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299 Strong & Powerful Boy Names For Your Little Superhero

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Strong and powerful boy names remain popular with many parents.

Other parents might choose nonbinary names with badass meanings.

If you’re looking for unique, kickass, and cool names for your brave little warrior, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve prepared this list of 299 powerful boy names, including the most popular, trending, unique, or rare options.

You can also find name lists below that are related to strong traits, such as names that mean “warrior,” “lion,” “bear,” and “brave.”

What Are Powerful & Popular Names For A Boy?

These baby names are associated with power, bravery, and heroism:

  1. Alexander – Greek name meaning “defending man”; it relates to Alexander the Great, one of the most powerful kings in ancient history (he ruled in the fourth century BCE)
  2. Arnold – English name of German origin meaning “ruler” or “as strong as an eagle”
  3. Arthur – English and Celtic name that possibly comes from “artos” (bear) and can also mean “strong man”; the name relates to the legendary King Arthur with his Knights of the Round Table
  4. Bernard – Germanic name that means “hardy” or “as strong as a bear”
  5. Clifford – Old English boy name meaning “bold,” “brave,” or “daring”; other variants include “Clifton”
  6. Denzel – Powerful boys’ name that means “high stronghold”
  7. Dustin – English version of the Old Norse name “Torsten,” meaning “Thor’s stone”
  8. Eric – English variant of the Scandinavian name Erik, meaning “complete ruler”
  9. Farrell – Irish name that means “courage”
  10. Harvey – French boy name that means “battle worthy”
  11. Henry – English variant of the French name “Henri,” a strong boy name that means “ruler”
  12. Julius – Greek boy name that means “devoted to Jove,” in reference to Jove, which is a moniker of the Roman god Jupiter
  13. Logan – Scottish name meaning “little one,” but a strong option because of its links with the badass character Wolverine in the “X-Men” series
  14. Maverick – English word name that means “an independent man who avoids conformity”
  15. Muhammad – Arabic boy name that means “the praiseworthy”; the name is popular among Muslims due to its links to the last prophet of Islam, who was known as a man of true justice
  16. Richard – German name that means “brave ruler”
  17. Roderick – British boy name meaning “famous and strong ruler”
  18. Stark – Old English and Old High German boy name that means “strong” and “rigid”; trending name due to its links to the Marvel films and the “Game of Thrones” series
  19. Thor – Old Norse name from the word “Þórr” (thunder); Thor is the god of thunder, war, storms, and strength in Norse mythology
  20. William – Old German name meaning “resolute protector”; this classic name is on the trending list because of Prince William, now the Prince of Wales and heir to the United Kingdom’s throne

Powerful Boy Names From A To Z

  1. A – Angus is an Irish boy name that means “one strength.”
  2. B – Beren was previously used primarily as a Turkish baby girl name meaning “strong” and “smart.” It’s now considered a unisex name, especially after J.R.R. Tolkien used it as the legendary mortal in the “Silmarillion” (stories with events that happened before “The Lord of the Rings”).
  3. C – Chanin is the English pronunciation of the Thai name “ชนินทร์,” which means “strong person.”
  4. D – Daniel is a Hebrew biblical boy name that means “God is my judge.” The biblical Daniel survived a night unharmed inside the hungry lions’ den.
  5. E – Etan is a Swedish version of the Hebrew name “Ethan,” meaning “solid,” “firm,” and “enduring.”
  6. F – Farris is an English name that means “man of courage” or “iron strong.”
  7. G – Godric is an Old English name meaning “god’s ruler.” In popular culture, it’s used for the Harry Potter series as Godric Gryffindor, one of Hogwarts’ four founders.
  8. H – Hudson is a country boy name that means “son of Hudd” or “brave ruler.”
  9. I – Ikenna is an Igbo (cultural group in Nigeria) name that means “father’s power.”
  10. J – Jedrick is a Polish name that means “a strong man.”
  11. K – Kamau is a Bantu (African) strong boy’s name meaning “quiet warrior.”
  12. L – Ludwick is a German boy name that means “famous warrior.”
  13. M – Melech means “king” in Hebrew.
  14. N – Njord comes from the Old Norse name “Njǫrðr,” meaning “strong” or “vigorous.” It’s the name of the Norse god of the sea, fishing, sailing, and fertility.
  15. O – Onan means “strength” and “power” in ancient Hebrew.
  16. P – Phoenix is a legendary bird from Egyptian and Greek mythology used as an immortality symbol because it can rise as a new bird from its ashes. According to the myths, this happens every 500 years.
  17. Q – Qadir is a Latin and Arabic name that means “capable” or “powerful.”
  18. R – Ryker is a Danish name meaning “superior strength.”
  19. S – Sewell is a modern version of the Anglo-Saxon names “Soeweald” and “Sigeweald,” which mean “ruling sea” or “strong sea.”
  20. T – Tarak is a Sanskrit (sacred Hinduism language) name meaning “protector Indian.”
  21. U – Ulric is an English variation of “Wulfric” and “Ulrich,” meaning “rich and noble heritage” or “wolf power.”
  22. V – Valens is a Latin name meaning “strong,” “vigorous,” and “healthy.”
  23. W – Warrick is a rare name that means “strong leader who defends.”
  24. X – Xander is a modern version of the Greek name “Alexander,” which means “defender of humankind.”
  25. Y – Yeshua is a Hebrew name meaning “to rescue” or “deliver.” It’s one of the primary Hebrew names of Jesus Christ.
  26. Z – Zale is a modern name of Greek origin. It means “sea strength.”

What Are Some Badass & Heroic Male Names?

  1. Abir – Hebrew and Arabic name meaning “courageous,” “strong,” and “mighty”
  2. Aldric – French and German boy name that means “old ruler”
  3. Atlas – The strongest Titan in Greek mythology, responsible for bearing the weight of the entire world on his shoulders
  4. Augustus – Roman and German name meaning “great” and “magnificent”
  5. Cyrus – Modern name that comes from the Greek word “kyrios” (lord); several Persian kings mentioned in the Bible had this name
  6. Denzill – Cornish name that means “stronghold”
  7. Ferguson – Comes from the Irish name “Fearghas,” meaning “man of courage” or “man of vigor”
  8. Griffin – German and Welsh name that means “strong prince”
  9. Imre – Hungarian name that comes from the German name “Emmerich,” meaning “universal ruler”
  10. Jupiter – Supreme and the most powerful god in Roman mythology
  11. Nero – Latin name meaning “strong,” “powerful,” or “vigorous”
  12. Osiris – English version of the Egyptian name “Usir,” meaning “mighty” or “powerful”
  13. Rostam – Name of Persian origin meaning “valiant,” “brave,” and “strong”
  14. Sabal – Sanskrit name meaning “one with great strength”
  15. Sisu – Finnish boy name that means “strength,” “determination,” and “willpower”
  16. Titus – Ancient Greek name meaning “the avenger” or Latin name meaning “title of honor”
  17. Xabat – Basque (cultural group between Spain and France) variant of the Latin name “Salvador,” meaning “savior”
  18. Zeus – The highest and most powerful of the Greek gods and goddesses who ruled from Mount Olympus

What Are Unique Warrior Names For A Boy?

  1. Ajamu – African name meaning “he fights for what he wants”
  2. Ajani – African name that means “he who wins the struggle”
  3. Andrew – Masculine boy name meaning “manly”
  4. Baron – Middle English and Old French name meaning “warrior” or “fighter”
  5. Gautier – French name meaning “ruler of the army”; a variant of “Walter”
  6. Kendrick – Old English name meaning “royal or bold power” or Welsh name meaning “chief” or “hero”
  7. Orion – Legendary Greek hunter that Zeus placed among the stars
  8. Ranvir – Indian and Sanskrit name meaning “hero of battle”
  9. Sahel – “Leader” in African
  10. Samson – Badass Old Testament hero with long hair linked to his incredible God-given strength (he was several times stronger than an ordinary man); according to the Bible, he even defeated a lion with his bare hands

What Are The Rarest Names For A Boy?

  1. Burke – Old English surname meaning “fortress”; now also used as a first or middle name for boys
  2. Emeric – French form of the German name “Emmerich,” which means “power”
  3. Gauri – Finnish version of the Hebrew name “Gabriel,” meaning “God is my strength”
  4. Guenther – Old Norse name that means “a good leader”
  5. Malthe – Danish name meaning “rule” or “power”
  6. Mandla – Zulu (African) name meaning “strength”
  7. Tedmond – Old English name that means “protector of the land”
  8. Zeke – Name of Hebrew origin meaning “God strengthens”; also a diminutive of Ezekiel

What Are The Coolest, Most Powerful Male Names?

  1. Anders – Scandinavian form of “Andrew,” meaning “strong and manly”
  2. Andre – French and Portuguese version of “Andrew”
  3. Chase – French name meaning “huntsman”
  4. Cliff – Old English name meaning “cliff-side slope”; can also be a diminutive for “Clifton” or “Clifford”
  5. Ethan – Modern name with Hebrew origin meaning “enduring,” “firm,” and “solid”
  6. Hunter – English name for “one who hunts”
  7. Idris – Welsh name coming from “udd” and “ris,” meaning “ardent lord” or “leader”
  8. Inti – Quechua (indigenous language in South America) name that means “sun”; it’s used for the Inca god of the sun
  9. Irie – Jamaican name meaning “powerful” and “positive”
  10. Knight – English name for a soldier or warrior
  11. Liam – Irish diminutive of the classic Germanic name “William” coming from “wil” (desire) and “helm” (protection)
  12. Reggie – Modern form of Reginald, a German name meaning “powerful ruler”
  13. Ryett – Canadian name meaning “strong-willed and driven (mentally and physically)”
  14. Tero – Finnish name meaning “strong” and “manly”; also a diminutive of Antero, the Finnish variation of Andrew

What Are Strong Biblical & Godly Names For A Boy?

Biblical names are also popular as powerful boy names because many of these biblical figures have incredible stories. Some options include:

  1. Aaron – Hebrew name of Egyptian origins, meaning “exalted” or “high mountain”; he’s Moses’ brother and was the first High Priest of Israel
  2. Abraham – Hebrew name meaning “father of nations”; he’s considered the patriarch of Christians and Muslims alike
  3. Adam – Hebrew name meaning “man,” known for being the first human, according to the Book of Genesis
  4. Azaiah – Hebrew name meaning “my strength is Yahweh (God)”
  5. Aziel – Hebrew name that means “God is my strength”
  6. David – Hebrew name meaning “beloved”; he’s one of the most important kings of Israel and known for defeating the fearsome giant Goliath in his youth
  7. Eli – Hebrew name meaning “ascension”; he’s one of the most devoted high priests of Israel
  8. Elim – Biblical place name meaning “a place of strong trees”
  9. Ezekiel – Ancient Hebrew that means “strength of God”
  10. Gabriel – Favorite angel name coming from the Hebrew words “gever” (strong man) and “el” (God); he’s the archangel known for bringing the good news of Jesus’ birth to Mary and Joseph
  11. Hezekiah – Hebrew name meaning “God gives strength”
  12. Michael – Another favorite angel name meaning “who is like God”; he’s one of the most powerful archangels and the leader of heaven’s army
  13. Peter – English version of the Greek name “Petros,” meaning “rock”; he’s one of Jesus’ 12 disciples
  14. Uzziah – Biblical name meaning “the Lord is my strength,” coming from the Ancient Hebrew words “oz” (strength and power) and “ya” (God)
  15. Uzziel – Hebrew name meaning “my power is God”

Powerful Yet Rare & Unique Boy Names

  1. Amon – Greek and Egyptian name meaning “the hidden one”; he’s the god of air in Egyptian mythology
  2. Ayele – Amharic (Ethiopian) name meaning “powerful”
  3. Aza – Arabic name meaning “powerful”
  4. Azim – Turkish name meaning “perseverance” or “never gives up”
  5. Aziz – Arabic name meaning “to be powerful”
  6. Barak – Powerful boy name that means “lightning”; also spelled as “Barack” (as in former US president Barack Obama)
  7. Bertram – Old English name of Germanic roots meaning “bright raven”
  8. Chibuike – Igbo name meaning “God is strength”
  9. Chidike – Igbo name that means “God is strong”
  10. Griffith – Welsh name meaning “strong lord”
  11. Haile – Ethiopian name meaning “force and power” or “strength”
  12. Jabbar – Arabic name that means “powerful”
  13. Jashyia – American baby name meaning “God’s strength”; also styled as “JaShyia”
  14. Prabhu – Sanskrit name meaning “a powerful, mighty master ” or Indian name meaning “prince”
  15. Sendoa – Basque name that means “strong”
  16. Wulfric – English name meaning “wolf power”

Classic Boy Names With Powerful Meanings

Some powerful old man names for your little gentleman:

  1. Boaz – Hebrew name meaning “swiftness”; he’s one of King David’s ancestors
  2. Caesar – Latin and Roman name that means “cut” or “hairy”; it’s powerful because of Julius Caesar, among the famous rulers of the Roman Empire (first century BCE)
  3. Lucius – Roman name coming from the Latin word “lux” (light)
  4. Montgomery – English name that means “mighty man”
  5. Napoleon – Greek name meaning “lion of the new city”; most namesakes include the French military leader Napoléon Bonaparte
  6. Oswald – German name meaning “God’s power”
  7. Oz – Hebrew name meaning “strength”
  8. Reginald – English word for “counsel power”
  9. Reynold – English name of German origin meaning “powerful counsel”
  10. Valentine – English form of the ancient Roman name “Valentinus,” meaning “strong”
  11. Valerian – Latin name meaning “strength” and “health”

Strong Boy Names With Powerful Meanings

There are words that we often associate with strength or power, such as “brave” and “warrior.” Animals like the lion and bear are also linked to power.

Baby Boy Names Meaning “Brave”

  1. Ballard – Scandinavian name meaning “brave” and “strong”
  2. Barlas – Turkish name meaning “hero” and “brave”
  3. Ebert – American boy name of Germanic origin; comes from the German name “Everard,” meaning “brave boar”
  4. Garrett – Irish variant of “Gerard,” meaning “brave and hardy” or “ruler and spear”
  5. Wyatt – Comes from the Old English name “Wigheard,” meaning “brave and hardy” or “battle”
  6. Yashvir – Indian name that means “brave” and “glorious”; also spelled as “Yashveer”
  7. Zoravar – Punjabi (Indo-Aryan language) name meaning “strong and brave”

Baby Boy Names Meaning “Warrior”

  1. Einarr – Old Norse name meaning “warrior”
  2. Evander – Another Old Norse name meaning “warrior”; famous people with this name include boxing champion, Evander Holyfield
  3. Ewan – Scottish Gaelic name “warrior who is young”
  4. Finley – Scottish name meaning “fair warrior”
  5. Hercules – Mythological Greek name meaning “hero,” “warrior,” or “Hera’s glory”; Hercules was Zeus’ son in Greek mythology, known for his strength and bravery
  6. Kijani – Means “warrior” in African
  7. Malin – Unisex name of Old English origin, meaning “little strong warrior”
  8. Mallon – English name meaning “little strong warrior”
  9. Ragnar – Norse name meaning “warrior” or “judgment”

Baby Boy Names Meaning “King” Or “Ruler”

  1. Alaric – German name meaning “all-powerful ruler”
  2. Henrick – English name that means “strong ruler”
  3. King – Old English name for “ruler”
  4. Mahesh – Indian (Sanskrit) name meaning “great ruler”
  5. Rajan – Indian (Sanskrit) name for “king”
  6. Rex – Modern honorific or short name of Latin origin meaning “king”

Baby Boy Names Meaning “Strength” Or “Strong”

  1. Abiri – Hebrew name meaning “my strength and my hero”
  2. Absko – Kenyan boy name that means “power and strength”
  3. Adelard – French version of the Spanish name “Abelardo,” which means “noble and strong”
  4. Amzi – Hebrew name meaning “strong”
  5. Ande – Short form of Andrew with African origin, meaning “pillar of strength”
  6. Apollo – Greek name meaning “strength” or “destroyer”; he’s the god of the sun, light, healing, truth, and prophecy in Greek mythology
  7. Armstrong – Middle English name meaning “strong fighter”
  8. Autry – French name coming from the ancient Anglo-Saxon name “Æðelþryð,” which means “noble strength”
  9. Benhail – Hebrew name meaning “son of strength”
  10. Bidziil – Navajo (Native American) name meaning “he is strong”
  11. Chasin – Ancient Hebrew name that means meaning “strong” and “mighty”
  12. Deandre – American name that means “strong”
  13. Duron – French name meaning “strong”
  14. Ejikeme – Igbo (western African) name meaning “to use strength”
  15. Eyal – Means “strength and might” in Hebrew
  16. Gibbor – Hebrew name that means “strong one”; it can also be spelled as “Gibor”
  17. Hamza – Arabic name meaning “strong and steadfast”
  18. Honovi – Hopi (Native American) name that means “strong” or “a strong deer”
  19. Ikemba – Igbo name meaning “strength of a nation”
  20. Jarek – Slavic name meaning “strong and fierce”; can also be a diminutive of “Jaroslav”
  21. Kale – Hawaiian name meaning “strong”
  22. Lamech – Hebrew meaning “strong or low”
  23. Limbani – Chewa (Southern African) name meaning “be strong”
  24. Magni – Old Norse name which means “mighty and strong”
  25. Makin – Arabic baby boy name meaning “strong” and “firm”
  26. Maoz – Means “fortress” and “strength” in Hebrew
  27. Maska – Native American name meaning “strong”
  28. Maynard – English version of the Germanic name “Meginhard,” meaning “strength” and “brave”
  29. Napayshni – Lakota (Native American) name meaning “strong and courageous”
  30. Ofu – Idoma (African) name meaning “power and strength”
  31. Valerio – Latin name that means “strength” and “health”
  32. Wayan – Balinese (Austronesian cultural group native in Bali, Indonesia) name of Sanskrit origins, meaning “energy” or “strength”
  33. Zuberi – Swahili (East African) name meaning “strong”

Baby Boy Names Meaning “Brave”

  1. Abelardo – Spanish boy name from Germanic words “adal” (brave) and “hard” (noble)
  2. Conrad – German name meaning “brave counsel”
  3. Decebal – Ancient Dacian (Indo-European) name meaning “brave,” “strong,” and “powerful”
  4. Leopold – Means “brave people” in German
  5. Pruitt – Comes from the Old French word “proux,” meaning “brave” and “valiant”

Baby Boy Names Meaning “Fire”

Names that mean fire can also be a powerful choice for your baby boy:

  1. Abiz – Arabic name meaning “a spark or flame of fire”
  2. Admani – Sanskrit name meaning “the fire or a burning flame”
  3. Aiden – Irish and Gaelic name from the Old Irish moniker “Aodhán,” meaning “little fire”; can also be spelled as “Aidan”
  4. Hijiri – Japanese name meaning “fire”
  5. Homura – Japanese name that means “flame”
  6. Keahi – Hawaiian name meaning “flame”

Baby Boy Names Meaning “Lion”

  1. Ariel – Name with Hebrew origin meaning “lion of God,” coming from “ari” (lion) and “el” (God)
  2. Hamzah – Arabic name meaning “lion” or “strong”
  3. Leo – Latin name for “lion”
  4. Leon – Greek name for “lion”
  5. Leonard – Germanic name meaning “brave lion”
  6. Leonardo – Italian boy name meaning “brave lion”
  7. Leonidas – German name meaning “lion strength”
  8. Lionel – Means “lion” in Latin
  9. Othniel – Hebrew name meaning “lion of God” or “strength of God”
  10. Simba – Swahili name meaning “lion” and “strength”

Baby Boy Names Meaning “Bear”

  1. Arturo – Italian baby name meaning “bear”
  2. Barrett – Old German that means “brave as a bear” or “strength of a bear”
  3. Bear – Nature name for one of the planet’s strongest animals
  4. Benno – German name meaning “bear”
  5. Bernhard – Means “bear strength” or “strong, brave bear” in German
  6. Orson – Latin name meaning “bear”
  7. Osbourne – English name meaning “bear god”

Baby Boy Names Meaning “Victory”

  1. Klaus – German name meaning “victory of the people”; it can also be short for “Nikolaus”
  2. Nicéphore – French name meaning “carrying victory”
  3. Nicodemus – Greek name that also means “victory of the people”
  4. Sanjaya – Sanskrit name meaning “completely victorious or triumphant”
  5. Seigfried – Old High German name that means “peace of victory”
  6. Sigmund – German name meaning “protection through victory”
  7. Victor – English name of Latin origin meaning “conqueror” or “winner”

Powerful & Strong Male Names With International & Multicultural Origins

Strong Greek Boy Names

  1. Aimilios – Greek name that means “strength”
  2. Ajax – Greek name meaning “eagle”; he’s one of the heroes of the Trojan War in Homer’s “Iliad
  3. Alcibiades – Ancient Greek name meaning means “strength”
  4. Andreas – Ancient Greek name that means “strong” and “manly”
  5. Jason – Comes from the Greek name “Iason,” meaning “healer”; he’s the hero in the epic quest for the legendary golden fleece in “Jason and the Argonauts
  6. Quillon – Latin and Greek name meaning “strong” and “crossing swords”
  7. Sosthenes – Greek name meaning “safe strength”

Powerful Italian Boy Names

  1. Alessandro – Greek name meaning “man’s defender” or “warrior”
  2. Ansaldo – Italian boy name of Germanic origin, coming from “ans” and “wald” meaning “powerful leader” or “ruler”
  3. Arsenio – Spanish and Italian version of the Greek name “Arsenios,” meaning “virile” or “virility”
  4. Drudo – Medieval Italian name that means “strong” and “defender”
  5. Marco – Italian variant of “Mark,” which comes from the Latin name “Marcus,” meaning “warlike”; it relates to Mars (Roman god of war)

Strong Baby Boy Names Of Irish Origin

  1. Brian – Irish Celtic name coming from the word “bri,” which means “force” and “strength”
  2. Conall – Irish boy name that means “strong wolf”
  3. Quinlan – Irish and Gaelic name meaning “strong”
  4. Raghnall – Scottish and Irish form of the Scandinavian name “Ragnvaldr,” which means “advice and power” or “counsel ruler”

Badass Spanish & Mexican Boy Names

These are some strong and powerful Mexican boy names you can choose:

  1. Alejandro – Spanish version of “Alexander,” meaning “defender of man”
  2. Fernando – Spanish and Portuguese variant of “Ferdinand,” which means “daring, brave journey”
  3. Lobo – Means “wolf” in Spanish
  4. Valente – Mexican baby name that comes from the Roman name “Valentinus,” meaning “vigorous,” “strong,” and “healthy”

Cool & Strong Hawaiian Boy Names

Some powerful Hawaiian names to choose for your baby boy:

  1. Etana – Means “strong,” “strength,” or “dedication”
  2. Ikaika – Means “strong”
  3. Kaikane – Means “strong sea”
  4. Kaimana – Means “power of the ocean”
  5. Kawikani – Means “the strong one”
  6. Koa – Means “brave,” “fearless,” “warrior,” and “bold”
  7. Mana – Means “power”

Strong Korean Boy Names

These Korean boy names can also be cool choices for your baby:

  1. Hyuk-ki – Means “strong,” “vigorous,” and “radiant”
  2. Kang-dae – Means “mighty and strong”
  3. Kwan – Means “strong”
  4. Seok – Means “ancient,” “strong,” and “stone”

Powerful Japanese Names For Boys

Plenty of Japanese boy names are linked with power, especially with their links to anime names (a special kind of Japanese cartoon or animation). Some examples include:

  1. Katsu – Means “victorious”
  2. Kenichi – Means “healthy firstborn” or “strong boy”
  3. Kenji – Means “strong and healthy”
  4. Kenta – Also means “healthy and strong”
  5. Kenzo – Means “healthy,” “strong,” and “wise”
  6. Kohaku – Means “strong,” “red and white,” and “tiger”
  7. Raiden – Means “thunder and lightning” in Japanese
  8. Sota – Means “the strong sound of the wind”
  9. Takeo – Means “as strong as bamboo”
  10. Takeshi – Means “warrior,” “strong,” “fierce,” “masculine,” or “healthy”; anime boy name in “Pokemon,” also known in English as “Brock”
  11. Tsuyoshi – Means “sturdy and strong”

Strong German Boy Names

  1. Arno – Means “eagle”
  2. Berthold – Means “bright” and “strength”
  3. Bertrand- Means “shield” or “bright shield”
  4. Egon – Means “strong with a sword”
  5. Elfried – Old German name that means “elf strength”
  6. Hariric – Old German name meaning means “powerful army” or “ruler”
  7. Meinrad – Ancient Germanic name meaning “strong counsel”
  8. Reynard – Means “powerful advice”
  9. Richmond – Means “powerful protector”
  10. Riker – Means “rich and powerful”
  11. Valdus – Means “powerful”

Badass Nonbinary Or Unisex Names

  1. Ambrose – Greek name that means “immortal”
  2. Amell – Gender-neutral German name meaning “power of an eagle”
  3. Arne – Short form of “Arnold,” meaning “eagle power”
  4. Benz – German name that means “bright strength”
  5. Drew – Short form of “Andrew,” an English name meaning “strong,” “warrior,” and “manly”
  6. Enzi – Swahili name meaning “powerful”
  7. Fermin – Basque and Spanish name meaning “firm and strong”
  8. Fort – French name meaning “strong”
  9. Max – Powerful one-syllable name derived from the Latin term “maximus,” which means “greatest”; it can also be a short form for Maximillian
  10. Mel – English name that means “confident” or “he who is daring”
  11. Merrick – Anglo-Welsh name meaning “fame” or “power”
  12. Olis – Ukrainian form of “Alex,” a short form of “Alexander” meaning “defending man”
  13. Power – English word name that can be used as middle name or pet name for your baby
  14. Sasha – Russian name that comes from “Alexander” or “Alexandra,” meaning “defending man”
  15. Sovereign – English word name that means “supreme ruler” or “ultimate power”
  16. Stone – British name meaning “dweller by the rocks” or the English word “stone”
  17. Vigor – English name of Latin origin meaning “strength,” “force,” and “liveliness”
  18. Zane – Modern variant of “John,” meaning “God is gracious”

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