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230+ Emo Names With Cool Spellings, Surprising Meanings, & More

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What’s The Meaning Of Emo Names?

Emo” is the short form of “emotional hardcore,” but it primarily refers to the music subgenre of punk rock. Popular from the late 1980s to the early 2000s, the genre is a source of cool emo names.

Although many emo names also overlap with other themes, particularly punk and gothic names, they’re more colorful (and some parents might think they’re more fun).

For example, “Avril” is a popular emo girl name after singer Avril Lavigne, known for her emo-pop and punk rock style. She wears dark makeup and clothes but often with bright pops of color here and there.

Below are 230+ other fun emo-themed baby names, many of which have surprising meanings.


The Best Emo Name Ideas For Your Little One


  • Bram (Scottish and Gaelic; boy) – Nature name meaning “a thicket of wild gorse”; after “Dracula” author Bram Stoker




  • Dorian (Greek boy name) – “Of Doris (a district in Ancient Greece)”



  • Gabriel (Hebrew; boy) – Angel name meaning “God is my strength”


  • Gerard (German boy name) – “Spear strong”; after Gerard Way, the frontman of the emo bandMy Chemical Romance


  • Hayley (English origin; gender-neutral name) – “Hay meadow”; lead singer of the emo band Paramore


  • Helena (Greek girl name) – Name that means “light” (bright, shining light); after one of My Chemical Romance’s most popular songs narrating the death of frontman Gerard Way’s grandmother


  • Jack (Celtic, Welsh, and Greek; boy) – “God is gracious” or “supplanter” (as a variant of James)



  • Jett (English; nonbinary name) – “Jet black,” “abundance,” or “excellence” 



  • Tristan (Welsh; boy) – Mythical name meaning “tumult” after a Cornish knight in Arthurian legends



What Are Cool Emo Names?


  • Carrabba (Italian name; unisex) – “Little one”; after Chris Carrabba, the lead singer of emo band Dashboard Confessional



  • Dani (Hebrew; gender-neutral) – “God is my judge”; unisex variant of “Daniel



  • Evan (Gaelic; unisex) – “Young fighter”


  • Reign (English; unisex) – “Rule” or “sovereign”


  • Rook (Gothic; boy) – “One who looks like a raven” or “dark hair”


  • Trace (English; boy) – Country boy name meaning “from Thracia (an ancient region now part of Bulgaria)”


  • Travis (French boy name) – “Toll collector”; after Travis Barker, the drummer of pop-punk Blink 182 known for his emo style


  • Wentz (German) – Pet name for “Werner”; after Pete Wentz, the bassist and lyricist of emo-pop band “Fall Out Boy” 


Unique Names With Emo Themes

  • Ascelin (ancient Norman and Gothic; unisex) – “From the moon”


  • Cynfael (Welsh; boy) – Prince name meaning “chief prince”


  • Ryker (German name; boy) – “Fast strider” or “rich” 


  • Sealin (Old Irish and Gothic; boy) – Rare boy name meaning “little seal”


Broody Names With Adorable Meanings

  • Abel (Hebrew; boy) – Biblical boy name meaning “breath”; after Adam and Eve’s second son


  • Alexandria (ancient Greek name; girl) – “Defending man”; also a band name (after the heavy metal band “Asking Alexandria”)



  • Asher (Hebrew; boy) – Biblical name meaning “happy”; one of Jacob’s 12 sons


  • Blake (Old English; unisex) – “Dark” or “dark-haired”




  • Ethan (Hebrew; boy) – “Firm,” “strong,” or “enduring”


  • Giovanni (Italian; boy) – “God is gracious”


  • Truman (English origin; boy) – “Loyal” 


Badass & Tough Emo Baby Names

  • Axel (Scandinavian; boy) – Tough boy name meaning “father of peace”



  • Chimaera (Greek; unisex) – Mystical name meaning “beast made up of different animals



  • Draven (Anglo-Saxon; boy) – “Hunter”


  • Drusus (Roman; boy) – “Courageous”


  • Manfred (German; boy) – “Peace” and “strength”



  • Shadow (English; unisex name) – “Dark”


  • Tyson (Old French; boy) – “Son of Tye”


Strong & Powerful Emo Names

  • Alaric (German) – “All-powerful ruler”


  • Amalric (Gothic and Germanic; boy) – “Mighty” or “ruler”


  • Emerson (Anglo-Saxon; boy) – “Powerful” or “brave”


  • Griffin (Gothic and Latin; boy) – “Strong lord”


  • Grimoire (Latin) – “Magic book of spirits and incantations”


  • Perseus (ancient Greek; boy) – “Destroyer” or “avenger”; legendary who killed the Gorgon Medusa in Greek mythology


Adorable Emo Names For Boys & Girls

  • Blaze (English; unisex) – “Flame”


  • Dyrk (Gothic and Old German; baby boy name) – “Power of the tribe” 


  • Echo (Latin and Greek; unisex) – “Reflected sound”



  • Joey (Hebrew; boy) – Short boy name meaning “Jehovah increases”


  • Tyler (Old English; boy) – “Maker of tiles”


Retro & Old-Fashioned Emo Names

  • Adalricus (German; boy) – “Noble ruler”


  • Auberon (German; boy) – “Noble” or “royal bear”


  • Corbin (French and English; unisex) – “Crow,” or “raven,” or “a person with dark hair color”


  • Malachi (Hebrew; boy) – “Messenger of God”



Sexy Pet Names For Emos

  • Angel
  • Divine One
  • Dream
  • Lambchop
  • Panda
  • Sprout
  • Starlight


  • Annabel (Latin; girl) – “Lovable”; the subject of the tragic poem-story by Edgar Allan Poe


  • Bellatrix (Latin; girl) – “Warlike”; also a witchy name after a “Harry Potter” villain


  • Draco (Greek; boy) – “Serpent” or “dragon”; Harry’s rival in “Harry Potter” 


  • Edward (Old English; boy) – “Wealthy guard”; magical name after the main character in the fantasy movie “Edward Scissorhands


  • Evanescence (Latin; androgynous name) – “Fading away” or “disappearance”; gothic alternative metal band sometimes mistaken as emo


  • Lydia (Greek; girl) – “Beautiful one”; after Lydia Deetz, the protagonist in the horror-fantasy movie “Beetlejuice


  • Theodore (Greek; boy) – “A gift from God”; after Theodore Twombly of the sci-fi movie “Her


Mythical Names For Emo Babies

  • Balor – One-eyed giant in Irish mythology


  • Bran – Celtic god of the underworld


  • Davorin – Prehistoric Slavic god of war


  • Endymion – Handsome boy put into perpetual sleep by Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon


  • Hades – Greek king and god of the underworld


  • Loki – Trickster god in Norse mythology


  • Morpheus – Greek god of dreams


  • Orion – Legendary hunter in Greek mythology


  • Styx – River that leads to the underworld in Greek mythology


  • Summanus – Roman god of night thunder


Nature-Inspired Emo Names

  • Crow (English; nonbinary) – “A black bird”


  • Ebony (Latin; unisex) – “Deep black wood”


  • Garnet (Middle English; unisex) – “Dark red gemstone”


  • Obsidian (Latin and NahuatlAztec name; unisex) – “Dark, hard, glass-like volcanic rock” or “smoking mirror”


  • Onyx (English; unisex) – “Black gemstone”


  • Ryland (Old Anglo-Saxon; boy) – “Island meadow”


  • Taos (Native American; unisex) – “A place of red willows”


  • Wolfe (German and Old English; nonbinary) – “Traveling wolf”; also spelled as “Wolf” 


Exotic Emo-Themed Baby Names


  • Kalon (Gothic, Greek, and Hawaiian boy name) – “Sky,” “slender,” and “beautiful”


  • Karim (Arabic boy name) – “Noble,” “friendly,” “generous,” or “precious”



Edgy Gender-Based Emo Names

What Are Emo Girl Names?

  • Cambria (Welsh; girl) – “The people”; part of the emo rock band name “Coheed and Cambria




  • Isolde (Welsh and Germanic; girl) – “Queen of the ice”


What’s The Most Emo Girl Name?

  • Avril (French girl name) – “To open” or “the month of April”; after “sk8er girl” and singer Avril Lavigne


Cool Names For Emo Boys

  • Ash (English; boy) – “From the ash tree”



  • Johnny (Hebrew; boy) – “Jehovah has been gracious” or “God has shown favor”


  • Odin (Scandinavian; boy) – “Frenzy,” “rage,” or “wealthy defender”; also a mystical name after one of the Norse main gods


  • Ozul (Gothic and Hebrew; boy) – “A shadow”


What’s The Most Emo Boy Name?


Nonbinary & Gender-Neutral Names For Emo Babies

  • Darcy (Irish; unisex) – “Dark”


  • Jordan (Hebrew and Greek name; unisex) – “Flowing down”


  • Ozzie (Old Norse; unisex) – “Strong”


  • Paris (Celtic and Greek; nonbinary) – “Defender”


  • Riley (Irish; unisex) – “Rye clearing” or “valiant”


  • Stone (English; nonbinary) – “Dweller by the stone” or “rocks”


  • Storm (American; unisex) – “Storm (weather disturbance)”


  • Taylor (French; unisex) – “A tailor”


Emo Names From A To Z

Emo Names Starting With A

  • Akeldama 
  • Ashlee 


Emo Names Starting With B

  • Billie 
  • Blackwell 
  • Bowie 
  • Brendon 
  • Brody 
  • Burton


Emo Names Starting With C

  • Cadell 
  • Caine
  • Cameron 
  • Clarity
  • Coheed 
  • Colton 


Emo Names Starting With D

  • Daisy 
  • Devin 


Emo Names Starting With E

  • Eilish 
  • Elatha
  • Emily
  • Etienne 


Emo Names Starting With F

  • Fallon 
  • Fenrir 


Emo Names Starting With G

  • Gabe 
  • Golgotha 
  • Gray 


Emo Names Starting With H

  • Harley 
  • Harlow
  • Hellebore 
  • Hyde 
  • Huxley 
  • Hyman 


Emo Names Starting With I

  • Imogene 
  • Isabella


Emo Names Starting With J

  • Jade 
  • Jagger 
  • Jared 
  • Jesse 
  • Jimmy


Emo Names Starting With K

  • Kamila
  • Kiara


Emo Names Starting With L

  • Lennon 
  • Leon 
  • Leviathan 
  • Lincoln 
  • Locke 
  • London
  • Luca 
  • Lycidas 


Emo Names Starting With M

  • Macbeth 
  • Morgan 
  • Morticia 


Emo Names Starting with N

  • Nicolo 
  • Night 


Emo Names Starting With O

  • Oberon 
  • Orchid 
  • Orpheus 
  • Oswald 


Emo Names Starting With P

  • Perdita
  • Pete 


Emo Names Starting With Q

  • Qahira
  • Quanda
  • Quiana
  • Quillon 
  • Quirina


Emo Names Starting With R

  • Rafe 
  • Rainer 
  • Raven 
  • Reed 
  • Ridley


Emo Names Starting With S

  • Scarlett 
  • Shiva 
  • Sidney 
  • Skylar 
  • Sullen 
  • Sylvia 


Emo Names Starting With T

  • Teuer 
  • Thorn 
  • Tierney
  • Tim 
  • Tobias 


Emo Names Starting With U

  • Ulrika
  • Ursula
  • Urvashi
  • Ustinya


Emo Names Starting With V

  • Vaughn 
  • Velvet 
  • Vesper
  • Virginia
  • Von 


Emo Names Starting With W

  • Walker 
  • Welton 
  • Wentz 
  • Wilde 
  • Willow 


Emo Names Starting With X

  • Xaawo
  • Xanthus 
  • Xara
  • Xenos 


Emo Names Starting With Y

  • Yente
  • Yiskah
  • Ywain 


Emo Names Starting With Z

  • Zacchaeus 
  • Zephyr 
  • Zero 
  • Zoltan 


Emo-Themed ‘Ugly Names’ You Might Want To Reconsider

  • Abbadon (Hebrew origin; boy) – Demon of destruction


  • Azrael (Hebrew; boy) – Angel of death


  • Osiris (Egyptian; boy) – God of the dead


  • Thanatos (Greek; boy) – God of death


Bonus: Punk & Gothic Name Ideas

  • Amaris (Hebrew and Latin; girl) – Goth name meaning “promised by God” or “bitter”


  • Brendan (Irish; boy) – “Prince” or “small raven”


  • Khalid (Arabic; boy) – “Eternal”


  • Wednesday (German; unisex) – “Woden’s day”; after goth character Wednesday Addams of “The Addams Family” and Netflix’s “Wednesday


Baby Names Generator

You can also find emo ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.


Factors To Consider When Choosing Emo Names

Know The Meanings

Many baby names have surprising meanings that most people might not associate with them.

That’s why it’s good to research their meanings so you won’t inadvertently choose one that’s potentially embarrassing or rude.

For example, while the Dutch name “Avarice” might look cute, it means “greed” or “strong desire for riches.”


Many names are more popular than others, but ask yourself if you’re okay with your child having the same name as several others in their class or at the playground.

Some parents opt for unique names to let their children stand out from the crowd. But again, be sure to check their meanings, spellings, and pronunciations.



Are Emo Names The Same Or Similar To Gothic Names?

There’s confusion over goth and emo names because the genres have many similarities, making them appear to overlap.

There isn’t a specific rule that distinguishes the two, but Gothic is generally much darker than emo. 

For example, goths tend to prefer black or very dark clothing and makeup. Emos also use dark clothing and makeup but often add splashes of color (e.g., scarf, hair, belt, shoes, other accessories, etc.). 

This style can translate to names with “darker” meanings for goths and “dark but still lighter” meanings for emos.

Still, there’s no reason to fear getting the name in the “wrong” genre. Whether emo, punk, Gothic, or something else, these names can be cool options for your little one.


Are Emo Names Ideal For Babies?

The answer really depends on many factors, but these names can work for little babes. For example, parents might pick emo names because they want to honor their favorite emo musician or band.

Others might simply choose the name because they think it’s cool.



You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.


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