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210+ Ghost Names & Their Spooky (Or Cool) Stories

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Are you trying to find a ghost name for Halloween, a cool name for a ghost character, or searching for “ugly” names to avoid giving your baby because of their supernatural links? Or perhaps you’re interested to read about spooky (or sometimes cool) ghost stories?

No matter your reason for finding ghostly names, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve listed 210+ names with meanings and some ghost stories you might find interesting below.

Note that while some are considered feminine or masculine names, many ghost names are nonbinary or gender-free.


What Are The Best Names For Ghosts?

  • Abraham (Hebrew biblical boy name) – After the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, who served beginning in 1861 as the 16th US president until his assassination in 1865; several people, including Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, claimed to have seen his ghost wandering the White House halls (1)



  • Ernest (German boy name) – After the apparition in the haunted house of Netflix’s “We Have a Ghost” 


  • Flying Dutchman – After the legendary ghost ship that’s supposedly doomed to sail the seas forever; sightings of the Dutchman are believed to mean impending doom, and the ship is a favorite in popular culture (e.g., in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series)


  • Ghost (androgynous name) – After the DC comic book super-villain Alec Rois, who designed experimental weapons as a brilliant physicist but turned into a villain with teleportation powers


  • Ginette (Germanic, Hebrew, and Italian girl name) – “White phantom” or “tribe woman”


  • Headless Horseman – A classic ghost name after the “spirit” that scared schoolteacher Ichabod Crane in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”; also a Disney name after the character in “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad,” an adaptation of the classic tale



  • Samuel (Hebrew boy name) – “God has heard”; biblical name after the ghost of the prophet Samuel summoned by the Witch of Endor for King Saul (the ghost was so angry at being summoned from his peaceful “slumber” that he predicted the king’s downfall in battle, which came true the following day)


  • Beetlejuice (invented name; originally fashioned as “Betelgeuse”) – Ghostly demon from the Netherworld who claims to be a “bio-exorcist” for ghosts who want to get rid of the living humans in their “haunted house”; the main character in the American fantasy horror comedy film “Beetlejuice


  • Ghost Rider – Main character in “Ghost Rider” after the ghostly hero who, despite being hell-bound, does his duty to use his powers to punish evildoers for their crimes



  • No-Face – Anime name after the dark spirit in “Spirited Away” who resembles a black humanoid being that has a white mask; this magical being can devour other spirits and use their voice, powers, emotions, and abilities


Cute & Adorable Ghost Names

  • Anima (Latin name) – “Soul”; can be considered a girl name


  • Banafrit (Egyptian girl name) – “Beautiful soul”


  • Boo – Adorable ghost enemy in the Super Mario Bros. video games, depicted as a round figure with fangs but still looks cute


  • Casper (Scandinavian and Persian boy name) – “Treasure bearer”; after the friendly ghost in “Casper



  • Gengar (Danish and German name) – “Doppelgänger or a double of a person”; anime boy name after a character in “Pokemon


  • Nwaya (Javanese – Indonesian unisex name; pronounced as “nwah-yah”) – “Soul”


  • Snapchat Ghost – Cute ghost that symbolizes the temporary nature of Snapchat messages




Pac-Man’s Ghost Gang

The Pac-Man video game has four colorful ghosts, collectively called the “Ghost Gang,” with different traits:

  • Blinky – Red ghost that chases Pac-Man around the maze


  • Clyde – Orange ghost with random, slower movements 


  • Inky – Blue ghost described as “shy”


  • Pinky – Pink ghost that speeds around the maze


Good & Helpful Ghosts

  • Annie (Hebrew, Scottish, and Irish girl name) – “Full of grace”; after Annie Sawyer, a ghost in “Being Human” who lives with Mitchell (a vampire) and George (a werewolf)


  • Ibbur (Hebrew name) – Positive form of ghost possession in Jewish folklore wherein a benevolent soul inhabits a living person temporarily, in a beneficial way


  • Malcolm (Scottish boy name) – “Devotee of Saint Columba”; (spoiler alert) after Dr. Malcolm Crowe, the child psychologist in “The Sixth Sense” who turns out to be a ghost in the movie’s biggest plot twist


  • Sam (Hebrew gender-neutral name) – “God hears”; after Sam Wheat, played by Patrick Swayze in the movie “Ghost” who stays on Earth to protect his girlfriend


The Christmas Ghosts

In Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol,” three Christmas ghosts visit Ebenezer Scrooge, a cold-hearted miser (stingy person who hoards wealth but rarely spends money).


  • The Ghost of Christmas PastReminds the old Scrooge of his goodness by showing some memories from his past


  • The Ghost of Christmas Present – Shows him scenes of people sharing with each other despite not having much to give


  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come – Frightening ghost that resembles the Grim Reaper, he silently reminds Scrooge of what might happen in the future


Badass Ghost Names


  • Danny (Scottish and Hebrew boy name) – “God is my judge” as a nickname or variant of “Daniel”; after Danny Phantom, the ghost-hunting superhero who became a half-ghost after accidentally blowing up his parents’ laboratory


  • Dead Men of Dunharrow – Known as the “Men of the White Mountains” or “Army of the Dead” in “The Lord of the Rings” who abandoned Gondor during the War of the Last Alliance and were cursed by King Isildur to remain in Middle Earth; they stayed as ghosts for centuries until they redeemed themselves by helping Isildur’s heir (Aragorn) defeat some armies of Sauron (the main antagonist)



What Names Mean Ghost Or Spirit?

  • Achak (Algonquin – Native American boy name) – “Spirit”


  • Avatāraya (Sinhalese – Sri Lankan boy name) – “Ghost”


  • Avira (Arabic boy name) – “Spirit,” “air,” or “atmosphere”


  • Bhūta (Gujarati – Indian girl name) – “Ghost”


  • Drogo (Anglo-Saxon and German boy name) – “Phantom,” “ghost,” or “to carry”




  • Hantu (Indonesian boy name) – “Ghost”


  • Lillith (Arabic girl name) – “Ghost,” “belonging to the night,” or “monster”


  • Mamua (Basque boy name) – “Ghost”


  • Phantom (English name) – “Ghost”


  • Roho (Swahili – African boy name) – “Ghost”


  • Shen (Chinese name) – “Spirit”


Ghost Names That Mean Soul

  • Aatamgosh (Hindu boy name) – “Soul” or “inner light”



  • Ānmā (Tamil – Indian girl name) – “Soul”


  • Atman (Sanskrit unisex name) – “Soul” or “self”


  • Āvi (Tamil – Indian girl name) – “Soul”


  • Dušek (Slavic and Polish name for boys) – “Soul”



  • Hew (Scottish and Old German boy name) – “Soul,” “spirit,” or “mind”


  • Jan (Kazakh unisex name) – “Soul”


  • Jiva (Sanskrit unisex name) – “An individual soul”


  • Mahatma (Sanskrit boy name) – “Great soul”


  • Moyo (Chichewa – African name) – “Soul”


  • Rŭh (Kurdish – Iranian unisex name) – “Soul”



Characters From Ghost Stories, Literature, Movies, & Pop Culture

  • Anakin (American boy name) – “Warrior”; after the ghost of Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars


  • Bloody Baron – Slytherin ghost in the “Harry Potter” series


  • Captain Daniel Gregg – Sea captain ghost in “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir who tried to haunt a young widow but ended up developing a friendship and, later, a romantic relationship with her


  • Denny (Greek name; unisex) – “Follower of Dionysius”; after Denny Duquette, the heart transplant patient who becomes a ghost in “Grey’s Anatomy


  • Duke Ellington in “Big Mouth” – Fictional ghost name after a real-life character (American jazz pianist Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington)


  • Hatbox Ghost – One of the antagonists in the “Haunted Mansion,” including in the film’s comic book adaptations; he’s tasked to collect 1,000 souls


  • Jacob (Hebrew boy name) – Twin boy name meaning “to supplant”; after Jacob Marley, the ghost of Scrooge’s former partner in “A Christmas Carol” who also warns him to change his miserly ways


  • Joe (Hebrew boy name) – Short boy name and variant of “Joseph,” which means “God will add”; after Shoeless Joe Jackson, a ghost in “Field of Dreams” based on a real-life baseball player from the early 1900s


  • King HamletHamlet’s father in Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”; once a mighty warrior, he demands his son to avenge his death


  • Slimer – One of the ghosts in “Ghostbusters,” known for being green and slimy


What Is A Ghost Girl’s Name?

  • Charlotte (French name for girls) – “Free man (or woman)”; after Charlotte Usher, the main character in the novel “ghostgirl” who became a ghost after choking on a gummy bear


What Is A Ghost Boy’s Name?

  • Jerome (American and Greek boy name) – Boy who turned into a ghost after being shot by a police officer who thought his toy gun was a real threat


Ghosts That Haunt Certain Locations

  • Drury Lane Ghost – After the ghost that supposedly haunts the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane in London


  • Moaning Myrtle – Witchy name after the muggle-born (not pure blood) student witch in “Harry Potter” who haunts the girl’s bathroom where she died; she also uses the pipes to haunt the other bathrooms in Hogwarts


The Creepiest Ghost Names

  • Bloody Mary – American folklore ghost or phantom that supposedly appears in front of the mirror if you light a candle and say her name repeatedly


  • Cihuateteo (Aztec name) – Ghosts of women who died during childbirth; they’re believed to steal children, cause madness or disease, and haunt crossroads


  • Freddy (English boy name) – Powerful name meaning “peaceful ruler”; contrary to the name’s positive meaning, Freddy Krueger is a child killer in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” who became a vengeful ghost after his victims’ parents burned him to death


  • Ghoul (English name) – “Ghostly demonic creature that drinks blood and eats the dead”


  • Phi Tai Hong (Thai name) – Vengeful and angry spirit who suffered a violent death


  • Poltergeist (German name) – “Noisy ghost”; disruptive ghost various folklore from around the world, disturbing humans and creating the typical “haunted home” with strange noises and, sometimes, physical attacks; poltergeists are among the most common ghosts in popular culture (e.g., the “Poltergeist” movies or in “Harry Potter”)


  • Ringwraiths – Ghostly but powerful black riders, also called the “Nazgul,” in “Lord of the Rings”; they’re undead entities from the nine mortal men who received rings of power from Sauron


Scary Ghost Names & Poltergeists

  • Bell Witch – American folklore ghost who supposedly tormented the Bell family, their visitors, and the investigators (who didn’t believe in ghosts); unlike most ghosts, this one was able to interact with humans


  • Mr. Boogedy – Disney character in the movie “Mr. Boogedy” after the ghost of a pilgrim who received a magic cloak after selling his soul to Satan


  • Peeves – Poltergeist with a physical form in the “Harry Potter” series


Ghosts From Urban Legends

  • Candyman – Ghost of a young slave who was killed by an angry mob because he fell in love with a white woman (they also took off his hand and replaced it with a hook); according to urban legend, he can be summoned if you say his name five times in front of a mirror


  • Skinned Tom – Another urban legend about a vengeful ghost who supposedly attacks lovers in their cars; he is the ghost of a man skinned alive by a jealous husband using a hunting knife


  • Vanishing Hitchhiker – Common urban legend around the world about a hitchhiker who suddenly vanishes


Exotic Ghost Names From Around The World

  • Bogill (Scottish and English name) – Goblin-like ghostly beings who love to annoy, frighten, or confuse humans, but they rarely cause serious harm; also spelled as “Bogle” or “Boggle”


  • Chindi (Navajo – Native American name) – Ghost that leaves a person’s body when they take their last breath; it’s considered a bad spirit


  • Draugr (Norse and Norwegian name; pronounced as “druy-ghur”) – Ghostly but powerful undead Vikings with superhuman strength and shape-shifting abilities


  • Gjenganger (Scandinavian name; pronounced as “gin-gah-ner”) – Vengeful ghost of a murderer or someone who died a violent death (by murder or suicide) who cause torment to the living


  • La Llorona (Spanish girl name; pronounced as “ler-row-nah”) – Ghost of a woman who drowned her children to be with her lover but committed suicide when she was rejected


  • Multo (Filipino name) – Word name that means “ghost” in many parts of the Philippines


  • Nachzehrer (German name; pronounced as “nahk-keer”) – Powerful ghost from the spirit of a person who died an accidental or violent death; once awakened, the ghost tries to eat their own flesh in the grave, living family members, or rings the church bells and kills everyone within hearing


  • Roh (Javanese and Indonesian name) – “Spirit”


  • Strigoi (Romanian name) – Evil spirits who haunt the living, especially their family members


Gender-Based Ghost Names

Names For Male Ghosts

  • Caden (Welsh boy name) – “Spirit of war”


  • Du’an (Serbian boy name) – “Soul”


  • Tomas (Aramaic and Greek boy name) – “Twin”; after Tomás, a ghost (protagonist) in the Spanish suspense/horror film “El Orfanato” (The Orphanage)


Names For Female Ghosts

  • Arima (Basque girl name) – “Spirit”


  • Dušana (Slavic girl name) – “Soul”


  • Enid (Welsh girl name) – “Soul”; also spelled as “Enide”


Nonbinary Ghost Names

  • Chuchip (Hopi – Native American name) – “Deer spirit”


  • Nurzhan (Kazakhstani name) – “Light soul”


Fake Ghost Names

  • Banquo (invented name) – “Thane of Lochaber,” a ghostly character in William Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth”; although seen as a “ghost” that causes a scene during a feast, many believe that Banquo is just Macbeth’s hallucination out of guilt for killing him


  • Murdered Peddler – There are several versions of this ghost story, but it usually involves the vengeful spirit of a murdered peddler buried in someone’s house; however, the story is also believed to be a hoax created by the Fox sisters (Leah, Margaretta, and Catherine) in the 1800s to earn money by posing as a medium to communicate with the ghost (2)


Fun Or Creepy Ghost Names From A To Z

Ghost Names Starting With A

  • Alice (German girl name) – “Noble” or “exalted”; after the ghost of Alice Pyncheon in “The House of the Seven Gables


  • Amadlozi (Nguni – African nonbinary name) – “Spiritual figures”


  • Ātmaya (Sinhalese – Sri Lankan nonbinary name) – “Soul”


  • Axar (Gujarati – Indian nonbinary name) – “Ghost”


  • Ayakashi (Japanese name; unisex) – “Strange phenomenon of the sea”; after the vengeful spirits of those who died at sea and trying to capture others to join them


Ghost Names Starting With B

  • Baiszhan (Persian boy name) – “A rich soul”


  • Bhoot (Indian unisex name) – Restless ghost that appears human but with backward-facing feet, no shadow, and can float above the trees


  • Bob (German boy name) – “Bright fame”; after Bob (real name: “Hrothbert of Bainbridge”), a smart spirit who assists Harry Dresden with various magical tasks in “The Dresden Files


Ghost Names Starting With C

  • Canterville Ghost – Also known as “Sir Simon,” the main character in “The Canterville Ghost” that haunted the ancestral home for over 300 years after he was murdered by his brothers-in-law and buried in a secret chamber in the house 


  • Clytemnestra (ancient Greek name for girls) – A scheming woman who murders her husband and then becomes a vengeful spirit after her son, Orestes, kills her out of revenge for his father’s death


  • Crypt Keeper – After the narrator of “Tales from the Crypt,” who later became a ghost and portrayed as a cackling animated corpse who loves to make “deadly” and funny puns (e.g., “Hello, boils and ghouls!”)


Ghost Names Starting With D

  • Demonica (Latin girl name) – “Demon ghost” or “mistress of evil”


  • Draugur (Icelandic boy name) – “Ghost”


  • Dušan (Slavic boy name) – “Soul”


  • Dybbuk (Hebrew boy name; pronounced as “di-buhk”) – Malevolent spirit or soul of a dead person who can possess the living


Ghost Names Starting With E

  • Edwina (Latin and Old English girl name) – “Prosperous friend” or “rich friend”; after Edwina Cutwater, the spoiled heiress who ends up sharing a body with a man after she became a ghost in “All of Me


  • Egbere (Yoruban – African unisex name) – “Malevolent spirit”


  • Elliot (Hebrew gender-neutral name) – “The Lord is my God”; after Elliot Hopper, the workaholic widower dad who temporarily becomes a ghost in “Ghost Dad


  • Elvira (German name for girls) – “Truth”; after Elvira Condomine, a disruptive ghost who troubles her former husband in “Blithe Spirit


  • Emeric (French boy name) – “Power”; after Emeric Belasco, the crazy and sadistic millionaire who was powerful enough to cause physical damage and deaths as he haunts in “Hell House



Ghost Names Starting With F


  • Fat Friar – The Hufflepuff ghost in “Harry Potter” who attended Hogwarts in his youth, then returned to the school as a ghost after his death


  • Fravardin (Persian boy name) – “Guardian spirit”


  • Funayūrei (Japanese nonbinary name) – Human spirits that become vengeful ghosts at sea


Ghost Names Starting With G

  • Gashadokuro (Japanese nonbinary name) – Spirit that takes the form of a 10-foot giant skeleton made from skulls of those who died on the battlefield


  • Gayna (English girl name) – “White phantom”


  • Georgia (Greek girl name) – “Farmer” or “earth-worker”; after Georgia “George” Lass, the ghost who took up work as a grim reaper after dying from falling space debris in “Dead Like Me


  • Gozer (Persian and Iranian boy name) – “The Destroyer” or “ancient, demonic Sumerian god”; after Gozer the Traveler, a powerful shapeshifter ghost in “Ghostbusters


  • Grey Lady – Witchy name after the ghost of Helena Ravenclaw (daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw) in “Harry Potter” who haunts the Ravenclaw house founded by her mother


  • Goryō (Japanese nonbinary name) – Noble person who became a vengeful ghost after an untimely death, causing hauntings and bringing problems like diseases, an epidemic, or famine


Ghost Names Starting With H

  • Hania (Hopi – Native American boy name) – “Spirit warrior”


  • Hatif (Arabic and Ancient Egyptian nonbinary name) – Haunting voice that can be heard, but its body can’t be found


  • Hehewuti (Hopi – Native American girl name) – “Warrior mother spirit”


  • Hewie (Scottish and Old German boy name) – “Soul,” “mind,” or “spirit”


  • Hototo (Hopi – Native American boy name) – “Warrior spirit who sings”


  • Hungry Ghosts – Entities in Buddhism and Chinese folklore that are always hungry


Ghost Names Starting With I

  • Ifrit (Arabic and ancient Egyptian nonbinary name) – Spirits of the dead that turn into powerful demons inhabiting temples or ruins


  • Ikiryō (Japanese nonbinary name) – Ghost or spirit that haunts places and can travel across great distances


  • Imamu (African boy name) – “Spiritual leader”


  • Inugami (Japanese nonbinary name) – Possession done by the spirit of a dog


Ghost Names Starting With J

  • Janan (Arabic unisex name) – “Soul” or “heart”



  • Jima (Wari – indigenous Amazonia name) – Ghostly beings that grab at living victims, attempting to tear their spirits away from their bodies 


Ghost Names Starting With K

  • Kachina (Hopi – Native American name) – “Spirit” or “sacred dancer”


  • Kneph (Egyptian boy name; pronounced as “neph”) – “Soul breath”; also a mythical name after the Egyptian god of animals and spirit


  • Kotori (Hopi – Native American boy name) – “Screech owl spirit”


  • Kuchisake-onna (Japanese girl name) – “Slit-mouthed woman”; a malevolent ghost that usually covers her face partially with a mask while carrying a sharp object (e.g., knife or pair of scissors)


Ghost Names Starting With L

  • Landvættir (Old Norse and modern Icelandic nonbinary name; pronounced as “land-fa-teer”) – Spirits of the land that protect their territory, which can be as small as a rock or as large as an entire country section


  • Large Marge – Kind trucker ghost in “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”) who gives Pee-Wee a ride while he searches for his missing bike; she recounts the worst accident she’s ever witnessed, but Pee-Wee learns later on that the trucker had died in that accident 10 years ago


  • Lwa (Haitian – African nonbinary name) – Group of spirits in Haitian Vodou religion venerated in various West African traditional religions


Ghost Names Starting With M

  • Madam Koi Koi (Nigerian – African girl name) – Ghost that haunts school toilets and hallways, dormitories, or boarding school toilets at night


  • Mary Celeste – After a real-life ghost ship mysteriously abandoned by its crew and discovered in 1872, making it a favorite subject of ghost stories


  • Masina (Malagasy – Austronesian language in Madagascar) – Word name for “ghost”


  • Mogwai (Chinese nonbinary name) – “Evil spirit,” “monster,” “demon,” or “devil”


  • Mononoke (Japanese nonbinary name) – Vengeful spirits that can possess individuals, making them suffer or cause their death


Ghost Names Starting with N

  • Nathaniel (Hebrew boy name) – Biblical boy name meaning “God has given”; the ghost of a dad who died on Christmas Eve but was still able to interact with his family and other living characters in the TV series “Six Feet Under


  • Nearly Headless Nick (Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington) – Ghost of the Gryffindor House in “Harry Potter”; he died after a magical mishap in King Henry VII’s court, but his head wasn’t completely severed because of a dull ax


  • Nirvana (Sanskrit nonbinary name) – “Liberation of the soul”


  • Noppera-bō (Japanese nonbinary name) – “Faceless ghost” after a ghost that looks human but doesn’t have a face


Ghost Names Starting With O

  • Obake (Japanese nonbinary name) – “Ghost” or “shape-shifting ghost”


  • Obambo (Central African androgynous name) – “Supernatural being”


  • Ogbanje (Igbo – African unisex name) – “Evil spirit


  • Oliver (Old Norse, Latin, and English boy name) – “Olive tree”; after Oliver Welles, a theater director who became a ghost after he got run over by a truck, yet he refuses to move on after learning that his troubled protege steps took over his role of artistic director to a “Hamlet” stage production for the New Burbage Shakespeare Festival


  • Onryō (Japanese girl name) – “Vengeful spirit” or “resentful spirit” of a traumatized woman who seeks revenge against the world by killing or injuring their enemies and even causing natural disasters for vengeance


Ghost Names Starting With P

  • Phi (Laothian girl name; a language used in the Southeast Asian country Laos) – “Ghost”


  • Pishacha (Hindu girl name) – Demonic ghosts that can feed on human energies and flesh, possess their bodies, and alter their thoughts, pushing them to madness; they often haunt cremation grounds


  • Pneuma (ancient Greek girl name) – “Spirit”


  • Preta (Sanskrit and Standard Tibetan nonbinary name) – “Hungry ghost with an extreme level of hunger and thirst”


Ghost Names Starting With Q

  • Qiqirn (Inuit androgynous name) – “Large, bald spirit of a dog”


  • Qliphoth (Hebrew and Jewish nonbinary name) – “Evil spirits


  • Queen Anne Boleyn – Beheaded by her husband, King Henry VIII, after she was found guilty of incest, high treason, and adultery, she became a ghost believed to have haunted the Tower of London since 1536


  • Queen Esther – Ghost of an Iroquois (Native American) woman in Pennsylvania who cries over the massacre of her village 


Ghost Names Starting With R

  • Radande (Swedish nonbinary name) – “Tree spirit”


  • Revenant (European nonbinary name) – Visible ghost or an undead corpse that returns from the grave for vengeance against their killer or other people responsible for their death and had wronged them in life


  • Rusalka (Slavic girl name) – Mermaid name meaning “female water spirit”


  • Ruyu (Hausa – African unisex name) – “Spirit”


Ghost Names Starting With S

  • Slender Man – Internet myth or an online urban legend about a mysterious creature who stalks his victims, even for long periods, and causes paranoia, madness, or amnesia; he is believed to be responsible for several unexplained disappearances


  • Space Ghost – Former space superhero who became the host of his own ghost talk show in “Space Ghost and Dino Boy” and in “Space Ghost Coast to Coast


  • Spiridion (Greek boy name) – “Ghost spirit” or “little spirit” as a variant of the Latin name “Spiritus”


  • Suli (Georgian girl name) – “Spirit”


Ghost Names Starting With T

  • Tek-ko-kui (Taiwanese nonbinary name) – “Bamboo ghost” after the entity that haunts a bamboo forest, causing the bamboo to bend and block the way


  • Tenkuuji Takeru – Anime boy name after the protagonist in “Kamen Rider Ghost”; he began as a ghost hunter and later transformed into the Kamen Rider Ghost 


  • Tikolosh (Zulu – African nonbinary name) – Mischievous and evil dwarf-like water spirit that can become invisible by swallowing a stone or drinking water; also known as “Tikoloshe,” “Tokoloshe,” “Thokolosi,” “Tokolotshe,” or “Hili”


Ghost Names Starting With U

  • Ubume (Japanese girl name) – Ghostly apparition of a pregnant woman who died during childbirth; according to ghost stories, the Ubume typically looks like an ordinary woman and usually tries to give their baby to a passerby before suddenly disappearing 


  • Umibōzu (Japanese boy name) – “Ghost of a drowned priest”


  • Utukku (Akkadian – Semitic boy name) – “Underworld messenger spirit”


Ghost Names Starting With V

  • Vetala (Hindu nonbinary name) – Spirit who haunts burial grounds, taking possession of corpses to cause trouble to the living


  • Vigo the Carpathian – Cruel and powerful magician who returns to the world as a ghost through his creepy self-portrait in “Ghostbusters II


  • Vogi (Armenian boy name) – “Spirit”


Ghost Names Starting With W

  • Wanageeska (Native American boy name) – “White spirit”


  • Wangliang (Chinese nonbinary name) – Malevolent spirit believed to cause illnesses such as malaria or eat the brain and liver of corpses


  • Wiedergänger (German nonbinary name) – Undead spirit who troubles the living (e.g., jumping on their back and becoming heavier until the person breaks down or appearing as a scary being, such as a headless horseman)


  • Wild Hunt – Group of ghostly huntsmen (includes horses and hounds) that float or rampage across the sky; they’re believed to be an omen of plague, war, death, or another catastrophic event


Ghost Names Starting With X

  • Xana (Asturian girl name) – Mystical name after a ghostly creature of extraordinary beauty, living in areas with pure water


  • Xiuhcoatl (Aztec name for boys; pronounced as “schee-uh-koh-aht”) – Mythological serpent believed to be the spirit form of Xiuhtecuhtli (Aztec god of fire); also called the “fire serpent”


  • Xunantunich (Mayan girl name; pronounced as “zooi-nan-tuh-nuhch”) – “Stone woman,” after a ghostly figure dressed in white and has red, glowing eyes, believed to be haunting an ancient Mayan archaeological site in Belize, Central America


Ghost Names Starting With Y

  • Yaoguai (Chinese name; unisex) – “Strange ghost or “sprite”


  • Yennifer (Welsh girl name) – “White phantom”


  • Yurei (Japanese unisex name) – General term for “ghost”


Ghost Names Starting With Z

  • Zar (Ethiopian unisex name) – “Demon spirit”


  • Zhong Kui (Chinese boy name) – Ghost of a man who committed suicide after failing his civil service exams; he is known as a vanquisher of evil spirits


  • Zuul – Ghost in “Ghostbusters” that works as a minion of The Destructor


How To Create A Random Ghost Name

Some tips for making your own random ghost name:

  • Choose a creepy adjective or spooky characteristic (e.g., “bloody,” “ghastly,” “fiery,” etc.)
  • Think of a title, occupation, or name (e.g., “baron,” “janitor,” “Joe,” etc.)
  • Put them together and check how the two words sound together (e.g., “Bloody Janitor” vs. “Ghastly Janitor,” etc.)


Of course, you can also make the ghost name funny.


Random Names For Ghosts

  • Fiery Girl
  • Ghastly Janitor
  • Full Moon Howler
  • Crying Bride
  • The Glowing Groom



You can also find ideas from the top 15 baby name generators.


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