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270+ Unpopular Or ‘Ugly’ Names With Negative Meanings & Connotations

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Many parents want to choose rare boy names or unique girl names to help their kids stand out from the rest instead of choosing popular names.

Some unique names or meanings might actually have negative or unintended connotations. Below we’ve compiled this list to help you steer clear of potentially unflattering ‘bad’ names or meanings.


Why Do Some Parents Choose Embarrassing Names For Their Babies?

Some parents might think these names are beautiful or cool, even if the rest of the world disagrees.

At times, some names become popular on social media because they might sound cool but they eventually become “ugly” (or aren’t just fit for use as baby names).

And other times, parents just aren’t aware of negative meanings.


The Importance Of Choosing The Right Name & Avoiding Unpleasant Ones

  • To avoid embarrassment, teasing, or bullying
  • To avoid names with cultural or religious significance that might offend 
  • To avoid choosing taboo names you probably haven’t heard about
  • To avoid association with ‘evil’ characters in movies, the Bible, literature, or pop culture


Names You Might Want To Avoid

The ‘UgliestBaby Names 

  • Ahimoth (Latin and Hebrew; boy) – “Brother of death”


  • Arioch (Hebrew; boy) – One of the fallen angels


  • Azazel (Hebrew; boy) – Leader of the fallen angels in the Bible


  • Corona (Latin; boy) – Associated with the coronavirus



  • Dracul (Latin) – “Dragon” or “the devil”





  • Judas (Greek name; boy) – Associated with Judas Iscariot (disciple who betrayed Jesus)



  • Satan (Hebrew; boy) – “The accuser,” “adversary,” or “to oppose”


  • Vladimir (Slavic and Russian boy name) – Associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin


  • Voldemort (French; boy) – “Thief of death” or “flight of death”; villain in the “Harry Potter” series


Creepy Or Scary Names

  • Azrael (Hebrew; boy) – Angel of death 




  • Jilaiya (Indian – Sanskrit; boy) – “Demon” or “vampire”


  • Lilith (Hebrew; girl) – “Night monster”


  • Mammon (Hebrew; boy) – “Demon of wealth and money”


Names That Mean Death

  • Ajal (Arabic; boy) – “Death,” “a specific period and hour of death,” or “destiny”


  • Akuji (African; boy) – “Dead and awake”


  • Anpu (Ancient Egyptian; boy) – “God of the dead”


  • Anubis (Egyptian; boy) – “God of death”


  • Bashemath (Hebrew; girl) – “Confusion of death”


  • Claeg (Old English; boy) – “One subjected to death”


  • Dainn (Old Norse; boy) – “Dead” or “deceased”


  • Dearil (Scottish and German boy name) – “Call of death” or “red-haired”


  • Kaliya (Indian; boy) – “Of death”


  • Mort (Latin; boy) – “Death”


  • Sephtis (Persian and Iranian; boy) – “Eternal death”



  • Tuwile (Kenyan – African; boy) – “Death is invincible”


Demon Names

  • Agares (Latin; boy) – “Demon”


  • Ahriman (Persian; boy) – “Evil spirit” or “destructive force”


  • Andras (Greek and Hungarian; boy) – Demonic spirit King Solomon summoned in the Bible


  • Apep (ancient Egyptian; boy) – Demon of chaos


  • Baal (Hebrew and Semitic; boy) – “King of demons”


  • Ipos (Latin; boy) – “Demon”


  • Melchom (Ammonite; boy) – “Demon paymaster in hell


  • Radna (Latin; boy) – Demon of greed and envy


Ugly Baby Names That Don’t Require Explanations

  • Adolf (German; boy) – “Noble wolf”; associated with Adolf Hitler


  • Colgate (OId English; boy) – “Dark gate”; associated with toothpaste


  • Crash


  • Danger 


  • Donald (Celtic and Scottish; boy) – “Proud chief” or “world power”; associated with Former US President Donald Trump and Donald Duck (a Disney name)


  • Facebook – Social media term


  • Hashtag – Social media term


  • Hitler (German; boy) – “One who lives in a hut”; associated with Adolf Hitler


  • Osama (Arabic; boy) – Powerful boy name that means “lion”; associated with terrorist Osama Bin Laden


‘Ugly’ Female Names Based On Cool Male Names

  • Derfla – Reverse spelling of “Alfred,” an elf boy name that means “elf counsel”



Strange-Sounding Names

  • Dagon (Hebrew; boy) – “Be cut open”


  • Devland (Irish boy name) – “Misfortune”; might sound like a short form of “devil land”




  • Phelony (English; unisex) – “Open-minded”; sounds similar to “felony”


  • Phyllis (Greek girl name) – “Green leaf”; sounds like a short form of “syphilis” (an STD or sexually transmitted disease)


‘Ugly’ Nature-Based Names

  • Acheron (Greek; boy) – “River of sorrow”


  • Cougar (English; nonbinary) – Slang term for an older woman having sexual relations with a much younger man


  • Fox (English; nonbinary) – Known for their sly nature


  • Giles (Greek; boy) – “Small goat”




  • Oleander (Greek) – Toxic plant that can kill an adult (1)


  • Weasel (English; boy) – Slang for “treacherous or deceitful person”


‘Bad’ Names From Literature, Movies, & Pop Culture

  • Draco (Greek and Latin; boy) – “Dragon” or “serpent”; associated with Satan and also with Harry’s cowardly rival in the “Harry Potter” series


  • Eustace (Greek; boy) – Grumpy old man in “Courage the Cowardly Dog


  • Freddy (German and English; boy) – Bogeyman Freddy Krueger in “A Nightmare On Elm Street


  • Gollum (Old Norse; boy) – Murderous but pitiful character in the “The Lord of the Rings


  • Gotham (Old English and Anglo-Saxon; boy) – “Goat’s town”; fictional city in “Batman


  • Hannibal (Hebrew and Carthaginian; boy) – Cannibal character Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence Of The Lambs


  • Pinocchio (Italian boy name) – Wooden puppet whose nose would grow when he’s lying


  • Sauron (Quenya, a language invented by J.R.R. Tolkien; boy) – “The abhorred”; main villain in “Lord Of The Rings


  • Shrek (German) – “Terror”; ogre (man-eating giant) in the “Shrek” series


Unique Baby Names That Might Invite Teasing (Or Bullying)

  • Angus (Celtic and Scottish Gaelic; boy) – Associated with “Angus beef”


  • Archibald (Old German and Old English; boy) – Prince name whose “bald” part can lead to teasing


  • Colon (Portuguese and Spanish; gender-neutral) – Hispanic name that means “dove”; associated with the large intestines in English


  • Dorcas (Greek; girl) – “Gazelle”; “dorc” sounds like “dork”


  • Thuong (Vietnamese name; unisex) – “One who loves tenderly”; similar spelling to “thong”


Rare Names With Bad Or Negative Meanings

  • Agrona (Celtic, Old English, and Welsh; girl) – Goddess of strife and slaughter


  • Angerona (Latin; girl) – Roman goddess of death, silence, and the winter solstice


  • Anous (ancient Greek; boy) – “Foolish” or “stupid”


  • Ares (Greek; boy) – Greek god of war and ruin


  • Baladan (Hebrew; boy) – “Evil”


  • Beigaldi (Norse; boy) – “Weak” or “lame”


  • Belial (Hebrew; boy) – “Worthless”


  • Osiris (Egyptian and Latin; boy) – Ancient Egyptian god of the underworld


  • Phobos (ancient Greek; boy) – Greek god of fear and panic


Gender-Based Unattractive Names

Possible ‘Ugly’ Names For Little Girls

Again, naming your child is a highly personal choice. Just because some or many think a name is “ugly” it might still sound beautiful to you. You do you mama! 

  • Bela (Hebrew; girl) – “Destruction” or “devouring” 


  • Bertha (German girl name) – “Famous” or “the bright one”; the first syllable sounds like “birth”


  • Brumhilda (German, Scandinavian, and Norse; girl) – Warrior name meaning “armed for battle”; the first syllable sounds like “broom”


  • Deyanira (Greek; girl) – “Man destroyer”


  • Ermengarde (German; girl) – “Universal protection”; the last syllable sounds like “guard”


  • Helga (German; girl) – “Blessed,” “sacred,” or “holy”; ironically, the first part sounds like “hell


  • I’munique (invented name; girl) – “I’m unique”


  • Revlon (French girl name) – “Beautiful” and “amazing”; name of a makeup brand


‘Ugly’ Baby Boy Names

  • Abner (Hebrew; boy) – Classic boy name meaning “father of light”; might sound like a short form of “abnormal”



  • Armaros (Aramaic and Greek name; boy) – “Cursed one” or “fallen angel”





‘Ugly’ Gender-Neutral Baby Names

  • Abstinence (English; unisex) – Linked to restraining one’s self from sex or alcohol


  • Aeron (Welsh and Celtic; unisex) – Celtic goddess of war and death often portrayed as a male figure


  • Camera (Latin and English; unisex) – “Dark room” or “device for taking photos”


  • Chimera (Greek; unisex) – “Monster made of different parts (e.g., lion, snake, and goat)”


  • Dweezil (American; unisex) – “Treacherous” or “deceitful person”


  • Lefu (African; gender-neutral) – “Death”


  • Loan (Vietnamese name; unisex) – “Mythological bird”; pronounced as “lwan” in Vietnamese but looks like “loan” (debt) in English


Other ‘Annoying’ Names To Steer Clear Of

What Are Dark Names?

  • Afghan (Persian; boy) – “The loser”



  • Dugal (Celtic; boy) – “Dark stranger”


  • Ephai (Hebrew; boy) – “Gloomy”


Cute Names With Negative Connotations

  • Chip (German and English boy name) – “Broken part”; also a cute boy name relating to the idiom “chip off the old block” (one who resembles their parents)


  • Boss (English and French boy name) – “Leader” or “hunchback”; associated with a gang or mafia leader


  • Brick (English; boy) – “Strong” or “reliable”; also has negative meanings as an unintelligent person or a large quantity of drugs (2)


  • Cannon (English; boy) – “Discipline”; also a weapon used in warfare


  • Drystan (Welsh; boy) – “Full of sorrow”


  • Elmo (Greek, Latin, and Italian name; boy) – “To love”; associated with “Sesame Street” character Elmo


  • Nemo (Latin; boy) – “Nobody”


  • Tristan (Celtic; unisex) – “Melancholy” or “sad”


Powerful Names With Bad Meanings Or Associations

  • Alastor (Scottish and Greek boy name) – “Avenger” or “man’s defender”; epithet (by-name) of Greek god Zeus as the tormenter and avenger of evil deeds


  • Amon (Ancient Egyptian; boy) – “The obscure god” or “the hidden one”; also spelled as “Amun”


  • Chernobog (Slavic; boy) – “Black god”; Slavic god of evil, darkness, and grief


  • Darwin (Old English boy name) – “Dear friend”; associated with the satirical “Darwin Awards” given to people who do things with sheer stupidity


  • Elon (Hebrew; unisex) – “Oak tree”; associated with controversial billionaire Elon Musk


  • Ernest (German; boy) – “Battle to the death” or “sincere”


  • Loki (Norse; boy) – “Airy”; trickster god in Norse mythology


  • Morrigan (Irish girl name) – Celtic goddess of death and eternal warfare


  • Viggo (Scandinavian; boy) – “War”


Names That Might Actually Be Cute (But With Questionable Meanings)


  • Cameron (Gaelic; unisex) – “Crooked nose”


  • Guy (English and German name; boy) – Might be too generic as a first name


  • Jinx (Latin; unisex) – “Spell or charm that brings bad luck”


  • Nevaeh (invented name) – Reverse spelling of “heaven”



  • Rebel (English; unisex) – “Defiant person”


Names That Are Best Used For Pets

  • Bear
  • Baxter
  • Brutus
  • Buster
  • Dash 
  • Diablo (Spanish; boy) – “Devil”
  • Fifi 
  • Frozen
  • Hunter 
  • Monster
  • Pirate 
  • Polly
  • Ransom
  • Spike


‘Ugly’ Names From A To Z

Names Starting With A

  • Abcde



  • Anwir (Welsh; boy) – “Liar”


  • Asmodeus (Avestan – Old Iranian; boy) – “Demon of wrath”


  • Atropos (Greek; girl) – “Inflexible” or “inevitable”; Greek goddess who cuts humans’ life thread


  • Audio 


Names Starting With B

  • Banjo (American; boy) – “Musical instrument”; sounds like “ban Joe”


  • Barbie (Greek; girl) – “Foreign woman”; a doll name


  • Birsha (Hebrew; boy) – “Evil” or “a son who beholds”


  • Bogart (Old French and Old German; boy) – “Orchard” or “bow strength”; sounds like “boggart,” a shape-shifting non-being that takes the form of someone’s fears in the “Harry Potter” series


  • Brone (Irish; boy) – “Sorrowful”


Names Starting With C

  • Cain (Hebrew; boy) – “Spearer” or “acquired”; biblical boy name after Adam and Eve’s son who killed his own brother in the Bible


  • Campbell (Scottish; boy) – “Crooked mouth”


  • Candy (English; girl) – “Sweets”; might be better suited as a pet name for a loved one


  • Casimir (Slavic; boy) – “Destroyer of peace”


  • Cessair (Irish; boy) – “One with sorrow”


  • Christmas (English; unisex) – “Christ feast”


  • Cihuateteo (Aztec name; girl) – “Evil spirits of women who died during childbirth” or “divine women” 


  • Coffee


  • Crimefighter – Might be better used as a moniker


Names Starting With D

  • Dabria (English; boy) – “Angel of death”


  • Das (Sanskrit; boy) – “Servant” or “devotee”


  • Davor (Slavic; boy) – “Sorrow” or “god of war”


  • Desdemona (Greek; girl) – “Ill-fated one,” “of the devil,” or “misery”


  • Diva (Latin and Italian girl name) – “Goddess”; also means a self-important, temperamental person


  • Domain


  • Drusilla (Greek, Celtic, and Latin) – “Courageous” or “strong”; also sounds like “Drosophila,” a genus of flies


Names Starting With E

  • Eligor (Hebrew; boy) – “Great duke of hell


  • Ereshkigal (Sumerian; girl) – “Lady of the great earth”; goddess of death and the underworld


  • Erysichthon (Greek; boy) – “Cursed with insatiable hunger that leads to death”


Names Starting With F

  • Fachnan (Irish; boy) – “Malicious”


  • Faqad (Arabic; boy) – “Loser”


  • Foley (Irish; boy) – “Plunderer”


  • Furfur (Latin; boy) – “Bran” (another term for dandruff)


Names Starting With G

  • Genius (English; nonbinary) – Can put pressure on a child to excel


  • Gershon (Hebrew; boy) – “Exile”


  • Gorgonzola (Italian; girl) – “Veined Italian blue cheese”; also similar to “gorgon”


Names Starting With H

  • Hadeon (Ukrainian; boy) – “Destroyer”


  • Head 


  • Hel (Norse; girl) – Goddess of death; also sounds like “hell


  • Hellzel (invented name) – Tribute to “Hell’s Angels” (international outlaw motorcycle club of Harley-Davidson riders)


Names Starting With I

  • I’adorher (invented name) – “I adore her


  • Iblis (Arabic; boy) – “Remain in grief”


Names Starting With J

  • Jabez (Hebrew; boy) – “Borne in pain” or “sorrowful”


  • Jammy (Hebrew; girl) – “Supplanter”; variant of “James” but also similar to “jammies”


  • Javaraya (Hindu; boy) – “God of death”


  • Jisei (Japanese; nonbinary) – “Death poem”


Names Starting With K

  • Kalakuta (Indian and Sanskrit; boy) – “Potion of death”


  • Kalaraja (Sanskrit; boy) – “Lord of death”


  • Kalayavan (Indian and Sanskrit; boy) – “As horrible as death”


  • Kal-El (invented name; boy) – Kryptonian birth name of Superman


  • Kek (Egyptian; boy) – “God of darkness”



  • Kritanta (Indian and Sanskrit; boy) – “God of death”


Names Starting With L

  • Lasagna – Might be better as a pet name


  • Leviathan (Hebrew) – “Sea serpent”


  • Like – Social media term


  • LolSocial media term


  • Louhi (Finnish; girl) – “Goddess of death”


  • Love Child (English; unisex) – “Child of unmarried parents”


Names Starting With M

  • Mabuz (Scottish; boy) – “Ruler of death castle”



  • Mallory (Old French; boy) – “Bad luck” or “unfortunate” 



  • Manes (Latin and Roman; nonbinary) – “Spirits of dead loved ones”


  • Mars (Latin; boy) – Roman god of war


  • Maude (French; girl) – “Mighty in battle”; similar to “mud”


  • Merripen (English; boy) – “Life or death”


  • Millicent (German; unisex) – “Strong worker”


  • Minecraft – Game


  • Mode (Anglo-Saxon; nonbinary) – “Violence” or “force”


  • Mortimer (Latin; boy) – “Dead sea”


  • Mrithun (Indian and Sanskrit; boy) – “Lord of death”


Names Starting with N

  • Naenia (Latin; girl) – Roman goddess of funerals



Name Starting With O

  • Orobas (Latin; boy) – “Fallen angel appearing as a horse”


Names Starting With P

  • Pejman (Persian) – “Sad” or “desire”


  • Perseus (Greek) – “Destroyer”


  • Pilot


  • Polyester


  • Prudence (Latin; girl) – “Discretion”; associated with being prudent


  • Pug


Names Starting With Q

  • Quasimodo (Latin) – “Almost merely”; hunchback in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame


  • Queen


Names Starting With R

  • Raasi (Hindu; girl) – “The loser”


  • Radiant


  • Rage


  • Runihura (Rwanda – African; girl) – “Destroyer”


Names Starting With S

  • Salami


  • Samael (Hebrew; boy) – “Angel of death”


  • Satchel 


  • Scar


  • Science


  • Seaman


  • Shinigami (Japanese name) – “Evil spirits who encourage people to seek death”


  • Sloan (Irish; unisex) – “Warrior”; sounds like “loan”


  • Sssst


Names Starting With T

  • Tavarious (Greek; boy) – “Misfortune”


  • Teivel (Greek; boy) – “Devil”



  • Thermopylae (Greek; nonbinary) – “Hot gates”


  • Time


  • Turbo


Names Starting With U

  • Ubel (German; nonbinary) – “Evil”


  • Unknown


Names Starting With V

  • Valdis (Old Norse; girl) – “Goddess of the dead”



  • Vlad (Slavic and Russian boy name) – “Glorious rule”; associated with brutal Romanian leader Vlad the Impaler


Names Starting With W

  • Weegee (Latin; nonbinary) – Phonetic form of “Ouija” (spirit board)


  • Wolfgang (German; boy) – “Traveling wolf”; appears like “a gang of wolf”


Names Starting With X

  • Xayide (invented name) – Evil sorceress in “The Neverending Story


  • Xic (Greek; nonbinary) – “Number of the beast”


Names Starting With Y

  • Yetzel (invented name) – Unknown meaning



Names Starting With Z


  • Zuma (Arabic and Aztec name; unisex) – “Peace”; computer game


Bonus: Alternatives To The Ugly Baby Names

What Are Some Girl Names That Aren’t Annoying?


What Are Unusual But Beautiful Names?

  • Amiah
  • Dana
  • Iohanna 
  • Xanthe


What Are The Rarest Names?

Rare names for boys:

  • Bayard 
  • Everett
  • Silas


Rare names for girls:



Can Cultural Or Historical Factors Affect A Name’s Perception As ‘Ugly’ Or Not?

Yes. Many names may have started as powerful or great choices but turned negative due to their association with evil people in history, literature, or pop culture.

Some names are also “evil” or “ugly” in some cultures or languages but mean different things in others.


Can ‘Ugly’ Names Affect My Child’s Personality Or Life?

Yes. These names can lead to bullying and teasing, which can affect your little one’s self-esteem.



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