  3. Sienna (English girl name) – “Orange-red”


Sun-Related Names That Mean Yellow

  1. Bowie (Irish boy name) – “Yellow-haired”
  2. Boyd (Scottish and Gaelic boy name) – “Yellow” or “blond”
  3. Flavio (Latin boy name) – “Yellow-haired”
  4. Melina (Greek girl name) – “Yellow as a canary”
  5. Saffron (English unisex name) – Plant name meaning “yellow flower”


Sun-Related Names That Mean Red

  1. Altan (Turkish boy name) – “Dawn that’s red”; can also mean “golden” in Mongolian languages
  2. Flannery (Irish name for boys) – “Red-haired”
  3. Rust (French name for boys) – “Red-haired”


Sun-Related Names That Mean Golden

  1. Aurelia (Hungarian girl name) – “Gold”
  2. Goldie (American girl name) – “The gold precious metal”
  3. Oriana (Latin girl name) – “Golden sunrise” or “dawn
  4. Xanthus (Greek boy name) – “Golden”
  5. Zariza (Hebrew girl name) – “Gold” and “brilliantly bright”


  1. Sunniva (Norwegian girl name) – “Sun gift”
  2. Sunny (English unisex name) – “Filled with sunshine”; can also be a pet name for a loved one 
  3. Sunshine (English girl name) – Word name that means “bright light of the sun


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Names Inspired By The Sun

  1. Günay (Turkish gender-neutral name) – “The sun” or “the moon you see in the daytime”
  2. Solaris (Latin unisex name) – “The sun


Celebrities & Famous People With Names That Mean Sun

  1. Electra (Greek girl name) – “Radiant,” “bright,” “amber,” “shining,” or “the fiery sun”; after American musician Electra Nicole Mustaine and Texas-born heiress, socialite and artist Electra Waggoner Biggs
  2. Zelia (Hebrew and Scandinavian girl name) – “Zealous,” “ardent,” or “sunshine”; after African-American musician and music instructor Zelia N. Breaux


Names That Mean Sun From A To Z

Names That Mean Sun Starting With A

  1. Aditya (Hindu boy name) – “The sun
  2. Aeliana (Latin girl name) – “Sun”
  3. Anpao (Native American – Lakota) – Boy name meaning “sun”; a spirit god with two faces in Lakota mythology, representing the dawn or early morning
  4. Apolline (Greek girl name) – “Belonging to Apollo, the god of the sun and light”
  5. Apollonia (Greek girl name) – “Feminine form of Apollo
  6. Aprica (Latin girl name) – “Sunny
  7. Arani (Indian girl name) – “Sun”
  8. Arevik (Armenian unisex name) – “Like the sun
  9. Arka (Hindu unisex name) – “The sun” or “sunshine”
  10. Arun (Hindi and Cambodian boy name) – “Sun”


Names That Mean Sun Starting With B

  1. Bhanu (Hindi boy name) – “Sun” or “ray of light”
  2. Bhaskara (Hindi and Indonesian boy name) – “Shining,” “sun,” or another name for Shiva, a god in Hindu mythology


Names That Mean Sun Starting With C

  1. Castor (Greek boy name) – “To shine”; twin boy name alongside Pollux (they’re known as the Gemini twins in Greek mythology)
  2. Cymbeline (Greek boy name) – “Sun lord” or “sun hound”
  3. Cyrus (Persian name for boys) – “Sun”; powerful boy name after Cyrus, the Great (founder of the Persian empire)


Names That Mean Sun Starting With D

  1. Dayton (Old English boy name) – “Sunny town”
  2. Dimas (Spanish name for boys) – “Setting sun”
  3. Divakar (Sanskrit and Indian boy name) – “Sun”


Names That Mean Sun Starting With E

  1. Easter (English and German girl name) – “Where the sun rises”; also after the German goddess Eostre with a feast day celebrated at the vernal equinox (days of the year with nearly equal hours of daytime and night)
  2. Eguzki (Basque unisex name) – “Sun”
  3. Eldora (Greek girl name) – “Gift from the sun
  4. Eleanora (Greek girl name) – “Sunray” or “shining light”
  5. Èlia (Catalan, the official language of Andorra) – Unisex name meaning “the sun
  6. Elidi (Greek girl name) – “Gift of the sun
  7. Elio (Spanish boy name) – “Sun”; variant of “Helios,” the Greek god of the sun
  8. Ergün (Turkish name for boys) – “Soldier of the sun


Names That Mean Sun Starting With F

  1. Finlo (Manx, a Gaelic language) – Boy name meaning “fair Lugh (the sun god)”


Names That Mean Sun Starting With G

  1. Gisli (Scandinavian girl name) – “Sunshine” or “rays of the sun
  2. Grian (Irish girl name) – “Sun”; twin girl name that pairs well with “Áine,” her sister in Irish mythology
  3. Gry (Scandinavian girl name) – “Dawn


Names That Mean Sun Starting With H

  1. Halo (English and Latin unisex name) – “Circle or disc of light around the sun
  2. Hathor (ancient Egyptian girl name) – Goddess of the sun in Egyptian mythology; also known as “the Golden One” 
  3. Helie (ancient Greek name for girls) – One of the Heliades (seven daughters of the sun god Helios); often depicted with her father’s reflection
  4. Heliodoro (Portuguese and Spanish boy name) – “Gift of the sun
  5. Heulfryn (Welsh boy name) – “Sunny hill”
  6. Hiranyagarbha (Hindu boy name) – “Sun,” “the golden egg,” or “the golden womb”
  7. Hito (Japanese boy name) – “To the sun


Names That Mean Sun Starting With I

  1. Idalia (Scandinavian unisex name) – Place name for “Idalion,” a Greek city that means “I see the sun
  2. Ishaan (Hindu and Sanskrit boy name) – “The sun


Names That Mean Sun Starting With J

  1. Jalark (Hindi boy name) – “The image of the sun
  2. Jayaditya (Hindi boy name) – “Victorious sun”
  3. Jayasoorya (Sinhalese, an Indo-Aryan language primarily used in Sri Lanka) – Boy name meaning “victorious sun”


Names That Mean Sun Starting With K

  1. Kalinda (Hindi girl name) – “Sun” or “from the Kalinda Mountains where the sacred river flows”
  2. Kem (Romani, an Indo-Aryan language) – Unisex girl name meaning “the sun
  3. Kha (Hindu, Vietnamese, and Chinese name for boys) – “Sun,” “stem,” or “tree branch”
  4. Kyra (Persian, Celtic, and Greek girl name) – “Sun,” “like Ra, the sun god,” “little dark-haired one,” or “of the Lord”; feminine form of “Kyros” 


Names That Mean Sun Starting With L

  1. Langa (Xhosa, a Bantu language of South Africa) – Unisex name meaning “sun”
  2. Levant (French boy name) – “Direction of the rising sun


Names That Mean Sun Starting With M

  1. Marichin (Sanskrit and Hindu boy name) – “Sun”
  2. Marici (Sanskrit unisex name) – “Ray of light” 
  3. Marisol (Spanish girl name) – “Sea and sun”; also a name that means “water”
  4. Mehr (Persian and Urdu gender-neutral name) – “Sun” or “friendship”
  5. Mehri (Persian girl name) – “Sunny
  6. Mirri (Australian Aboriginal name) – “The sun
  7. Mithra (Sanskrit boy name) – Hindu sun god
  8. Mitra (Hindu girl name) – “Sun” or “angel”


Names That Mean Sun Starting with N

  1. Nada (Arabic girl name) – “Dew formed at sunrise”
  2. Nanala (Hawaiian girl name) – “Sunflower”


Names That Mean Sun Starting With O

  1. Ochieng (African girl name) – “Someone born when the sun is shining up in the sky”
  2. Olwen (Welsh girl name) – “Footprints in white”; the goddess who bore flowers to welcome the summer sun


Names That Mean Sun Starting With P

  1. Phoebe (Greek name for girls) – “Brilliant” or “radiant”
  2. Phoebus (Greek boy name) – “Brilliant”; alternative name for Apollo, the Greek god of the sun
  3. Pusa (Hindu boy name) – “Sun”


Names That Mean Sun Starting With Q

  1. Quang (Vietnamese nonbinary name) – “Light” or “clear”


Names That Mean Sun Starting With R

  1. Rashmi (Sanskrit baby girl name) – “Sunrays
  2. Ravi (Hindu boy name) – “Sun”
  3. Roshan (Indian and Persian name for boys) – “Light” and “splendid”
  4. Roxana (ancient Greek name) – “Dawn” or “brightness”; the Princess of Bactria and Alexander the Great’s first love 


Names That Mean Sun Starting With S

  1. Salana (English and Latin name for girls) – “Sun”; variants can include “Solana” or “Salina”
  2. Sansone (Italian boy name) – “Sun”; can also relate with the biblical nameSamson
  3. Savitr (Sanskrit boy name) – God of the sun rays in Hindu mythology
  4. Shams (Arabic girl name) – “Sun”; the name of the sun goddess of the Himyarite Kingdom in pre-Islamic Arabia, in the area now known as Yemen 
  5. Sharik (Arabic boy name) – “One on whom the sun shines”; it can also be spelled as “Sharique”
  6. Solange (French girl name) – “Angel of the sun
  7. Solbritt (Swedish girl name) – “The sun of the superior one”
  8. Solfrid (Old Norse and Norwegian name for girls) – “Beautiful sun”
  9. Soniva (Hebrew and Norwegian girl name) – “The sun” or “gift of the sun
  10. Sulien (Welsh boy name) – “Born of the sun
  11. Suria (Indian and Sanskrit boy name) – Variant of “Sarya,” the sun god in Hindu mythology


Names That Mean Sun Starting With T

  1. Tesni (Welsh girl name) – “Warmth of the sun” 
  2. Tyr (Old Norse and Scandinavian boy name) – “To glow” or “to shine”; also the name of the Norse god of war and bloodshed


Names That Mean Sun Starting With U

  1. Uri (Hebrew boy name) – Name that means “light” (my flame or my light)
  2. Uto (Greek girl name) – “The sun goddess”


Names That Mean Sun Starting With V

  1. Valo (Finnish boy name) – “Light”
  2. Vatroslav (Croatian boy name) – “Fire glory”


Names That Mean Sun Starting With W

  1. Willka (Aymara, a language spoken in South America) – Girl name meaning “pre-dawn, before the sun rises”; also a name that means “water” (after the river at Sacred Valley in Peru, which is believed to be the Milky Way’s reflection)


Names That Mean Sun Starting With X

  1. Xhaiden (American boy name) – “Beam of cleansing light”
  2. Xol (unknown origin) – Invented unisex name that means “sun”; relates to the Spanish nameSol


Names That Mean Sun Starting With Y

  1. Yelena (Russian girl name) – “Shining light”– Variation of Helen
  2. Yetta (Yiddish girl name) – “Light”
  3. Yo-Han (French and Korean boy name) – “Sunlight,” “to shine,” or “God is gracious” as a variant of “John”
  4. Yu (Chinese girl name) – “Shining brightly” 


Names That Mean Sun Starting With Z

  1. Zia (Arabic girl name) – “Light” or “splendor”
  2. Ziva (Hebrew girl name) – “Brilliance” or “brightness”
  3. Zohar (Hebrew unisex name) – “Light” or “brilliance”; also spelled “Zohara” as a girl name 


Bonus: Weather & Season-Inspired Baby Names

  1. Haruki (Japanese name) – “Child born in spring)
  2. Spring (Old English androgynous name) – “Springtime”
  3. Summer (British unisex name) – “Warm and sunny season”



Why Should I Choose A Name That Means Sun For My Baby?

Sun-related names can be powerful choices that might also influence your little one to be bright and sunny. And while bright names might not affect your baby’s luck, they can still help empower your little one in the future.


According to Dr. Saurav Chturvedi, a certified psychologist and astrologer, the sun is also considered among the most important bodies in Vedic Astrology. It represents self-esteem, power, leadership, authority, ego, and the soul. (1)

The sun also holds power as a fiery celestial body that’s the center of the solar system, surrounded by revolving planets. It’s considered a major source of light and life in the solar system. (1)


Most names that mean sun are rare or unique, ranking 1,000+ on the SSA’s list (Social Security Administration) of actual US birth records. (2)

Still, some names (such as “Sol” and “Soleil”) have increased their ranks from 1,000+ before the year 2000 to #837 for “Sol” and #990 for “Soleil.” (2)


Do Sun Names Have Positive Or Bright Meanings?

Yes. The sun has always been linked with warmth, brightness, and light. So, names that mean sun also have bright and positive meanings.


What Are The Most Common Characteristics or Personalities Of People With Sun Names?

You might notice that people with sun-related names also have sunny or bright personalities.


Babies’ characteristics or personalities are influenced by varied factors, including genetics and their environment. Still, bright and positive names might be less likely to subject your child to bullying, which can undermine their self-esteem.

Also, based on the Law of Attraction, positivity attracts positivity. So, a positive name can also help your child become a positive person. (3)


Do Sun Names Have Religious & Spiritual Significance Or Influence?

Yes. The sun has always held religious and/or spiritual significance in various cultures, civilizations, and countries worldwide. 

As a prominent, bright object in the sky that appears alongside or opposite the moon, the sun is often revered as a god or powerful deity in these civilizations or cultures. 

The sun is often considered the most powerful god, while the moon is considered a goddess who’s either his wife or twin sister.



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