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120+ Cute, Unique, & Popular Girl Names Starting With K

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Choosing Girl Names Starting With K

There are plenty of baby girl names to consider, and finding the right one can be overwhelming. Some of the top baby names start with K. It’s a letter worth considering, especially if you want trending names with exotic spellings or rare meanings.

We prepared this list of 120+ cute, popular, and unique namesthat start with K for baby girls to help you pick the best one for your little princess.

What Does Kyra Mean?

Kyra is a baby girl name of Greek origin that means “lady or female ruler.”

What Are Some Unique K Names For A Girl?

  1. Kahlia – Keeper of the keys
  2. Kaija – Life
  3. Karabo – South African name that means “answer”
  4. Kareemah – Arabic name meaning “generous”
  5. Karina – Scandinavian name that means “love”
  6. Katriana – An Eastern European version of Katherine, which means “pure”
  7. Katya – Russian version of Katherine
  8. Keilani – Hawaiian name that means “sky, heaven, glorious, or royal one”
  9. Kerenza – Cornish name meaning “love”
  10. Kerri – Dark and mysterious

What Are The Most Popular K Girl Names?

  1. Kamila – A version of “Camilla,” a name of Slavic origin that means “a young person who does religious work” or an Arabic name meaning “perfect”
  2. Kara – Latin name meaning “beloved” or Hebrew name meaning “to call”
  3. Kassidy – Irish name that means “clever” and “curly-haired”
  4. Katherine – Pure
  5. Katie – A modern version of Katherine
  6. Keisha – Great joy
  7. Kelly – Irish and Scottish name meaning “warrior
  8. Klara – Latin name meaning “clear” and “bright”
  9. Kristen – Follower of Christ
  10. Kylie – Boomerang and graceful

Top Baby Girl Names Starting With K

  1. Kacie – Vigilant or watchful
  2. Kamala – Lotus flower
  3. Kamille – Latin name meaning “perfect” or “helper to the priest”
  4. Karly – Free man
  5. Kathryn – Pure
  6. Kayla – Slim and fair
  7. Kesia – Favorite
  8. Kiara – Light or clear
  9. Kristin – Consecrated to God
  10. Kyle – Narrow

What Are The Most Popular Unisex K Names?

These are popular boy names that are also ideal as girl names:

  1. Kadence – A variation of Cadence, which means “rhythm” and “flow”
  2. Kaedee – Flow and pure
  3. Kai – Hawaiian name that means “sea” or Japanese name that means “shell”
  4. Kaya – Home
  5. Kendall – English name meaning “valley on the River Kent”
  6. Kennedy – Gaelic name also spelled as “Kennedi,” which means “helmeted chief”
  7. Kenzie – Scottish name meaning “descendent of the handsome man”
  8. Kim – From the royal fortress meadow
  9. Kinley – Warrior
  10. Kody – Helpful

More Unique Baby Girl Names Beginning With K

  1. Karelyn – A version of “Caroline,” which means “free person”
  2. Kathleen – This popular namealso means “pure” or “far away”
  3. Katinka – Hungarian version of Katherine, a name that means “pure”
  4. Katiuska – Pure justice
  5. Kaylani – Majestic
  6. Kazia – Acacia tree
  7. Keeva – Irish name meaning “noble”
  8. Kelda – Spring or fountain
  9. Khrista – Follower of Christ
  10. Kiana – Divine

What’s A Good Middle Name That Starts With K?

Here are some first names that also make a great middle name for your little girl:

  1. Kadie – Greek name meaning “pure”
  2. Kaira – Friend
  3. Kalen – Gaelic name that means “fair”
  4. Kallie – Greek name meaning “most beautiful, fair”
  5. Karmen – Hebrew name that means “garden of God”
  6. Katelyn – Name with Greek origin; it means “each of the two” or “pure”
  7. Keren – Glorious dignity
  8. Khadijah – Arabic name which means “trustworthy” or “respected”
  9. Kiley – Australian name “returning” or “boomerang”
  10. Kirsten – Follower of Christ

English Baby Girl Names Beginning With K

  1. Kaisley – Enlightened
  2. Karlee – Feminine version of “Carl,” which means “free person”
  3. Karter – To transport with a cart
  4. Kaylee – Also spelled as “Kayleigh,” this name means “one who is like God”
  5. Kelsey – Victorious ship
  6. Keonna – English and Hawaiian girl name meaning “divine”
  7. Kimberly – Woodland or clearing
  8. Kinsleigh – Proud or overbearing
  9. Kinsley – Also spelled as “Kinslee,” this name means “King’s meadow” or “royal victory”
  10. Kristine – Follower of Christ

Greek Baby Girl Names Beginning With K

  1. Kahle – Lovely
  2. Kahlika – Rosebud
  3. Kaia – Earth
  4. Kaitlyn (Greek origin) – Pure
  5. Karisa – Beloved or very dear; it’s also a name after Charis, one of the three Greek goddesses of nature, human creativity, beauty, fertility, and charm who are collectively known as the Charites (Graces)
  6. Kassandra – Ancient Greek priestess who was wise and told the truth, but no one believed her
  7. Katianna – Flawless or neat
  8. Khloe – Flourishing just like a young, blooming plant; this name is another version of “Chloe,” which is the alternative name of the goddess Demeter used during the spring months because it’s related to new growth and sprouts
  9. Konstantina – Female version of “Constantine,” which means consistent and steady or reliable
  10. Kora – Maiden

Short & Four-Letter K Names For Girls

  1. Kade – Strong name meaning “sturdy”
  2. Kali – Powerful Hindu goddess and the master of time
  3. Kasi – Thorny tree
  4. Kate – Greek name meaning “each of the two” or “pure”
  5. Kaye – Greek name that means “rejoice”
  6. Keke – Hawaiian name that means “pure”
  7. Kiki – French, German, and Spanish name that means “new life or new beginning”
  8. Kimi – Japanese name meaning “beautiful, delightful, and joyful”
  9. Kira – Throne
  10. Kyla – Gaelic name meaning “slender” or “victorious”

Badass K Names For Girls

  1. Kaiya – Name with different meanings, including “the sea,” “eldest sister,” or “wealthy”
  2. Kamari – Arabic name meaning “moon” or “enemy of desire”
  3. Karla – Greek name meaning “woman of strength”
  4. Karol – Female version of “Karl,” which means “manly” or “warrior”
  5. Kasey – Vigilant or watchful
  6. Kashiefa – Arabic name which means “discoverer”
  7. Katlego – South-African Tswana name that means “success”
  8. Kaycee – Irish name that means “alert” and “watchful”
  9. Khaleesi – Queen; an invented name by George R.R. Martin used for “Game of Thrones
  10. Kyra – Greek name meaning “lady or female ruler”

Timeless K Names For Baby Girls

  1. Kalliope – Beautiful voice
  2. Kamden – Winding valley
  3. Kamilah – Young religious servant
  4. Karlotte – Old German name that means “free person”
  5. Katalina – Greek name that means “pure” or “each of the two”
  6. Kathyanne – Combination of “Kathy” (pure) and Anne (grace)
  7. Khandice – Another version of “Candice,” a name that means “clarity”
  8. Kharissa – “Grace” or “beloved”
  9. Kristina – Greek name that means “follower of Christ”
  10. Krystal – A version of “Crystal,” a Greek name that means “earth mineral stones”

Baby Girl Names Starting With Ke

  1. Keala – Hawaiian name that means “pathway”
  2. Kehlani – Polynesian name that means “sea heavens”
  3. Keily – Irish name meaning “graceful”
  4. Keira – Irish name for “little dark-haired one”
  5. Kendra – Name with English and Welsh origin that means “royal power” or “bold power”
  6. Kenley – English name that means “royal meadow”
  7. Kenna – American name that means “beautiful” or “champion”
  8. Kenya – Hebrew name that means “animal horn”
  9. Keva – Irish and Gaelic for “gentle, beautiful, and precious” girl
  10. Keziah – Spice tree

Some K Names To Consider That Might Be Outdated

  1. Kamryn – Crooked nose
  2. Karen – A name that receives some negative connotation in recent times, but this Ancient Greek name means “pure”
  3. Karma – What goes around comes around
  4. Kensington – English origin that means “the town of Cynsige’s people”
  5. Kerry – Irish name that refers to people of County Kerry

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