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290+ Fantasy Girl Names With Fascinating Meanings & Some Cool Stories

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Fantasy girl names never run out of style. You’ll find endless options for mermaid names, elf names, goddess names, and even some wickedly cool witchy names.

Princess and angel names are also popular choices.

You’ll find 290+ fantasy and futuristic female names below, including options from movies and popular culture, celebrity names, and those inspired by nature.


Fantasy Girl Names By Category

What Are Good Fantasy Names For A Girl?

  1. Alanna (Gaelic, German, and Irish girl name) – “Beauty,” “serenity,” or “precious child”; the protagonist in the fantasy book series “The Lioness Quartet
  2. Alex (Greek nonbinary name) – The short form of “Alexandra” or Greek boy name “Alexander,” meaning “defender of humankind”; a gender-fluid character in “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
  3. Angel (Latin and Greek name) – “Messenger”; popular name in the fantasy genre
  4. Claire (Latin and French girl name) – A name that means “light” or “bright and clear”; after one of the main protagonists in “Jurassic World” or the time-traveler in the fantasy romance “Outlander” 
  5. Elora (Greek girl name) – “My God is my light”; character in the fantasy movie “Willow
  6. Helen (ancient Greek name) – “Light” or “torch”; described as “most beautiful woman” in Greek mythology
  7. Iolanthe (Greek girl name) –  “Violet flower” or a name that means “purple”; mystical name after fictional characters in some literature and movies such as Iolanthe in the fantasy novel “Dragons of the Highlord Skies


What Are Some Fantasy Royal & Princess Names?

Disney princess names and other royal options you can choose for your baby:

  1. Arwen (Sindarin, an elvish language invented by J.R.R. Tolkien) – “Noble maiden”; the elven princess in “The Lord of the Rings
  2. Aurora (Latin and Roman) – “Dawn”; the princess in the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” and the Roman goddess of dawn
  3. Belle (French name for girls) – “Beautiful”; one of the titular characters in “Beauty and the Beast
  4. Elsa (Scandinavian, Hebrew, and German girl name) – “God is my oath” or “pledged to God”; she has the power to manipulate snow and ice in the Disney movie “Frozen
  5. Fiona (Gaelic and Scottish) – “Fair” or “white”; a beautiful princess who turns into an ogre at night in “Shrek
  6. Rapunzel (German name) – Flower name meaning “rampion bellflower”; princess locked up in a tower but has magical hair in Disney’s version (“Tangled”) of the classic fairy tale
  7. Sorsha (Irish name) – “Shining brightly”; the princess protagonist of the fantasy film “Willow


What Are Mythical Names For A Girl?

Many names in legends and myths are also popularly used as fantasy names and characters. Some examples include:

  1. Aphrodite (Greek goddess name) – “Risen from the sea”; also a name that means “water,” after the Greek goddess of love who was born out of sea foam
  2. Arete (Greek) – Unique name meaning “beauty” and “excellence”; goddess and personification of excellence, virtue, valor, and goodness
  3. Artemis (Greek) – “Butcher” or “twin of Greek god Apollo”; the Greek goddess of the wilderness and hunting
  4. Asteria (Latin and Greek) – “Star”; Greek Titan goddess of the falling stars
  5. Badoura (Hindi and Arabic girl name) – “The most beautiful woman ever seen on Earth,” “beautiful,” “achiever,” “peacemaker,” or “more attractive”; after the Muslim goddess of beauty and also the original name of Princess Jasmine in “One Thousand and One Nights” or “The Arabian Nights” (the basis of Disney’s “Aladdin”) 
  6. Cassandra (Greek) – “One who shines over men”; powerful name for the Trojan priestess who can foresee true prophecies
  7. Cybele (Greek and Anatolian, an Indo-European language used in the ancient region of Anatolia) – “The mother of all gods”; she’s also the goddess of fertility, nature, and motherhood
  8. Demeter (Greek) – “Earth mother”; the Greek goddess of harvest
  9. Freya (Old Norse, Scandinavian, and German) – “Lady”; Nordic goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, and death
  10. Gaia (Greek) – “Earth”; the mother goddess and personification of the earth
  11. Hera (Greek) – “Protectress”; the queen of the Greek gods and popular fantasy character name, including in “Battlestar Galactica
  12. Juno (Latin and Roman) – “Youth”; the Roman goddess of marriage and women, and queen of the gods
  13. Persephone (Greek) – “Bringer of death”; the kind queen of the underworld, goddess of spring, and the powerful daughter of Zeus (the Greek king of the gods) and Demeter
  14. Proserpina (Greek) – “The free one”; Persephone’s Roman equivalent and the goddess of fertility
  15. Rhea (Greek) – “Flowing”; the Titan queen of the gods and the mother of the Olympian pantheon (gods of Mount Olympus)
  16. Thalia (Greek) – “Dew from heaven,” “abundance,” or “to flourish”; the muse of comedy in Greek mythology


Mermaid Girl Names

  1. Ariel (Hebrew) – Badass girl name that means “lion of God”; also a favorite princess name for the main character in “The Little Mermaid
  2. Marina (Latin) – “Of the sea”; a mermaid identified as sea god Poseidon’s daughter in the animated series “Zig & Sharko
  3. Nerida (Greek and Spanish girl name) – “Sea nymph”


Witchy Girl Names

  1. Glinda (Welsh and English) – “Fair”; the good witch in “The Wizard of Oz
  2. Hermione (Greek) – “Messenger” and “earthly”; one of the protagonists in the “Harry Potter” series
  3. Leta (Latin) – “Joyful”; a pure-blooded witch in the “Harry Potter” spin-off movie series “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  4. Luna (Latin, Spanish, and Italian girl name) – Name that means “moon”; the Roman goddess of the moon and also a kind young witch in “Harry Potter
  5. Minerva (Latin and Roman) – “The mind”; the Roman goddess of war and wisdom, and the head of Gryffindor House in “Harry Potter
  6. Porpentina (Archaic and Old English) – Possibly “porcupine”; main female character in the “Fantastic Beasts” series
  7. Prudence (Latin) – “Good judgment”; a witch in “Charmed” and “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


Elf Girl Names

  1. Albina (Latin, Roman, and Scandinavian) – “White elf”
  2. Aoibheann (Gaelic and Irish; pronounced as “eve-een”) – “Beautiful”; a sorceress-elf in “The Witcher
  3. Galadriel (Tolkien-invented languages Sindarin and Quenya) – “Maiden crowned with a garland of bright radiance”; powerful elf queen in “The Lord of the Rings
  4. Tauriel (invented name) – “Daughter of the forest” or “forest maiden”; character invented for Peter Jackson’s movie adaptation of Tolkien’s “The Hobbit
  5. Zyla (Polish) – “Quiet and calm”; a blood elf in “World of Warcraft


Nature-Inspired Fantasy Girl Names

Plenty of name generators also include nature names in creating fantasy names and characters:


Mystical Girl Plant Names

  1. Clover (British) – “Meadow flower”; one of the titular characters in the animated series “Totally Spies!
  2. Katniss (Greek) – “Aquatic plant”; the protagonist in “The Hunger Games” series
  3. Laurel (English) – “Sweet bay tree”; notable symbol worn by the Greek god Apollo after the nymph he’s pursuing was turned into this plant


Mystical Flower Names

  1. Buttercup (English) – “Yellow wildflower”; also a pet name for girls and the titular character in the movie “The Princess Bride
  2. Fleur (French) – “Flower”; popular character name, including in the “Harry Potter” series
  3. Flora (Latin and Scottish) – “Flower”; Roman goddess of flowers and spring, and a character name in “Winx Club
  4. Primrose (Welsh, Latin, and British) – “First rose”; character in “The Hunger Games
  5. Violet (Latin and English) – Mystical name after one of the main characters in the novels under “A Series of Unfortunate Events”; also a girl plant name that means “purple flower or color”


Mystical Earthy Names

  1. Auri (Finnish gender-neutral name) – “Breeze,” “clay,” or “earth”; character in the fantasy novel “The Wise Man’s Fear
  2. Crystal (Greek) – “Earth mineral”; a magical item commonly used in the fantasy genre (such as for spellcasting)
  3. Diamond (British and Latin) – “Brilliant,” “invincible,” or “of high value”
  4. Opal (Sanskrit) – “Jewel”; also known in Ancient Rome as “the queen of the gems”
  5. Ruby (Latin) – “Deep red precious stone”
  6. Terra (Latin) – “Earth”


Mystical Space-Themed Names

  1. Andromeda (Greek) – “Leader of humankind”; beautiful woman turned into a star after her death by the goddess Athena (in Greek mythology)
  2. Nova (Latin) – “New”; popularly used in the sci-fi genre (science fiction), such as the Nova Corps in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. Stardust (English) – “Dust made of stars”


Mystical Tree Names

  1. Elder (British) – “Elder tree,” “revered person,” or “older one”
  2. Hazel (English) – “The hazelnut tree”
  3. Oak (English) – “The oak tree”


Animal-Inspired Fantasy Girl Names

  1. Lynx (Greek unisex name) – “Wild cat,” “bright,” or “light” 
  2. Raven (Greek) – “Blackbird,” “wise,” or “dark-haired”; a character in “Teen Titans Go
  3. Robin (English unisex name) – “Bird with red-orange chest,” “famous,” “bright,” or “shining”; one of the protagonists in the Netflix fantasy series “Stranger Things
  4. Skylark (English) – “Small brown bird”
  5. Sparrow (English) – “A small bird”


Fantasy Angel Names For Girls

  1. Dara (Persian and Arabic girl name) – “Wealthy” or “pearl of wisdom”; also a gender-neutral name
  2. Devika (Hindi) – Exotic girl name meaning “like an angel,” “little goddess,” or “derived from God”
  3. Erelah (Hebrew) – “Holy messenger”
  4. Malaika (Arabic and Swahili – African girl name) – Black girl name that means “angel” or “small child”; variations include “Malayeka”
  5. Seraphina (Latin and Hebrew) – “Fiery ones”; the female version of the biblical boy name “Seraphim” (fiery angels surrounding God’s throne)


What Are Badass Fantasy Names For A Female?

  1. Ada (Hebrew) – “Nobility,” “first daughter,” or “adornment”; mysterious spy in “Resident Evil 7” or a character in “Cold Mou
  2. Athena (Greek) – “From Athens”; warrior name for the Greek goddess of war, wisdom, courage, law, and justice
  3. Bellona (Roman and Latin) – “Fighter”; Roman goddess of war and peace
  4. Brienne (Welsh) – “Noble” or “high”; a fierce warrior in the fantasy series “Game of Thrones
  5. Buffy (English) – “God is my oath”; titular character in “Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  6. Carol (English) – “Joyful song”; the real name of Captain Marvel, one of the strongest female superheroes in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  7. Diana (Greek, Latin, Roman, and Indo-European) – “Sky,” “to shine,” or “divine”; the real name of Wonder Woman
  8. Eowyn (Old English) – “Horse of joy”; after the noble woman (the king’s niece) who disguised as a man to join the war in “The Lord of the Rings
  9. Lara (Greek, Latin, and Russian girl name) – “Cheerful,” “protection,” and “citadel”; titular character in the game and movie series “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
  10. Max (Latin nonbinary name) – “The greatest”; one of the main characters in “Stranger Things” who sacrifices herself as bait to beat Vecna (the villain)
  11. Natasha (Greek and Russian name for girls) – “Birthday of the Lord”; highly skilled assassin and spy in the Marvel movies, who’s also known as the “Black Widow”
  12. Nebula (Latin) – “Mist”; supervillain who later became part of the titular hero group in “Guardians of the Galaxy
  13. Nox (Roman and Latin) – “Night”; Roman goddess of the night
  14. Nyx (Greek) – “Night”; Greek goddess of night, and can be a twin girl name with “Nox”
  15. Ripley (Old English unisex name) – “Strip of clearing in the woods”; a protagonist in the “Alien” series


  1. Arya (Persian, Sanskrit, and Indian) – “Friend” or “faithful”; a popular character in “Game of Thrones” 
  2. Cherlindrea (Greek) – “Peace”; fairy queen in “The Willow Sourcebook
  3. Clara (Latin) – “Bright” or “famous”; character in the fantasy show “Doctor Who
  4. Gertie (German) – “Spear of strength”; the little girl in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” 
  5. Harley (Old English) – “Hare’s meadow”; cute girl name after the character Harley Quinn in DC Comics’ “Batman” series
  6. Jane (English and Old French) – “God is gracious”; Thor’s love interest who later becomes the superhero “Mighty Thor” in the Marvel series
  7. Kiri (Māori and Finnish) – “Skin of a fruit or tree bark”; character in “Avatar: The Way of Water
  8. Leeloo (Divine Language, an invented language) – “Precious stones”; the protagonist and titular character in “The Fifth Element
  9. Leia (Latin, Hebrew, and Hawaiian girl name) – “Lioness” or “heavenly flowers”; female leader in the “Star Warssci-fi franchise
  10. Lucy (Latin) – Name that means “light”; the youngest of the Pevensie siblings in “The Chronicles of Narnia
  11. Odessa (Greek girl name) – “Odyssey (long journey)”; a character in the series “Etheria
  12. Neytiri (Na’vi, a fictional language) – “Nature”; the main female protagonist in the “Avatar” movie series
  13. Sarah (Persian and Hebrew) – “Princess” or “noblewoman”; biblical girl name also used in fantasy movies like “Labyrinth
  14. Trillian (English) – “Noble daughter of a bald man”; character in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” franchise
  15. Wanda (Polish and Slavic) – “Wanderer” and “shepherdess”; known as the powerful “Scarlet Witch” in the Marvel franchise


Modern & Cool Futuristic Girl Names

  1. Elektra (Greek) – “Bright” or “shining”; a skilled assassin in “Daredevil” 
  2. Storm (British nonbinary name) – “Stormy weather”; powerful mutant who can control the weather in the “X-Men” series
  3. Trinity (Latin) – “One God in three persons”; one of the main characters in “The Matrix
  4. Umbrielle (Latin) – “One in the shadows”
  5. Zuri (Swahili gender-neutral name) – “Beautiful” 


Adorable & Lovely Fantasy Names

  1. Alice (German girl name) – “Noble”; titular character in the fantasy story “Alice in Wonderland
  2. Arrietty (English and Greek girl name) – “Gorgeous,” “dainty,” “ruler of the house”; anime girl name for the titular character in Studio Ghibli film “Arrietty
  3. Barbarella (Latin) – “Foreign woman”; space adventurer and protagonist in “Barbarella
  4. Dia (Greek, Arabic, African, and Spanish girl name) – “Day”; Roman goddess of daylight
  5. Dike (Greek and Anglo-Saxon) – “One who can survive”; Greek goddess of justice
  6. Mirabel (Latin) – “Of wondrous beauty”; the protagonist in the animated film “Encanto
  7. Venus (Roman and Latin) – Name meaning “love”; Roman goddess of love and victory


Magical-Sounding Place Names

  1. Avalon (Celtic gender-neutral name) – “Island of apples”; believed to be King Arthur’s final resting place
  2. Eretria (ancient Greek name) – A town in Greece meaning “city of the rowers”; heroine in the fantasy series, “The Shannara Chronicles
  3. Europa (Greek name) – “Where the sun sets” or “wide face”; beautiful Phoenician princess wooed by Zeus in the form of a bull


Fantasy-Inspired Celebrity Girl Names

  1. Ariana Sky – Daughter of “Jersey Shore” star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley
  2. Beatrice Danger – Daughter of actress Jess Weixler and Hamish Brocklebank
  3. Bodhi Soleil – Daughter of Hollywood couple Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed 
  4. Briar Rose – Daughter of Hollywood couple Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson
  5. Dream Renée – Daughter of reality TV stars Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna 
  6. Elsie Otter – Daughter of film producer Jacob Pechenik and actress Zooey Deschanel
  7. Ever Allen – Daughter of designers Erik and Leanne Ford
  8. Jagger Snow – Daughter of musicians Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson 
  9. Marvel Jane – Daughter of actor Pete Wentz and Meagan Camper
  10. Naleigh Moon – Daughter of singer-songwriter Josh Kelley and actress Katherine Heigl
  11. Onyx Solace – Daughter of artists Mario Treadway and Alanis Morissette 
  12. Phoenix Joeleena Jean – Celebrity kid name after the daughter of manager and producer Jordan Powell and country artist Angaleena Presley 
  13. Rainbow Aurora – Daughter of film producer Pasquale Rotella and reality star Holly Madison 
  14. Scarlett – Actress Scarlett Johansson stars in several Marvel superhero movies, including her titular film “Black Widow
  15. Sienna Princess – Daughter of Seattle Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson and Grammy-award winner Ciara 
  16. Soleil Moon – American actress Soleil Moon Frye began acting at age two and went on to become a film producer, director, and screenwriter
  17. Stella Star – Daughter of reality star Briana DeJesus and Luis Hernandez
  18. Stormi – Daughter of rapper Travis Scott and reality star Kylie Jenner 
  19. Summer Rain – Daughter of artists Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler
  20. Vaeda Luma – Daughter of reality stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra
  21. Willow – Popular fantasy girl name used by celebrities for their daughters, including Willow Smith (daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith)
  22. Winter Morgan – Daughter of film director Tod Williams and actress Gretchen Mol 
  23. Zena – Daughter of real estate broker and reality TV star Ryan Serhant and lawyer Emilia Bechrakis Serhant
  24. Zhuri Nova – Daughter of basketball superstar LeBron James and Savannah James
  25. Zoe – Actress Zoe Saldana stars in several fantasy films, including as Gamora in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise and Neytiri in the “Avatar” series
  26. Zyla Moon Oluwakemi – Daughter of rapper Wale Jourdan and Claudia Alexis Jourdan


Mystical-Themed Virtue & Word Names

  1. Faith (English) – “Trust” or “devotion”
  2. Genesis (Greek and English unisex name) – “Beginning” or “creation”
  3. Hope (Old English) – “Positive expectation”
  4. Justice (English) – “Righteous” or “upright”
  5. Winner (English) – “Victorious person”; ideal as a middle name for girls
  6. Wisdom (English) – “Knowledge” or “experience”


Unique & Rare Fantasy Names For Girls

  1. Aerwyna (English) – Unique girl name meaning “friend of the sea”
  2. Astraea (ancient Greek) – Rare girl name meaning “starry night” or “star maiden”; pronounced as “uh-stray-uh”
  3. Auryn (Celtic) – “Golden” or “light”; character from the fantasy book and movie “The Neverending Story
  4. Ezri (Hebrew) – “My help”; one of the protagonists in the “Star Trek” franchise


Dark Fantasy Names For Girls

  1. Anya (Hebrew, Indian, and Russian girl name) – Former vengeance demon (grants the dark wishes of scorned women against their men) in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” 
  2. Bellatrix (Arabic and Latin) – “Female warrior”; a witchy name for one of the Death Eaters in the “Harry Potter” series
  3. Coraline (Latin, American, English, and Greek) – “Coral”; titular character in the fantasy-horror animated film “Coraline
  4. Hecate (Greek) – “Willpower,” “far-reaching,” or “worker from afar”; Greek goddess of witchcraft and magic
  5. Lilith (Assyrian and Hebrew) – “Demon,” “belonging to the night,” or “storm monster”; also a demon associated with death in Assyrian mythology
  6. Maura (Latin and Irish girl name) – “Darkness,” “star of the sea,” or “bitter”
  7. Ravenna (Italian girl name) – “Raven” (a black bird associated with witches); the evil queen and powerful sorceress in “Snow White and The Huntsman
  8. Ysabell (Hebrew and French girl name) – “God is my oath”; baby girl adopted by Death after her parents were killed in the fantasy novel “Mort” 


Exotic Fantasy Girl Names From Around The World

  1. Alia (Arabic) – “Supreme” or “exalted”; a character in “Dune” known as “St. Alia of the Knife”
  2. Inanna (Mesopotamian and Persian) – “Lady of heaven”; Mesopotamian goddess of fertility, love, and war
  3. Isabeau (French name) – “Pledged to God”; the main female character in the fantasy movie “Ladyhawke
  4. Kamala (Indian) – Girl plant name meaning “lotus flower” or “garden”; real name of “Ms. Marvel” in the fictional Marvel universe
  5. Nyota (Swahili and African) – “Star”; character in the “Star Trek” franchise
  6. Ruatha (Scottish and Irish name) – “Red’s ford”; place name in the TV series “Dragon Riders of Pern
  7. Uluwehi (Hawaiian name) – “Place where beautiful plants thrive” or “lush and beautiful vegetation”


Mystical Black Girl Names

  1. Alexandra (Greek) – Warrior name meaning “defender of man” or “protector”; also a female variant of the Greek boy name “Alexander”
  2. Amara (Nigerian, Sanskrit, African, and Italian name) – Name that means “grace” or “immortal”
  3. Amira (Arabic and Indian) – “Princess” or “noble girl”
  4. Iridessa (Latin) – Rainbow name meaning “colorful” or “light” and “illuminated”
  5. Juhainah (Arabic) – Mysterious name that means “darkness at the end of the night”


Music-Themed Fantasy Girl Names

  1. Allegra (Italian) – Musical girl name meaning “lively tempo”; also means “happy”
  2. Calypso (Greek) – “West Indian upbeat music genre”; also means “she who hides” after the island nymph in Greek mythology who enchanted the Greek hero Odysseus for seven years
  3. Fantasia (Latin, Greek, English, Spanish, and Italian) – “Freestyle or improvised music composition” or “fantasy”; fictional place name in “The Neverending Story
  4. Lyra (Greek and Latin) – “Lyre” (a musical instrument); main female character in the fantasy movie “The Golden Compass


Gender-Neutral & Nonbinary Fantasy & Mystical Names

  1. Ambrose (Latin and English) – “Immortal”
  2. Ash (Hebrew) – Name that means “fire” (ashes of a fire); also an anime name after a protagonist in the Japanese manga series “Pikachu
  3. Blade (English) – Word name meaning “knife blade” or “sword”
  4. Don (Celtic and Irish) – “Noble” 
  5. Echo (English) – “Reflected sound”; character in the sci-fi TV show “Dollhouse
  6. Emmett (Hebrew, English, and German name) – “Truth” or “universal”
  7. Marty (Latin) – “Dedicated to Mars (the Roman god of war)” 
  8. Sam (Hebrew and English) – “God hears”; one-syllable name that can be short for “Samantha” or the biblical boy name “Samuel”


Fantasy & Mythical Girl Names From A To Z

Fantasy Girl Names Starting With A

  1. Aerendel
  2. Aeryn
  3. Alura
  4. Anastasia
  5. Annabeth
  6. Arabella


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With B

  1. Bella
  2. Beverly


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With C

  1. Calliope
  2. Carme
  3. Ceres
  4. Clarisse
  5. Clementia
  6. Clio


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With D

  1. Dana
  2. Danae
  3. Donna
  4. Daphne 


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With E

  1. Eirene
  2. Elise
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Ellen
  5. Ender
  6. Enid
  7. Erato


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With F

  1. Falkor
  2. Felicity
  3. Fortuna
  4. Fox


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With G

  1. Gamora
  2. Giselle


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With H

  1. Harker
  2. Helene


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With I

  1. Inara
  2. Iris


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With J

  1. Jemma
  2. Jyn


(H3) Fantasy Girl Names Starting With K

  1. Kael
  2. Kara
  3. Kathryn
  4. Keiko
  5. Korra


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With L

  1. Leela
  2. Lilo


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With M

  1. Madeleine
  2. Malka
  3. Martha
  4. Matilda
  5. Mazarine
  6. Mina
  7. Molly
  8. Morgana


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With N

  1. Nerys
  2. Nessa
  3. Nienna
  4. Nona
  5. Nymeria


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With O

  1. Oreithyia
  2. Oxide


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With P

  1. Padme
  2. Pax 
  3. Peggy
  4. Penelope
  5. Phoebe


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With Q

  1. Qamar
  2. Quasar
  3. Quinn


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With R

  1. Renesmee
  2. River
  3. Rory
  4. Rosalind
  5. Rosmerta
  6. Rowan


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With S

  1. Sága
  2. Sansa
  3. Seraphine
  4. Seren
  5. Sól
  6. Sonya
  7. Sora
  8. Soren
  9. Sylvia


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With T

  1. Tallulah
  2. Tess
  3. Teyla
  4. Tiggy
  5. Twilight


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With U

  1. Ulrika
  2. Undine
  3. Urvashi
  4. Ushas


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With V

  1. Valerie
  2. Vána
  3. Veritas
  4. Veronica
  5. Vesta


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With W

  1. Wakanda
  2. Wendy
  3. Wiktoria
  4. Wynter


Fantasy Girl Names Starting With X

  1. Xara
  2. Xena
  3. Xinlin
  4. Xiomara


Fantasy Names For Girls Starting With Y

  1. Yavanna
  2. Yedidah
  3. Yelena
  4. Yesfir
  5. Yoko


Fantasy Names For Girls Starting With Z

  1. Zazie
  2. Zelda


Bonus: Fantasy Boy Names

  • Drax
  • Gandalf
  • Peter
  • Victor


Elf Boy Names

  • Aelfraed
  • Ailwi
  • Alwyne
  • Barley
  • Thalin


Mystical Elf Boy Names From Norse Myths & Legends

  • Álfar
  • Dökkálfar
  • Dvalinn
  • Freyr
  • Ljósálfar
  • Völundr


Fantasy Royal & Prince Names

  • Aragorn
  • Celeborn
  • Emyr
  • Glorfindel
  • Legolas
  • Thranduil


Creating & Choosing Fantasy Girl Names

Advantages & Perks Of Using Fantasy & Sci-Fi Names

Fantasy names are often linked to magical stories and characters that can make your little one stand out from the crowd of babies with popular girl names.

When you choose from favorite sci-fi or fantasy movies, others will likely recognize these names easily. You and your child won’t need to explain the meaning of the name because people are already familiar with it.

Some of these are also trendy names that even celebrities pick for their babies.

And most of the time, these exotic names represent brave, beautiful, and magical characters. They can be a wonderful role model for your baby to emulate.


Tips On How To Create Fantasy Names

If you’re trying to create a unique baby girl name, consider using a fantasy name generator or simply make one up on your own.

  • Use existing fantasy names as a base for the new name. For example, by combining “Aella” (whirlwind) and “Trix” (voyager), you can create “Aellatrix,” which sounds magical and can mean “whirlwind voyager” or “a voyager who travels with the whirlwind.”
  • Consider how other people will view and say the name out loud. While a long, complicated spelling can appear to be a badass girl name, it might be too difficult for others or your little one to write and say. Try to avoid grouping several consonants together because they can make the name more complicated.
  • Try to read the name out loud and imagine what sort of mystical character might have this name. “Marinella” might be better suited as a mermaid name (because “Marin” relates to the sea) rather than as a fairy name. Also, “Dragonella” is more likely to relate to a tough girl than a fair princess.


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