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685+ Earthy Names For Boys & Girls With Cool Meanings & Origins

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There are many inspiring things in nature that humans have long used as baby names. Some of these nature and earthy names can have surprising meanings.

For example, “Ava” means “bird,” “Douglas” means “dark stream,” and “Brent” means “hill.”

What other interesting meanings do you know for nature baby names

We’ve listed 685+ earthy names with their cool meanings below.


When Did People Start Using Names?

Fun fact: The Earth is 4.543 billion years old, yet our human ancestors can only be traced back to around 550,000 to 750,000 years ago. (1)(2)

And while it’s impossible to determine the exact year that names were invented or given to people, these might have been used in prehistoric times. (3)

It’s not surprising, however, that many of these were nature-inspired names. Examples include the Irish Gaelic name “Aed” (a name that means “fire”) or “Conan” (an animal name meaning “wolf” or “hound”). (3)


The Best Earthy Baby Names With Meanings

  • Adam (Hebrew baby boy name) – Biblical boy name meaning “son of the red Earth


  • Anthony (Roman, Latin, and Greek boy name) – “Flower”; can also mean “priceless one” or “praiseworthy”


  • Ash (Hebrew boy name) – Earthy boy name meaning “ash trees”; also an emo name





  • Clay (Old English boy name) – “Sticky earth” or an occupational name meaning “clay worker”


  • Crystal (Latin, English, and Greek girl name) – “Crystal glass,” “jewel,” or “ice”



  • George (Greek boy name) – Classic boy name that means “earth-worker” or “farmer”


  • Jade (English and Spanish girl name) – “Green gemstone”; also means “stone of the side”





  • Olivia (Latin girl name) – Beautiful name meaning “olive tree”; #1 most popular girl name in the US (3)


  • Oliver (Old Norse, Latin, and English boy name) – “Olive tree” or an occupational name meaning “olive tree planter”; #3 most popular boy name in the US (3)



  • Perry (English and Welsh unisex name) – “Dweller by the pear tree”



  • Philip (Greek boy name) – Prince name meaning “lover of horses”


  • Sheldon (English boy name) – “Town in the valley”


  • Stanley (English boy name) – “Near the stony clearing”


  • William (English and German boy name) – Flower name after the “sweet William”; also a means “strong-willed warrior” or “resolute protector”


What Are Names For Earthy Tones?

  • Auburn (Old English and French name; unisex) – “Reddish brown”


  • Chestnut (English unisex name) – “Medium reddish shade of brown”


  • Mocha (English girl name) – “Light shade of brown associated with the chocolatey coffee drink”



  • Russet (Latin and English unisex name) – “Dark brown with a reddish-orange tinge”


  • Rust (English boy name) – “Orange-brown color”


  • Sage (English gender-neutral name) – Earthy grayish-green; also an herb name after the sage plant and can mean “healthy” and “wise”



  • Tawny (English unisex name) – “Golden brown”


  • Terracotta (Latin unisex name) – “Distinctive reddish hue”; can also mean “baked earth” (refers to the unglazed clay earthenware or sculptures made in ancient times)


Names That Mean “Fire”

  • Blaze (English nonbinary name) – “Fire” or “flame”


  • Ember (English androgynous name) – “Burning low fire,” “spark,” or “smoldering remains of a fire”


  • Keegan (Irish name for boys) – “Fire” or “fiery”


Names Meaning “Light” Or “Bright”

  • Aura (Latin girl name) – “Glowing light”


  • Ellen (Greek girl name) – “Shining light”


  • Lita (Greek girl name) – “Light,” “garden,” or “orchard”; also means “glad”


  • Lucy (Latin girl name) – “Light”


Rainbow & Colorful Baby Names

  • Azure (French gender-neutral name) – Cool name meaning “sky blue” or “blue color of clear sky”


  • Cyan (American gender-neutral name) – “Greenish blue color”


  • Fuchsia (English girl name) – “Fuchsia flower”; also a color name



  • Indigo (Greek unisex name) – “Blue,” “blue dye,” or “Indian dye”; also the purplish-blue color in the rainbow and a plant name



  • Lavender (English girl name) – “Lavender flower”; also a color name


  • Lilac (Latin girl name) – “Lilac flower”; also a color name meaning “bluish purple”


  • Oriel (Latin boy name) – “Golden”




Adorable Earthy Baby Names

  • Abilene (Hebrew girl name) – “Land of meadows”


  • Acer (Latin and English boy name) – “Maple”


  • Beckett (English boy name) – “Little brook,” “bee hive,” or “bee cottage”


  • Brent (Old English and Celtic boy name) – “Hill,” “mount,” “holy one,” or “river (after the River Brent in London)



  • Dale (Old English boy name) – “Valley”


  • Dylan (Welsh boy name) – “Born of the ocean” or “son of the sea”


  • Esmeralda (Portuguese and Spanish girl name) – “Emerald”



  • Gigi (Greek and English girl name) – “Farmer” or earth-worker”; a feminine form of “George”


  • Harley (Old English unisex name) – “Hare’s meadow”


  • Hollis (Old English boy name) – “Dweller by the holly tree”


  • Honey (Old English unisex name) – “Nectar”; also a popular pet name for a loved one


  • Iggy (English boy name) – “Fiery one”


  • Ives (English boy name) – “Yew wood”


  • Jewel (English girl name) – “Gem” or “precious stone”



  • Marina (Latin girl name) – Mermaid name meaning “from the sea”


  • Morven (Celtic unisex name) – “Lives by the sea”


  • Orson (Latin boy name) – “Bear cub”


  • Ryland (English boy name) – “Land by the stream” or “where the rye grows”


  • York (English boy name) – “Town of the wild boar”


  • Zahara (Hebrew and Swahili – African girl name) – “Flower”; also means “to shine”


Powerful Earthy Names

  • Alaric (Old German boy name) – “Noble ruler” or “wolf ruler”


  • Auberon (German name for boys) – “Royal bear” or “noble”


  • Basil (Greek unisex name) – Plant name that also means “kingly,” “brave,” or “royal”


  • Channon (Irish boy name) – “Young wolf”


  • Conall (Scottish and Irish boy name) – Masculine name meaning “strong wolf”


  • Cypress (English boy name) – Tree name that means “strong,” “adaptable,” or “muscular”


  • Everest (German boy name) – “Courageous like a boar”; after the tallest mountain in the world


  • Gaia (Greek girl name) – “Earth” or “mother earth”; after the Greek goddess of the Earth


  • Grizzly (Turkish and English boy name) – “Bear species” or a pet name meaning “loved one”



  • Sierra (Spanish girl name) – “Mountain”


  • Silver  (Latin gender-neutral name)


  • Steel (English androgynous name) – “A type of metal made of carbon and iron”


  • Talon (French boy name) – “Bird’s sharp claw”


  • Tapio (Nordic and Estonian boy name) – “Ruler of the forest”


  • Tyra (Scottish, English, and Scandinavian unisex name) – “Land”; also means “untamed” or “god of battle”


  • Wilden (Old English boy name) – “From a willow valley”; also means “wild and passionate” 


  • Wyatt (Old English and German boy name) – “Wood”; also means “brave at war”


Baby Names Inspired By The Elements


  • Aveline (French girl name) – “Water” or “island”; also a rainbow name meaning “desired”


  • Breeze (English girl name) – “Light and gentle wind”


  • Deya (Bengali, Latin, Sanskrit, Hebrew, and Spanish girl name) – “Rain clouds,” “give light,” “to shine forth,” “of God,” or “fit to be given”


  • Erlul (Albanian boy name) – “Wind” or “flower”


  • Gale (English and Hebrew girl name) – “Gale winds”; also means “my father rejoices,” ‘pleasant,” “happy,” or “merry”


  • Guthrie (Irish boy name) – “The windy place”


  • Jorah (Hebrew boy name) – “Early rains”




  • Solana (Spanish and Latin girl name) – “Sunlight” or “eastern wind”


  • Stone (English nonbinary name) – “Rock” or “dweller by the rocks or stone”


Radiant Baby Names With Earthy Themes

  • Aiken (Old English boy name) – “Made of oak”


  • Brooks (English boy name) – “Of the brook”


  • Gardenia (English girl name) – “Garden’s flower”


  • Hesper (Greek girl name) – “Evening star”


  • Holt (English boy name) – Short boy name meaning “son of the unspoiled forests”


  • Huxley (Old English boy name) – “Hugh’s meadow”


  • Kalina (Hawaiian, Bulgarian, and Polish girl name) – “Flower”; also a flowering shrub that means “viburnum”


  • Kingsley (English boy name) – “King’s meadow”


  • Lennox (Irish boy name) – “Elm grove”


  • Moss (English and Hebrew boy name) – “Small plants that grow on moist grounds or surfaces”; also means “descended from Moses” or “someone who lived by a peat bog”


  • Oriana (Latin girl name) – “Golden,” “sunrise,” or “dawn”


Cool & Modern Earthy Baby Names

  • Aderyn (Welsh girl name) – “Bird”


  • Arbor (Latin unisex name) – “Tree”


  • Bryce (Scottish boy name) – “Speckled” or “canyon (after Bryce Canyon in Utah)”


  • Cashel (Celtic boy name) – “Stone fort”



  • Finn (Irish boy name) – “Fair” or “white”


  • Jett (English boy name) – “Jet black” or “a type of coal (lignite stone)”


  • Kip (English boy name) – “Pointed hill”


  • Kylo (American boy name) – “Sky”


  • Mitzi (German girl name) – “Star of the sea”


  • Ozzy (English and German boy name) – “Spear of the Gods” or “God of bears”


  • Raelyn (American and Hebrew girl name) – “Ewe (female sheep)” or “beam of light”


  • Roxie (Persian girl name) – “Dawn”


Earth & Nature-Inspired Unique Names

  • Adoette (Native American girl name) – “Large tree”


  • Aurelia (Latin girl name) – “The golden one”


  • Barkley (English boy name) – “Birch tree meadow”


  • Blevine (Welsh boy name) – “Child who’s like a wolf cub”


  • Blodwen (Welsh girl name) – “Blessed flowers”; also means “white” or “fair”


  • Darragh (Irish boy name) – “Oak tree


  • Deven (French boy name) – “Of the vines” or a spiritual name that means “divine”


  • Forester (Old French boy name) – “Forest” or “woods”


  • Palmer (English and Latin boy name) – “Palm tree”; can also mean “one who holds the hand”


  • Sable (English unisex name) – “Animal fur”; also means “black”


Organic & Eco-Friendly Baby Names

  • Acker (English boy name) – “Meadow of oak trees


  • Ainsley (Scottish girl name) – “One’s own meadow,” “solitary woodland,” or “hermitage wood or clearing”


  • Alaska (Native American unisex name) – “Great land”


  • Aliwen (Mapuche – Native American girl name) – “Tree”


  • Elwood (English boy name) – “Old wood forest” or “elder tree forest”


  • Goran (Slavic boy name) – “One who lives in the mountains,” “highlander,” or “mountain man”


  • Hedley (Old English boy name) – “Heather meadow”


  • Herb (German and English boy name) – Botanical name meaning “plant used for flavor or medicinal purposes” or a tough boy name meaning “illustrious warrior”


  • Ilan (Hebrew boy name) – “Tree”


  • Leigh (Old English girl name) – “Meadow” or “clearing in the woods”


  • Murray (Scottish boy name) – “Settlement by the sea”


  • Timber (American nonbinary name) – “Strong wood”


Celebrity-Themed Earthy Baby Names

  • Avril (Latin and French girl name) – “April” or “to open”; also an emo name after Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne 


  • Beckham (Old English boy name) – “Homestead by the stream”; also linked to English former football player David Beckham


  • Björk (Icelandic unisex name; pronounced as “bee-york” or “pyurk”) – “Birch tree”; after Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk


  • Heath (Old English boy name) – Classic boy name meaning “land of heather and grass”; after the late Australian actor Heath Ledger


  • Marilyn (English girl name) – “Beloved lake” or “drop of the sea”; after the late American actress Marilyn Monroe


  • Marley (English unisex name) – “Pleasant seaside meadow”; after the legendary Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley


  • Megan (Greek girl name) – “Pearl”; after American actress Megan Fox


  • Morgan (English and Welsh unisex name) – “White sea dweller,” “sea-born,” “circling sea,” “sea song,” or “bright”; after American actor Morgan Freeman


  • Pierce (Greek and Welsh boy name) – “Rock”; after Irish actor Pierce Brosnan


  • Rock (English) – After American actor Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock”


  • Rowan (Irish and English unisex name) – “Rowan tree” or “red-haired”; after English actor Rowan Atkinson


  • Wade (Scandinavian and Old English boy name) – “River ford”; after American mixed martial artist Wade “The Hammer” Johnson


  • Wesley (Old English boy name) – “West meadow”; after American actor Wesley Snipes


  • Willow (English girl name) – “Willow tree”; after American singer Willow Smith (the daughter of celebrity parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith)


Earthy Names From Pop Culture & Movies

  • Blossom (English girl name) – “To bloom”; a character in “Powerpuff Girls


  • Branch (English nonbinary name) – “Part of a tree”; a character in “Trolls


  • Clover (English girl name) – “Meadow flower”; also a badass girl name after a character in “Totally Spice


  • Cullen (Irish boy name) – “Holly tree”; also a mystical name as the last name of the vampire family in the “Twilight” saga


  • Diantha (Greek girl name) – “Heavenly flower”; also an anime girl name after a character in “Pokemon


  • Fleur (Old French girl name) – “Flower”; also a witchy name after a character in “Harry Potter


  • Garfield (English boy name) – “From the triangular field”; also a boy cat name after the main character in the “Garfield and Friends” comic series


  • Huck (English, American, and German boy name) – “Bog” and “sweet”; a short form of “Huckleberry,” the main character in the novel “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


  • Lara (Latin girl name) – “Laurel leaf”


  • Logan (Irish name for boys) – “Dweller at the little hallow”; after the Wolverine’s real name in the “X-Men” series


  • Parvati (Sanskrit girl name) – “Daughter of the mountain”; also twin girl name after one of the characters in “Harry Potter


  • Pebbles (American girl name) – “Small rocks”; character in “The Flinstones


  • Pepper (English nonbinary name) – “Pepper plant”; character in “Iron Man” and the “Avengers” series


  • Poppy (Latin and Old English girl name) – Flower name; after the princess and main character in “Trolls


  • Sylvester (English and Roman boy name) – “Woods” or “forest”; after the black-and-white Looney Tunes cat character and is also spelled as “Silvester”


Nature-Themed Occupational Names

  • Archer (English nonbinary name) – “Bowman” or “a hunter in the wild”


  • Fischer (Old English boy name) – “Fisherman”


  • Gardner (English boy name) – “Keeper of the garden”


  • Garner (English boy name) – “Gatherer of grains”


  • Hunter (English boy name) – “One who hunts”


  • Jory (Cornish boy name) – “Earth-worker” or “farmer”


  • Marshall (French boy name) – “One who tends to horses” or “stable master”


  • Mason (English boy name) – “Stone worker” or “bricklayer”
  • Parker (English unisex name) – “Keeper of the park”; can also mean “cultivated land”


  • Sawyer (English boy name) – “Woodcutter”


  • Shepherd (English boy name) – “Sheep herder”


Outdoorsy Baby Names

Baby Names Inspired By Hills, Mountains, & Other Land Forms

  • Alpine (Latin, Spanish, and French unisex name) – “The Alps (a mountain range in Europe)” or “white and fair”


  • Bentley (English unisex name) – “Meadow with coarse grass”


  • Boden (English and German name for boys) – “Hill shaped like a bow” or “one who delivers the news”


  • Bryn (Welsh unisex name) – “Hill,” “mound,” or “small mountain”


  • Canyon (English and Spanish boy name) – “Large ravine,” “narrow valley between cliff sand,” or “footpath”


  • Cliff (English boy name) – “Cliffside slope”


  • Landon (English boy name) – “Long hill”


  • Montana (Spanish and Latin unisex name) – “Mountain” or “mountainous”


  • Ravine (English unisex name) – “Chasm” or “deep, narrow gorge”


  • Vermont (French boy name) – “Green mountain”


Baby Names Inspired By Gemstones, Minerals, & Rocks

  • Alan (Celtic and English boy name) – “Stone” or “little rock”


  • Amethyst (Greek name for girls) – “Purple gemstone”; also means “against intoxication” (the gem is used as an amulet that supposedly protects the wearer from intoxication or drunkenness)



  • Coal (English boy name) – “Rocky material often used as fuel”


  • Diamond (English unisex name) 


  • Emerald (English girl name) – “Green gemstone


  • Garnet (English boy name) – “Red semi-precious stone” or “pomegranate”


  • Jasper (Persian boy name) – Precious gemstone that means “speckled stone”; also means “bringer of treasures”


  • Mica (Latin and Hebrew unisex name) – “Silicate mineral”; also means “who is like God?” as a variant of the biblical boy name “Michael”


  • Onyx (Greek and Latin unisex name) – “Black gemstone,” “claw,” or “nail”


  • Opal (Sanskrit girl name) – “Gemstone” or “precious stone”; also means “precious one”


  • Ruby (Latin and French girl name) – “Deep red precious stone”


  • Rumi (Japanese name for girls) – “Lapiz lazuli gemstone”; also means “beautiful” or “perch”


  • Sapphire (Hebrew and English girl name) – “Blue gemstone


  • Topaz (Latin girl name) – “Golden gem”


Earthy & Adventure-Inspired Baby Names

  • Arrow (English androgynous name) 


  • Hayes (English boy name) – “Hedged area”


  • Sky (English, Scandinavian, and Old Norse unisex name) – “Blue skies,” “atmosphere from Earth,” or “cloud”



Biblical Earthy Names

  • Aaron (Hebrew boy name) – “Mountain of strength” or “high mountain”


  • Ebenezer (Hebrew boy name) – “Stone of help”


  • Eden (Hebrew girl name) – “Place of delight” or “paradise”; refers to the Garden of Eden mentioned in the Bible


  • Eve (Hebrew girl name) – “Life” or “living”


  • Jonah (Hebrew boy name) – “Dove”


Season & Weather-Themed Baby Names

Summer-Themed Baby Names

  • Flo (Latin girl name) – “Flower”; also means “prosperous” or “flourishing”


  • Morag (Scottish and Latin girl name) – “Star of the sea”


  • Summer (German and English girl name)


  • Sunny (English unisex name) – “Sunshine”


Spring-Themed Baby Names

  • Bud (English nonbinary name) – “Tiny, compact plant growth plant that develops into a flower, leaf, or sprout


  • Chloe (Greek girl name) – “Young green shoot,” “blooming,” or “fertility”


  • Cora (Greek girl name) – “Maiden”; another name for Persephone (queen of the underworld) as the Greek goddess of spring


  • Flora (Latin girl name) – “Flower”; after the Roman goddess of spring and flowers


  • Vesa (Turkish, Finnish, and Albanian unisex name) – “Sprout,” “sapling,” or “young tree”


Autumn-Themed Baby Names

  • Autumn (Latin girl name) – “Season of harvest”


  • Leaf (English and Scandinavian unisex name) – “Plant leaf” or “heir”; autumn is associated with falling leaves


Winter-Themed Baby Names

  • Eira (Welsh girl name) – “Snow”


  • Neva (Spanish girl name) – “Snow”


  • Winter (English, Teutonic, and Native American unisex name) – “The coldest season of the year” or “bringing of renewal”; can also be spelled as “Wynter”


Storm-Themed Baby Names

  • Hail (English nonbinary name) – “Pellets of frozen water”


  • Haze (Old English unisex name) – “Mist,” “fog,” or a short form of “hazelnut tree”


  • Nimbus (Latin boy name) – “Dark cloud” or “storm clouds”


  • Rai (Japanese boy name) – “Thunder” or “lightening”; also means “trust”


  • Storm (English unisex name) – “Tempest”


  • Stormy (American girl name) – “Stormy weather”; might be considered a nickname or pet name for girls



Month-Themed Baby Names

  • April (Latin girl name) – “To open”; relates to the blooming of flowers in spring


  • August (Latin boy name) – “Magnificent” or “great”


  • June (Latin girl name) – “Young”


  • May (English, Hebrew, Scottish, Greek, and Persian girl name) – Month name; also means “pearl,” “child of light,” or a rainbow name that means “wished for child”


Animal-Inspired Baby Names


  • Bear (English boy name) – “Strong and brave as a bear”


  • Brock (English boy name) – “Badger”


  • Buck (English boy name) – “Male deer”


  • Colt (English boy name) – “Young horse”


  • Conan (Gaelic and Irish boy name) – “Wolf,” “hound,” or “high”



  • Fawn (French girl name) – “Young deer”



  • Fox (English boy name


  • Hawk (English boy name


  • Lynx (Greek unisex name) 


  • Meena (Sanskrit and Hindi girl name) – “Fish”


  • Wolf (German boy name)


  • Yael (Welsh, Yiddish, Old English, and Hebrew boy name) – “Mountain goat,” “ibex,” “fertile moor,” or “heights”


Bird-Inspired Names For Babies

  • Birdie (English girl name) – “Little bird”


  • Dove (English nonbinary name) – “A bird symbolizing peace”


  • Finch (English unisex name) – “Songbird”


  • Heron (English and Greek boy name) – “Long-legged, long-necked bird”; also means “hero”


  • Jay (Latin and English boy name) – “Jay bird” or “blue jay”; also means “to rejoice”


  • Lark (English and American unisex name) – “Songbird”


  • Oriole (Latin boy name) – “Oriole bird”


  • Robin (English unisex name) – “Robin bird”; also means “bright,” “shining,” or “famed”


  • Sparrow (English unisex name) – “Small bird”


  • Starling (Old English unisex name) – “Bird”


  • Wren (English unisex name) – “Small songbird”


Insect & Bug-Inspired Baby Names

  • Deborah (Hebrew girl name) – “Bee”


  • Yara (Brazilian and Arabic girl name) – “Small butterfly”; also means “water lady”


Forest & Greenery-Inspired Baby Names

  • Acton (Old English boy name) – “Village of oak trees


  • Aranya (Hindi and Indian girl name) – “Wild forest” or “wilderness”


  • Arden (English and Latin girl name) – “Valley of the eagle” or “great forest”


  • Forrest (English boy name) – “Of the woods” or “forest”


  • Ivik (Nordic gender-neutral name) – “Blade of grass”


  • Liana (French and Hebrew girl name) – A vine in tropical rain forests; also means “my God has answered” or “to twine around”


  • Greene (English unisex name) – Color name meaning “green”


  • Mörk (Nordic, Swedish, and Icelandic girl name) – “Forest”; also means “dark”


  • Silas (Greek boy name) – “Forest” or “woods”


  • Sylvia (Latin girl name) – “Forest”


  • Viridis (Latin girl name) – “Green”


Flower Names For Babies

“Rose” Name Meaning & Variants

  • Jarred (Hebrew boy name) – “Rose”


  • Primrose (English and Latin girl name) – “First rose”



  • Rhoda (Greek and Latin girl name) – “Rose”


  • Rhodes (English and Greek boy name) – “Where the roses grow” or “clearing in the woods”; also a place name



  • Rosalie (Dutch, German, Latin, and French girl name) – “A flower rose”



  • Rose (Latin and Roman girl name) – “Rose plant”


  • Rosen (Bulgarian and German boy name) – “Rose” or “burning bush”



  • Varda (Hebrew girl name) – “Rose”


Flower Names For Baby Boys

  • Aster (Greek unisex name) – “Purple star-like flowering plant” or a space name meaning “star” 


  • Castor (Greek boy name) – Perennial flowering plant; also means “beaver” or “pious one”


  • Chrysanthos (Greek boy name) – “Golden flower”


  • Fiore (Latin and Italian unisex name) – “Flower”


  • Jonquil (French and Latin unisex name) – “Rush daffodil,” “small, fragrant yellow flowers,” or “reed


  • Lotus (Greek unisex name) – “Lotus flower”


  • Nalin (Indian and Hindi boy name) – “Lotus”


  • Ren (Japanese name; unisex) – “Lotus flower” or “water lily”; also means “love”


Flower Names For Girls

  • Amaranth (Greek girl name) – Perennial flowering plant; also means “unfading”


  • Azalea (Greek girl name) – A flowering shrub; also means “dry”


  • Begonia (French girl name) – Vintage girl name that means “Begon’s flower” (named after Michel Begon, a French patron of botany)


  • Bluebell (English girl name) – “Blue bell flower”


  • Buttercup (English girl name) – “Yellow wildflower”


  • Calla (Greek girl name) – A type of lily flower; also means “most beautiful”


  • Camellia (Latin girl name) – “Kameel’s flower (named after Georg Kamel, a 17th-century botanist)”; also means “helper to the priest” or “young and virginal”


  • Chamomile (American girl name) – “Daisy-like flower”; also means “Earth apple”


  • Chrysanthemum (Greek girl name) – “Marigold” or “gold flower”


  • Daffodil (Greek, French, and English girl name) – “Narcissus flower” or “yellow flower”


  • Dahlia (Latin, Swedish, and German girl name) – “Dahl’s flower” (named after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl); also means “valley” or “she who clings lovingly”


  • Daisy (Old English girl name) – “Day’s eye”


  • Dianella (Latin and English girl name) – Purple flower


  • Faye (English girl name) – Flower name; also a magical name that means “fairy”


  • Felicia (Latin girl name) – A kind of daisy; also means “fortunate,” “lucky,” or “happy”


  • Freesia (Latin girl name) – “Freese’s flower” (named after plant enthusiast Dr. Friedrich Freese)


  • Hyacinth (Greek girl name) – “Blue larkspur” or “bulbous, fragrant flowers”


  • Lily (English girl name) – “Lily flower”; also means “pure,” “rebirth,” or “passion”


  • Marigold (English girl name) – “Golden flower”


  • Nemesia (Greek girl name) – Perennial flower species; also means “one who administers justice”


  • Tulip (Turkish and Persian girl name) – Spring-blooming flowers; also means “turban” (after the flower’s shape that resembles a turban)


Plant, Herb, & Spice Names For Babies

  • Aloe (English and Latin unisex name) – A succulent plant


  • Aulora (Latin girl name) – Girl plant name after a foliage species with pink-lined leaves


  • Briar (English gender-neutral name) – “Small tree” or “shrub”


  • Cinnamon (Latin and Greek girl name) – Spice name 


  • Fennel (Latin unisex name) – “Little hay”


  • Ginger (English girl name) – “Ginger plant”; also means “chaste,” “virginal,” or “pure”


  • Holly (English girl name) – “Holly tree” or “plant with red berries”


  • Ivy (Latin and English girl name) – “Vine”


  • Kale (Hebrew, Gaelic, German, Finnish, and Hawaiian name; unisex) – “Leaf cabbage,” “sea,” or “ocean”; can also mean “calm,” “fair,” “pure,” “affectionate,” or “slender”


  • Mace (English girl name) – Spice name (similar to nutmeg); can also mean “heavy club/staff,” “glorious victory,” or “gift of God”


  • Myrtle (Greek girl name) – “Myrtle plant”


  • Nandina (Japanese girl name) – “Sacred bamboo”; also means “of the household” or “domesticated”


  • Reed (English unisex name) – “Tall, grass-like plants in wetlands”; also means “red-haired


  • Saffron (English unisex name) – Spice name; also means “yellow flower”


Tree Names For Babies

  • Alder (English and German boy name) – “Alder tree”; also means “old”


  • Almond (English girl name) – “Almond tree”


  • Beech (Old English boy name) – “Large shade tree”


  • Birch (English boy name) – “Birch tree”; also means “bright and shining”


  • Cedar (English unisex name) – “Cedar tree”


  • Elm (English unisex name) – “Elm tree


  • Idra (Hebrew boy name) – “Fig tree”


  • Juniper (Latin unisex name) – “Juniper tree” or “bearing juniper berries”; also means “forever young” or “evergreen”


  • Linden (English boy name) – “Linden tree,” “lime tree,” or “linden tree hill”


  • Maple (Old English and Latin unisex name) – “Maple tree” or “piece of cloth”


  • Noyce (English boy name) – “Walnut tree”


  • Oak (Old English boy name) – “Oak tree


  • Olive (English and Latin girl name) – “Olive tree


  • Pine (Celtic and English boy name) – “Pine tree


  • Salix (Latin boy name) – “Willow tree


  • Sequoia (Native American unisex name) – “Giant redwood trees” or “sparrow”


  • Urki (Basque boy name) – “Birch tree”


Fruit-Inspired Baby Names

  • Berry (English unisex baby name) – “Small fleshy fruit”


  • Cherry (American girl name) – Small fruit with red skin; also a pet name for girls meaning “darling” or “dear one”


  • Clementine (English girl name) – A type of citrus fruit; also means “gentle,” “mild,” and “merciful”


  • Lemon (Old English unisex name) – A citrus fruit; also means “beloved”


  • Peach (French, English, German, and Latin girl name) – “Peach fruit” or “Persian apple”


  • Plum (English unisex name) – “Fleshy purple fruit”


Water-Themed Earthy Names

  • Bay (Latin unisex name) – “Inlet of the sea”


  • Brook (English girl name) – “Stream” or “water”


  • Calder (English boy name) – “Rocky water”


  • Cascade (French girl name) – “Waterfall”


  • Haelyn (English girl origin) – “A waterfall to the sea”


  • Irving (Scottish boy name) – “Green river,” “green water,” or “sea friend”


  • Jafar (Arabic boy name) – “Stream”


  • Kendra (English and Welsh girl name) – “Clear water,” “water baby,” “knowledge,” “high chief,” or “royal power”


  • Lake (English unisex name)


  • Maxwell (Scottish boy name) – “Great stream”


  • Nile (Egyptian, Celtic, Scottish, and Welsh boy name) – After the Nile River in Egypt; also means “champion”


  • Ria (Spanish girl name) – “Small river”


  • River (English unisex name) – “Flowing water”



  • Tide (English nonbinary name) – “Fluctuations of the ocean, “tides of the sea,” or “knowledge of elevation”


  • Trent (British boy name) – “Gushing waters”


Baby Names That Mean “Sea” Or “Ocean”



  • Moana (Polynesian and Hawaiian unisex name) – “Ocean” or “sea”


  • Ocean (Green nonbinary name) – “Ocean” or “sea”; can also be spelled as “Oceane”


“Pagan” Earthy Baby Names 

  • Cornel (Latin boy name) – “Horn”


  • Dawn (Old English girl name) – “First appearance of light” or “daybreak”


  • Enki (Sumerian boy name) – “Lord of the earth



  • Tilden (English boy name) – “Fertile valley”


Zodiac-Inspired Baby Names

  • Gemini (Latin girl name) – “Twins”


  • Taurus (Latin boy name) – “The bull”


Divine & Mythical Earthy Names For Babies

  • Abnoba (Celtic girl name) – “River”; goddess of the river and forest in Celtic mythology


  • Aurora (Latin girl name) – “Dawn”; after the Roman goddess of dawn


  • Drake (Middle English boy name) – “Dragon”


  • Feronia (ancient Italian girl name) – “Untamed woodland”; after the Etruscan goddess of wildlife, abundance, and fertility


  • Freya (Old Norse girl name) – Flower name; also means “noble woman” and after the Norse goddess of fertility, love, and beauty


  • Haldor (Old Norse boy name) – “Thor’s stone”


  • Hanish (Hindi boy name) – “God of weather” or “one who forewarns of storms”


  • Iris (Greek girl name) – Flower name; also the Greek goddess of the rainbow


  • Lorelei (German and Celtic girl name) – “Rocky cliff” or “murmuring rock”; also a mermaid name meaning “alluring temptress”


  • Merlin (Welsh boy name) – “Sea fortress”; also a magical name after the powerful wizard in the legendary King Arthur’s court



  • Terra (Latin girl name) – “Earth”; after the Roman goddess of the Earth


Mystical Earthy Names From Greek Mythology

  • Ajax (Greek boy name) – “Eagle” or “of the Earth


  • Atlas (ancient Greek name) – “Enduring”; after the Greek Titan god who carried the Earth (or “heavens” in other legends) on his back, and the name linked to maps of the world


  • Demeter (Greek origin) – “Earth mother” or “Earth lover”; after the Greek goddess of agriculture & harvest


  • Nerissa (Greek girl name) – Flower name; also means “sea nymph” in Greek mythology


  • Phoenix (Greek gender-neutral name) – Mythical bird that resurrects from its ashes; also means “crimson red” or “purple-red”


  • Thallo (Greek girl name) – “Bringer of blossoms”; after the Greek goddess of green shoots, spring buds, and plants


  • Zephyr (Greek boy name) – “West wind”; after the Greek god of the west wind


What Are Hippie Names?


  • Cove (English unisex origin) – “Small bay”


  • Ellery (Old English and Latin girl name) – “Alder tree”; also means “happy” or “joyful”


  • Elodie (French and Greek girl name) – Flower name; also means “the marsh maiden” or “wealthy and riches”


  • Evelyn (French, English, Hebrew, and German girl name) – “Hazelnut,” “living,” “life,” “water,” or “island”; also a rainbow name meaning “wished for” or “desired”


  • Hazel (English girl name) – “Hazelnut tree”



  • Rain (English androgynous name) – Weather name; can also be spelled as “Raine”


  • Tierra (Spanish girl name) – “Earth” or “land”


Gender-Based Nature & Earthy Names

What Are Earth Names For A Boy?

  • Axton (English boy name) – “From the town of ash trees


  • Diar (Arabic boy name) – “Expensive wood”


  • Doruk (Turkish boy name) – “Mountaintop”


  • Dunstan (Anglo-Saxon boy name) – “Dark stone”


  • Marsh (Middle English boy name) –  “Marshlands” or “swamps”


  • Umber (French boy name) – “Shade” or “shadow”


  • Winslow (Old English boy name) – “Friend’s hill”


Earth-Inspired Names For Baby Girls

  • Avani (Sanskrit girl name) – “The good earth


  • Folda (Old Norse girl name) – “Earth


  • Hallie (English girl name) – “Dweller at the hall meadow”


  • Ivory (English girl name) – “White” or “pure”


  • Karya (ancient Greek girl name) – “Walnut” or “sweet chestnut trees”


  • Loretta (English girl name) – “Sweet bay tree” or “laurel tree”


  • Marguerite (French girl name) – “Pearl” or “daisy


  • Marissa (English and Latin girl name) – “Of the sea”


  • Sandy (English and Greek girl name) – “Full of sand”; also means “man’s defender” as a short form of “Alexandra”


  • Tuva (Swedish girl name) – “Tuft of grass”


Nonbinary & Gender-Neutral Names With Earthy Themes

  • Adair (English, Gaelic, and Scottish gender-neutral name) – “Ford of oaks” or “from the oak tree ford”


  • Aspen (American unisex name) – “Aspen tree” or “quaking tree”


  • Hadley (English unisex name) – “Heather field” (heather is a flowering plant)


  • Harlow (English gender-neutral name) – “From the rocky hill”


  • Riley (English and Irish unisex name) – “Rye meadow”; also means “valiant” or “courageous”


  • Vale (English unisex name) – “Lives in the valley”


Earthy Names From A To Z

Earthy Names Starting With A

  • Acacia (Greek girl name) – Tree name; also means “thorny”


  • Alyssa (Greek and Irish girl name) – “Alyssum flower” or “noble”


  • Amaryllis (Greek girl name) – Flower name; also means “shine” or “sparkle”


  • Amber (Old French girl name) – Gemstone name; also means “amber-colored” or “fossilized tree resin”


  • Anargul (Kazakh girl name) – “Blooming pomegranate tree”


  • Anise (English girl name) – Spice name


  • Anthea (Greek girl name) – “Blossom” or “flower”


  • Aquitaine (Latin and French girl name) – “Water province” or “water land”; also means “one with eyesight as sharp as an eagle’s”


  • Arava (Hebrew girl name) – “Leafy willow branch”


  • Arnit (Hebrew and Marathi girl name; an Indo-Aryan language used in Maharashtra, India) – “Mountain of strength” or “beautiful flower”


  • Avonlea (English girl name) – “Field near the river”


Earthy Names Starting With B

  • Berkeley (Old English boy name) – “Birch tree meadow”


  • Bradley (English boy name) – “Wide meadow” or “broad clearing in the woods”


  • Beverly (English girl name) – “Woman from beaver meadow” or “beaver stream”


  • Birk (Scottish boy name) – “Birch tree”


  • Bluma (Yiddish girl name) – “Flower”


  • Boutros (Arabic boy name) – “Stone”; variant of “Peter”


  • Brie (Latin and French girl name) – “Marshland”


Earthy Names Starting With C

  • Calhoun (Scottish boy name) – “From the narrow woods”


  • Cassia (Greek girl name) – “Cinnamon”


  • Cayley (Gaelic girl name) – “From the forest”


  • Cerise (French girl name) – “Cherry”


  • Chelsea (English girl name) – “Limestone”


  • Cicely (English girl name) – Flower name; also means “blind of self beauty”


  • Citron (French unisex name) – “Lemon”


  • Colm (Gaelic and Irish boy name) – “Dove”


  • Colton (English boy name) – “From the coal or dark town”


  • Coral (English girl name) – “Marine invertebrate,” “rock-like formations in reefs,” or a color name


  • Cormia (Old French girl name) – “Fruit of the sorb tree (service tree)”


Earthy Names Starting With D

  • Danner (German boy name) – “Dweller near the fig tree”


  • Daphne (Greek girl name) – “Laurel tree” or “bay tree”


  • Darby (Norse and Irish unisex name) – “From the deer estate”


  • Darren (Irish and English boy name) – “Oak tree


  • Dean (English boy name) – “Valley”


  • Dusty (English and German boy name) – “Filled with dust”; also means “brave warrior” or “Thor’s stone”


Earthy Names Starting With E

  • Ebony (English, Egyptian, and Greek unisex name) – “Black wood”; also means “dark strength”


  • Eilon (Hebrew boy name) – “Oak tree


  • Elmore (English boy name) – “One who lives at the elm tree moor”


  • Elowyn (English girl name) – “Elm tree”; also spelled as “Elowen”


  • Erdmann (German boy name) – “Earth man”


  • Everett (German boy name) – “Brave, strong boar”


  • Ewen (Scottish boy name) – “Born of the yew tree”


Earthy Names Starting With F

  • Farley (Old English unisex name) – “Meadow of sheep” or “fern clearing”


  • Fauna (English girl name) – “Young deer”


  • Ferris (Irish boy name) – “Rock”


  • Fern (English unisex name) 


  • Fielder (English boy name) – “Dweller in the open field or country”


  • Firth (Scottish unisex name) – “Estuary,” “bay,” or “arm of the sea”


  • Flint (English androgynous name) – “Stone that can spark a fire”


  • Florence (Latin and Roman unisex name) – “Blossoming” or “flourishing”


  • Florus (Ancient Roman boy name) – “Flower”


  • Ford (English boy name) – “River crossing”


Earthy Names Starting With G

  • Gemma (Latin girl name) – “Gem” or “jewel”


  • Geo (American and Greek boy name) – “Earth” or “land”


  • Geneva (German girl name) – “Juniper tree”; also a place name (after Geneva, Switzerland)


  • Gilford (English boy name) – Old man name meaning “ford with yellow flowers”


  • Glenn (Scottish boy name) – “Valley”


  • Grover (English boy name) – “Grove dweller”


Earthy Names Starting With H

  • Hadas (Hebrew girl name) – “Myrtle tree”


  • Hailey (English girl name) – “Hay’s meadow”


  • Hale (English and Hebrew unisex name) – “One who lives in the hollow” or “life”


  • Harbor (English nonbinary name) – “Safe place from storms or turbulence”


  • Hayden (Old English boy name) – “Hay field”


  • Heather (English girl name) – “Flowering evergreen plant”


  • Hibiscus (Greek girl name) – Flower name; also means “marshmallow plant”



  • Holden (English boy name) – “Hollow valley”


  • Horst (German boy name) – “Wood” or “thicket”


  • Hurley (Irish boy name) – “Sea tide”


Earthy Names Starting With I

  • Ilana (Hebrew girl name) – “Oak tree


  • Irati (Basque girl name) – “Fern field”



  • Isla (Scottish and Spanish girl name) – “Island”


  • Iva (Slavic girl name) – “Willow tree


  • Ivo (German, Dutch, and Irish boy name) – “Yew wood” or an occupational name meaning “archer”


  • Iya (Greek girl name) – “Violet flower”


Earthy Names Starting With J

  • Jamesia (Hebrew girl name) – Flower name; also means “God may protect”


  • Jessamine (Persian and French girl name) – “Jasmine flower”



  • Jory (Cornish and English boy name) – “Farmer”


Earthy Names Starting With K


  • Kassia (Greek girl name) – Girl plant name meaning “cinnamon blossom”; also means “pure”


  • Kayla (Hebrew girl name) – “Laurel”; also means “crown”


  • Keifer (German boy name) – “Pine tree” or an occupational name meaning “barrel maker”


  • Keir (Nordic boy name) – “Thicket” or “dusky”


  • Kelby (Gaelic unisex name) – “Place by the fountain or spring”


  • Kiri (Maori girl name) – “Bark” or “skin of the tree”


  • Kristlind (Icelandic girl name) – “Linden tree


  • Knox (Scottish boy name) – “Rounded hill”


  • Kunal (Sanskrit boy name) – “Lotus”


Earthy Names Starting With L

  • Laguna (Italian name for girls) – “Lake,” “from the beach,” or “pond”


  • Lakelyn (American girl name) – “Beautiful lake”


  • Laurel (English and Greek girl name) – “Sweet bay tree” or “laurel tree”; also means “honor and victory”


  • Lee (English unisex name) – “Meadow” or “clearing”


  • Leighton (English unisex name) – “From the town by the meadow”


  • Leilani (Hawaiian girl name) – “Heavenly flower”


  • Lendina (Albanian girl name) – “Meadow”


  • Linnet (Welsh girl name) – “Small songbird”


  • Lizar (Basque boy name) – “Ash trees


  • Lubna (Arabic girl name) – “Storax tree”


  • Lyle (Scottish, English, and French boy name) – “Dweller on the island”


  • Lyon (French boy name) – “Lion”; also means “brave warrior


Earthy Names Starting With M

  • Magnolia (English girl name) – “Magnol’s flower” (named after French Botanist Pierre Magnol)


  • Maisie (Scottish girl name) – “Pearl


  • Maize (French girl name) – “Corn”


  • Marino (Italian, Latin, and Spanish boy name) – “Of the sea”


  • Marjoram (Arabic and Western Asian girl name) – Herb name


  • Marlowe (English unisex name) – “Remnants of a lake,” “driftwood,” or “from the hill by the lake”


  • Meadow (American girl name) – “Field of vegetation or grass”


  • Merielle (Irish girl name) – “Blackbird,” “shining sea,” or “sea nymph”


  • Miller (English boy name) – Occupational name meaning “grinder of the grain”


  • Misty (American girl name) – “Mist” or “covered with mist or dew”


  • Montel (French unisex name) – “Pointed hill” or “mountain”


  • Montgomery (Norman-French boy name) – “Gumarich’s mountain” or “man’s mountain”


  • Montserrat (Latin unisex name) – “Jagged mountain”


  • Murdoch (Gaelic boy name) – “Protector of the sea”


  • Muriel (Irish girl name) – “Shining or sparkling sea”


  • Myristica (Greek and Latin girl name) – “Nutmeg”


Earthy Names Starting with N

  • Narelle (Australian Aboriginal girl name) – “Little river”


  • Nemus (Latin and Roman boy name) – “Glade,” “wood,” or “forest”


  • Nergis (Turkish girl name) – “Daffodil”


  • Nerine (Greek and Latin girl name) – Flower name; also a mythical name that means “sea nymphs”


  • Nila (Sanskrit girl name) – “Enchanting moon”; also a color name that means “dark blue”


  • Nurit (Hebrew girl name) – “Buttercup”


Earthy Names Starting With O

  • Oakley (Old English unisex name) – “Meadow of oak trees” or “from the oak tree field”


  • Oleander (Greek boy name) – “Evergreen tree”


  • Orchard (English and Latin unisex name) – “Garden yard” or “land to grow trees for agriculture”


  • Orchid (Greek girl name) – “Beautiful flower”


  • Oren (Hebrew, Gaelic, and Irish boy name) – “Pine tree


  • Orino (Japanese girl name) – “Workman’s meadow”


  • Ornella (Italian girl name) – “Flowering ash tree


Earthy Names Starting With P

  • Pallav (Sanskrit boy name) – “Budding leaf or shoot”


  • Paloma (Latin and Spanish girl name) – “Dove”; can also mean “peaceful”


  • Pansy (American girl name) – “Violet flower”; also means “thought”


  • Pearl (Latin girl name) – “Gem of the sea,” “precious,” or “gemstone from a mollusk”


  • Peony (Greek girl name) – “Healing”


  • Petal (Greek girl name) – “Part of a flower”


  • Petra (Greek and Latin girl name) – “Rock” or “stone”; a feminine variant of “Peter”


  • Petunia (English and Latin girl name) – “Petunia flower”


  • Pierre (French boy name) – “Rock”; variant of “Peter”


  • Pippa (Greek girl name) – “Lover of horses”


  • Posy (English girl name) – “Bunch of flowers” or “small flower bouquet”; also spelled as “Posie” or “Posey”


  • Prado (Spanish boy name) – “Meadow”


  • Prairie (American girl name) – “Grassland” or “meadow”


  • Prunella (Latin girl name) – “Little plum”


Earthy Names Starting With Q

  • Qamar (Arabic boy name) – “Moon”




  • Quill (English boy name) – “Feather” or “plume”


Earthy Names Starting With R

  • Rae (Hebrew and English girl name) – “Ewe (female sheep)”


  • Ranger (English boy name) – “Forest guardian”


  • Raven (English nonbinary name) – “Blackbird”; also means “wise” or “dark-haired”


  • Rawley  (Old English boy name) – “Roe deer’s meadow”


  • Reef (English unisex name) – Relates to coral reefs


  • Ridley (Old English boy name) – “Reed meadow” or “clearing in the reeds


  • Ripley (Old English unisex name) – “Strip of land by the clearing”


  • Rochelle (French girl name) – “Little rock”


  • Rockwell (English boy name) – “Rock spring”


  • Rocky (English and Italian boy name) – “Filled with rocks”; also means “rest”


  • Roscoe (Norse boy name) – “Deer forest” or “roebuck forest”


  • Rosemary (Latin girl name) – “Mist of the sea”


  • Rue (English unisex name) – “Herb”; also means “regret”


  • Rylan (English girl name) – “Island meadow”


Earthy Names Starting With S

  • Savannah (Spanish and Native American girl name) – “Treeless plain,” “open plain,” or “flat tropical grassland”


  • Season (English unisex name) – Represents any of the four seasons


  • Shae (Irish girl name) – Plant name; also means “hawk-like” or “admirable”


  • Shaw (English boy name) – “Dweller by the woods”


  • Shore (Middle English unisex name) – “Seashore” or “beach”


  • Slater (English boy name) – Occupational name meaning “slate worker”


  • Sorrel (French unisex name) – Earthy color that means “reddish brown”


  • Spruce (English boy name) – “Evergreen tree” or “spruce tree”; also means “dapper” and “neat”


  • Susannah (Hebrew girl name) – “Graceful lily”


  • Sylvan (French boy name) – “Of the forest”


Earthy Names Starting With T

  • Talia (Hebrew girl name) – “Morning dew”


  • Tansy (Greek girl name) – Flower name; also means “immortality”


  • Tarragon (Latin boy name) – Herb name


  • Tempest (English girl name) – “Turbulent and stormy”


  • Terran (English boy name) – “Earth man”


  • Thorn (Old English boy name) – “Thorn bush”


  • Thyme (Latin and English unisex name) – Herb name


  • Tillman (Old English boy name) – “One who plows the Earth


  • Tinsley (English girl name) – “Tynni’s hill or meadow”


  • Tomer (Hebrew boy name) – “Palm tree”


  • Topanga (Native American girl name) – “Horizon” or “where the mountain meets the sea”


  • Trevelyan (Cornish boy name) – “Homestead on the hill”


  • Trevor (English and Persian boy name) – “Flower”


  • Tula (Native American and Spanish girl name) – “Leaping water”


Earthy Names Starting With U

  • Udell (English boy name) – “Yew valley”


  • Undine (Latin girl name) – “Wave”; also a mermaid name



Earthy Names Starting With V

  • Valerian (Latin unisex name) – Flower name; also means “healthy and strong”


  • Vana (Polynesian girl name) – “Sea urchin”


  • Vanora (Old Welsh girl name) – “White wave”


  • Varsha (Hindu girl name) – “Shower of rain”


  • Verbena (Latin girl name) – “Holy plants”


  • Vernon (English boy name) – “Place of alder trees”; can also mean “full of life” or “springlike”


  • Veronica (Greek and Latin girl name) – Flower name; also means “she who brings victory”


  • Vesper (Greek girl name) – “Evening star”


  • Vinca (Latin and Slovak girl name) – Perennial flowering plant; also means “to conquer”


Earthy Names Starting With W

  • Waldon (Old English boy name) – “Wooded valley”


  • Waverly (Old English girl name) – “Meadow of quivering aspens


  • Whitley (Anglo-Saxon girl name) – “White clearing”


  • Wilder (English and German boy name) – “Wild,” “untamed,” or “wild animal”


  • Wilford (Old English boy name) – “Willow ford”


  • Windy (American girl name) – Weather name that means “strong winds”


  • Wisteria (German girl name) – “Wister’s flower” (named after American horticulturist John Caspar Wister”


Earthy Names Starting With X

  • Xaawo (Somali girl name) – “Life”; variant of “Eve”


  • Xanh (Vietnamese girl name) – “Green” or “blue”



  • Xylon (Greek boy name) – “Timber”


Earthy Names Starting With Y

  • Yaelle (Hebrew girl name) – “Ibex” or “mountain goat”


  • Yarrow (English boy name) – “Rough stream”


  • Yasen (Bulgarian boy name) – “Ash tree


  • Yasmin (Persian girl name) – “Jasmine flower”


  • Yavor (Bulgarian boy name) – “Maple tree”


  • Yolanda (Greek girl name) – Flower name; also means “violet”


  • Yves (French boy name) – “Yew wood”


  • Yvette (French girl name) – “Yew wood”


Earthy Names Starting With Z

  • Zaria (Arabic girl name) – “Flower”


  • Zelkova (Georgian girl name) – Tree name; also means “bar rock”


  • Zeru (Basque boy name) – “Sky”


  • Zev (Hebrew boy name) – “Wolf”


  • Zinnia (Latin girl name) – Flower name meaning “Zinn’s flower” (named after German botanist Johann Zinn)


Nature Names From Outer Space

Names That Mean “Moon”

  • Ayla (Hebrew and Turkish girl name) – “Halo of light around the moon or sun” or “oak tree


  • Luna (Latin girl name) – “Moon”; after the Roman goddess of the moon


  • Lunette (French girl name) – “Little moon”


  • Nilan (Sanskrit boy name) – “Moon,” “dark blue,” or “sapphire”


  • Selene (Latin, Greek, and Spanish girl name) – “Moon”; after the Greek goddess of the moon, and can also be spelled as “Selena”


Names That Mean “Sun”

  • Arun (Sanskrit boy name) – “Morning sun”


  • Cyrus (Persian boy name) – “Sun” or “throne”


  • Hammon (Anglo-Saxon boy name) – “The sun” or “heat”


  • Niva (Hebrew girl name) – “Sun”


  • Soleil (French girl name) – “Sun”


Other Celestial-Themed Baby Names

  • Anka (Hebrew) – “Night star”


  • Celeste (Latin girl name) – Girl space name meaning “celestial” or “heavenly”


  • Cosmos (Greek boy name) – “Universe”; also means “beauty” or “order”


  • Estelle (French and Latin girl name) – “Star”


  • Galexia (Latin girl name) – “Child from the stars”


  • Meteor (English nonbinary name) – “Small metallic and/or rocky object in outer space”


  • Orion (Greek boy name) – “Rising in the sky,” “dawning,” or “great hunter”; a prominent constellation above the equator that can be seen from around the world


  • Star (English, Greek, and Latin nonbinary name)


  • Stella (Latin and Italian girl name) – “Star”; also spelled as “Stellan”


  • Suraya (Arabic girl name) – “Star constellation”


  • Tara (Sanskrit girl name) – “Star”



What Qualities Should I Consider When Choosing The Perfect Earthy Name For My Baby?

  • The name’s “gender” (some names are more masculine or feminine while others are neutral)
  • Spelling
  • Factors that might lead to teasing (e.g., the name’s connotation or meaning)


Are There Special Considerations For Earthy Names From Other Cultures & Languages?

Most of the time, there aren’t special considerations for earthy names. 


How Can I Combine Earthy Names With Other Naming Themes & Ideas?

Some parents might prefer using earthy names as middle names to mix and match with other baby name ideas.



You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.


Baby Name Lists By Letter


Other Resources For Pregnant Moms


Other Baby Name Meanings


Pet Names To Try










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