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280+ Native American Girl Names & Their Beautiful Meanings

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Many Native American girl names have beautiful meanings relating to nature. For example, “Kimimila” is a nature name that means “butterfly” and “Poviyemo” means “falling flower.”

The Disney princess name “Pocahontas” has also been a favorite thanks to the inspiring story featuring the Native American girl who helped establish peace between English settlers and her tribe. 

Some places, especially American cities or states, also have roots in Native American cultures. For example, “Dakota” (as in the states of North and South Dakota) is a gender-neutral name. It’s also become a celebrity name; think of actresses Dakota Fanning and Dakota Johnson.

What do these unique names mean and what other beautiful Native American monikers can you choose for your baby?

We’ve prepared this list below of 280+ names for you to consider. Have fun choosing your baby girl’s name.

You can also find our list of Native American boy names here.


The Best Native American Girl Names By Category

  1. Cheyenne (Native American) – “Tribe of the Great Plains”; pronounced as “cha-yan”
  2. Dakota (Native American unisex name) – “Ally,” “friend,” or “fuse together”; it’s a popular name chosen by actress Dakota Fanning’s fans (or football linebacker Dakota Allen’s fans)
  3. Helki (Native American) – “Touch”
  4. Kaiah (Native American and Greek girl name; pronounced as “kah-yah”) – “Little but wise” or “pure”; it might be considered a variant of “Katie,” a short form of “Katherine”
  5. Kaydee (Native American) – “Bright,” “pure,” or “plane”
  6. Kwanita (Native American) – “God is gracious”
  7. Neakita (Native AmericanChoctaw) – Name that means “Rose” (wild rose), after the flower that has five white petals and a golden center; the Choctaw tribe believes that these flowers grow every time a mother’s tears land on the ground
  8. Nina (Native American– Kichwa, Italian, and Spanish girl name) – Name that means “fire” or “mighty”
  9. Pocahontas (Native American) – “A playful woman”; a Disney name after the Native American princess who’s the main character in a movie based on the real-life historical character (the daughter of Chief Powhatan) and one of the most well-known Native American women
  10. Shawney (Native AmericanAlgonquin) – “God is gracious”; variant of “Shawnee”


What Are The Rarest Indian & Native American Girl Names?

  1. Angeni (Native American) – “Angel”; this unique name comes from the word “angel” that the Native Americans learned due to European colonization, but is spelled this way because some Native American tribes don’t have the letter “L” in their alphabet
  2. Doba (Native American) – “Studious,” “practical nature,” or “clever”
  3. Hinto (Native American) – “Having deep blue eyes” 
  4. Kaliska (Native American) – “Coyote chasing deer”
  5. Nicoma (Native American – Iowa) – “We stand together” or “I do as I promise”; after the 19th-century fur trader Peter Sarpy’s wife who helped establish several towns across Nebraska
  6. Nishiime (Native American and Japanese girl name; pronounced as “nee-shee-me”) – “My little sister”; a good choice for a younger sibling
  7. Povitamun (Native American) – “Morning flower”
  8. Poviyemo (Native American unisex name) – “A falling flower”; you can also pair this with “Povitamun” to create twin girl names
  9. Shaniya (Native American) – “She who’s on her own way”
  10. Sixsipita (Native American unisex name) – “One like a black eagle”
  11. Skanawati (Native American unisex name) – “One who lives on the other side of the swamp”


What Are Lakota Women’s Names?

  1. Dyani (Native AmericanLakota) – “A deer,” “gazelle,” or “smart and fast”; deer are considered fertility spirits or messengers in Native American culture
  2. Kimimila (Native American) – Black girl name meaning “dark-skinned” or “butterfly”; pronounced as “kee-mee-me-lah,” the name has different connotations in Native American culture (Lakota people believe that butterflies are their deceased relatives’ spirits that returned to Earth just for a visit, while other tribes believe that butterflies are a symbol of balance, beauty, and change)


Powerful & Strong Native American Girl Names

  1. Ashwiyaa (Native American; pronounced as “ash-wee-yah”) – “Arms oneself”; after the Chippewa Princess or Ojibwa woman known as “Hanging Cloud” who became the only female full-time warrior in her tribe (she participated in raids, war dances, and battles)
  2. Behitha (Native American unisex name) – “Eagle Child” or “the beginning of an event”
  3. Chumana (Native American) – “Snake maiden”
  4. Chusi (Native American) – “Snake flower”
  5. Godasiyo (Native American) – “Woman chief” after the leader of the Iroquois people before the in-fighting that led to a split into different tribes; according to Tuscarora mythology, Godasiyo wasn’t happy about the fighting, so she became a fish and swam away
  6. Komeha’e (Native AmericanCheyenne; pronounced as “ko-may-ha”) – “Coyote woman”; coyotes are regarded as clever and are often used in stories of the Cheyenne tribe to teach moral lessons (but the Shoshone and Navajo believe that coyotes are anti-heroes* linked to witchcraft) – *anti-heroes are heroes with villainous characteristics
  7. Lozen (Native AmericanApache) – “Dextrous horse thief”; after the mighty Apache female warrior who was among the best marksmen and horse riders in her tribe (she helped the tribe win against Mexican and American military forces using her wit)
  8. Moema (Native American) – “The highest authority person who’s going to rule after the king”
  9. Tarsha (Native American) – “A brave woman”


Goddess-Inspired Native American Baby Girl Names

  1. Atabey (Native American – Taino Indians) – Taino supreme goddess and ruler of the storms, freshwater, fertility, and love; she’s also regarded at times as the goddess of childbirth because Taino women pray to her during their pregnancy
  2. Atina (Native American – Arikara) – “Mother”; sacred goddess created by Arikara chief spirit Nishanu using an ear of corn, so that she became the goddess of the harvest who helped them survive by teaching them how to farm (she’s also considered as the protector of the Arikaras)
  3. Catori (Native American) – “She is spirit”
  4. Iara (Native American – Tupi; pronounced as “ee-yah-rah”) – Mermaid name that means “lady of the water”; according to Tupi legend, the mermaid-like Iara would lure men at sea with songs, similar to stories of sirens in Greek mythology (she’s also considered in another Tupi legend a powerful female warrior who killed her brothers in self-defense because they were jealous of her impressive skills; her father banished her into a lake and turned her into a mermaid as punishment)
  5. Sedna (Native American – Inuit) – “Goddess of the sea” or “mother of the sea”; she’s the goddess of the ocean and marine life in Inuit legends who was taken by a bird spirit captivated by her beauty (her brave father rode a kayak to save her from the piece of drift ice where the bird spirit held her hostage, but her captor asked the sea spirit to make the ocean rough so she fell to the bottom of the sea)
  6. Nokomis (Native American – Ojibwa) – “My grandmother”; despite the oldish meaning, it’s a popular name because it’s after the woman, known as the daughter of the moon, who raised the tribe’s legendary chief Hiawatha after Winona (his mother) dies in childbirth
  7. Onatah (Native American – Tuscarora) – “Of the earth”; she’s the Tuscarora goddess of corn and fertility; she’s the daughter of Eithinoha (Mother Earth)


Nature-Inspired Native American Girl Names

  1. Adsila (Native American – Iroquoian) – “Blossom”
  2. Aiyana (Native American) – “Eternal bloom,” “ever-blooming flower,” or “eternal blossom”
  3. Aponi (Native AmericanBlackfoot Indian; pronounced as “ah-pah-nee”) – “Butterfly”; this beautiful name symbolizes butterflies which the Blackfoot Indians associate with sleeping (their children’s cribs and rooms are decorated with butterfly images for good dreams)
  4. Aquinnah (Native American – Wampanoag; pronounced as “uh-kwi-nuh”) – Place name that means “land under the hill”; it’s also the name of a town on Martha’s Vineyard island in Massachusetts
  5. Awena (Native American unisex name) – “Time of early day” or “sunrise”
  6. Awendela (Native American) – “Fawn”; it can also mean “they’re interesting”
  7. Byue (Native American unisex name; pronounced as “byu-wee”) – “Like a small and slow stream of water”
  8. Calfuray (Native American; pronounced as “cal-foo-ray”) – “One who’s like a violet flower”
  9. Chapa (Native American) – “Beaver” or “metal tin”
  10. Chardon (Native American unisex name) – “Bar of sand”
  11. Chenoa (Native American) – “A white dove”; it’s often regarded as a symbol of peace
  12. Chetanzi (Native American unisex name) – “A yellow hawk”
  13. Chimalus (Native American unisex name) – “A bluebird
  14. Cholena (Native American – Lenape; pronounced as “ko-LEE-nah”) – “Bird” or “the egg-laying creature that can fly”; after the Native American princess mouse from the classic animated movie “An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island
  15. Chumani (Native American; pronounced as “choo-man-nee”) – “Dewdrop”
  16. Esadowa (Native American unisex name) – “Wolves” 
  17. Karmiti (Native American) – “Trees” 
  18. Kima (Native American) – “Butterfly”
  19. Kineks (Native American) – “Rosebud”
  20. Kiona (Native American) – “Brown hills”
  21. Liluye (Native American) – “Soaring singing hawk”
  22. Mahaskah (Native American unisex name) – “A white cloud” 
  23. Matoaka (Native American) – “Flower between two streams” or “little snow feather”; it’s Pocahontas’ birth name (she was born between the rivers Mattaponi and Pamunkey) and also her “secret name” (only people in her tribe used this name to call her, but outsiders knew her as “Pocahontas,” which was actually the nickname given by the chief, her father)
  24. Sequoia (Native American unisex name; pronounced as “se-koy-yah”) – “Of the giant redwood tree,” “hog,” or “possum”; this name can be a grand choice for your baby because it’s after the giant sequoias, known as the largest trees in the world (the trees were named by botanist Stephen Endlicher after a Cherokee Indian named Sequoyah who shared the knowledge of reading and writing in Cherokee)
  25. Shenoah (Native American; pronounced as “she-no-wah”) – “A white dove”


Native American Girl Space Names

As objects in space that everyone can see yet can’t reach, heavenly bodies often fascinated the Native Americans (and people from other cultures or places as well). 

That’s why many Native American names are also linked to the stars and the heavens; they’re also the subject or main characters in their legends and myths.

Some examples of these space names for girls:

  1. Citana (Native American unisex name) – “One who’s a star in the sky”
  2. Citlali (Native American – Nahuatl unisex name) – “A star” or “a brilliant object of space and universe”
  3. Shenandoah (Native American) – “Beautiful daughter of the stars”
  4. Soho (Native AmericanBlackfoot) – “Star”; Americans also consider this a place name after SoHo, a chic neighborhood in New York City that got its name from urban planner Chester Rapkin who chose this nickname for the area, meaning “South of Houston Street”


Place & Travel-inspired Native American Girl Names

  1. Alaska (Native American – Aleut) – Place name meaning “great land,” “the object towards which the sea is directed” or “mainland”
  2. Cheyanne (Native American) – “People of a different language”; after the capital city of Wyoming
  3. Chiana (Native American) – “People of a different speech,” “clear and bright,” or “the capital city on the plains”
  4. Jamaica (Native American) – “Land of wood and water”
  5. Kansas (Native American unisex name) – “People of the South Wind”
  6. Kentucky (Native American unisex name) – “A land of tomorrow”; also a USA state


Celebrities With Native American Girl Names

  1. Kawennahere (Native American; pronounced as “kah-wen-nah-heh-reh”) – “Her word is above” or “what she says are important”; after the Canadian Indigenous (Mohawk) actress Kawennahere Devery Jacobs 
  2. Quannah (Native American unisex name; pronounced as “kwah-nah”) – “Fragrant and sweet-smelling”; after Native American female model Quannah Chasinghorse 
  3. Sacheen (Native AmericanApache and Yaqui; also a Sanskrit girl name) – “Essence,” “pure,” and “existence”; after Native American actress and model Sacheen Littlefeather 
  4. Winona (Native AmericanSioux) – “First daughter”; after American actress Winona Ryder


Music-Inspired Native American Girl Names

  1. Kaydence (Native American and Middle English girl name) – “Rhythm,” “flow,” or “the musical one”
  2. Kimeya (Native American unisex name) – “Singing throat”


Native American Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

Native American Girl Names That Mean Beautiful & Graceful

  1. Aiukli (Native AmericanChoctaw; pronounced as “eye-yook-lee”) – “Beautiful”
  2. Awendea (Native American) – “One who’s a beautiful morning” 
  3. Elu (Native American unisex name) – “Someone who’s full of grace”
  4. Lomasi (Native AmericanHopi) – “Beautiful flower” 
  5. Magaska (Native American unisex name) – “One who’s like a white swan”
  6. Medapati (Native American) – “A prophetess”
  7. Meilani (Native American and Hawaiian girl name; pronounced as “mey-lah-nee”) – “Heavenly flower” or “heavenly beautiful”
  8. Nizhoni (Native American; pronounced as “nee-zone-nee”) – “Beautiful”; the name is used to describe both a person’s physical appearance and inner beauty
  9. Sayen (Native American) – “She who is sweet and lovely” 
  10. Sehoy (Native American – Creek Nation) – “Beauty”; after the Native American princess of the Creek Nation’s highest-ranking tribe, the Wind Clan, who married the wealthy Scottish trader Charles Weatherford and became the mother of Red Eagle (he becomes one of the Wind Clan’s most famous chiefs and warriors)


What Native American Name Means Love or I Love You?

  1. Nayeli (Native American – Zapotec) – “I love you” or “to express the feeling of love”


What’s The Native American Girl Name For The Sun?

  1. Don (Native American unisex name) – “Sun”
  2. Donoma (Native American – Siouan) – “Sight of the sun”


Native American Girl Name That Means Moon

  1. Kati (Native American – Arawak) – “Moon”; according to Arawak legend, the moon is a sacred deity or goddess that controls childbirth and the tides
  2. Komorkis (Native AmericanBlackfoot) – “Moon”; after the mother of the moon and wife of the sun god Natos, according to Blackfoot legends (she’s also regarded as the grandmother of legendary Blackfoot heroes such as Star-Boy)
  3. Mecha (Native American – Yaqui) – “Moon”; after the moon spirit regarded as the mother of all creation in Yaqui mythology
  4. Meztli (Native American; pronounced as “mays-lee”) – “Moon”
  5. Mitena (Native American) – “Coming moon” or “born under a new moon”
  6. Tayen (Native American) – “A new moon”
  7. Taynee (Native American) – “Girl born during the returning moon”; it can also be spelled as “Tayny” or “Taynie”


Native American Girl Names That Mean Baby

  1. Usdi (Native AmericanCherokee; pronounced as “uze-dee”) – “Baby” or “little bear”


Native American Girl Names That Mean Happiness

  1. Aylen (Native American) – “Happiness” or “a clear individual”
  2. Halona (Native AmericanIroquois Indian) – “Happy” or “fortune”


Native American Girl Names Meaning Water

Many Native American tribes considered water as an essential and sacred element. The Blackfoot Indians even believe that the waters are the home of divine beings.


Some names that mean water:

  1. Awe (Native American – Tuscarora) – “Water”
  2. Keemeone (Native American unisex name; pronounced as “kim-wan”) – “Rain”
  3. Picabo (Native American) – “One who came out of the shining waters”
  4. Sokanon (Native American) – “One who is like a rain” 
  5. Tallulah (Native AmericanChoctaw) – “Leaping water”


Long Girl Names Of Native American Origin

  1. Ameyalli (Native American – Nahuatl unisex name) – “Fountain”
  2. Chichimecacihuatzin (Native American; pronounced as “chee-chee-meh-kah-see-what-zeen”) – “A noble person”
  3. Hoowanneka (Native American unisex name) – “Little elk” 
  4. Huacaltzintli (Native American; pronounced as “hwa-kal-zeen-teh-lee”) – “Unclear”
  5. Kaniehtiio (Native American; pronounced as “ka-nieh-tee-yo”) – “Beautiful snow”; after the Canadian actress of Mohawk descent, Kaniehtiio Horn
  6. Kimimela (Native American) – “Butterfly”
  7. Koleyna (Native American) – “Coughing fish”
  8. Maconaquea (Native American; pronounced as “mah-con-nah-ke-yah”) – “A captive white one”
  9. Matlalatzin (Native American and Aztec name) – “Unclear”; after the princess who became the queen of Tenochtitlan (capital of the Aztec Empire) as a wife of the king Chimalpopoca
  10. Pitamakan (Native AmericanBlackfoot unisex name) – Warrior name meaning “running eagle”; the name is considered traditionally masculine in the Blackfoot tribe, but is also used to honor women’s achievements (such as the woman who was given this title when she avenged her husband’s death and saved her father from an enemy tribe
  11. Sacagawea (Native American; pronounced as “sah-kah-gah-weh-yah”) – “Boat traveler” or “bird woman” because of the miscommunication between the explorers (Lewis and Clark) and the Shoshone people who would flap their arms when explaining Sacagawea’s name (they thought it meant a bird’s flapping wings, but it actually symbolizes the boat’s oars); after the famous Shoshone Indian who worked as the explorers’ interpreter (she often traveled in a longboat)
  12. Sahrahsahe (Native American unisex name; pronounced as “sah-rah-sah-heh”) – “A black eagle”
  13. Sakakawea (Native American – Hidatsa) – “Bird woman”
  14. Tayanita (Native American) – “A young beaver”
  15. Teanawesia (Native American) – “Bend in the river”; Native American variant of the place name “Tennessee”
  16. Teyemthohisa (Native American unisex name) – “Two closed doors”


Short Girl Names Of Native American Origin

  1. Dy (Native American) – “A beautiful deer”
  2. Ewa (Native American – Shoshone and Polish name) – “Rain”; it can be a short form of
    “Ewatainne,” meaning “rainbow
  3. Koko (Native American) – “Night” or “black foot
  4. Kyah (Native American) – “Little but wise”
  5. Nita (Native American) – “Bear”; this name is a popular Native American name because bears are central figures in Tlingit, Hopi, Choctaw, Lenape, Creek, and Chippewa legends as symbols of wisdom, strength, and healing (bears are believed to have strong healing powers)
  6. Nova (Native American and Latin name) – “Food” or “new”; it’s sometimes mistaken for “Ngoyva,” which means “chase” and is believed to mean “she who chases butterflies”
  7. Noya (Native AmericanCherokee) – “Sand”
  8. Pala (Native American unisex name) – “Water,” “like a guardian,” or “near upland meadow”
  9. Peta (Native American) – “Golden eagle” 
  10. Pizi (Native American) – “Bravery,” “the middleman,” or “gall”
  11. Popo (Native American unisex name) – “A very tall grass of rye”
  12. Selu (Native AmericanCherokee; pronounced as “say-loo”) – “Corn” or “maize”; after the Cherokee goddess of corn who was killed by her twin sons because they were afraid of her power, but she’s resurrected with the harvest each year because she also taught them how to plant corn while on her deathbed
  13. Tama (Native American) – “She is like a thunder”
  14. Tanda (Native American) – “The seer of life and death”
  15. Tarlo (Native American unisex name) – “Bear cub” 
  16. Tavvi (Native American) – “A deer” 
  17. Tehya (Native American) – “A precious one”
  18. Tiva (Native AmericanHopi) – “Dance”


  1. Aylin (Native American, Turkish, and German girl name) – “Clear,” “transparent,” or “moon halo”; it’s also considered a variant of “Aileen”
  2. Doli (Native AmericanNavajo, Hebrew, and Croatian girl name) – “Bluebird”; it’s also considered a variant of “Dolly”
  3. Kateri (Native AmericanMohawk; pronounced as “kah-teh-ree”) – “Pure” or “chaste”; variant of “Katherine” or “Catherine,” and is also after Kateri Teckakwitha, known as “Lily of the Mohawk” and the first Native American saint (her birth name was Tekakwitha, which means “she who bumps into things” but it was changed after she was baptized as a Christian)
  4. Mahala (Native American) – “Woman”; also considered as a variant of “Mary”


Native American Girl Names From A To Z

Native American Girl Names Starting With A

  1. Abeque (Native AmericanChippewa ) – “She stays at home” or “sits in a place”
  2. Agisa (Native AmericanCherokee) – “Doe”
  3. Awinita (Native American) – “One who loves social life” or “fawn”
  4. Ayita (Native American) – “First to dance”


Native American Girl Names Starting With B

  1. Bena (Native American) – “Pheasant” 
  2. Byhalia (Native American – Chickasaw) – “White oak”; place name after a town in Mississippi whose name was also derived from a creek called Bihalee


Native American Girl Names Starting With C

  1. Chaha (Native AmericanChoctaw) – “Tall” or “high”
  2. Chantesuta (Native American unisex name) – “The one who has a firm heart”
  3. Chanteyukan (Native American unisex name) – “A benevolent human being”
  4. Chepi (Native American – Algonquian Indian) – Fantasy name meaning “fairy” or “ghost”; they’re important figures in Narragansett (an Algonquian Indian tribe) myths because they’re supposed to be spirits of the dead who share their knowledge with the tribe’s medicine people while they’re sleeping (these spirits are also powerful and are believed to be capable of destroying an enemy or unwanted spirit)
  5. Chetan (Native AmericanSioux) – “Hawk”
  6. Cheyenne (Native AmericanSioux) – “Foreign speakers”; the name that was given to the Plain Indian tribe who initially called themselves Tsistsistas but were turned into “Cheyenne” by Sioux Indians who were unfamiliar with their language
  7. Chianne (Native American) – “Those who speak unintelligently” 
  8. Chickoa (Native American) – “ During daybreak” 


Native American Girl Names Starting With D

  1. Dahteste (Native American; pronounced as “TAH-des-te”) – Unknown meaning but is after a Choconen Apache woman known to be a brave warrior, translator, and linguist (she fought along with legendary figures such as Geronimo and Lozen, but later became a translator and mediator between Geronimo and the US Cavalry)
  2. Dakoda (Native American unisex baby name) – “A friend”; also a variant of “Dakota


Native American Girl Names Starting With E

  1. Enola (Native American) – “Solitary”
  2. Etenia (Native American) – “The wealthy”
  3. Eyota (Native AmericanSioux) – “Great” as a variant of “Iyotak,” which means “greatest” or “most”; it’s also a place name after a city in Minnesota chosen by Benjamin Bear to build a settlement because of its ever-flowing spring


Native American Girl Names Starting With F

  1. Fala (Native American) – Bird name that means “crow”
  2. Flo (Native American) – “Flower”


Native American Girl Names Starting With G

  1. Gajijens (Native American) – “Its flowers fall”
  2. Gouyen (Native American) – “Wise”; badass girl name after the female Apache warrior who snuck killed the Comanche chief who took her husband’s life (she infiltrated their camp and was later hailed for her bravery and heroism)
  3. Gwenelda (Native American) – “Princess”


Native American Girl Names Starting With H

  1. Halyn (Native American) – “Not very common” or “unique”
  2. Hateya (Native AmericanMiwok; pronounced as “hah-te-yah”) – “Make tracks” or “press with the foot ”; some people believe this name might also mean “footprints in the sand”
  3. Hokaratcha (Native American) – “Pole cat”
  4. Hurit (Native American – Unami) – “Beautiful” or “good and fine”


Native American Girl Names Starting With I

  1. Illari (Native American – Quechua, Latin, and Russian girl name; pronounced as EE-yah-REE) – “Dawn” or “bright”; it can also be a variant of the Latin name “Hilarianus” or the Finnish name “Karelian” (a variant of “Illarion”)
  2. Issi (Native AmericanChoctaw unisex name; pronounced as “is-see”) – “Deer”
  3. Istas (Native American) -“Snow”


Native American Girl Names Starting With J

  1. Janvika (Native American) – “One who gathers knowledge”
  2. Jashwo (Native American) – “One who gets credit”
  3. Jia (Native American) – Pet name for girls meaning “sweetheart”
  4. Jisha (Native American) – “Having the highest feelings for living”


Native American Girl Names Starting With K

  1. Kabecka (Native American) – “Twin”; twin girl name that you can pair with anything
  2. Kachina (Native American) – “Spirit”; the name is used to mean various Native American name mythological figures or spirit beings (they aren’t worshiped as goddesses but still revered by the Zuni, Keresan, and Hopi tribes because they’re believed to bring rain, fertility, protection, and other things people need to live)
  3. Kanapima (Native American unisex name) – “The one they talk about”
  4. Kanga (Native American unisex name) – “A black bird” or “raven”
  5. Kanza (Native American – Kaw) – “Wise,” “hidden treasure,” or “wind people”
  6. Karuk (Native American unisex name) – “Upriver people.”
  7. Kasa (Native American) – “One who’s dressed in furs”
  8. Kayah (Native American) – “She’s little but wise”
  9. Keme (Native AmericanAlgonquin) – “Secret” or “thunder”
  10. Kiasax (Native American unisex name) – “The bear on the left”
  11. Kilenya (Native American) – “Coughing fish”
  12. Kimama (Native American) – “Butterfly”
  13. Kimi (Native American) – “Secret”
  14. Kiowa (Native American) – “The hills are brown”
  15. Kishil (Native American unisex name) – “Night”; it is also a name that means “light”
  16. Kitkun (Native American unisex name) – “Bird of the night”
  17. Kosa (Native AmericanCheyenne and Navajo) – “Sheep”; in several Native American cultures, sheep are considered sacred or representations of a good life because they live in harmony despite their large number
  18. Kuthun (Native American) – “The one who cuts the binding string”


Native American Girl Names Starting With L

  1. Leotie (Native American) – “One who’s like a flower of the prairie”
  2. Lequoia (Native American) – “Made from a sequoia tree”
  3. Liseli (Native American) – “Light” or “the one who shines bright”
  4. Luyu (Native American) – “One who is like a wild dove”


Native American Girl Names Starting With M

  1. Mahela (Native American) – “A woman” or “a pregnant mother”
  2. Maiara (Native American) – “A woman of great wisdom”
  3. Maji (Native American) – “Leave”
  4. Maovesa (Native American unisex name) – “One who’s like a wild horse”
  5. Maralah (Native American) – “One born during an earthquake”
  6. Meli (Native AmericanCherokee and Italian girl name – “One who is bitter” or “of the sea”; it can also be a variant of “Mary” but can also be a pet name for a loved one that means “honey”
  7. Mika (Native American – Osage and Omaha-Ponca) – “Raccoon,” “wise little raccoon,” or “intelligent raccoon”; several Native American tribes believe that raccoons are tricksters or clever creatures who use their wit to get out of certain situations (Disney princess Pocahontas has a pet raccoon named “Meeko”)
  8. Mosi (Native AmericanZuni and Mohave) – “Cat”; cats have a varied reputation among the Native American tribes – some (such as the Pawnee) believe that cats are good and are a blessing from the heavens, others (such as the Zuni and Mohave) believe they’re a lucky charm, yet other tribes also thing they’re greedy creatures who don’t follow the rules


Native American Girl Names Starting with N

  1. Na’estse (Native AmericanCheyenne) – “One”; pronounced “nah-est-seh”
  2. Nadua (Native American) – “Someone found”; after the historical figure Cynthia Ann Parker who was renamed “Nadua” by the Comanche tribe that took her (she got accepted into the tribe and eventually married chief Peta Nocona, with whom she had three children)
  3. Nakoma (Native American – Iowa) – “We stand together” or “I do as I promise”; a Disney name after Pocahontas’ female best friend in the animated film
  4. Nampeyo (Native American) – “Snake that doesn’t bite”; after the Hopi-Tewa potter in Arizona who used ancient pottery techniques to create works featured in museums all over the world (such as the Peabody Museum at Harvard University and the National Museum of American Art in DC)
  5. Nane (Native AmericanChoctaw Indian) – “Hill,” also spelled as “Nanih”; according to Native American legend, the Choctaw people arrived on Earth through a passageway in the “high hill” (Nane Chaha) where they saw the sun from its summit for the first time) 
  6. Nanyehi (Native AmericanCherokee) – “Spirit person,” “beloved woman,” or “warrior woman”; she’s a legendary female Cherokee warrior who had big contributions against the Creek Indians, her tribe’s enemy (she earned the prestigious title “Ghigau” after the battle and became the leader of the Cherokee Women’s Council of Clan Representatives, allowing her to advocate for her people)
  7. Nashoba (Native AmericanChoctaw; pronounced as “nah-shoh-bah”) – “Wolf”; this rare girl name is also considered a popular place name used in Oklahoma and Massachusetts
  8. Nayla (Native American) – “A winner” or “one who goes ahead to get everything”


Native American Girl Names Starting With O

  1. Odina (Native AmericanAlgonquin) – “Mountain”
  2. Oneida (Native American) – “People of the standing stone”; mysterious name after one of the Iroquois Confederacy’s five tribes that suddenly disappeared and is believed to have turned into stone while an enemy tribe was pursuing them, according to a legend
  3. Orenda (Native AmericanIroquois) – “Great spirit,” “divine essence,” “magical power,” or “tribal soul on the right path”
  4. Oyintsa (Native American unisex name) – “A white winter duck”


Native American Girl Names Starting With P

  1. Pahana (Native American unisex name) – “A lost white brother” or “filled with wisdom and action”
  2. Pakuna (Native American) – “A deer jumping downhill” or “intelligent”
  3. Papina (Native American) – Girl plant name meaning “ivy” or “a passionate individual”
  4. Pavati (Native AmericanHopi) – “Clear water”
  5. Pebbles (Native American) – “One who is like small rock”
  6. Petunia (Native American) – “Trumpet-shaped flower”
  7. Pillan (Native American unisex name) – “The god of stormy weather”
  8. Pipaluk (Native American) – “The little one” and “sweet little thing”
  9. Poseanye (Native American unisex name) – “The dripping dew”
  10. Pules (Native American) – “One who is like a pigeon” 


Native American Girl Names Starting With Q

  1. Quanah (Native American – Comanche unisex name) – “Fragrant”; also a historical name after a 19th-century Comanche chief 
  2. Quirtsquip (Native American unisex name) – “Chewing elk”
  3. Quispe (Native American – Quechua) – “Free”


Native American Girl Names Starting With R

  1. Rayen (Native American – Mapuche) – “Flower”
  2. Rozene (Native American) – “Rose


Native American Girl Names Starting With S

  1. Saba (Native American) – “The rock”; also a place name after an island in the Caribbean inhabited by Taino Indians before becoming the home of the Arawak tribe
  2. Sacnite (Native American) – “Beautiful woman who’s pure as the white flower”
  3. Sahalie (Native American) – “The sky” or “the high heaven”
  4. Sahkyo (Native American) – “One who resembles the mink”
  5. Sakari (Native American – Inuktitut) – “Sweet”
  6. Salali (Native American) – “Squirrel”
  7. Saloso (Native American unisex name) – “A cry of the wild goose”
  8. Sassaba (Native American unisex name) – “The wolf”
  9. Seneca (Native AmericanIroquois) – “People of the standing rock”; after one of the tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy
  10. Shada (Native American) – “One who resembles a pelican”
  11. Shania (Native American) – “A woman who is on her own way”
  12. Shikoba (Native American unisex name) – “To be like a feather” 
  13. Shima (Native American) – “She who’s a mother”
  14. Sinasta (Native American unisex name) – “A person considered to be an expert”
  15. Sipala (Native AmericanHopi) – “Peach”; some people also believe the name can mean “peace”
  16. Soatsaki (Native AmericanBlackfoot; pronounced “soh-ah-tsah-kee”) – “Feather woman”; after the legendary Blackfoot woman who was loved by the Morning Star, a sky being with whom she had a son called “Star Boy” (she and her son were later banished back to Earth when she disobeyed the sky deity)
  17. Sotsona (Native American unisex name) – “One who’s like a fox”
  18. Soyala (Native American) – “A time of the winter solstice”
  19. Scoop (Native American unisex name) – “One who’s standing and looking back”
  20. Shuman (Native American) – Badass girl name meaning “rattlesnake handler”
  21. Snana (Native American) – “One who jingles like the bells”


Native American Girl Names Starting With T

  1. Tamala (Native American) – “She who’s like a thunderbolt”
  2. Tamaya (Native American) – “One who’s the center of everything”
  3. Tazanna (Native American) – “A princess” 
  4. Tchondee (Native American unisex name) – “Tobacco”
  5. Teirra (Native American) – “She who’s natural”
  6. Tenaya (Native American unisex name) – “A great leader”
  7. Teneca (Native American) – “One who has self-restraint”
  8. Tibone (Native American unisex name) – “One who sits in the saddle”
  9. Tupelo (Native American) – “Swamp tree”


Native American Girl Names Starting With U

  1. Unega (Native American) – “White”
  2. Urika (Native American – Omaha) – “Useful to all”
  3. Utina (Native American) – “Woman of my country”


Native American Girl Names Starting With V

  1. Vohkinne (Native American unisex name) – “Roman nose”


Native American Girl Names Starting With W

  1. Wakanda (Native American) – “Possesses magical powers”
  2. Wawetseka (Native American) – “Pretty woman”
  3. Winnie (Native American unisex name) – “Fair one,” “soft,” “happiness,” “fair and pure,” or “white and smooth”


Native American Girl Names Starting With X

  1. Xochitl (Native American) – “Flower”


Native American Girl Names Starting With Y

  1. Yancey (Native American) – “A sassy woman”; also means “a Yankee”
  2. Yareli (Native American and Arabic girl name) – “Water lady” 


Native American Girl Names Starting With Z

  1. Zaltana (Native American) – “High mountain”
  2. Zihna (Native American) – “Spins”
  3. Zitkala (Native American) – “Little bird”


More Native American Names For Girls

  1. Atotoztli (Native American) – “Something which isn’t very clear”
  2. Aviaja (Native American) – “Expressive and positive”; can also mean “cousin”
  3. Chyanne (Native American) – “A speaker who’s impossible to understand and comprehend”


Native American Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Names

  1. Atahladte (Native American unisex name) – “Feather on the head”
  2. Brocky (Native American) – “The feathers that come from over the hill”
  3. Shayan (Native American) – “People of a different language” or “unintelligible speakers”


  • Denali (Native American) – “Great one”
  • Kai (Native AmericanNavajo) – “Willow tree
  • Miko (Native AmericanSioux) – “Intelligent raccoon”
  • Takoda (Native AmericanSioux) – “Friend to everyone”


Tips To Consider When Choosing Native American Names For Your Baby

Consider The Name Meaning & Gender Usage

Many Native American names are after things, objects, and creatures you can find in nature. So, plenty can also be considered gender-neutral or androgynous names (without gender).

While you can choose most of the names we listed above for a baby boy or girl, it’s still good to check their meanings. 


Consider The Proper Pronunciation

Many of these names are also long and difficult to pronounce. So, it’s good to consider their proper pronunciation and whether it might be too challenging for a child to have.


Consider The Name’s Actual Meaning & Connotation

It’s also important to consider the original meaning and what that means to non-Native Americans

For example, coyotes are highly regarded in the Native American culture because they’re considered anti-heroes linked to witchcraft (heroes with villainous characteristics). So, Komeha’e (pronounced as “ko-may-ha”), which means “coyote woman,” may be perceived differently in non-Native American circles.. Many people find coyotes scary or menacing, which might put the name in a bad light.

Also, check the name’s spelling or pronunciation for possible negative meanings in the modern world or the American/English language.

For example, “Hateya” is a Miwok name that’s actually pronounced as “hah-te-yah.” It’s a beautiful name that means “make tracks” or “press with the foot ” and is sometimes even believed to mean “footprints in the sand.”

It’s also a name that you might want to be careful with because, despite the different pronunciations, it’s very closely spelled as “hate ya” (which means “hate you,” of course). This might spark bullying, especially in English-speaking places like the US.


Consider Middle Names For Girls

Choosing a middle name can be tricky, but there isn’t a specific rule to follow. Most of the time, any name combination will do, but it’s good to also check for the following:

  • Do you want to choose two Native American girl names as first and middle names, or do you prefer to mix and match from other name lists?
  • How do the names sound in combination? Say both names out loud to check. Remember that some name combinations might look great together but can actually sound awkward.
  • If you already chose a long name, you might consider a short name as its partner.


Check The Resulting Acronym Or Initials

So, you’ve finally chosen your baby’s first and middle names. Before you finalize the combo, it’s a good idea to check for the resulting acronym of their initials – that includes their first, middle, and last names.

Try to avoid those that might invite teasing or bullying. Examples can include “FAT,” “ASS,” or “FBI.”


Choosing Nicknames

You can also opt for short versions of your child’s name as their nickname, especially if you had picked long Native American names.

For example, Ewa (it means “rain”) can both be a standalone first name and a nickname for “Ewatainne” (it means “rainbow”).



You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.


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