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175+ Rare Baby Names For Girls With Stylish Spellings & Cool Meanings

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Rare baby names for girls can be a unique and fun choice for your little one. It’s less likely for your baby girl to have the same name as her classmates or friends if you pick unusual names.

Of course, popular girl names such as Olivia, Emma, and Charlotte remain the top pick, but you might find a gem from the 175+ rare and beautiful names on our list below.

What Are The Rarest Names For Girls?

1. Aella

  • Meaning: Whirlwind

2. Alohi

  • Meaning: “Shining” or “brilliant”

3. Caitronia

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: “Chaste,” “pure,” and “clear”
  • Description: A variant of “Katherine” or “Catherine”

4. Novalie

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: New one

5. Ottiline

  • Meaning: Prosperous in battle

6. Tamsyn

  • Origin: Cornish
  • Meaning: Twin

What Are Some Beautiful Rare Girl Names?

1. Alora

  • Origin: Latin and Bantu (African language)
  • Meaning: Dreamer

2. Aoife

  • Meaning: “Radiant” and “beautiful”

3. Belleann

  • Origin: French, Hebrew, and American
  • Meaning: Beautiful grace
  • Description: This name combines “Belle” (French for “beautiful”) and Ann (a biblical girl name meaning “God has favored me” or “grace”).

4. Calista

  • Meaning: The most beautiful
  • Description: It’s also a variant of the Greek boy name “Callistus.”

5. Clíodhna

  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Description: She’s the goddess of beauty and love in Irish mythology.

6. Layana

  • Origin: Persian
  • Meaning: “Beautiful,” “shining,” “radiant,” and “glowing”

Other Rare Baby Names For Girls

What Are Legendary Names For A Girl?

1. Arwen

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Noble maiden
  • Description: The princess of the elves in “The Lord of the Rings

2. Baylin

  • Origin: Hindi and Sanskrit (Indo-European language)
  • Meaning: Mighty warrior

3. Kiko

  • Meaning: “The warrior” or “brave one”
  • Description: It can also be spelled as “Keiko” and can mean “happy child” as a Japanese name.

Rare But Powerful Baby Girl Names From Mythology

Here are some of the cool and powerful goddess names you can choose from Greek mythology:

1. Echo

  • Meaning: A repeated sound

2. Eudora

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Generous gift
  • Description: She’s a minor goddess known as the Nereid (sea nymph) of sailing and a good fish catch.

3. Gaia

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Rejoicing
  • Description: She’s the mother goddess or the personification of the Earth in Greek mythology.

4. Nefeli

  • Origin: Ancient Greek
  • Meaning: Like a cloud
  • Description: She’s the ancient Greek goddess that Zeus created from a cloud. She gave birth to the Centaurs.

5. Thalia

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: To flourish
  • Description: She’s the goddess of comedy.

What Are The Prettiest Rare Names For A Girl?

1. Amelia

  • Origin: Latin and British name
  • Meaning: “Hardworking” or “industrious”
  • Description: It’s the female form of the Latin baby boy name “Amal.” Some variants include “Emilia” and “Emily.”

2. Annika

  • Origin: Hebrew and German girl name
  • Meaning: “Sweet-faced” (Hebrew) or “gracious” (German)

3. Axelle

  • Meaning: My father is peace
  • Description: It’s the French female variant of the Scandinavian boy name “Axel.”

4. Carys

  • Origin: Welsh

5. Isabeau

  • Meaning: “God’s promise” or “pledged to God”
  • Description: It’s a French variant of “Isabel” or “Isabelle.”

Rare Old-Fashioned Baby Names For Girls

1. Azariah

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Helped by God
  • Description: It comes from the Hebrew name “Azar,” which means “support” or “help.”

2. Ellasandra

  • Meaning: Beautiful protector of humanity
  • Description: It combines “Ella” (beautiful) with “Sandra” (protector of humanity) and is a rare feminine form of the Greek boy name “Alexander.”

3. Theodosia

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Giving to God
  • Description: It’s a female form of the Ancient Greek name “Theódoros” or the English boy name Theodore. Monikers or nicknames can include “Teddy” and “Dosia.”

Unusual & Uncommon Classic Baby Names For Girls

1. Ceinwen

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: A fair lady
  • Description: It combines the Welsh words “cain” (fair) with “gwen” (white).

2. Ellery

  • Origin: English name
  • Meaning: “Cheerful” or “descendant of Hilary”
  • Description: It’s a unisex name that you can also choose as a nickname.

3. Sunniva

  • Meaning: Sun gift
  • Description: She’s the patron saint of Western Norway.

Rare Artsy & Creative Names For Girls

1. Lulee

  • Meaning: “Girl whose birth was illuminated by daybreak” (Latin) and “warrior maiden” (German)

2. Sonnet

  • Meaning: Little song

Hip & Cool Baby Names For Girls

1. Adalynn

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Noble and kind

2. Annalise

  • Origin: Latin and German
  • Meaning: Graced with God’s bounty

3. Nemy

  • Origin: African Mende language
  • Meaning: Sweet

4. Verity

  • Origin: Latin and English
  • Meaning: Truth
  • Description: Virtue name derived from the Latin word “veritas”

Rare Nature Names For Little Girls

Rare Flower Names For Girls

Flower names are popularly used as girl names, but here are some rare choices:

1. Azalea

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Dry
  • Description: Colorful flower that can survive in sandy soil

2. Ione

  • Origin: Ancient Greek name
  • Meaning: Violet
  • Description: This flower name comes from the Greek word “ion” (violet).

3. Jessamine

  • Origin: French and Old Persian
  • Meaning: Jasmine flower

4. Peony

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Praise giving

Rare Earth-Inspired Names For Girls

1. Aneira

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: Much snow
  • Description: It can be a good pick for a baby girl born in winter.

2. Beryl

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Light green semiprecious gemstone
  • Description: This name is an alternative to the popular gemstone name “Jade,” which has a darker green shade.

3. Topaz

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Golden gem

Rare Tree-Inspired Names For Girls

  1. Acacia
  2. Ashtyn (ash tree town)
  3. Elowynne (Cornish for “elm”)
  4. Elswyth (Anglo-Saxon name meaning “elf from the willow trees”)
  5. Juniper

Rare Spice, Herb, & Other Plant Names For Girls

  1. Anisa
  2. Clover (Old English flower name)
  3. Merrybell
  4. Primrose

Rare Celestial Names For Baby Girls

1. Cassiopeia

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: One who chooses to excel
  • Description: Northern sky constellation named the queen who boasted about the unrivaled beauty of her daughter Andromeda in Greek mythology.

2. Celeste

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Heavenly
  • Description: Variants include “Celestia” or “Celestine”

3. Nebula

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Mist
  • Description: The name also means “giant cloud of dust and gas in space.”

4. Selena

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: “Moon” or “bright”
  • Description: It’s a name that means moon, after the Greek goddess and personification of the Earth’s natural satellite.

Rare Place Names For Baby Girls

1. Dallis

  • Origin: Scottish name
  • Meaning: From the dales and the valley meadows

2. Kenya

  • Meaning: “Striped one” or “mountain of white”

Rare Animal-Inspired Names For Baby Girls

1. Damaris

  • Origin: Greek and Latin
  • Meaning: Calf
  • Description: This unique baby girl name can also mean “gentle” or “to tame.”

2. Oona

  • Origin: Gaelic and Irish
  • Meaning: Lamb

3. Yara

  • Meaning: “Seagull” in Aborigine or “small butterfly” in Arabic

Rare Celebrity & Pop Culture Names For Girls

1. Angelina

  • Meaning: God’s messenger
  • Description: It’s an angel name for girls. Celebrity namesakes include Angelina Jolie.

2. Hailey

  • Origin: Old English girl name
  • Meaning: Hay meadow
  • Description: Celebrity namesakes include Hailey Baldwin Bieber.

3. Ilaria

  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Cheerful
  • Description: Name of the seventh child of celebrity couple Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

4. Winona

  • Origin: Indian
  • Meaning: First-born daughter
  • Description: The name of actress Winona Ryder, which was taken from her birthplace: Winona, Missouri

5. Zendaya

  • Origin: African
  • Meaning: To give thanks
  • Description: Name of the American actress and singer Zendaya (formally Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman)

Nicknames, One-Syllable, & Other Short Names For Girls

1. Brea

  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Strong
  • Description: It can be a nickname for “Brianna” or a standalone first name.

2. Fia

  • Origin: Italian, Irish, and Portuguese
  • Meaning: “Weaver” or “wild”

3. Honey

  • Origin: Old English
  • Meaning: “Sweetness” or “nectar”

4. Miya

  • Meaning: Sacred house
  • Description: Variants include “Maya” and “Mia”

5. Nelle

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Bright, shining one

6. Sia

  • Origin: Old Norse
  • Meaning: Victory

7. Skye

  • Origin: Old Norse, Scottish, and English
  • Meaning: Sky

8. Viv

  • Origin: Roman and Latin
  • Meaning: Lively
  • Description: It can be a first name or a moniker for longer girl names like “Vivian.”

9. Zadie

  • Origin: Hebrew and Arabic
  • Meaning: “Princess” or “prosperous”
  • Description: It can also be spelled as “Sadie.”

Rare Girl Names From Around The World

Rare Hebrew Names For Girls

  1. Kelilah – “Crown” or “victorious”
  2. Selah – “Pause” or “praise”

Rare Spanish Names For Girls

  1. Alazne – Spanish and Basque name meaning “miracle”
  2. Solana – “Sunshine”

Rare Italian Names For Girls

  1. Giustina – “Fair and just”; Italian variant of “Justine”
  2. Oriana – Italian, Latin, and Spanish name that means “light,” “dawn,” or “sunrise.”

Rare American Names For Girls

  1. Aspen – American and British name meaning “shaking tree”
  2. Nevaeh – American invented name for the backward spelling of “heaven”

Rare Russian Names For Girls

  1. Akilina – Latin and Russian name meaning “eagle”; female variant of the boy name “Aquila”
  2. Anoushka – Russian and Hebrew name that means “grace” and “favor”; variant of “Anna” or “Anne”
  3. Bodashka – Russian, Ukrainian, and Cornish name meaning “gift of God”; variants include “Bodazka”
  4. Darya – Russian girl name meaning “good ruler”

Rare French Names For Girls

  1. Aglaé – French and Greek name meaning “beauty” and “splendor”; it’s from the Greek word “Aglaia”
  2. Gwenaëlle – “Generous” and “blessed”
  3. Joëlle – “Yahweh is God”; it’s a French feminine variant of the biblical boy name “Joel”
  4. Mailys – “Mother of lilies”
  5. Nadège – French and Russian name meaning “hope”; variant of “Nadia”
  6. Noémie – “Pleasant,” “good,” and “lovely”; variants include “Naomi” and “Noemi”
  7. Sébire – French and Norse-Viking name meaning “bright sea” or “prophetess”

Rare Arabic & Muslim Names For Girls

  1. Raisa – Powerful Arabic name meaning “chief,” “princess,” or “leader”; it’s also a flower name meaning “rose” in Yiddish and Hebrew
  2. Samira – “Entertaining companion”
  3. Seira – “Pure” and “holy”; variants include “Siara”

Rare Irish Names For Girls

  1. Beibhinn – Irish and Gaelic name meaning “fair or white woman”
  2. Bláthnaid – Irish and Gaelic name that means “little flower”
  3. Makenna – Irish and African name that means “happy one”
  4. Meara – “Lake” or “pool”
  5. Rowan – Scottish and Irish surname or middle name meaning “little redhead”; it means “a river in paradise” as an Arabic name

Rare Girl Names From A To Z

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With A

  1. Abaigeal (Irish) – “Father rejoiced”; Irish form of “Abigail”
  2. Adia (German girl name) – “Noble”
  3. Aisling (Irish and Gaelic) – “Vision” or “dream”
  4. Aodhnait (Irish) – Name that means “fire” or “little fire”; a female variant of the Irish boy name “Aidan”
  5. Arden (British) – Nature name meaning “great forest”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With B

  1. Beatrix (Latin, Dutch, German, and English) – “Blessed” or “voyager”
  2. Bronwyn (Welsh) – “Pure of heart”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With C

  1. Casiane (English and ancient Greek name) – “Cinnamon”
  2. Clothilde (French and German) – Warrior name meaning “famous in battle”
  3. Cossette (French) – “Little thing”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With D

  1. Darcy (French) – “Dark one”
  2. Dominique (French girl name) – “Belonging to God”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With E

  1. Eilish (Gaelic and Hebrew) – “Pledged to God”; variant of “Elizabeth”
  2. Eliza (Hebrew gender-neutral name) – “Joyful” or “God is satisfaction”
  3. Elodie (French) – Foreign riches
  4. Emersyn (British) – “Powerful,” “brave,” or “child of Emery”; first or middle name for girls, coming from the boy name “Emerson”
  5. Enola (Native American) – “Solitary”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With F

  1. Fable (Latin unisex name) – “Tale” or “legend”
  2. Fiadh (Italian, Portuguese, and Irish girl name) – “Weaver” or “wild deer”
  3. Fiona (Irish) – “Fair and beautiful”; feminine variant of the warrior name “Fionn”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With G

  1. Gloria (Latin) – “Immortal glory”
  2. Greta (German name) – “Creature of light” or “pearl”; it can be a nickname or moniker for “Margarethe” or “Margaret”
  3. Grier (Scottish) – “Watchful” and “alert”; it can also be spelled as “Greer”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With H

  1. Haisley (English and Irish) – “Near the hazel tree”; it comes from the surname “Hazley”
  2. Harper (English) – Musical girl name meaning “someone who plays the harp”
  3. Helena (Greek) – Name that means “light” or “shining light”; variants include “Helen” and “Eleanor”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With I

  1. Imogen (Irish and Celtic) – “Innocent maiden”
  2. Irie (Jamaican) – “Happy” or “carefree”
  3. Izett (Irish and Norse) – Fair aspect; a variant of “Isolde”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With J

  1. Jara (Spanish girl name) – “Rockrose”; it’s also the name of the Hindu goddess of happiness and the household
  2. Juni (German and Scandinavian) – “Lovable” or “the month of June”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With K

  1. Katana (Japanese name) “Sword”
  2. Katja (Russian girl name) – Traditional name meaning “pure”; variant of “Kate”
  3. Kerensa (Cornish) – “Love”
  4. Kumasi (Twi, an African language) – “Under the Kum tree (the tree of life)”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With L

  1. Lissandra (Greek) – “Defender of men”; another variant of “Alexandra” or a female form of the Greek boy name “Alexander”
  2. Lorelei (German) – “Alluring temptress”; according to German mythology, she’s the maiden who lures fishermen with her voice while they navigate a treacherous pass

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With M

  1. Madrigal (Latin and Spanish) – Musical girl name meaning “a song for unaccompanied voices”
  2. Maeve (Irish and Gaelic) – “Intoxicating”
  3. Mercer (French occupational surname) – “Shopkeeper” or “merchant”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With N

  1. Nathalia (Spanish) – “Born on Christmas Day” or “birthday of Christ”; variant of the traditional name “Natalia”
  2. Nerissa (Greek) – “From the sea”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With O

  1. Odette (Albanian and French name) – “Rich”
  2. Orenda (Native American) – “Magical power” or “great spirit”
  3. Osanne (French and Hebrew) – “Deliver us”; French form of the biblical name “Hosanna”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With P

  1. Paola (Italian girl name) – “Small”
  2. Petra (Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Slavic) – “Rock” or “stone”; feminine variant of the Hebrew boy name “Peter”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With Q

  1. Qiana (Persian) – “Gracious,” “silky,” or “soft”; it’s an alternative form of “Kiana”
  2. Quinlan (Irish) – Powerful nonbinary name meaning “shapely,” “fit,” and “strong”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With R

  1. Rehema (Egyptian) – “Forgiveness” and “compassion”
  2. Rumi (Japanese girl name) – “Flow” or “beauty”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With S

  1. Safiyya (Arabic) – “Sincere friend”
  2. Seona (Scottish) – “God is gracious”
  3. Signe (Scandinavian) – “New victory”; twin name for girls, matching with “Sigmund” from Norse mythology

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With T

  1. Taja (Slavic and Arabic) – “To name” or “to mention”; a nickname for “Tatjana”
  2. Tullia (Latin) – “Bound for glory”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With U

  1. Ula (Celtic) – “Gem of the sea.”
  2. Uriela (Hebrew and German) – “Angel of light”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With V

  1. Vera (Slavic and Latin) – “Faith”
  2. Verona (Latin) – “Honest image” or “true image”
  3. Vienne (French) “Alive”; variation of Vivienne” or “Vienna”
  4. Vietta (French name) – “Small town”; variation of “Vilette”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With W

  1. Winifred (Welsh and Old English unisex name) – “Holy, blessed reconciliation”
  2. Wynna (Welsh) – “Blessed peace”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With X

  1. Xanthe (Greek) – Color name meaning “yellow” or “golden”
  2. Xena (Greek) – “Foreigner”; this used to be a popular name when the American fantasy TV seriesXena: Warrior Princess” was aired in the 1990s
  3. Xoey (Greek) – “Life”; another spelling for “Zoe”
  4. Xylia (Greek) – Nature name meaning “from the woods”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With Y

  1. Yamileth (Spanish and Arabic) – “Beautiful”
  2. Yimmi (Native American) – “Believes”

Rare Baby Names For Girls Starting With Z

  1. Zaire (African) – “The river that swallows all rivers”
  2. Zarela (Spanish) – “Princess”
  3. Zelia (Scandinavian) – Sunshine”
  4. Zemira (Hebrew) – Musical name meaning “joyous melody”
  5. Zosia (Polish) – “Wisdom”; a variant of the Greek name “Sophia”

Can You Make Your Own Unique & Rare Baby Name?

Absolutely! Countless parents have created unique baby names by using:

  • The names of people or objects around them
  • Combinations of their names
  • Special variations or different spellings of popular names
  • Your own rules


You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.

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