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499 Bunny Names For Girls (With Adorable & Witty Choices)

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Are you looking for the best name for your pet bunny? 

Many names for bunnies and rabbits are descriptive or based on their behavior and personality. For example, cute choices can include “Fluffy,” “Cottontail,” and “Nibbler.”

Feel free to name your bunny using human baby names.

Here are 499 bunny names for girls, including unique, adorable, witty, and the most popular choices. You can also use the name ideas below for other pets, such as girl cats, girl dogs, girl hamsters, etc.


Fun Facts About Female Bunnies

When they’re happy, rabbits or bunnies can perform a “binky,” which looks like an athletic leap with kicks and twists in midair. Fun tip: You can also name your happy bunny “Binky.” (1)

Bugs Bunny is among the most famous rabbits – and he’s often depicted munching on a carrot. Although he’s a male rabbit, you can still use “Bugs” as your girl rabbit’s name. (1)

Rabbits are social creatures, so they’re happier when other bunnies are around. (1)

However, if you’re a new rabbit owner, be warned that getting a male and female pair might not always be a good idea if you aren’t planning on having a lot of pet rabbits.

Rabbits can multiply quickly because moms are usually pregnant for just around 28-31 days, and can give birth to as many as 14 baby rabbits (called kittens) per litter. (1)

Although they might look similar, rabbits and hares are different species. Rabbits are smaller, more social, and have shorter ears than hares. (2)


The Best Bunny Names For Girls By Inspiration & Category

  1. Baby (English) – Short name meaning “little one”
  2. Bun Bun (English) – “Bunny”
  3. Bunny (English) – Another name for “rabbit”
  4. Duchess (Latin) – Female form of “Duke,” which means “commander” or “leader”
  5. Fluffy (English) – Descriptive name for rabbits
  6. Honey (Old English) – Food name that means “nectar”; also a pet name for a loved one
  7. Hopper (American gender-neutral name) – Descriptive name for rabbits
  8. Hops (American) – Another descriptive name for bunnies (because they love to hop)
  9. Jasmine (Persian and Arabic girl name) – Flower name that means “gift from God”; also a Disney princess name after the Arabian princess in “Aladdin
  10. Lola (Spanish girl name) – “Our Lady of Sorrows” (refers to the Virgin Mary); Lola Bunny is Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend in the “Space Jam” movie
  11. Luna (Latin, Spanish, and Italian girl name) – Name that means “moon”; also a witchy name after Luna Lovegood, a kind “Harry Potter witch with a rabbit as patronus (magical defensive image cast by a witch or wizard)
  12. Marshmallow (English) – “From the mallow plant”; a soft and fluffy confectionery made from sugar
  13. Muffin (English) – “Cupcake-shaped bread”; also a pet name for girls
  14. Pebbles (American) – “Small rocks”; also a fantasy girl name after a character in “Flintstones
  15. Twitch (English) – Descriptive name for a rabbit


Easter-Inspired Female Rabbit Names

  1. Aster (Greek name for boys and girls) – Space name that means “star”; also a plant name
  2. E. Aster Bunnymund (invented name) – “Easter Bunny
  3. Easter (Old English, Persian, and German name) – “Spring” or star“
  4. Easter Bunny – Folkloric symbol of Easter
  5. Easter Egg – Another Easter symbol
  6. Ostara (English, German, and Anglo-Saxon) – “Spring,” “dawn,” or “Easter”; German goddess of spring, sunrise, and fertility


Bunny Names From Pop Culture, Cartoons, Literature, & Movies

Famous Girl Bunnies

  1. Jessica Rabbit – Fictional character in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  2. Judy Hopps – Strong-willed and smart rabbit cop in “Zootopia
  3. SnowballWhite bunny in “The Secret Life of Pets
  4. Velveteen Rabbit – Main character in the British children’s bookThe Velveteen Rabbit


Bunny Names From Beatrix Potter (English Book Writer )

  1. FlopsyLop-eared rabbit and Peter Rabbit’s sister in Tale of Peter Rabbit
  2. Josephine – Formally “Mrs. Josephine Rabbit” in “Tale of Peter Rabbit
  3. Mopsy – Flopsy’s twin sister


Other Bunny Names In Literature & Movies

  1. Anais – Pink rabbit in “The Amazing World of Gumball” cartoon
  2. Babbitty Rabbitty – An animagus (a witch who can transform into an animal) who turns into a rabbit in “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” (a collection of books in the Harry Potter universe); she’s the main character in one of the five fairy tales in the book
  3. BabsBabs Bunny is a pink and white rabbit in “Tiny Toons Adventures
  4. Miffy – Rabbit hero in “Miffy,” a children’s book series from the Netherlands
  5. Serena – Hare in “The Little White Horse”; you can still use it as a bunny name 
  6. White Rabbit – Character in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Popular Bunnies On Social Media

  1. Angelica (Latin) – Angel name meaning “messenger of God” or “angelic”
  2. Bini (Hindi) – “Modest”
  3. Bunnymama (English) – “Mother rabbit”
  4. Cinderella (French girl name) – “Little ashes”; also a Disney name
  5. Harley (Old English and British androgynous name) – “Meadow hare”; relates to harlequin (a character with a masked face and clothes with diamond patches)
  6. Moneypenny (English) – A character in the “James Bond” series
  7. Tinkerbell (English) – “Like a tinkling bell”; tiny fairy in the “Peter Pan” series and the main character in the “Disney’ Fairies” franchise
  8. Zelda (Yiddish and German girl name) – Warrior name meaning “strong woman,” “gray fighting maiden,” or “dark battle”


Girl Rabbit Names That Mean Beautiful

  1. Bella (Latin and Italian name) – “Beautiful”
  2. Delma (Gaelic and Irish girl name) – “Beautiful daughter” as a short form of “Fidelma”
  3. Dulcibella (Latin) – “Sweet” and “beautiful”
  4. Mei (Chinese girl name) – “Beautiful”
  5. Misaki (Japanese girl name) – “Beautiful” and “blossom”
  6. Quinella (Latin) – “Beautiful”
  7. Zifa (Persian) – “Beautiful”


What Are Good Female Bunny Names?

  1. Annie (Hebrew) – Name that means “grace” or favor; a variant of the biblical girl name “Hannah” or “Anna”
  2. Bonbon – Rabbit villager in “Animal Crossing” video game
  3. Carmen – Rabbit villager in “Animal Crossing” video game
  4. Evie (Hebrew) – “Life” or “to live”
  5. Farah (Arabic, Persian, English, Urdu, and Irish name) – “Happiness,” “gladness,” or “joy”
  6. Flower – Nature name for your bunny
  7. Lilly (Latin) – Variant of “Lily” (a flower)
  8. Lucy (Latin) – Name that means “light”
  9. Presto (Italian) – “Quick and speedy prompt”
  10. Sage (Latin nonbinary name) – “Wise and healthy”; also a plant name
  11. Sally (Hebrew) – “Princess”


What Are Cute Names For A Bunny?

  1. Bubba
  2. Buttons
  3. Cinnabun
  4. Cottontail
  5. Cutey Bunny
  6. Dewdrop
  7. Holly
  8. Lea
  9. Snowy
  10. Sunny
  11. Whiskers


Classic Bunny Names For Girls

  1. Eden (Hebrew) – Biblical name for a garden that means “paradise” or “place of pleasure”
  2. Elphaba – Character in the musical “Wicked
  3. Maggie (Latin and Greek girl name) – “Pearl”
  4. Mother Rabbit – Character in “Robin Hood
  5. Queenie (British) – “Queen” or “like a queen”
  6. Sandy (Greek and English name) – “Man’s defender” as a short form of “Alexandra” or “light yellowish brown”
  7. Spot (English) – “With spots”; also a popular dog name


Cool & Modern Bunny Names For Girls

  1. Bionic Bunny
  2. Bon Bon
  3. Eva Earlong
  4. Felicity
  5. Fiona
  6. Hermes
  7. Hip Hop
  8. Neveah


Strong & Warrior-Inspired Girl Names For Your Pet Bunny

  1. Astrid (Scandinavian and Norwegian name) – “Divinely attractive”; fictional Viking character in the “How to Train Your Dragon” series
  2. Buffy (British) – “God is my oath”; the protagonist in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series
  3. Katniss (Greek) – “Aquatic plant”; badass girl name after a character in “The Hunger Games
  4. Khaleesi (invented name) – “Queen”; character in the “Game of Thrones” series
  5. Nala (Swahili – African girl name) – “Queen,” “successful,” or “lion”; lioness and queen in “The Lion King
  6. Quirina (Roman) – “Spear” or “warrior”


Girl Bunny Names From Legends & Mythology

  1. Amalthea (Greek) – “Tender goddess” as the foster mother of Zeus in Greek mythology; also a space girl name after one of Jupiter’s moons
  2. Aphrodite (Greek) – Greek goddess of beauty and sexual love
  3. Artemis (Greek) – Twin girl name that means “butcher” or “twin of Apollo”; the Greek goddess of wild animals, the moon, and the hunt
  4. Athena (ancient Greek name) – “Greek goddess of wisdom and enlightenment”
  5. Aurora (Latin) – “Dawn”; Roman goddess of dawn
  6. Callisto (Greek and Italian) – “Fair” and “good”; a moon of Jupiter named after a nymph companion of Artemis in Greek mythology
  7. Calypso (Greek) – “To conceal” or “hidden”; a moon of Saturn named after the nymph who hid the Greek hero Odysseus on her island for seven years
  8. Chandra (Hindi unisex name) – “Moon”; god of the moon, but can also be a girl name
  9. Cleo (Greek) – “To make famous” or “to celebrate”; Greek patron of history and one of the nine muses
  10. Deva (India) – Hindu moon goddess
  11. Diana (Latin, Roman, Indo-European, and Greek name) – “Sky” or “to shine”; Roman goddess of the moon, hunting, childbirth, and forests
  12. Freya (Scandinavian) – Norse goddess of love and fertility
  13. Hina (Hawaiian girl name) – “Moon”; Hawaiian moon goddess, also known as “Mahina”
  14. Olwen (Welsh) – “White footprint”; a beautiful maiden in Welsh mythology whose beloved, Culhwch, had to complete several nearly impossible tasks given by her father
  15. Selene (Greek) – “Moon”; Greek goddess of the moon, also spelled as “Celene”
  16. Shakti (Indian and Hindu) – “Strength” or “ability”; also the energy behind all divinity
  17. Venus (Latin) – Roman goddess of love and affection; counterpart of the Greek goddess Aphrodite


Witty & Hilarious Bunny Names For Girls

  1. Beautyberry
  2. Beebalm
  3. Bonkers
  4. Bumper
  5. Carrotmuncher
  6. Diva
  7. Eyebright
  8. Fluffytail
  9. Fuzzytail
  10. Hoppington
  11. Kisses
  12. McSnuffles
  13. Nibbler
  14. Nibblesworth
  15. Pookie
  16. Shortia
  17. Silly Rabbit
  18. Smoochie
  19. Sparkletoes
  20. Wigglenose
  21. Wiggles


Nature-Inspired Bunny Names For Girls

  1. Amaryllis
  2. Aspen
  3. Autumn
  4. Bellflower
  5. Blossom
  6. Bluebell
  7. Blueberry
  8. Chive
  9. Cloud
  10. Clover 
  11. Copper
  12. Daffodil
  13. Daisy
  14. Dandelion
  15. Diamond
  16. Dove
  17. Fall
  18. Fern
  19. Gold
  20. Ivy
  21. Juniper
  22. Lavender
  23. Lily
  24. Lotus
  25. Opal
  26. Pearl
  27. Petunia
  28. Poppy
  29. Primrose
  30. Raindrop
  31. Rose
  32. Rosebud
  33. Ruby
  34. Silver
  35. Snow
  36. Snowflake
  37. Spring
  38. Storm
  39. Summer
  40. Sunflower
  41. Topaz
  42. Violet
  43. Weather
  44. Willow
  45. Windy
  46. Winter


Food-Inspired Girl Names For Your New Rabbit

  1. Almond
  2. Arugula
  3. Baguette
  4. Bisque
  5. Blackberry
  6. Carrot
  7. Cashew
  8. Chardonnay
  9. Chips
  10. Chocolate Chip
  11. Chowder
  12. Chutney
  13. Coco
  14. Cotton Candy
  15. Cupcake
  16. Éclair
  17. Fondue
  18. Fudge
  19. Ganache
  20. Gâteau
  21. Hershey
  22. Kiwi
  23. Kumquat
  24. Latte
  25. Lemon
  26. Lettuce
  27. Licorice
  28. Macaroon
  29. Marshmallow
  30. Merlot
  31. Milkshake
  32. Minestrone
  33. Mustard
  34. Peaches
  35. Peanut
  36. Pepper
  37. Pickles
  38. Pinot Noir
  39. Pistachio
  40. Popcorn
  41. Pretzel
  42. Pudding
  43. Pumpernickel
  44. Pumpkin
  45. Radish
  46. Salt
  47. Sherbet
  48. Skittles
  49. Snickerdoodle
  50. Sprinkles
  51. Strawberry
  52. Strudel
  53. Sugar
  54. Thyme
  55. Twinkie
  56. Zucchini


Behavior & Personality-Based Bunny Names For Girls

  1. Angel – The perfect name for well-behaved bunnies
  2. Binky – Rabbits’ way of jumping and twisting while jumping in the air; great for playful rabbits who love to jump
  3. Bobbin – For rabbits with an adorable bobtail
  4. Chomper – Great name for rabbits who love to eat
  5. Cloud – Excellent name choice for a fluffy bunny
  6. Clumsy – Witty name for an uncoordinated rabbit
  7. Dasher – For rabbits who love to run around
  8. Floppy – Descriptive name for a bunny with floppy ears
  9. Frolic – Cute name for a rabbit who loves to play
  10. Grasshopper – Cool choice for rabbits with powerful hops
  11. Jitterbug – For shy rabbits
  12. Muggsy – Great for small but strong bunnies
  13. Nibbles – The perfect name for bunnies who munch on their food delicately 
  14. Nudger – Descriptive name for a curious rabbit who constantly seeks attention
  15. Popcorn – Chosen by some rabbit owners because popcorns also “hop” around while being cooked
  16. Scamper – For playful rabbis who love to run around
  17. Snuggles – Great for bunnies who love to snuggle and hug
  18. Stompy – After the movement (stomping) that rabbits make when they sense danger, seek attention, or feel irritated


Appearance-Inspired Bunny Names For Girls

  1. Amber (Latin and French name) – For rabbits with golden-orange eyes
  2. Azul (Spanish nonbinary name) – Hispanic name for rabbits with blue eyes
  3. Blue (American androgynous name) – Also for bunnies with blue eyes
  4. Ginger (English) – For rabbits with orange fur; also a favorite girl cat name
  5. Hazel (English) – For rabbits with greenish-brown eyes
  6. Socks (English) – For rabbits with spots that look like socks
  7. Turquoise – For bunnies with blue-green eyes


Color-Inspired Bunny Names For Girls

Black Rabbit & Bunny Names For Girls

  1. Blackjack
  2. Charcoal 
  3. Ebony
  4. Midnight 
  5. Raven 


White Bunny Names For Girls

  1. Bianca
  2. Cream
  3. Ivory
  4. Misty 


Black & White Bunny Names For Girls

  1. Chess
  2. Dice
  3. Domino
  4. Oreo


Brown & Chocolate Bunny Names For Girls

  1. Acorn 
  2. Baby Ruth
  3. Brown Sugar
  4. Brownie 
  5. Butterfinger
  6. Cappuccino
  7. Caramel
  8. Chocolate
  9. Cioccolata
  10. Cocoa 
  11. Cream Puff
  12. Kit Kat
  13. Mocha
  14. Mousse
  15. Nestle
  16. Nutella
  17. Snickers
  18. Twix


Gray Bunny Names For Girls

  1. Ash
  2. Dawn
  3. Gainsboro
  4. Silverbell
  5. Twilight


What Are Some Unique Names For A Bunny?

  1. Macarena (Greek and Spanish girl name) – “Happy” or “blessed”; also a musical girl name after a popular song and dance hit in the 1990s
  2. Merab (Hebrew) – “Abundant”; a biblical girl name after King Saul’s eldest daughter whom he offered as wife to his would-be successor, King David
  3. Ursa (Latin) – “Bear”; also a girl space name after the two constellations in the northern sky: Ursa Major and Ursa Minor


Girl Bunny Names That Mean Moon

  1. Amaris (Gaelic) – “Child of the moon”
  2. Aruna (Japanese name) – “Moon love” 
  3. Ayla (Turkish) – “Moon halo”
  4. Aysun (Turkish) – “Beautiful as the moon”
  5. Hala (Arabic girl name) – “Moon halo”
  6. Jyoshna (Sanskrit) – “Moonlight”
  7. Kamaria (Swahili – African girl name) – “Beauty of the moon”
  8. Maha (Arabic) – “Moon”
  9. Mahtab (Arabic) – “Moonlight”
  10. Mitsuka (Japanese girl name) – “Beauty of the moon”
  11. Moon Rabbit – Mythical figure in indigenous American and East Asian folklore after the supposed rabbit shape on the moon
  12. Neomi (Hebrew and Greek girl name) – “Full moon”
  13. Nikini (Sri Lankan) – “Full moon”
  14. Pensri (Thai) – “Full moon”
  15. Purnima (Hindi) – “Full moon” 


Bunny Names Inspired By Real Moons

  1. Elara (Italian girl name) – “Cheerful and happy”; a moon of Jupiter
  2. Europa (Phoenician ) – “Where the sun sets”; a moon of Jupiter
  3. Helene (Greek and French girl name) – Name that means “light”; a moon of Saturn
  4. Io (Greek) – Flower name that means “violet”; a moon of Jupiter
  5. Pandora (ancient Greek name) – “All gifts”; a moon of Saturn
  6. Portia (Latin) – “An offering”; a moon of Uranus
  7. Thalassa (Greek) – Name that means “water” (sea or ocean); a moon of Neptune
  8. Titania (Greek) – “Of the Titans”; a moon of Uranus


Exotic Girl Names From Around The World For Your New Bunny

  1. Acacia (Greek) – “Noble”
  2. Aiko (Japanese) – “Precious little one”
  3. Haru (Japanese unisex name) – “Spring”; also an anime name after the character in “Beastars
  4. Maelona (Welsh) – “Eternal princess”
  5. Mariposa (Spanish) – Hispanic girl name meaning “butterfly”
  6. Nakita (Greek) – “Triumphant”
  7. Rayne (Latin and Scandinavian) – “Queen,” “powerful,” and “helpful friend”
  8. Romily (Hebrew and French name) – “God’s beloved one”
  9. Saoirse (Irish girl name) – “Liberty”
  10. Selig (Yiddish) – “Sanctified” or “happy”
  11. Sherah (Aramaic and Hebrew) – “Brightness” or “one of the family”
  12. Shiloh (Hebrew) – “Peace,” “abundance,” and “tranquility”
  13. Shuchun (Chinese name) – “Fair and innocent”


Stylish Bunny Names Inspired By Celebrities & Famous People

  1. Cindi Hopper – A bunny-inspired version of American singer Cyndi Lauper’s name
  2. Dolly – After American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton
  3. Hasselhop – A bunny-inspired version of American actor David Hasselhoff’s last name
  4. Hopkins – A bunny-inspired version of Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins’ last name
  5. Jive Bunny – After the British novelty pop music act (they had a cartoon rabbit as their main face)


Pair Or Twin Girl Names For Bunnies

  1. Flopsy and Mopsy
  2. Fortune and Cookie
  3. Ivory and Ebony
  4. Jane and Julia
  5. Salt and Pepper
  6. Serena and Venus
  7. Spring and Autumn
  8. Sugar and Spice
  9. Veronica and Betty
  10. Winter and Summer 


More Bunny Names For Girls From A To Z

Bunny Names For Girls Starting With A

  1. Alfalfa
  2. Anastasia
  3. Arya
  4. Azure 


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With B

  1. Bigwig
  2. Blueheart
  3. Boxwood
  4. Bozo
  5. Buttercup


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With C

  1. Calamint
  2. Camas
  3. Chrissy
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Columbine
  6. Corydalis


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With D

  1. Dapper
  2. Daylily
  3. Delia
  4. Delilah
  5. Destiny


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With E

  1. Earlene
  2. Elfie
  3. Ella
  4. Emily
  5. Emma


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With F

  1. Fairybell
  2. Fawnlily
  3. Foxglove
  4. Francine


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With G

  1. Galadriel
  2. Gemma
  3. Gianna
  4. Giselle
  5. Grace
  6. Gypsy


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With H

  1. Haystack
  2. Hedgepaw
  3. Honeydew
  4. Honeysuckle
  5. Hutch
  6. Hydrangea
  7. Hyzenthlay


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With I

  1. Irene
  2. Iris
  3. Isabella
  4. Isolde
  5. Ivanna


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With J

  1. Jade
  2. Jane
  3. Jax
  4. Jive Bunny
  5. Julia


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With K

  1. Kate
  2. Khloe
  3. Kiara
  4. Kona


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With L

  1. Ladyslipper
  2. Larissa
  3. Larkspur
  4. Laurel
  5. Leafcup
  6. Lepu
  7. Lobelia
  8. Lucine


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With M

  1. Mayflower
  2. Meadow
  3. Mimosa
  4. Mira
  5. Mizuchi 
  6. Monday
  7. Morpho


Bunny Names For Girls Starting with N

  1. Nelthilta
  2. Nesquik
  3. Nettle 
  4. Nib
  5. Nildro-hain 
  6. Nyreem 


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With O

  1. Odessa
  2. Olivia
  3. Oni
  4. Orchid


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With P

  1. Panne
  2. Pantoufle
  3. Paprika
  4. Parfait
  5. Parsley
  6. Pavlova
  7. Pennywort
  8. Peony
  9. Pepsi
  10. Perilla
  11. Periwinkle
  12. Phacelia
  13. Phoebe 
  14. Puffy


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With Q

  1. Qahira
  2. Queen
  3. Queenette
  4. Quiana
  5. Quila 


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With R

  1. Rachel
  2. Raisinet
  3. Reeses
  4. Rosie


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With S

  1. Sapphire
  2. Senna
  3. Shara
  4. Sherardia
  5. Sky
  6. Snowberry
  7. Snuggle Bunny
  8. Soufflé
  9. Spiraea
  10. Sumac


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With T

  1. Taffie
  2. Tansy
  3. Teasel
  4. Thethuthinnang
  5. Thistle
  6. Thrayonlosa
  7. Torte
  8. Trifle
  9. Trillium
  10. Truffle
  11. Turtle


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With U

  1. Uma
  2. Una
  3. Unity
  4. Ursula


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With V

  1. Vanilla
  2. Vervain
  3. Vibri 
  4. Vilthuril 


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With W

  1. Wanda
  2. Wander
  3. Whitley
  4. Whitney
  5. Wonder Wabbit


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With X

  1. Xandra
  2. Xanh
  3. Xara
  4. Xena
  5. Xue


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With Y

  1. Yale
  2. Yanna
  3. Yesfir
  4. Yoko
  5. Yonah
  6. Yvonne


Bunny Names For Girls Starting With Z

  1. Zélie
  2. Zira 
  3. Zora
  4. Zuri


Bonus: Bunny Names For Boys

  • Aesop (Greek boy name) – After the ancient Greek storyteller famous for fables like “The Tortoise and the Hare
  • Antares (Greek) – “Equal to Ares (Greek god of war)”; also the name of a giant red star
  • Ares (Greek) – Ancient god of war in Greek mythology
  • Basil – After “Basil Stag Hare,” a character in the children’s fantasy novel series “Redwall”; it’s a hare name that you can still use for other pets like rabbits and hamsters
  • Bear (English and German boy name) – “Strong and brave bear” or “like a bear”
  • Benny (Latin and English) – “Blessed”; rabbit in “Sesame Street
  • Bugs – After cartoon legend “Bugs Bunny
  • Chipmunk – Animal similar to a squirrel
  • Dobbs (English) – “Gift from God”
  • Energizer – After the brand’s drum-beating, pink rabbit mascot
  • Fabio (Latin and Italian boy name) – “Bean farmer”
  • Felton (Old English boy name) – “Settlement on the field”
  • Frank (German name) – “Free”; after “Frank the Rabbit” in the psychological thriller “Donnie Darko
  • Hare E. Potter – A play at “Harry Potter
  • Harry (German) – Powerful boy name meaning “home ruler”
  • Harvey (Celtic) – “Battle worthy”; invisible rabbit in the comedy-drama “Harvey
  • Houdini – After one of the world’s most famous magicians, Harry Houdini
  • Inaba (Japanese boy name) – After the legendary “hare of Inaba” in the ancient Japanese myth
  • Jupiter (Latin) – “Supreme god”; giant planet named after the king of the gods in Roman mythology 
  • Mars (Latin) – Planet named after the Roman god of war; also known as the “Red Planet”
  • Moose (Native American) – Largest deer species
  • Neptune (Latin) – Blue planet named after the Roman god of the sea
  • Oswald (Old English) – Classic boy name that means “divine power”; after Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon
  • Peter (Greek and Hebrew) – Biblical boy name meaning “stone” or “rock”; also after Peter Rabbit, a Beatrix Potter character who also called himself “Peter Cottontail
  • Thumper – A bunny who’s Bambi’s best friend in Disney’s “Bambi
  • Thunderbunny – Pink-furred rabbit and main character in the “Thunderbunny” comic book


FAQs About Bunny Names For Girls

Do Rabbits Recognize Their Name?

It might take longer to train bunnies (compared to dogs), but many can eventually recognize their names.


How Can I Teach My Bunnies To Recognize Their Names?

Repetitive training of calling their name and giving them a treat can help bunnies recognize and respond to their name.


Other Pet Names To Try



You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.








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