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110+ G Names For Girls & Their Beautiful Meanings

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Searching for G names for girls? Many baby names starting with this letter relate to famous people, such as celebrities or historical figures. 

Examples include American model Gigi Hadid, singer Gwen Stefani, computer scientist Grace Hopper (one of the “Harvard Mark I” computer’s first programmers), and broadcast journalist Gayle King.

We’ve prepared this list of cool, cute, unique, trending, and popular girl names that start with G and their beautiful meanings for you.


  1. Gabrielle (Hebrew and French girl name) – “God is my strength”; feminine form of the angel nameGabriel” and can be spelled as “Gabriella” or “Gabriela” 
  2. Gail (Hebrew and English) – One-syllable girl name meaning “a father’s joy”; short form of “Abigail” and can also be spelled as “Gayle,” “Gaille,” “Gaile,” or “Gale”
  3. Genevieve (French, English, Celtic, and German girl name) – “Woman of the family” or “of the race of women”
  4. Georgia (Latin, English, and Greek girl name) – “Farmer”; feminine variant of Greek boy name “George”
  5. Gina (Greek and Italian girl name) – “Queen”; short form of “Regina” (queen) or “Aegina” (a nymph in Greek mythology)
  6. Grace (Latin and Greek name) – “Goodness,” “generosity,” “favor,” or “blessing”
  7. Gwyneth (Welsh and Irish girl name) – “Happiness” or “Irish people”


What Are The Best G Names For Girls?

  1. Galina (Russian girl name) – “Calm” or “healer”
  2. Gayle (Hebrew and Anglo-Saxon) – Rare girl name meaning “joy of the father”
  3. Gianna (Greek and Italian name) – “God is gracious”; variant of “Joanne” and can also be spelled as “Giana
  4. Giulia (Italian) – “Youthful”; variant of “Julia”
  5. Glenda (Welsh) – “Holy and good” or “fair and good”
  6. Gloria (Latin) – “Immortal glory,” “fame,” “honor,” or “praise”
  7. Goldie (English) – “Gold”
  8. Greta (German name) – “Pearl”; short form of “Margarethe”
  9. Gwen (Welsh) – “White and holy”


G Names For Girls From Myths & Legends

G Names In Mythology

  1. Gabija (Lithuanian and Polish name) – “To hide or protect”; Lithuanian goddess of fire and the hearth
  2. Gaia (Greek) – “Earth”; Greek mother goddess and personification of the Earth; also spelled as “Gaya”
  3. Gayatri (Hindu and Sanskrit, a classical Indo-European language) – Musical name meaning “song” or “hymn”; Hindu goddess
  4. Gerth (German, Swiss, Norse, Scandinavian, and Norwegian name) – Norse fertility goddess; also spelled as “Gerd” or “Gerðr”
  5. Grid (Scandinavian) – Norse frost giantess and the mother of Vidar (one of Odin’s sons)
  6. Guinevere (Celtic and Norman-French) – “White phantom”; queen in the legendary “King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table


Mermaid Names That Start With G

  1. Galatea (ancient Greek name) – “She who is milk-white”
  2. Galene (ancient Greek) – Nereid (sea nymph) of the calm seas
  3. Galia (Hebrew) – “Wave of God”; can also be spelled “Galya”
  4. Gretchen (German) – Nature name meaning “pearl”


Fantasy Names For Girls Starting With G

  1. Galadriel (Sindarin and Quenya, Tolkien-invented languages) – “Maiden crowned with a garland of bright radiance”; the powerful elf queen in “The Lord of the Rings
  2. Gamora (American) – “Sheaf” (bundle of grain stalks); one of the protagonists in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” series
  3. Ginny (English) – “Chaste” or “pure”; witchy name for the youngest of the Weasley siblings who later becomes Harry’s wife in the “Harry Potter” series
  4. Giselle (German and French name) – “Pledge”; the protagonist in the Disney movieEnchanted
  5. Glinda (Welsh and English) – “Fair”; good witch in “The Wizard of Oz
  6. Gretel (German) – “Pearl”; one of the protagonists in the children’s fairy tale, “Hansel and Gretel


Exotic G Names For Girls

  1. Gabra (African girl name) – “Gift of offering”; also a Czech variant of “Gabriela” (God is my strength)
  2. Gala (Greek and Russian name) – “Calm”
  3. Galatia (German) – “The color of milk” or “white”
  4. Galiba (Arabic) – “Winner”
  5. Galice (Hebrew) – “Fountain”; can also be spelled “Gallice”
  6. Gamada (African gender-neutral name) – “Pleased” or “glad ”
  7. Gamila (Egyptian and Arabic girl name) – “Beautiful”; feminine variant of the Arabic boy name “Jamal” (handsome)
  8. Ganya (Hebrew) – “Garden of the Lord”; also spelled as “Gania”
  9. Gasha (Russian) – “Good”; variant of “Agatha”
  10. Gasira (Swahili, an African language) – Black girl name meaning “brave”
  11. Gauri (Sanskrit) – “White”
  12. Gefen (Hebrew nonbinary name) – “Grapevine”
  13. Ghislaine (Old German and French) – “Pledge”
  14. Gilah (Hebrew) – “Joy,” “happiness,” or “joy of the Lord”
  15. Gitana (Spanish girl name) – “Wanderer” or “gypsy”
  16. Gizi (Hungarian) – “Pledge”; variant of “Giselle
  17. Gjerta (Norwegian) – “Protection”; pronounced as “jer-tah”
  18. Gliona (Greek and Irish name) – “Daughter of a river god”; also spelled as “Glionna”
  19. Gobnait (Irish) name – “Brings joy”; can also be spelled as “Gubnat”
  20. Gohar (Persian) – “Gemstone” or “jewel” 
  21. Gota (Swedish) – “Strong”
  22. Grecia (Medieval English, Old French, and Latin) – “Gray” or “grace” 
  23. Gul (Persian unisex name) – Plant name meaning “rose” or “flower”
  24. Gurnoor (Indian) – “Heavenly light of the Guru (spiritual teacher)”
  25. Gwendolyn (Welsh) – “White” or “blessed ring”
  26. Gwynedd (Old Irish and Welsh unisex name) – “Irish people”


Nature-Inspired G Names For Girls

  1. Gardenia (Scottish and English) – Flower name meaning “Garden’s flower” (named after 18th-century Scottish naturalist Alexander Garden)
  2. Garland (English) – “Wreath of flowers or leaves”
  3. Garnet (English unisex name) – “Red semi-precious stone” or “pomegranate”
  4. Genesee (Native American) – “Beautiful valley”
  5. Giada (Italian) – “Jade”
  6. Ginger (English) – A spice; also means “reddish-brown hair”
  7. Glenna (Irish) – “Of the glen”
  8. Grainne (Old Irish) – “Grain”; also a fantasy name after the Irish legend, “Pursuit of Diarmaid and Grainne
  9. Greenlee (Old English) – “Woodland clearing”; also spelled as “Greenley”


  1. Gabriella (Hebrew, Italian, Hungarian, and Spanish) – “God is my strength”; feminine form of biblical boy nameGabriel
  2. Galilea (Hebrew) – “District of nations”; feminine form of “Galileo” or a variant of the biblical name “Galilee” (place name in the Bible)
  3. Georgette (French girl name) – “Earth worker”; variants include “Georgiana,” “Georgina,” “Georgie,” or the Greek name “George”
  4. Gershona (Hebrew) – “Stranger”; feminine form of the powerful boy name “Gershon”
  5. Gilberta (Old German and Italian girl name) – “Bright pledge”; feminine form of “Gilbert”
  6. Giovanna (Italian) – “God is gracious”; feminine variant of the Italian boy name “Giovanni” and can also be spelled as “Giavanna
  7. Guillermina (Spanish girl name) – “Resolute protector”; feminine form of “Guillermo,” the Spanish variant of “William
  8. Gustava (Swedish) – “Staff of the gods”; feminine version of the Slaciv and German boy name “Gustav” 


What Are Good G Names For A Girl?

  1. Gemma (Latin and Italian name) – “Gem” or “precious stone
  2. Genat (African) – “Heaven”; also spelled as “Genet”
  3. Gertie (Dutch, English, and German girl name) – “Spear of strength”; can be a pet name or nickname for “Gertrude
  4. Gili (Hebrew) – “My joy”
  5. Ginnifer (American) – “White wave,” “white shadow,” or “white enchantress”
  6. Giulietta (Latin and Italian) – “Youthful”; variant of “Juliet”
  7. Gladys (Welsh) – “Royalty or princess”
  8. Graciela (Spanish) – “Grace,” “favor,” or “blessing”


Faith-Based & Biblical G Names For Girls

  1. Gabourey (Hebrew) – “Power from God
  2. Genesis (Greek and English unisex name) – “Beginning” or “creation”
  3. Guadalupe (Spanish) – “River of the wolf”; classic Hispanic girl name after one of the Virgin Mary’s titles


What Are Unique & Rare Girl Names That Start With G?

  1. Gaho (Native American) – “Mother”
  2. Galaxy (Greek girl name) – “Star system”
  3. Geneva (French and German name) – Plant name meaning “juniper tree”
  4. Gethsemane (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek name) – “Oil vat” or “oil press”; biblical girl name for the garden where Jesus prayed
  5. Gizus (Teutonic, an Indo-European language) – “Oath”
  6. Gloriana (Latin) – “Glory”; variants include “Gloriann”
  7. Gracelynn (Latin) – “Grace by the lake”; variants include “Gracelyn” and “Gracelynne
  8. Gracie (Latin) – “Grace” or “blessing”; pet name for Grace-related names (such as “Gracelynn”)
  9. Greer (Scottish) – “Alert and watchful” or “guardian”; variant of the Scottish boy name “Gregor”
  10. Gudrun (Old Norse and Scandinavian) – “God’s secret love”


What Are Badass Names For A Girl Starting With G?

  1. Gal (Hebrew) – Name that means “water” (wave); real name of “Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot
  2. Geraldine (German and French name) – “Ruler with the spear”; feminine variant of the German boy name “Gerald”
  3. Gertrude (German) – “Spear strength”
  4. Gildan (English) – “Gilded”; can also be spelled as “Gyldan”
  5. Griselda (German and Spanish) – “Strong woman” or “dark battle”
  6. Gudrid (Scandinavian) – “Battle”


Adorable & Beautiful G Names For Girls

  1. Galsuenda (Gothic name) – Musical name meaning “strong singing”
  2. Gia (Italian) – “God is gracious”; also a short form of “Gia-” names such as “Gianna” or “Giavanna
  3. Gigi (French) – “Earth worker” or “farmer”; can be a pet name for “Georgina,” “Geraldine, or other G names for girls
  4. Gilly (Old German) – “Bright promise”; can be a nickname for “Gillian
  5. Giuliana (Italian) – “Youthful”; variant of “Juliana”
  6. Gypsy (English) – “Wanderer”


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary G Names

  1. Gabby (Hebrew, Greek, and French) – “God is my strength” as a short form of “Gabriella” or the angel nameGabriel”; can also be spelled as “Gabbie,” “Gaby,” or “Gabi
  2. Gerry (English and German) – “Ruling spear” or “brave and hardy”; unisex version of the powerful boy name “Gerald” or its feminine variant, “Geraldine
  3. Gomer (Old English and Hebrew) – “Complete,” “good fight,” or “famous battle”; biblical name for Hosea’s wife and Noah’s grandson in the Old Testament
  4. Gray (English and Scottish) – One-syllable girl name meaning “gray” (color name)
  5. Gry (Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian name) – “Dawn”


Choosing Matching G Names For Twin Girls

Many parents with twins choose matching baby names. Some ways to coordinate your twins’ names:

  • Rhyming names
  • Variants of the same name in different languages
  • Names that start with the same letter


Some examples of matching G names for twin girls:

  • Gretchen & Genevieve
  • Giselle & Gwenaëlle (pronounced “gwen-nail” or “gwen-nah-yel”)
  • Gabby & Gerry


You can also pick variants of the same name for a twin boy and girl. It can sometimes be confusing (but some parents have done it):

  • George & Georgette
  • Gabriel & Gabriella


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