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180+ Names That Mean Red & Exotic Options From Around The World

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What’s The Meaning Of “Red” In Baby Names?

Red is a beautiful color with strong meanings linked to courage, bravery, strength, passion, and love. It’s also considered a symbol of life (because blood is red) and salvation in religion (after the blood of Christ). (1)

In many cultures, such as in China and India, red symbolizes power, good fortune, fertility, happiness, and purity. That’s why brides or couples wear red, not white, on their wedding day. (2)

Red symbolizes health (i.e., red, rosy cheeks) and is also a magical color some cultures believe can ward off evil, so they’re used in talismans. (1)

Considering how red appears to be such a powerful and useful color, it isn’t surprising that it’s also a commonly used symbol or color in dozens of baby names.

Red is also linked to many things in nature, such as flowers like Rose and Poppy, the sun, fire, and even the moon at times (i.e., blood moon). 

Many people have naturally red hair or complexion, making this theme also common in baby names that mean red.

Are you excited to see what popular or unique names have red meanings and themes? 

Keep reading below for our list of 180+ powerful and beautiful baby names for your little one.


The Best Names That Mean Red For Your Little One

Are There Names That Mean Red?


  • Casaan (Somali – African boy name) – Rare boy name meaning “red”



  • Gough (Welsh boy name) – Classic boy name meaning “red”; pronounced as “goh”


  • Red (English boy name) – Color name meaning “red”; can also be spelled as “Redd”







Powerful & Strong Names Meaning Red

  • Adam (Hebrew boy name) – Biblical boy name meaningson of the red earth”; after the first man made by God



  • Rooney (Irish name for boys) – “Descendent of the champion,” “hero,” or “red-haired


  • Rory (Irish boy name) – Cute boy name meaningred king” or “red”


  • Scarlett (English girl name) – Cute girl name meaning “scarlet” or “red”


  • Tyson (French boy name) – “High-spirited,” “firebrand,” or “ember”; also a badass boy name after American former professional boxer Mike Tyson


Mythical Names Associated With Red

  • Mars (Latin and Roman boy name) – “Male”; the red planet in the solar system named after the Roman god of war


  • Phoenix (Greek name for boys and girls) – “Dark red”; also a mystical name after the bird that’s reborn from its ashes


What Are Cool Names For Red?

  • Altan (Turkish boy name) – “Red dawn”; can also mean “golden”



  • Flynn (Irish boy name) – “Son of the red-haired one” or “blood red”; also a Disney name after Rapunzel’s love interest in “Tangled


  • Rusty (French name for boys) – “Fox-colored,” redhead,” or “the color of rust (which is usually reddish or orange-brown)”



Unique & Rare Names That Mean Red

  • Afra (Arabic girl name) – “Whitish red,” “color of Earth,” or “a woman from Africa”


  • Arunima (Indian and Hindi girl name) – Aesthetic name for girls meaning “glow of dawn” or “early morning sunlight”



  • Rudyard (Celtic and Old English boy name) – “Red enclosure”; after the famous author Rudyard Kipling, the writer of “The Jungle Book



  • Vermilion (French boy name) – “Bright red” or “vivid reddish-orange color”


Beautiful Names That Mean Red 

What’s The Moniker That Means “Red Flower”?

  • Poppy (Latin girl name) – “Red flower”; also an adorable princess name after Princess Poppy in the “Trolls” animated movie series



Baby Names For Boys & Girls Meaning “Redhead” Or “Red Hair

  • Ginger (English nonbinary name) – Plant name that can also mean “redhead”


  • Reed (English boy name) – “Red-haired” or “red”




  • Rowan (Gaelic, Scottish, and Irish gender-neutral name) – “Little redhead,” “rowan tree,” or “red”


  • Rudīte (Latvian unisex name) – “Red-haired”; pronounced as “roo-dite”


  • Rufina (Latin girl name) – “Red-haired”; also spelled as “Ruffina”


  • Rufus (Latin boy name) – “Redhead”


Baby Name MeaningRed Moon”?

  • Chizuki (Japanese name for girls) – “Red moon” or “blood moon”


  • Tokino (Japanese unisex name) – “Red moon,” time field,” “blood moon,” “dawn field,” or “vermilion heron”


Nature & Plant Names Associated With Red


  • Autumn (Latin unisex name) – “Woods” or “fall season”; associated with orange and red-colored leaves



  • Corsen (Welsh gender-neutral name) – “Reed plant” or “red”


  • Radcliff (Old English boy name) – Earthy name meaningred cliff


  • Rose (Latin and English girl name) – “Flower”; plant name associated with red, though the flower also comes in pink, white, yellow, and blue variants


Gemstones Associated With Red

  • Carnelian (English boy name) – Semi-precious gemstone also known as “cornel cherry,” which comes in bold red and orange colors


  • Jasper (Persian boy name) – “Bringer of treasure”; a gemstone that comes in red, green, yellow, and brown


  • Ruby / Rubee (English girl name) – “Deep red precious stone”


Gender-Based Names That Mean Red

Charming Girl Names That Mean Red

  • Auburn (Old English girl name) – “Deep reddish brown


  • Roja (Spanish girl name) – “Red”


  • Rosie (English girl name) – “Red roses


Valiant Boy Names Meaning Red

  • Admon (Hebrew boy name) – “Red ground”


  • Aidan (Irish boy name) – “Little fire” (associated with the red color)


  • Conan (Irish boy name) – “Little red-haired one”


  • Redford (English boy name) – “Red ford” or “red river crossing”


  • Rumen (Macedonian boy name) – “Ruddy or red-cheeked


Brave Nonbinary & Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Red

  • Crimson (English unisex name) – “Rich deep red” or “deep purplish red”


  • Roux (French unisex name) – “Red,” “reddish,” or “russet”; pronounced as “rooh”


Exotic Names Meaning Red From Around The World

Irish Names Associated With Red

  • Dearg (Irish boy name) – “Red”; pronounced as “jah-rag”


  • Derry (Irish and German name for boys) – “Like a red oak” or “red oak tree”


  • Rogan (Irish boy name) – “Redhead” or “red”


  • Ruadhan (Irish boy name) – “Red-haired”; pronounced as “rooh-awn”


Italian Baby Names Meaning Red

  • Rossa (Italian girl name) – “Red”



French Baby Names Associated With Red


  • Leroux (French boy name) – “The red” or “red-haired one; pronounced as “leh-rooh”


  • Rouge (French boy name) – “Red” or “red-colored


  • Rousseau (French boy name) – “Little redhead” or “little red-haired one”; pronounced as “rooh-saw”


  • Roy (French and English boy name) – “King” or “red”


  • Sorrell (French gender-neutral name) – “Reddish brown color”; also spelled as “Sorel”


Japanese Names Meaning Red

  • Akako (Japanese girl name) – “Red” or “red child”


  • Akari (Japanese unisex name) – “Vermilion red,” “bright,” “red plum,” or a flower name meaning “red jasmine”


  • Akashi (Japanese boy name) – “Crimson” or “vermilion”


  • Ayuna (Japanese girl name) – “Red apple tree,” “red,” or “one who is the planner”



  • Kurenai (Japanese girl name) – “Crimson”


Indian, Sanskrit, & Hindi Names Meaning Red

  • Aruna (Sanskrit unisex name) – “Reddish brown,” “crystalline reddish-brown,” or “dawn”; also a mystical name after the sun god Surya’s charioteer who drives him across the sky


  • Arusha (Sanskrit girl name) – “Red horses,” “shining,” “red,” “bright,” or “rising sun”


  • Rohit (Sanskrit and Hindu boy name) – “Red” or “the first rays of the sun”


Other Exotic Names That Mean Red

  • Červená (Slovak girl name) – “Red”; pronounced as “ser-vee-nah”


  • Karmir (Armenian boy name) – “Red”


  • Rubena (Esperanto girl name; an artificial European language for international communication) – “Ruby


  • Sohrab (Persian unisex name) – “Red water”


Famous Celebrities & Pop Culture Names Associated With Red

  • Archie (English boy name) – Prince name meaning “brave” or “bold”; after the red-haired titular character in the “Archie” comic series


  • Ariel (Hebrew unisex name) – “Lion of God”; mermaid name after the Disney princess in “The Little Mermaid” with bright red hair


  • Elmo (Italian boy name) – “Protector”; after the adorable red monster Elmo in “Sesame Street


  • Enya (Irish girl name) – “Fire,” “little seed,” or “kernel”; after Irish singer-songwriter Enya (full name Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin)


  • Fiona (Scottish girl name) – “Fair” or “white”; red-haired Princess Fiona in the “Shrek” movie series


  • Ginny (English girl name) – “Chaste”; also a magical name after the red-haired, kind witch Ginny Weasley from the “Harry Potter” series


  • Ronald (English and Scandinavian boy name) – “Ruling counsel”; after Ronald “Ron” Weasley, Ginny’s brother and one of Harry’s best friends in the “Harry Potter” series


  • Russell (French boy name) – “Redhead,” “little red,” or “fox-colored”; after actor Russell Crowe


What Last Names (Surnames) Mean Red?

  • Broderick (Old English boy name) – “Son of Rhydderch (reddish-brown)” or “from the broad ridge”


  • Clancy (Irish boy name) – “Red-haired warrior”


  • Ruaidhrí (Irish boy name) – “Red king”; pronounced as “rooh-ree”


Names That Mean Red From A To Z

Names That Mean Red Starting With A

  • Adama (Danish girl name) – “Red ground”



  • Alroy (Gaelic boy name) – “Red-haired king”


  • Amaryllis (Greek girl name) – “Sparkly”; also after the flower with orange and red-colored blooms



Names That Mean Red Starting With B



  • Brick (English and German androgynous name) – “Clay red”; after the reddish-orange construction material usually used for walls


  • Burgundy (English nonbinary name) – “Deep red”


Names That Mean Red Starting With C


  • Carmine (Latin, Aramaic, Persian, English, and French girl name) – “Vivid red,” “crimson,” or “purplish red”; also a musical girl name meaning “song”


  • Caron (Welsh girl name) – “Red”


  • Claret (English and French girl name) – “Rich purplish red color”; describes Bordeaux wine and can also be considered a name that means “purple”


  • Clay (English boy name) – “Reddish-orange soil,” “clay worker,” or “mortal”


  • Coral (English girl name) – “Sea growth”; often associated with pink but also comes in red colors


  • Corcoran (Irish boy name) – “Ruddy-faced” or “face with a healthy red color


  • Cosmo (Greek unisex name) – “Beauty,” “universe,” or “order”; also a flower name after the plant species that comes in a wide range of blooms, including red and yellow


Names That Mean Red Starting With D

  • Dahlia (Swedish girl name) – “Flower of the valley,” “valley flower,” or “Dahl’s flower” (named after Andreas “Anders” Dahl); a flower that comes in different colors, including red



Names That Mean Red Starting With E


  • Ember (English androgynous name) – “Spark” or “burning low”; after the red, fiery glow created by a low-burning fire


Names That Mean Red Starting With F

  • Flanagan (Irish unisex name) – “Red,” “blood red,” or “ruddy”


  • Flanna (Irish girl name) – “Red-haired” or “crimson”


  • Flann (Irish boy name) – “Red-haired”; it can be a standalone given name or a short form and nickname of “Flann-” names such as “Flannery” or “Flannagan”


  • Flannery (Irish unisex name) – “Red hair,” “russet haired (reddish brown color),” “red valor,” or “descendant of Flannabhra”


  • Fuschia (English girl name) – “Fuchs’ flower” (named after German botanist Leonhard Fuchs); although usually associated with pink, it’s also after the flower that comes in bright pink or red blooms


Names That Mean Red Starting With G

  • Garnet (French unisex name) – “Pomegranate,” “red gemstone,” or “dark red”


  • Gilroy (Irish boy name) – “Son of the red-haired servant”


Names That Mean Red Starting With H

  • Harkin (Gaelic boy name) – “Red,” “red blood,” or “dark red”



  • Holly (English girl name) – Girl plant name meaning “holly tree” or “dwelling by the clearing by the hollow”; also after a plant with shiny red fruits associated with the Christmas season


  • Homura (Japanese boy name) – “Flame”



Names That Mean Red Starting With I

  • Ignatius (Latin boy name) – “Fiery” or “ardent”; also a spiritual name after the Spanish priest who was venerated as Saint Ignatius of Loyola
  • Ikiaq (Inuit – Native American name for boys and girls) – “Red spruce”; pronounced as “eeh-kee-yak”


Names That Mean Red Starting With J

  • Jade (English girl name) – Favorite 4-letter girl name meaning “precious stone”; although usually associated with green, jades also come in a wide variety of colors, including varied shades of red, purple, and gray


  • Jarek (Slavic boy name) – “Fierce and red”


Names That Mean Red Starting With K


  • Kamala (Sanskrit girl name) – “Pale red” or a flower name meaning “lotus”; after US Vice President Kamala Harris


  • Kapil (Sanskrit boy name) – “Reddish brown


  • Kasai (Japanese boy name) – “Fire”


  • Keegan (Old Irish boy name) – “Fiery”


  • Kiara (Irish and Italian girl name) – “First ray of sun” (also associated with reddish-orange hues)


Names That Mean Red Starting With L

  • Lal (Hindi and Indian boy name) – “Red” or at pet name for a loved one, meaning “darling”


  • Lāla (Bangla girl name) – “Red”


  • Lali (Georgian, Sanskrit, and Catalan girl name) – “Ruby” (a red gem)


Names That Mean Red Starting With M


  • Maple (Old English girl name) – “Maple tree,” “one who lives near maple trees,” or “piece of cloth”; after the tree known for its brightly colored red leaves during the autumn season



Names Associated With Red Starting with N

  • Natasha (Russian girl name) – “Born on Christmas day”; badass girl name after Natasha Romanoff, known as “The Black Widow” in the Marvel comics and movies


  • Nurit (Hebrew girl name) – “Buttercup flower”; a plant that comes in different colors, such as red and yellow


Names That Mean Red Starting With O

  • Omaira (Arabic girl name) – “Red” or “long life”; also a girl space name meaning “star”


  • Ormond (Irish boy name) – “Descendent of Rudh (red)”


Names That Mean Red Starting With P


  • Pula (Filipino unisex name) – “Red”


  • Pyrrhus (Greek boy name) – “Red” or “flame-colored”; also a powerful boy name after the Greek king Pyrrhus of Epirus or the son of Greek Trojan War hero Achilles


Names That Mean Red Starting With Q

  • Qiong (Chinese unisex name) – “Red jade,” “exquisite,” “fine jade,” or “beautiful”; pronounced as “tshong”



Names That Mean Red Starting With R


  • Radley (English boy name) – Earthy name meaning “red meadow” or “red field”


  • Raktim (Indian and Hindi boy name) – “Bright red”


  • Raleigh (English boy name) – “Red clearing” or “roe deer clearing”


  • Reading (English boy name) – “Son of the red-haired


  • Redding (English, Dutch, and German boy name) – “Red” or “advice”


  • Redmond (Irish and Germanic boy name) – “Wise protector with red hair


  • Rhodes (Greek unisex name) – Place name meaning “where roses grow”


  • Roselle (Latin and French girl name) – “Red” or “rose”


  • Rubina (Portuguese and Italian name for girls) – “Ruby


  • Rumyana (Bulgarian girl name) – “Red cheeks


Names That Mean Red Starting With S

  • Serrano (Spanish boy name) – Hispanic name meaning “from the mountains”; after a red hot pepper plant


  • Shani (Hebrew, Sanskrit, and Swahili – African name for girls and boys) – “Scarlet,” “scarlet thread,” “marvelous,” or a mythical name after the Hindu god of karma


  • Sherry (Spanish and French girl name) – “Red fortified wine” or a pet name for girls meaning “darling”


  • Solveig (Nordic girl name) – “Daughter of the sun”


Names That Mean Red Starting With T

  • Tawny (English nonbinary name) – “Red-brown” or “yellow-brown”


  • Terra (Latin girl name) – “Earth”; also a goddess name after the Roman goddess of the Earth or a short form of the color name “terracotta,” which is a reddish-brown shade



Names That Mean Red Starting With U

  • Ugnė (Lithuanian girl name) – “Fire”


  • Uri (Hebrew boy name) – “My flame, my light”


Names That Mean Red Starting With V

  • Vermelha (Portuguese girl name) – “Red”


  • Vermell (Catalan boy name) – “Red”


  • Vulcan (Latin and Roman boy name) – “To flash” or “volcano”; associated with red-hot lavas during volcanic eruptions after the Roman god of volcanoes, forge, and metalworking


Names That Mean Red Starting With W

  • Wadjet (Egyptian girl name) – Mystical name after the serpent goddess who breathes fire to fight her enemies


  • Wapasha (Sioux and Dakota – Native American boy name) – “Red leaf”


Names That Mean Red Starting With Y

  • Yerrappa (Hindi boy name) – “Red man”


  • Yo-Han (French and Korean boy name) – “Sunlight,” “to shine,” or “God is gracious” as a variant of “John”


Names That Mean Red Starting With Z

  • Zhurong (Chinese boy name) – “Fire”; powerful name after the Chinese god of fire


  • Zurab (Georgian boy name) – “Red water” or “illustrious”


Twin Names That Mean Red


  • Crimson and Corsen (gender-neutral twin names, both meaning “red”)


  • Scarlett and Sienna (twin girl names meaning “scarlet red” and “orange-red”)




Is “Red” Only A Nickname, Or Can I Use It As A First Name?

Red is commonly used as a nickname for someone with red hair, skin, or other attributes, but it can also be a standalone name. If unsure of its role as a first name, you can always choose it as a middle name for boys.


How Can I Use “Red” In Combo With Other Names?

There isn’t a specific rule on how you can use “Red” in combination with other names, but do check the resulting combo for:

  • Ease of pronunciation
  • Resulting abbreviations to avoid potentially embarrassing initials (e.g., RAT, RAPE, RANT, etc.)


Are There Any Names That Mean Red I Should Avoid?

Some unpopular and ‘ugly’ names you might want to avoid:

  • Cardinal (Old French and Middle English boy name) – “Church dignitary”; often associated with the red bird species, but a name you might want to avoid because it’s an honorific title for a high-ranking Roman Catholic Church official


  • Dang (Thai and Vietnamese girl name) – “Red” or “valuable”; has a different meaning in English (“expression of anger or frustration”)


  • Fox (Middle English nonbinary name) – “Red-furred wild canine”; associated with being sly


List Of Baby Names With Beautiful Meanings



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