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520+ Mythical Names Of Gods, Goddesses, & Legendary Figures From Around The World

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Legends and myths play an important part in cultures around the world. They provide some form of “explanation” of otherwise difficult things to understand. That’s why many myths are about creation, the origin of different things around nature, and death or the afterlife. (1)

For example, the story of Pandora’s Box in Greek mythology explains how evil was released into the world (the gods entrusted her with the box filled with evil things, but she opened it out of curiosity). (1)

Thunder is explained in Norse mythology as the sound of Thor’s chariot racing across the sky. (1)

Did you know why some people are rich and some are poor? According to a Greek myth, it’s because the Greek god Plutus (Pluto in Roman mythology) is blind. He randomly distributes wealth because he can’t see the recipients. (2)

Each culture has its own sets of gods and goddesses, although Roman and Greek mythology names are some of the most famous around the world. (1)

We’ve listed 520+ mythical names of different gods, goddesses, and other legendary figures below.


The Best Legendary & Mythological Baby Names

What’s A Greek God Name?

The Olympian gods (or the gods of Mount Olympus), led by Zeus and Hera, are the most famous Greek mythology gods. 

There are, however, two other generations of Greek gods and goddesses before them:

  • Primordial Greek gods – the most powerful because they came into being and formed out of nothing
  • The Titans – children of the primordial gods and the parents of the Olympian gods; they’re in giant form


According to legend, Chaos (Void) was the first primordial god to emerge. He was followed by Gaia (Earth), and later Tartarus (Underworld) and Eros (Love).


Primordial Greek Gods

  • Achlys (Misery) – Goddess and personification of the eternal night; pronounced as “ack-lees”


  • Aether (Light) – God and personification of air, the heavens, and space; pronounced as “ee-ther”


  • Aion (Eternity) – Ancient Greek god and personification of the universe, time, and the zodiac; pronounced as “ah-yon”


  • Ananke (Compulsion) – Goddess and personification of inevitability; pronounced as “ah-nan-ke”


  • Chaos (Void) – God and personification of the void and also the beginning of all life


  • Chronos (Time) – God and personification of time


  • Erebus (Darkness) – God and personification of darkness


  • Eros (Love) – God and personification of love; some myths don’t consider him a primordial god but name him as Aphrodite and Ares’ son


  • Gaia (Earth) – Goddess and personification of the Earth and the mother of Titans, the giants, and the sea gods; pronounced as “gah-yah”


  • Hemera (Day) – Ancient Greek goddess and personification of day


  • Moros (Doom) – Ancient Greek god and personification of doom; he gave mortals the ability to foresee their deaths


  • Nesoi (Islands) – Collective name for the goddesses of the islands; pronounced as “neh-soy”


  • Nyx (Night) – Goddess and personification of the night; pronounced as “neeks”


  • Ourea (Mountains) – God and personification of the mountains; pronounced as “oo-rhe-yah”


  • Phanes (Procreation) – God and personification of light and goodness; pronounced as “pha-nes”


  • Pontus (Sea) – Primordial god and personification of the sea


  • Tartarus (Underworld) – Ancient god and personification of the underworld


  • Uranus (Sky) – God and personification of the heavens


Who Are The Titans?

  • AtlasTitan known as the “bearer of the heavens”; he holds up the sky (heaven) to keep it from falling


  • Coeus (pronounced as “koh-yows”) – Titan god of the mind, oracles, intellect, and foresight; he’s also the keeper of the northern pillar holding the heavens apart from the Earth


  • Crius (pronounced as “kree-yus”) – Titan god of domestic animals and constellations


  • CronusTitan ruler of the universe, god of the harvest, and the father of the senior Olympian gods (Zeus, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, and Demeter); he dethroned his father (Uranus) and was subsequently ousted by his son Zeus


  • Hyperion (pronounced as “hi-per-yon”) – Titan of the sun and light, and the father of sun god Helios, the dawn goddess Eos, and the moon goddess Selene


  • Iapetus (pronounced as “ee-yah-peh-toos”) – Titan god of mortal life and craftsmanship; he’s the father of Atlas


  • Mnemosyne (pronounced as “neh-mow-zeen”) – Titan goddess of memory and the mother of the nine muses (see below)


  • Oceanus (pronounced as “oh-shee-yah-noos”) – Titan god of the sea and the father of 6,000 Oceanids (spirits of the oceans and streams); he gave his realm to Poseidon after the Titans were defeated by the Olympian revolt


  • Phoebe (pronounced as “fee-bee”) – Titan goddess of prophecy and intellect; she’s also one of the ancient goddesses of the moon and has the power to foresee the future


  • Rhea – Queen of the Titans, the Titan goddess of fertility, and the mother of the senior Olympians; she hid the infant Zeus and gave him up to a nymph for adoption after learning that Cronus wanted to kill him (over a prophecy that one of his kids will overthrow him from the throne)


  • Thea – Titan goddess of the sun and light


  • Themis – Titan goddess of divine order and law; she’s the mother of the Fates and the Horae (Hours)


  • Tethys – Titan goddess of freshwater and the mother of the Oceanids


Who Are The 12 Greek Gods Of Mount Olympus?

  • Aphrodite (AF-roh-DYE-tee) – Goddess of love and beauty; some myths name Zeus as her father, while others tell the birth story of how she rose from the foam from Uranus’ severed genitals that Zeus threw to the sea (during the Olympian revolt)


  • Apollo – God of light, the sun, philosophy, truth, music, art, poetry, and medicine; also a name for twin boys and girls (alongside Artemis)


  • AresGod of war


  • ArtemisGoddess of the moon, the wilderness, animals, hunting, archery, virginity, and childbirth


  • AthenaGoddess of wisdom, warfare, and crafts


  • Demeter – Goddess of nature, the harvest, and the changing seasons; she’s also considered the patron goddess of agriculture


  • Dionysus (pronounced as “dee-yoo-nai-soos”) – God of wine, ecstasy, madness, fertility, and the theater


  • Hephaestus (pronounced as “huh-fay-stuhs”) – God of fire, volcanoes, invention, and craftsmanship


  • Hera – Queen of the gods of Mount Olympus and the protector of women in childbirth


  • Hermes – Winged messenger of the gods


  • Poseidon (pronounced as “puh-sai-don”) – God of water, the seas, horses, and storms


  • Zeus (pronounced as “zoos”) – God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, and order


The Fates Of Greek Mythology

The Moirai or Fates were responsible for the mortals’ destiny. They were considered either the daughters of Nyx or of Zeus and Themis.


  • Atropos – Goddess of fate and destiny (the ending of life); she’s responsible for cutting the thread of a mortal’s life


  • Clotho – Goddess who spins the thread of a mortal’s life; she also has the power to choose who to save or put to death


  • Lachesis – Goddess who measures the thread of human life; she chooses how much time a mortal has in life


The Muses Of Greek Mythology

The Muses are inspirational goddesses of all art and knowledge. They’re the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (the goddess of memory).

  • Calliope – Muse of epic poetry and eloquence; pronounced as “kal-ee-OH-pee”


  • Clio – Muse of history and heroic poetry; pronounced as “KLEE-oh”


  • Erato – Muse of romantic poetry


  • Euterpe – Muse of music; pronounced as “yoo-ter-peh”


  • Melpomene – Muse of singing, musical harmony, and tragedy; pronounced as “mel-pah-muh-nee”


  • Polyhymnia – Muse of lyric poetry, geometry, dance, and rhetoric; pronounced as “poh-lee-him-nee-yah”


  • Terpsichore – Muse of light poetry and dance


  • Thalia – Muse of comedic theater and poetry; pronounced as “tha-lee-yah”


  • Urania – Muse of astronomy; pronounced as “yoo-rah-nya”


The Pleiades Of Greek Mythology

The Pleiades were Atlas’ seven daughters transformed by Zeus into stars to save them from harm. “Pleiades” is now a girl space name, after the constellation of the seven stars.

  • Alcyone – “Central one”; pronounced as “al-sah-uh-nee”


  • Celaeno – “The dark one”; pronounced as “sel-lee-no”


  • Electra – “Shining”


  • Maia (pronounced as “MYE-uh”) – “Mother”; also the name of the Roman goddess of spring and another Earth mother


  • Merope – “Turned, shining face”; pronounced as “mee-rowp”


  • Sterope – “Flash of lightning”; pronounced as “stee-rowp”


  • Taygete – “Long-necked”; pronounced as “tah-yeh-gee-tee”


Some Favorite Nereids Of Greek Mythology

The Nereids are sea nymphs, and the children of Nereus and the oceanid Doris. They protected sailors and the world’s oceans.

  • Agaue – “Good”; pronounced as “ah-gah-weh”


  • Amatheia – “She is sparkling water”; pronounced as “ah-mah-thei-yah”


  • Amphitrite – “Seawater”; pronounced as “am-fhu-trai-tee”


  • Arethusa – “Swift water”; pronounced as “ah-reh-thoo-sah”


  • Asia – “Resurrection”


  • Cymo – “Wave-goddess”; pronounced as “kai-muh”


  • Cymodoce – “Wave-gatherer”; pronounced as “kai-muh-do-ke”


  • Cymothoe – “Wave-swift”; pronounced as “kai-muh-thow-wee”


  • Dexamene – “Powerful one”; pronounced as “dex-sah-mee-nee”


  • Dynamene – “Bringer”; pronounced as “die-nah-mee-nee”


  • Ligea – “Clear-voiced”; pronounced as “lye-gee-yah”


  • Limnoreia – “Salt-marsh”; pronounced as “lim-noh-reh-yah”


  • Maera – “Sparkle”; pronounced as “mey-rah”


What Are Other Greek God Names?

  • Heracles – God of strength and heroes; pronounced as “heh-rak-les”


  • Morpheus – God of dreams; pronounced as “mor-fee-ush”



Popular & Favorite Greek Goddess Names

  • Althea – Goddess of truth and healing; pronounced as “al-the-uh”


  • CalypsoNymph who fell in love with Odyssey and hid him on her island in Homer’s epic “Odyssey”; pronounced as “kah-lip-soh”


  • Cybele (pronounced as “sigh-buh-lee”) – Goddess of caves, mountains, nature, and the wilderness; she’s also a mother goddess believed to have birthed some gods, the mortals, and the animals


  • Dione (pronounced as “dee-yown”) – Oracle goddess; in some legends, she’s identified as the mother of Aphrodite


  • Doris – Sea nymph and the mother of the Nereids


  • Eos – Goddess of the dawn; pronounced as “ee-yos”


  • Eunice – “Good victory”; nereid


  • Ione (pronounced as “eye-yown”-nee) – Purple name that means “violet”; nereid



  • Nike – Goddess of victory; pronounced as “nye-kee”


  • Persephone – Goddess of spring and also the queen of the underworld; pronounced as “per-seh-foh-nee”


  • SeleneGoddess of the moon; pronounced as “suh-leh-nay”


Rare Greek God Names

  • Aeolus – God of and divine keeper of the winds; pronounced as “ay-yo-loos”


  • Attis – God of vegetation and rebirth


  • Boreas – God of the north wind; pronounced as “bur-ay-uhs”


  • Eurus – God of the east wind; pronounced as “yoo-roos”


  • Hypnos – God of sleep


  • Nereus (pronounced as “ner-yoos”) – Another god of the sea; father of the Nereids


  • Notus – God of the south wind


Rare Greek Goddess Names

  • Aphaea – Another Greek mother goddess; pronounced as “ah-fa-ey-yah”


  • Cymatolege (pronounced as “kai-mah-toh-leh-ge”) – “Wave-stiller”; nereid


  • Eione (pronounced as “ee-yoh-nee”) – “Beach strand”; nereid


  • Eudore (pronounced as “yoo-dor-reh”) – “Good gifts”; nereid of sailing


  • Eupompe (pronounced as “yoo-pom-pay”) – “Good journey”; nereid


  • Hygieia (pronounced as “hy-jee-yah”) – Goddess of hygiene


  • Nemertes – “Truthful”; nereid


  • Styx – Goddess of the River Styx (path to the underworld)


Greek Gods & Goddesses Of Space

  • Alextrona – Goddess of the sun


  • Astraea – Goddess of the stars; pronounced as “ah-stray-yah”


  • Cynthia – Another goddess of the moon and wild


  • HeliosGod of the sun


  • Hesperus – God of the evening star


  • Phosphorus – God of the morning star


  • Theia – Goddess of the ether (region beyond the skies); pronounced as “they-yah”


Greek Gods Linked To Dogs & Animals

  • Cerberus – God of death (represented by a dog)


  • Hecate – Goddess of dogs, crossroads, and magic; pronounced as “heh-kah-tee”


Roman Gods & Goddesses

Favorite Roman God Names

  • Cupid – God of desire and love


  • Janus – God of archways, gates, and transitions


  • Mars – God of war


  • Mercury – God of trade, luck, and communication


  • Neptune – God of freshwaters


  • Pluto – God of wealth and the underworld


  • Saturn – God of time, agriculture, and abundance


Popular Roman Goddess Names


  • Ceres – Goddess of agriculture; pronounced as “see-reez”


  • Diana – Goddess of the countryside, the moon, and hunters


  • Flora – Goddess of flowering plants


  • Juno – Queen of the gods and the protector of Roman women


  • Luna – Goddess of the moon; also a witchy name after Luna Lovegood in “Harry Potter


  • Minerva – Goddess of war, invention, and handicrafts


  • Nona – Goddess of pregnancy and destiny


  • Venus – Goddess of love


  • Victoria – Goddess of victory


Rare Roman God Names

  • Amor – God of love; another name for Cupid


  • Remus – Co-founder of Rome; son of Mars



  • Silvanus – God of the forest and uncultivated lands


Rare Roman Goddess Names


  • Concordia – Goddess of harmony


  • Felicitas – Goddess of good luck


  • Larunda – One of the Naiads (river nymphs)


  • Lucina – Goddess of childbirth


Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Mythical Egyptian Goddess Names

  • Bast – Cat-faced goddess of fire, pleasure, and protection


  • Hathor – Goddess of sensuality, dancing, and beauty


  • Isis – Goddess of magic and healing


  • Maat – Goddess and personification of justice, truth, and cosmic balance; pronounced as “may-at”


  • Neith – Goddess of the waters, war, hunting, and wisdom


  • Nephthys – Goddess of the air; pronounced as “nef-this”


  • Taweret – Goddess of fertility; pronounced as “taa-we-ret”


Mythical Egyptian God Names

  • Ammon – King of the gods and god of the air


  • Anubis – Jackal-headed god of funerary rites, guide to the underworld, and protector of graves


  • Aton – God of the sun


  • Atum – Primordial god and source of all creation


  • Iah – God of the moon


  • Khepri – Scarab-faced god of the morning sun; pronounced as “keh-pree”


  • Khonsu – Ancient god of the moon and time; pronounced as “kaan-soo”


  • Min – God of fertility and harvest


  • Nun – Creator of reality, primeval waters, and personification of the cosmos


  • Osiris – God of the dead; pronounced as “oh-si-ruhs”


  • Ptah – Creator god and patron of architects and craftsmen; pronounced as “puh-taa”


  • Ra – God of the sun and sky


  • Seth – God of storms and deserts


Norse Mythical Baby Names

Favorite Norse God Names

  • Freyr – God of the rain, fertility, and harvest


  • Heimdall – Guardian of the Norse gods; known as the “White God” for having the whitest skin in Norse mythology, but depicted as a black guy in the Marvel movies


  • Loki – God of chaos and mischief


  • Odin – Main Norse god and the god of war, death, art, knowledge, magic, and wisdom


  • Thor – God of thunder, war, storms, and strength


Famous Norse Goddess Names

  • Freja – Goddess of love and beauty; pronounced as “frey-ya”


  • Frigg – Goddess of the Earth and queen of Asgard



  • Sif – Goddess of agriculture and Thor’s wife


  • Signy – Goddess of victory; pronounced as “sig-nee”


Uncommon God Names From Norse Mythology

  • Aegir – God of the ocean, banquets, and storms; pronounced as “ay-gir”


  • Baldr – God of light and purity; pronounced as “baal-dur”


  • Bragi – God of ceremonies; pronounced as “bray-gee”


  • Dagr – God and personification of the day; pronounced as “dah-gur”


  • Dellingr – God of the dawn; pronounced as “deh-leeng-gur”


  • Gjurd – God of peace; pronounced as “gyoort”


  • Hodur – God of darkness and night


  • Magni – God of strength and might


  • Mímir – God of knowledge and wisdom


  • Njord – God of the sea, navigation, and the guardian of wealth; pronounced as “n-yord”


  • Tyr – Norse god of war, justice, and balance; pronounced as “teer”


  • Vé – One of the three Norse gods of creation


  • Vidar – God of vengeance and silence


  • Yngvi – God of rain, fertility, and sunshine; pronounced as “eeng-vee”


Rare Goddess Names From Norse Mythology

  • Abellona – Goddess of the sun


  • Atla – Goddess of the water


  • Bestla – Frost giant and the mother of the most powerful Norse gods Odin, Vili, and Ve


  • Eira – Goddess of healing and medicine; pronounced as “ay-ruh”


  • Elli – Goddess and personification of old age


  • Eydis – Goddess of luck


  • Gerth – Goddess of fertility


  • Hlín – Goddess of protection and fortification; pronounced as “hee-leen”


  • Kára – One of the Valkyries (women who guide souls of the worthy to Odin’s Hall of the Slain Warriors)


  • Nanna – Goddess of sweetness and devotion


  • Nerthus – Goddess of fertility, the Earth, and peace


  • Saga – Goddess of poetry and history


  • Skuld – Norse goddess of destiny and fate


  • Vigdis – Goddess of war


  • Vor – Goddess of wisdom


Celtic Gods & Goddesses

  • Aengus – God of love, youth, and poetic inspiration; pronounced as “ayng-goos”


  • Aveta – Goddess of freshwater and childbirth


  • Brighid – Goddess of healing, poetry, and domesticating animals; pronounced as “bree-geed”


  • Dylan – Celtic sea god


  • Enid – Sovereign goddess of the Veneti tribe (a seafaring people)


  • Gwenn – Goddess of motherhood


  • Maeve – Goddess of sovereignty, territory, and intoxication; pronounced as “may-vee”


  • Morrigan – Goddess of nightmares


  • Sabrina – River goddess


  • Sheila – Goddess of fertility


Mythical Aztec Gods & Goddesses

  • Acuecucyoticihuati – Goddess of the ocean and marine life; pronounced as “ah-kweh-koo-kyoh-tiki-hwah-tee”


  • Ahuic – Goddess of running water, streams, and rivers; pronounced as “ah-hwee-ik”


  • Apozanolotl – Goddess of purity; pronounced as “ah-poz-ahn-uh-lot”


  • Atlacamani – Goddess of storms; pronounced as “atlah-kah-mah-nee”


  • Atlacoya – Goddess of droughts; pronounced as “atlah-koy-ah”


  • Atlatonan – Goddess of the earth; pronounced as “atlah-toe-nuhn”


  • Atlatonin – Mother goddess; pronounced as “at-lah-no-neen”


  • Ayauhteotl – Goddess of mist and haze; pronounced as “aya-tay-oht”


  • Camaxtli – God of the hunt; pronounced as “kah-maz-tlee”


  • Chalmecacihuilt – Goddess of the underworld; pronounced as “chal-meh-kah-see-weelt”


  • Chantico – Goddess of fire; pronounced as “chan-tee-koh”


  • Chicomecoatl – Goddess of corn and sustenance; pronounced as “chee-meh-koh-aht”


  • Chiconahui – Hearth goddess; pronounced as “chee-koh-nah-wee”


  • Cihuacoatl – Goddess of motherhood, fertility, and midwifery; pronounced as “kee-wah-kwat”


  • Cipactonal – God of astrology and calendars; pronounced as “see-pak-tlee”


  • Coatlicue – Mother of all gods; pronounced as “coh-aht-lee-kway”


  • Mayahuel – Goddess of fertility and childbearing; pronounced as “mah-yah-well”


  • Metztli – Goddess of the night; pronounced as “met-z-tlee”


  • Mictlantecuhtli – God of the dead; pronounced as “mihct-lan-tay-kuht-lee”


  • Mixcóatl- God of hunting and food; pronounced as “misch-coh-aht”


  • Nahuatl – Goddess of water and rivers; pronounced as “nah-waht”


  • Omecihuatl – Goddess of duality and all creation; pronounced as “oh-may-see-waht”


  • Ometecuhtli – God of duality and life; pronounced as “oh-may-teh-kuht-lee”


  • Tepeyollotl – God of caves, jaguars, and earthquakes; pronounced as “teh-peh-yo-llot”


  • Tlaloc – God of rain; pronounced as “tlah-lok”


  • Toci – Earth goddess (as the mother of the gods); pronounced as “toh-see”


  • Tonantzin – Maternal aspect of the Aztec earth goddesses; pronounced as “tohn-ant-seen”


  • Xilonen – Goddess of corn and maize; pronounced as “schee-lo-nehn”


Other Mythical God & Goddess Names From Around The World


  • Aja – African (Yoruba) forest goddess


  • Anat – Ancient Semitic goddess of war and fertility 


  • Atabey – Native American (Taino) supreme goddess and the ruler of storms, love, freshwater, and fertility


  • Atina – Native American (Arikara) goddess of the harvest


  • Diwata – Mythical female figure who lives in nature in Filipino mythology; pronounced as “dee-wah-tah”


  • Eithinoha – Native American (Tuscarora) goddess of the Earth; pronounced as “ay-thin-oh-ha”


  • Haikili – Hawaiian god of thunder; pronounced as “hey-eh-kee-lee”


  • Ikapati – Transgender deity of fertility in the Philippines; pronounced as “ee-kah-pah-tee”


  • Ishtar – Chief goddess and the goddess of love, war, and fertility in Babylonian and Mesopotamian mythology; pronounced as “eesh-tar”


  • Itzamna – Mayan god of the sky


  • Kāne – Hawaiian god and creator of all living things; pronounced as “kah-nee”


  • Kaulu – Trickster god in Hawaiian mythology with physical and magical strength; pronounced as “kah-oo-loo”


  • Lakshmi – Hindu (Indian) goddess of abundance and beauty


  • Lono – Hawaiian god of agriculture, harvest, nature, and fertility


  • Māui – Polynesian trickster demigod; also a Disney name (demigod in “Moana”); pronounced as “mah-wee”



  • Nokomis – Native American (Ojibwa) goddess of the earth 


  • Onatah – Native American (Tuscarora) goddess of corn and fertility


  • Oya – African (Yoruba) warrior goddess


  • Priya – Indian (Hindu) goddess associated with creation


  • Rhiannon – Welsh divine queen and goddess of the moon and songbirds


  • Sedna – Native American (Inuit) goddess of the ocean and marine life


  • Tāne – Polynesian god of forests and light; also the creator of humans in Hawaiian mythology; pronounced as “tah-neh”


  • Tangaroa – Polynesian god of the sea; pronounced as “tang-gr-ow-uh”


  • Tanith – Phoenician chief goddess 


  • Tara – Hindu goddess of intense happiness and optimism


Nature-Themed Mythical Names

  • Acantha – Greek nymph turned by Apollo into a thorny plant after she rejected his advances


  • Daphne – Greek river nymph turned by her father into the laurel tree to escape Apollo’s affections


  • Melia – Greek nymph associated with the ash tree; one of Apollo’s lovers


  • Padma – Indian (Hindu) goddess associated with the lotus flower


More Mythical Names

What Are Good & Cool Mythical Names?

  • Actaea (pronounced as “ack-tay-yah”) – “Loves on the seashore”; Greek nereid


  • Antheia (pronounced as “an-thay-yah”) – Greek goddess of gardens and flowers


  • Apate (pronounced as “ah-pah-teh”) – Another Greek goddess of flowers and gardens


  • Cassandra – Trojan princess given the gift of prophecy by Apollo


What Are The Most Legendary Names?

  • Achilles – Hero of the Trojan War; pronounced as “a-KEEL-lehs”


  • Adonis – Handsome young shepherd loved by Aphrodite in Greek mythology


  • Alexander – Another name for Paris, the prince and hero of Troy, because the name is after the Greek word that means “defender of man”


  • Arthur – Mythical British king (immortalized in literature under “King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table)


  • Beowulf – Gothic name after the fictional prince of the Geats (or Goths, a Germanic tribe) who fought monsters in Old English epic; pronounced as “bay-ow-wulf”


  • Helen – After Helen of Troy, the legendary beauty whose abduction/elopement led to the Trojan War


  • Hercules – Roman god of strength


  • Jason – Greek adventurer and hero; he’s the leader and protagonist of “Jason and the Argonauts” in Greek mythology


  • Merlin – Powerful wizard in Arthurian legends


  • Midas – King in Greek mythology whose touch turns anything into gold (a wish granted by the god Dionysus)


  • OdysseusGreek hero of “The Odyssey” that chronicles the events after the Trojan War and his long, adventure-filled journey back home; pronounced as “ow-dee-see-uhs”


  • Pandora – Greek woman created by the gods; she released evil into the world after opening a mysterious box given by the gods for her to keep (they warned her against opening it, but her curiosity prevailed)


  • Perseus (pronounced as “pur-see-uhs”) – Greek hero and main character in “Iliad”; he slayed the gorgons (women with snakes for hair)


What Are Mythical Names For Guys & Boys?

  • AjaxGreek hero famous for his strength and bravery; pronounced as “ey-jaks”


  • Glaucus – Greek god of the sea who used to be a mortal fisherman (he turned into a god after eating magical seaweed); pronounced as “glau-kuhs”


Other Mythical & Goddess Names For Girls

  • Aelia (pronounced as “ay-lee-uh”) – “Sunlight”; Amazon warrior


  • Agave (pronounced as “uh-gaa-vay”) – “Noble”; Amazon warrior


  • Alke (pronounced as “ahl-kay”) – “Courage”; Amazon warrior


  • Ariadne – Greek princess who helped the hero Theseus escape the Minotaur (half-man and half-bull) in the maze created by her father


  • Circe – Greek sorceress who can turn humans into animals; pronounced as “sur-see”


  • Galatea – “Milk-white”; statue turned into a woman by the goddess Aphrodite


  • Halie – “Lives in the sea”; Greek nereid


  • Halimede – “Good counsel”; Greek nereid


  • Larisa – Greek nymph who had children with Poseidon


  • Pasithea – “Relaxation”; Greek nereid


  • Polynoe – “Thoughtful”; Greek nereid


  • Pronoe – “Provident”; Greek nereid


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Mythical Names

  • Aphroditus – Greek deity with male and female parts


  • Hapi – Egyptian intersex deity of fertility


  • Hero – Priestess of Aphrodite in Greek mythology who fell in love with the mortal Leander; the name is considered as nonbinary


  • Iphis – Egyptian diet born a girl but was turned into a boy; pronounced as “eye-phis”


  • Ometeotl – Aztec creator deity who was both male and female; pronounced as “oh-mee-tay-ohl”


  • Paris – Trojan prince from Greek mythology; the name is now considered gender-neutral


  • Pax – Roman goddess of peace; the name is also considered nonbinary


Mythical Names From A To Z

Mythical Names Starting With A

  • Achelois (pronounced as “ah-keh-low-wees”) – “She washes away the pain”; Greek nereid and moon goddess 


  • Adrastos – “Not inclined to run away”; the king of Argos in Greek mythology


  • Aeson – The king of Iolcus in Thessaly and the father of Jason (hero and adventurer of “Jason and the Argonauts”)


  • Alcippe (pronounced as “ahl-see-peh”) – “Strong horse”; Amazon warrior


  • Amphinome – “She of the surrounding pasture”; Greek nereid


  • Amphithoe – “She who moves swiftly around”; Greek nereid


  • Andromeda – Beautiful daughter of Aethiopia King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia chained to a rock to appease the sea monster Cetus but was saved by the hero Perseus and made his queen


  • Anthea – Greek goddess of flowery wreaths, human love, and garden produce


  • Apseudes – “Truthful”; Greek nereid


  • Aries – Golden ram in Greek mythology


  • Aristaeus – Greek god of bee-keeping and fruit trees; pronounced as “ah-rees-tay-uhs”


  • Asclepius – Greek god of medicine


  • Ask – The first man (Adam’s equivalent) who was made from the ash tree by the gods in Norse mythology 


  • Asteria – “Star”; Amazon warrior


  • Atalanta – Greek goddess known for her speed and unsurpassed agility in footraces; she refused to marry unless a man could beat her in a footrace (Hippomenes won the race using three irresistible apples given by the goddess Aphrodite)


  • Autonoe – “Think for oneself”; Greek nereid


Mythical Names Starting With B

  • Beroe – “From Beirut”; Greek nereid


  • Bia – Greek goddess of energy and power


  • Brizo – Greek goddess of sailors


  • Brontes – Greek goddess of thunder and lightning


Mythical Names Starting With C

  • Caerus – Greek god of luck and opportunity


  • Callianassa – “Beautiful queen”; Greek nereid


  • Callianeira – “Beautiful water”; Greek nereid


  • Camilla – Roman goddess and talented hunter


  • Cardea – Goddess of doors in Latin and Roman mythologies


  • Castor – Hero in Greek mythology; twin of Pollux


  • Chloe – Moniker for Demeter as the goddess of sprouts and new life


  • Clymene – “Fame”; Greek nereid


  • Clytemnestra – Wife of King Agamemnon of Mycenae; also a twin girl name (she’s the twin sister of Helen of Troy)


  • Cora – Another moniker for the Greek goddess Persephone as the goddess of spring


  • Creneis – “Kindness and life”; Greek nereid


  • Cressida – Character from “Iliad” (the Trojan War epic) who pledged her love to the Trojan prince Troilus but betrayed him to the Greek warrior Diomedes


  • Cydippe – Greek priestess of Hera, and the mother of Cleobis and Biton (the brothers yoked themselves to their mother’s cart and drove her six miles to the temple of Hera to attend the festivities)


Mythical Names Starting With D

  • Damocles (pronounced as “dah-moh-kleez”) – Courtier of Dionysus I, the king of Syracuse, Sicily; he envied the king’s life but learned how difficult it can actually be when Dionysus agreed to switch places with him for a day (but a sword was hung over his head to symbolize the dangers and fears that the king really feels)


  • Damon – One of the two best friends in the story of “Damon and Pythias” in Greek mythology


  • Davy – From the legends of “Davy Jones’ Locker” (grave of sailors at the bottom of the sea)


  • Deianira (pronounced as “day-yah-neer-rah”) – “Capable of great destruction”; Amazon warrior


  • Deiopea (pronounced as “day-yoh-pay-yah”) – “Benefit of the gods”; Greek nereid


  • Delia – Moniker for Artemis (Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt)


  • Dero – “Flay (peel the skin off something)”; Greek nereid


  • Diomedes (pronounced as “dy-yoh-mee-deez”) – “To plan” or “to think”; Greek warrior and commander during the Trojan War


  • Dioxippe (pronounced as “dy-yox-see-peh”) – “Amazonian”; Amazon warrior


  • Doto – “Giver”; Greek nereid


  • Drymo – “Forest”; Greek nereid


Mythical Names Starting With E

  • Eileithyia – Greek goddess of childbirth; pronounced as “ey-lay-thi-yah”


  • Elissa – Epithet (another name) for Dido, the legendary Queen of Carthage (an ancient seaside village in Tunisia) and the brave mythical woman who escaped tyranny to form her own town


  • Elpis – Greek spirit of hope


  • Ephyra – “Fiery”; Greek nereid


  • Eriboea (pronounced as “eh-ree-boh-weh-yah”) – “From Boia (a town in ancient Laconia, Greece)”; Amazon warrior


  • Etain – Irish goddess of the moon (she was initially identified as the goddess of the sun)


  • Euagore (pronounced as “yoo-wag-goh-reh”) – “Eloquent”; Greek nereid


  • Euarne (pronounced as “yoo-war-neh”) – “Good body”; Greek nereid


  • Eucrante (pronounced as “yoo-cran-teh”) – “Bringer of fulfillment”; Greek nereid


  • Eulimene (pronounced as “yoo-lee-meh-neh”) – “Good haven”; Greek nereid


  • Eumolpe (pronounced as “yoo-mol-peh”) – “Good singer”; Greek nereid


  • Europa (pronounced as “yoo-roh-pah”) – Greek princess


  • Euryale (pronounced as “yoor-yah-leh”) – “Far-roaming”; Amazon warrior


  • Eurydice (pronounced as “yoo-rye-duh-see”) – “Good justice”; Greek nereid


  • Evandre (pronounced as “eh-van-druh”) – “Good man”; Amazon warrior


Mythical Names Starting With F

  • Fauna – Roman goddess of fields and woodlands


  • Finn – Hero in Irish mythology


  • Fortuna – Roman goddess of good fortune and luck


Mythical Names Starting With G

  • Galene – “Calm weather”; Greek nereid


  • Gawain – One of the brave knights of the “Round Table” in Arthurian legend; pronounced as “guh-wain”


  • Gemini – Constellation of the twins Castor and Polydeuces (Pollux) in Greek mythology


  • Glauce (pronounced as “glaw-see”) – “Blue-gray”; Greek nereid


  • Glauconome (pronounced as “glaw-koh-no-mee”) – “Lives in the green sea”; Greek nereid


  • Guinevere – The legendary King Arthur’s queen; pronounced as “gwee-nuh-veer”


Mythical Names Starting With H

  • Harmonia – Greek goddess of peace, harmony, and unity


  • Haumea – Hawaiian goddess of fertility and the Earth-mother goddess; pronounced as “hah-may-uh”


  • Hebe – Greek goddess of youth


  • Hector – Trojan prince and hero in Greek mythology


  • Hermione (pronounced as “her-mai-uh-nee”) – Daughter of Helen of Troy and King Menelaus of Sparta; also a fantasy girl name after Hermione Granger, one of the main characters in “Harry Potter” 


  • Hesperia – Daughter of Hesperus and also considered a “nymph of the night” as the evening star


  • Hestia – Greek goddess of the home, hearth, and family


  • Hippolyte – “Stampeding horses”; queen of the Amazons; pronounced as “hip-oh-LYE-tee”


  • Hipponoe (pronounced as “hip-oh-noh-ee”) – “Unruly as a mare”; Greek nereid


  • Hippothoe (pronounced as “hip-oh-thow-ee”) – “Swift as a mare”; Greek nereid


  • Huixtocihuatl – Aztec goddess of salt water, salt, and fertility; pronounced as “wee-sch-toe-see-waht”


  • Hymenaios – Greek god of marriage and feasts; pronounced as “hi-meh-nah-yos”


Mythical Names Starting With I

  • Iaera (pronounced as “eye-rah”) – “Honeyed”; Greek nereid


  • Ianassa (pronounced as “ee-yah-nah-sah”) – “Wedded voice”; Greek nereid


  • Ianeira (pronounced as “eye-yah-nee-rah”) – “Lady of the Ionians (people living in Attica, an ancient region in Greece)”; Greek nereid


  • Ianthe (pronounced as eye-an-thee) – “Purple flower”; Greek oceanid 


  • Iphianassa (pronounced as “eeph-yah-nah-sah”) – “Strong queen”; Greek nereid


  • Irene – Greek goddess and personification of peace; variant of “Eirene”


  • Isolde – Irish goddess of healing and a princess in Arthurian legend; pronounced as “uh-zowl-duh”


Mythical Names Starting With J

  • Jaya – Hindu gatekeeper of paradise and the Indian goddess of victory


  • Jocasta – Queen of Thebes (ancient city in Greece) and the mother of Oedipus in Greek mythology


  • John – After John Henry, the American folk hero who drove a steel drill into rocks during the creation of the railroads in the US


Mythical Names Starting With K

  • Kana – Hawaiian demigod who journeyed to the underworld to get the sun back


  • Kati – Native American – (Arawak) personification of the moon (sacred deity that controls childbirth and the tides)


  • Komorkis – Native American (Blackfoot) grandmother goddess (mother of the moon)


  • Kore – Variant of “Cora,” a moniker of Persephone (Greek queen of the underworld)


  • Kotys – Greek goddess of revelry and parties; pronounced as “kow-tees“


  • Kratos – Greek god of strength and power


Mythical Names Starting With L

  • Laomedeia (pronounced as “lah-woh-meh-dee-yah”) – “Ruler of the people”; Greek nereid


  • Leander – Mythical lover of Hero (one of Aphrodite’s priestesses)


  • Leda – Queen of Sparta and the mother of Helen of Troy and twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology


  • Leiagore (pronounced as “lay-yah-goh-reh”) – “Addressing the people”; Greek nereid


  • Leto – Greek goddess of motherhood and childbirth; she’s the mother of twins Apollo and Artemis


  • Leucothoe (pronounced as “lyoo-koh-tho-weh”) – “Swift and white”; Greek nereid


  • Linus – Greek god and personification of lamentation; he’s known as Herakles’ teacher 


  • Lorelei – German magical being and temptress who lured seamen to their death through song


  • Lycorias – “Yellow-haired”; Greek nereid


  • Lykos – King of the ancient city of Thebes


  • Lysianassa (pronounced as “lee-sha-nah-sah”) – “Redeeming mistress”; Greek nereid


  • Lysippe (pronounced as “lie-see-peh”) – “She who lets the horses loose”; Amazon warrior


Mythical Names Starting With M

  • Marian – After Maid Marian, Robin Hood’s love interest in the English myth “Robin Hood


  • Medea – Enchantress who helped Jason get the golden fleece in “Jason and the Argonauts” in Greek mythology


  • Melanippe (pronounced as “meh-lah-nee-peh”) – “Black mare”; Amazon warrior


  • Melissa – Greek nymph who fed Zeus with honey


  • Melite (pronounced as “meh-lee-teh”) – “Honey-sweet”; Greek nereid


  • Menippe (pronounced as “meh-nee-peh”) – “Courageous mare”; Greek nereid


  • Mentor – Close friend of Odysseus who was left in charge of Telemachus (the Greek hero’s son) when he fought in the Trojan War


  • Metis – Greek goddess of wisdom


  • Minos – King of ancient Crete; he’s the son of Zeus and Europa


  • Molpadia – “Death song”; Amazon warrior


  • Momus – Greek god of satire, writers, and poets


  • Myles – King of Laconia (an ancient region in Greece)


  • Mytilene (pronounced as “mai-tuh-leen”) – “Forested”; Amazon warrior


Mythical Names Starting with N

  • Nausithoe (pronounced as “now-see-tho-weh”) – “Swift ships”; Greek nereid


  • Neaera (pronounced as “nee-rah”) – “Newly rising”; Greek nereid


  • Neomeris – “New sea”; Greek nereid


  • Nephele – Greek goddess created by Zeus from a cloud


  • Nesaea (pronounced as “nee-see-yah”) – “Dweller on islands”; Greek nereid


  • Neso – “Island”; Greek nereid


  • Ness – Mythical monster in Scotland


  • Nestor: King of Pylos (a historic place in Greece); he’s one of the Argonauts and known for his wisdom


  • Niamh – Irish fairy princess and goddess known for her golden hair; despite the spelling, the name is pronounced as “nyeev”


  • Nikephoros (pronounced as “nee-kee-for-os”) – “Carrying victory”; an emperor of Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire)


Mythical Names Starting With O

  • Olwen – Welsh goddess of the sun and flowers


  • Opis – “Sighting”; Greek nereid


  • Oreithyia (pronounced as “oh-ree-thi-yah”)- “Mountain-rager”; Greek nereid


  • Orion – Giant huntsman put by Zeus among the stars in Greek mythology


  • Orvar – Legendary hero in Icelandic mythology


Mythical Names Starting With P

  • Pallas – Moniker for Athena (goddess of war) as the personification of wisdom in Greek mythology


  • Pan – Greek god of wilderness and shepherds; his body is half-goat and half-human 


  • Panopea – “All-seeing”; Greek nereid


  • Pantariste – “For all”; Amazon warrior


  • Paul – After Paul Bunyan, the giant and hero of the lumberjacks in American folklore


  • Peitho – Greek goddess of persuasion


  • Penelope – Loyal wife of the hero Odysseus in Homer’s “Odyssey”; pronounced as “puh-nel-uh-pee”


  • Pheme – Greek goddess of fame


  • Pherusa – “Bringer”; Greek nereid


  • Phyllis – Greek mythical princess turned into a tree


  • Phyllodoce – “Sweet leaf”; Greek nereid


  • Pillan – Native American god of stormy weather


  • Plexaure – “Whipping wind”; Greek nereid


  • Ploto – “Wealth-giver”; Greek nereid


  • Plutus – Greek god of wealth


  • Pollux – Hero in Greek mythology; Castor’s twin brother 


  • Polynome – “Many pastured”; Greek nereid


  • Pontomedusa – “Sea-queen”; Greek nereid


  • Pontoporeia – “Seafarer”; Greek nereid


  • Priam – King of Troy at the time of the Trojan War


  • Priapus – Greek god of fertility


  • Prometheus – Greek god of forethought


  • Proto – “First”; Greek nereid


  • Protomedeia – “First ruler”; Greek nereid


  • Psamathe – “Sand goddess”; Greek nereid


Mythical Names Starting With Q

  • Qadesh – Egyptian goddess of beauty, nature, and sexual pleasure; pronounced as “kay-desh”


  • Quetzalcoatl – Aztec god, creator of the Earth and humans, and god of the wind and rain; pronounced as “kwet-sal-kwat”


Mythical Names Starting With R

  • Rangi – Hawaiian god of the sky; pronounced as “rahn-gee”


  • Robin – From Robin Hood, the legendary hero who robbed the rich and distributed his loot to the poor in English folklore


Mythical Names Starting With S

  • Sao – “Rescuer”; Greek nereid


  • Selu – Native American (Cherokee) goddess of corn and harvest


  • Skadi – Norse goddess of the earth, winter, and skiing


  • Speio – “Lives in caves”; Greek nereid


Mythical Names Starting With T

  • Tecmessa – “Woman who makes”; Amazon warrior


  • Tezcatlipoca – Aztec god of the Great Bear constellation and the night sky; pronounced as “tehs-kaht-lee-poka”


  • Thalassa – Greek goddess of the sea


  • Thaleia – “Flourishing”; Greek nereid


  • Themisto – “Belonging to the law”; Greek nereid


  • Thermodosa – “Warm gift”; Amazon warrior


  • Theseus – Legendary hero of Athens who defeated the half-bull monster Minotaur in Greek mythology


  • Thoe – “Swift”; Greek nereid


  • Tom – After Tom Hickathrift, a hero in English folklore similar to Jack the Giant Killer


  • Tozi – Aztec goddess of healing and sweet water


  • Tristan – Cornish knight in Arthurian legends


  • Troilus – Trojan prince in Greek mythology


  • Trym – King of the jötnar (giants) who stole Mjölnir (Thor‘s hammer) to make the Norse gods give him the goddess Freyja as his wife


  • Tyche – Greek goddess of fortune


Mythical Names Starting With U

  • Ulysses – Greek hero who devised the plan to create the giant horse in the Trojan War; variant of “Odysseus


  • Uma – Indian (Hindi) goddess of nourishment and power


  • Urd – Norse goddess of destiny


Mythical Names Starting With V

  • Valkyrie – Odin’s assistants who escorted slain soldiers to Valhalla (heaven) in Norse mythology


  • Vesta – Roman goddess of home, antiquity, family, and the hearth


  • Vidar – Norse god of revenge and vengeance


Mythical Names Starting With W

  • Wak – Ethiopian supreme god


  • Wieland – Legendary smith in Germanic mythology


Mythical Names Starting With X

  • Xanthe – Golden-haired goddess and sea nymph in Greek mythology; pronounced as “shan-teh”


  • Xantho (pronounced as “shan-tho”) – “Golden-haired”; Greek nereid


  • Xitllali – Aztec goddess of the moon; pronounced as “see-tlah-lee”


  • Xochipilli – Aztec god of love, flowers, and music; pronounced as “scho-chee-pee-lee”


  • Xochiquetzal – Aztec goddess of love; pronounced as “zo-chee-kayt-zul”


Mythical Names Starting With Y

  • Yara – Mermaid name after the siren or water nymph that lives in the Amazon River, according to Native American (ancient Tupi and Guaraní) mythology 


Mythical Names Starting With Z

  • Zelus – Greek god of dedication and passion


  • Zephyr – Greek god of the west wind


  • Ziva – Slavic goddess of life


Mythical & Fantasy Character Names

  • Alicorn – Winged unicorn characters in “My Little Pony


  • Alviss – Dwarf in Norse mythology


  • Argus – Creature with a hundred eyes in Greek mythology; another figure with this name built the mythical ship Argo (used by Jason and the Argonauts in their heroic adventures)


  • Astra – Weapon written in the stars and belonged to the gods in Indian (Hindu) mythology


  • Benu – Egyptian version of the mythical bird phoenix


  • Catori – Native American spirit


  • Echidna – Greek snake woman


  • Fenrir – Giant, monstrous wolf in Norse mythology; he’s identified as Loki’s son


  • Grendel – Monster in “Beowulf


  • Griffin – Greek monster that’s half-eagle and half-lion


  • Iara – Native American (Tupi) mermaid-like creatures that lure men at sea with songs


  • Kachina – Native American mythological figures or spirit beings


  • Ladon – Dragon guarding the golden apples in Greek mythology


  • Nemean – Lion monster killed by Heracles in Greek mythology


  • Nixie – Germanic mythical creatures often depicted as mermaids or shape-shifters


  • Phoenix – Legendary bird of the sun that has the power to resurrect itself in Greek mythology


  • Sylph – Fairy-like creature in Western cultures


Some Things To Consider When Choosing Mythical Names

Many mythical names are considered classic and old because of their origins from the gods and goddesses of ancient times.

They can be unique names for your baby. Consider, however, that they might be teased if the name is hard to spell and pronounce.

It’s also good to check the story of your chosen mythical or legendary figure to avoid controversial names.


Choosing Names With Caution: “Ugly Names” You Might Want To Avoid

Names that have strong negative connotations:

  • Até – Greek goddess of mischief and rash decisions


  • Carman – Celtic goddess of destructive magic


  • Charon – Mythical Greek ferryman of the River Styx (guides souls to the underworld)


  • Dardanos – Trojan warrior whose name means “to devour”


  • Deimos – Greek god of fear and terror


  • Enyo – Greek goddess of destruction and war


  • Eris – Greek goddess of chaos


  • Galanthis – Mythical Greek villainess turned into a weasel for lying


  • HadesGreek god of the underworld


  • Keres – Greek spirits and personifications of violent death


  • Lilith – Babylonian demon or ghost


  • Mania – Greek goddess of madness and insanity


  • Medusa – Greek mythical character and monstrous gorgon who had deadly snakes as hair


  • Nemesis – Greek goddess of vengeance


  • Niobe – Greek goddess of pride (one of the seven deadly sins)


  • Oneiroi – Greek demons who represented dreams


  • Phaedra – Mythical Greek princess and wife of Theseus; she fell in love with Hippolytus, her stepson


  • Thanatos – Greek god of death



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