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200+ Classic & Strong Biblical Boy Names & Bible Stories

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There are nearly 3,000 Bible names, and most of these are for boys.

With as many as 31% (2.4 billion) of the people in the world being Christians, it isn’t surprising that biblical boy names are popular. (1)

Many parents pick biblical names because of their familiarity or the inspiring stories they’ve read about these namesakes from the Bible.

We’ve prepared this list of 200+ biblical boy names, plus a couple of girl names, to help you pick for your baby.

What Boy Names Mean “Gift From God”?

Several boy names mean “gift from God” or “gift of God”:

  1. Donatello – Spanish and Italian name that means “gift from God”
  2. Matthew or Matthias (Aramaic variation) – These names come from the Hebrew “Mattityahu,” meaning means “gift of Yahweh (God).”
  3. Nathaniel – From the Hebrew name “Netan’el,” meaning “gift of God.” It was derived from the Hebrew words “natan” (to give) and “el” (God).

Favorite Biblical Boy Names & Their Meanings

1. Aaron

Aaron means “high mountain” or “exalted.”

Aaron held an important role in the Bible. He wasn’t just the elder brother of Moses but was also appointed by God as his spokesman. Aaron was also hailed as the Israelites’ first High Priest.

2. Abel

Abel means “breath.”

According to the Bible, Abel was Adam and Eve’s second son. Unfortunately, he was slain by his elder brother, Cain, due to jealousy. Despite his unfortunate story, Abel’s name is sometimes picked by parents because he was inherently good.

3. Abraham

Abraham means “father of nations.”

Abraham in the Bible was originally named Abram, which means “exalted father.”

Both names are good, but Abram was changed to Abraham because of God’s promise that he would become the father of nations. Indeed, Abraham would become the father of the Israelites through Isaac and Muslim nations through Ishmael.

Aside from Isaac and Ishmael, Abraham also had six other children who would also become fathers of Arab nations.

He’s also the father of the so-called Abrahamic religions (they recognize Abraham as their patriarch or first prophet): Christianity, Judaism (Jewish religion), and Islam (the Muslim’s religion).

4. Adam

Adam is a biblical name that means “man.”

Adam is a well-known biblical figure because he was the first man created by God. According to the Bible, Adam was formed from dust. Eve, the first woman, was formed from his rib.

Even if it’s the oldest biblical boy name, Adam remains popular as a first or middle name.

5. Andreas

Andreas means “courageous” and is the Greek form of Andrew. The name comes from the Greek words “aner” or “andros” (man) and “andreia” (courage).

In the Bible, Andrew is one of Jesus’ 12 disciples. He’s the brother of Simon Peter, another disciple.

Andreas (or Andrew) and Peter, both fishermen, were the first disciples Jesus called to join his mission.

Although he’s considered a minor disciple and was mentioned less frequently than the others, he’s considered the first disciple and honored as “The First Called” by the Byzantine church. (2)

6. Benjamin

Benjamin is a biblical name that means “son of my right hand.” It comes from the name “Binyamin,” which was derived from the Hebrew words “ben” (son) and “yamin” (right hand).

The biblical Benjamin was the youngest of Jacob’s 13 children. He’s Jacob’s second son with his favorite wife, Rachel.

Like his elder brothers, Benjamin became one of the patriarchs of the twelve tribes of Israel.

7. Daniel

Daniel is a biblical name that means “God is my judge.” It comes from the Hebrew name “Daniyyel,” which was derived from “din” (judge) and “el” (God).

Daniel’s story is a favorite in biblical stories and baby books. It tells of how Daniel, a prayerful man, remained faithful to God despite the Israelites being held captive in Babylon. The Babylonians, including the king’s advisers, hated Daniel for spending time praying to God from an open window in his home.

Being a wise man, Daniel was actually King Darius’ friend and adviser. However, the evil advisers tricked the king into making a law prohibiting praying to any other god except the king. The penalty for disobedience is getting thrown into the lion’s den.

Despite the law, Daniel continued praying to God. So, he was thrown into the hungry lion’s den. God saved Daniel from getting eaten by calming the lions and closing their mouths.

The king was amazed and happy that Daniel’s God had saved him.

8. David

David means “beloved.” This biblical name comes from the Hebrew name “Dawid,” derived from “dod” (beloved).

David is also a well-known character in the Bible. His story is in the Old Testament.

He’s famous for defeating the Philistine giant Goliath using a slingshot when he was still a child. The Israelites feared the giant.

God made David the second king of Israel, after King Saul, who was also his father-in-law. King Saul’s daughter Michal was one of David’s eight wives.

As the king, David established Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. So, this place would also become known as the “City of David.”

9. Elijah

Elijah was a prophet in the Bible. His name means “my God is Yahweh,” coming from the Hebrew name “Eliyahu.” The name is derived from “el” and “yah” (both of which mean “God”).

According to Biblical accounts, Elijah didn’t die. Instead, he was carried to heaven on a chariot of fire.

He’s one of the most significant prophets in the Bible. During Jesus’ transfiguration (his face and clothes suddenly glowed and became bright) on Mount Tabor, the disciples saw Elijah and Moses talking with him.

10. Emmanuel

Emmanuel is a name that appears four times in the Bible and means “God is with us.” It’s another name used for Jesus.


11. Gabriel

Gabriel is an angel name that means “God is my strength.” It comes from the Hebrew name “Gavri’el,” which is derived from the words “gever” (strong) and “el” (God).

In the Bible, Gabriel is described as an archangel. He made important announcements, such as appearing to Mary and Joseph to tell them about Jesus’ birth.

12. Genesis

Genesis is a gender-neutral name with Hebrew and Greek origins. This name means “birth” or “origin” and is the title of the first book in the Bible.

This biblical book tells many stories, including the world’s creation, humans, animals, and plants. It also details the early history of the Israelites, identified as “God’s people.”

13. Isaac

Isaac comes from the Hebrew name “Yitzchaq,” derived from the word “tzachaq” (to laugh).

According to their story in the Old Testament, Isaac’s parents were already old when they had him. Abraham was 100 years old by then, while Sarah was 90. The old couple laughed when they were told they would have a son.

So, when they finally had him, the baby was named Isaac.

14. Isaiah

Isaiah means “God is salvation.” It’s derived from the Hebrew name “Yesha’yahu,” which was taken from “yasha” (to save) and “yah” (God).

In the Bible, Isaiah was among the four major prophets.

He’s considered among the most well-known prophets of the Old Testament. He predicted the coming of a Messiah (Jesus) who would redeem the Israelites. The Book of Isaiah has many prophecies of judgment and destruction. Yet the prophet also wrote about prosperity and hope for the people.

15. Jacob

Jacob is a biblical name that means “one who seizes” or “the supplanter.”

Jacob got his name because he was born “seizing” his elder twin brother Esau’s heel.

Because Esau was born first, he was supposed to be the elder son who would receive their father’s blessing, as was the custom of the time.

When it was time for their father, Isaac, to give his blessing, however, Jacob deceived their now-blind father by pretending to be Esau. He wore animal skin to pretend that he was the hairy Esau.

Despite the deception, Jacob would become one of the most powerful and important figures in the Bible. His 12 sons would become the patriarchs of Israel’s 12 tribes.

The country they established was named Israel after the name that Jacob picked when he won the struggle with God.

16. James

James is the English variant of Jacob. It also means “supplanter.”

In biblical accounts, however, James isn’t just a translation for Jacob because the name was used by other biblical characters. For example, two of Jesus’ 12 disciples were named James.

17. Jeremiah

Jeremiah means “exalted by God.”

Jeremiah was among the major prophets in the Bible. He’s credited as the author of the Book of Lamentations, Books of Kings, and the Book of Jeremiah.

Although many prophets foretold Israel’s doom for disobeying God, Jeremiah lived to see what actually happened, including Jerusalem’s fall and the Temple of Solomon’s destruction.

18. Job

Job means “persecuted.”

Job was a sinless, upright man in the Bible. He is known for his strong faith in God, even with the many trials he had to face.

According to the Book of Job, Satan told God that Job was only faithful because he knew God protected him. Satan urged God to remove Job’s protection and see whether the man would remain faithful. In the biblical account, God actually agreed to this challenge.

Job’s happy, prosperous life was turned upside down. His children died, he lost all his wealth, and he suffered from illnesses that brought him to the brink of death.

Yet through each trial, Job never cursed God. Although he cursed the day he was born, his faith never wavered. Friends told him to abandon his “cruel” God, who was behind his misfortunes, yet this faithful man only told them that it was up to God to give or take anything from him.

Job passed the ultimate tests of faith. So, God restored his wealth many times over and gave him seven sons. He also had three daughters, who were said to be the most beautiful in the land.

19. Joel

Joel means “Yahweh is God.”

Joel is among the minor prophets in the Bible. He’s credited with writing the Book of Joel, which has several prophecies, including future destruction and the land of Judah being afflicted by a plague of locusts and severe drought.

20. John

John is an English name that means “God is gracious.” It comes from the Hebrew names “Yochanan” and “Johanan” or the Latin name “Iohannes.”

There are at least five people named John in the Bible, including John the Beloved (an apostle) and John the Baptist.

21. Jonas

Jonas means “dove” and is the Greek version of “Jonah.”

The story of Jonah (or Jonas) is one of the best-known Bible stories and a favorite in baby books because of how he was swallowed by a whale.

According to Old Testament accounts, the prophet Jonah was instructed by God to go to the city of Nineveh and preach there so its evil people would repent.

Jonah was scared of going to Nineveh. He disobeyed God and ran away by boarding a boat that went to a different place. However, God sent a storm, which nearly capsized the boat.

Realizing that the storm was due to God’s anger over his disobedience, Jonah confessed to the boat captain his wrongdoings. He was thrown into the sea, where a whale swallowed him. The storm stopped.

The whale brought him to the shores of Nineveh three days later.

22. Jonathan

Jonathan means “God has given.” The name comes from the Hebrew names “Yonatan” and “Yehonatan” (gift of Jehovah), which come from “yeho” (God) and “natan” (to give).

In the Bible, Jonathan was King Saul’s eldest son. He’s also David’s best friend.

23. Jordan

Jordan means “descend.”

Jordan is an important place name in the Bible and refers to a river considered by the Israelites to be holy. John the Baptist baptized Jesus in River Jordan.

24. Joseph

Joseph means “Jehovah (God) will increase.” The name comes from “Yosef,” which was derived from “yasaf” (to increase).

Several people are named Joseph in the Bible. One of these is Jacob’s favorite son with Rachel. Another is Jesus’ earthly father, sometimes called Joseph the Carpenter.

25. Judah

Judah means “praised.” It shares the same meaning as the modern form, “Jude.”

Judah is Jacob’s fourth son with his first wife, Leah, but he’s considered among the most important. Judah’s line produced important kings, such as David and Solomon. He’s also one of Jesus’s forefathers.

The tribe also became the Kingdom of Judah, and his name will be the base for the Israelites being called the “Jews.”

26. Lucas

Lucas is an Italian name that means “a man from Lucania.” Luciana was a historical region in southern Italy. The name also comes from the Greek name “Loukas,” which means “light” or “white.”

Lucas is also considered a version of Luke. In the Bible, Luke wasn’t part of the 12 disciples but is credited for writing the Book of Luke and is often referred to as Luke the Evangelist.

27. Marcus

Marcus is a Hebrew name meaning “warlike.”

Marcus is a variant of Mark. In the Bible, he’s recognized as the author of the second gospel, the Book of Mark. Like Luke, he didn’t belong to the original 12 disciples but is still an important biblical figure.

28. Michael

Michael means “who is like God?” and comes from the Hebrew name “Mikha’el.” This name was derived from “mī kā’ēl,” a rhetorical question that translates to the name meaning (who is like God?).

Michael is the powerful archangel who led the heavenly army’s battle against the fallen angel, Satan. He’s also recognized as the angels’ leader in the New Testament’s Book of Revelation.

29. Moses

Moses means “pull out of the water,” a name given to him by the Egyptian princess, the pharaoh’s (king) daughter, who took him out of the water and saved him from getting killed.

According to the Bible story, the pharaoh declared that male Israelite babies should be killed, so Moses’ mother devised a plan to save his life by putting him in a basket and letting it float on the river. The basket was found by the Egyptian princess who was out for a bath.

Moses is an important figure in the Bible because he led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. He was also instrumental in showing God’s power to the Egyptians, especially with the 10 plagues that were supposedly sent to Egypt because of the pharaoh’s stubbornness to let His people go.

30. Nathan

Nathan means “he gave.” The name was derived from the Hebrew word “natan” (gave).

Nathan was a prophet in the Old Testament. He lived in the time of King David and bravely reprimanded the king for sending Bathsheba’s husband to the frontlines of battle so he could take her as his wife.

The prophet Nathan was often confused with one of King David’s sons, also named Nathan. This other Nathan was David’s third son and was one of Jesus’ direct ancestors.

31. Noah

Noah is a biblical name meaning “comfort,” “repose,” or “rest.” This comes from the Hebrew name “Noach,” which was derived from “nuach” (rest).

Noah’s story is also a central figure in the Old Testament. His story lives to this day as one of the most popular because of the ark and the animals he saved during the great flood God sent to punish the evil world.

According to the story, God told Noah to build an ark. He obeyed but was ridiculed by people for building the giant ark on a mountain. When Noah finished the ark, God sent two of each animal kind to the ark, then sealed the door shut.

God sent non-stop rain that flooded the world, reaching Noah’s ark up the mountain. Everyone and everything died, except Noah, his family, and the animals in the ark.

32. Omar

Omar means “speaker.”

In the Bible, Omar was one of the descendants of Esau.

33. Paul

Paul means “humble” or “small.”

Paul is a popular boys’ name that has roots in ancient Rome. It was the Roman name given to Saul of Tarsus, the man who persecuted Christians but converted to Christianity, becoming one of the most important biblical figures.

He was venerated by the Catholic church and is now known as St. Paul.

34. Peter

Peter comes from the Greek name “Petros,” which means “rock” or “stone.”

Peter is among the most prominent biblical figures in the Christian world. He’s linked to Saint Peter and is known as the keeper of Heaven’s Gates.

In the Bible, Peter was born as Simon and was among the first disciples Jesus called.

Jesus changed Simon’s name to Peter to symbolize the rock on which Christianity was built. Because of this, Peter is recognized as the first pope of the Christian church.

35. Philip

Philip means “lover of horses.” It has Greek origins.

In the Bible, Philip was one of Jesus’ 12 disciples. Despite his name being related to horses, the biblical Philip was believed to be a fisherman.

36. Raphael

Raphael means “God heals.”

Raphael is recognized as an archangel. His name doesn’t appear in the Christian Bible but is included in the Catholic Bible under the Book of Tobit. Based on this book’s account, Raphael disguised himself as a human and accompanied Tobit on his journey to conquer the demon Asmodeus.

37. Samuel

Samuel means “God has heard.” It comes from the Hebrew name “Shemu’el” (told by God).

Samuel was one of Israel’s judges and prophets in the Bible.

He ruled as the last judge. No other judge came after him because God instructed him to establish the monarchy by anointing King Saul. He was also the high priest who anointed King David.

38. Simon

Simon means “He (God) has heard.”

Simon is a variant of “Simeon” and was Jacob’s second son with Leah in the Old Testament.

Another Simon can be found in the New Testament: Simon, one of Jesus’ 12 apostles, who was later known as Simon Peter.

39. Stephen

Stephen means “crown.”

Stephen was a Christian deacon in Jerusalem and is considered the first Christian martyr. He’s known as a great man of faith and was among the seven men over the food distribution to widows in the early church.

40. Timothy

Timothy means “honoring God.”

According to biblical accounts, Timothy wasn’t one of the original disciples, but he accompanied the Apostle Paul on his journeys.

Although there are two Books of Timothy in the Bible, he wasn’t their author. Instead, these books were written by the Apostle Paul and addressed to him.

Biblical scholars recognize Timothy as the co-author of several biblical books, including 2 Corinthians, Philemon, Philippians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, and Colossians.

What Are Godly & Christian Names For A Boy?

1. Abessalom

Abessalom is another form of Absalom, known as the third son of King David with his wife, Maacah. He’s described as the “most handsome man in the land.”

He was one of King David’s favorite sons before he revolted against his father. Despite the young man’s rebellion and self-declaration as the new king, David mourned his death and declared that he would have been willing to die for his son.

2. Abiram

Abiram means “my father is exalted.” The name can also be spelled as “Abiron.”

3. Amariah

Amariah is a biblical name that means “Yahweh (God) has said.”

The name is mentioned several times in the Bible and is considered a favorite name for priests in biblical times.

4. Eliphaz

Eliphaz is a Hebrew name that means “the endeavor of God.”

5. Elnathan

Elnathan means “God has given.”

6. Haggai

Haggai is a Hebrew name that means “feast” or “solemnity.”

He was considered one of the minor prophets and credited for writing the Book of Haggai, the second shortest book in the Bible.

7. Gaius

Gaius is a Greek name that means “to rejoice.” It comes from the Roman name “Caius.”

He’s recognized in the Bible as one of the Apostle Paul’s traveling companions.

8. Gamaliel

Gamaliel means “my reward is God.”

In the Bible, Gamaliel was a Pharisee doctor of Jewish Law who became the law teacher of Paul the Apostle.

9. Gomer

Gomer means “complete.”

This name was used for females in biblical times but is now considered a baby boy name.

10. Jaala

Jaala is a Hebrew name that means “wild goat.”

11. Jair

Jair is a Hebrew name that means “my light” or “one who diffuses light.”

12. Jehu

Jehu means “He is God.”

King Jehu was one of the upright kings of Israel. He’s the 10th king of the northern Kingdom of Israel and is credited for destroying Baal worship from God’s people.

13. Jeremiel

Jeremiel is an angel name that means “God lifts.”

14. Jotham

Jotham is a Hebrew name that means “the perfection of the Lord.”

According to biblical accounts, he was the eleventh king of Judah and is credited with building the Temple of Jerusalem’s Upper Gate.

15. Justus

Justus is a Latin name meaning “just” or “upright.”

In the Bible, Justus was one of the candidates qualified to replace Judas Iscariot’s apostleship after the latter betrayed Jesus.

16. Kamon

Kamon is a Latin name that means “His resurrection.”

17. Kerioth

Kerioth is a Hebrew name that means “the cities” or “the callings.”

This is a place name in the Bible.

18. Laban

Laban is a Hebrew name that means “white,” “shining,” or “gentle.”

In the Bible, Laban was the brother of Rebekah (or Rebecca), the Aramean woman who married Isaac and bore Esau and Jacob.

Laban would also become Jacob’s father-in-law. He made Jacob serve him for seven years in return for Rachel’s hand in marriage but double-crossed him on the wedding night by sending his elder daughter Leah.

Laban gave Rachel to Jacob a week after his marriage to Leah, but the younger man had to work another seven years for Rachel’s hand.

Despite the deception, Laban is considered an important figure in the Bible. Through his actions, Jacob became the father of 12 sons who would become the patriarchs of Israel’s 12 tribes.

19. Levi

Levi means “joined in harmony.”

In the Bible, Levi was the third son of Jacob (with Leah).

He’s the patriarch of the Levites, the tribe known as the priests of Israel.

20. Luke

Luke is a Latin and Hebrew name that means “light.” It’s derived from the Greek name “Loukas.”

In the Bible, Luke wasn’t one of Jesus’ 12 disciples but was a Greek physician who became an evangelist. He’s the Apostle Paul’s friend and one of his traveling companions.

Luke is credited for writing the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles.

21. Melchizedek

Melchizedek is a Hebrew and German name that means “king of justice” or “king of righteousness.”

22. Mishael

Mishael is a Hebrew boy name that means “who is asked for or lent.” It’s considered a Hebrew variant of “Michael.”

23. Mordecai

Mordecai is a Hebrew name that means “contrition” or “bitter.”

Mordecai is Queen Esther’s cousin. They were both instrumental in saving the Israelites from the mass genocide plotted by the evil chief minister of Persian king Ahasuerus (Xerxes I), Haman.

24. Nahum

Nahum means “comforter.”

Nahum was one of the minor prophets and the writer of the Book of Nahum in the Old Testament.

25. Nathanael

Nathanael is a Hebrew name that means “the gift of God.”

Nathanael was one of Jesus’ 12 disciples. The name can also be spelled as “Nathaniel.”

26. Obadiah

Obadiah is a Hebrew name that means “servant of the Lord.”

He’s one of the minor prophets and the writer of the Book of Obadiah, the shortest book in the Bible.

27. Philemon

Philemon means “affectionate.”

In the Bible, Philemon was a wealthy Christian and was possibly a bishop who owned the house church from where the early Christians worshiped. The Epistle to Philemon is a book in the Bible written by Paul.

28. Solomon

Solomon is a Hebrew name that means “man of peace.”

Solomon was one of the most famous kings of Israel, known for his wisdom. He’s credited as the author of several books in the Bible, such as the Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, and the Book of Proverbs.

He built the first temple of Israel.

29. Thomas

Thomas means “twin.”

30. Titus

Titus means “avenger.”

What Are Unique Biblical Names For A Boy?

  1. Abessa – My father is a gift
  2. Abia – Great
  3. Abiathar – Father of abundance
  4. Abidan – Father of judgment
  5. Abimael – Father sent from God
  6. Aeneas – To praise
  7. Ephron – Productive or fertile
  8. Ezekiel – God will strengthen
  9. Ezra – Help
  10. Haran – Mountain
  11. Hiram – Brother of the exalted one
  12. Javan – Greece.
  13. Jebediah – Beloved friend
  14. Josias – God heals
  15. Melech – King
  16. Michaiah – Humble
  17. Nereus – Water
  18. Neriah – Lamp of God
  19. Silas – Forest
  20. Theophilus – Friend of God or loved by God
  21. Tobias – God is good
  22. Uriel – God is my light
  23. Zebadiah – The Lord is my portion
  24. Zedekiah – Justice of God

What Are Powerful Names For A Boy?

1. Abimelech

Abimelech means “father of the king.”

2. Abram

Abram means “exalted father.”

Abram was Abraham’s original name.

3. Adriel

Adriel means “flock of God.”

4. Artaxerxes

Artaxerxes means “righteous ruler.”

5. Cain

Cain means “acquired.”

Cain was the firstborn son of Adam and Eve. Although he murdered his younger brother, Abel, out of jealousy, some parents still pick this name. It’s sometimes spelled as “Caine.”

6. Caleb

Caleb means “whole heart.”

Caleb was one of Moses’ scouts to the land of Canaan, the so-called “promised land.” The name is sometimes spelled as “Kaleb.”

7. Darius

Darius is a name with Latin, Greek, and Persian origins. It means “maintaining possessions well” or “possessing goodness.” The name can also mean “he that informs himself.”

King Darius was described as a friend of Daniel, known as God’s prayerful man. Due to his evil advisor’s advice, the king had to throw Daniel in the lion’s den. He was amazed that his friend was alive after a night in the lion’s den. He recognized that Daniel’s God kept him safe.

8. Gideon

Gideon is a Hebrew name that means “having a stump for a hand” or “someone who cuts down.”

In the Bible, God chose Gideon to lead his people against the superior Midianite forces.

9. Ishmael

Ishmael means “God listens.”

In the Bible, Ishmael was Abraham’s first son with his wife’s slave, Hagar.

After Abraham abandoned them, Hagar and Ishmael moved to the wilderness. They survived, and Ishmael became the father of Arab nations. He’s considered a prophet in Islam.

10. Israel

Israel means “prince of God.”

It’s an important name that Jacob took after defeating God in a struggle. It would also become a place name.

11. Jadon

Jadon is a Hebrew name that means “He (God) will judge.”

Jadon was one of the people who helped repair the wall of Jerusalem.

12. Jethro

Jethro means “overflow.”

In the Bible, he’s Moses’ Midianite father-in-law.

13. Jokim

Jokim means “he whom Yahweh (God) has set up.” It’s also spelled as “Joachim.”

The biblical Jokim is believed to be the father of Mary (Jesus’ mother) and the husband of Anne (later known as St. Anne).

14. Joshua

Joshua means “God is my salvation.” It comes from “Yehoshu’a” derived from the Hebrew words “yeho” (God) and “yasha” (to save).

Joshua was Moses’ successor. He led the Israelites into their Promised Land after they spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness.

15. Methuselah

Methuselah means “man of the dar.”

Methuselah is especially famous due to his long life. According to the Bible, he lived up to 969 years.

16. Nicodemus

Nicodemus means “people’s victory.”

17. Samson

Samson means “sun.”

In the Bible, Samson is depicted as the legendary Israelite warrior with superior physical strength derived from his uncut hair.

He used his immense strength against the Philistines for 20 years before losing it when Delilah learned his secret and got his hair cut short.

18. Saul

Saul means “prayed for.”

Saul, also spelled as “Shaʾul,” was the first king of Israel.

19. Zerubbabel

Zerubbabel is a Hebrew name that means “a stranger at Babylon” or “dispersion of confusion.”

According to the Bible, Zerubbabel laid the Temple of Jerusalem’s foundations.

20. Zion

Zion means “monument.”

Zion used to be a Canaanite hill fortress captured by King David. It’s where he established Jerusalem, also known as the City of David.

What Are Spiritual & Nature Names For A Boy?

  1. Abacuc – Ardent embrace
  2. Abishai – My father is a gift from God
  3. Adlai – Justice of God
  4. Allon – Oak
  5. Alpheus – Successor
  6. Amal – Work
  7. Amaryahu – Promised by God
  8. Amnon – Faithful
  9. Amram – Exalted nation
  10. Aquila – Eagle
  11. Aran – Wild goat
  12. Aronne – Mountain of strength
  13. Avihu – He (God) is my Father
  14. Azarel – God has helped
  15. Azarias – Helped by God
  16. Azaziah – Yahweh is strong
  17. Carpus – Fruit
  18. Dathan – Fountain
  19. Ithamar – Date palm island
  20. Ithiel – God is with me
  21. Jaziel – Allotted by God
  22. Jeriah – Taught by God
  23. Nimrod – Rebel
  24. Shamgar – Sword
  25. Zebulun – Dwelling of honor
  26. Zuriel – My rock is God

Modern Baby Boy Names From The Bible

  1. Elon – Oak tree
  2. Andrew – Powerful
  3. Asher – Blessed or happy one
  4. Carmi – Vine
  5. Eli – High
  6. Ethan – Strong or enduring
  7. Jared – Descendant
  8. Joah – God is his brother
  9. Jude – Praised
  10. Kenan – Sorrow
  11. Mark – Polite
  12. Seth – Appointed or placed
  13. Zachary – Remembered by God

Classic & Traditional Christian & Biblical Names For Boys

Some classic boy names to consider:

1. Absalom

Absalom means “father is peace.”

2. Aithan

Aithan means “strong.”

The name is a variant of Ethan, a singer in King David’s court also known for his wisdom.

3. Amos

Amos is a Hebrew name that means “carried by God.”

Amos was among the minor prophets in the Bible. He wrote the Book of Amos in the Old Testament.

4. Balthasar

Balthasar means “God protect the King.”

In the Bible, Balthasar was one of the Three Magi or Three Wise Men.

5. Boaz

Boaz is a Hebrew name that means “quickness.”

In the Bible, Boaz married the young widow Ruth and became the great-grandfather of King David.

6. Elisha

Elisha means “God is salvation.”

Elisha was the prophet who succeeded Elijah. He witnessed how chariots of fire took Elijah to heaven.

He was known for performing many miracles, including:

  • Raising a boy from the dead
  • Healing Naaman from leprosy
  • The miracle of the oil (the oil jar of a widow and her son always remained full)

7. Elkanah

Elkanah means “God has purchased.”

8. Enoch

Enoch means “disciplined.”

Enoch is one of the biblical patriarchs before the great flood. He’s described as righteous and for “walking with God.”

9. Esau

Esau means “hairy.”

In the Bible, Esau was the elder twin brother of Jacob.

Esau was cheated of his birthright blessing after Jacob pretended to be him by wearing goatskin to trick their now-blind father, Isaac.

10. Jedidiah

Jedidiah means “loved by God.”

11. Joash

Joash means “fire of God.”

The biblical Joash, also known as Jehoash, was the eighth king of Judah.

12. Jonah

Jonah means “dove.”

The biblical Jonah (or Jonas) was swallowed by a whale after disobeying God. The whale delivered him to Nineveh, his original destination before he tried to run away from God.

13. Josiah

Josiah means “God heals.” It comes from “Yoshiyahu,” which was derived from “yoshi” (support) and “Yahu” (God).

Josiah is described as one of Judah’s upright kings. He was only eight years old when he became king.

14. Lazarus

Lazarus means “God is my helper.”

According to biblical accounts, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

15. Naphtali

Naphtali means “my struggle.”

16. Reuben

Reuben means “behold a son.” The Hebrew name comes from the words “ra’a” (to see) and “ben” (son).

He’s the eldest son of Jacob and Leah, and one of the patriarchs of the 12 tribes of Israel.

17. Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus means “pure.”

In the Bible, Zacchaeus was Jericho’s chief tax collector. The profession was hated in biblical times, and tax collectors were considered “sinners.”

Despite knowing he’s a “sinner,” Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus. Because he was short, Zacchaeus climbed a sycamore tree. Jesus acknowledged him, called him by his name, and asked to dine at his house.

Zacchaeus repented and promised to repay the people 4x the money he had cheated them. He also gave away his riches to the poor.

18. Zechariah

Zechariah means “God remembers.”

Zechariah was John the Baptist’s father.

Biblical Name Ideas From A To Z

A – Abijah – My father is God

B – Bartholomeus – Son that suspends the water

C – Cephas – Rock

D – Diklah – Palm grove

E – Ebenezer – Stone of help

FFelixLatin and Roman name that means “happy”

G – Gedaliah – God is great

H – Habakkuk – Embrace

I – Issachar – There is reward

J – Jeroboam – The people contend

K – Kallai – Light or resting by fire

L – Lemuel – Belonging to God

M – Meshach – He who draws with force

N – Nadab – Generous

O – Othniel – Lion of God

P – Phanuel – Face of God

Q – Quintus – Fifth

R – Rufus – Red-haired

S – Simeon – Listening

T – Thaddeus – Heart

U – Uzziah – My power is God

V – Vaitafe – A fountain of living water

W – Wendel – One who travels or a wanderer

X – Xantheus – One who is wise

Y – Yeshua – Another name for Jesus or Joshua

Z – Zachariah – God is renowned

Unisex Biblical Baby Names

  1. Alvah – His Highness
  2. Anah – Answer
  3. Anani – Cloud
  4. Arihel – Lion
  5. Asa – Healer
  6. Iona – Dove
  7. Ira – Watchful one
  8. Jesse – Gift
  9. Joses – Raised
  10. Micah – Who is like God?
  11. Shiloh – Tranquil
  12. Zerah – Shining

Ideas For Biblical Girl Names

Unique Girl Names From The Bible

  1. Anaiah
  2. Apphia
  3. Atarah
  4. Beulah
  5. Hepzibah
  6. Hosanna
  7. Jezebel
  8. Orpah
  9. Talitha
  10. Zilpah

Classic Girl Names From The Bible

  1. Abigail
  2. Anna
  3. Delilah
  4. Dinah
  5. Eliana
  6. Elizabeth
  7. Esther
  8. Hannah
  9. Joanna
  10. Judith
  11. Leah
  12. Mara
  13. Martha
  14. Mary
  15. Milcah
  16. Miriam
  17. Naomi
  18. Rachel
  19. Rebecca
  20. Ruth
  21. Sarah


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