Birth Affirmations: Words To Encourage & Empower You During Labor & Delivery

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The anticipation of birth often creates anxiety and fear, especially in first-time moms. 

Your mind is a powerful tool that can help you wade through the labor process, however, it unfolds for you.

The mindful repetition of heartfelt and meaningful birth affirmations can be effective in improving your birthing experience. 

Affirmations can also help you increase resilience and combat stress. 

Coupled with relaxation and breathing techniques, these tools may also help reduce your need for an epidural or other medication for labor pain. 

What exactly are birth affirmations, and how can you use them during labor?

Continue reading to find our free printable birth affirmations. Pack these printed mantras in your hospital bag to help you get ready for labor. Or keep it simple and just add them as a note on your phone. 

What Are Birth Affirmations?

Birth and pregnancy affirmations are short but powerful statements that can help you achieve the desired mindset during labor.

You can use these empowering affirmations to help you through the process of birth.

Other forms of pain management during labor, including hypnobirthing and chanting, use similar birth mantras and affirmations with other techniques.

How Can I Get A Positive Birth?

As you prepare for delivery, you might hear many birth stories that could scare you or make you feel worried.

Try not to listen to these horror stories because every birth experience is different.

Instead, focus on positive thoughts, learn breathing patterns, choose relaxation techniques, or learn more about birth options, such as hypnobirthing.

With the support of your partner, family, friends, or your birth doula, you can use these birth mantras to stay positive before and during labor.

With the right mindset and energy, these affirmations aren’t just words, they can also be powerful commands to your subconscious and help keep you strong.

Benefits Of Birth Affirmations

Your mind is a powerful tool. These are some of the benefits you’ll get if you use these affirmations:

  • They can rewire your brain to think positive thoughts
  • They can stimulate positive feelings.
  • They can distract you from the pain.
  • They can help you have an unmedicated delivery.
  • They can promote empowering thoughts so you’ll feel more confident.
  • They can reduce your anxiety and stress.
  • They can help promote natural childbirth.
  • They can help you have a positive birth experience.
  • They can provide you with strength and courage from the start of the contractions to the baby’s delivery and your postpartum recovery.

How To Make Your Birth Affirmations Work

For these powerful birth affirmations to actually work, remember these things:

  • Choose the best mantras that are more meaningful to you.
  • Believe in your birth mantras.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat.
  • Focus on the present moment.
  • Remember the surges won’t last forever.
  • You can manage these surges.
  • Your body is wise and knows what to do.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply.
  • Remember that others’ horror birth stories aren’t your story.
  • Only use positive visualization.
  • Engage your senses.
  • Anchor your affirmations with breathwork and essential oils.

Sample Positive Birth Affirmations You Can Use

You might receive birth affirmation cards during the baby shower. Many are also available on Amazon and other stores selling baby products.

But you can choose from this list and make your own birth affirmation cards or record yourself saying them out loud:

For Before Labor Begins: What Should You Say Before Giving Birth?

While preparing for your baby’s birth, you can use these affirmations:

  • “I trust my body’s wisdom.”
  • “I am prepared for labor and delivery.”
  • “Labor will be easy, gentle, and swift.”
  • “I fully and completely accept myself the way I am.”
  • “I have all of the strength I need inside me.”
  • “I have the power, and I can change my story.”
  • “I’m built for this birth. My body and my baby know what to do.”
  • “I’m courageous and brave.”
  • “I am strong.”
  • “I’m proud of myself.”
  • “The ability to give birth is a beautiful gift.”
  • “All is well.”

For Early Labor

As the surges begin, here are some affirmations to use:

  • “Each surge brings my baby closer to me.”
  • “I accept and welcome labor.”
  • “I can, and I will!”
  • “I am strong.”
  • “My body is wise.”
  • “My body knows what to do.”
  • “I listen to my body.”
  • “I trust my body and my baby. I trust my birth.”
  • “I was born to do this.”
  • “I’m safe. My baby is safe.”
  • “My baby and I are doing this work together.”
  • “My baby is moving to a perfect position for birth.”
  • “My body is opening up for my baby.”
  • “My body is relaxed. My mind is relaxed.”
  • “My body knows exactly what to do. I trust it.”
  • “This is the day I’ve been waiting for; I’m ready.”

For Active Labor

Surges will be stronger and more intense as you start active labor. Keep these birth mantras in mind to help you manage each wave:

  • “I am here. I am present. I am strong.”
  • “Each wave has a purpose.”
  • “Every surge brings me closer to my baby.”
  • “I am greater than my fear.”
  • “I cooperate with my baby and my body.”
  • “I focus on the present moment.” “I’m stronger than I’ve ever imagined.”
  • “My baby and I are surrounded by love.”
  • “My body is capable. I am strong.”
  • “My body knows what to do. I’m made for this.”
  • “I can manage one surge at a time.”
  • “Trust. Open. Relax.”
  • “I’m getting huge and am opening up.”
  • “Women all over the earth are giving birth with me right now.”

For Dealing with Discomfort

With each surge comes discomfort and pressure that grows stronger as the labor progresses. So, here are mantras to keep your mind off the pain:

  • “I can do this because I’m already doing this.”
  • “This surge will pass.”
  • “I can ride these waves.”
  • “My breath is my anchor.”
  • “With every surge, I will go limp and loose.”
  • “My body achieves whatever my mind believes.”
  • “My mind and body are relaxed.”
  • “When I feel I can’t do it, I know I’m already close.”
  • Pregnancypregnancy will be over soon and I can see my precious one.”

For Courage

If you find your courage failing, say these affirmations aloud:

  • “I’m a powerful creator.”
  • “I am strong, wise, and capable.”
  • “I gracefully surrender to this process.”
  • “Fear is natural.”
  • “My birth is full of possibilities.”
  • “I am protected and surrounded by love.”
  • “I can manage every surge because I believe I can.”
  • “These quotesinspirational are going to give me strength.”

For Natural Birth

Choosing an unmedicated, natural birth is a courageous act. These affirmations can help you stay the course:

  • “My body knows exactly what to do to safely get my baby out.”
  • “Inhale strength. Exhale fear.”
  • “My body was made to manage the pressure and surges.”
  • “My baby is riding the waves of the surges.”
  • “Each wave brings me closer to holding my child.”
  • “My cervix opens wide and allows my baby to ease down.”
  • “Soon, I’ll meet my baby. This will all be worth it.
  • “When I feel I can’t do it any longer, I can. I will.”
  • “I can do this with the help of these quotesmotivational.”

For Epidural Birth

But if you choose an epidural, don’t feel guilty about it, mama. Here are birth mantras to help you stay positive:

  • “Every birth is a miracle. Each one is different.”
  • “I’m a good mother, and I feel deep love for my baby.”
  • “My baby needs me and will always feel my love.”
  • “My body, my choice.”
  • “This choice will give me more strength and stamina to care for my baby.”
  • “I love and honor myself.”
  • “I trust my intuition during this birth.”
  • “I choose medication to help me safely meet my baby.”
  • “All is well.”

For Pushing

The right time will come for you to push the baby out. This requires all your strength and stamina. Here are some mantras to give you energy for that one last push:

  • “I keep breathing and relaxing. I listen to my body.”
  • “My baby will be here very soon.”
  • “My baby is in a perfect position to go out.”
  • “My baby is ready to meet me.”
  • “Soon, my baby will leave my womb but will never leave my heart.”
  • “I was born to do this.”
  • “I’m a powerful, life-giving warrior.”
  • Quotesquotes. These will keep me relaxed and focused while I push.”

For Water Birth

Here are affirmations if you’re doing a water birth:

  • “My baby is safe in this water and will always feel my love.”
  • “The water welcomes my baby. It gently helps get my baby out of my body and into the world.”

For C-Section

  • “A birth is always miraculous, no matter how it happens.”
  • “Allowing necessary medical intervention shows my love for my baby.”
  • “I’m giving my baby the best birth I possibly can.”
  • “My baby’s birth story is amazing because it’s our birth story.”
  • “My baby’s safe delivery is the most important thing.”
  • “My choice of a C-section is an empowered, informed choice.”
  • “Our delivery team cares for what’s best for my baby and me.”
  • “To give up my birth plan shows strength.”
  • “I accept what is and trust the process.”

For VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section)

Here are affirmations for you to lean on:

  • “I can do anything. My body can do this.”
  • “I can do this.”
  • “I did it before. I can do it now.”
  • “I get to meet my beautiful baby today.”
  • “I trust my body and my baby.”
  • “I trust my doctor.”
  • “I’m in good hands with my birth and delivery team.”.
  • “My baby is made for this birth.”
  • “My body is strong, and so is my baby. We can do this.”
  • “Other moms had a successful VBAC. I can do this.”

For When Your Plans Change

Even if you have a birth plan and labor doula throughout your labor, things don’t always happen as planned. Here are some affirmations to help you deal with these unexpected changes:

  • “I accept what is and trust the process.”
  • “Even when I am hurting, I allow my baby to feel all my love.”
  • “I continue to ask and pray for what I need.”
  • “I let go and be present.”
  • “I surrender to what is.”
  • “I am healing.”
  • “I’m enough..”
  • “I am flexible. I’m open to change.”
  • “It will get better from here.”
  • “Our start doesn’t determine our future.”
  • “I flow with what is.”

For Christian Birth: What Do You Pray During Labor?

Here are Christian birth affirmations to keep your faith strong:

  • “God chose this exact day for my baby to be born.”
  • “God strengthens me.”
  • “Have patience. My baby arrives at the time God deems as right.”
  • “He’s here beside me. I’m doing what He has designed for me.”
  • “I can do this through Him because He gives me strength.”
  • “I rest with my Lord between each surge.”
  • “I trust God to guide both my baby and I through birth.”
  • “Praise be, for the Lord, who’s our God, guides me through this.”
  • “The spirit of God made me. The breath of the Almighty Father gives me life.”
  • “We welcome this baby, His beautiful creation, into the world.”

For Home Birth

If you’re giving birth at home, you might not have access to the medical advances and a larger team of people available in hospitals and birthing centers.

Let these mantras give you strength:

  • “Birth is powerful. I’ll let it empower me.”
  • “I breathe deeply. I’m calm.”
  • “I feel confident and secure. I’m safe. “
  • “I trust my body. It knows what to do.”
  • “I trust my instincts.”
  • “I’m fierce but flexible.”
  • “I’m surrounded by love and support.”
  • “My baby trusts me, so I trust this process.”
  • “My birth team is strong and wise.”
  • “My baby feels my love.”
  • “My baby arrives at the perfect time, and this is the perfect place.”
  • “My body is made for this birth.”
  • “My partner and my doula are here for my baby and I.”

For Dads & Other Birth Partners

They might want to appear tough, but dads also need affirmation during labor. So, here are some mantras for dads and other birth partners:

  • “I can care for myself, too.”
  • “I can do this. I’m doing this.”
  • “I guide. I wait. I protect. I hold space.”
  • “I intuitively know what to do.”
  • “I let go of my fear. I stay centered at this moment.”
  • “I respond to her needs and share this birth experience.”
  • “I’m here to love and support unconditionally, in any way that will help her the most.”
  • “I’m in awe of this amazing woman.”
  • “I’m just who my family needs.”
  • “My efforts are appreciated now and will be in the future.”
  • “My family is safe.”
  • “She’s safe. Our baby is safe.”
  • “She’s strong. I’m strong. Our family is strong.”
  • “The birth of our baby is also my birth as a father.”
  • “This birth is a beautiful and splendid process.”
  • “This is my experience, too.”

What Do You Tell Someone In Labor?

You’ll need all the love and support you can get during labor, especially during the most difficult and painful moments.

Print out these birth affirmation cards for your partner or support person (such as DoulaBaby) to tell you during labor:

  • “I believe in you.”
  • “I’m proud of you.”
  • “I’m with you.”
  • “Lean on me.”
  • “Let me help you, even just a little bit more.”
  • “You can do this.”
  • “You’re doing great.”
  • “You’re strong.”
  • “You’re wonderful.”

For Postpartum & Breastfeeding

As you recover from the fatigue you experience during delivery and start a new journey of breastfeeding and caring for your baby, here are some postpartum mantras:

  • “I’m enough for my baby. My body is made for this.”
  • “I’m tired, but I’m willing to do everything for my baby.”
  • “My baby is worth every pain I felt in labor.”
  • “My body produces all the milk my baby needs.”
  • “My milk flows strongly. Just like my strong love for my baby.”
  • “This fatigue is temporary. My baby is more important.”
  • “My body is healing.”
  • “I allow myself to recover.”

Checklist Of Things To Prepare Before Labor

Don’t forget to also prepare for these before you go into labor:

  • Birth plan. You can create a birth plan to help you communicate what you want during labor and after your baby is born.
  • Birth affirmation cards
  • Bible verses written on cards
  • Hospital bag (for you, your baby, and your partner)
  • Breast pump
  • Formula and bottles (if you want to have a backup plan)
  • Car seat (properly installed in your car)
  • Postpartum recovery kit
  • Choosing doula services
  • Choosing hypnobirthing classes
  • Getting childbirth education
  • Learning and practicing some breathing techniques


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