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360+ Spiritual Names With Ethereal & Religious Meanings

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What Are Spiritual Names & Why Choose One For Your Baby?

Spiritual names have links to the supreme beings and the energies in nature. That’s why you can find plenty of mythical names linked to gods and goddesses from different cultures and mythologies.

Many of these baby names also have links to religious figures such as saints and biblical names.

Choosing these ethereal and divine names might boost your child’s confidence and self-respect. It may also help influence them to be good and kind, like the figures they’re named after.

Below are 360+ beautiful names and their meanings.


The Best Spiritual Name Ideas For Your Little One

What Are The Most Spiritual Names?


  • Daniel (Hebrew) – Biblical boy name that means “God is my judge”; Old Testament figure who faced hardships but remained loyal to God, even if that meant being thrown into the lions’ den


  • Divine (Latin girl name) – Perfect name that means “heavenly” or “of the gods


  • Elizabeth (Greek girl name) – “Devoted to God”; after the mother of John the Baptist and the aunt of Mary (Jesus’ mother)


  • Genesis (American and English boy name) – “Beginning”; the first book in the Bible


  • Grace (Latin girl name) – “God’s favor”


  • Matthew (English and Hebrew boy name) – Popular name that means “gift of God”; a tax collector who became one of Jesus’ 12 disciples, and later credited as the author of the New Testament’s Book of Matthew


  • Peter (Hebrew and Greek boy name) – “Stone” or “rock”; a very important figure in Christianity as the apostle that Jesus designated as the “rock” on which He will build the Church (Peter is also called “Simon Peter,” since his birthname was “Simon”)


  • Adam (Hebrew boy name) – “Man from the red earth”; the first man created by God from clay or dust, according to the Bible


  • Eden (Hebrew girl name) – “Delight” or “place of pleasure”; also a place name after the garden paradise where Adam and Eve lived after God created them (they were banished from the garden after eating the forbidden apple)


  • Ezra (Hebrew boy name) – “Help”; a priest and scribe of the law who wrote the Book of Ezra detailing the Israelites’ struggles to survive and rebuild their kingdom


  • Isaac (Hebrew boy name) – “One who laughs” or “rejoices”; Abraham’s son and the father of twins Esau and Jacob



  • Isaiah (Hebrew boy name) – “Salvation of the Lord”; one of the major prophets in the Old Testament, he predicted the coming of the “Messiah” (Jesus)


  • Jacob (Hebrew boy name) – “Supplanter” or “the one who comes after”; twin boy name (pairs with “Esau”) after the important Biblical figure whose 12 sons became patriarchs of the twelve tribes of Israel


  • Naomi (Hebrew name) – Biblical girl name meaning “agreeable” or “beautiful”; an Israelite widow who went back to Israel with her devoted daughter-in-law, a Moabite


  • Ruth (Hebrew girl name) – “Vision of beauty” or “companion”; a Moabite who showed loyalty and devotion to Naomi (her mother-in-law) and would later remarry an Israelite and become the great-grandmother of Jesus


What Are Some Spiritual World Names?

  • Amara (Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit girl name) – “Immortal one” or “grace”


  • Anahita (Persian girl name) – “Pure”; ancient Persian goddess of wisdom and health




  • Divinity (Latin girl name) – “Belonging to God


  • Halo (Greek androgynous name) – “Circular light aura depicted above a holy being’s head”


What Are Good Names For Spirits?

  • Abel (Hebrew boy name) – “Breath”; the second son of Adam and Eve (he was killed by Cain, firstborn son, out of jealousy)



  • Nathan (Hebrew boy name) – “The gift of the almighty” or “He gave”; one of the prophets and advisers in King David’s court


  • Spirit (English nonbinary name) – “Entity” or “unworldly character”; it might be considered an “ugly” name by some parents because it implies an entity that isn’t alive (best used as a book character instead)


  • Talitha (Aramaic and Arabic girl name) – “Young girl”; the name of the young girl that Jesus raised from the dead


  • Levi (Hebrew name) – Rare boy name meaning “united” or “joined in harmony”; one of Jacob’s sons and the patriarch of the Levites


  • Misha (Hebrew girl name) – “One who resembles God”; feminine variant of “Michael”


  • Sinai (Hebrew boy name) – “Of the clay desert”; also an important mountain in the Bible where Moses received the “10 Commandments”


  • Zobia (Arabic and Urdu girl name; an Indo-Aryan language) – “Divine gift” or “God grants”


What Are Godly Rare Names?

  • Arcadia (Greek girl name) – “Region with peace and contentment”; might be likened to heaven or paradise


  • Clemency (Latin and English girl name) – “Mild” and “merciful”; feminine variation of the Latin name “Clement”


Angel Names For Babies


  • Angelique (French name for girls) – “Like an angel”


  • Gabriel (Hebrew boy name) – “God is my strong man” or “God is my strength”; God’s messenger in the Bible


  • Michael (Hebrew boy name) – “He who is like God”; one of the archangels in the Bible


Saint-Inspired Sacred Names

  • Alperen (Turkish boy name) – “Heroic saint”


  • Assisi (Latin girl name) – After the hometown of Saint Francis of Assisi (a Catholic saint) in Italy


  • Bardo (Tibetan, Aboriginal, and German boy name) – Name that means “water”; after Saint Bardo (German Bishop) or the Tibetan Buddhist “state of suspension” that happens between two lives (they believe in reincarnation)


  • Clement (Latin boy name) – “Mild” and “merciful”; the name of several Christian saints and popes


  • Saint (Latin gender-neutral name) – “Sacred” or “holy”; it isn’t a common name due to its religious links, but was chosen by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for their second child


Badass & Tough Spiritual Names


  • Ethan (Hebrew boy name) – “Solid” or “enduring”


  • Gideon (Hebrew boy name) – “Hewer” or “one who cuts trees”; biblical name after the brave prophet who led the Israelites in the battle against a large army of Midianites


Strong & Powerful Spiritual Names

  • Aaron (Hebrew boy name) – “Exalted”; the brother of Moses, and also the first high priest of Israel


  • Andrew (Greek boy name) – “Powerful” or “manly” and “strong”; also a biblical name after one of Jesus’ 12 apostles


  • David (Hebrew boy name) – Classic boy name meaning “beloved”; one of Israel’s most famous kings


  • Uzziah (Hebrew boy name) – “My power is God


Adorable Spiritual Names

  • Abigail (Hebrew girl name) – “Brings joy”


  • Bliss (English girl name) – “Perfect joy”


  • Destiny (English, Latin, and French girl name) – “Fate” or “one’s certain fortune”


  • Emma (English girl name) – “Whole,” “complete,” or “universal one”


  • Sophia (Greek girl name) – Popular girl name meaning “wisdom”; also after the Hagia Sophia, a grand mosque in Turkey that used to be a Greek Orthodox cathedral


Virtue Names

  • Ever
  • Faith
  • Honor
  • Loyal
  • Mercy 
  • Noble
  • Prudence
  • Serenity 
  • Trust
  • Truth


Pretty & Sweet Transcendent Names

  • Adna (Arabic girl name) – “Delight” or “pleasure”


  • Ava (Latin girl name) – “Birdlike” or “lively”; also considered a variation of “Eve” or “Eva”


  • Iva (Slavic and Hebrew girl name) – “God is gracious”


  • Joanna (Hebrew girl name) – “God is gracious”; a variant of “John”


Retro & Old-Fashioned Spiritual Names

  • Abbott (Hebrew and Aramaic boy name) – “Father” or “head of a monastery”


  • Evangeline (Greek girl name) – “Good tidings”



  • Providence (English girl name) – Virtue name meaning “divine protection or care”


Nature-Based Spiritual Names


  • Zipporah (Hebrew girl name) – “Bird”; Moses’ wife in the Bible


Flower-Based Ethereal Names

  • Lotus (Greek nonbinary name) – “Lotus flower”; a symbol of grace, spiritual growth, and purity in Buddhism and Hinduism


  • Padmaj (Hindu boy name) – “Born from lotus”; also another name for Lord Brahma


  • Pema (Hindu girl name) – “Lotus flower”; a variant of “Padma” (twin girl name in the “Harry Potter” series)


  • Susanne (Hebrew girl name) – “Lily” or “Rose


Earthy Spiritual Names

  • Geo (English and Greek boy name) – “Earth”; also a short boy name for “Giovanni,” meaning “God is gracious”


  • Terra (Latin and Ancient Roman girl name) – Roman goddess and personification of the Earth; also known as “Terra Mater,” meaning “Mother Earth”


Charming Celebrity-Inspired Spiritual Names

  • Ariana (Greek girl name) – “Sacred” and “revered”; after American singer-songwriter Ariana Grande


  • Gwyneth (Welsh girl name) – “Blessed”; after American actress Gwyneth Paltrow


  • Madonna (Latin and Italian girl name) – “My lady”; after American singer-songwriter Madonna


  • Shiloh (Hebrew unisex name) – “Peace”; after American actress Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter)


  • Sunday (Latin unisex name) – “Day of the sun”; after Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, the daughter of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman 


Pagan-Themed Mythical Baby Names

Gods & Goddesses From Greek Mythology

  • Apollo (Greek boy name) – “Destroyer”; Greek god of the light, sun, medicine, music, and poetry


  • Athena (Greek girl name) – Greek goddess of wisdom and war


  • Atlas (Greek boy) – “Bearer of the heavens”; strongest Titan god


  • Irene (Greek girl name) – “Peace”; Greek goddess of peace


  • Rhea (Greek girl name) – “Flowing”; Greek goddess of motherhood and female fertility, and the mother of the Olympian gods and goddesses (they ruled from Mount Olympus)



  • Zeus (Greek boy name) – “The supreme God”; the king of the gods in Greek mythology


Roman Gods & Goddesses

  • Aurora (Latin girl name) – “Dawn”; Roman goddess of the dawn or sunrise


  • Fortune (Latin androgynous name) – “Luck,” “wealth,” or “fate”; Roman goddess of fortune, luck, and fertility


  • Jupiter (Latin boy name) – “The Supreme God”; the king of the gods in Roman mythology


Wiccan Spiritual Names

  • Ceridwen (Welsh girl name) – “Beautiful as a poem”


  • Fianate (Gaelic nonbinary name) – “Wild creature”


  • Isaura (Greek girl name) – “Gentle breeze”


  • Liadan (Gaelic girl name) – “Gray lady”



  • Ostara (Anglo-Saxon and Germanic girl name) – “Easter”; after the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring


  • Rowan (Irish gender-neutral name) – “Little red-head”


  • Salem (Hebrew and Arabic boy name) – “Safe” or “perfect”


Native American Gods & Goddesses

  • Alo (Native American boy name) – “Spirit guide”


  • Atina (Arikara – Native American girl name) – “Mother”; Native American goddess of the harvest


  • Godasiyo (Tuscarora – Native American girl name) – “Woman chief”; the leader of the Iroquois people who became a fish and swam away after the in-fighting among the tribes, according to Tuscarora mythology


  • Sedna (Inuit – Native American girl name) – “Mother of the sea” or “goddess of the sea”; goddess of the ocean and marine life taken by a bird spirit but saved by her father in Inuit legends 


  • Uiara (Tupi – Native American girl name) – “Lady of the water”; also a mermaid name meaning “bewitching river nymph” who appears in Brazilian folklore


Norse & Scandinavian Gods & Goddesses

  • Freya (Scandinavian girl name) – Norse goddess of love and fertility


  • Frigg (Norse and Norwegian name for girls) – Norse goddess and mighty queen of Asgard


  • Heimdall (Old Norse boy name) – “White god”; the god who guards Asgard against attacks by protecting the Bifrost (the rainbow bridge)


  • Thor (Norse boy name) – “Thunder”; Norse god of thunder and Odin’s son who wields a hammer called “Mjöllnir”


  • Vidar (Norse boy name) – “Forest battler”; Odin’s other son, also known as the “quiet god” because he doesn’t speak


Ethereal Names With Beautiful Meanings

Spiritual Names Meaning “Soul”

  • Aatma (Hindi girl name) – “Soul” or “light of the Lord”


  • Can (Turkish unisex name) – “Soul,” “spirit,” or “life” 


  • Enid (Welsh girl name) – “Soul” or “life”




Spiritual Names Meaning “God Answers”

  • Anael (Hebrew boy name) – “God has answered”


  • Chisara (Igbo – African boy name) – “God answers my prayers”


  • Eliana (Hebrew girl name) – “God answers my prayers” or a name that means “sun


  • Ismael (Hebrew boy name) – Biblical boy name meaningGod will hear”; after the son of Abraham and Sarah’s Egyptian slave Hagar


  • Nathaniel (Hebrew boy name) – “God has given”


  • Pernita (Hindu girl name) – “Answered prayer”


  • Samuel (Hebrew boy name) – “God has heard”; he served as the last judge of Israel


  • Yanai (Hebrew boy name) – “God answers”


Beautiful Names Meaning “Light”


  • Lux (Latin girl name) – “Light”



  • Quang (Vietnamese name for boys and girls) – “Light” or “clear”


  • Zoha (Arabic girl name) – “The divine light”


Religious Names Based On Origins

Christian & Catholic Names For Babies

  • Bishop (Greek and English boy name) – Occupational name meaning “overseer”; often refers to a religious rather than a political leader



  • Damaris (Greek girl name) – “Calf” or “gentle”; after an early Christian with a charitable nature in the Bible’s New Testament


  • Deacon (Greek unisex name) – Occupational name meaning “messenger” or “servant”; also has religious links rather than political


  • Elijah (Hebrew boy name) – “Jehovah is my God”; a prophet in the Old Testament


  • Maria (Hebrew girl name) – “Mistress or lady of the sea”; a form of “Mary”


  • Martha (Aramaic girl name) – Biblical girl name meaning “the lady”; a hardworking woman who, together with her siblings, hosted Jesus at their home in Bethany


  • Messiah (Aramaic boy name) – “Expected savior” or “deliverer”; a name often linked to Jesus


  • Noah (Hebrew boy name) – “Rest”; after the man who built the ark in the Bible


  • Pastor (Latin nonbinary name) – “Spiritual leader”


  • Priest (Latin boy name) – Occupational name for “religious leader” or “ordained minister”


  • Solomon (Hebrew boy name) – “Peaceful”; one of the most famous of Israel’s kings, he is known for his unsurpassed wisdom



Hindu & Sanskrit Spiritual Names

  • Adrija (Hindu girl name) – ‘The one born out of a mountain”; another name for Goddess Parvati



  • Arya (Sanskrit unisex name) – “Noble”


  • Gita (Sanskrit girl name) – Musical girl name meaning “song”; significant in Hinduism with links to the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu scripture)


  • Karma (Hindi unisex name) – “Destiny” or “spiritual force”


  • Krishna (Hindi unisex name) – “All attractive” or “blue”; also the name of a Hindu god


  • Satya (Sanskrit unisex name) – “Truth”


  • Tulsi (Hindi girl name) – Girl plant name meaning “basil” (the plant is holy in the Hindu religion because it represents the goddess Tulsi, consort of the god Vishnu); it’s also used in rituals


  • Uma (Hindu girl name) – Goddess name that means “bright,” “fame,” “nation,” or “splendor” after the wife of the God Shiva; after American actress Uma Thurman 


  • Veda (Sanskrit girl name) – “Knowledge”


  • Vibhu (Hindu boy name) – “Supreme” or “powerful”; after Lord Vishnu as the preserver of the world


Muslim Spiritual Names

  • Aisha (Arabic girl name) – “Life” or “vivaciousness”; after the third wife of the Prophet Muhammad


  • Fatimah (Arabic girl name) – “Beautiful like the stars”; one of the Prophet Muhammad’s daughters 


  • Salman (Arabic boy name) – “Safety”


Jewish & Hebrew Spiritual Names

  • Amana (Hebrew girl name) – “Faithful” or “loyal”


  • Arel (Hebrew boy name) – “Sprite” or “lion of God


  • Batya (Hebrew girl name) – “Daughter of God


  • Chanann (Hebrew boy name) – “God was compassionate,” “cloud,” or “spiritual light”


  • Sabbath (Hebrew unisex name) – “Day of rest”


Taoist Spiritual Names


  • Kaiya (Japanese girl name) – “Forgiveness”




Buddhist Spiritual Names

  • Bodhi (Sanskrit boy name) – “Enlightenment” or “awakening”; Buddhist concept synonymous with “nirvana” (state of being free from any hate, ego, or greed)


  • Dharma (Sanskrit and Buddhist unisex name) – “Religious duty”


  • Nirvana (Hindu girl name) – “Transcendent state” or “a place of great bliss”


Sikh Spiritual Names

Sikhism is an Indian or Dharmic religion originating from India’s Punjab region. Some names related to this religion include:

  • Ganeve (Sikh boy name) – “Priceless wealth”


  • Gurdit (Sikh boy name) – “Divine blessing”


  • Ishleen (Sikh girl name) – “Absorbed in the almighty”


  • Livjot (Sikh boy name) – “The one who the Lord illuminates”


  • Rubani (Sikh girl name) – “The soul’s voice” or “soul of the Holy Book”


  • Sanjit (Sikh boy name) – “The victorious one”


Spiritual Names Based On Culture, Traditions, & Festivals Around The World

Christmas-Themed Names

  • Christmas (English nonbinary name) – “Christ-feast”; given to a child born on Christmas day, though some parents believe it’s best as a nickname or middle name instead of a first name


  • Joseph (Hebrew boy name) – “Jehovah shall add”; after the father of Jesus who brought the pregnant Mary to Bethlehem for a census (but she gave birth in the stable because the inn was full)


  • Joy (Latin girl name) – “Happiness” or “great pleasure”; a word often associated with Christmas


  • Mary (Hebrew girl name) – “Beloved” or “bitterness”; Jesus’ mother 


  • Noel (French gender-neutral name) – “Christmas”; can also be spelled as “Noelle” for a more feminine variant


Ramadan-Themed Names

  • Cairo (Arabic boy name) – “Victorious”


  • Mecca (Arabic androgynous name) – “One who is like God”; the Prophet Muhammad’s birthplace, and the holiest city in Islam located in modern-day Saudi Arabia, where millions of Muslims make a pilgrimage each year


  • Muhammad (Arabic boy name) – “The Praiseworthy”; founder of Islam


  • Sarosh (Arabic boy name) – “Prayer”


  • Subhan (Arabic unisex name) – “In His almighty praise”


Hanukkah-Themed Names

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that celebrates Jerusalem’s recovery. Some names related to this festival:

  • Abram (Hebrew boy name) – “Exalted father” or “high father”; the birth name of Abraham


  • Shamash (Aramaic boy name) – “Caretaker of a synagogue”; also after the candle used in Hanukkah to light the others


  • Zion (Hebrew boy name) – “The highest point


Ōmisoka (Japanese Festival) Baby Names

Ōmisoka is a traditional Japanese celebration for the last day of the year. Some names related to this occasion:



  • Yoshiro (Japanese boy name) – “Happy individual”


Gender-Based Spiritual Baby Names

Spiritual Baby Boy Names

  • Moksha (Hindu and Sanskrit nonbinary name) – “Liberation” or “freedom from the life and death cycle”; the essence of Hinduism and Buddhism


  • Ninad (Hindi nonbinary name) – “The sound of flowing water” (element of life) or “humming”


  • Silas (Roman and Latin boy name) – “Man of the woods”; a leader in the Early Christian Church


  • Turya (Sanskrit girl name) – “Spiritual power”


Spiritual Baby Girl Names

  • Cami (Latin girl name) – Short girl name meaning “priest” as a moniker of “Camilla”


  • Charity (English girl name) – Virtue name meaning “kindness” or “giving


  • Cherish (English girl name) – Pet name for girls meaning “to treasure” or “beloved”


  • Haven (Old English nonbinary name) – “Safe harbor”



  • Lourdes (Basque girl name) – “Craggy slope”; place name after the French town the Virgin Mary supposedly appeared as a vision to a young peasant girl


  • Paz (Hebrew and Spanish girl name) – “Peace” or “gold”; also another name for the Virgin Mary (“Birhen dela Paz” or “Our Lady of Peace”)


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Spiritual Names

  • Micah (Hebrew unisex name) – “One who resembles the Lord”


  • Shaya (Hebrew unisex name) – “God’s gift”


  • Sky (English and Old Norse unisex name) – “Atmosphere seen from Earth” 


Otherworldly Names From A To Z

Spiritual Names Starting With A

  • Abhideya (Hindu boy name) – “The chief function of the living entity”


  • Ada (Hebrew unisex name) – “Noble”


  • Advay (Sanskrit boy name) – “Union of soul and God


  • Aja (Sanskrit girl name) – “The unborn and self-existent” or a nature name meaning “goat”


  • Anagh (Hindu boy name) – “The one without faults” or “sinless”; another name of Lord Vishnu in (Indian – Hindu mythology)


  • Anani (Hebrew boy name) – “A cloud”


  • Anhad (Hindu boy name) – “Transcends all boundaries,” “the one without limits,” or “the sound of the creation”


  • Anicca (Sanskrit girl name) – “Impermanence,” a Buddhist characteristic of existence that refers to how things are constantly changing and impermanent


  • Answer (English unisex name) – Word name that means “answer to a question” but can also be a rainbow name that means “answer to a prayer”


Spiritual Names Starting With B

  • Bhuvi (Hindu girl name) – “Heaven and Earth”



  • Brita (Gaelic, Swedish, and Norwegian name for girls) – “The exalted one”


Spiritual Names Starting With C

  • Calum (Scottish and Gaelic boy name) – “Dove” or “disciple of Saint Columbus”; also the symbol of purity and the Holy Spirit


  • Canaan (Hebrew boy name) – Biblical place name meaning “merchant” or “humble”; often associated with the Israelites’ “Promised Land”



  • Chetal (Hindu girl name) – “One who’s full of life and vitality”



  • Cullan (Gaelic boy name) – “Spirit of God” or “handsome”


  • Cyrus (Persian boy name) – Name that means “the sun”; Persian king who helped the Israelites escape captive in Babylon so they could return to their homeland


Spiritual Names Starting With D

  • Deva (Hindi girl name) – “Divine” or “shining one”; Hindu goddess name of the moon


  • Devina (Indian – Hindu girl name) – “The blessing of God


  • Dhanak (Urdu boy name; an Indo-Aryan language) – “Rainbow”


  • Dhanvin (Hindu boy name) – “Charity doer” or “giver”; another name used for Lord Shiva


  • Dhitik (Buddhist boy name) – “The wise one” or “a Buddhist saint”


  • Dhruv (Indian – Sanskrit boy name) – “North star”


  • Dityaa (Indian and Hindu girl name) – “Answer of prayers”; another name for the goddess Lakshmi (goddess of wealth and prosperity)


  • Divayam (Sanskrit boy name) – “Divine” or “unique”


  • Dream (English nonbinary name) – Word name meaning “desire” or “joyous music”


  • Dusan (Croatian boy name) – “Soul” or “spirit”


  • Dvita (Sanskrit boy name) – “Existing in two forms”


Spiritual Names Starting With E

  • Easter (English and Germanic girl name) – Pagan celebration after the German goddess Eostre; also a Christian celebration to commemorate Jesus’ resurrection


  • Ebenezer (ancient Hebrew boy name) – “Stone of help”; biblical name after the stone monument that the Prophet Samuel built in the Old Testament


  • Ehud (Hebrew boy name) – “One”; one of the biblical judges in the Old Testament


  • Eldad (Hebrew boy name) – “God has loved”; a prophet in the Old Testament


  • Elhanan (Hebrew boy name) – “God is gracious”


  • Ethereal (English androgynous name) – “Otherworldly”


Spiritual Names Starting With F

  • Felix (Latin boy name) – “Fortunate”


  • Firdaus (Arabic boy name) – “Paradise”


  • Forever (English nonbinary name) – Word name meaning “infinite future time” or “for always”; also a pet name for a partner or loved one


Spiritual Names Starting With G

  • Gabrielle (French girl name) – “God’s bravest woman”; feminine variant of the angel name “Gabriel”


  • Galilee (Hebrew nonbinary name) – “The province”; biblical name where Jesus performed several miracles, including walking on water, feeding the masses with just five loaves of bread plus two pieces of fish, and calming the storm


  • Gianna (Hebrew and Italian name for girls) – “God is gracious”


  • Gracelynn (Latin girl name) – “God’s grace” or “grace and beauty”


  • Gudrun (Old Norse girl name) – “God’s secret love”


Spiritual Names Starting With H

  • Halcyon (Greek unisex name) – “Kingfisher bird”; also a mystical name after the mythic bird who can calm the seas


  • Hanna (Hebrew and Swedish girl name) – “His grace”


  • Hanvika (Sanskrit and Hindu girl name) – “Gold”; another name for goddess Saraswati (goddess of wisdom and knowledge)


  • Harin (Hindu boy name) – “The one who is pure”; another name for Lord Vishnu



  • Heaven (Old English unisex name) – Word name meaning “sky” or “home of God


  • Hoyt (Old Norse boy name) – “Descended from the spirit or mind”


Spiritual Names Starting With I

  • Idhyah (Hindu boy name) – “The praiseworthy one”; another name for Lord Shiva


  • Ilhaam (Urdu and Arabic girl name) – “A divine inspiration”


  • Infinity (American unisex name) – “Endless”


  • Ipsita (Hindu girl name) – “Desired”; another name for the Goddess Lakshmi (goddess of wealth)


  • Ira (Hindu and Hebrew girl name) – “Watchful”; another name for the Goddess Saraswati (goddess of art, music, and learning)


  • Ishwa (Sanskrit boy name) – “Spiritual teacher”


Spiritual Names Starting With J

  • Jawna (Arabic girl name) – “The sun”; the sun has a spiritual significance as a life-giving force


  • Jordyn (Hebrew nonbinary name) – “To flow down”; variant of “Jordan”


  • Journey (English gender-neutral name) – “Expedition” or “trip”


  • Justice (Latin and English nonbinary name) – Virtue name meaning “to deliver what is just”


Spiritual Names Starting With K

  • Kanav (Hindu boy name) – “The wise one”


  • Karin (Scandinavian girl name) – “Pure”


  • Katherine (Greek girl name) – “The pure one”; popular girl name that has dozens of translations and variations in many languages, including “Yekaterina” in Russian, “Kasienka” as a Polish name, “Katerein” in Dutch, and “Catraoine” in Irish


  • Kezia (Hebrew girl name) – “Cinnamon”


  • Kismet (Arabic girl name) – “Fate” or “destiny”


  • Krishnavi (Gujarati – Hindu girl name; an Indo-Aryan language in the Indian state of Gujarat) – “Lord Krishna


Spiritual Names Starting With L

  • Leah (Hebrew girl name) – “Delicate” or “weary”; Jacob’s first wife in the Bible


  • Leela (Sanskrit girl name) – “Play”


  • Lina (Greek, Arabic, and Persian girl name) – “Delicate” and “sunlight”


  • Lior (Hebrew unisex name) – “The illuminated one”


  • Livchit (Sikh boy name) – “The one who’s conscious or aware”



Spiritual Names Starting With M

  • Merritt (Old English unisex name) – “Boundary gate”


  • Miracle (Latin unisex name) – “Marvel” or “wonder”


  • Moon (English gender-neutral name) – “Satellite”


  • Mystery (English nonbinary name) – “Secret”


Spiritual Names Starting with N

  • Nazareth (Hebrew nonbinary name) – Place name in the Bible where Jesus spent most of his life


  • Nevaeh (modern invented name) – Reverse spelling of “heaven,” which means “paradise”


  • Nirvaan (Sanskrit and Indian boy name) – “Enlightenment” or “liberation of the soul”


Spiritual Names Starting With O

  • Olivia (Latin girl name) – “Olive tree” or “peace”


  • Om (Sanskrit boy name) – “Creation” or “meditation”


  • Omaja (Sanskrit girl name) – “Result of spiritual unity”


  • Orpah (Hebrew girl name) – Biblical girl name meaning “fawn” or “back of the neck”; she’s Naomi’s other Moabite daughter-in-law (but she chose to stay in Moab as her mother-in-law instructed)


Spiritual Names Starting With P

  • Parson (English boy name) – Occupational name meaning “pastor” or “clergyman”


  • Pax (Latin and Old English unisex name) – “Peaceful settlement”


  • Peace (American gender-neutral name) – “Tranquility”


  • Philip (Greek boy name) – “Lover of horses”; biblical name after one of Jesus’ 12 apostles


  • Praise (British unisex name) – “Prayer” or “giving thanks”


  • Prama (Sanskrit girl name) – “Knowledge of the truth”


  • Pranavi (Sanskrit girl name) – “The first sound of the universe”; another name for the Goddess Parvati


  • Priscilla (Latin girl name) – “Ancient” or “classic”


  • Prisha (Hindu girl name) – “Divine grace”


  • Promise (American unisex name) – “Pledge” or “vow”


  • Purvik (Indian and Sanskrit boy name) – “Sun”


Spiritual Names Starting With Q

  • Qahira (Arabic girl name) – “One who wins”


  • Qiturah (Arabic girl word) – “Scent” or “incense”


  • Quanesha (African-American girl name) – “Life” or “singing”


  • Quim (Portuguese and Catalan boy name) – “Yahweh (God) establishes”; also a short form of “Joaquim”


  • Q’uq’umatz (Mayan boy name) – “Feathered serpent,” referring to a Mayan god; pronounced as “kwOOk-oo-mah-ts”


Spiritual Names Starting With R

  • Rebecca (Hebrew girl name) – “To join or tie”; biblical girl name after Isaac’s wife and the mother of Jacob and Esau


  • Reuben (Hebrew boy name) – “Behold, a son”; biblical boy name after Jacob’s eldest son


  • Revel (American unisex name) – “Rejoice”



  • Rise (English and Latin unisex name) – “Go up” or “laughter”


  • Ritam (Indian and Hindu boy name) – “The divine truth”


  • Ritvik (Sanskrit boy name) – “A seeker of enlightenment”


  • Ruhan (Indian – Hindu boy name) – “Spiritual”


  • Rumi (Japanese girl name) – “Beauty,” “lapis lazuli (deep-blue rock),” or “flow”


Spiritual Names Starting With S

  • Saavya (Hindu and Indian boy name) – “Perfect” or “combination of victory and truth”; another name for Lord Vishnu (preserver of the universe)


  • Sanay (Hindu boy name) – “Eternal”


  • Sanya (Arabic girl name) – “The fortunate one,” “defender,” or “brilliance”


  • Saul (Hebrew boy name) – “Prayed for”; royal name after the first king of Israel


  • Sehaj (Hindu girl name) – “The one in a state of perfect balance”


  • Shayla (Gaelic and Hindu girl name) – “From the fairy palace” or “question”; another name for the Goddess Parvati


  • Shepherd (British boy name) – Occupational name that means “sheep herder”


  • Shlok (Sanskrit boy name) – “The Vedic chant (recitations in the ancient scriptures of Hinduism)” or “hymn”


  • Sri (Sanskrit and Indian girl name) – “Wealth and prosperity” and “beauty”


  • Suchi (Hindu and Indian girl name) – “Holy and pure” or “radiant glow”


Spiritual Names Starting With T

  • Tarani (Sanskrit girl name) – “The sun,” “Earth,” or “boat”


  • Tarot (French androgynous name) – “Fortune-telling cards” or “spiritual cards”


  • Temple (English unisex name) – “Dweller near the temple” or “a place of worship”


  • Tenzin (Tibetan and Indian unisex name) – “The holder of Buddha Dharma” or “the holder of the teaching”


  • Thea (Greek girl name) – “A gift from the almighty”


  • Timothy (Greek boy name) – “Honoring God”; an early Christian and the Apostle Paul’s traveling companion


  • Trinity (Latin unisex name) – “Triad” (father, son, and holy ghost)


  • True (English unisex name) – Virtue name meaning “genuine” or “real”


  • Twisha (Sanskrit and Indian girl name) – “Brilliance,” “the rays of the Sun,” or “sunlight”


Spiritual Names Starting With U

  • Udita (Hindu girl name) – “The one who has risen”


  • Uʻilani (Hawaiian girl name) – “Heavenly beauty”; pronounced as “oo-ee-LA-nee”


  • Ulick (Norse and Irish boy name) – “Little William” or “mind, heart, or the spirit”



Spiritual Names Starting With V

  • Vamika (Hindu girl name) – “Power and strength”; another name for the Goddess Durga (goddess of courage)


  • Vashti (Hebrew and Persian girl name) – “Beautiful” or “goodness”


  • Vesper (Latin unisex name) – “Evening prayer”


  • Vida (Latin girl name) – “Life”


  • Vimukti (Sanskrit and Indian girl name) – “Liberation from earthly existence”


Spiritual Names Starting With W

  • Wael (Aramaic and Arabic boy name) – “Shelter” or “refuge”


  • Wangchuk (Tibetan boy name) – “Mighty”; another variant of God Shiva’s name


  • Werethekau (Egyptian girl name) – “Great enchantress”; Egyptian goddess for protection



  • Wotan (Germanic boy name) – “Lord of frenzy”; variant of the Norse god Odin’s name


Spiritual Names Starting With X

  • Xayah (Mongolian and Japanese girl name) – “Sand” and “destiny”



  • Xochipilli (Nahuatl – Aztec name) – “Flower prince”; Aztec god of love, games, and flowers


  • Xystos (Greek boy name) – “Polished” or “scaped”


Spiritual Names Starting With Y

  • Yael (Hebrew boy name) – “To ascend”


  • Yajur (Indian boy name) – One of the Vedas (ancient Hindu scripture)


  • Yana (Hebrew girl name) – “God is gracious”; a feminine variant of “John”


  • Yehosheva (Hebrew girl name) – “Yahweh is an oath”


  • Yehuda (Hebrew boy name) – “Praise”


  • Yesfir (Russian girl name) – “Star-like”; a variant of the biblical name “Esther”


  • Yeshua (Hebrew and Greek boy name) – “Salvation”; a variant of “Joshua” or “Jesus”


Spiritual Names Starting With Z

  • Zahira (Arabic girl name) – “The shining one”


  • Zechariah (Hebrew boy name) – “God remembers”; after an Israelite priest who’s also the father of John the Baptist


  • Zen (Japanese nonbinary name) – “Peaceful and calm”


  • Zoe (Greek girl name) – “Life”




What Are Special Considerations For Choosing Spiritual Names?

Check for the meanings and, if possible, stories or legends behind the name. This helps you avoid names that look beautiful but might have dreary or embarrassing meanings and stories.

For example, such as the Arabic boy name “Ajal,” a name that means “death” or “a specific period and hour of death.” 

It’s also good to check for similar words that might invite teasing or bullying.

For example, the Greek girl name “Dorcas” is a graceful biblical name that means “gazelle.” However, its first syllable can also sound like “dork,” so think twice before choosing this for your daughter.

When choosing your little one’s name, also consider:

  • Resulting in abbreviations that might look embarrassing (or rude)
  • Names that are too long or difficult to pronounce (and write)
  • Possible conflicts with religion and culture (see below)


Are There Cultural & Ethical Conflicts For Spiritual Names?

Yes. When choosing spiritual names, you might also consider their weight or importance in a particular culture or theme.

For example, while Greek or Roman god names are popular as baby names, it’s considered taboo to pick the names of gods in various religions:

  • Allah (Muslim god)
  • Brahma (Hindu god)
  • Buddha (Buddhism founder)
  • God (Christian god)
  • Jesus (Christian god)
  • Shiva (Hindu god)
  • Vishnu (Hindu god)



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