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710+ Mystical Names For Your Enchanting Little One

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Choosing Mystical Names For Your Charming Baby

Magical and mystical names can be enchanting, and they create an air of mystery. Many of these fantasy names also have amazing backstories about strong and powerful legendary heroes or characters.

We prepared this list of 710+ magical and enchanting baby names with meanings to help you choose the best for your little one.


The Best Mystical Names By Category

What Are The Most Magical Names?

  1. Albus (Latin and German boy name) – “White”; headmaster and powerful wizard in the Harry Potter series
  2. Amara (Sanskrit and Nigeria – African girl name) – Name that means “grace” or “immortal”; a character in the “Supernatural” TV series
  3. Anastasia (Greek girl name) – “Resurrection”
  4. Arya (Greek and Italian girl name) – Musical baby name meaning “song”; a character in the “Game of Thrones” fantasy drama series
  5. Aslan (Turkish, Iranian, and Jewish boy name) – Nature name meaning “lion”
  6. Fairy (English girl name) – Fantasy girl name meaning “fairy” or “tiny supernatural being with wings”
  7. Gandalf (Old Norse) – Elf boy name meaning “wand elf”; powerful wizard and Maiar (angelic being in human form) in “The Lord of the Rings
  8. Harry (English) – “Estate ruler”; powerful boy name after the main character in the “Harry Potter” series
  9. Hermione (Greek name for girls) – “Messenger”; witchy name after one of the smartest witches and main characters in the “Harry Potter” series
  10. James (Hebrew) – Biblical boy name meaning “supplanter”; another “Harry Potter” character (Harry’s late dad)
  11. Merlin (Welsh boy name) – “Sea fortress”; powerful wizard in Arthurian legend
  12. Minerva (Latin baby girl name) – “The mind”; Roman goddess of art, work, and war, and a powerful Hogwarts teacher who turns into a cat in the “Harry Potter” series
  13. Oz (Norse and Irish boy name) – “God’s spear” or “friend of deer”; relates to the “Oz the Great and Powerful,” based on the “Wizard of Oz
  14. Peter (Greek boy name) – “Rock”; relates to Peter Pan, the main character of the “Peter Pan” stories
  15. Sabrina (Celtic and Arabic girl name) – Name that means “Rose” (white rose) or “patience”; the main character in “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” and the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” TV shows
  16. Stephen (Greek boy name) – “Wreath” or “fame”; the Sorcerer Supreme (Dr. Stephen Strange) in the Marvel Universe


  1. Aladdin (Arabic boy name) – “Height of religion”; also a Disney name
  2. Apollo (Greek boy name) – Greek god of healing, the sun, and music
  3. Arthur (Celtic boy name) – “Bear”
  4. Athena (Greek girl name) – Greek goddess of wisdom and war
  5. Aurora (Latin girl name) – “The dawn”; Roman goddess of the dawn, and a Disney princess name (Sleeping Beauty)
  6. Gaia (Greek girl name) – Goddess of the Earth and the mother of all beings in Greek mythology; also spelled as “Gaea”
  7. Hansel (Scandinavian boy name) – “God is gracious”
  8. Hera (Greek girl name) – Greek goddess and the queen of the gods on Mount Olympus
  9. Juno (Latin girl name) – Roman queen of the gods who also represents womanhood and fertility; Hera’s Roman counterpart


What Are Good Mythical Names?

  1. Althea (Greek girl name) – “With healing power”
  2. Angel (English gender-neutral name) – “God’s messenger” or “angel”; a character in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV series
  3. Angelique (French girl name) – “Angelic”; a witch in “Dark Shadows” 
  4. Ariadne (Greek girl name) – “Most holy”
  5. Asia (Greek girl name) – Name that means “sun” (sunrise); Oceanus’ daughter and Atlas’ mother
  6. Emerald (Spanish girl name) – “Green precious gemstone”
  7. Éowyn (Welsh girl name) – “Horse lover”; character in “The Lord of the Rings” series
  8. Faith (English girl name) – “Belief”; also a character in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” 
  9. Faramir (invented elvish boy name) – “Sufficient jewel”; a character in “The Lord of the Rings” created by J. R. R. Tolkien
  10. Gabriel (Hebrew boy name) – Biblical name meaning “God is my strength”
  11. Gadreel (Hebrew boy name) – “Wall of God”
  12. Jasper (Persian boy name) – “Treasurer”; a character in the “Twilight” series
  13. Molly (Hebrew and Irish girl name) – “Rebellious” or “star of the sea”; a character (mother of the Weasley siblings) in the “Harry Potter” series
  14. Randall (English boy name) – “Shield wolf”
  15. Reign (English nonbinary name) – “Rule over”
  16. Sarah (Hebrew) – Biblical girl name that means “princess”; a character in “Hocus Pocus


What Are Beautiful & Ethereal Names?

  1. Andromeda (Greek girl name) – “Leader of men”; girl space name after the famous spiral galaxy
  2. Angeni (Native American girl name) – “Angel”
  3. Aoife (Irish name for girls) – “Beauty”; warrior princess in Irish folklore
  4. Calypso (Greek girl name) – “To conceal”; a Greek sea nymph
  5. Citrine (French name for girls) – “Healed by the sun”; a pale orange crystal
  6. Cullen (Irish boy name) – “Handsome”; last name of the vampire family in the “Twilight” saga
  7. Elanor (Sindarin, a Tolkien-invented language) – Girl name meaning “sun star”
  8. Fëanor (Quenya, a Tolkien-invented language) – Boy name meaning “spirit of fire” or “hair one”
  9. Flora (Latin girl name) – “Flower”; Roman goddess of spring and flowers
  10. Ingrid (Norse girl name) – “Fair” or “beautiful”
  11. Khomsan (Thai boy name) – “Enchanting”
  12. Lorelei (German girl name) – ”Alluring”
  13. Luna (Italian name for girls) – Name that means “moon”; also a character in the “Harry Potter” series
  14. Lúthien (Sindarin girl name) – “Daughter of flowers”; elven character in Tolkien’s works
  15. Orla (Celtic girl name) – “Golden princess”


What Are Some Good Fairy Names?

  1. Amethyst (Greek girl name) – “Purple crystal”
  2. Anabelle (Hebrew girl name) – “Favored grace” or “beauty”
  3. Aziza (Hebrew and African girl name) – “Mighty” and “beloved precious”; a race of good fairies according to West African mythology
  4. Blythe (Old English girl name) – “Cheerful” or “gentle”
  5. Devas (Persian and Greek girl name) – “Nature fairies that appear as small balls of light similar to fireflies”
  6. Fauna (Latin girl name) – “Young deer”; Roman goddess of nature and animals
  7. Fay (Old English girl name) – “Fairy”; also spelled as “Fae”
  8. Gary (German name for boys) – “Spearman”; one of the male fairies in the “Tinkerbell” series
  9. Iridessa (Latin girl name) – Rainbow baby name meaning “like a rainbow”
  10. Merryweather (Old English girl name) – “Fair weather”; one of Sleeping Beauty’s fairy godmothers in the Disney movie
  11. Pari (Persian girl name) – “Fairy” 
  12. Parisa (Persian girl name) – “Like a fairy”
  13. Pixie (English and Celtic girl name) – “Fairy”; also spelled as “Pixsy” or “Pixy
  14. Rosalie (French and Latin girl name) – “Flower of life”
  15. Tiana (Latin and Russian girl name) – “Daylight” or “fairy queen”


Pretty & Attractive Magical Baby Names

  1. Anya (Hungarian, Igbo, and Kurdish girl name) – “Mother,” “eye,” or “power”
  2. Aquamarine (Latin) – “White and turquoise crystal”
  3. Berylla (Greek) – “Light green semi-precious stone”
  4. Leia (Hebrew, Latin, and Hawaiian girl name) – “Weary,” “relaxed,” “lioness,” or “child of heaven”; princess in the “Star Wars” series
  5. Malachi (Hebrew) – “My messenger”; after “Malachite,” a green crystal believed to have transformative powers


Spiritual & Mythical Names From Legends & Myths

Powerful God Names For Boys

  1. Ares – Greek god of war and courage
  2. Hermes – The herald or messenger of the Greek gods and goddesses
  3. Odin – One of the most powerful Norse gods; also called “Woden”
  4. Mars (Latin) – Roman god of war
  5. Pontus – Greek god of the sea
  6. Thor – Norse god of thunder
  7. Triton – Greek god of the sea; also known as Ariel’s dad in “The Little Mermaid
  8. Zephyrus (Greek boy name) – Greek god and personification of the west wind; also spelled as “Zephyr
  9. Zeus – Greek king of the gods


Mystical Goddess Names For Girls

  1. Aeryn – Welsh goddess of war; also spelled as “Erin” or “Aeron”
  2. Anahita – Persian water goddess and patron of wisdom and fertility
  3. Arianrhod – Welsh and Celtic goddess of fertility
  4. Belinda – Babylonian goddess of heaven and earth
  5. Brigid – Celtic goddess of spring and fertility
  6. Ceres – Roman goddess of plants and the harvest
  7. Ceridwen – Welsh and Celtic goddess of poetry; also a sorceress in Welsh folklore
  8. Chandra – Hindu goddess of the moon
  9. Cybele – Greek goddess of wild nature
  10. Diana – Roman goddess of the moon and the hunt
  11. Freya – Norse goddess of love, fertility, and battle; also spelled as “Freja”
  12. Hestia – Greek goddess of the home, the hearth, and chastity
  13. IrisGreek goddess of the rainbow
  14. Maia – Greek goddess of nursing mothers; Hermes’ mother
  15. Mazu – Chinese girl name after the goddess of the sea
  16. Morana – Slavic goddess of spring and rebirth
  17. Selene – Greek goddess of the moon
  18. Tanith – Phoenician goddess of the moon 


Badass & Warrior-Themed Mystical Names

  1. Alastair (Scottish boy name) – “Defender of the people”; also spelled as “Alastor”
  2. Anders (Scandinavian boy name) – “Manly” or “brave”; variant of “Andrew
  3. Aragorn (Sindarin boy name) – “Noble valor”
  4. Araminta (English girl name) – “Defender”
  5. Astrid (Scandinavian girl name) – “Divinely beautiful”
  6. Atlas (Greek boy name) – “To carry,” after the titan who held up the world in Greek mythology
  7. Balin (English and Indian boy name) – “Soldier” or “mighty sword”
  8. Blade (English androgynous name) – “Sword” or “wealthy glory”; the half-vampire main character in the “Blade” movie
  9. Eomer (Old English boy name) – “Horse-famous”; character in “The Lord of the Rings
  10. Eragon (English boy name) – “Dragon rider”; the main character in the “Eragon” series
  11. Eric (Scandinavian boy name) – “Eternal ruler”
  12. Galadriel (Sindarin and Quenya girl name) – “Maiden crowned with a garland”
  13. Geralt (Polish name) – “Spear rule”; a character in “The Witcher” series
  14. Hilda (Norse girl name) – “Battle”; a character in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  15. Hildegarde (German girl name) – “Comrade in arms”; a witch in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  16. Iorek (Norse boy name) – “Battle mighty”; a character in “His Dark Materials” series
  17. Isildur (Quenya boy name) – “Devoted to the moon”; a king in “The Lord of the Rings
  18. Matilda (German girl name) – “Mighty in battle”; also a magical girl in the movie “Matilda
  19. Penthesilea (Greek girl name) – Queen of the Amazons (a tribe of warrior women) in Greek mythology who fought with Troy in the Trojan War
  20. Théoden (Old English boy name) – “King”; a character in “The Lord of the Rings
  21. Thorin (Norse boy name) – “Thunder”; the king of the dwarves in “The Lord of the Rings
  22. Tilda (English girl name) – “Strong in battle”
  23. Willa (German) – “Will” or “protection”


Elf Names For Boys & Girls

  1. Aelfdene (English boy name) – “From the Elfin valley”
  2. Ailsa (German and Old Norse girl name) – “Elf victory”
  3. Alberich (German boy name) – “Elf ruler”
  4. Alfred (German and English boy name) – Classic boy name meaning “elf counsel”
  5. Alfreda (German girl name) – “Elf power”
  6. Alvaro (German boy name) – “Elf army”
  7. Alvin (English boy name) – “Friend of elves”
  8. Alvyna (English girl name) – “Elf-friend”; also spelled as “Alvina”
  9. Alwin (Celtic boy name) – “Elf”
  10. Alwyn (British) – “Elf” or “magical being”; a character in the “Sweep” fantasy novel series
  11. Arwen (Welsh girl name) – “Fair,” “good,” or “noble maiden”; an elven princess and, later, the queen of Gondor in “The Lord of the Rings” 
  12. Aubrey (French girl name) – “Elf ruler”
  13. Avery (French and English girl name) – “Ruler of elves”
  14. Elessar (Westron, a Tolkien-invented language) – Boy name meaning “elf-stone”; one of Aragorn’s many names in “The Lord of the Rings
  15. Elrond (Sindarin boy name) – “Star dome”; half-elf and one of the powerful leaders in “The Lord of the Rings
  16. Elvyna (Old English girl name) – “Elf-friend”
  17. Legolas (Sindarin boy name) – “Green leaves”; also a character in Tolkien’s lore
  18. Luella (English, German, and Hebrew girl name) – “Famous elf,” “famous warrior,” and Hebrew
  19. Maurelle (French girl name) – “Elfin”. “dark”
  20. Míriel (Quenya girl name) – “Treasure”; female elf in Tolkien’s works
  21. Oberon (English boy name) – “Elf ruler”
  22. Radella (English girl name) – “Elfin advisor”
  23. Siofra (Irish and Gaelic girl name) – “Elf” or “sprite”
  24. Viconia (invented name) – Dark elf character in “Baldur’s Gate” video game 
  25. Winnowill – Dark elf character in the comic “Elfquest


Favorite Mermaid Names

  1. Aerwyna (English girl name) – “Friend of the sea”
  2. Ariel (Hebrew girl name) – “Lion of the God”; popular mermaid name after the Disney princess in “The Little Mermaid
  3. Coraline (Dutch, Latin, and French name for girls) – “Pearl” or “coral”; also spelled as “Coralia”
  4. Cordelia (Welsh girl name) – “Jewel of the sea” or “heart”; a character in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  5. Dylan (Welsh boy name) – “Son of the sea”; legendary sea god in Welsh mythology
  6. Maraja (Esperanto and Sanskrit girl name) – “Made of the sea”
  7. Marceline (Latin and Roman gender-neutral name) – “Defender of the sea”
  8. Marin (Gaelic and Irish name for boys and girls) – “Star of the sea”
  9. Marina (Latin) – “Of the sea”
  10. Marisa (Latin) – “Of the sea”; a character in “His Dark Materials” series
  11. Muirgen (Irish) – “Born of the sea”; also spelled as “Morgan”
  12. Naida (Greek girl name) – “Water nymph
  13. Nerissa (Greek girl name) – “Sea nymph”; also spelled as “Nerina”
  14. Nixie (German girl name) – “Water nymph
  15. Rusalka (Slavic girl name) – “Water nymph who lives rivers” 
  16. Sereia (Portuguese girl name) – “Mermaid”; pronounced as “seh-reh-yah”


Adorable Mystical Names

  1. Alma (Latin girl name) – “Nourishing the soul”
  2. Alyce (German name for girls) – “Of the nobility”; also spelled as “Alice” or “Alys”
  3. Ambrose (Latin girl name) – “Immortal one”
  4. Aura (Latin girl name) – Name that means “light” (glowing light) or “soft breeze”
  5. Bilbo (Anglo-Saxon) – J. R. R. Tolkien’s invented name; among the characters of “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings
  6. Calhoun (Scottish and Irish boy name) – “Narrow woods”; a character in the “Sweep” fantasy novel series
  7. Isla (Scottish and Spanish girl name) – “Island”


Wickedly Cool Witchy Names

  1. Arabella (Latin girl name) – “Yielding to prayer”; a character in the “Harry Potter” series (Harry’s wizard neighbor and secret guardian in the muggle or non-magic world)
  2. Aradia (Greek and Italian girl name) – “Protect” or “watch over”; a goddess and the first witch in the book “Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches
  3. Atsuko (Japanese girl name) – Anime name after a witch in “Little Witch Academia
  4. Bellatrix (Latin girl name) – “Female warrior”; a death eater (one of the villains) in the “Harry Potter” series
  5. Bruxo (Portuguese boy name) – “Witch,” “mage,” or “sorcerer”
  6. Coven (English unisex name) – “Gathering of witches”
  7. Illyana (Greek name for girls) – “From Illium or Troy”; a witch (Illyana Rasputin) in the “X-Men and New Mutants” comics
  8. Madoka (Japanese name for boys and girls) – “Circle,” “flower,” or “window”; anime girl name after the witch in “Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  9. Mildred (English girl name) – “Gentle strength”; a witch and the main character (Mildred Hubble) in “The Worst Witch” Netflix series
  10. Sadira (Persian girl name) – Girl plant name meaning “lotus tree”; is a sand witch in Disney’s “Aladdin” TV series
  11. Triss (Latin girl name) – “Happy” or “blessed” as a short girl name or variant of “Beatrice”; red-haired sorceress in “The Witcher” franchise


Unique & Uncommon Mystical Names

  1. Alaric (German boy name) – “All-powerful ruler”
  2. Argus (Greek boy name) – “Watchful guardian”
  3. Audra (British girl name) – “Strength” or “nobility”
  4. Burvis (Latvian boy name) – “Wizard”
  5. Cadmus (Greek name for boys) – “Dragon’s teeth”
  6. Cosima (ancient Greek name for girls) – “Order”
  7. Cosmo (Greek unisex name) – “Order”; although a gender-neutral name, it’s more popularly used as a boy’s name than a girl’s name
  8. Draco (Greek boy name) – “Dragon”; a character (Harry’s classmate Draco Malfoy) in the “Harry Potter” series
  9. Meri (Finnish and Estonian girl name) – Name that means “water” (the sea)
  10. Titan (Greek boy name) – “Defender”; race or group of giant pre-Olympian gods in Greek mythology led by Cronus (dethroned by his son Zeus) and Rhea


Dark Fairy & Mysterious Creature Names

  1. Cain (Hebrew boy name) – Biblical boy name meaning “spear”; the eldest son of Adam and Eve (identified in the Bible as the first two humans created by God)
  2. Ciaran (Scottish and Gaelic unisex name) – “Dark-haired one” or “little dark one”; the leader (Ciaran MacEwan) of one of the most powerful covens in the “Sweep” novel series
  3. Corvus (Latin boy name) – “Raven”
  4. Eris (Greek girl name) – “Strife”; Greek goddess of discord and strife, and also a witch in Disney’s “Maleficent” movie
  5. Hecate (Greek girl name) – “Willpower” or “far away”; Greek goddess of magic and the night (revered by witches)
  6. Jadis (Hindi, Turkish, and French girl name) – “Yesteryears” or “long ago”; the White Witch (main villain) in the “The Chronicles of Narnia
  7. Koko (Native American – Algonquin and Japanese girl name) – “The night”; also spelled as “Kohko”
  8. Lilith (Hebrew, Assyrian, and Akkadian, a language from the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia) – “Ghost” or “night monster”; a character (a white-eyed demon) in the “Supernatural” TV series, also spelled as “Lillith”
  9. Melinoë (Greek girl name) – “Having the color of quince (a bright golden-yellow fruit)”; Greek nymph associated with nightmares, mental illness, and the moon
  10. Melusine (French girl name) – “Dark-skinned” or “strong in work”
  11. Merope (Greek girl name) – “A bird that eats bees”; one of the seven Pleiades (group of nymphs) turned into stars by Zeus in Greek mythology, and also Voldemort’s mother in the “Harry Potter” series
  12. Morrigan (Irish girl name) – “Phantom queen”; Pagan goddess of witchcraft
  13. Raven (English unisex name) – “A black bird”; often considered a symbol of witchcraft or the witches’ favorite pet


Rare Mystical & Fantasy Names

  1. Asriel (Hebrew boy name) – “Helped by God”; character (Lord Asriel) in the “His Dark Materials” trilogy
  2. Athos (Greek boy name) – “Immortal”; a character in the video game “Fire Emblem
  3. Atreyu (Greek, English, and German boy name) – “Fearless”
  4. Beorc (Norse boy name) – “Rune (secret symbol) for the letter B”; also spelled as “Bjarkan,” and represents birth and liberation
  5. Beorn (Norse boy name) – “Bear”; also spelled as “Björn” or “Bjørn”
  6. Cressida (Greek girl name) – “Gold”; a character (Cressida Blume, a Hogwarts student in the late 19th century) in the “Harry Potter” series
  7. Futhark (Norse and German boy name) – “Runic writing” or “secret writing”
  8. Gellert (Hungarian boy name) – “Spear strength” or “ruler with the spear”; a character (villain Gellert Grindelwald) in the “Harry Potter” spinoff prequel “Fantastic Beasts” series
  9. Isobel (Hebrew girl name) – “God’s promise” or “pledged to God”
  10. Merida (Scottish, Gaelic, Celtic, and Irish name for girls) – “She with a high place of honor” or “pearl”; Disney princess name after the headstrong, red-haired Celtic princess who refuses to get married to any of the other clans’ princes (she even competed for her own hand in marriage, just to prove her point)
  11. Ondine (Latin and German girl name) – Mermaid name meaning “little wave”; nymph and water spirit in German mythology
  12. Persephone (Greek girl name) – Greek goddess of the underworld
  13. Raistlin (English invented name) – Unknown meaning; after a character (Raistlin Majere) in the “Dragonlance” book series
  14. Sirius (Greek boy name) – “Glowing”; a character (Harry’s godfather Sirius Black) in the “Harry Potter” series


Cool & Modern Mystical Names

  1. Alatar (Quenya boy name) – Tolkein-invented name meaning “after-comer”; a character (one of the Blue Wizards) in Tolkien lore
  2. Aster (Greek boy name) – “Star”
  3. Benjen (modern boy name invented by George R. R. Martin) – Based on “Benjamin,” a biblical name meaning “son of the right hand”; a character (Benjen Stark, the First Ranger of the Night’s Watch) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  4. Brandon (English boy name) – “From the broom hill”; a character (Brandon Stark, more commonly known as “Bran”) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  5. Bronn (English boy name) – “Dark-skinned”; a character (a sellsword or fighter for hire) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  6. Buffy (Hebrew and British girl name) – “Promise of God”; the main character in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV series
  7. Daenerys (Hebrew and Greek girl name) – “Lady of hope” or lady of light; invented name for a character (Queen Daenerys or Daenerys Stormborn) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  8. Frodo (German and Old English boy name) – Tolkien-invented name meaning “wise” and “experienced”; one of the main characters (the ringbearer) in “The Lord of the Rings
  9. Harvey (French boy name) – “Battle worthy”; a character (Harvey Kinkle, Sabrina’s boyfriend) in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  10. Jade (English girl name) – “Green precious gemstone”
  11. Jojen (American boy name) – “Wise dreamer”; a character (Jojen Reed) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  12. Jon (Hebrew boy name) – “God is gracious”; a character (Jon Snow, born as Aegon Targaryen) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  13. Kylo (American boy name) – “Sky”; a character (dark warrior Kylo Ren) in the “Star Wars” series
  14. Navi (Hebrew girl name) – “To name”; a character (fictional fairy) in the “Legend of Zelda” video game series
  15. Ramil (Azerbaijani, a Eurasian language) – Boy name meaning “magical”
  16. Raymond (Norman boy name) – “Advice” or “protection”
  17. Rhaegar (English boy name) – “Gift of God”; a character (prince name after Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, the heir of King Aerys II Targaryen) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  18. Rickard (German boy name) – “Powerful leader”; a character (Lord Rickard Stark, former Lord of Winterfell) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  19. Robb (German boy name) – “Bright fame”; a character (King Robb Stark, the king of the North) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  20. Samwell (Hebrew boy name) – “God has heard” as a variant of the biblical name “Samuel”; a character (Jon Snow’s closest friend Samwell Tarly, a steward in the Night’s Watch) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  21. Sansa (Sanskrit girl name) – “Praise” or “charm”; a character (Sansa Stark) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  22. Saoirse (Irish girl name) – “Freedom”; pronounced as “sheer-sha”
  23. Stannis (American boy name) – “Stone and ice”; a character (King Stannis I Baratheon, the Lord of Dragonstone) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  24. Tyrion (Latin boy name), “rock”; a character (Lord Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf son of Lord Tywin Lannister) in the “Game of Thrones” series


Classic & Old-Fashioned Mystical Names

  1. Agatha (Greek girl name) – “Good woman”; a witch (Agatha Harkness) in Marvel comics
  2. Azrael (Hebrew boy name) – “Help of God”
  3. Boreas (Greek boy name) – “North wind”; Greek god and personification of the north wind and winter
  4. Caerus (ancient Greek name for boys) – “Opportunity”; Greek god and personification of luck and opportunity
  5. Calista (Greek girl name) – “Most beautiful”; a nymph and one of the followers of Artemis in Greek mythology
  6. Cedric (Celtic boy name) – “Bounty”; a character (Cedric Diggory) in the “Harry Potter” series
  7. Cynthia (Greek girl name) – “Moon goddess” or “woman from Kynthos (a mountain in Greece)”
  8. Frederick (German boy name) – “Peace and power”
  9. George (Greek boy name) – “Farmer” or “earth worker”; a twin boy name (along with “Fred”) used in the “Harry Potter” series
  10. Hasufel (Old English boy name) – Tolkien-invented name meaning “gray coat”; a character (Aragorn’s horse, given by Éomer) in “The Lord of the Rings
  11. Hugo (German and Spanish boy name) – Hispanic boy name meaning “mind” or “spirit”; a character (Hugo Artemis Solon Saturnicus Reginald Arthur Rune, an eccentric genius) in the “Rune” fantasy novel series
  12. Nicholas (Greek boy name) – “People of victory”; a character (one of Sabrina’s boyfriends, Nicholas Scratch) in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” 
  13. Olympia (Greek girl name) – “From Mount Olympus (mountain of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses)”
  14. Patrick (Latin boy name) – “Noble”
  15. Phillip (Greek boy name) – “Lover of horses”; the prince in “Sleeping Beauty
  16. Seamus (Irish boy name) – “Supplanter” as a variant of “James”; a character (Seamus Finnigan, a supporting character who always figures in accidents) in the “Harry Potter” series
  17. Severus (Latin boy name) – “Stern”; a character (Professor Severus Snape, an anti-hero or hero who has the characteristics of a villain) in the “Harry Potter” series


Nature-Inspired Mystical Names

  1. Autumn (Latin and English unisex name) – “Fall”
  2. Avalon (Welsh and Latin unisex name) – “Island of apple trees”; mythical island in the King Arthur legends
  3. Clover (German girl name) – “Clings”; a plant that symbolizes luck
  4. Deema (Arabic girl name) – “Rain”
  5. Delphine (French girl name) – “Dolphin”
  6. Fawn (English girl name) – “Baby deer”
  7. Giles (Latin boy name) – “Young goat”; a character (Buffy’s surrogate dad figure and mentor) in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series 
  8. Greta (Greek girl name) – “Pearl”; a variant of “Gretel” or “Gretchen”
  9. Lark (English nonbinary name) – “Songbird”
  10. Meadow (English girl name) – “Clearing”
  11. Moon (English unisex name) – Space name that means “moon” or “natural satellite”
  12. Pearl (English girl name) – Word name that means “pearl” or “white gemstone from oysters”
  13. Solstice (English girl name) – “Stilled sun,” “unmoving sun,” “position of the sun,” or “festivals and celebrations”
  14. Summer (English unisex name) – “The summer season”
  15. Tara (Irish girl name) – “Rocky hill”; a character (Tara Maclay, a shy woman with magical powers) in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series
  16. Winter (English unisex name) – “The winter season”


Mystical Plant & Flower Names

  1. Aspen (English unisex name) – “Aspen tree”
  2. Basil (Greek boy name) – Spice name that also means “regal”; symbolizes love and good luck
  3. Briar (British girl name) – “Bramble bush”; another name (Briar Rose) for Princess Aurora, the “Sleeping Beauty
  4. Briony (British and Greek girl name) – “Wild hedgerow” or “climbing plant”
  5. Cedar (English boy name) – “Cedar tree”; symbolizes strength and immortality
  6. Dahlia (Swedish girl name) – Flower name meaning “valley” or “Dahl’s flower (named after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl)”; a character (dark witch described as “one of history’s most powerful witches”) in “The Vampire Diaries: The Originals” TV show
  7. Daisy (English girl name) – “White flower” or “day’s eye”
  8. Fern (English girl name) – “Forest plant”; also spelled as “Fearn”
  9. Holly (English girl name) – “Holly tree,” a plant often associated with the Christmas season and Wicca (largest of the modern Pagan religion linked to witches, warlocks, and wizards)
  10. Ivy (English girl name) – “Vine”
  11. Juniper (Latin unisex name) – “Youthful”
  12. Lavender (English girl name) – “Light purple flower”
  13. Lilac (Latin girl name) – “Blue-purple flower”; symbolizes innocence, tranquility, and spirituality
  14. Lily (English girl name) – “White flower”; a character (Lily Potter, Harry’s mother) in the “Harry Potter” series
  15. Linden (English unisex name) – “Of the linden tree”; a character (Linden Niall) in the “Sweep” novel series
  16. Linnea (Scandinavian girl name) – “Linden tree”
  17. Olive (Latin girl name) – “Olive tree”
  18. Poppy (English girl name) – “Red flower”; after Princess Poppy in the animated movie “Trolls
  19. Primrose (English girl name) – “Colorful flowers”; used as the main ingredient for love potions in the animated movie “Strange Magic
  20. Rose (English girl name) – “Rose flower”; symbolizes love
  21. Violet (Latin girl name) – “Purple flower”; symbolizes power and spirituality
  22. Willow (English girl name) – “Willow tree”; a witch character (Willow Rosenberg) in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series
  23. Zinnia (Latin girl name) – “Flower” or “Zinn’s flower (named after German botanist Johann Zinn)”


Musical-Inspired Mystical Names

  1. Arion (Hebrew boy name) – “Melodious”
  2. Calliope (Greek girl name) – Musical baby name for girls meaning “beautiful voice”
  3. Lyra (Greek girl name) – “Lyre” (a musical instrument); a character (Lyra Belacqua, known as Lyra Silvertongue) in the “His Dark Materials” trilogy
  4. Melody (Greek girl name) – “Music”
  5. Viola (Latin and Italian girl name) – “Stringed musical instrument bigger than a violin” or “violet flower”


Mystical Celebrity-Inspired Baby Names

  1. Atlas Norton – Son of American actor Edward Norton and Canadian film producer Shauna Robertson
  2. Kal-El Coppola Cage (after Superman’s Kryptonian name, Kal-El Coppola) – Son of American actor Nicolas Cage and actress Alice Kim
  3. Onyx Solace Morissette-Treadway – Daughter of Canadian-American singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette and American hip-hop artist Mario “Souleye” Treadway
  4. Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther Andre – Daughter of media personality Katie Price and English-Australian singer and television personality Peter Andre
  5. Titan Jewell Weatherspoon – Son of American singer Kelly Rowland and talent manager Tim Weatherspoon
  6. Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale – Son of American singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani and English musician Gavin Rossdale; the couple’s other kids are named “ Kingston” and “Apollo


Exotic & Mysterious Names From Around The World

  1. Aisling (Irish girl name) – “Dream”
  2. Anais (Hebrew girl name) – Name that means “grace” or “merciful”
  3. Ansuz (Norse boy name) – “Rune for the letter A”
  4. Asherah (Hebrew girl name) – “She who walks in the sea”; Sumerian mother goddess
  5. Bodhi (Sanskrit boy name) – “Enlightenment”
  6. Dariyah (Persian girl name) – Name that means “water” (sea)
  7. Davina (Scottish girl name) – “Beloved”; a feminine variant of “David”
  8. Deevitha (Hindu) – “Blessed” or “one with divine powers”
  9. Elspeth (Scottish girl name) – “Chosen by God” or “God is my oath”; variant of the biblical girl name “Elizabeth”
  10. Eulalie (Greek and French girl name) – “Sweetly speaking”
  11. Evadne (Greek girl name) – “Pleasing one”
  12. Heiki (German girl name) – “Ruler of the home”; a character (a human girl trained to defeat the main protagonist and magically gifted child Rachel) in the “The Doomspell” trilogy
  13. Ling (Chinese name for boys and girls) – “Spirit” or “soul”
  14. Mago (Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian boy name) – “Magician”
  15. Magus (Latin boy name) – “Sorcerer”
  16. Noelani (Hawaiian name for girls) – “Heavenly mist”
  17. Osha (Indian, Sanskrit, and Armenian girl name) – “Shining” or “little fawn (baby deer)”
  18. Prospero (Latin and Italian boy name) – “Fortunate”
  19. Reina (Spanish girl name) – Hispanic girl name meaning “queen”
  20. Saksan (Thai and German boy name) – “Peaceful magic”
  21. Samara (Hebrew and Arabic girl name) – “Protected by God”
  22. Saskia (German and Dutch girl name) – “Protector of mankind,” “valley of the light,” or “Saxon woman”
  23. Siddarth (Sanskrit boy name) – “One who has achieved a goal”
  24. Suki (Japanese girl name) – Pet name for girls that means “loved” or “moon”; also spelled as “Tsuki”
  25. Tabitha (Aramaic girl name) – ”Gazelle”
  26. Taikuri (Finnish boy name) – “Magician” or “conjurer‘
  27. Taliesin (Welsh boy name) – “Shining brow”
  28. Tenho (Finnish boy name) – “Enchantment”
  29. Tovenaar (Dutch boy name) – “Sorcerer”


Color-Inspired Mystical Names

  1. Amitola (Native American girl name) – “Rainbow
  2. Aurelia (Latin girl name) – “The golden one”
  3. Fenella (Celtic girl name) – Moniker that means “white-shouldered one”
  4. Flynn (Irish boy name) – “Son of the red-haired one”; a character (Flynn Rider, Rapunzel’s love interest) in the Disney princess movie “Tangled
  5. Galatea (Greek girl name) – “She who is milk-white”; an ivory sculpture by legendary sculptor Pygmalion that was transformed by the goddess Aphrodite into a real woman
  6. Nix (Greek girl name) – “Night”; a variant of “Nyx” (Greek goddess and personification of the night)
  7. Phoenix (Greek unisex name) – “Deep red” or “crimson”; mythical bird who bursts into flames when it dies and rises from its ashes
  8. Scarlett (English girl name) – “Bright red”


Mystical Names With Special Meanings

Mystical Names That Mean “Magic”

  1. Āsimati (Amharic girl name) – “Magic”
  2. Büyü (Turkish and Swahili – African girl name) – “Magic”
  3. Čaroban (Croatian boy name) – “Magic”; also spelled as “Čarolija”
  4. Divyae (Sanskrit and Hindi girl name) – “Magic” or “divine brilliance”; pronounced as “deev-yah”
  5. Draíocht (Irish girl name) – “Charm” or “magic”; pronounced as “dree- yakt”
  6. Jālavidya (Malayalam, an Indian language) – “Magic” or “exalted”
  7. Kesem (Hebrew boy name) – “Sorcery” or “magic”; also spelled as “Kessem”
  8. Kilokilo (Hawaiian boy name) – “Magic” or “prophet (one who sees or predicts future events)”
  9. Kouzlo (Czech boy name) – “Magic”
  10. Mahika (Filipino girl name) – “Magic”
  11. Makutu (Maori boy name) – “Magic,” “witchcraft,” or “sorcery”
  12. Mófǎ (Chinese unisex name) – “Magic”
  13. Sahar (Arabic) – “Magic” or “just before dawn”
  14. Taika (Finnish girl name) – “Spell” or “magic”
  15. Uchawi (Swahili – African girl name) – “Magic” or “witchcraft”
  16. Varázslat (Hungarian boy name) – “Magic”
  17. Yādu (Hindi boy name) – “Magic” or “an ancient king”


Mystical Names That Mean “Life”

  1. Enid (Welsh girl name) – “Life” or “spirit”; an elven queen and sorceress (Enid an Gleanna or Francesca Findabair) in “The Witcher” series 
  2. Lucius (Latin boy name) – “Light”; a character (Lucius Malfoy, Draco’s father) in the “Harry Potter” series
  3. Luke (Latin boy name) – “Light”; a character (Luke Skywalker, one of the greatest Jedis in the galaxy) in the “Star Wars” series


Mystical Names Meaning “Mysterious”

  1. Cyfrin (Welsh boy name) – “Mystic” or “sorcerer”
  2. Enigma (Greek girl name) – “Mysterious” or “to speak in riddles”
  3. Liraz (Hebrew girl name) – “My secret”
  4. Mystique (Greek and French girl name) – “Air of mystery” or “intriguing”; a powerful shapeshifter in the “X-Men” series who can create a nearly identical copy of another person
  5. Nahamana (Sioux – Native American girl name) – “Mystic”
  6. Rhinedd (Welsh unisex name) – “Secret”


Mystical Names That Mean “Light”

  1. Aine (Irish girl name) – “Radiance”
  2. Elena (Greek girl name) – “Shining light”
  3. Elora (Hebrew girl name) – “My God is my light”
  4. Lucy (English and French girl name) – “Light”; a character (Queen Lucy Pevensie or Queen Lucy the Valiant, the youngest of the Pevensie siblings) in “The Chronicles of Narnia” series
  5. Lumen (English and Latin girl name) – “Measurement of light”
  6. Niamh (Irish and Gaelic girl name) – “Bright”; beautiful mortal princess of Munster who fell in love and eloped with Oisin, the son of Irish mythology hero Finn Mac Cumhail
  7. Zara (Arabic girl name) – “Radiance”


Mystical Names Meaning “Fire”

  1. Ember (English nonbinary name) – “Low flame”
  2. Finwë (Quenya boy name) – Tolkien-invented name meaning “soul fire”; a character (the first lord of the Noldor) in Tolkien’s lore
  3. Gimli (Norse boy name) – Tolkien-invented name meaning “fire”; one of the main characters (a warrior dwarf) in “The Lord of the Rings


Mystical Names That Mean “Water”

  1. Evelina (Latin girl name) – “Water” or “desired” 
  2. Kaia (Scandinavian, Latin, and Hawaiian girl name) – “The sea,” “pure,” or “to rejoice”
  3. Rain (English androgynous name) – Word name for “rain (water from the sky)”
  4. Talia (Hebrew girl name) – “Dew from heaven” or “by the water”


Other Mythological & Magical Names For Baby Boys

  1. Aether (Greek boy name) – Greek god and personification of the night sky
  2. Caspian (Iranian boy name) – “From the city of Qazvin (a city in Iran)”; a character (Prince Caspian) in “The Chronicles of Narnia” series
  3. Castiel (Latin boy name) – “Angel of Saturday”; a character (Castiel or simply “Cas,” a powerful angel of the Lord) in the “Supernatural” TV series, also spelled as “Cassiel”
  4. Coriakin (English boy name) – “Star wizard”; a character (a star that was made into a wizard by Aslan) in “The Chronicles of Narnia” series
  5. Hunter (English boy name) – “One who hunts”; a character (Hunter Niall, one of the main characters) in the “Sweep” series
  6. Húrin (Sindarin) – Tolkien-invented name meaning “strong”; a character (one of the greatest heroes of Men during the First Age) in Tolkien lore
  7. Kelpie (Celtic boy name) – ”Heifer”; a mythical Scottish beast
  8. Ronald (Norse boy name) – “Advice” and “ruler”; a character (Harry’s best friend) in the “Harry Potter” series
  9. Rowan (English boy name) – “Rowan tree”


Other Mythological & Magical Names For Baby Girls

  1. Asrai (English girl name) – Fairy that lives in lakes and seas in English legends; usually linked with the moonlight
  2. Asterope (Greek girl name) – “Starry face”; a nymph in Greek mythology
  3. Cassandra (Greek girl name) – “Prophetess”; a character (Cassandra Trelawney, a powerful Seer and the great-great-grandmother of Hogwarts Divination Professor Sybill Trelawney) in the “Harry Potter” series
  4. Cecily (Latin girl name) – “Heaven”; also spelled as “Celia”
  5. Daphne (Greek girl name) – “Bay tree” or “laurel tree”; a nymph turned by her father, the river god Peneus, into a laurel tree to escape the unwanted amorous advances of the Greek god Apollo 
  6. Kailani (Hawaiian name for girls) – “Sea and sky”; also spelled as “Kailee”


Nonbinary & Androgynous Mythical Names

  1. Cato (Latin unisex name) – “All-knowing”
  2. Clio (Greek unisex name) – “Glory”; also spelled as “Cleo”
  3. Echo (Greek unisex name) – “Reflected sound”; nymph in Greek mythology
  4. Robin (English unisex name) – “Bright fame”
  5. Sage (English and French unisex name) – “Wise”; also a plant name (usually considered a spiritually cleansing herb)
  6. Spike (American unisex name) – “Sharp point”; a character (William “Spike” Pratt, both a villain and anti-hero or a hero with villainous characteristics) in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series


Short & Mysterious Baby Names

One-Syllable Mystical Names

  1. Ash (Hebrew boy name) – “Happy” or “ash tree”; anime boy name and the main protagonist (Ash Ketchum) of “Pokémon the Series
  2. Bard (Gaelic boy name) – One-syllable boy name meaning “poet”
  3. Dawn (English girl name) – Name that means “sun” (rising sun); a character (Dawn Summers, Buffy’s “new sister”) in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series
  4. Dean (Hebrew and English boy name) – “Valley” or “justice”; a character and one of the main protagonists (Dean Winchester) in the “Supernatural” TV series 
  5. Eve (Latin and Hebrew girl name)One-syllable girl name meaning “life”; also spelled as “Evie” or “Eva”
  6. Hans (Scandinavian and German boy name) Short boy name meaning “God is gracious”; variant of “John”
  7. Mab (Irish and Welsh unisex name) – “Baby”; the queen of the fairies in English folklore
  8. Mage (English boy name) – “Wizard”
  9. Max (Latin unisex name) – “The greatest”; favorite character name in many movies or TV series, including “The Wizards of Waverley Place” TV series (Max Russo, a former wizard who becomes mortal), “Hocus Pocus” film (Max Dennison, the main protagonist), and Netflix horror fantasy series “Stranger Things” (Maxine “Max” Mayfield; one of the main protagonists, she sacrificed herself and was left comatose to defeat the villain Vecna)
  10. Ned (English boy name) – “Guardian of riches”; a character (Lord Eddard Stark or Ned Stark, the head of House Stark) in the “Game of Thrones” series
  11. Sen (Japanese name for girls) – “Spirit of the forest” or “lotus flower”
  12. Skye (Norse and English girl name)Short girl name meaning “sky” or “clouds”; a character in the “Sweep” novel series
  13. Star (English) – Word name meaning “star” or “glowing ball of fire in space”


Two-Syllable Mystical Baby Names

  1. Arad (Persian boy name) – “Dragon”
  2. Bari (Scandinavian, Hebrew, and Arabic boy name) – “Magical being,” “to select,” or “fair-haired”
  3. Dara (Irish girl name) – “Wisdom”
  4. Dewin (Welsh boy name) – “Sorcerer”
  5. Eira (Welsh girl name) – “Snow”
  6. Esme (French and Persian girl name) – “Esteemed,” “emerald,” or “beloved”
  7. Galdur (Icelandic and Norse boy name) – “Magic”
  8. Giselle (French girl name) – “Pledge”
  9. Goldie (English girl name) – “Gold”
  10. Gordon (Welsh and Scottish girl name) – “Great hill” or “spacious fort” 
  11. Leda (Greek girl name) – “Happy”
  12. Magic (English unisex name) – Word name for “magic” or “full of wonder”
  13. Nova (Latin girl name) – “New”
  14. Sehrli (Azerbaijani, a Eurasian language) – “Magic”
  15. Soleil (French girl name) – “Sun”
  16. Stella (Latin and Italian name for girls) – “Star”
  17. Thea (Greek girl name) – “Gift of God”


Long & Fabulous Mystical Baby Names

  1. Anwansi (Igbo – African girl name) – “Magic”
  2. Balthazar (Greek boy name) – “Baal protects the king”; a character (Balthazar Blake, powerful wizard who was Merlin’s student) in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  3. Barnabus (Aramaic boy name) – “Son of consolation”; variant of “Barnabas”
  4. Carnelian (English boy name) – “Orange gemstone”; symbolizes happiness and energy
  5. Denethor (Nandorin, a Tolkien-invented language) – “Lithe and lank”; a character (Lord Denethor, the Ruling Steward of Gondor) in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy
  6. Diarmuid (Irish boy name) – “Without enemy”; a character in the “Sweep” novel series
  7. Drusilla (Greek girl name) – “Dewy-eyed” or “fruitful”; a character (one of the main antagonists) in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series
  8. Esmerelda (Spanish girl name) Hispanic name meaning “emerald” (green gemstone)
  9. Evangeline (Greek girl name) – “Bearer of good news”
  10. Genevieve (German and Celtic girl name) – “Woman of the race”
  11. Gwendolyn (Welsh girl name) – “White ring”
  12. Isadora (Greek girl name) – “Gift of the goddess Isis (Egyptian goddess of healing and magic)” 
  13. Lughnasadh (Celtic boy name) – “Pagan festival in August” or “first harvest festival”
  14. Melisande (German girl name) – “Strong in work”
  15. Millicent (German and French girl name) – “Strong” or “hard worker”
  16. Nymphadora (Greek girl name) – “Nymph” or “gift of the nymphs”; a character (Nymphadora Tonks Lupin, the wife of the kind werewolf Remus Lupin) in the “Harry Potter” series
  17. Serafina (Hebrew girl name) – Angel name meaning “ardent” or “fairy”; also spelled as “Seraphina,” and is a character in the “His Dark Materials” (Serafina Pekkala, queen of the Lake Enara witch clan) series
  18. Titania (Greek girl name) – “Giant or “great one”
  19. Winnifred (Welsh girl name) – “Holy” or “blessed”; a character (Winifred Sanderson, the main antagonist) in the movie, “Hocus Pocus” 


Mystical Names From A To Z

Mystical Names Starting With A

  1. Adeline (girl)
  2. Adria (girl)
  3. Aengus (boy)
  4. Aislinn (girl)
  5. Alana (girl)
  6. Alisa (girl)
  7. Amberle (girl)
  8. Amory (unisex)
  9. Arcadia (girl)
  10. Ariella (girl)
  11. Arod (boy)
  12. Asteria (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With B

  1. Bastian (boy)
  2. Bayard (boy)
  3. Beltane (boy)
  4. Blaine (boy)
  5. Blaise (boy)
  6. Borak (boy)
  7. Boromir (boy)
  8. Brigit (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With C

  1. Carys (girl)
  2. Cassia (girl)
  3. Cassiopeia (girl)
  4. Celeste (girl)
  5. Cerwyn (girl)
  6. Circe (girl)
  7. Cirilla (girl)
  8. Cleon (boy)
  9. Colm (boy)
  10. Creslin (boy)
  11. Crispin (boy)
  12. Crowley (boy)


Mystical Names Starting With D

  1. Daeg (boy)
  2. Dagda (boy)
  3. Dagmer (girl)
  4. Damara (girl)
  5. Daniel (boy)
  6. Dante (boy)
  7. Danu (girl)
  8. Delilah (girl)
  9. Dorian (boy)


Mystical Names Starting With E

  1. Easton (boy)
  2. Edward (boy)
  3. Ehwaz (boy)
  4. Elowen (girl)
  5. Elvira (girl)
  6. Elysia (girl)
  7. Emil (boy)
  8. Ēoh (boy)
  9. Ēolh (boy)
  10. Epiphany (unisex)
  11. Epona (girl)
  12. Estella (girl)
  13. Ethan (boy)
  14. Eudora (girl)

Mystical Names Starting With F

  1. Fable (unisex)
  2. Faye (girl)
  3. Fenris (boy)
  4. Feoh (girl)
  5. Fianna (girl)
  6. Finn (boy)
  7. Fleur (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With G

  1. Ganon (boy)
  2. Garnet (unisex)
  3. Garth (boy)
  4. Gifu (boy)
  5. Gil (boy)
  6. Ginerva (girl)
  7. Gitashri (girl)
  8. Guiden (boy)
  9. Gwydion (boy)
  10. Gwydion (boy)


Mystical Names Starting With H

  1. Hagall (boy)
  2. Haleth (girl)
  3. Han (boy)
  4. Hedwig (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With I

  1. Imbolc (girl)
  2. Ing (boy)
  3. Iona (girl)
  4. Isa (girl)
  5. Isolde (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With J

  1. Jack (boy)
  2. Jaime (boy)
  3. Janai (girl)
  4. Jareth (boy)
  5. Jason (boy)
  6. Jenny (girl)
  7. Jera (girl)
  8. Jiminy (boy)
  9. Justin (boy)


Mystical Names Starting With K

  1. Kachine (girl)
  2. Kamek (boy)
  3. Kami (boy)
  4. Kendra (girl)
  5. Kennaz (girls)
  6. Kerensa (girl)
  7. Keziah (girl0)
  8. Kiano (boy)
  9. Killian (girl)
  10. Kitsune (unisex)
  11. Kyle (boy)


Mystical Names Starting With L

  1. Laguz (girl)
  2. Lamia (girl)
  3. Larissa (girl)
  4. Lavinia (girl)
  5. Leetah (girl)
  6. Lesedi (girl)
  7. Litha (girl)
  8. Lugh (boy)


Mystical Names Starting With M

  1. Mabeob (gender-neutral)
  2. Mabh (girl)
  3. Mabon (boy)
  4. Mae (girl)
  5. Maedhros (boy)
  6. Maldue (boy)
  7. Mannaz (boy)
  8. Mary (girl)
  9. Melia (girl)
  10. Melinda (girl)
  11. Melisandre (girl)
  12. Melusine (girl)
  13. Merlinne (girl)
  14. Miranda (girl)
  15. Moira (girl)
  16. Morpeth (girl)


Mystical Names Starting with N

  1. Nāmaka (girl)
  2. Narice (girl)
  3. Nelwyn (girl)
  4. Nessa (girl)
  5. Neville (boy)
  6. Newt (boy)
  7. Nied (boy)
  8. Nimue (girl)
  9. Noemi (girl)
  10. Nokomis (boy)
  11. Nuala (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With O

  1. Oceana (girl)
  2. Odella (girl)
  3. Oliver (boy)
  4. Oona (girl)
  5. Opal (unisex)
  6. Ophelia (girl)
  7. Orenda (girl)
  8. Oscar (boy)
  9. Ostara (girl)
  10. Othel (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With P

  1. Pagan (unisex)
  2. Pandora (girl)
  3. Penn (girl)
  4. Peorth (girl)
  5. Peregrin (boy)
  6. Phoebe (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With Q

  1. Qahira (girl)
  2. Qamar (boy)
  3. Qirin (boy)
  4. Quasar (unisex)
  5. Quetzalcoatl (boy)
  6. Quinn (boy)
  7. Quirine (girl)
  8. Quỳnh (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With R

  1. Rachel (girl)
  2. Rād (boy)
  3. Radagast (boy)
  4. Raidho (boy)
  5. Regin (boy)
  6. Remus (boy)
  7. Reverie (girl)
  8. Rey (boy)
  9. Rhiannon (girl)
  10. Riley (unisex)
  11. Rishi (girl)
  12. Rosetta (girl)
  13. Rowena (girl)
  14. Rubeus (boy)
  15. Rune (boy)
  16. Rupert (boy)


Mystical Names Starting With S

  1. Sabine (girl)
  2. Saga (boy)
  3. Sahir (boy)
  4. Samantha (girl)
  5. Samhain (girl)
  6. Samwise (boy)
  7. Selkie (boy)
  8. Sigel (boy)
  9. Sookie (girl)
  10. Sorgin (son)
  11. Sybill (girl)
  12. Sylvie (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With T

  1. Tansy (girl)
  2. Taranis (boy) 
  3. Teller (boy)
  4. Terence (boy)
  5. Thackery (boy)
  6. Thelxion (boy)
  7. Theodora (girl)
  8. Thurisaz (boy)
  9. Tom (boy)
  10. Tuatha (girl)
  11. Túrin (boy)
  12. Twyla (girl)
  13. Týr (boy)


Mystical Names Starting With U

  1. Ulloriaq (boy)
  2. Ursula (girl)
  3. Ūruz (boy)


Mystical Names Starting With V

  1. Vanir (boy)
  2. Veda (girl)
  3. Velho (boy)
  4. Vesta (girl)
  5. Vila (girl)
  6. Viren (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With W

  1. Wanda (girl)
  2. William (boy)
  3. Wisteria (girl)
  4. Wren (unisex)
  5. Wyman (boy)
  6. Wynn (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With X

  1. Xander (boy)
  2. Xanthe (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With Y

  1. Yaksha (girl)
  2. Yemi (girl)
  3. Yennefer (girl)
  4. Ygraine (girl)
  5. Yule (boy)
  6. Yuna (girl)


Mystical Names Starting With Z

  1. Zână (girl)
  2. Zarina (girl)
  3. Zelda (girl)
  4. Zen (boy)
  5. Zenobia (girl)
  6. Zephyr (boy)
  7. Zorya (boy)


Mystical Names: Pet Edition

Mysterious Names For Boy Dogs

  1. Aion
  2. Drake
  3. Griffin
  4. Kratos


Mysterious Names For Girl Dogs

  1. Elpis
  2. Erato
  3. Hemera
  4. Metis


Magical Boy Cat Names

  1. Lucifer
  2. Orion
  3. Salem


Magical Girl Cat Names

  1. Acantha 
  2. Nemesis


Mysterious Siamese Cat Names

  1. Ajax 
  2. Ziya 


Pretty & Magical White Cat Names

  1. Akito 
  2. Charm
  3. Fairfax
  4. Jennie


Bizarre & Elegant Black Cat Names

  1. Ghost 
  2. Kali 
  3. Nightfall 
  4. Shadow 
  5. Tisiphone


Factors To Consider When Choosing Magical & Mystical Names

Following naming trends can be cool, such as choosing names from the year’s most popular movies or TV series. 

For example, “Lucifer” might seem like a badass boy name after Lucifer Morningstar, the protagonist in the urban fantasy TV show “Lucifer” that ran for six seasons. However, even if show fans might adore the main character, the name is still associated with the devil (Lucifer in the show also depicts the devil but owns a nightclub after getting “bored” of his life in hell).



Naming trends can be fun, but you might also consider unique names for your child to stand out from a playground full of “Elsas” and “Annas.”


Backstories, Meanings, & Connotations

It’s good to research the name’s meaning because some might look cool and powerful but can have a morbid or bad meaning, connotation, or backstory (such as names that mean death).


Check Final Spelling & Initials

Before finalizing your baby’s names, check for the final spelling you want to use (many names have different spelling variations in various languages).

It’s also important to check the resulting initials to avoid potentially embarrassing ones like “ASS” or “FAT.”



You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.


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